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I^istorixal, (Stiualogical an2^ ^logrEji^al 







Entered aooording to Act of Congress in the year 1885, 
By Gborgb Wells Bartholomew, Jr. 
In the Office of the Librarian of Congress. 


■ s 



pense of completing a genealogy of the family ; biit after 
some ten years desultory searching, no such member 
appearing, he concluded to do it himself, and this work 
is the result. 

It has been accomplished by working during such hours 
as should perhaps have been devoted to recreation and his 
family, and much has been sacrificed, more perhaps than 
any member would appreciate ; but it has been a labor of 
love, largely acquired since the work was commenced, for 
his ancestry, his family and his name. 

Although so much time has been expended, still the 
writer is well aware of the crude and incomplete condi- 
tion of the record as published. In^hundreds of cases 
different correspondents have given various spellings of 
the same name and different dates, and the writer has had 
to use his judgment as to which should be the best author- 
ity. Much data has come to him so carelessly written that 
mistakes were unavoidable, but he has repeatedly com- 
pared the record with the original data furnished, and 
must charge the most of the mistakes found in the gene- 
alogy to such data. He here makes the request that every 
reader discovering an error will send the correction to him 
at once, and he agrees to place a corrected volume in the 
library of the New England Historical and Genealogical 

He has been kindly assisted by the following persons, 
viz. : Francis Cook Bartholomew, of Northford, Conn., 
President of the William Bartholomew Association ; Wil- 
liam Irwin Bartholomew, of Pomfret, Conn. ; Asbury 
Hall MeiTiam, of North Granville, N. Y. ; Alanson 
Douglas Bartholomew, of Syracuse College, Syracuse, 
N. Y. ; William B. Trask, Esq., of the editorial staff of 
the N. E. Historical and Genealogical Register, Boston, 
Mass. ; Henry Dutch Lord, Esq., historian of the Lord 


family rand of Ipswich, Mass. ; Mrs. Greorge F. Lee, of 
Philadelphia, Pa., and Mrs. Wm. Latta Lee, of Port 
Kennedy, Pa. ; General Riley Lucas Bartholomew, of 
Richfield, Minn.; Richard Curtiss Ambler, Esq., of 
Bridgeport, Conn. ; Francis J. Bartholow, of New Mar- 
ket, Md. ; Major William H. Webster, of Washington, 
D. C, and others too numerous to mention. In fact, a 
large proportion of those addressed have done what they 
could conveniently to facilitate the effort. 

In England, he has received information from many 
sources, especially from Henry Fitzgilbert Waters, Wil- 
liam P. W. Phillimore, George E. Cockayne, Norroy 
king-of-arms, and executor of the estate of Col. Joseph 
L. Chester, deceased, and William J. Berry, all of Lon- 
don, Eng.* 

His efforts to trace family connections in Holland and 
Germany have been very unsatisfactory. 

There are a number of features of the genealogical rec- 
ord that perhaps need explanation : 

The large type invariably refers to the Bartholomews. 

The record of daughters and their descendants always 
mentions their family name and is in smaller type. 

The double doling of years, often found previous to 
1752, was owing to there being a doubt as to the time of the 
commencement of the year; whether to follow the "Old 
Style,** in which it began March 25, or the "Gregorian or 
New Style,** which began Jan. 1. The latter style was adopt- 
ed by Great Britain and the American colonies in 1752. 

* The following named members together generously contributed one hundred 
and ninety dollars towards the amounts paid Gol. Joseph L.* Chester and Henry 
F. Waters. Esq., for researches made in England; viz.: Geo. W. Bartholomew 
and Harry S. Bartholomew of Bristol, Ct., Francis C. Bartholomew of Northford, 
Cl.. .Jercmiuh H. Bartholomew of Ansoniu, Ct., Geo. M. Bartholomew of Hartford, 
Cl, William W. Bartholomew of Meridcn, Ct., Albert L. Bartholomew, Esq., of 
Presum; Iowa, Albert M. Bartholomew of Detroit, Mieh., Edwin D. Bartholomew 
of Decatur. HI. and Prof. Geo. K. Bartholomew of Cincinnati, Ohio. 


Theplan of the genealogy is the same as has been used 
by the New England Historical and Genealogical Society 
for the last thirteen years. The personal history of each 
individual is given in connection with his appearance as 
the head of a family. If any name is not subsequently 
taken up as the head of a family, then his or her history 
is given where the name first occurs. The Roman letters 
and Arabic figures number the children of the family ; 
the large Arabic figures are reference or abstract num- 
bers of heads of families , which appear as such later in 
their regular order, and by which the line of descent may 
be traced. Thus in the family of William Bartholomew, 
No. 228, George Wells Bartholomew, is found to be the 
second child of No. 95, Asa Bartholomew, and he again 
to be the eighth child of No. 33, Jacob Bartholomew. 
The small numeral at the right of each head of a family, 
and his three ancestors given, and of the name of the 
first child in each family, is the number of his or her gen- 
eration from and including the emigrant. 

The abbreviations used are principally b. for born, m. 
for married, d. for died, s. for son, y. for young, set. for 
aged, bapt. for baptized, res. for residence, resides or re- 
sided, rem. for removed, grad. for graduated, prob. for 
probably, (?) for uncertainty, ab. for about, unra. for 
unmarried, ch. for children, M. I. for monumental in- 
scription, and other usual contractions. 

Towns and counties once mentioned are often desig- 
nated thereafter by the initials, as B. for Branford, W. 
for Wallingfotd, etc. 


Bartholomew is the English form of the Syriac name 
of the apostle Barthdmaiy which is derived from Jiar^ 
the Syriac term, as BeJi is the Hebrew, for son ; see Psalms 
ii, 12, translated ** Kiss the Son ;" andTholmai or Talniai 


(the same in Hebrew) is often found in the Old Testament, 
see Numbers ziii, 22 ; Joshua xv, 14 ; 2 Samuel iii, 3 and 
Chronicles ziii, 37, as Talmai. Its signification is ^fur- 
rowed^ from a Hebrew root meaning ** to farrow " or *'cm/." 

The process by which Bartholmai or Bartalmai in He- 
brew becomes Baitholomew in English, is through the 
regular Greek and Latin forms Bartholomaeos and Bar- 
tholomeeus, the second o being an intercalation, thence 
possibly through the French. The Latin ae being treated 
as a siipple e, as in all the other Bomance languages. 

There are other Greek names with similar endings which 
have been anglicised by the use of the termination ew^ as 
Mathaios and Andreas which have become Matbew and 
Andrew ; while Alphaios and ThaddaioSy not having been 
adopted as English names, were retained in their Latin 
form, the early knowledge of all Bible names being 
through the Vulgate translation. Zebedaios probably fol- 
lowed the French form and became Zebedee. 

The processes by which these changes were made are 
so numerous and varied, as the principles of analogy, ease 
of utterance, and so many other natural aud social forces, 
that, with the necessary ignorance of the peculiar history 
of this word during that early transitory period, it cannot 
now be stated just what influences gave it its present form. 


Our name has been adopted by all people who have 
become Christianized, because it was the name of one of 
Christ's apostles. Even among savages wherever mis- 
sionaries have introduced the Christian religion, the names 
of the apostles have been given as baptismal names. 

Probably the first Bartholomew in the state of Connect- 
icut, which nearly all of the name in the United States have 
considered their ancestral home, was an Indian chief who. 


with his fellow chief Neguitimaug, deeded to the English 
settlers the laud upon which the town of Sharon is situated. 
He was undoubtedly converted by some early Christian 
missionary and christened Bartholomew ; which is a fair 
illustration of the manner in which the thousands of others 
originally adopted the name. 

In England, the adoption of family names was at first 
confined to the nobility, but later as the common people 
began to accumulate property and became better informed 
they chose family names. The English Church, after its 
establishment (1538), required liio parishes to keep a 
record of all baptisms, marriages and burials, which per- 
manently established family names. 

In Germany, the adoption of surnames among the com- 
mon people was still later than in England. 

Wherever the name Bartholomew has been introduced^ 
it has suffered numerous changes and contractions, the's 
more ignorant the people the greater the number. 

I will mention a few of the English family names that 
have been made from it, according to those who study 
their origin ; and the immense number which have been 
derived from it by other people can be imagined. They 
are as follows : Barthelemy, Bartholow, Barth, Bartlett, 
Bartelot, Bartle, Bartie, Batt, Batts, Bate, Bates, Batson, 
Bateson, Batey, Batty, Battye, Battcock, Badcock, Bad- 
kin, Batkin, etc. 

The spelling of the name by the ancestors of the Amer- 
ican families was as given in the references to them. 


The pronunciation of our name has been as varied as 
the people using it. The apostles no doubt accented the 
first syllable, as with them it had its special meaning, and 
pronounced it Bar^'toUma!. 


The family in Warborough, England, were, judging by 
the spelling in the recoi-ds, in 1500, called '* jBar-^yZ-mi," 
and that vulgar pronunciation continued down to the 
present century. 

The hill in Ipswich, Mass., named after William Bar- 
tholomew of that place (1634 ?) , and the pond near Salem, 
Mass., named after his brother Henry, are still called Bar'^ 
tylrmt HiU and Bar'-tyl-ml Pond, 

But educated English and American members have 
probably always called themselves Bar-thoV-o-mew, 

Because the name is long and difficult to pronounce it 
has usually been mispronounced, and many have on that 
account changed it, as the great number of similar shorter 
family names in all nations shows. 

In this country there has been but one change, so far ns 
known ; the Bartholow (Bar-lhd-low^) family are descended 
from a German emigrant named Bartholome. 

Different nations spell and pronounce the name regularly, 
as follows : 








Bar-thol-o-ma'hee-ao8 . 

in which ai Greek and 89 Latin have the same sound, viz. : 
that of a'hee or that of ai in English aisle. 

Italian Bartholomeo Bar-tol'-o-ma'-o. 


Bartholomc^e Bar-tol'-o-ma^ 


Spanish Bartolomeo Bar-tol'-o-ma'. 

Portuguese Bartolomeu 

German Bartholomaeus Bar-to?-o-ma'-us. 

Russian Varfolomei 

Polish Bartlomiei. 

Danish Bartholomeuis. 



It is interesting to review what is known concerning the 
man from whom indirectly our name Baiihciomew has 
been given to hundreds of thousands of persons, and es- 
pecially to our ancestors and ourselves. 

Bartholomew was not a family name, but was patronym- 
ical and meant the son of Tholmai or Talmaiy like Barjona 
and BartimsBus. Possibly the original designation ** son 
of Tholmai,'* was afterwards converted into an apostolic 
name, implying son of a farrowed field or cultivated fruit. 

Our knowledge of the apostle is very slight and only 
such as the Acts of the Apostles (i, 13) and the four Gos- 
pels (Matt. X, 3 ; Mark iii, 18 ; Luke vi, 14 ; John i, 45- 
49, xxi, 2) contain. Ho is really never mentioned in the 
last Gospel by this name, but is supposed to be the same 
as the Nathanael (meaning gift of God) mentioned by 
Saint John. 

The identity of the two was never thought of by the 
early church, and Augustine discusses the question why 
Nathanael was not chosen one of the Twelve. The idea 
was probably first suggested in the twelfth century by 
Rupert of Deuiz, and the reasons for it seem sufiicieut. 
They are these : that Nathanael's vocation coordinated with 
that of the apostles as of equal significance ; that on one 
occasion we meet him in the midst of the apostles, some 
named before him and some after (John xxi, 1,2); that 
the three earlier evangelists never mention Nathanael, the 
fourth, as stated before, never Bartholomew, while Philip 
and Bartholomew are grouped together as friends, but 
with Philip first as he was first chosen (Matt, x, 30 ; Mark 
iii, 18) ; that the custom of double names seems to have 
been almost universal at that time in Judea, so that all, 
or well nigh all, the apostles bore more than one. All 
these arguments in favor of the identity with nothing 
against it, bring it very near to a certainty. 


The first three Gospels and the ** Acts of the Apostles'* 
only mention Bartholomew as an apostle without any other 
allusion or incident from which his personal character can 
be imagined. 

But Saint John (xxi, 2) says that Nathanael was of Cana 
in Galilee and in his account of the choosing of Nathannel 
(i, 43-49) gives us a grand portrait of him. 

**48 The day following Jesus would go forth into Galilee, and flnd- 
eth Philip, and saith unto him, Follow me. 

44 Now Philip was of Bethsaida, the city of Andrew and Peter. 

45 Philip flndeth Nathanael, and saith unto him, We have found 
him, of whom Moses in the law, and the prophets, did write, Jesus of 
Nazareth, the son of Joseph. 

46 And Nathanael said unto him, Can there any good thing come 
out of Naznreth? Philip saith unto him. Come and see. 

47 Jesus saw Nathanael coming to him, and saith of him, Behold an 
Israelite indeed, in whom is no guile! 

48 Nathanael saith unto him, Whence knowest thou me? Jesus an< 
swered and said unto him. Before that Philip called thee, when thou 
wast under the fig tree, I saw thee. 

49 Nathanael answered and saith unto him. Rabbi, thou art the Son 
of God ; thou art the King of Israel." 

Some ancient writers, living three hundred years after 
his time, have mentioned his preaching the gospel in India 
and Arabia. Modern students think it a mistake, but 
acknowledge the possibility of his having preached at 
Hierapolis in Syria, and through Armenia and of his having 
suffered martyrdom at Albana or Albanapolis, the modern 
Derbend, on the shore of the Caspian Sea. 

These, and numerous other less probable opinions, are all 
founded upon tradition and little reliance should be placed 
upon them. 

There was a gospel which was attributed to St. Bar- 
tholomew, mentioned by Origen and St. Jerome, but Pope 
Gelasius I placed it among the apocryphal books. 

His festival day in the Roman Church is Aug. 24, and 
in the Greek, June 11. 


Coat of Arms. From moral monuments in Bartholomew CbapeL 

Mural Monument in Bartholomew Chapel, Burford, England. 

Inscription in Bartholomew Chapel. .... xvlii 

W^rborough Church. ...... 4 

Dorchester Church and Church Yard. .... 6 

Orery Mill. ........ 10 

Westall Hill Manor House, Home of the Bartholomews. 14 

S. E. View of St. John*8 Church, showing Bartholomew Chapel. 17 
Home of William Bartholomew, Ipswich, Mass. . . 29 

Facsimile of William Bartholomew's handwriting. S3 

Heliotype of 4Richard*s Will. .... opp. 58 

"Bar-tlemy Tavern". . . .82 

Heliotypes: 870 E. S. Bw., 266-2 E. B. Bills, M. D., 484 Rev. 
C. G. Bw., 285 F. C. Bw., 226 John Bw., 54 Timothy Bw., 
150 Timothy Bw., Jr., 225 Ell Bw., 237-4 Friend John Bw., 
847 Col. J. J. Bw., 803 A. M. Bw., 434 A. L. Bw., Gen. R. S. 
Bw. of Minnesota, Rev. W. M. Bw. of Arlington Heights, 
J. M. Bw. of Lodl, Wis., L. B. Bw. of Cuba, N. Y., W. door 
of Church, Burford, Eng., Interior of Church, Burford, Eng., 
Ancient Bartholomew coat-of-arras. Arras of the Rochester 
(Eng.) Bartholomews. ..... 127 

Heliotypes: J. C. Bw., Mrs. Ruth A. Bw., Gen. Thos. L. Bw., 

Noah Bw., Mrs. Laura E. Bw. Peck. . . • 153 

Heliotypes: 381-4 Wm. H. Bw., 500-1 Joel L. Bw., 514 Judge 

W. O. Bw., 277 Bradley Bw., 476 Gen. O. A. Bw., 498 E. D. 

Bw., 491 P. W. Bw., 491-2 H. M. Bw., 307 Harris Bw., 309 

H. Bw., M. D., 309-3 E. P. Bw., 351-6 C. A. Bw., 251 Prof. 

W. N. Bw., 106 Erastus Bw., 262 Daniel Bw., 117 Caleb Bw., 

624-1 A. D. Bw., 521 George Bw., 381 Wm. I. Bw., Gen. 

Joseph Bw. of Indiana. 

Jeremiah Hotchklss Bartholomew. 

George Wells Bartholomew. 

Greorge Medad Bartholomew. 

Andrew Jackson Bartholomew. 

Hariy Shelton Bartholomew. 

George Wells Bartholomew, Jr. . 

William Wilson Bartholomew. 

Blue Anchor Tavern. .... 

Plan of St. John's Church, showing Bartholomew Chapel. 
Mapof Burford. ..... 

Map of Warborough. ...» 










. (opp.) 


• (opp.) 


. (opp.) 


. (opp.) 



. . Ill 

Origin of the name Bartholomew vi 

Adoption of the name vli 

lt8 pronnnclatlon vlll 

Saint Bartholomew x 

List of illustrations xil 

English ancbstors of the Nbw England family ... 8 
John Bartholomew, earliest ancestor known of the American 
family, p. S. John, son of preceding, p. 4. Isaac, Mayor of 
Oxford, 1598, p. 12. William, father of the New England emi- 
grants William, Henry and Richard, p. 16. Richard, Mayor of 
Woodstock, Eng., p. 28. 
WuuAM Bartholomew, the emigrant ancestor of the New 

England family 27 

Henry of Salem, Mass., bro. of Wm., p. 48. Joseph of Ipswich, 
Mass., p. 55. Lieut. William, also ancestor of this family, p. 66. 
Isaac of Branford, Conn., born 1664, p. 70. Andrew of Walllng- 
ford, Conn., born 1670, p. 72. Benjamin of Branford, born 1677, 
p. 73. John of Branford and Woodstoclc, born 1679, p. 75. Joseph 
of Woodstock, Conn., born 1682, p. 77. William of Litch- 
field, Conn., born 1695, p. 77. Isaac of Wallingford and 
Cheshire, born In 1699, p. 79. Abraham of Farmlngton, Conn., 
bom 1708, p. 80. Joslah of Goshen, Conn., born 1711, p. 83. 
William of Wallingford, Conn., born 1699, p. 85. Samuel of 
Branford, Conn., bom 1706, p. 85. Daniel of Harwinton, Conn., 
born 1708, p. 86. Rev. Andrew, born 1714, p. 88. Timothy of 
Wallingford, born 1717, p. 91. Lieut. Joseph of Wallingford, 
Conn., born 1721, p. 92. John of Farmlngton and Harwinton, 
bom 1723-24, p. 93. Samuel of Saybrook, Conn., born 1714, p. 
95. Lemuel of Whitehall, N. Y., born 1726-27, p. 97. Noah of 
Hartford, Vt., born 1731-32, p. 99. Daniel of Plymouth, Conn., 
born 1746, p. 102. Jacob of Bristol, Conn., born 1736-7, p. 104. 
Isaac of Evans, Erie Co., N. Y., born 1754, p. 109. Moses of 
Vershire, Vt., born 1751, p. 110. Deacon Oliver of Watertown, 
N. Y., bom 1757, p. 110. Jesse of Dryden, N. Y., born 1763, p. 
118. Seth of Waterbury, Conn., born 1729-80, p. 115. Jacob of 



Middlebury, Vt., born 1740, p. 120. Capt. Andrew of Mont- 
gomery, Mass., born 1745, p. 12S. Charles of Bradford Co. of 
Pennsylvania, born 1749, p. 124. Dr. Phineas of Greene Co., 
N. y., born 1764, p. 126. Timothy, Esq., of Tlietford, Vt., born 
1746, p. 129. Capt. Andrew of Walllngford, Conn., born 1744, 
p. 182. Joseph of Pompey, N. Y., bom 1762, p. 186. Ira of 
Waterville, N. Y., born 1768, p. 186. Samuel of Uuadilla, N. Y., 
p. 141. Joseph of Howard, Steuben Co., N. Y., born 1782, p. 
148. Samuel Augustus of North Blanford, Mass., p. 170. Eras- 
tus of Vershire, Vt., p. 178. Samuel of East Cornwall, Vt., p. 
192. Edward of Harwlutou, Conn., p. 196. Daniel of Aurora, 
Ind., p. 198. Truman of New York City, p. 200. Capt. 
Andrew of Albany, N. Y., p. 201. lioswell of Hartford, Conn., 
p. 208. Timothy Phelps of Tlietford, Vt., p. 209. Capt. Ellsha 
of Vermont and Canada, p. 224. Bether Wiilard of Washington, 
Vt., p. 244. Jeremiah Hotchklss of Ansonlu, Conn., p. 266. 
Qeorge WelLs of Bristol, Conn., p. 261. lie v. Orlo of Augusta, 
N. Y., p. 267. Prof. William N. of Newton Centre, Mass., p. 276. 
Francis Cook, of Northford, Conn., p. 291. Frederick Miles of 
New York City, p. 296. Livingston Shannon of New York City, 
p. 298. Albert Martin of Detroit, Mich., p. 299. George Medad 
of Hartford, Conn., p. 808. Harris of Indianapolis, Ind., p. 809. 
Dr. Hiram of Springfield, Mass., p. 810. Elisha Parks of 
Springfield, Mass., p. 811. Col. John Jerome of Branford, 
Conn., p. 329. Edward SheflJeld of Rome, Italy, p. 840. Col. 
Walter Gustln of Tampa, Fla., p. 346. Andrew Jackson, Esq., 
of Southbridge, Mass., p. 360. Nelson of Oxford, Mass., p. 862. 
William Irving of Pomfret, Conn., p. 854. Prof. George Kellum 
of Cincinnati, O., p. 367. Major William L., of Lake Harbor, 
Mich., p. 368. Dr. Ira Hawley of Lansing, Mich., p. 871. Henry 
Deming of Lansing, Mich., p. 371. Dana of Ansonla, Conn., p. 
878. Albert L., of Preston, Iowa, p. 874. Harry Shelton of 
Bristol, Conn., p. 377. Gen. Orion A. of Chariton, Iowa, p. 894. 
Luzerne of New Brunswick, N. J., p. 896. Rev. Chester Green, 
of Union City, Ind., p. 397. Rev. Othniel Aiel of Phila., Pa., p. 
898. Gen. Thomas Livingston, of Bridgeport, Conn., p. 400. 
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Decatur, 111., p. 404. William Wilson of Meriden, Conn., p. 404. 
Judge William Oswell of Omaha, Neb., p. 410. Dr. Samuel 
Brewster of Springfield, Mass., p. 412. 
Family of Gboroe Bartholomew of Philadrlphia . 421 

George Bartholomew of Philadelphia, d. 1689, p. 428. Jeremiah 
of Bucks Co., Pa., born about 1680, p. 426. John of Montgom- 
ery Square, Pa., born about 1684-6, p. 428. Joseph of E. White- 


land, Chester Co., Pa., born 1715, p. 487. Col. Edward of Phila., 
Pa., born 1786, p. 442. John of Phfla., Pa., born 1755, p. 444. 
Gen. John of East Whiteland, Pa., p. 445. Capt. Benjamin, of 
East Whiteland, Pa., p. 446. Dr. George Roberts, of Phlla., 
Pa., p. 454. 
Family of John, Danikl and Jacob of Prnnsylvania and 

New Jkrsbt 457 

John Bartholomew of Germantown, Pa., New Jersey, and Scho- 
harie Co., N. Y., p. 460. Tewalt of Harpersfleld, O., p. 464. 
Joseph of Harpersfleld, O., p. 468. Benjamin of Harpersfleld, N. 
Y., p. 470. Gen. Joseph of Charlestown, Ind., p. 474. Col. Jacob 
of Harpersfleld, O., p. 482. Gen. Riley Lucas, of Richfleld, 
Minn., p. 506. Artellus Valerius, of Valparaiso, Ind., p. 508. 
Rev. William Melancthon of Arlington Heights, 111., p. 511. 
Family of Bknjamin BARTiiOLOMifiW of Covkntry, Chester 

Co., Pennsylvania 518 

Family of Henry Bartholomew of Philadelphia . 588 

Family of John Bartholomew of Lancaster Co., Pa., and 

OF Ohio 545 

Family of Claudius Bartelme of Marcellus, France, and 

Derby, Conn 561 

Family of Henry Bartholomew of Zwei BrUcken, Germany, 

AND of Allen Township, Northampton Co., Pa. . 569 

Family of Charles Bartholomew of Warren Co., N. C. . 579 
Family of John Henry Bartholomew of Friedewald, Nea- 
DER Hesse, Germany and of Upper Mount Bethel, 

Northampton Co., Pennsylvania 586 

Family of Daniel Bartholomew of Castletown, Scotland, 

AND Lancaster Co., Pa 695 

Recent Bartholomew, Bartholomae, Bartuelmy, Barthele- 
MBsz, ETC., emigrants; German, English, French and 

Spanish 601 

Family of John Whental Bartolomei of Lockport, Pa. . 608 

Family of Adam Bartholomew of Rknsselaer Co., N. Y. . 604 
Family of Michael and Carl Bartholomew of Phila., Pa. . 606 

Miscellaneous 621 

Bartholow Family 625 

D. Z. Roberts of Philadelphia, p. 680. Elijah Montgomery of 
Williamsbnrg, Kan., p. 682. 

Early Enqush Families 688 

Heraldry 685 

Early English Records 687 

Berks, p. 687. Derbyshire, p. 687. Devon, p. 687. Gloucester, 
p. 687. HanU, p. 638. Kent, p. 638. Lincoln, p. 642. Mid- 


dlesex, p. 648. Norfolk, p. 649. Northamptonslilre, p. 650. 
Oxford, inclading descriptions of Barford (Bartbolomew Chapel) 
and Warboroagh, p. 650. Somerset, p. 678. Southampton, p. 
678. Suffolk, p. 678. Surrey, p. 678. Sussex, p. 674. War- 
wick, p. 675. Wiltshire, p. 675. Worcestershire, p. 677. 
Bminbmt Itauan, Spanish, Frbmch and Danish Mismbbrs . 677 
Plages named Bartholomrw, bmbraoino islands, etc. . 679 

Authors and Works 688 

Bartholomew Act 684 

Family Reunions 685 

Poem : Brother Bartholomew, bt Louise Imogene Guiney . 690 
Poem : Johnny Bartholomew, by Thomas Dunn Snoush . 69^ 

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-r^ =i -? '^ --^ era ^ 

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l) of thenamechnrchorWarliotroweonehnshRlor 

1,111* vli vMld of I 
^»ble board, a coffer of wainscot, 01 
r plfttter, my best "cawdrpne," 
)f barley wlilch tiaJd qnartcr I n-111 1 
'OD, betwixt this & Christraoa nuxl 

money or Kiij 
e pair of hemp- 
'B howlatcr of 
> be pniil to t1i« 
. ir God do Ills 

y daughter, three poaodn nix (ihtlliRgs elfilit pence 
England, one covr, v sliecp, a Hock beil, a liol^ter, 
. one little pot of brans, a pillow bear, one quarter 
'rBhect!<, a table board, a forni, n bnliteud. 
. Illy iliiu>;liLL-r, lii* vii viH<l of liiHfiil itKnicy of 

cep, my best cuiiUlron Kavv one, one pnlr of ''ca- 
's, a chrisU'iiln}! shccl, n pillnw bfiir, oiii- i|ti!irttT 
td, a plank to make a r<mn, ijiie prwier pliitter 

uShLL-r, Mil vl" vlli'» or liiwiiil 
11 quurtvrH of liurli-y, tmc )>;iir 1 


found of 1)18 death or of his will. It may hare been his 
widow Alice who married in Warborough, 28 Sept., 
1568, John Weller. 

The names of his children are uncertain, except the fol- 
lowing, mentioned as such in the record of his marriage. 
It 1 3ohn^"*- *, m. 6 Nov., 1S32, M&rg&ret Joyes. 

H Bobert^'^'^ Bartholomew was made church warden in 
Warborough in 1552, He died between the 11th and 
29th of July, 1557. His will is substantially as follows : 

Oxfordshire wills and administrations. Series I, Vol. 5 
(1557-1560 antl otlicr years) , folio 48. 

TesUinentam Itoberti Bartclmoir de Warborow parocbU de Dor- 
ter II July, 1657 -proved ixlHl del Julil a? Dnl J657. 
ilwrt BnrChelmGWC &c. &c. kasbnmlman. My tiody to be bnrled 
■hurclirnnl of DorcbcBter. To the parlMi churcb of Dorchester 
o the church of Warborrone one bushel of Bartef . To Uie 





Three Bartholomews bearing above names were living 
in Warboroiigh,* Oxfordshire, England, about 1550; the 
latter two are known to have been brothers, and it is sup- 
posed that the former also held the same relationship, 
from the fact that his son was made an overseer in 
Bichard*s will, while Robert's several and competent sons 
were still living. They held land in their own names, 
were church wardens, etc. 

They frequently used the term ** alias Martyn" (Martin) 
after Bartholomew, but no light has been thrown on the 
reason of its use. It may have arisen from the fact that 
they or their forefathers had inherited an estate through a 
maternal ancestor of that name, and it may be that they 
used the name to honor a distinguished ancestor named 
Martin Bartholomew, as, in a subsequent generation, 
William Bartholomew of the University of Oxford (see 
page 15) used the suffix *^ils Isaac," in honor of his 
worthy grandfather Isaac Bartholomew (IX). 

I John^*' Bartholomew, married, second ( ?), in War- 
borough, 22 Nov., 1551, Alice Skutter.f No record is 

• 8e« description under head of OxfunUhire. 

t Wm» the related to Elizabetli Scudder(dn lighter of Thomas SciuMer of Beaton, 
) who married about 1040, (No. 2) Uoury liarlholomew of Sulem, Matis ? 



IV John*"*' (eToAn^^'^S) married in Warborough, 6 
Nov., 1552, Margaret Joyes, and was probably the John 
buried in Warborough, 14 Nov., 1578. She may have 
been buried in W., 20 Sept., 1578. 

He was made overseer of his uncle Richard's estate by 
the latter's will in 1577. He or liis son John probably 
assisted in the founding of Bartholomew Chapel, Burford.* 

His four sons apparently all settled in the neighboring 
towns]|of Oxford and Burford : Rowland in Oxford, and 
John, Richard and William in Burford. Children : 

zi 1 ohD Bnir. ' christened 19 Jane, 1556; married 12 Nov., 1598, 
Ales Vicarage. He is supposed to have been one of the 
founders of Bartholomew Chapel in Burford. 
ii Rowland, christened in Warborough 5 Dec, 1561 (twin) ; d. 
in Oxford in 1587. The record of wills contains the fol- 
lowing mention of his estate. **Admini8trao omnium et 
singularum bonorum etc., etc., Rowlandi Bartlemewe de 
civitati Oxou etc. granted 5 Sept., 1587 to John Wheelerf 
prox contang." 
ill Richard, christened in Warborough, 5 Dec, 1561 (twin) ; m. 

Ist, 18 Nov., 1587, Margaret Munford; 2ud, Anne , 

who d. in Fullbrooke, 7 May, 1617 ; and drd, in F., 28 July, 
1619, Elizabeth Wllkins; and was buried in Burford, 29 
Apr., 1682. 
xii iv WUliam, christened 7^Feb., 1567; buried 6 May, 1684. 

V Thomas^"*' (iJoftei-^^**,) was still living in War- 
borough in 1617. His wife Agnes survived him. Proba- 
ble children : 

1 Andre w^og. >, m. 8 Sept., 1589, Margaret Bartholomew als 
Martin, possibly daughter of John (No. I). She was buried 
in Warborough, 15 July, 1618. Ch. 

1 Margaret Bartholomew^ng. *, christened 7 Dec, 1589. 

2 William Bartholomew, christened 10 Jan., 1592. 

8 John Bartholomew, christened 16 March, 1598. 

*See illuBti-ation on page 17; also desoriplion of the Chapel, p. 654, and of 
Burford, p. 660, under head of Oxfordshire. 

t Rowland may have been a brother-in-law of John Wheeler (see will of (No. 8) 
Bichard) as *'prox. contang** (next akin) might imply. 


4 Tbonuui Bartholomew, christened 10 Oct., 1595. 

5 Joane Bartholomew, m. 20 Sept., 1610, John Amot. 
ii Edward, m. Agnes ; and resided. In Warboroagh, 

where he died between the 5th and 9th of Nov., 1612. 
The following Is an abstract of his will : 

Oxfordshire wills and administrations, Series II, Vol. 4 (1610-1622). 

Edward Bartholmewe als Martin of Warburrow 5 Nov., 1612 & 
tenth year of James Ac., proved 9 November 1612. To be buried In 
the churchyard of Dorchester. 

To the chapel in Warbnrowe vi<> I give bequeath A devise all 
that one acre of arable land and one half aero of meadow in War- 
bnrowe aforesaid which I bought of Thomas Trench with all and sin- 
gular the appurtenances thereunto belonging unto Agnes my wife for 
A during her natural life A also that one acre of arable land A the 
heropland which my mother had in occupation after the decease of my 
father during her life, the same to remain to Agnes my wife during 
her natural life like wise for A in consideration of her thirds in the 
arabei land and meadow belonging to my now dwelling house and all 
the profits of all the land which I hold of Edward Bartlett of Shilling 
ford during all the time of years yet to come and unexpired. 

To John, my son, the coffer which was mine when I was a bachelor 
A one pair of sheets. To Margaret my daughter xii<> A to William 
and Agnes her two children xii apiece. All the rest of my goods Ac 
whatsoever unbequeathed I give A bequeath unto Agnes Bartholmewe 
alias Martin, my wife, whom I make sole executrix &c. 

I make overseers of this my will my trusty & well beloved friends 

Walter Bartholomewe als Martin A William Qiielch Ac. The mark 

and seal of Edwaitl Bartholmewe als Martin in the presence of the 

mark of Walter Bartholomew als Martin William Wheeler A William 


The children of Edward and Agnes were : 

1 Margaret Bartholomew, christened 12 Nov., 1588; m. 5 

May, 1607, Ralph Amot als Jacob. Ch. (1) WUliamEng.* 
and (2) Agnes. 

2 John Bartholomew, christened 3 Feb., 1593 (see men- 

tion of John of Toddenham, Gloucestershire), 
ill Thomas, m. 11 Nov., 1582, Elizabeth James, who was buried 
in Warborough 16 Jan., 1647. He was buried there 5 
Oct., 1619. Ch. 

1 Annls Bartholomew, christened 8 Sept., 1583. 

2 John Bartholomew, christened 1 Aug., 1585. 
8 Joan Bartholomew, christened 15 Oct., 1587. 

4 William Bartholomew, christened 11 Apr., 1590. 

5 Ales Bartholomew, christened 26 Aug., 1592. 

2 • 



VI Hobert""*-' (Robert^'- ^,) married in Warborough, 
26 Nov., 1553, Petronyle Barnea. 

He resided at Orery, in the parish of Dorchester, Ox- 
fordshire, and died between 20 Nov., 1580, and 11 Apr., 

The following is an abstract of his will, fniin which it 
is surniieed that his wife and only daughter were then 

Oxfordshire wills and administrations, Ser. I, Vol. 9 
(1578-1588 & other years), fol. 174. 

Testanientutn Rohti Bartylmeo als Mnrtyn de Onery" 
in pochia de Dorchester in Com. Oxonetc. 20 Nov., 1580, 
proved 11 April 1581. 


I Bobert Bartylmeo als Martyn of Gary in the prishe of Dorchester 
in y Co. of Oxford, in the twenty third year of the reign of our sov- 
ereign Lady Queen Elizabeth. To Dorchester Church one bushel of 
barley. To Agnes Broune x> in money & a frying pan. To Abraham 
Bartylmeo als Martyn, my brother, one platter. 

To Henry Davie, my godson, my best brass pot. To Ane, my sister, 
one platter. To Agnes Davie and Margaret Davie, my sisters chUdren, 
to either of them one platter. To Margaret Allam, my god daughter, 
one pottenger. To George Homes one bushel of barley. All the rest 
of my goods being unbequeathed, moveable and unmoveable, I give to 
Margaret Davie, my sister, whom I do make my whole executrix and 
she to see my body honestly brought in earth & she to receive my debts 
& to pay my debts. There being witnesses Bichard Davie George 
Homes Agnes Broune wth others. 

Child : 

i Anneisnc- ', christened 2 Oct., 1555. 

VII WiUiam*''*'' (JSfcAareP^"**^,) married in Warbor- 
ough, 28 Nov., 1565, Joanna Wuest.* 

He probably married, second, Margaret , who 

was buried in Warborough, 13 Aug., 1594. 

He resided in Shiilingford, and was buried 29 March, 

In 1577 he had two children : 

i AliceEif. ^ christened 28 Dec, 15G9. 
U John(?) christened 11 May, 1677, 

Vin Thomas^"*-" (Richar(F''«'\) resided in War- 
borough. In 1577 he had two children. Children: 

i ThomasEng. », christened 10 Oct., 1574. 

ii Anne, christened 4 Sept., 1580. 

iii Margaret, C christened 9 June, 1583 ; C 

iv Joane, i twins; c buried 17 Oct., 1584. 

V Ales, christened 19 Apr., 1586. 

♦ Perhaps of the same family as Benjamin West, the well known painter of George 
III, who emigrated with his father to Pennsylvania while yet a boy and soon re- 
taroed. They were Qualters of this parish. 


▼i Bi(^rd, christeBed S7 Nov., 1589. Ch. 1 RIdiardionc- ^ 
8 John and 3 Mary. 

jBBM/d^'^ (JRicAani"^^,) born in Warborougb 
about 1548 ; remoyed to Oxford in 1577, and married 
there, in St. Aldgates Church, 24 Jan., 1577 (1557 says 
the record) Joane Andrews. They were both buried in 
that church: she 25 Nov., 1597; he 21 Sept., 1618. 

He was for many years councilman, alderman and 
mayor of that city, and assisted as its representative at the 
coronation of James I. 

In 1616 he made a deposition before the Archdeacon's 
Court of Oxford, in which he stated that he had lived in 
St. Aldgates* parish (Oxfonl) , for thirty-nine years, and 
that he was 68 years of age. 

His will, dated 18 Dec, 1617, proved 29 Sept., 1618, 
mentions : 

CoQBin Richard ** son of Walter Bartholomew of Warborow," whom 
he wishes to distribute one hundred pounds among his poor relatives 
in Warborough ; brothers Walter and Thomas, and sister Alice Tread- 
well and her husband William and son Henry Treadwell ; sons Mathew 
(** whitebaker") and William, deceased, and daughter Edith, widow 
of Mr. Richard Haines, alderman; grandchildren Agnes, Mary and 
William, minor children of Mathew Bartholomew, Richard and William, 
minor children of William Bartholomew, deceased, and John Bridges, 
son of his daughter Edith. Lands held in St. Chardon, parish of Twy- 
ford, Berks, leased to John Linlye ; house in St. Peters, in the Baylle, 
leased to Robert Wilmott ; lands leased to Thomas Francklyn and to 
John Iron. He makes behests to each of above mentioned persons 
and to the church wardens of St. Tolles, Aldgate, to his fHend Mr. 
Mathew Harrison, Mayor of Oxford, to Mr. Hugh Goodure, to Mr. 
Ralph Radcliff, town clerk of Oxford, to Wadham College, Oxford, to 
Christ Church, to city of Oxford, a remainder to be a Tree legacy to 
the Mayor of Oxford to be lent to two poor young men for six years 
without taking anything for the loan ; for a house of correction, etc. 

Signed, Isaac Barthelmew. 


Ftt)yed by his son Matbew who was made sole execu- 
tor. Children : 

1 Mftthew*^ ', m. Judith ; and was a « white baker^ in 

Oxford. Cfa. 

1 Agnesi^* ^ Bartholomew, a minor in 1617. 

2 Mary Bartholomew, living in 1617. 

a William Bartholomew, mentioned in his grandflither'B 
will in 1617. Made his will 5 Mar., 1672, proved 29 Oct., 
1673, which mentions him as ** William Bartholomew 
alias Isaac of the University of Oxford, Clerk, and his 
mother Jndith Bartholomew alias Isaac as his sole heir 
and execatriz." He owned a malt house, etc, in St. 
Peters' parish, in the Bailey in Oxford. (Probably the 
one bequeathed by his grandfather Isaac Bartholomew.) 

4 Charles Bartholomew, boried at St. Aldgates' Church, 
26 June, 1619. 
ii William, buried at St. Aldgates Church, 10 Feb., 1612-8. 

1 Richard Bartholomew, minor in 1617. 

2 William Bartholomew, living in 1618. 

iU Sdith, m. 1st, Bridges ; 2nd, Mr. Richard Haines, 

alderman of Oxford, who d. in 1618. Ch. 
1 Jolm Bridges, was living and '< of age" in 1618. 

X Walter^"' ' (jBicAar(F°«S) married in Warborough, 
15 July, 1582, Ales Carter. He was still residing in W. 
in 1617. Children : 

i RlchardEn«- ', b. 23 Jane, 1683 ; m. 1609-10, widow Porter, who 
probably d. 6 June, 1615 ; was chosen by his uncle iHaac 
to distribute suitable amounts to his poor relatives in 

ii Ales, b. 12 March, 1586; m. 16 Aug., 1607, Zachery 

Jame (James?) 

Ui John, b. 28 May, 1590; d. 16 May, 1591. 

John'"'^ ' (JbAw^"»-2, JoAn^^'f-S) christened in War- 
borough, 19 June, 1556; married there 12 Nov., 1593, 


Ales Vicarage, who was buried in Burford, 26 Oct., 1619. 
He was buried in Burford, 4 Dec, 1643. 

Mr. Bartholomew waa probably the owner of Westall 
Hill Manor in Fulbrooke, where his descendants lived for 
about two hundred years. He may also have been a 
merchant in Burford, as were his brother William and son 

The record of birth of two of his children isfound in 
Warborough, where he may have resided previous to 1601, 
or where he may have returned for a few years about 
that time. 

He was undoubtedly the John Bartholomew, senior, of 
Fulbrooke iu 1641, as which he is mentioned in the record 
of his burial two years later. He was undoubtedly enti- 
tled to bear arms as his sons William and Richard have 
them inscribed ou their mural monuments, but he probably 
inherited that right from his Warborough ancestors, as 
well as the other branches in Staulake and other places. 
One of the three tombs in Bartholomew Cliai>el was prob- 
ably erected to his memory. Children : 


1 WllllamEn* *, m. In Burford, 8 July, 1616, Mrs.* Edith Conl- 
ton, who YfBs buried there 22 Mar., 1657-8. He was buried 
there 6 June, 1662. He held the Westall Hill estate until 
his death, when it passed to his brother Richard. He calls 
himself ** gentleman" and is termed ** M'" in the records, 
as are his uncles and his brothers. His uncle William Bar- 
tholomew makes him an overseer of his estate in his will 
of 1634. He left no children as is presumed from his will, 
of which the following is a synopsis. 

William Bartholmewf of Westall Hill in the parish of Fulbrookc, 
Co. Oxford, Gentleman, made his will 22 May, 1661, which was proved 
3 July, 1662, by his brother and executor, Richard Bartholmew. To 
my brother Richard B. of Burford, Co. Oxford, mercer, all tiiat mes- 
suage of tenement wherein I now inhabit and dwell, in Westahill 
aforesaid, to said brother during his natural life, then to his heirs mnle 
and falling such heirs male, then to my brother George Bnrtholniew 
and his heirs male; to niece Sarah Keble, one of the daughters of 
brother Richard B., and to Elizabeth Bartholomew, the other daughter 
of said Richard, and to nepliew Richard Bartholmew, son of said Rich- 
ard (200 pounds) at his age of twenty-one years ; to William Barthol- 
mew, son of brother George B., 50^; to Mary Bartholmew, daughter 
of said brother George, to my sister Joane Bartholmew, to Margaret 
Bartholmew, daughter of Anthony B., at twenty-one years of age, to my 
brother Anthonie Bartholmew, 40^; to John Bartholmew, son of brotli- 
er John B., 40^; to ray sister Anne Ayres, etc. Residue of estate to 
brother Richard B. [who is appointed executor of will]. To nephew 
Richard B. my house in Burford, I lately bought of John Taylor, now 
in occupation of Stephen Mathews. (Book Laud, fol. 95 and 101. 
Records of Prerogative Court of Canterbury.) 

xiii ii Richard, church warden in Burford, 1GG9 ; buried there 17 
July, 1679. 
ill George, was living in 1661, with his children William and 
Mary. His place of residence Is not known. He and his 
heirs male were made residuary legatees of tlie Westal 
Hill estate by his brother William on failure of male heirs 
of his brother Richard ; but the latter do not appear to 
have failed. Ch. 

1 WilllamEnK. » Bartholomew, apparently of age In 16fil. 

2 Mary Bartholomew, apparently of age in IGGl. 

* Probably rcrers to social position, not that blio wub a widow, 
t Second o omitted. 


\r Joanna, bapt. in Warborongh, ft Oct., 1598; was unmarried 
in 1661, when she waa mentioned in the will of her brother 
William of Fnlbrooke. 
xiT ▼ John, bapt. in Warboroogh, 80 Dec., 1601 ; resided in Fnl- 

Ti Anthony, was living in 1661 (see will of his brother William) ; 
place of residence unknown ; only child mentioned in his 
brother's will was 
1 Margaret Bartholomew, who was not of age in 1661. 

Til Ann, m. Ayres before 1661, when she was living. 

viii Ellinor, was bnried in Burford, 19 Aog., 1672, '* aged." 

William^"" (e/o/i»=°« ^ J(>Ah«»«S) christened in 
Warborough, Eng., as WiW* Bartylmeuoe^ 7 Feb., 1567-8 ; 
married, Friswide, daughter of William Metcalfe,* and 
died in Burford, Eng., and was buried as MT William 
Bartholomew^ Senior^ in (?) Bartholomew Chapel, St. 
John's Church, Burfoi-d, 6 May, 1634. 

Mrs. Friswide, who survived him and was bequeathed 
rooms and support in their Burford home, was mentioned 
by her son Eichard in his will, in 1645, and was buried 
in Fulbrooke, 10 Dec, 1647, as '' widdow of M"" William 
Bartholniew, Senior." 

Mr. Baitholomew was a mercer, a dealer in silks and 
woollens, in Burford. 

His long and interesting will, following, is so peculiar 
that it may be considered to have originated with him, 
and his character be judged accordingly. 

The invariable prefixing of **Mr." to his name wherever 
used shows that he held the social rank of gentleman. 

*He was mayor of New Woodstock. Will made 5 Dec., 1607, proved 4 Mar., 
1G07-S. makes behests to the church, maintenance of the preacher, to the poor of 
New Woodstock, Bissetir and Tame (''where I was bom"), [near Warborough] 
sons Thomas (" mansion house" etc.), William ('* my new house," etc.), daughters 
** Friswide Bartholmewe of Burforde," Elizabeth Trulocke, Anne Bradshawe, 
Johane and Margaret Metcalf, sister Ursula Noble, nephews Nathaniel and William 
Noble, brother Nicholas Metcalfe's children. 


Extracted from the Principal Registry of the Probate 
Divorce and Admiralty Division of the High Court of 

In the Prorogntive Court of Ciinterliiiry. 

In the Xiime of God Amen. The five and twentieth 
day of A[)i-ill in the yeare of our Lord God one thousand 
sixe hundred thirty and fewer and in the tenth yeare of 
the Raijme of our Soveraigne lord Charles by the Grace 
of God of England Scotland Frnunce and Ireland King 
Defender ()t' the Faith &c. I Willliini Bartholomewe the 

*For ibe llliiBlrutloD otthc ground |>lui of thiBcLurcti, see plate oi>|>. p.BS3. 


Elder of Burford in the county of Oxon Mercer doe make 
and ordayne this my last Will and Testament in manner 
and forme following that is to say First I comend my 
Soule to the handes of Almighty God my Creatour hopeing 
and assuredly trusting by the death and blood shedding 
of my Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ to have full remission 
of all my sins and to have life everlasting my body I 
comend to the earth to be buryed in the Church of Burford 
aforesaid at the discrecon of myne Executo' and overseers 
hereafter named And concerning my worldly estate I de- 
vise and bequeath it as foUoweth first I give towards the 
reparacons of the said Church of Burford teun shillinges 
to be payd to the Church wardens thereof within one 
moneth next after my decease and alsoe I give to the poore 
of the Parish of Burford aforesaid twenty shillinges to be 
distributed amongst them by my Executour and Overseers 
within one moneth next after my decease Item I give and 
bequeath unto Richard Bartholomew my fourth sonne fifty 
poundes of lawfuU money to be payd to him within three 
yeares next after my decease Item I give and bequeath 
unto Frauncis Bartholomew my fift sonne fifty pounds of 
like money to be alsoe payd to him within fower yeares 
next after my decease Item I give and bequeathe unto 
Thomas Bartholomew my sixth sonne fifty poundes of like 
money to bo alsoe payd him within five yeares next after 
my decease Item I give and bequeath unto Henry my third 
Sonne fifty pounds of like money to be alsoe payd to him 
within two yeares next after my decease Item I give vnto 
Abraham my seaveuth sonne the summe of fifty poundes 
of like money to be payd unto him at his age of twenty 
and fower yeares Item I give unto Sarah my youngest 
daughter fifty poundes of like money to be alsoe paid to 
her at her age of twenty and one yeares and if any of the 
same my children Richard Francis Thomas Henry Abraham 
or Sara shall dye before their said stocks or legacyes shall 


be vnto them due then I will the said stocks or legacyes 
of him her or them soe dying shall be divided to and 
amongst the residue and survivours of my said children 
Richard Henry Francis Thomas Abraham and Sarah to be 
payd as their other legacyes are herin appoynted to them 
Item I give unto Friswide my wife for three score yeares 
if shee live soe long the tenement barne landes arrable 
meadowes and commons lying and being in Fullbrooke 
in the County of Oxon comonly called Hollowayes wch I 
lately tooke of Thomas Cambrey Item I give unto her soe 
much iron brasse and pewter as my Overseers shall esteeme 
worth fower poundes and shee to chose what iron brasse 
and pewter shee will have to that value and alsoe I give 
vnto her one bed stead with one feather bedd and one flocke 
bed one paire of blanckette two paire of sheets one cover 
ledd one feather boulster one flock boulster one paire of 
curtaynes two pillows pillow beeres with cordes and matt 
and roddes to the bed stead and she herselfe to take her 
choyce of the bed stead and of the rest of the furniture to 
her herein bequeathed at her pleasure Item I give more 
vnto the said Friswede ray wife to be yearely issuing and 
receaved out of mv lands in Burford the full somme of ei«rht 
poundes an yeare to have and to hould the same eight 
poundes an yeare to her dureing her naturall life and if 
she refuse the same eight poundes an yeare then I leave 
her to her owne choice to take her dower of my landes 
but not to have the saide eight poundes an yeare and her 
said dower both Item I give unto her the Crosse Chamber 
and closett therevnto adioyneing and the cock loft over 
the same Chamber being all parcell of my now dwelling 
howse dureing her naturall life with passage to itt through 
the parlour and passages waters and other easements in 
the backe sides and garden of my said dwelling howse 
Item I give unto my daughter Mary tenn shillinges to buy 


her a ring and unto Merryall her daughter tenn shillinge 
unto E[atherine John Anne Richard and Isabel! alsoe her 
children sixe shillinge eight pence a peece to be payde 
unto them within sixe monethes next after my decease 
Item I give unto Elizabeth Sondely my late servant ten 
shillinge to be payd her within sixe monethes next after 
my decease Item I give unto Anne Monny my now servant 
ten shillinges to be payd her att the end of her apprenti- 
shippe Item I give unto Richard Deareing my now servant 
tenne shillinges to be payd him at his departure from 
dwelling with my Executour herein named and my will 
and mynd is that my Executour shall give unto my Over- 
seers in their own names sufficient security by his owne 
bond for the payment of the same stock of money given 
to my fore named children Item my will is that my Exec- 
uto" shall breade up at his owne charge my twoe children 
Abraham and Sarah vntill their severall ages afore said 
and att his like charges place them in some honest vocations 
by and with the consent of my wife and Overseers Item 
I give unto my eldest sonne John Bartholomewe my howse 
and landes with all the appurtennces wherein I dwell in 
Burford afore said to have and to hould ye same to him 
and his heires of his body lawfully to be begotten and for 
default of such issue I give the same landes to Henry 
Bartholomew my third sonne and to the heires of his body 
lawfully to be begotten and for default of such issue I give 
the same landes to Abraham Bartholomewe my seaventh 
Sonne and to the heires of his body lawfully to be begotten 
and for default of such issue the remainder of the same 
landes to be to the right heires of me the said Willyam 
Bartholomew the elder for ever All the rest of my goodes 
and cattells whatsoever my debtes legacyes and funerall 
charges being payd and discharged I doe give and bequeath 
vnto the said John Bartholomew my eldest sonne which 


said John I doe hereby ordaipe and make my sole Excutor 
of this my Test-ament and last Will and I doe require him 
ypon my blessing and upon that love w^ he oweth mee to 
performe this my Will in all thinges according to my trust 
to him herein comitted and I make and ordaine my loving 
kinsman William Bartholomew [see page 17] the younger 
and my loving friend David Hewes alias Lloyd the Over- 
seers of this my last Will and Testament whome I doe desire 
to undertake the same and to performe the trust to them by 
me herein comitted for the benefitt of my children and 
better performance of the same my Will and I doe give to 
each of them for their pnynes therein sixe shilliuges and 
eight pence In wittness whereof I have herunto set my hand 
and seale the daye and yeare first above written — William 
Bartholomew — Read sealed and delivered in the presence 
of us — Will :Nebbs — Kic :Tidmvish — WillmPeddington 
ProbatumfuitTestamentum Suprascriptum apud London 
coram venerabili et Egregio viro Dno Henrico Marten 
milite legum Doctore Curioe Praerogativae Cant Magro cus- 
tode sive Comissario Itime constituto vicesimo secundo 
die menss Julij Anno Dni Millirao sexcenmo Tricesimo 
quarto Junimento Johannes Bartholomew tilij dicti defuncti 
et Executoris in huiusmodi Testamcnto nominuti Cui co- 
missa fuit Administratio bonorum iurium ct creditorum 
dicti defuncti de bene et fidelr administnuulo eadem Ad 
Sancta Dei Evangelia Coram Magistris Christaphoro Glynn 
et Richo Goddard Clicis vigore Comissionis in ea pte alias 
emanate Jurat. 66 Seger. 

Children named in his and his son Richard's wills were 

i Mao'E"K. *, m. at St. Giles Church, Oxford, Eng., 28 June, 1C20, 
Richard Tldmarsh of Brodwell. She received by her 
father's will, only a ring; but he bequests to each of her 
six children, tIz. : 1 Merryiill, 2 Kutherinc, 3 John, 4 Ann, 
6 Richard and 6 Isubcll Tldmarsh. 


ii John, as eldest son Inherited his father's estate and was 

the executor of his will. He continued his father's mercan- 
tile business in Barford until his death, dying in B., in- 
testate 15 Nov., 1689. It may be* to bis memory that the 
stone near entrance to Bartholomew Chapel is inscribed 
'* Uic Jacet quic quid mortale est Johannis Bartholomew." 
He had daughter Ann who was buried in B., 16 July, 1687. 

2 ill William, b. 1602-8; d. 18 Jan., 1680-1, in Charlestown, 


3 iv Henry, b. 1606-7; d. 22 Nov., 1692, in Sal^m, Mass. 

4 y Richard, b. ab. 1610; is supposed to have died in London 

or on a return trip Arom London to Mass. 

vi Francis, bapt. in B., 18 Feb., 1618-4; received a bequest 
by his father's will, but probably died before 1645, as he 
is not mentioned in the will of his brother Richard. 

vii Thomas, bapt. in B., 80 June, 1616; is mentioned in both 
his father's and brother Richard's wills. 

viii Abraham, is mentioned in both of said wills, but died in B., 
22 Mar., 1646-7. 

ix Sarah, bapt. in B., 14 Apr., 1628; is also mentioned in 
both wills. A Sarah Bartholomew was m. in B., 18 Apr., 
1645, to Thomas Jurden ol B. She probably died before 
8 Jan., 1G58-9, when he married, in B., Margery Hicks. 

* We naturally wonder who was the originator of Bartholomew Chapel as Buch. 
Mr. Henry F. Waters is of the opinion that the portion of St. John's Church bo des- 
ignated was built at the same time as the main church and centuries before the 
times of these membcra of the family. 

The Bartholomew family may not have been connected in any way with the erec- 
tion of tlic church or chapel, but, probably about this time, by tlieir liberality to it and 
prominence in the cliurch, they were considered entitled to use a portion of it as a 
family sepulchre and tlirough its uie as such this portion obtained its present name. 
It lias been uAcd as a burial or memorial chapel by our family exclusively and no 
other family would even now be permitted to place a monument in it. 

As there are but three tombs, we natunilly apply tliem to the three brothers who 
died there, viz. : John in 1(;43, Richard in 1G32 and William in 1684. As the chapel 
is not mentioned by said William in his will when he gives permission to the over- 
seers of hiti ebtutc to inter his remains in UioBurford Church, it indicates thatsuch 
a family connection with the church was then probably commenced but had not 
become sufficiently determined as to be considered an established custom, as he 
would have considered it if a tomb had already been erected for him. But they 
were placed theie before tlie overthrow by Cromwell, or before 1G45, when the sol- 
diers are said to have torn the inscribed brass plates fl-om them. 

And, as .)ohn Baitholoniew, during that time, was perliapH tlie most prominent 
Barlholomew in Durford, and as his name on tiie portal stone would indicate a 
prominent part in tlie establishment of the Cliapel. it is not improbable that he was 
largely instrumental in its cbtablinhment. Another fact that encourages this con- 
clusion is tliat tliis provides n monument for all heads of families who are known 
to have died tliere. 



Richard^"-* (e7bAn='»«», John^'^'\ e7()An=°«S) 

married) first, Grace , who was buried in Burford, 

16 July, 1657. He married, second, Elizabeth , 

who died in B., aged 86, and was buried there 2 May, 
1697. He was buried there 17 July, 1679. 

Mr. Bartholomew was a mercer in Burford, also its 
church warden. The mural monument (see frontispiece) 
erected by him in Bartholomew Chapel in 1668, is the 
oldest there, excepting the three large tombs and the in- 
scription in the floor, near the door, inscribed to the 
memory of John Bartholomew. He was considered a 
gentleman, being called " Mr." Was mentioned as Richard 
senior in 1672 and 1679. He inherited the family estate 
of Westall Hill from his brother William in 1661. 

Administration upon the estate of Elizabeth Bartholo- 
mew was granted to her son Richard, 15 Sept., 1699. 

Children : 

i WmiamEng. ft, buried In B., 6 Aug., 1C44. 

ii Sarah, m. in B., 10 Feb., 1658-9, Mr. Francis Kebblc; 

and was bnriedHhcre 16 March, 1703. 
iii Elizabeth, bapt. in B., 31 March, 1639; was nnni. in 1661. 
iv Rebecca, bapt. in B., 1 Oct., 1640; buried there 16 Oct., 


V Richard, bapt. in B., 17 May, 1642; m. Francis , 

who was buried there 9 Aug., 1678. He was buried in B. 

7 Oct., 1706. Mr. Richard Bartholomew, as he was then 

called, inherited from his uncle William his Burford home. 

He Is mentioned in the records as Richard junior in 1657, 

1667, 1669 and 1678. He undoubtedly erected the two large 

mural monuments at the east end of Bartholomew Chapel, 

which contain verses inscribed in memory of two of his 

children. Ch. 

1 RichardEn«f- « Bartholomew, m. in Fulbrooke 27 Sept., 1691 : 

**Mr Richard Bartholomew and Mrs. Mary Jordan." In 

this copy of the church record, Mrs. means lady and Mr., 

gentleman ; which the record of the marriage bond 

hhows. "Marriage bond executed Sept. 27, 1691, between 

Richai-d Bartholomew Junior of Fullbrooke, Gent, and 


Mary Jordan of Burford." He held the manor of Westall 
Hill. Was baried in Barford 19 Oct., 1718. Children 
born in Falbrooke. (1) Mary£n«- ^, b 18 Aug., 1692 ; bapt. 

11 Sept., following; (2) William, b. 9 Aug., 1694; bapt. 

12 Aug., following; m. Mary, dau. of Rev. Samuel Gard- 
ner, rector of Tackley; and d. 6 Sept., 1785, "set. 42." 
She d. 24 March, 1785, est. 88. Ch. [1] RichardB°ff* ^ m. 
Sarah, dau. of Lawrence Lord, Esq., of Cotteford; and 
d. 28 Jan., 1798, est. 70. She d. 4 Jan., 1785, ®t. 66. He 
was a surgeon in Woodstock, Eng. Was its church 
warden, alderman and mayor, and bore the title Esquire. 
Ch. Anna T.,e°s- ' Moses Hodges, b. 1753 ; John Hodges, 
b. 1756; and Lydla Bartholomew, b. 1 Sept., 1758; m. 
John Phillips, Esq,, of Witson House, Monmouthshire; 
and d. 15 Aug., 1821, eet. 68. Her youngest daughter, 
Mary AnnEng. lo^ d. 25 Dec, 1824, eet. 83. [2] Sarah Bar- 
tholomew, d. 29 May, 1795, set. 60. (3) Sarah, twin, b. 
18 May, 1C97; bapt. 23 May, following; (4) Frances 
Bartholomew, twin, b. 18 May, 1697 ; bapt. 23 May, fol- 

2 William Bartholomew, buried in B. 15 July, 1667. 
8 Samuel Bartholomew, buried in B. 15 Aug., 1669. 

4 Sarah Bartholomew, d. in B. 7 June, 1689, est. 18. See 

copy of verse in memory of her and her brother Moses 
on monuments in Bartholomew Chapel. 

5 Moses Bartholomew, d. in B. 15 May, 1689, rot. 15. 

6 Elizabeth Bartholomew, buried in B. 10 Feb., 1678-9. 

vi William, resided in Woodstock, where he and his wife 
Margaret both died; he 9 Nov., 1699, she 18 July, 1787. 
Children all born in Woodstock. 

1 John Bartholomew, bapt. 18 July, 1682; buried there 

3 May, 1686. 

2 Grace Bartholomew, bapt. 7 Feb., 1683. 

3 Elizabeth Bartholomew, bapt. 30 Nov., 1685. 

4 Sarah Bartholomew, bapt. 14 Dec, 1687. 

5 William Bartholomew, bapt. 27 June, 1690. 
G Moses Bartholomew, bapt. 16 Aug., 1697. 

7 Frances Bartholomew, bapt. 17 Sept., 1699. 

John^°«' (eTbAn^"''^ eToAn^"**, e7bAn^"«S) was 
living ill Fulbrooke, in 1641, when he was made warden 
of its cliurch. lie is again mentioned in 1661 with his sou 


John, in his brother William's will. Where he lived 
after the births of his children is unknown. 

Children all baptized in Fulbrooke. 

i RichardEni^ ^, bapt. 28 Feb., 1685-6 ; d. before 1646. (See 2nd 

ii John, bapt. 15 April, 1638; d. before 1651. (See 2Dd 


iii Elizabeth, bapt. 2 March, 1640-1; m. 9 Jan., 1659-60, Thos. 
Sparrow of Woodstock, Eng. 

iy Jane, bapt. 2 July, 1643. 

V Richard, bapt. 8 Feb., 1646-7. 

vi John, >bapt. 16Nov., 1651.C 

▼il Margaret, 3 twins. i m. 80 Mar., 1672-3, Chris- 

topher Kempster of B. 





2 William^ (WiUiam^''''^ JohnJ^-^ John^'\) sup- 

posed to be second son* of William and Friswede Barthol- 
omew of Burford, Eng. ; was born in 1602 or 3. 

He was well educated, undoubtedly a student at the 
well known **Grammar SchooFf of Burford, and was prob- 
ably a fellow student of Peter Heylin, who became chap- 
lain to King Charles I, and afterwards sub-dean of 

*ThjU be WM the second son omitted in his father's will (see page 17) appears 
from the will of his brother Richard (see plate opposite page 53), which mentions 
him with nearlj all his brothers and sisters in the order of their births. 

The omission was possibly for the purpose of depriying the second son of his 
share; for if done because he had already received his part, his father would 
not, as he did, have studiously avoided mentioning him, and also have excluded 
him fit>m his portion of the share of any brother or sister who might die childless, 
and would probably have made William instead of Henry^his heir, in case of John, 
the eldest son's death, without issue. 

If that surmise is correct he was probably disowned on account of his religious 
ftiith, M his associations and subsequent opinions show him to have been a " dis- 

His intimate acquaintance with the noted Mrs. Anne Hutchinson (see his evidence 
page 81), his accompanying the Rev. John Lothrop and congi-egation to America, his 
association with Grovemor John Leverett as agents of Msjor Bourne ; but more 
than above, his active and earnest part in the General Court of the colony are con- 
clusive evidence of his purltanism. 

Sectarian feeling at that time was extremely bitter. The slightest opposition to 
the Established Church of England met with terrible chastisement. Heresy 
ranked worse than treason. It was common for fathers to disown their sons who 
adopted the new fklth, as such prominent examples as the father of Milton, the 
poet, and Wm. Penn, illustrate. 

It is possible that Wm. Bartholomew was a member of the Presbyterian congre- 
gation in London, and imprisoned with them ; that would have been an abundant 
reason for disowning him in his sanguine father's loyal mind. 
fThis school continued in existence for some 200 years. 



He was probably employed in his father's store, and 
must have written much to have acquired the smooth fin- 
ished hand that he subsequently wrote. 

It is not known when he went to London or when he 
married Anna Lord, sister of Robert Lord, subsequently 
his next neighbor in Ipswich ; but before September, 
1634, he had entertained the famous Mrs. Anne Hutchin- 
son at his London home. 

1634, Sept. 18. He arrived in Boston "in ship Grif- 
fin,"* in company with Rev. Zachary Symme8,f Mrs. Anne 
Hutchinson^, Rev. John Lothrop,§ and some thirty || 
of the latter's London congregation, of which he may 
have been a member. 

1634-5. Mar. 4. He was made a freeman at Boston. 
It was necessary to have first become a member of the 
church. His name is entered " Will. Bartholmew** (he 
usually omitted the second "o ;" his brothers did the same 
sometimes). Among those who took the oath with him 
were Capt. John Mason, W". Johnson, M' W°* An- 
drews, W°» Pantry, Sam'l Greenhill, Tym^ Stanley, Rich- 
ard Lord, John Prince, Edw'd Winship, Sam'l Greene, 

* Bev. Geo. E. Ellis of Boston is the authority for the name of the vessel. 

f Afterwards tlie minister at Charlestown. 

{Mrs. Annie Hutchinson was daughter of the Rev. Francis Marbnry, a puri- 
tan preacher of Lincolnshire, Eng., who was forced to seek refuge in Holland, but 
subsequently lived in London. She married Wm. Hutchinson, a man of good 
estate. She was a brilliant and able woman, who having adopted extreme theo- 
logical opinions, became by her bold advocacy of them, in the opinion of the 
authorities, dangerous to that intensely religious community, and after years of 
contention, during which the arms of her adherents were taken from them (those 
of her Ipswich followers being delivered to Wm. Bartholomew); she was banished 
from tlic colony. 

§ Was a clergyman of Kent, Bng., but renouncing his orders became pastor of 
the first Independent or Presbyterian Church in London, Eng. Their meetings 
were held clandestinely, but they were at last detected, and he and forty-two of his 
congregation imprisoned. 

Alter four years* confinement, he was only released on condition of his leaving 
the country ; he sailed at once for America, some thirty of his congi*egation accom- 
panying him. He settled at Scituate. 

II Neal's History of the Puritans. 


Isaac Johnson (whose daughter Mary subsequently mar- 
ried W""* Bartholomew{6), Thos. Scott, M' W" Hutchin- 
Bou, Rich*' Hutchinson, Fr. HutchinaoD, Bob't Parker 
and Tho : iStanley. 

1634-5, Mar. 4. "M' W" Bartholomewe" and several 
others were granted privilege to trade (at Ipswich) with 
Tisiting vessels. 

1635, Apr. 25. Crranted several tractsof land in Ipswich. 

1635, May 6. "M' W" Bartholomewe" appeared at the 
General Court iit Boston, as the choBcin representative of 
the iiihabitunts of Ipswich ; he had then only been in 
America seven months. 

This was the first opportunity that the citizens of Ips- 
wich had of showing their apprcciattoii of his settling 
among them ; and the fact that they were exercising thtit 
great birthright of Americuns, the elective franchise, for 
about the first time in the hifitory of tho world, the honor 

* Fell doWD &liout IBTl. AdJoiaiKl prosant roBldonce or Mrs. Wm. Lord. 


of being their choice is apparent. The citizens of Ipswich 
were some of the best in the colony, including Gov. Thos. 
Dudley, Major Daniel Dennison (subsequently the highest 
military officer in the colony), Samuel Appleton, eto., and 
Wm. Bartholomew's prominence among so many older able 
men is evidence of his superior education, family and ability. 

1635. Was appointed by the General Court with Mr. 
Dunn to ^ sett out" the land at Newbury for keeping 
sheep that came in the Dutch ships. 

1635, Sept. 1. The General Court '^ordered that Mary 

servant to Mr. Bartholmewe shall be whipt for 

runing from her mast' and shall serve him 6 weeks after 
her time is ended." 

1635, Sept. 2. **M' Willm Bartholmewe" was again 
returned to another session of the General Court, in com- 
pany with Michael Easton who was afterwards governor 
of Rhode Island five years. 

1635-6, Mar. 3. Elected deputy again. 

1636, Sept. 8. W°* Pynchon reports to the General 
Court in delivery of arms, etc., ^ To Ipswich 8 swords by 
M' W°» Bartholomew on the 7.^^ of August 1635." 

1637, Sept. 19. He was appointed on a special grand 
jury in Boston. 

At this session the trial of Mrs. Anne Hutchinson came 
up, in which William Bartholomew took a prominent part. 
The following is an extract from an order of the court, 
showing the charge against her. ^* Whereas the opinions 
and revelations of Mr. Wheelwright and Mrs. Hutchin- 
son have seduced & led into dangerous errours many of the 
people here in New England insomuch as there is just 
cause of suspicion that they, as others in Germany in for- 
mer times, may upon some revelation make some sudden 
irruption upon those that differ from them in judgment ; 
for prevention whereof " etc. 

His evidence in this case was as follows, viz. : 


**I would remember one word to Mrs. Hutohinsou 
among many others. She knowing that I did know her 
opinions, being she was at my house at London, she was 
afraid I ooncieve or loth to impart herself unto me, but 
when she came within sight of Boston and looking upon the 
meanness of the place I conceive she uttered these words. 
If she had not a sure word that England should be de- 
stroyed her heart would shake. Now it seemed to me at 
that time very strange that she should say so." 

Mrs. H. remarked. ^ I do not remember that I looked 
upon the meanness of the place nor did it discourage me, 
because I knew the bounds of my habitation were deter- 
mined " etc. 

Mr. Bartholomew continued : ** I speak as a member 
of the court, I fear that her revelations will deceave." 

Governor Sir Henry Vane. ** Have you heard any of 
her revelations ? " 

Mr. Bartholomew. "For my own part I am very sorry 
to see her now here and I have nothing against her but 
what I said was to discover what manner of spirit Mrs. 
Hutchinson is of ; only as I remember as we were once 
going through Pauls church yard* she then was very in- 
quisitive after revelations and said that she had never had 
any great thing done about her but it was revealed to her 

Mrs. Hutchinson. "I say the same thing again." 

Mr. Bartholomew. **And also that she said she was 
come to New England but for Mr. Cottons sake. As for 
Mr. Hooker (as I remember) she said she liked not his 
spirit, only she spake of a sermon of his in the Low 
Countries where in he said this — it was revealed to me 
yesterday that England should be destroyed. 

She took notice of that passage and it was very accept- 

* A street in London, Eng. 


able with her. (This passage is in print and Mr. Hooker 
avowed it afterwards at Hartford.) 

Mr. Cotton (Teacher of Boston Church). *'One thing 
let me intreat you to remember, Mr. Bartholomew, you 
never spoke anything to me." 

*'Mr. Bartholomew. No, sir* I never spake of it to 
you and therefore I desire to clear Mr. Cotton." 

Gov. '* There needs no more of that." 

Mr. Bartholomew. "Only I remember her eldest 
daughter said in the ship that she had a revelation that a 
young man in the ship should be saved, but he must walk 
in the ways of her mother." 

1637, Nov. 2. He was returned as deputy from Ips- 
wich this and the following sessions. 

1639. Was chosen to convey the instructions of the 
General Court to Captains Wiggins and Chapupenoon, 
etc., at Piscataque. 

1639, June. "Mr. Will Bartholomew granted fourty 
shillings for his journey to Piscataque." 

1639, July 22. "Mr. Bartholomew offered to enter- 
tain Mrs. Jupe (teacher of the Ipswich School) freely for 
a year without charge, if she have health, but if she 
prove sick, the charge to be borne by the publicke." 

He was granted by the town of Ipswich eighty acres, 
of land, in consideration of charges in going to courts, 
lying near Mr. Hubbard's farm. 

Was town clerk of Ipswich. Fees for same were the 
" 3** of fines for not attending meetings" (of the Established 
or Congregational Church). 

This is a striking illustration of the strong religious and 
sectai*ian character of the inhabitants. 

1641, Oct. 7. Again deputy for Ipswich. 

1641, Dec. 10. "Mr. Bartholomew" appointed with 
two others by the General Court to place valuation on 
certain property. 

1642, Apr. 6. It was voted by the town of Ipswich: 


** The Town doth trust Mr. Bartholomew to copy the old 
Waste Book, aud such other papei*s as the Recorder shall 
commit unto him, and he shall be paid for his paynes." 
The copy made in accordance with this vote is the oldest 
record possessed by the town. It is in his handwriting, 
and is a very good specimen of the chirography of the 
age. The following is a fac-simile. 


"granted to William BarthoUmew one acre In the high street Robert 
Lordes house lott east and Edward Brownes house lott west : also 
eighty acres of laud In consideration of charges in going to courtes : 
lying neare M' Hubbards ffarme W B " 

1645, May 14. Appointed on a Committee to report 
on best manner of destroying " Ye wolves, w*^** are such 
r.i venous cruel creatures & daily vexatious to all ye in- 
habitants of ye coUony." 

1646, Chosen by the town to lay out way to John 
Cald wells house. 

Was one of the chosen " seven men" of the town. 

1647, May 26. " Mr. W°^ Bartholomew" deputy. 
1647. Major Daniel Dennison presented himself as 

deputy in place of Mr. Bartholomew for Ipswich ; but on 


34 TBE Babtholomew family; 

information that all ye freeman had not notice of the elec- 
tion he was not accepted. 

1648. He was one of the largest subscribers to a 
yearly compensation to Major Daniel Dennison ^*to en- 
courage him in his military helpfulness" as their leader. 

1649. Chosen one of the "Seven men "of Ipswich; 
also to lay out highways ; also allowed compensation for 
his expense in a journey to Salem about the vote. 

1650. Deputy while brother Henry was same for Salem. 

1650, Jan. 11. Appointed with Major Daniel Denni- 
son to assist the Messrs. Payne, benefactors of the town 
of Ipswich, in establishing a public school and taking 
charge of same. He was made feoffee of the school and 
continued to act in those capacities as long as he remained 
in Ipswich. The school is still in existence, and still recog- 
nizes the necessity of complying with the conditions of 
the benefaction. 

1650, June 21. Again appears as deputy for term 
commencing that date. 

Copy of an act of that term of the courte. 

" Whereas M'^. W°* Bartholmew of Ipswich and M'. 
Henry Bartholmew of Salem have tendered themselves 
to supply fifty shillings apiece in money towards the 
chardge of our commissioners of the Collonies, itt is or- 
dered by this courte, that Mr. W^ & M' Henry Barthol- 
mew shall be pajd the same out of the next country role 
in each towne of the best pay with allowance of six pence 
upon every five shillings for forbearance and other incon- 
veniences, unless it be paid in money in November next." 

The colony felt too poor to continue the Commissioners' 
Court ; the latter was an important step towards our fed- 
erated form of government and the precursor of our 
present congress. 

The great wisdom shown by William and Henry Bar- 
tholomew in this generous personal effort to continue the 


federal union of the colonies is, in light of succeeding 
history, seemingly prophetic. 

Oct. 2. Becords show he bargained for 30,000 hogs- 
head staves. 

1651, Jan. 26. Chosen on a comniittee to establish 
and regulate a grammar school. ** Shall allso consider the 
best way to make provision for teaching to write and cast 

1653, Sells several tracts of land in Ipswich and Tops- 
field, the deeds to which his wife, Ann, signs with a mark» 

1654, June 28. Chosen treasurer of the county. 
Appointed by the General Court** to divide ye Colonies 

arms among ye shires." 

1654-5, Mar. 2. Ee-conveyed to town of Ipswich, for 
the nominal consideration of five pounds the entire tract 
granted him in 1639 ; and the town divided this and other 
tracts among its citizens as a common pasture, which has 
ever since been known as "Bartholomew Hill Pasture,"* 
and so mentioned in the town records as early as 1656 ; thus 
preserving the name of the town's early citizen and friend 
to its later inliabitants in a most pleasant manner. 

1655, May 23. Appointed with two others to go to 
Squamscott and make a just division under petition of 
Mr. Thos. Lake. Report signed W". Bartholomew. 

Was a commissioner. 

June 20. "Mr. W". Bartholomew, Mr. Sam Mav- 
erick" and others, gave bond for £2,300 (about equal to 
the present value of $50,000) for appearance of Mr. John 

* BArtholomcw Hill Pasture is situated two miles west of the centre of Ipswich 
\i\ltLgey and contains nearly a sqiiai e mile. It is covered with excellent grass, and 
has a single row of willow trees through its centre, crossing the tops of the peaks 
of its double liill. The heights of thene peaks are 201 and 201 feet. 

Tills pasture is divided Into numerous " cow rightP.*' each of which represents 
about two acres, and is held in common by the owners. These **cow rights" are 
conveyed and inherited as real e^itate, but never in modern times subdlyided or 


Major Nehemiah Bourne of London, who had been a 
major in Rainsborough's regiment in Cromwell's over- 
throw of Charles I, appointed John Leverett and William 
Bartholomew his agents in Boston. 

Mr. Leverett was one of the grand men of Massachu- 
setts' colonial history, representative, speaker, major 
general, assistant, deputy governor and governor many 
years, agent of the colony in England, etc. *'No man," 
says Savage, "in our country, ever filled more important 
offices, nor with happier repute." 

Mr. Bartholomew's association with Governor Lev- 
erett, by Major Bourne, who knew both well, having lived 
in Boston, is proof, if such were wanting, that William Bar- 
tholomew was both a business-like and honorable man. 

Copy of power of attorney : "Know all men by these 
p'^nts y* I Nehemiah Bourne of London Esq*" for diuers 
good causes & consideracons me hereunto mouing haue 
made &c, my Loueing friends Jno Leverett of Boston, 
merchant & W™ Bartholniew of Ipswich m'^chant my true 
& Lawfull Atturneys in New England. 

March 26 1655. Nehe : Bourne 

& a Scale. 

In p'^ence of 

ffra Mosse not pub. 

Hen Mosse not pub. 

Jere : Jeneway Peter Tilly. 

Recorded Nov. 30 1655 at Request of M' W°^. Barthol- 

1655, Nov. 13. Appointed with two others by the 
General Court to settle certain troubles and divisions be- 
tween the towns. 

1656, May 22. "M"^ Willjam Bartholomew" appointed 
with Major W"* Hawthorn and Mr. Sam'l Hall to treat 
with the inhabitants of Haniden and Strawbery Bancke 
etc., and to conclude what they judge meet between the 
towns and persons. 


1656, Oct. 14. Appointed to assist in laying out 1,000 
acres of land for M' William Hubbard, Sen., of Ipswich. 

1657, May 6. **Mr W"» Bartholomew'' (the "M^** is 
mentioned so often, because it indicated the social posi- 
tion he held. Ministers, military officers and those of 
superior standing in the community were called Mr., but 
the most of the deputies of the General Court, the highest 
body in the colony, were plain John, etc.) appointed a 
commissioner to settle troubles concerning boundaries of 
Salisbury and Hampton. 

1658, Still owner of his High street lot in Ipswich. 

1659, July 21. W". Bartholomew, of Ipswich, mer- 
chant, purchases of Robert Nash, and wife Sarah, house 
and lot in Boston, bounded as follows : west by Joseph 
Peck, east by W". Franklin, southwest by W™. Make- 
piece and northeast by Mill Creek. 

This is the last mention of him as of Ipswich, and the 
date of filing the above for record in Boston, 15 March, 
1660, probal)ly is about the date of his removal to Bos- 
ton, as he is mentioned there within a year after as a mer- 
chant, and as living on the above described property. 

1662, May 1. Appointed overseer of mill of W". 
Brown of Boston. 

Have not been able to learn the relationship, if any, 
existing between W™ Brown of Boston and Edward 
Brown of Ipswich who called W™. Bartholomew "brother." 

It was probably at this time that W™. Bartholomew, 
Jr., learned the mill business. 

1665, May 3. His name heads a petition of fourteen 
prominent citizens of Boston, requesting that the commis- 
sioners see that the estate of Samuel Maverick, Junior, of 
Boston, be properly settled. 

1665, Nov. 4. Appointed to assist in inventoring 
Samuel Maverick Jun''® Estate, 


1666. Treasurer of County. 

1666, May 23. Appointed with two others to provide 
relief for some 250 French from St. Christopher's, at 
public charge ; authorizing them to make contracts with 
masters of ships for their transportation at the expense 
of the colony. 

1667. He assisted in drawing Elizabeth Robinson's 
will, and in after litigation he testified as follows : ^That 
the said Elizabeth came often to the house of this deponant 
diners times weeping to him, to get her will formerly 
drawne to be altered & to be new drawne. My business 
being more than ordinary, I could not in some weekes 
attend it, but some time before the date of her last will, 
went to M' Wiswall at her request, and wee together tooke 
this her last will from her owne mouth wording it as meetly 
as we might, but in nothing altering the sence of her mind 
expressed to vs. 

I doe not remember wee dictated, anything to her of it, 
but only when she was speaking of some bequeathed to 
her kindred in England wee wished her to insert that clause, 
viz*, if the estate might afford ; & whereas she had drawne 
two formes of wills before, I doe account this will the most 
rationall of them all, & the Reasons she gave for altering 
her former will, were upon rationall grounds, & 1 doe 
affirme to my best vnderstanding, that at the drawing & 
at the signing & sealing of this her last will & Testament 
she was of a composed & deposing mind. Also she de- 
clared herself severall times to this deponant, after the 
will was signed & finished, to be well sattisfyed & quieted 
in her mind, w^ indeed seemed restless until it was done ; 
further this deponant testifyeth, that hee said deponant 
meeting her the Euening before she sickened, going from 
her House, it being a very cold Euening, asked her why 
shee would hazard her health soe, as to goe foi*th in soe 


cold an Euening, she answered mee, that she was going 
to a priuate meeting. And to my best remembrance I 
then asked her as I had done vpon occation at times before, 
whether shee heard with vnderstanding at the meetings 
& shee said Yea, shee praysed God for it. Taken vpon 
oath the 29 of the 7 : 1667." 

1668, Sept. 1. **Edmund Gibbon, now in Boston, haue 
appointed M^ Humfry Hodges & M' Willm Bailhomew, 
merch*** my true and lawful attornies." 

He was frequently called upon to make and witness 
wills, inventory estates, oversee estates and persons, 
made feoffee of property in trust, etc. 

In 1668 he is mentioned in connection with Mr. Hum- 
fry Hodges as merchants, and in 1677 in same connection 
with Joshua Atwater ; they may have been his partners. 

1679, Nov. 25. With his wife Ann, he makes a deed 
to his nephew Heni-y Bartholomew of all his property 
real and personal. It is a peculiar deed and there was 
probably some urgent reason for making it that is unex- 

"Mr William Bartholomew late of Boston, now sojourn- 
ing with Mr Green in Charlestoune deceased this life 18"^ 
day of January 1680" (1681, new style) . (From Charles- 
town records.) 

No will is found ; he probably made none as he hud 
apparently divided his property among his children before 
his death. The inventory of his remaining estate is as 
follows : 

Charlestowne IT^h 4. 1681 

An Inventory of an Estate of WiUiain Bartholomew Deceased taken 
and Estimated by us whose names are subscribed 

Imprimis To one ffeatherbcd & bolsters & 1 pillow two > lb. s. d. 

Kuggs & paire of Blankets, & old shattred bodsted . . . ) 04-00-00 

It Old Andirons Tonges, Are shovle & spilt & pot hooks &c. 00-12-00 

To old chaires, Joint stooles, Cushions & paire of old 

bellows 00-08-00 

To h dorn Cushions 00-OG-OO 



To brasse : vizt: 2 old Kettles with 2 trivets 1-(M) ) 

It other small brasse things . . . 0-9-0 > 1-16-0 01-16-00 

It old brasse things 0-7-0 ) 

To one doz^ Napkins & Tablecloth 00-11-00 

To 2 Cuppboard Cloths 00^4-00 

To old sheets 3 paire spaire Coarse pillow cases 1 course > 

shirt and nine old Course Towells ) 00-18-06 

To 4 doz°- Childrens stiff Capps 00-08-00 

A small Remn^ of Cotton Cloth, & of speckled Llnnen > 

& of home made cloth and of Kersie ) 00-08-00 

To old Pewter 00-08-06 

To Books vizt- A bible in 2*0: Clarks Marty rologie, &c. 00-16-03 

To* old blanketts worn out w^^ peices & such like Coverled 00-10-00 

To old boxes & Chest and Lumber 00-06-06 

To 6 old Table cloths 00-04-00 

To an old Trunk 3«- & 3 Chests 2«. 6* 00-05-06 

To an old fowling peice, 15>* 1 mach lock musyt & 

sword 8«» 01-03-00 

To two old small Ruggs 00-08-00 

To a parcell of Indian Hatchets 00-12-00 

To a parcell of hows 02-00-00 

To 2 Iron Potts 00-07-06 

To a Blew Rugg 00-11-00 

To an old Carpett 00-07-00 

To two old Hammackers 00-09-00 

To Pewter 02-08-00 

To Tin small things 00-02-06 

To 1 paire of old Sheets 00-06-00 

To 8 yd» Canvas 8* To 9 yd» narrow Canvas 6» . . 00-13-00 

To two Earthen Juggs 00-02-06 

To 1 Cutlesse 5»- an old brass Kettle 6» 00-10-00 


M' Jacob Green is 
granted Admin to 

the estate of m*" Estimated by us. 

w™ Bartholomew deced Samuel Phlpps 

& took oath to ye Inventory Nicholas Meade 

His grave in Phipps Street Cemetery, Charlestown, is 
in a prominent position adjoining thkt of John Harvard, 
the benefactor of Harvard College ; the inscription on the 
gravestone reads "William Bartholmew ag* 78 y" dec* 
Jan^ 18^^ 1680." 

William Bartholomew was of good parentage. He 
enjoyed unusual educational advantages and probably re- 
ceived a practical business training in his father's store, 
which, if conformity can be expected with his will, must 
have been conducted with great care and thoroughness. 

Leaving the paternal roof we find him before the age 


of thirty-two in London, married, keeping house and 
probably in some mercantile employment. 

The London of that time was as gay and alluring to 
youths as that profligate age could make it; vulgarity, 
yice and crime were countenanced and even encouraged. 
Under these circumstances the young man who chose 
his company from a persecuted and derided, but devoutly 
religious sect, showed a strong and noble character. 

Surrounded by oppression, and perhaps disowned by 
his father, it is not strange that such a spirit should wish 
to breathe a freer air, should brave the dreaded ocean 
and join the Puritan settlers in the wilds of America. 

The facts given show the high standard he maintained 
in his adopted home. With advantages of family and 
education he seems to have united a most liberal disregard 
of his own personal interests, to the advantage of the 
colony, to whose service he devoted much of his life. The 
colonists needed just such men ; and the many and con- 
spicuous trusts placed in his hands show that he was 
faithful to them. 

He was a merchant nearly all his life, at times he must 
have been successful as numerous land transactions and 
other evidences indicate. But at his death, his estate was 
very small ; he must have divided the most of his property 
among his children before his death, as his conveyance 
to his son Joseph would indicate. He died at the home 
of his only daughter. The only books mentioned among 
his personal eflects, "a Bible in Q^" and "Clark's Martyr- 
ologie," are a commentary upon his life. 

Ho lived in an age of wonderful changes, and his was 
a long and eventful career. K it could be reviewed by 
us in all its strong lights and shades, it would be more 
interesting than the most fascinating tale of fiction. 

He was the emigrant ancestor of all the Bartholomews 
of this family in the United States, and it is hoped that 



knowledge of his force of character and sterling worth 
may encourage some of his weaker descendants to be more 
worthy of so noble a sire. 

Mrs. Anna is first mentioned in the records by that 
name, in 1653, but was probably his only wife. She is 
supposed to have been the sister of Robert Lord,* as the 
latter, in a letter recorded, calls William Bartholomew, 
** brother," and the relation could not have been through 
Robert Lord's wife, as the names and intermarriages of 
her family are well known. 

She may have also held that relation to Edward Brown 
or his wife Faith, as Edward Brown in hi» will in 1659, 
also mentions his ''brother Bartholomew." 

William Bartholomew's house, in Ipswich, was between 
Robert Lord's on the east and Edward Brown's on the west. 

She survived her husband and died in Charlestown, 29 
Jan., 1682-3. Her gravestone, still standing in Charles- 
town, is inscribed A. B. died Jan., 1682-3. Children: 

1 Mary, in., first, by Major Daniel Dennison, In Gloucester, 
24 Dec, 1652 (Salem records say 1657). Mathew, son of 
Mathew Whipplef of Ipswich, who died 20 Oct., 1667. 
She m. 2nd, as liis second wife, Jacob, son of Elder John 
Greene J of Charlestown. By his first wife Elizabeth 
(Long) he had children, Jacob, b. II Oct., 1654; Joseph, 
who d. 26 Aug., 1657 and John. He was of the artillery 
company, 1650, freeman 1650, representative 1677 and 
town clerk of C. In 1667 Mary, joined by her husband, 
made her father her attorney to settle with John Whipple 
her right to property left her by her former husband. ThU 
power was not recorded until 1676. Her children were : 
1 Mathew Whipple, b. 20 Dec, 1657; posthumous. 

* Robert Lord married, abont 1630, Mary, dnu. ofSam'l and Mary (Ward) Watte 
of Wethersfield, Es^cx, Eng. Ho emigrated ttom London to Ipswich, in 1034. Wat 
for many years town clerk, etc., of Ipswich. 

t Mathew Whipple, Ipswich. Mass., had grant of land 1638, d. 1647. leaving eldest 
son John', bom, no doubt, in England, wid<* Rose, who was hts second wife and 
children, Mary, Mathew, Ann, Elizabeth and Joseph born about 1646, whose order 
of succession is not known." (Savage.) 

X "John Greene came in ihc James from London, 1632, arrived 12 June, with w. 
Perseverance A 3 chn. : John, Jacob, Abigail, Sarah Jones a servant A Joseph, 


2 Elizabeth Greene, b. ab. 1661 ; d. 7 Apr., 1679, st. 17 

S Mary Greene, b. 13 May, 1662; d. 20 Aug., 1666, 

set. 4 (gravestone). 

4 Bartholomew Greene, b. Mar., 1663-4; bap. Feb., 1664-6. 

5 Dorcas Greene, bap. 81 Dec, 1665; m. 1681, John 


6 Joseph Greene, b. Apr., 1668; d. May, 1684, set. 16. 

5 11 Joseph, b. about 1638; resided in London, £ng., in 1698. 

6 ill Wmiam, b. In 1640-1 ; d. in spring of 1697. 

8 Henrys ( William, ^'-^ John, ^""^-^ John,^''^'^) born 

about 1607 ; married about 1640, Elizabeth Scudder, and 
died in Salem, Mass., 22 Nov., 1692. 

Mrs. Elizabeth born about 1622, died 1 Sept., 1682, 
»t. 60 ; her gravestone is still standing in the old Charter 
Street burying ground, where his remains were probably 
also interred. She was daughter of Thomas Scudder of 

He was, undoubtedly, as well as his brother William, 
a student at the Burford Grammar School, and brought 
up to the mercantile trade in his father's store. 

He is said* to have been a London merchant before 
leaving England. He arrived in Salem, Mass., 7 Nov., 
1635. Became a member of its First Church, and was 
made a freeman of the colony, 17 May, 1637. 

1638, Dec. 26. Granted 50 acres of land in Salem. 

1639, Oct. 9. Granted 100 acres of land in Salem. 
1642, June 10. Granted 100 acres of upland and 10 

acres of meadow in Salem. 

Greene, a relative, ])erhapfl, or apprentice. This w. was, it is said, dau. of Rev. 
Francis Johnson (po^sibly related to Capt. I^aac Johnson, bco page .50), a Puritan 
of e»«lnence, who had fle<l to Amsterdam. This John Green was sergeant, ruling 
Elder (the only one Cburlcstown ever had), Town Clerk, S(^lectnian 12 years. His 
will, 21 Apr., 1658, names w. Joanna, wid« of John Shapwell of Ipswich." (Savage.) 


One of these probably included what has ever since been 
known As "Bartholomew Pond," which is a beautiful lake 
containing ten to twelve acres, surrounded by "Bartholo- 
mew Eocks" and woods. It is situated about four miles 
from the city of Salem, on the old Boston road. It is a 
great satisfaction to the members of this family that the 
two earliest members of the family in America should have 
their names so pleasantly and permanently preserved to 
the places for which they devoted so much of their long 
and useful lives. 

1645, May 14. "M' Hen : Bartholomew" took his seat, 
with Captain William Hawthorne, for the first time in the 
General Court, as deputy for the town of Salem, then one 
of the most important places in the colony. He continued 
to be chosen their representative, the highest office they 
had to confer, nearly all the balance of his long life, serving 
in that capacity thirty-nine terms. He was appointed upon 
its most important committees, and has left evidence, 
through the record of his votes, that he was one of the 
few, and frequently almost the only, unsectarian, unprej- 
udiced, liberal law maker in the coui-t ; doing all that was 
in his power to overcome the prejudice against other 
churches and sects, which so marred the serious grand 
character of the Puritiin settlers. 

On the first day of his service as Salem's representative, 
he illustrated his generous nature by assuming, with Mr. 
Hawthorne, his fellow-deputy, the payment of a debt to 
the colony for the transportation of a poor child. 

The same day he was made one of a committee to audit 
"ye accompts of ye Capt of ye Castle." 

1646, May 4. He, with four others, dissented to the 
vote of fine passed against Dr. Childs, Mr. Samuel Mav- 
erick, and others, because they had petitioned the king 
to relieve them from paying a tax to support the Indepen- 
dent or Presbyterian Church established by the colonists. 

1647, Oct. 10. Wasactingjudgeofprobateio Essex Co. 


1649, May 7. Appointed on a committee to draw up 
a law for "dividing y* sheres & treasury in each sheir, 
bringing all Courts to an acquality for power & nomber, 
y* what may be y® county rased & the pVudece of the neg- 
ative vote prevented." A most important trust. 

1650. Clerk of the Probate Court of Essex Co. 
1650, June 21. He and his brother William, patriotically 

advanced the colony money to keep the Commissioners 
Court in existence. 

1650, Oct. 16. He dissents to the following, which 
was enacted. 

** An act to burn a book written by W™ Pinchon in N. E. 
Gent, entitled The Meritorious Price of our Eedemption, 
Justification &c. 

1*' because they utterly dislike and detest it. 

2** That it be answered by one of the rev. elders. 

3 That the author be summoned to appear before the 
General Court to answer for same. 

4^^ That said book be burned by the Executioner . . 
in the market place in Boston, on the morrow, immediately 
after the lecture." 

Mr. John Norton (Elder) was instructed to answer the 

Voting against this ridiculous tyranny reflects credit on 
Mr. Bartholomew, 

This shows that his generosity extended to all sects, as 
in previously mentioned dissent the parties fined were 
Episcopalians, but in this case even wider from that church 
than the Puritans. 

1651, May 2. He dissents to an act punishing Rev. 
Marmaduke Mathews for suffering himself to be ordained 
by a church after he had expressed opinions contrary to 
the belief of the elders ; condemning him to appear before 
them and humbly acknowledge "his siinie" or suffer a fine 
of £10. Mr. Mathews refused to acknowledge any "sinne" 



and the fine was levied. The church was also fined for 
ordaining him. Mr. Bartholomew's liberal and wise views 
apparently met with the hearty approval of his Salem 
constituents, as he was returned each successive term. 

1651. He, with others, refused to endorse the Book of 
Discipline, a scheme of divinity which had been devised 
as a standard by which to enforce uniformity in mattei*8 
of religion. 

1651, "9 mo." (Nov.) "Henry Bartholomew licensed 
to sell strong water by retail at sale." At that time only 
the best men in the community were allowed that privilege. 

1662, May 7. "Mr Henry Bartholomew" appointed to 
consider petition for further power for well ordering of 
trade and tradesman and the suppressing of vices in Boston. 

1663, May 27. On committee to answer the king's letter 
concernin«: the extension "of the liberiv of certain of the 
inhabitants in point of elections." 

This was one of the king's attempts to choke the growing 
liberties of the colonists. 

1663, Oct. 21. On committee to consider granting the 
citizens of Boston more power over trade, etc. 

1663. He was larg^elv instrumental in the erection of 
the old mills on South River, Salem. (Query. Did his 
nephew, William Bartholomew, Jr., assist in this?) 

1665, Aug. 1. "Mr. Henry Bartholomew on the request 
& choice of the troope at Salem is allowed & approved of 
for their cornett."* 

1667, Oct. 17. On committee to consider and report 
best manner of settling trouble betTifeen Nipmuck and 
Narragansett tribes of Indians. 

1668, Apr. 24. He was made Commissioner for Salem. 

1669, Mar. Depositions of "Jeffrey Massey and Ed- 
mund Batter both more than 60 year" and of "Henry 

* An officer who commanded a troop of horse. 


Bartholomew aged about 62 " and of ^ John Glover aged 
about 38 years.** 

This is the authority for stating that he was born about 
1607. Felt appears to have been the first to make the 
statement, oft repeated, that Mr. Bartholomew was born m 
1600, and therefore aged 92 at death, in 1692. No evi- 
dence to sustain him has been found, but everything points 
to his having been younger than his brother William, born 
in 1602--3, as William is mentioned first where they are 
mentioned together. Also his age at time of his marriage 
to his eighteen-year-old wife is much more likely to have 
been thirty-three than forty. But the above deposition 
and order of mention are the best authorities known. 

1672, Oct. 23. On committee to go to Newbuiy and 
hear and settle troubles there. 

1673, May 7. On committee to consider and report 
on three vital questions concerning the veto power allowed 
by the patent to the colony. 

1674, Oct. 7. On committee to examine and report 
on town rights of commoners and noncommouers of Mar- 
blehead. Report signed Hen. Bartholmew. 

1679-80. He sold to Timothy Lindall, the house which 
he had bought in 1655 (?), which stood on or near the 
site of present Pickraan house in Salem. 

lie also bought, in 1651, and held in 1655, a place on 
8t. Peter's Street, back of the present Essex House, and 
another house on "Burying Point Lane," now Liberty 

1679, 28 May. On committee to advise the Inhabitants 
of Chebacco about the building of a meeting house, choosing 
site and minister. 

1684, Oct. 24. On committee to hcjir and report on 
trouble between the "Praying Indians" and the inhabitants 
of Marll)or()Ugh . 

1685, May 6. This was his last term, it being just forty 


years since he first took his seat in the legislative and 
judicial body of the colony. One of his last duties, at the 
age of nearly eighty, was a revision of the laws of the col- 
ony, which he probably understood better than any man 
then living. 

Mr. Bartholomew was a Salem merchant as early as 1643 
and probably the most of his life. 

"As a town clerk he was faithful and correct . . .'* 

He practised much in the courts, and was often con- 
sulted in the settlement of deceased persons' estates. 

"At one time he held by mortgage deed a tract of land 
8 miles square on the Merrimac River, conveyed to him 
April 17, 1652, by an Indian Chief." (Perley Derby.) 

Henry Bartholomew possessed one of those well-rounded 
characters, which, aided by education and careful training, 
make the leading men of all ages. 

His nature was generous, hence the devotion of his 
mature life to the service of the colony. He was broad 
minded and liberal in a bigoted age and among a naiTow- 
minded people, and the value of his wise and extended 
efforts to enlarge the federal and decrease the theocratic 
power, which then ruled, cannot be estimated. 

It is a sad conclusion, but seems a fact, that his only 
descendants bear other names, being only the offspring of 
his daughters Hannah, Abigail and Elizabeth. 

" Mr Henry Bartholomew according to w' his son Henry 
gave in und"^ his hand arrived att N. England y* 7 Nov**' 
1635, and did take up his dwelling in Salem, in New 
England uutill y« 22 of Nov»»' 1692 & y° departed this life 
about nine or ten of y® clocke in y® morning w®** was 57 
years contiimance in sd Salem." (Salem Town Records.) 

Henry Bartholomew gives bonds of administration, 20 
Dec, 1692, on the Estate of his father Henry Bartholo- 
mew Senr his sureties being Simon Willard and John 
Pickering Junr." Inventory as follows : 


** Salem ye 13^ July, 1694. We whose names are underwritten being 
desired by Henry Bartholmew Admr of tlie Estate of his Father Henry 
Bartholmew, late of Salem in New England » deceased, to apprize soe 
much land w^^ a fourth part of a mill as the said Admr can at present 
bring V8 to a sight of that did belong to his said father in his said fathers 
time of life ; the said land is a pasture or piece of npland situate and 
lying in y« aforesaid Salem, butting and being bounded by y« com- 
mon or training field to y« west and so southward by y« towne common 
on y« East by a small strip of land vnto which y« salt water floweth 
and northerly by George Hodges, his land, the which we apprize at £60 
(sixty pounds) in money — the said fourth part of a mill is a fourth part 
of ye Come Mill standing in Salem neer y« South field soe called, to- 
gether with one fourth pt of y« Dwelling house and land and fourth 
yt of all other rights and priviledges belonging and in any way belong- 
ing and appertaining vnto the said mill the wch we apprize at £200 
(two hundred pounds) money. £260 a pcell of land at y« eastward 
near Sheapscutt river a pcell of land on y« further* of Merrimack river. 

We whose names are vnder written at y« desire of Henry Bartholo- 
mew son to Henry Bartholomew Sen' late of Salem, in New England, 
deceased, and administrator to y^ estate of y« said deceased, did ap- 
prize one bay horse and one of the Largest dun horses vf^^ did formerly 
belong to y« said Bartholomew deceased, and said horses marked with 
y said Bartholomew's own proper marke as in the margin [and here 

reproduced] f B. 

December 23 1692 

1 Bay horse SO^. 1 Dun horse 25^ 

at least was s'd by sundry persons that s*d horses did belong to s'd 

Bartho dec*d, beside brand mark aforesaid. 

George Locher 

Saraii Gasklng. 

Essex p. Before yfi Honored Bartho Gedney Esqr Judge of Probate 

Ac., August 6*^ 1694. Henry Barthoi Adm^ made oath y^ y« within is 

a true and perfect Inventory of y« Estate of Mr. Henry Bartholmew 

late deceased, and if more comes to his knowledge he will add ye same. 

Swome attest Stephen Sewell Regr " 

Children : 

i Elizabeth, bap. 3 Oct., 1641; d. before 2 July, 1664. 

ii Hannah, b. ; m., 1st, 6 Sept., 1664, James (son of 

Elder John) Brown of Salem, who was killed In Cecil Co., 
Maryland, by a negro, while on a trading voyage; his 
remains being found 12 Nov., 1675. lie was a merchant 
and had a plantation and trading establishment in Mary- 
land. She m. 2nd, 8 Mar., 1679-80, Dr. John Swlnnerton 

* SoQth side. 


of Barbadoes,* W. I. His children held, in 1702, mortgage 
on farm of Henry' Bartholomew. 
7 iz Henry, bap. 10 May, 1656 ; d. in 1698. 

X Sarah, b. 29 Jan., 165a-9; bap. 6 Feb., 1658-^; m. Nov., 
1681, Ebenezer Gardiner, b. 16 Aug., 1657. She was given 
a house, lot, etc., by her father, at her marriage. She died 
leaving no children, before 8 Feb., 1684, when her husband 
made his will, proved 11 May, 1685; giving unto my 
Brothr Henry Bartholomew & my sister Swinnerton & my 
sister Willoughby & the three children of my sister Pilgrim 
dec'd — the house & ground which I had with my wife — to 
have each an equal share ; & my Brother Pilgrim shall have 
power to make sale of his children's quarter part & to keep 
the effects in his hands till they come of age, also I give 
to sisters Swinnerton A Willoughby my pewter & linen 
which my wife brought with her. 

This is the best evidence we have that the brothers of 
Henry' Bartholomew were then deceased, and coupled 
with the fact that no subsequent mention of them can be 
found in the records of that section, which have been 
most diligently searched, the probability of their early 
decease is considered quite certain. 

4 Bichard^ (WilUam^^'\ John^"^-^, John^'^\) born 

•Sxtraoto Xtom Wills in Barbadoes, W. I. 

(i) Dorothea Pilgrim wife of John Pilgrim with approbatn of her husband makes 

her will. 

Bequest to her tis ^ Katherine Chrossman widow of £50 

«< «« *« nephew, Isaac Logey ** £60 

" *< ** nieoe, Mary Logey " £80 

" « «♦ nephew, W- D. PreUoir. « £20 

♦« ♦• " husband «• £20 

«« it «i niece Mary Southward " £20 

« •* " " Dorothea Whitnlng ♦* £20 

Dated U^ January 1698. 

(11) I, John Pilgrim of the parish of Christ Church ftc. Bequest to daughter Mary 

B. Beresford widow of the late Rev<^ Samuel Beresford, a house in Marlhill St. (in 

Bridgetown, Barbudoes) where Mi^or Vaughan lived, for her life; at her decease to 

Executor i. e. his son Joseph Pilgrim. 

Bequest to Elisabeth Palmer of £100. Jointure of £200 made to his wife Mary 

Elisabeth Pilgrim. 

Dated 20^- December 1715. 

(ili) I John Pilgrim of the parish of Saint Philip & Island abovesaid &o. : 

Bequest to daughter Rachel 

" »* " Mary. (?) 

Devise to wife Elizabeth of a place called the '* Bay House." Residue of Property 

loft to Rachel, Mary A Sarah Pilgrim. Futhor-in-law Benjamin Smith und M. 

Samson Wood appointed Executors. 

Dated 25^ February 1736. 

The name of Bartholomew was not found on the Barbadoes Records. 


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!t:i'.' li. *: ..> j;i i!!;.>lr;itif/ii ol* if»o 

\\\ a: i :1 !: ::i. '■ ■■ A-t 

• • - ■ ■ . • . ■ ■ ; ■ • ■ . ■ I 1 • ■ 

• . • •• • .• *•' »...».■ 1'". ■ 

• ..■' ■• :» .■ . • I • ■ . '(.;, I. •...-.■ ;.\ 
.•■•;!"'■. - " " .• f ■:. . • i'» ",.■.<;:••. 

•- ■ . ••';.!■. ...■ ••. '. - :, i;i*., 

■ •" !.•:.■ r. ;vi •/ .r- \ ,,;i . ! -• <•:■■.] 'tuV!"- '■(. '■ .'-ui 
■ i '••■';* ,'■■!.. ■ ■■'■' ..■.•.•• • ■• ■■» ' r»u.. .. ;..j.i„; 

■ , li ;•>;. ■•■- '"t; !■- *'..;•! '■ ' •>, ♦•.(•>'* 'i 

'•.. . '■'•^\ i • ■•:. ■ . ! I 0] : '■;• ''.<• V !' r'Ao 

." :. ■ ' V. ■• • ,. < . !•■■ ■."- .Ill ••■ •■» :..v 

• • '•■ -• ' •' !.: ': ... ■■■.] l..^.. •:■ :.- -.W ' .:', i- 
• .1 ' •!'".'. • .••'•\v,.. '.« r Ij;^^ ■, ;.)M.^ , ; v,n-:.. 

.' ';i- •).i''«i'' ' ii..' ' .■■•>> *.» r'.'-i I ;:*'♦. <; i-/ 

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: '■ . . ■ ''«-T)( it «.>•' ' :•. ■■• «>•• '-J ■:«!.<' i )*•<.■ 

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' . ;■ . - • - -^f. '"'t. f-:-^ ... ^> ;~v- ^v ' -»^«4/^ ^rV^ >«.*'«v' 

•^ "^ •^- '■'■■■■ ■ . - ■ " ■— V «••« JV ^y #Afc;-. .. - -^ ' ; •"-***" y 
-■■■■' . '■ /■■• '•'■ • -•■ «i - ■■' .-v- k- J.-. *-^ •...'■ 'f »: .-.•- ■ /*>-y5 ' 

'■■•••-*■ ■ # V , ff .' 

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' » f rt< 



about 1610 ; is first meDtioned in his father's will in 1634, 
probably of Burford, England. 

He was in Salem, Mass., as early as 1637, admitted 
freeman in 1641 ; joined the artillery company in 1643. He 
was granted ten acres of land in Salem, 29 Nov., 1637. 

2 May, 1645, he was in London, Eng., and became a 
witness to a power of attorney from Joseph Owfield, of 
London, and Richard Crossing of Exeter, to David Yale 
of Boston. He was a trader between Boston and London. 

6 Jan., 1645-6, he wrote a letter (see fac-simile opposite) 
which, owing to his decease during the trip he was then 
starting upon, became his will and was found in the pro- 
bate records of Salem, Mass. This letter has been of 
great assistance in identifying the family in England. 
It is also extremely interesting as an illustration of the 
intensely religious character of the Puritans and particu- 
larly of this family. It also shows that the writer had 
good business capacity and a kind heart. 

"Boston the 6°: IP (46) 
Brother Henry heare Inclosed is a notte of whatt estatte I haue 
shlppt vf^ mee & whatt is here owinge to mee: w^h whatt I owe in 
England w«h is all I owe in the world as I know off: these things only 
the bills of exo I haue consigned to m^ Edward Shrimpton, in London 
bee is y« brasiers bro at Boston : to him I have wrighten y^ in case 
God should not bringe mee to London y* hee would these goods 
pay my debts & returne y« remaynder to you : I should haue been glad 
to haue seen you before I went, butt if God should not return mee againe 
but take mee away by death : my desire is if the returne of these goods 
come to yo' hand ; that they may be thus disposed of: viz To yo' two 
children 40^ apeece to my bro Williams 3 children 20^ apeece to my 
mother if liveinge iO* to my mr* Gearringe beinge verry poore 10^ = & 
the remaynder of my estatte bee it whatt it will more or less all that is 
mine I desire may be equally devided betweene o' bro Thomas : Abra- 
ham & sister Sara, only what Jacob Barney owes to mee I give it to 
him, butt for my other debts house ground &c divide as before, this is 
my desire & that I would have done If God shall please to take mee 
aw:iy : I desire to cast my self only vppo him & to rest my self only in 
ilie armes of his inercey in Christ Jesus intrcatlnge of him to stay my 

^MeMiing probably *'my raattter,*' the captain of his vessel. 



soale there la the worst howers enen in death Itself, Vnto him I leaue 
yon with yo" to gather w^ my self & all his and rest : yo' faythfhll 
and LoYlnge Brother : Richard Bartholmew 

This will proyed in Conrtt 

the flbarth day of the 6^ month 1646. 
p Caria Raph Ffogg Seer." 

An Inyentory of the goods and Chattells of Bichard Bartholmew 
deceased taken the 27^ 5^ 1646. 

Imprim for a psell of linen cloth 

Item for a psell of wollen cloth and stockins 

Item for a psell of hatts 

Item a psell of boddis 

Item a psell of Shott 
. Item for lead 

Item a psell of shlffes and yearne 

Item a psell of healre bottoms 

Item 4 chests of glasse 

Item 8 ferklns of sope 

Item for advance vppon these goods the executors 
bearinge the charges 

Item 100 bushels of malt 

Item 2 trankes 

Item 8 ould sheetes with some onld linen and other smale 
thinges in the old truncke 

Item an old flock bedd 

Item 2 feather pillowes 

Item 2 old blanketts 

Item 1 old hatchett 

Item a paire of bootes and a paler of shooes 

Item a house and one acre and halfe of lande 

Item a ten acre lott 

Item a carbine 

Item a brass Ketle and sclllett 

Item a fire shouell & paire pott hangers 

Item a ho we a frow 4 wedges a hammer and shott home 

Item his debts owinixe to him 

£ 8. d. 
60-i 2-i 1 
168-i 1-07 


206-i 9-05 

Item more owinge vnto him 01-08-00 

Sama totales 286-09-01 

Taken upon oath before the Court the 4th of 6 M© 1G46 

p Curia Haph ffogg seer. 

William Hathorne 

Jefferes Masser 


5 Joseph^ ( WiUiam}j William^) born, probably in 
Ipswich, in 1637-8; was still residing with his father 
in Boston, 16 Nov., 1667, when he gave the following 
testimony : 

^Joseph Bartholomew, aged 29 years or thereabouts, 
concerning the last will & Testament of Elizabeth Rob- 
inson, bearing date, 21 Aug., 1666, . . this deponent 
Testifyeth that the said Elizabeth came diuers times to 
this deponants Fathers house uery earnestly desiring to 
haue her will drawne, as not willing to haue her former 
Will stand, but to alter it. After many times coming, 
the Father of this deponant on a day brought a Coppie 
drawne as from her, & written to my best Remembrance, 
bee said by M' Wiswall & himself, the which this de- 
ponent wrought out & meeting with the widdow Robin- 
son afterwards she exprest her selfe uery joy full that it 
was done & uery well satisfied with it & owned it as her 
will & Testament, after Goodman Bishops hand was at 
it : soe when shee had soe Owned it, to bee her Act & 
deed I set my hand also ; at which time I tooke her to bee 
of a disposing mind, only she had a great defect in vtter- 
ingher mind, vntil she had tyme to make her mind known 
by degrees, & further saith not." 

He is mentioned as a mariner of Boston, 18 Nov., 1674, 
when he makes his " friends Sam'l Walker of Boston, 
Merchant, and Capt. John Green of Sudbury and John 
Hay ward of Boston, scrivener, his lawful attorneys ;" 
recorded 15 June, 1676. 

The last mention found of him is in a conveyance, 
dated 26 May, 1693, of Boston property deeded him by 
his father, 20 July, 1659, which mentions him as of 
*• London, Mariner.^ 

As he was then fifty-five to fifty-six years of age, it is 


probable that he had children, and that descendants of his 
are still living in England. 

6 William^ ( TFtKfamS* Williamy) bom probably in 

^"^^^-"^-^ -P^ 'y)CC^^^^hui^ (1697 to will.) 

Ipswich, in 1640-1, married in Roxbury, Mass., 17 
Dec, 1663, Mary, daughter of Captain Isaac and Elizabeth 
(Porter) Johnson, and granddaughter of John Johnson 
who held the title of " Surveyor of all ye Kings armies 
in America." Both the grandfather and father represented 
Roxbury many years in the General Court and held high, 
social rank. Capt. Isaac Johnson was killed 19 Dec, 
1675, in the famous " Narragansett Fort Fight," leading 
his men over the bridge (a fallen tree) into the Indians 

He died in the spring of 1697. Mrs. Marj*^ was bom 
24 April, 1642, and was living, in 1705, in Branford, 

Lieut. William Bartholomew seems to have early taken 
a practical view of life as is shown by his learning the 
carpenters' trade. 

In 1662, he probably received his first experience in the 
mill business, which he afterwards carried on extensively, 
as his father was that year made overseer of William 
Brown's mill in Boston ; and he may have subsequently 

•Positive proof that he was son of William BarthoIomeWi of Ipswieh, has not 
been found, but all evidence obtained fitvors that oonolnsion. 


(1663) assisted bis uncle Henry in building tbe Old Soutb 
Mills in Salem. 

Tbe last of June» 1663, be was apparently staying about 
ten miles from Medfieldy^Mass., and was perbaps engaged 
as a carpenter or millwrigbt at Robert Heusdale's mill. 
He tbere took pai-t in a wolf bunt and witb otbers bad 
some trouble witb a party of Indians wbo wanted liquor 
wbicb was refused tbem. His testimony given 5 April » 
1664, is as follows : 

^ Jobn Levin aged twenty ffour yeares or tbereabout & 
William Bartbolomew aged twenty tbree botb sworne tes- 
tiffie & saye tbat beinge at a ffarme at Mr. Ricbard Park- 
ers al>out tenn myles ffrom Medfield about tbe latter end 
of June last did see a company of Indians come to ye 
ffarme afforsaid & did request to bave Liquors ffor saving 
of some wolves but Natbaniell Mott w^ not give y™ any 
but tendered y™ a pecke of Come apeece to every y™ 
ffor tbeir paines in deliveringe tbe wolves but tbey re- 
fused & were so earnest ffor Liquors that one of the de- 
ponents was fforced to thrust them out of doores & told 
ym yt ^ijgy vvould uot fac oi'dcrly he would laye handes 

J • 

The record of bis marriage mentions him as a " Car- 
penter" of Roxbury. In 1674 he or his father resided a 
short time in Marblehead. 

20 Feb., 1676-7. Wm. Bartholomew, carpenter, of 
Roxbury, and wife Mary, sell a twenty-five acre lot, 
bouse, etc., in Roxbury. He was at Deerfield before 
King Philip's war, purchasing the housclot previously 
belonging to Peter Woodward, which he sold in 1685. 

At the time of the noted raid of the Indians on Hat- 
field, 19 Sept., 1677, be was there with bis family, and 
probably assisting in the erection of the building then 
l>eing raised. His daughter Abigail, aged four, wiis taken 


with twelve others and carried through the forests, over 
the Lakes, into Canada and kept eight mouths ; but finally, 
ransomed, 23 May, 1678, with others by the payment of 

" Att Eleven of the Clock in ye day time the enemy 
came upon Hatfield (When ye greatest part of the men 
belonging to the Towne were difq)ersed into ye meadows) 
and Shott down 3 men within ye Towne fortification, 
killed and took women & children & burnt houses & 
Barnes ye number of which are as followeth" 

Killed (male) 12; taken 13, including "A child of W* 
Barthemew' ;" wounded 4. (From Sam'l Partridge's 
letter to the General Court.) 

He is mentioned in Deerfield in 1678. 

May 5, 1679. The town records of Branford, Conn., 
contain the following resolution : "The town have agreed 
to give unto William Bartholomew twenty acres of land 
as convenient as may be provided it be not prejudicial to 
ye Town provided also he do perfect his agreement with 
the Town Comt®® concerning building a mill in Branford 
and build and settle in the town. And Cap" Topping, 
Tho' Harrison, Robert Hoott & W" Hoadley or any 3 of 
them are appointed for a comt*® to treat and bargain with 
Mr. Bartholomew concerning building and upholding a 
mill in Branford and do give them full power to act in ye 
behalf of ye town." 

Mr. Bartholomew must have gone there that summer as 
the committee, 5 Jan., 1679, was authorized to lay out to 
W™ Bartholomew land below Guilford Eoad, and the fol- 
lowing spring, 18 March, 1679-80, the town further 
granted him the "piece of upland & meadow lying be- . 
tween the brook that carried ye water from ye old mill 
and the stream that carried away ye waste water." 

Feb. 7, 1681. "The Towne have given liberty to W" 



Bartholomew to set up a saw mill upon the great river 
about the foot of the great hill and the town have given 
him liberty to make use of what timber he shall sea 
raise for sawing half a mile below said mill and so on both 
sides of the river and along his mill as fiur as he shall see 

March 11, 1683. Seventeen acres were laid out to him. 

Aug. 11. ^ W Bartholomew was appointed to go to 
the bay to do his utmost indeavor to procure a minister 
fur the town .... he being formerly appointed 

Nov. 1. He was ** Chosen and appointed to keep or- 
dinary in Branford." Only the best men then received 
such appointments. 

1684. ^ The town have allowed William Bartholomew 
twelve acres of land . • in consideration of w^ time 
A money he hath expended for the procurement of a min- 
ister in year 1683." Also appointed Surveyor for the 

June 17, 1684. ** Whereas William Hoadloy and Wil- 
liam Bartholomew are now iuteuding to go to the bay : 
The Towne do ord*" and commissionate the said men to do 
their utmost endeavor for the procurement of an orthodox 
minister to carry on the worke of the ministry in Branford 
and to take the best advice that may be for the attaining of 
the end aforesaid and do give them full power to act for 
and in the behalf of the towne." 

1685. W*" Bailholomew and John Frisbie laid out and 
staked the highway to Guilford. Elected Surveyor again, 
— and Fence Viewer. Appointed to lay out and value 
certain tracts of land. 

March 28, 1686-7. Another Mill agreement. 
Jan. 2, 1687. Town object to his dam and want him 
to build a bridge. Ten acres more are laid out to him. 


April 27, 1687. The town of Woodstock is anxious 
to obtain his services and passes the following resolution : 

" The Company of Planters att a Gen" Meeting did then 
choose Edw** Morris, John Chandler, Sen""., Nath" John- 
son & Joseph White, to treatt and agree with William 
Bartholomew of Branford for the building of a corn mill 
on as reasonable terms as they can, which teims the Pub- 
lique is to stand to ; and each man to here his equal pro- 
portion according to his home lott." 

"The Committee abovesaid did in the Town's behalf 
give and grant to W™ Bartholomew above said, on condi- 
tion of his building a corn mill on the falls below Muddy 
Brook ponds and finding the Town with grinding good 
meal clear of gritt as other towns have generally found 

these following particulars 

1 the place at the aforesaid falls to sett a mill w^ the 
benefit of the streams. 

2 A fifteen acre home lott with 15 acre right of up- 
land and a thirty acre right of meadow. 

3 an hundred acres of upland ..." 

The Woodstock people were anxious to have the com- 
pany of his good wife Mary and passed the following : 

Sep. 29i ** It was granted att a full meeting of the 
proprietors : that William Bartholomew should have 
twenty acres of land .... provided he bring his 
wife & settle upon it by next June following : . . " 

Tracts were also granted to each of his sons Isaac and 

Mar. 12, 1688. He was appointed on a "Com®® to 
settle highways." 

May 21, 1688. Allowed more cow pasture in Branford. 

July 13, 1689. " W" Bartholomew Sr." was commis- 
sioned by the governor of the colony of Massachusetts, 
ensign of the '*New Roxbury Company." 


Feb. 12, 1689-90. He, with three others, petitions the 
General Court for town privileges. The petition was 
granted and "Nepmuck" or "New Roxbury " was called 

Oct. 1690. He was made chairman of a committee to 
build the minister a house ; also, Nov. 1690, one of the 
first selectmen of the town. 

May 21, 1691. ""W^ Bartholomew being presented 
for Lieutenant and Benjamin Sabin for ensign of the 
Military Company in Woodstock the said persons are 
approved and confirmed in their respective ofiices." 
[Mass. Court Roc, Vol. 6, p. 184.] 

June 8, 1692. "Mr. W™ Bartholomew " appeai-ed as 
the representative of Woodstock, Sufiblk County, at the 
Grand General Court or Assembly at Boston. It was the 
only one ever held by the colony and called on an ex- 
tremely important occasion. It was also the occasion of 
the first election in Woodstock for representative, making 
it a conspicuous honor to Mr. Bartholomew, as the town 
was noted for its able citizens. 

' 1690-1694. At the several divisions of the public 
land he Wiis a member of the committee making the same 
and received with his sons Isaac and William their shares. 

May 16, 1695. He was appointed with Benj. Sabin to 
join the Roxbury Committee " in staking and setting the 
divided line between the inhabitants of Roxbury & 

Spring of 1697. Mr. Bartholomew died, probably in 
Woodstock ; and it is supposed that his remains lie buried 
in Woodstock Hill Cemetery, adjoining the graves of his 
sons Joseph and Benjamin. Two rough unmarked stones 
at the head of graves probably show his and his son John's 
last resting places. 

Lieutenant William Bartholomew was eminently a 


practical man, and of good family and education ; his father 
a merchant, he preferred to learn the trade of a carpenter. 
After a life of several years in the metropolis of the col- 
ony he chose the rough and hazardous but useful lot of a 
frontier settler. 

He was unfortunate in settling in Hatfield as the war 
with the savages during the several succeeding years made 
that locality uninhabitable. 

He suffered severely by this war and finally seeking a 
more peaceable section in which to use his energies, made 
arrangements with the town of Branford, Ct., to build 
and maintain mills there. 

Nearly forty years of his life had passed, the latter 
being unfortunately devoted to settlements in which it 
was impossible to succeed. In Branford his force of 
character had a better field ; and during the eight years 
spent there, besides building two mills and opening two 
farms, he was constantly called into service by the citizens 
and filled many important trusts. 

But although nearly fifty years old and very comfortably 
situated, his ambitipn required him to accept the very gen- 
erous offer of his old Roxbury acquaintances, who had 
settled in Woodstock, and there build and maintain mills 
for them. 

His popularity was even greater in Woodstock than it 
had been in Branford. They conferred upon him nearly 
every honor at their disposal : making him selectman, 
chairman of the committee to build the minister's house, 
first representative to the General Court, and Lieutenant 
commanding all subject to military service in the town ; 
these honors, conferred by those who had known him 
from boyhood, are ample evidences of his superior 

The social excellence of his family is certified to most 


emphatically by the oflfer of a land grant if he would 
bring them there to live. 

He died at the age of fifty-seven ; and, judging by the 
age of his father and descendants his death must have been 
greatly hastened by some cause, possibly exposure during 
his trying time^ in the Indian wars. 

Like his father he was ancestor of all the Bartholomews 
of this familv in America. He as well as his father and 
uncle Henry must have been men of rare executive abil- 
ity, which combined with their practical sense and high 
moral and social standard made them in their various 
spheres the eminent men which they undoubtedly were. 

Few men have proved more worthy of being re- 
membered and revered by their descendants. 

Children of William and Mary (Johnson) Bartholomew 
were : 

8 i Isaac^ , b. 1 Nov., 1664; d. 26 Oct., 1727. 

ii Willlara , b. 16 Oct., 1666 ; bapt. 21 Oct., 1666. He was 

In Woodstock with his father, receiving several grants of 
land there. Joined the church in Branford In 1692, and 
died before 1697, without issue, as inferred from his 
father's will. His Woodstock property was inherited by 
his brothers. 

lii Mary , b. 26 Oct., 1668; bapt. 1 Nov., 1668; d. be- 

fore 1697, leaving no children, as inferred from her father's 

9 iv Andrew , b. 11 Dec, 1670; d. about 1765. 

y Abigail , b. 8 Dec, 1672; m. 1st, 11 Jan., 1691-2, 

(fourth marriage entry on the record), in Woodstock, 
Joseph Frizzel of Woodstock (son of James F. of Kox- 
bury) who dying, 13 May, 1704, she m. 2nd, in 1709,* 
Samuel^ Paine (Stephen*, Stephen'). She d. In W. 16 
Jan., 1732, ajt. GO. Sam'l Paine d. 11 May, 1735. She 
was stolen by the Indians. (See sketch of her father.) 

•No date 18 mentionetl in the rerorcU, but the following notice i»ofito(l on tho 
town p«»bt Mipplies the oniU.'.ion in n measure: •'17ob-i) Juu'y Itj Samuel Tuiue 
And Abigail Fribeel both of Woodstock iuteud marriage.' 



1 John* Frizzel, b. 2 Sept., 1692. 

2 Sarah Frizzel, b. 31 Jan., 1698-4. 

3 Abigail Frizzel, b. 23 Oct., 1696. 

4 Hannah Frizzel, b. 18 Oct., 1697. 

5 Joseph Frizzel, b. 3 Oct., 1699. 

6 Ebenezer Frizzel, d. 9 Nov., 1706. 

7 Benjamin Frizzel, m. 9 March, 1732, H. Abbott ; 2d, Naomi 


8 Mary Frizzel. 

9 Rebecca Paine, bapt. 16 July, 1710 ; m. 4 July, 1744, D. 

10 Ebenezer Paine, bapt. 16 Oct., 1711; m. Mary Grosvinor 
29 March, 1789. 
vl Elizabeth , b. 16 Mar., 1674-6 : bapt. 1 Mar., 1676 : m. 21 
Nov., 1699, In Woodstock, Edmund Chamberlain of W. 

10 vii Benjamin , b. about 1677, probably In Hatfield. 

11 vlll John , b. about 1679. 

12 Ix Joseph , b. about 1682 In Branford. 

7 Henrys ( Henry y^ William, John) baptized 10 May. 


JTLOUr- (1697.) 

1656; married Katherine,* daughter of Edward and 
Abigail (widow of Robert Button, and daughter of AHce 
Vermais) Hutchinson, and granddaughter of the noted 
Mrs. Anne Hutchinson (before noticed) ; and died in 

Mr. Bartholomew was for many years an " iron-monger^ 
in Boston, where he was made freeman in Oct., 1681; 
the same year he was in his brother-in-law, Capt. Hutchin- 
son's company. At death he left a will which is only of in- 
terest as showing his characteristics. He seems to have 

• Uet* brother Edw^ Hutchineon, In his will, dated 21 May, 1692, mentions sister 
Bartholomew, wire of Henry Bartholomew of Salem, and half sister Abigail Dad- 
son, Who married (1) Joa. Dudson; (2) 16 Nov., 1698, Barnabas Lathrop. 


been much of a gentleman and a Christian. He adopted 
E[atherine Walker, daughter of his wife's sister Hannah, 
who married Peter Walker. 

Mrs. Katherine was born 13 Feb., 1653 ; and married, 
second, 30 Oct., 1699, ''Capt. Richard Jeanverin" (town 
record), but his name is afterwards spelled Chamberlain 
as shown by the following copy of a deed dated 16 Feb., 
1703-4. "Cath** Chamberlain of Salem &c. being fully 
impowered and authorized thereunto by my present hus- 
band Mr Chamberlain of Jersey in ye countie of Hamp- 
shier in ye kingdom of England, mariner, — convey to 
Abraham Pierse of Salem, husbandman, all that my right 
of dower which I had as I was y^ wife and afterwards ye 
relict of Henry Bartholomew late of Salem dec'd of and 
unto one half of y^ farm or tenement where s'd Pearse 
now dwelleth scituate in Sulem aforesaid, sometimes 
known by y* name of "James Farme" viz. that halfe 
which was formerly mortgaged by my said late husband 
Henry Bartholomew unto Thomas Scudder of Boston.'* 

Following is a copy of his will, taken from the Essex 
County Probate Records: Vol. VI, p. 52. 

"I, Henry Bartholomew of Salem, in New England, 
considering y*' frailty and uncertainty of ray life knowing 
that my * are in God's hands and that he will assur- 

edly bring me vnto Death and y® house appointed for all 
lining for w*** Grate change 1 desire to be found prepared 
and waiteing: Have therefore (in y* time of my life and 
whilst my Reason and Understanding is continued unto 
me) made and ordained this my last Will and Testament, 
for setling and Disposing of my personall estate and affairs 
of this life, that I may not then be encumbred thereto*^ 
and haue nothing further to Doe in this World, but in 

*Omi8^ioIl in record or will. 


faith and hope willing to Resigne my soul to God in Jesus 
Christ, y* Father of mercies and leave my body to be 
buried as God in his Wisdome and Good Pleasure shall 
Direct and Appoint, reuoaking and making voide all former 
writings of this Nature, &c. 

Imp". I will that soon after my Decease a Just, and 
full Inventory be taken, made of all my * I shall leave, 
and although it lays under Incumbrances — all of it — 
yett that which is moueable, I Desire to have itt Disposed 
of for y* making of my fiarme clear from all Mortgages and 
Encumbrances of all and euery kind whatsoever. 

Item : — When matters shall be settled as aboue ex- 
pressed, I giue and bequeath one full tenth part of my 
whole clear Estate whatsoeuer to be paid Into y* hands of 
y* Elders and Deans of y* First Church of Christ in Bos- 
ton in said New England for y® time being, whereof I am 
an unworthy member, or y* Just value thereof for y* sup- 
per of or lord Christ, and Relief of poor prsons that 
Doe or may belong to said Church to be Disposed at y^ 
Discretion of them or their successors, from time to time 
in those offices. 

Item : If it pleases y* Eternall God that I dye without 
Isue, then I leaue y* Remainder of my Estate Whatsoeuer 
and Wheresoeuer for y* support and use of Katherine 
Bartholomew, my beloved wife, glueing her the use and 
Improuem^ of y^ same, and if my said wife be Nessesety 
to sell lands w*** y* Approbation and Consent of my Ouer- 
seers hereafter mentioned then she may sell and Dispose 
of any and all lands to me belonging in my life time 
either in posestion or Reuertion by Purchase heirship or 
that is Due to me as a Creditor to be to her use and 
benefit foreuer, and after my Death, if my said wife dye 

* The word estate evideDtly omitted in the copy by the recorder. Original will 
missing fh>m the files. 


without a Will and noe Isue of mine and her begotten 
whilst we lived together as before ezprased or Intended 
to express for my Estate is to Bemdn to my heir or heirs, 
if any begotten by me, but if otherwise, then what Bemains 
of my said Estate not Disposed of by my said wife or her 
written Will or Oift before two or three Witnesses at least 
p*"^ of Grood Esteemation, then I appoint one third part 
of said Estate to be to or Adopted Daughter Elatherine 
Bartholmew alias Elatherine Walker, y* other two thirds 
of said Estate to Brother Hutchinson's children and sister 
Dudson's children, a third to each family, and if my wife 
Dye before me, my Will is, if I haue no Isue at y* day of 
my Death then I giue y* tenth part of my Estate as 
aboue expressed, y* remainder of my Estate I give in thirds 
as aboue expressed and after y^ death of y* said Heirs or 
any of them, y* part of y^ Heir or Heirs dyeing before of 
age by law to Poses y* Giuen premises y^ part or parts 
•oe provufeiUiatt obs/ructed * shall nextly be for 

y* use and benifitt of y^ aforementioned Church of Christ 
in said Boston and be comitted to y* bands of y* afores^ 
Officers of said Church now standing in y® northerly side 
of y* house sometimes belonging to Cap^^ Dauis : and 
Giuen for y* aforesaid use forever. — 

Item: — I doe nominate Constitute and Appoint my 
said Beloved Wife Katharine Bartholmew to be my only 
Executor alias Executrix, and if she shall chuse rather to 
Administer she is by this Will soe appointed w^out any 
p**** Annexed in this matter, excepting for Advice and 
Consent as before she is hereby oblidged to y^ Ouerseers 
in this my last Will hereafter sudenly^ to he mentioned, 
to prevent after mistakes I say y* tenth aboue expressed 

• Mr. Poor of Satom, who revised the Indexes of these Becords (Old Series) 
coDcare with Henry Dutch Lord, Esq., in this rendering. 

t A qoAlnt ezpreeslon for toon to be mentioned : meaning the ** Overseen.*' 


I Beally and Hartily declare itt to be my Will that 
whether I have a child or children more or less Some or 
None y^ said tenth part of my Estate w^in mentioned 
shall be for y* w^'^in mentioned Church for the w^'^in men- 
tioned uses and y® after provised Gift to said Church to 
be according to my within Declaration in Case I Dye 
without heir or heirs and my wife make noe Will and y^ 
Legatee or Legatees also Dye before age. 

Item : — I Doe Bequest and Desire my much Respected 
and Good friends Brother Elisha Hutchinson w^in men- 
tioned, Maj'^ Pen Townsend and Decon Joseph Bridgham 
all of y* within mentioned church to supply y* place of 
Ouerseers. Intreating their Inspection and Advice and 
Council to y* Due Execution thereof. In witness that this 
is my Will I haue hereunto Put my hand and seal y* 
Twenty-fifth Day of September One thousand six hundred 
and Ninety-four. 

Henry Bartholmew (& a Seal)" 
Signed Sealed Published 
by Henry Bartholmew to be 
his last Will and Testam^" 

tt jjj pnence ^f 

Simon Williard ^ 
Joseph Ome > 
Petter Osgood j 

Proved December 22, ♦ 1698. 

Attest John Higginson Beg^." 

Katherine Bartholomew Sole Administratrix. 

December 22, 1698. 

John Higginson, Begr. Jonathan Corwin, 


* Badly written in Becord«i prob. 22^. 


On Aug. 1, 1700, Katherine Bartholomew, wid^ of 
Henry Bartholomew of Salem, Mass., and sole executrix 
of his will, declares the estate ^ Insolvent." The creditors 
of the est. were : 

C!ol. Elisha Hutchinson of Boston 25 13 
Capt. Samuel Sewall of Boston 31 5 7 

Maj. William Browne, Esq. 00 6 3 

Mr. William Hirt 03 14 7 

Mrs. Abigail Dudson, alias Lowthrop 40 00 00 
Est. of Mr. Timothy Lindall, dec'd 1 13 2 

102 12 7 

Among items : 

•* due £503 from Est. of Henry Bartholomew ■•» ." 

mentions, half farm in Salem in the possession of and 
improvement of Abraham Pearse, mortgaged to Thomas 
Scudder, as per his deed, £60. 

One quarter of said farm mortgaged to Mrs. Abigail 
Dudson .... £30. 

To ten pounds money he paid towards the purchase of 
the other J part, and is to have a deed of conveyance, on 
paym* of £20 more to Ju? Pilgrim's children . . . £10. 

Names items of personal property leased to Abigail 
Dudson for £40 in money, &c. 

Mar. 3, 1701-2. "Maj. John Pilgrim of Barbadoes, 
W. I.," is mentioned as a "debtor." 

Their only child was : 

I Ileury', b. 1G93; d. before 1698. 


8 Isaao^ ( William,^ William,^ William) ^ bom 1 Nov., 

Cy^ (1724.) 

1664, in Roxbury, Mass. ; married about 1694, Rebecca 
Frisbie ;* daughter of John* (Edward^) and Ruth (Bow- 
ers) Frifibie; born in Branford, 14 Nov., 1679; died in 
North Branford, 18 May, 1738. Her age according to 
the gravestone, which is poorly marked, is ''60" or ''62,*' 
but both would be wrong; her husband, Isaac Bartholo- 
mew's, standing adjoining hers, has his age also wrong. 
He died in North Bi-anford 25 Oct., 1727. 

"Mr. Isaac Bartholomew," as he is mentioned in the 
records, accompanied his father to Woodstock in 1687, 
where he apparently remained until 1693 or later, but was 
in Branford in 1697. He returned to Woodstock and con- 
tinued there until about 1703 when he returned again to 
Branford and remained. 

He received a number of grants of land in both Bran- 
ford and Woodstock. The latter portion of his life he 
resided on "Stony river," now called "Farm river," near 
the line of Branford and East Haven. 

In 1704, he represented Wm. Hoadley in the settlement 
of a land trouble. He joined the church in Branford 31 
Mar., 1725. 

His estate was probated 6 Nov., 1727. Mention is 
made of widow Rebecca ; children, William, Mary, Isaac, 
Rebecca, Elizabeth, Abraham (sat. 19), Josiah (sat. 17), 

* Reasons for thinking her the wife of Isaac Bartholomew are, the fdxX that she 
was the only Rebecca known to have been living in Branford wiio could have mar- 
ried him, that her children were named fW>m her brothers and sisters, that her 
brother was their guardian after her husband's death, and that every other fact 
known agrees; still this may possibly be wrong. 


Abigail (eet. 15), Freelove (eet. 10), and Jerusha (8Bt. 4). 
Lieut. John Granniss, Edward Frisbie and Ebenezer Fris- 
bie made the appraisement which mentions large bodies of 
land in Woodstock and Branford and homesteads in each 
place and in North Haven. 

His and his wife's gravestones stand in the small ceme- 
tery near the church in North Branford. 

He was the father of one of the largest branches of the 
family, a practical and successful farmer, and a highly 
respected citizen. On Mrs. Rebecca's estate, administra- 
tion was granted to her son Isaac, 4 July, 1738. 

Children of Isaac and Bebecca (Frisbie) Bartholomew 

13 i WUliam«, b. ab. 1695 ; was living in 1765 in Litchfield. 

ii Mary, b. ab. 1697 ; m. before 1787, in B., Benjamin Barnes 
of East Hampton, L. I. Resided in New Haven. 

14 iii Isaac, b. 18 Nov., 1699; d. 25 Aag., 1750. 

iv Bebecca, b. 18 Apr., 1702 ; m. before 1787, Abel son of Daniel 
Collins, of New Haven, Conn. Resided in N. H. 

1 Mercy* Collins, m. Bordell Hughes. 

2 llepzibach Collins, b. U July, 1748 ; m. 1764, Sam'l Barnes. 
8 Abigail Collins, b. 15 Aug., 1744; m. 1764, Joel Barnes. 

V Elizabeth, b. 12 Apr., 1704; m. 16 Nov., 1782, in B., "Nathan- 
iel Barns 3* of Branford." Resided in Plymouth, Ct. 
1 Elizabeth Barns, b. 31 Aug., 1733. 
vl Ebenezer, b. 10 June, 1706; probably d. before 1727, as he is 
not mentioned among the heirs to his father's estate. 
16 vii Abraham, b. 28 June, 1708; d. in Farmington, Ct. 
16 viii Josiah, b. 18 Jan., 1710-1 ; d. 12 Feb., 1777. 

ix Abigail, m. 14 Nov., 1729, in B., William Rogers, of New 

X Freelove, m. 14 Nov., 1741, In B., Abel Curtlss. 
xl Jerusha, b. 18 Jan., 1722-3; m. 20 Oct., 1742, in B., Dan- 
iel* Finch (DanM« Nath*P) of New Haven. 

1 Gideon* Finch, b. 8 Oct., 1743. 

2 Bebecca Finch, b. 27 Feb., 1746. 


9 Andrew^ {William ^^ William ^^ William) y baptized 

of^^ Qo^^^rr^^ (17340, 

in Roxbury, 11 Dec, 1670 ; married about 1698, Hannah 
daughter of Samuel Frisbie, of Brauford ; and died be- 
tween 1752 and 1755- She died 2 Feb., 1741. 

Mr. Bartholomew managed his father's mills in Branford 
after his removal to Woodstock and after his father's death 
owned and operated them in company with his brother 

This partnership continued until 11 Jan., 1711-2 when 
they divided the properties ; Andrew turning his atten- 
tion principally to farming, purchasing large quantities of 
real estate in Branford, Wallingford and adjoining towns. 

He removed to Wallingford before 1729 and continued 
there the remainder of his life. He was a prominent man 
in Branford and frequently called upon to sustain its 
trusts. They joined the Brauford church, she in 1700 and 
he in 1701. Children: 

17 I Wmiam*, b. 2 Feb., 1699; d. about 1734. 
11 Sasannah, b. 4 Feb., 1701-2, in Branford. 

lil Hannah, b. 17 Ang., 1704; m. 19 Nov., 1724, Joseph Bar- 
ker of Branford. 

18 Iv Samael, b. 12 Sept., 1706; d. in 1795, set. 89. 

19 V Daniel, b. 16 Oct., 1708; d. 26 Oct., 1777, in 70th year, 
vi Rebeccah, b. 28 Mar., 1712; m. 19 Oct., 1732 in B., Peter 

Hall' (Thos.«, John») ; d. 31 Oct., 1791, set. 89. He d. 26 
Sept., 1798, set. 90. 

1 Susannah^ Hall, b. 16 Feb., 1788. 

2 HeU Hall, b. 6 May, 1786; d. 7 Sept., 1807, set. 78. 
8 AbigaU Hall, b. 18 May, 1787. 

4 Rebecca Hall, b. 8 July, 1740. 

5 Eunice Hall, b. 8 Nov., 1742. 

6 Josiah Hall, b. 8 July, 1748. 

7 Peter Hall, b. 7 June, 1748; d. 26 Sept., 1832, set. 86. 

8 Andrew Hall, b. 16 Sept., 1760. 

9 Anna Hall, b. 80 Mar., 1768. 


10 Kesiah Hall, b. 16 Jane, 1755. 

11 Lola HaU, b. 26 Sept., 1757. 

50 Til Andrew, b. 7 Nov., 1714; d. 6 Mar., 1776. 

51 viU Timothy, b. 28 Feb., 1716-7; d. 27 Apr., 1749. 
SS is Joaeph, b. 6 Bfay, 1721 ; d. 27 Oct., 1781. 
S8 X John, b. 8 Feb., 1728-4; d. abdot 1777. 

xi Martha. 

10 Benjamin' (TFiSuxm', Wittiam\ WiUiam) jhom 


probably in Hatfield, Mass., in 1677; married 26 Oct., 
1713, iu Branford, Phebe Baldwin ; died in B., in spring 
1749, aet. 72-3. 

She was daughter of George and Deborah (Rose) Bald- 
win, of B., and granddaughter of John and Mary (Bruer) 
Baldwin, of Stapleford, Eng. She was born in B., 7 
Not., 1692, joined the church the 26 Dec, 1760 and died 
the same day. 

Benjamin Bartholomew previous to tlie age of thirty-five 
was iu partnership with his brotlier Andrew in the mill 
business left them by their father. 

He joined the Branford church in 1715 ; was made free- 
man 29 Apr., 1735, and remained in B. all his life, 
spending the latter portion cultivating his hirge farm. 

His will dated 30 Mar., 1748, proved 5 Apr., 1749, 
mentions loving wife Phebe, sons, Benjamin and Joseph, 
daughters, Mary, wife of Abijah Hobart; Phebe, Rachel 
and Lydia and a negro man (his slave). Wife Phebe and 
son Benjamin executors. Children : 

i Mary,* b. 17 Sept., 1714; m. 16 Nov., 1782, AbUah Ho- 
bart, of New London. They resided in Branford. 
1 Rebecca* Hobart, b. 28 Feb., 1733-4. 
11 Qideon, b. 25 Sept., 1716; proh. d. without Issue before 
his father made his will In 1748. 




ill Fhebe, b. 15 Oct., 1718 ; in. 5 Mar., 1741, Mieah M. Palmer, 
jr., of B. 

Iv Abiier, b. 1 Feb., 1720-1 ; probably d. before 1748. 

V Rachel, b. 81 Aug., 1728 ; m. 4 Aug., 1742, Sam*l Frisbie, of 
B., and d. 8 Apr., 1793; he died in Martinico, West In- 
dies, 24 Apr., 1760, of small pox. 

1 Samuel* Frisbie, b. 26 Jan., 1747; m. 28 Mar., 1768. 

Eliz'h Tyler, d. 20 Feb., 1814. (1) Lydia« Frlsble, b. 28 
Nov., 1768; m. 15 Apr., 1788, Ezekiel Butler; with son 
£zel(iel (f. of Mrs. £. B. Hinkley) moved to Hudson, 
N. Y. (2) Rebekah Frisbie, b. 5 June, 1770; m. Malachl 
Linsley. (8) Samuel Frisbie, b. 15 June, 1774 ; m. 26 
Mar., 1797, Irene Baldwin, dau. Ellz*h,m. Ell T. Rogers, 
of B. (4) Judah Frlsble, b. 22 Sept., 1775; d. 12 Sept., 
1795. (5) Martha Frisbie, b. 28 Dec, 1779; m. Jonathan 

2 Rebecca Frlsble, b. 1748, m. Baldwin, d. 8 Sept., 

1810; one son, Ambrus, died young. 

8 Isaac Frisbie, 

4 Judah Frlsble, 

6 Feb., 1769. 

5 Hannah Frisbie, 

6 Phoube Frisbie, 

7 Mercy Frisbie, 

d. on English prison ship. May, 1780. 
b. 28 Feb., 1752; killed by falling tree, 

m. Harrison ; dau. Hannah, d. y. 

b. 1758. 

m. Thos. Norton, res. Utica, N. Y., 
and Hartford, Ct. 
8 Culpepper Frisbie, b. posthumous, moved to Southington ; 
m. 1st, Thankful Moss, 2ud, Mrs. Anna Bartholomew who 
d. in 1834 In her 54th year. Was a prominent man in S. 
(See History of Southington for record of descendants.) 
Lydla, b. 8 Sept., 1725; m. 18 June, 1852, Dan'l Rogers, 
of B. 
24 vll Benjamin, b. 1 Feb., 1728; d. in B. in fall of 1801. 
ylii Joseph, b. 26 Sept., 1731; d. 4 June, 1821, set. 90. 


He was a wealthy farmer in Branford, never married. 
Took oath of fidelity 15 Jan., 1780. His will dated 29 
Sept., 1816, proved 14 June, 1821, mentions among others, 
the following bequests ; many of the beneficiaries were 
relatives and others only friends : 


To Helm of Rebecca Rogers 9100 each. 

Mason Hobart, his note. 

Samael Hobart, 1 acre and 9180. 

Alexander Baldwin, $160. 

Jacob Palmer and heirs, H acres of Black Meadow and 9150. 
To Heirs of sister Abigail Palmer, #50 each. 

RnfDs Palmer and heirs, 7 acres at the gaeech. 

Edward Baldwin, #100. 

Saml Frisbie, 74 acres. 

Ljrdia, Rebecca and Martha, $40 each. 

Ame Harrison and each of his sisters, Christey, Hester, Hannah, 
Catey and Lidla, $25. 
To poor Rachel Frisbie, #50. 

Phebe Beach and heirs, #150. 

Ichabod C. Frisbie and heirs, #150. 

Loralne Palmer, #100. 

Phebe Lamphnrs, #150. 

Anne Tyler and Lidia Rogers and heirs, his house, bam and 

Daniel Rogers, #100. 

Manday Rogers, #50. 

Wid. Rachel Tyler, east side of Hoadley lot. 

Beqjamin Bartholomew, #850. 
To sisters Wealthy, Sally, Betsy and Polly, #50 each. 

11 Jotan^ ( William,^ William,^ William) , born proba- 

y<^^^ fiar^/^o^oryiA (i705.) 

bly in Branford in 1679 ; married, first, in Woodstock, 28 
Jan., 1702-3, Elizabeth, daughter of Deacon Edward* 
Morris (Edward^) and his wife Elizabeth, daughter of 
Henry Bowen (by his wife Elizabeth, daughter of Captain 
Isaac Johnson of Roxbury). She died 12 Mar., 1703-4. 
He married, second, in Branford, Mary '*(Mercy)" 
widow of Ebenezer Frisbie of Branford. She dying in 
B. 11 Dec, 1732, he married, third, in Woodstock, 2 
Jan., 1738-9, Hannah, daughter of John Abbott and 
widow of Daniel Abbott; and died between the 16 Apr., 
and 2 July, 1753, set. 74. 


John Bartholomew remained in Woodstock until after 
his first wife's death, where the land records frequently 
mention him. 

In 1715 he was made a freeman in Branford where he 
had previously married his second wife. After her death 
he returned to Woodstock, taking letter from the Bran- 
ford church by which he was admitted to the church in W. 
6 Nov., 1738. 

He was a farmer and late in life a weaver. In Mar., 
1745, he was made tithing man. 

Shortly before his death ho made a division of his prop- 
erty by a deed dated, 16 Apr., 1753, endorsements on 
which, made 2 Jilly following, mention his being deceased. 
It mentions wife Hannah "(for her Care and Trouble for 
looking after me)" son Enos, Enos' son John and daughter 
Mary, his daughters Elizabeth (wife of Joseph Darin) 
and Sarah wife of Nathan^ Manmon ; and to his wife's 
daughter Sarah Abbott, "whatever I have belonging to the 
weaving trade." It is possible that he had obtained 
the same through his marriage with her mother. 

Children : 

26 i Enos*, m. 16 Dec, 1736 ; d. in 1797 In W. 

11 Elizabeth, b. 13 Oct., 1715; m. 14 Dec, 1738, Joseph Darin; 
d. before 8 Feb., 1743-4, when he m. again. Kesidence, 
Litchfield, Ct. 

1 Aramna" Darin (son), b. 9 Jan., 1739-40. 

2 Uzziel Darin (sou), b. 30 Nov., 1741. 

ill John, b. 4 June, 1717; a John Bartholomew m. in W., 

28 Oct., 1738, Haunah dau. William and Hannah Abbott 
who was b. 6 Apr., 1701; "and went west." A John 
Bartholomew was in Capt. Doan's company, Brig. Genl 
Waldo*s regiment of foot raised for an expedition against 
Canada, in 1746, enlisting Aug 5. He probably d. before 
1753, leaving no children, or his father would have men- 
tioned him or his heirs in the division. 

iv Sarah, m. 3 Aug., 1741, in W., Nathaniel Mcrrlman, ot 


12 Joseph' ( WiUiam,^ William,^ WiUiam) , born in 
Branford aboat 1682; married 12 Nov., 1713, Elizabeth, 
daughter of Nathaniel Sanger of Woodstock. 

He was a farmer of Woodstock. 

They both died on the same day and have a double 
gravestone inscribed as follows : 

Here lies Buried y* Here lies Buried y* 

Body of Joseph Bartho- Body of Elizabeth 

lomew aged 42 years. his wife aged 35 years. 

They both died Oct. y« 15, 1724. 

This stone adjoins the one supposed* to designate Lieut. 
Wm. Bartholomew's grave. 

Guardians were appointed that year for his children, 
Samuel, Joseph, Jedidiah, Mary, John and Benjamin. 

They are also mentioned as scholars at Thaddeus Ma- 
son's school in Woodstock, between 1729 and 1739. 

On ]^Iay 23, 1742, Samuel was made guardian of his 
brothers and sisters. Children : 

26 I Samuel*, b. 2 Nov., 1714; lived in Saybrook, Ct, 

27 11 Joseph, b. 10 Feb., 1715-6; res. in W. Woodstock. 

Ill Jedidiah, b. 30 Oct.", 1717; 7 Oct., 1746, letters of admin- 
istration were granted in Philadelphia, Pa., **to Joseph 
Spavin on the estate of the late Jedidiah Barthelmay 
dec'd." Among items In the inventory of estate of ** Jedi- 
diah Bartholomew" were ''Dieting & Lodging dec*d 12 
weeks at 8 s. per week 4£." ''Liquors &c expended at his 
funeral 4£. 

Iv Mary, b. 10 Feb., 1718-0. 

T John, b. 15 Mar., 1720-1, may have been the one re- 

ferred to partly Iq items (see p. 76). 

28 vi Benjamin, b. 23 June, 1723; d. 1801. 

13 William^ (Isaac* William,^ William,^) born about 
1695y man'ied in Branford, Mary daughter of Noah Rogers, 
jr., and granddaughter of Noah (and wife Elizabeth Tain- 
tor) Rogers, ho being a grandson of the emigrant Thomas 


Bodgers (said to have been a great grandson of the Rev. 
John Rogers, the famous English martyr). Elizabeth 
Taintor was daughter of Capt. MichaeP Taintor (Charles^) 
who was master of a trader between the colonies, commis- 
sioner, judge, deputy, recorder, selectman, etc. 

Mrs. Mary died before the 19 Jan., 1765, when her 
property was sold by her heirs. 

Mr. Bartholomew purchased property early in both 
Bronford and Wallingford, being designated as " William 
Sr/* to distinguish him from William son of Andrew who 
was called "Jr.," although there was probably not four 
years' difference in their ages. He was made administrator 
of his father's estate in 1727, and in 1739 went to Wood-, 
stock and sold the remaining property his father died 
possessed of there. 

In 1737 he removed temporarily fromBranford to Litch- 
field, where be purchased a grist mill ; returning the same 
year. He removed there permanently in 1740, settling a 
little northeast of Little Mount Tom, adjoining the old 
schoolhouse on the south, where he remained the balance 
of his life. He was a farmer. 

Conveyances of land to and from him, recorded in Litch- 
field, Woodbury and Washington, are numerous. 

He was made a freeman in Branford, 30 April, 1734, and 
is mentioned in a list of freemen in L. in Dec, 1739. 

The last mention found of him is on 12 Jan., 1765, 
when he joined his children in conveying a portion of his 
deceased wife's estate. 

Children of William and Mary (Rogers) Bartholomew 
were : 

i Mary», m. 2 Feb. , 1748-4, Caleb Hurlburt, In Woodbury. 

29 il Lemuel, b. in 1726-7, d. 22 Mar., 1801, set. 74. 

iU Bershcba, m. 81 Jan., 1750, in Wasiiiugton, Ct., Charles 

Smith. Lived in Litchfield until after Dec. 4, 1766, where 


he deeded Lemael Bartholomew a tract of land '* in con- 
sideration of many kindnesses which I have received from 
time to time of my brother Lemuel Bartholomew of Litch- 
field and more especially for his many Gifts to my wife 
soon after I married her by which she was ftirnished for 
housekeeping and also for love, goodwill and fraternal 
afi'ection." They subsequently moved to Washington, Vt. 
He d. in 1804. Their children were : 

1 Charles^ Smith, m. Nabby Clemons ; d. at Hhinebeck, 

N. Y., childless. 

2 Daniel Smith, d. in the Revolutionary army. 

8 David Smith, b. 1753, Rev. soldier. Children : (l)Daniel,7 
(2) Hannah (Calkins), (3) Moses, (4) Maria, res. set. 98 
in Earlville, N. Y., (6) Mary (Mitchell), d. ast. 93, (6) 
Bateman, d. set. 77, (7) Ursula (Mitchell), living, set. 90 in 
Damascus, Pa., (8) Olive (Thorp), living, aet. 85, in Mor- 
ris, Ct., (9) Dotla (Taylor), living, aet. 82, in Hillsdale, 
Mich., (10) Mary A. and (11) Charles Smith, d. set. 76. 

4 Heuben Smith was a physician, lived in Ky. 

5 Charlotte Smith, 1. in Washington, Vt., with her father. 
G Moses Smith, d. set. 21. 

7 Aaron Smith, 1. in Washington, Vt., with his father. 
It Eleazer, is mentioned in the land record of L. ns early as 
1750 and late as 19 Jan., 1765. 8 Aug., 1786, he bought 
land in Washington, Vt., but called "of Partridge Fields" 
(partly of the present town of Peru), Mass. He removed 
to Washington before 1790, and in 1794 he deeds, in consid- 
eration of love and affection, to his nephew Bether his 
farm, etc., in W, and lived with his nephew until his death. 
He had been married but left no issue. Is said to have 
been crippled by a poisoned arrow shot by an Indian. 
30 V Noah, b. in 1731-2; d. 6 Feb., 1813, set. 81. 

14 Isaac^ (Isaac^^ Williamy^ William^^) bom in Wood- 
stock, 18 Nov., 1699; married 26 May, 1732, Martha 
Banies of East Hamptou, L. I. 

He was made a freeman in Branford, 24 April, 1733. 

Was a physician practising in Branford until after 1737, 
in Wallingford as late as 1747 and in Cheshire for a few 
years preceding his death, which occurred on the 25 Aug., 


1750, in C where his peculiarly inscribed gravestone 
still stands. 

His will dated 3 Aug., 1750, proved 28 Sept., 1750, 
mentions wife Martha, five daughters, Bebecca, Martha, 
Sarah, Eunice, and Lydia, and sons, Isaac and Daniel ; 
and makes Bela Hitchcock executor. 

As Isaac, jr., died the 13 Oct. following, the estate was 
divided among the balance ; Daniel receiving the real 
estate. Mrs. Martha moved to Branford. 

Children of Isaac and Martha (Barnes) Bartholomew 
were : 

i Isaac,* b. 28 Mar., 1734; d. 13 Oct., 1750. 
11 Rebeccah, b. 1 Aug., 1736; was living, unm. in 1757. 
iil Martha, b. 20 July, 1738; m. David Duttou of Waterbury. 
iv Sarah, b. 28 Dec, 1740; m. 30 Aug., 17G4, Timothy 
Pond of Waterbury. Their children were : 

1 Eunice® Pond, b. 28 Sept., 1762; never married. 

2 Jerusha Pond, b. 4 Feb., 1765. 

3 Lydia Pond, b. 29 Apr., 1767. 

4 Ada Pond, b. 7 Apr., 1770. 

5 Isaac Pond, b. 2 Apr., 1772. 

6 Lowell Pond, b. 20 Oct., 1774. 

7 Dill Pond, b. 1 Sept., 1778. 
V Eunice, b. 26 Dec, 1742. 

vi Lydia, was res. in Waterbury unmarried in 1770. 

31 vil Daniel, b. 16 June, 1746; d. 23 Sept., 1805. 

15 Abraham^ (Isaac,^ William,^ William,^) born in 
Branford, 28 June, 1708 ; married, first, in B., 18 June, 
1730, Hannah daugliter of Daniel Page (and wife Hannah 
Johnson) and granddaughter of George Page (and wife 
Sarah Linsley). The hitter was born in England but 
settled in Branford before 1663. 

Hannah Johnson was daughter of Nathaniel Johnson, 
merchant of Branford, and granddaughter of Capt. Isaac 
Johnson of Roxbury. 


Sarah Linsley's father, John Liusley, emigrated from 
Sussex Co., Eng., in 1639, with his brother Francis and 
the Non-conformists, of which Rev. Henry Whitfield was 
the leader, settling in Guilford. 

Mrs. Hannah Bartholomew died before 25 Oct., 1770, 
when a wife Deborah joins him in a conveyance of land. 

After his death widow Deborah Bartholomew married 
9 Apr., 1778, at Farmington, Ichabod Stark. 

Mr. Bartholomew was an extensive farmer in Branford 
where he remained until he was forty-six years of age, 
and his children were all born. 

He was made freeman there, 29 Apr. , 1740, but had been 
elected to several positions of trust before that event. In 
1754 he made several large purchases of land in Farming- 
ton, Ct., the consideration in one of them with improve- 
ments being £3000. These improvements, which he 
moved into before May 23 of that year, were situated 
about one mile east of what is now called Burlington 
Centre, where an old cellar still remains to mark his first 
al>ode in that section. Later he moved several miles south 
to the house long known as " Bar-tle-my Tavern " which was 
situated on the east side of the present road from Bristol 
to Burlington Centre, on the brow of the hill just south of 
the line which now separates the two towns ; the said two 
towns being then the parish of New Cambridge in the 
town of Farmington. 

This house has also disappeared and nothing now marks 
the place but the old well, cherry trees and an ancient but 
scrubby oak tree on the opposite side of the roadway. It 
was the home of several generations of large families and 
many descendants still live within a mile or two of it. 

There he kept the first tavern in that section, includ- 
ing a frontier stock of merchandise. Tliero tlio first town 
elections of Bristol (which then included Burlington) 



were held, his son Jacob being the town's first treasurer 
and collector. 

The ancient oak mentioned was looked upon as ex- 
tremely old one hundred years ago, when Asa Bartholo- 
mew, then a boy of six, was permitted to pull the trigger 
and shoot a bullet into it from one of his elder brothers' 
muskets which had been loaded in a fight with the British 
at New London ; when nearly ninety years of age he told 
the writer that the tree had apparently grown young in the 

Mr. Abraham Bartholomew was a large land owner and 
wielded a strong local influence. 

A red sandstone slab in the old North Cemetery in Bris- 
tol is inscribed to his memory. Children : 

i Hannah,* b. 9 May, 1781 ; m. EUha Smith of F. 
82 U Abraham, b. 28 Jan., 1782-^; d. in 1776. 
88 iU Jacob, b. 9 Jan., 1786-7; d. 29 Oct., 1805. 

!▼ Lydia, b. 18 Feb., 1788-9; m. 29 Apr., 1761, Joseph Hef- 

ford of F. 
V Mary, b. 19 July, 1741. 

34 Ti John, b. 15 Apr., 1744; d. in 1776. 

▼U Thanknil, b. 24 Mar., 1745; m. 21 Sept., 1769, Ellsha BeU 
(John) of Southlngton, later of Granby, Ct., and of 
Nicholson, LazemeCo., Pa. 

1 Rachel Bell, b. 8 June, 1770. 

2 Margaretta Bell, b. 2 June, 1772. 
8 LuthenaBell, b. 11 Feb., 1775. 

4 Elias Bell, bap. 25 Mar., 1782. 

5 Rath Bell, bap. 11 June, 1786. 

6 Rollin Bell, bap. 2 July, 1786. 
viii Patience, b. 19 May, 1748. 

16 Josiah^ (IsaaCf* WilUam^^ Williamy^) bom in Bran- 
ford 18 Jan., 1710-1 ; married, first, in B. 10 June, 1740, 


Lydia Hamngton, who died 6 Oct., 1751, set. 36. He 
married, second, 9 Apr,, 1752, "widow Phebe Munson," 
and died in Litchfield 12 Feb., 1777. 

Mrs. Phebe was at the time of her marriage the mother 
of five children : viz. Margaret (m. Daniel Maltby), John, 

Thomas, Hannah (m. Henry), and Caleb Mun- 

son. She joined the church at Lee, Mass., 21 Sept., 1683, 
and died in Goshen, Ct., 25 Sept., 1799, set. 80. 

Mr. Bartholomew was made a freeman in Branford in 
Apr. , 1742. Was a farmer and tavern keeper. He bought 
land m Litchfield, Conn., as early as 1735, and from that 
time until his death was continually making land purchases 
in the northwestern towns of the state. 

His home remained in Branford until about 1768 when 
he removed to Goshen, in the southwest portion of which 
he owned extensive tracts of land. His first house there 
stood near the Daniel Beach place ; his second, a log house, 
was about one-half mile north of Mr. C. P. Wheeler's 
house at the turn of the road. Late in life he became 
somewhat embarrassed pecuniarily, "although entirely sol- 
vent" and died ''on the limits of Litchfield Jail where he 
was confined on account of an unjust claim of debt." His 
will presented to the Probate Court of Litchfield, 19 July, 
1777, was declared null and void. Children : 

, i Sarah,* b. 4 Apr., 1742 or 8; m. 28 June, 1761, David Tyler. 
They lived on School Hill, in Ooshen. She found an Ind- 
ian papoose. 
36 II Samuel, b. 12 May, 1745; d. 17 Dec, 1827, set. 83. 

iii Lydia, b. 18 Aug., 1748; m. 8 Dec, 1769, Jonathan Maltby. 

36 Iv Josiah, b. 7 Apr., 1761; d. 12 Feb., 1777. 

37 ▼ Isaac, b. about 1758; d. about 1840, '*8Bt. 89.*' 

38 vi Moses, b. 8 Sept., 1755; d. 11 Feb., 1839, SBt. 83. 

39 vil Oliver, b. 20 Oct., 1757; d. 18 June, 1860, set. 92. 

viU Phebe, b. 81 Jan., 1760; bap. July, 1783; m. in Lee, Ell 

40 ix Jesse, b. 16 May, 1763; d. 24 June, 1846, rot. 83. 


17 WiUiam^ {Andrewy^ Wtttiam,^ WtUiam,^) born in 
Branford S Feb., 1699 ; married in New Haven, S5 Jan., 
1721-2, Abigail daughter of Gk>r8ham Brown of New 
Haven. She dying, he married, second, 7 Dec., 1726, 
widow Hannah Williams of Wallingford, and died 7 Sept., 
1734. Mrs. Hannah married, third, 15 Apr., 1736, Isaac 
Ingraham of Branford and had Mary, Sybil, Isaac and 
Elizabeth Ingraham. She died before the 21 Jan., 1788. 

William Bartholomew lived in Northford, Ct., and was a 
fiumer. He purchased land in Wallingford in 1734 as 
William Bartholomew, jr., of Branford. 

His estate was admitted to probate 6 Mar., 1734-5; 
heirs, widow Hannah and children Gbrsham, Abigail, Seth, 
Levi and Susannah, his father being made guardian for 
his children Gbrsham and Susannah. On tiie 21 Jan., 
1788, Jonathan Bartholomew, as next of kin, applied for 
administration on the dower of the widow, which was 
divided, two shards to the heirs of Gorsham and one each 
to Abigail Hotchkiss, Seth Bartholomew, Susannah Har- 
rison, and heirs of Levi Bartholomew (the latter had been 
sold by Levi to his step-father the 31 Mar., 1755). 

Children : 

41 1 Gorebam,* b. 1 Dec, 1722; d. 11 Jan., 1764. 

U Abigail, b. 23 Jan. 1724-^6; m. 8 Dec, 1741, Josiah Hotch- 
kiss in B. They were living in Cheshire, Ct., in 1791. 

42 Ui Seth, b. 6 Mar., 1729-^; d. 5 July, 1796. 
48 \Y Leri, b. 11 Jan., 1731-2; d. before 1788. 

▼ Susannah, b. 11 Apr., 1784; m. 16 Mar., 1755, Stephen Har- 
rison. They removed flrom Branford to Westfleld, Mass., 
where they res. in 1791. 

1 Sarah* Harrison, b. 24 Mar., 1756. 

2 Hannah Harrison, b. 24 July, 1758. 

18 Samuel^ (Andrew,^ William,'^ William^), born 12 


Sept., 1706; married Sarah , who died 8 Dec, 

1754, 8Bt. 40, leaving no children. He married, second, 
Hannah Frisbie, who died (suicide) 10 Aug., 1769, »t. 
53, leaving him two sous. He married, third, before 
1780, Martha Hart and died in 1795, in the 90th year of 
his age. 

Mr. Samuel Bartholomew owned numerous tracts of 
land in Branford, Wallingford, Waterbury and other 
towns. His residence was in Branford except temporarily 
at Waterbury about 1753 and 1758. He was made a free- 
man in Branford in 1742. 

The house he lived in before 1746 and the balance of 
his life, and which may have been built by his father, is a 
portion of the present residence of Mr. Francis C. Bar- 
tholomew, president of the William Bartholomew Asso- 
ciation, and is situated in Northford which was formerly 
a parish of Branford. 

His wilK dated 25 Sept., 1795, mentions *' being ad- 
vanced in years," and bequeaths to "my beloved wife 
Martha" use of such part of the estate "as was agreed 
upon nt our marriage." The balance to sons Samuel and 
Timothy. Children : 

44 i Samuel^ b. in 1756 ; d. 18 Apr., 1883, set. 77. 

46 !i Timothy, b. 6 Jan., 1758; d. 16 Sept., 1835, »t. 77. 

19 Daniel^ {Andrewy^ Williamy^ William^^) born in 

it/ (1762.) 

nford, 16 Oct., 1708 ; married in Wallingford, 9 May, 
t, Sarah daughter of Lieutenant Caleb Johnson of 
liuffford. She died before 1752, and he married. 


seoondy before 1753 Elizabeth » who was born 14 

Apr., 1716, and died, 5 Dec., 1785, in her 70th year. 
He died in Harwinton, Ct., 25 Oct., 1777, in his 70th year. 
Mr. Bartholomew resided until 1742 in Walliugford 
and the balance of his life in Harwinton. He was an en- 
ergetic, prosperous farmer, and frequently called upon to 
serve the town in various positions. Was the ^toler and 
brander of the horsekinde," key-keeper of the Church, 
pound-keeper, tithiug-man, selectman and with two others 
had charge of the schools. Harwinton town records con- 
tain some oddly spelled entries: — as, ^'Uoted that. . . 
Daniel Bartholomew'' (and others named) . . ^'Shallbea 
Committee to order and a point a School master and School 
mistrises .... to there Discresion for the Laming of the 
youth a mongst us to w[r]io:ht and Reade," and again "to 
Read & write Cypher." His estate was admitted to pro- 
bate 10 Nov., 1778, his son Jacob being appointed ad- 
ministrator. Children : 

46 i Samuel,^ b. 11 Apr., 1735; d. 9 June, 1766. 

47 ii Reuben, b. 17 Sept., 1736; d. Dec, 1804. 

iii William, b. 1 Feb., 1738; probably d. before 1782 (see 
Daniel below). 

48 Iv Jacob, b. 11 June, 1740; d. 6 Sept., 1813, aet. 73. 

V Daniel, b. 17 Oct., 1741; probably d. before 1782, as he 

did not then join the other descendants of his mother in 
deeding the Wallingford home, near the church, of their 
grandfather Johnson, dec'd. 

vl Abigail, b. 11 Apr., 1745; m. Roger Loomis; res. in 
Goshen in 1782. 

vii Susannah, b. 11 Apr., 1745; prob. d. before 1782 (sec bro. 

Tili Sarah, b. 20 Apr., 1746 ; prob. d. before 1782 ; see above. 

48 ix Benjamin, b. 1 Aug., 1748; d. 5 Nov., 1811. 

X Elizabeth, b. 26 Feb., 1758; m. 24 Dec, 1778, Moses War- 
ner of H., who d. 15 Oct., 1782, set. 26. 

1 John^ Warner, b. 9 Aug., 1779. 

2 Moses B. Warner, b. 11 Mar., 1781 ; d. 8 Oct., 1781. 
8 Sarah Warner, b. 17 Aug., 1782. 

SO xi James, b. 16 Feb., 1761 ; d. 29 Sept., 1846, set. 85. 


20 Andrew^ (Andrewy^ William,'^ WilUamy^) born 


in Branford, 7 Nov., 1714; married in Harwinton 29 
Oct., 1740, Sarah Catlin of Harwinton. and died 6 Mar., 
1776. She was born 16 June, 1719 ; died 1 Dec, 1789, 
aet. 70. 

Reverend Andrew Bartholomew was a graduate of Yale 
College in the class of 1731 ; where or with whom his 
theological studies were prosecuted is not known. 

The Harwinton settlers, 4 Oct., 1737, petitioned the 
General Court of the Colony ''asking authority to embody 
in church estate, to be incorporated as a town, and to lay 
a tax for support of a minister" stating that "it will be ne- 
cessary for us to have a settled minister, in regard to which 
we have applyed to a Gentleman who is well approved of 
by the Ministers &c. in the Gov't, and especially by us to 
preach f()r us some considerable time, to great satisfaction, 
and have as far as was consistent with our duty capitulated 
with him about a settlement." 

"Att a meeting of the Jnhabitants of the town of Har- 
winton legily wornied to be at the house of Jacob Benton 
A Priel the 21 1738 .... 

Voted And unanimously a Greed to giue M"^ Andrew 
Bartholomew A Call to Setel in the work of the ministry 
a Mongast us 

Voted that M"^ Daniel Messinger Israel Merriman Jacob 
Benton daniel Brown Cyprian Webster Nathan Davis <& 
M^ Daniel Phelps Shall be A Commeete to treet with M' 
Andrew Bartholomew in order to asettelment in the work 
of the Menesterry Amongst us and to Lay the Proposals 
y* Allready haue been Proposed before him" These pro- 
posals were a grant of *^one Hundred a cres of Land and 


that he may Chose it where it shall best Sute Him " and 
**100 ; Pound In Labour ^ the latter annually. 

He accepted the terms; was probably ordained Oct. 
4, 1738, and continued their pastor some thirty-five 
years. The church in which he preached was a fair illus- 
tration of others of that time and section. 

In form **a square not much oblong, — having, in con- 
nection with no tower, no portico, no vestibule, a front 
door and two side doors, opening inward, — exhibited in- 
teriorly, at a remarkable elevation from its ground-ftoor, 
a balustraded gallery extended along all its sides, except 
that whereto the lofty pulpit, fronting one of the three par- 
allel aisles and with a conspicuous sounding-board sur- 
mounted, firmly adhered; and in either angle, farthest 
from the pulpit, the entrance to a partially enclosed flight 
of stairs by which access to the gallery was given.** 

At its raising, tradition says, all the persons living in 
the town sat at the same time upon its sills. As was cus- 
tomary sufficient fiery liquid was furnished for the occasion 
to satisfy the then general demand. 

**The males sat on the right side of the house ; the 
females, on the left side of it." The pews were square • 
enclosures formed by four tall walls of wainscot work 
against which were arranged seats that, in some cases were 
firmly nailed, in others made to lift up by hinges, upon 
their props. 

Mr. Bartholomew's pastorate in Harwinton was longer 
by years than any which succeeded it there. It left scanty 
historic materials. **As these furnish no ground for a 
different conclusion, the inference seems to be warranted 
that, until his ministry drew toward its end, the course of 
things relative to him and the Church and the Town moved 
on with a general uniformity and smoothness." 

In 1773 and 1774 an arrangement was made between 



him and the town by which he excused them from paying 
him his salary and they excused him and his wife from 
paying any taxes, on condition that they continued in Har- 

^Although dismissed from his relations to the Society, 
by an ecclesiastical council convened for that purpose, 
Jan. 26, 1774," he continued in Harwinton the remainder 
of his life. 

Mr. Bartholomew seldom preached otherwise than ex- 
tempore, and is said to have delivered impromptu ad- 
dresses where other ministers declined for want of 
preparation. In the theological discussions of his time 
he is said to have had decided views which were published 
in several pamphlets, said to exhibit a considerable degree 
of mental acuteness, without acerbity of temper ; they in- 
dicate the author to have been more inured to thinking than 
exercised in literary composition. The historian of Har- 
winton, who has been quoted generously, says, **Hi8 
character may be indicated by saying: while he 'saw that 
wisdom excelleth folly' and said of prudence 'my soul 
followeth hard after thee,' yet he loved also what he re- 
garded as truth ; and aimed to be right in all things." 

His fiimily Bible is preserved by Horace Bartholomew 
and its record has been followed in preference to the town 
record, as they differ. His will mentions considerable 
land, a mill, etc., as his properly. He was building a 
new dwelling house at the time of his death ; which is 
probably the one standing now adjoining the side of the 
old church. Children : 

1 Hannah*, b. 18 Aug., 1741; d. 8 Oct., 1742. 
ii Sarah, b. 4 May, 1743; m. 8 Feb., 1768, Nathaniel BaU, 

who was born 80 Aug., 1740. 

1 Sarah* Bull, b. 6 Nov., 1768. 

2 Nathaniel Bull, b. 16 May, 1766. 
8 Gurdon BuH, b. 19 May, 1767. 


4 Joseph W. Ball, b. 6 Jane, 1769; d. 16 Nov., 1771. 

5 Joseph W. Bull, b. 1 Apr., 1772. 

6 Rhoda Ball, b. 8 Sept., 1774. 

7 Hannah Ball, b. 27 Mar., 1777. 

8 John Bull, b. 2 June, 1779. 

9 Linus Bull, b. 1 July, 1781. 
10 Sheldon Bull, b. July, 1788. 

61 ill Andrew, b. 8 Aug., 1745; d. 9 July, 1821, set. 75. 

52 iv Charles, b. 18 Oct., 1749; d. in 1825, set. 76. 

▼ Hannah, b. 19 Apr., 1752; m. 6 May, 1779, Dea. Benjamin 
Griswold ; and d. in 1822, set. 70. He d. in 1829, set. 70. 

1 Marilla* Griswold, b. 12 May, 1788. 

2 Marvin Griswold, b. 5 Feb., 1785; died young. 
8 Hannah Griswold, b. 12 Nov., 1787. 

4 Marvin Griswold, b. 21 Nov., 1789. 

5 Roswell Griswold, b. 9 Aug., 1792; d. 14 Dec, 1794. 

53 vl Phineas, b. 2 May, 1754. 

vii Margaret, b. 1 May, 1756; res. in H. num., 1792. 

viii Sabra, b. 19 Apr., 1759; m., in 1779, Daniel S. Wilson. 

1 Sabra* Wilson, b. 19 Feb., 1781 ; m. Ezekiel Scoville. 

2 Ursula Wilson, b. 13 Mar., 1788; m. Barns. 

8 Daniel Wilson, b. 8 July, 1785 ; m. Nancy Kimberly. 

4 Willis Wilson, b. 28 Dec, 1787 ; m. Pamelia Wadkins. 

5 Sarah Wilson, b. 20 June, 1790; d. 11 Mar., 1818, 

6 Andrew Wilson, b. 30 Jan., 1793. 

7 Nabby Wilson, b. 19 Oct., 1795; m. Jesse Bailey. 

8 Warren Wilson, b. 7 Mar., 1798; m. Deney T. Wroe. 

9 Sheldon Wilson, b. 11 Apr., 1800; m. Ursula Smith. 

10 John Wilson, b. 27 Apr., 1806. 

21 Timothy* (Andrew,'' William,^ William,') born in 
Branford 28 Feb., 1716-7, married 12 July, 1737, Mary- 
Hull, who died 17 Aug., 1740. He married, second, 11 
Jan., 1742, Abigail Phelps and died in Wallingford, 
27 Apr., 1749. Mrs. Abigail married, second, a Mr. 

Mr. Bartholomew lived the mature portion of his life 
in the southeast part of Wallingford adjoining the North 
line of Branford and was a well-to-do farmer. 


His widow Abigail was made the administratrix of his 
estate. Children : 

1 Moses/ b. 16 July, 1788 ; in W. His uncle Samuel Barthol- 
omew was made bis gaardian, 16 Oct., 1752; but Moses 
dying shortly after, Jeremiah Hull of W. was made ad- 
ministrator of his estate. 

ii Abner, b. 12 Mar., 1742-8, in W. ; probably d. young, as 
his brother Timothy * 'always said he was alone in the 
64 ill Timothy, b. 11 Aug., 1745; d. 20 Feb., 1831, set. 85. 

22 Joseph* {Andrew ^^ William,^ William^ j) born in 
Branford, 6 May, 1721 ; married in Wallingford, 13 Jan., 
1741-2 Mary Sexton ; and died 27 Oct., 1781. She mar- 
ried, second, 17 July, 1784, in W., Benjamin Atwater 
and died in 1814, sst. 95. 

Lieutenant Joseph Bartholomew was the owner of a 
very large farm in the southeastern part of Wallingford 
near the Branford line, where he resided all his life. He 
commanded by commission from the General Court all 
those subject to military duty in the town. 

His heirs filed the following agreement 5 Dec, 1785, in 
place of a will. ''That as God in his providence hath 
lately removed our Hon^ father Lieut. Joseph Bartholo- 
mew of Wallingford by death and as there was no will 
left by our Hon** father in what manner his est. should be 
disposed off. We therefore have mutually agreed, sub- 
scribed with our hands & set to our seals that the following 
agreement shall be binding between us. praying that the 
God of love & peace may keep and maintain that love <& 
union betwixt us that hath ever subsisted among us from 
our early days." Then follows the division, signed by^ 
widow Mary Bartholomew, Ichabod and Hannah Russell, 
Andrew, Isaac, Joseph, Jonathan and Ira Bartholomew, 


Atwater and Mary Cook and Moses Bartholomew. Chil- 
dren : 

1 Hannah,* b. 29 Jan., 1742--3; m. 8 Nov., 1762, Ichabod 
Russell, res. N. Y. 

65 ii Andrew, b. 24 Nov., 1744 ; d. 8 Aug., 1818, set. 74. 
ill Joseph, b. 2 Sept., 1746; d. before 1752. 

66 iv Isaac, b. 1748; d. Apr., 1821, set. 78. 

67 ▼ Jonathan, b. 8 May, 1751 ; d. in W. 28 Jan., 1846, »t. 96. 

68 Ti Joseph, b. 25 Aug., 1752; d. 21 May, 1808. 

69 vii Ira, b. 1758; d. 24 June, 1828, set. 75. 

viiiMary, b. in W., 1757-8; m. 26 Oct., 1777, Atwater 

Cook; d. 2 July, 1844, set. 86. He d. 29 June, 1889, et. 
80. Res. in Salisbury, N. Y. Children : 

1 Roxalina* Cook, b. 25 Sept., 1777; d. 15 Sept., 1852. 

2 Rosannah Cook, b. 14 Apr., 1782. 

3 Mary Cook, b. 8 Apr., 1784; d. 12 Jan., 1858. 

4 Tbaddens R. Cook, b. 23 July, 1786. 

5 Julia Cook, b. 23 July, 1788. 

6 Friend Cook, b. 27 Jan., 179^. 

7 Atwater H. W. Cook, b. 17 Dec, 1795; d. 4 Feb., 1858. 

8 Betsey Cook, b. 19 Apr., 1798. 

9 Abel Cook, b. 27 Sept., 1801; d. in 1822. 
10 Delia Cook, b. 4 Sept., 1806. 

60 ix Moses, b. 1762; d. 28 Apr., 1804. 

23 Jolin^ { Andrew ^^ Williamy^ WtUiamy^) born 8 
Feb., 1723-4 in Branford ; married Jerusha daughter of 
Thomas and Jerusha Porter of Wethersfield, Ct. 

Mr. Bartholomew's numerous real estate transactions 
irive U8 some clew to his various wanderinors. He was 
mentioned in Wallingford until 1745, Farmington in 1754, 
"VVaterbury in 1758, Torrington in 1760, Farmington again 
in 1762 and 1764, when he sold his house in the southeast 
corner of that town ; and Harwinton 11 April, 1771, 
when he deeded his half of one-third interest in a mill 
place in Wallingford. 

He was a farmer. June 23, 1777, "widow Jerusha" 
of Harwinton buys laud in H., that she deeds to her sons 


Submit and John, 14 Dec, 1796 ; which is the last men- 
tion of her. Children : 

I John Porter,' b. 10 Nov., 1746; d. in infancy. 

II John Porter, b. 15 July, 1750 ; d. probably before 1762. 

61 111 Sabmit, b. Aug., 1757; d. 17 Jan., 1816. 

iv Abigail, is mentioned as cousin Abigail Bartholomew, 

11 June, 1790, In will of Anna Mix* of Torrlngton, which 
also mentions cousins Submit and John Bartholomew, 
Jerusha Humiston, and sisters Abigail Bronson and Jem- 
sha Bartholomew. 

62 y John, b. 1762; d. 1810. 

yi Jerusha, m. Humlston ; had six children including 

a Jerusha. 

24 Benjamin^ {Benjamin,^ William,'^ William,^) 
born 1 Feb., 1728, in Bran ford ; married 2 Feb., 1749, 
Elizabeth Wright of Branford. 

He was a farmer living all his life in Branford, where he 
took the oath of fidelity 1 Dec, 1777. He died in Bran- 
ford in the fall of 1801. His will dated 9 Jan., 1798, 
proved 9 Nov., 1801, divides his property among his heirs ; 
widow Elizabeth, daughter Rachael wife of Samuel Tyler, 
and grandchildren Benjamin, jr., and Betsy Bartholomew. 

I Isaac, b. 24 Oct., 1750; supposed to have d. young, 

leaving no heirs, as inferred from his father's will. 

II Benjamin, b. 13 Oct., 1752 ; was thrown ftom his horse and 

killed in B., 26 April, 1778. 
HI Rachel, b. 25 Sept., 1754; m. in B. Samuel Tyler and d. 
in 1844, set. 90. 

63 iv Gideon, b. 8 Sept., 1757; d. 10 July, 1790. 

V Betty, b. 13 Sept., 1762; d. 26 Sept., 1774. 
vl Ezeklel, b. 10 May, 1765; d. 9 Oct., 1774. 
vil Andrew, b. 26 Oct., 1768; d. 14 Sept., 1774. 

25 Enos^ (John,^ William,^ TTiffiam,!) married 16 
Dec., 1736, in Woodstock, Hepzibach daughter of An- 

• Was Anna Mix, eister of JeniBha (Fargo), wife of Charles Bartholomew and 
niece of Jerusha ( Porter) wife of John Bartholomew ? 


drew Wright of Andover, Mass. ; she was born 14 Oct., 
1720 and died in 1797. 

Mr. Bartholomew kept a tavern in Woodstock. They 
both •'owned the covenant" in the Congregational Church 
15 Mar., 1738. 

During the French and Indian war (1756)' he was a 
private in Captain Eleazer Fitch's Company from Wind- 
ham County, Ct. His father deeded him land in Wood- 
stock in 1740 which he sold two years after. Children : 

I Sarah,* b. 4 Aug., 1737; d. 81 March, 1797. 

II Hannah, b. 7 Jane, 1789; m. 13 July, 1758, Elkanah Stevens. 
64 lii John, b. 20 Feb., 1742 ; an ofldcer of the Revolution. 

iv Mercy, b. 10 Apr., 1744; m. 23 Dec, 1788, Geo. Coteney. 

▼ Mary, bapt. 10 July, 1746 ; m. Dunham. 

1 Lemuel* Dunham, b. 29 Mar., 1769; d. 9 June, 1779. 

26 Samuel* {Josejyhy^ WUliamy^ Willianiy^) bora in 

Woodstock, 2 Nov., 1714; married Hannah . 

He was made guardian of his brothers and sister 23 
May, 1742. He bought and sold several tracts of Wood- 
stock land between 1737 and 1741 ; the last being for 
£1244. The following record is based mainly upon the 
memory of Mr. Levi Bartholomew. 

Samuel Bartholomew was a sea captain, making Say- 
brook, Ct., his home. He died ''while his children were 
young," and his remains are said to have been "buried on 
some shore." 

Mrs. Hannah married, second, a Mr. Jones and was 
still living within the memory of her grandson Levi, in 
Oswego county, N. Y. Children : 

i Elijah^ bonght land and settled in Middlcfleld, Mass., in 
Nov., 1787; dying unin. before 1 May, 1792, when Aaron 
Gillett of Hebron, Ct. , was made administrator of his estate. 


il Gideon, m. and bad two children born before 1797, who 
remained in Conn, after he removed to Oswego Co., N. Y. 
Was an expert violinist, 
iii Hannah, 
66 iy William, b. 1759-60; d. 21 Sept., 1822. 
66 V Samuel, b. 1762-3; d. 12 Dec, 1740, set. 77. 

27 Joseph^ {Joseph^ William^ William^^) bom 10 
Feb., 1715-6 in Woodstock. He was a corporal in Che- 
ney's Company of the 8th (Choats) regiment in the ex- 
pedition against Louisburg in 1745. Was a farmer in 
West Woodstock, Ct. ; and was deeded land in 1739 by 
Jacob Bradbury of Dudley, Mass. Children : 

67 I Joseph*, b. Apr., 1735-40; d. In 1815, set. about 80. 

68 ii Samuel, b. 1749; d. 1831, set. 82. 
69ili William. 

28 Benjamin^ {Joseph,^ WilUamy^ William,^) born 
in Woodstock 23 June, 1723; married 17 Mar., 1747-8' 
in Woodstock, Martha Carpenter, who died 30 Oct., 
1801, set. 79 years. He died 30 Oct., 1801, let. 78. 

Mr. Benjamin Bartholomew was a farmer and a mem- 
ber of the Congregational Church, he and his wife "own- 
ing the covenant" 10 Mar., 1751. He was a soldier in the 
French and Indian war and in the Revolution. Frequent 
mention is made of him and his sons in public capacities 
in the town records. 

He lived all his life only a short distance from and over- 
looking the site of the mill and residence in Woodstock 
of his grandfather Lieutenant William Bartholomew. 

Just before his death, while in ordinary health and away 
from home, his mind became permanently deranged ; when 
found he could only explain, "sun about an hour high." 

Children : 

70 i Gardiner*, b., 1749; d. in 1810. 

DE8CEin>Airr8 of WILUAH of IPSWICH. 97 

71 ii Jedldiah, bap. 12 July, 1752 ; probably d. about 1759, as the 

church records show that he was bap. a second time **at 

his house" 12 June, 1759. 
ili Lucy, bap. 16 June, 1754; d. 18 Dec, 1760. 

It Elizabeth, bap. 18 Mar., 1757; m. 7 June, 1798, David Fris- 

zell of W. 

72 V Leonard, bap. 4 Feb., 1758-9; d. 16 Feb., 1814. 
vi Lucy, bap. 19 Dec, 1760. 

vii Asenath, bap. 20 Sept., 1772; m. John Oary. 

1 John* Gary, d. unm. in W. soihe years since. 

2 Lucretia Gary, m. a Mr. Gary; d. childless. 

vili Dorcas, b. 10 Aug., 1767 ; m. as third wife, William Trow- 
bridge; and d. 21 Nov., 1856, set. 89. 
1 Eliza* Trowbridge ; b. 17 May, 1801 ; never married. 

29 LemueP ( William,* Isaac,^ William?) bom in 
Branford in 1726-7 ; married in Woodbury, Ct., 1 July, 
1750, Miiry daughter of Joseph and Mary (Warner) Squire 
of Woodbury. Joseph Squire died in 1746 leaving 
children Mary and Gurdon. Lemuel Bartholomew and 
wife Mary were, on the death of Mrs. Mary Squire, in 
1750, made guardians of Gurdon Squire, rot. 14. Lem- 
uel Bartholomew died in Whitehall, N. Y., 22 Mar., 1801, 
•^in the 75^^ yr. of his age" (gi-avestoiie). She died in 
Whitehall, 7 Mar., 1821 "in 88th year of age." 

His first purchase of pi'operty was made in Litchfield 
in 1748; for twenty years following his name often ai> 
pears upon the land records of Litchfield, then disappears 
entirely. Probably it was about lli\d when he moved to 
Skcnesboro, N. Y., settling in the northeast part of the 
present township of Whitehall, clearing and opening the 
farm now partly owned by Sylvester Bartholomew. Here 
he is said to have planted the first orchard in Washington 

"They came here," says a descendant, "in the perilous 
times of the French and Indian wars and were among the 
first settlers in this section. The French yet held Fort 



Ticonderoga only thirty miles away and bloody conflicts 
were taking place around Lake George. Once during 
Lemuel's absence his wife and young children were taken 
by a party of Indians. The house was plundered and the 
family compelled to set out with their captors. After 
going a short distance a halt was called and a council held ; 
torture and death were now expected; but the Indians 
after addressing them with a few unintelligible words 
suddenly left them to return unharmed.^ 

For an expression of thanks for kindness done by him 
to his sister Bersheba, see mention of her. 

He with his brother and several of his sons served in 
the Revolutionary Army. 

He and his wife were the founders of the numerous 
branch which calls Whitehall its ancestral home. 

The eastern portion of the town was called ''Bar-tle- 
my Town" on account of the number of Bartholomews 
living there. "They were," said one who knew them 
seventy years ago, "strong, energetic, determined men, 
thrifty and independent farmers, making the name a syn- 
onymd for honor, integrity and success." Probably the 
largest settlement of persons in existence bearing this 
name is in that vicinity. 

The order of the births of his children is not positively 

i Joseph,' b. in Lltchfleldi remained there ;v?hen his folks 
moved to Skenesboro. He appears from the Colonial 
records of N. Y., to have been a tenant of Philip Skene 
of Skenesboro, in 1782. He died at Rutland, Vt., on a 
return trip to Conn. 

73 ii Jesse, 

74 iU Jepthai, d. 8 Apr., 1818. 

76 Iv Lemma, b. 1758-9; d. 22 Feb., 1790. 

V Asenath, m. Wm. Hurlburt of W. Children : Wm., Benj., 
Mary and Isaac. 
76 vi Squire, b. 1767-^; d. 27 Apr., 1846, set. 78. 


77 Tli Jastns, b. 20 Jone, 1771 ; m. twice. 

▼ill Mary (''Polly*), m. James Wilson of W. Children : James, 
Ira, Anna, Bachel, Sqaire, Polly, Nancy, Lemuel, Joseph, 
Rhoda and Elisa Wilson. 

78 Iz William, b. 9 Mar., 1775; d. 19 Not., 1840. 

X Snsannah, m. 1st, Dyer Beckwith, Snd, Sereno Trowbridge 
of W. 

1 James' Beckwith, res. W; m. Lacy Barker; one son 


2 DaTid Beckwith, m. Anna Bartholomew. 
8 Snsannah Beckwith, m. James Earl ; res. W. 

4 Cynthia Beckwith, m. B. Hnrlbnrt. 

5 Bei^amin Beckwith, m. Miranda Burt; res. W. 

6 Anna Beckwith, m. Nathan Winslow. 

7 Joseph Beckwith, m. Lncinda Wood. 

8 Erastns Trowbridge, m. AtIs Pratt. 

9 Cyrenns Trowbridge, m. Mary Bartholomew. 

10 Caleb Trowbridge. 

11 Mary Trowbridge m. Eli Sparks. 

zi Anna, m. Nathaniel Miller; res. Ticonderoga, N. T. 

1 NathanieP Miller of T. 

2 Bachel Miller. 

79 xll Joseph, b. 9 Apr., 1782; d. 7 July, 1861, in 80th year. 

80 Noah^ ( Williamy^ Isaac^* WiUiam^^) born in Bran- 
ford, Conn., in 1732-3; married, in Litchfield, Mabel 
daughter of Thomas Parmeley, who died in Litchfield in 
1787, leaving other daughters ; Ann wife of Simeon Hickox, 
later of Burton, Ohio, Diadema wife of Amasa Parker, 
Elizabeth wife of John Piatt and son Reuben, all of L. 

Mr. Bartholomew died in Hartford, Vt., 16 Feb., 1813, 
let. 81 ; she died eight days after ^in her 73rd year ;" 
they having lived together fifty-six years. 

His earliest dealings in real estate commenced in 1755, 
in Litchfield. In 1759, he with others petitioned the Gen- 
eral Court to set them off from the town of Litchfield to 
the town of Judea (now Bethlehem and Washington), 

his residence, being in the extreme southwest comer of 


the town, was much nearer the church of Judea than that 
of Litchfield. After the formation of the parish of Morris 
he joined its Congregational Church, 9 Oct., 1791. 

He was a farmer, owning large tracts of land ; but 
it was nearly all rough, rocky and sterile : ^ Tired," 
as he afterwards said, "of working rough country, I 
moved to Vermont." He settled in Hartford about 

In deeding his Litchfield land on June 10, of that year 
he is mentioned "of Litchfield." His was probably the 
same house in which his father had lived in Litchfield ; it 
has now been destroyed, but the farm is owned by Mr. 
William L. Burgess. Children : 

80 i Luther,* b. 18 Feb., 1768; d. 6 May, 1889. 

ii Olive, b. 7 Nov., 1769; m. 8 Feb., 1789, Daniel Hazen; 
d. 19 Apr., 1846 In Hartford, Vt., set. 86. She was weU 
versed in physic and the care of the sick and was often 
called upon to attend persons living at a distance. She 
was a wonderAilly brave and vigorous woman as an inci- 
dent will show. She received an urgent call one dark 
night following a storm. The invalid was five mUes away 
across White River, which was swollen deep and swift; 
there was no means of crossing except to ford it ; noth- 
ing daunted she ordered her favorite horse and being tied 
to his back, the horse swam the river and carried her 
safely to her sick ftiend. 

1 A son, b. 6 Feb., 1790; d. 6 Feb., 1790. 

2 Jasper Hazen, b. 2 Dec, 1790 ; d. in his 90th year. He was 

a congregational minister of Woodstock, Vt. 

3 Laura Hazen, b. 16 Apr., 179S; m. Philo Sprague: d. 26 

Mar., 1877. 

4 Daniel Hazen, b. 6 June, 1796 ; d. 24 Oct., 1874, in 80th yr. 

5 Noah Hazen, b. 6 Aug., 1797. 

iU Mabel, b. 80 Dec, 1761 (Watertown Rec) ; m. 14 Dec, 
1783, Joseph Clark. 

1 Betsy' Clark, m. Dr. Botchford, res. Greenville, N. Y. 

2 Philo Clark. Children: Seth S., Harriet, Joseph, 

Clarissa; res. Oberliu. 


8 Olive Clark, m. 1st, Norman Lemmon; 2nd, Isaac 

4 Joseph A. Clark, b. 15 Aug., 1796 ; res. Northfleld, Conn. 
81 iv Bether, b. 9 July, 1764; d. 18 Sept., 1822. 

V Diadema, b. 13 Mar., 1767; d. unm. 26 Nov., 1840, set. 73. 
tI Sarah, b. 21 June, 1769 ; m. 1 Aug., 1790, James Wood- 
ruff of L., and d. there 2 Mar., 1855, set. 85. 

1 Clark' Woodruff, b. 23 Aug., 1791 ; d. in La. 25 Nov., 1851. 

Ch. (1) Octavla" Woodruff; m. L. Besacon; ch. [1] Leo- 
line* (Clark of Quincy, 111.), [2] Julia (d.), [8] Octavia 
(of Carrollton, La.) and [4] Clark Besacon (190 8th St. 
N. O., La.). 

2 Edwin Woodruff, b. 3 Dec, 1797; d. set. ab. 20, unmarried, 
vii Mary (*• Polly ")» ^- 4 June, 1773; m. 11 Oct., 1792, Harvey 

Gibbs; d. 3 Feb., 1843, in her 70th yr. He was b. 14 June, 
1765; d. 11 Feb., 1845; res. H. 

1 Lucy^ Gibbs, b. 26 Aug., 1793; d., unm., 20 Feb., 1848. 

2 Julia Gibbs, b. 6 Apr., 1795; m. Alvin Hazen; res. H. 

3 Mabel Gibbs, b. 9 Jan., 1799; d., unm., 27 Mar., 1878. 

4 Harvey Gibbs, b. 30 Jan., 1801 ; m. 15 June, 1837, Almira 

Babcock. She dying, 5 Aug., 1851, he m., 2nd, Mrs. Lucy 
Washburn. Lives in St. Johnsbury, Vt., cet. 82. Ch. (1) 
Sarah Cornelia*' Gibbs, b. 26 Jan., 1839; m. 19 Sept., 18C6, 
H. P. Closseu; res. N. Thetford, Vt. ; (2) Julia Elmira 
Gibbs, b. 23 May, 1847; (3) Charles Finney Gibbs, b. 15 
Sept., 1H50. 

5 Philemon 7 Gibbs, b. 27 June, 1803; d. unm., 1 Jan., 1844. 

6 Warren Gibbs, b. 30 July, 1805 ; m. 2nd, Louisa Staples 

res. H. ffit. 78. 

7 Daniel Gibbs, b. 12 Nov., 1807; Con<:re^atlonal minis- 

ter; d. in Hartford, Conn., 27 Apr., 1881, let. 73. 

8 Polly Gibbs, m. 1st, Wm. Newton ; 2nd, Col. L. Dud- 

ley ; res. II. set. 73. 

9 Lucius II. Gibbs, b. 15 Miir., 1817 (twin) ; m. 1st, Belinda 

BoyLston; 2nd, Mrs. Mary Pye ; res. 447 Ciossen Av., 
Brooklyn, N. Y. 

10 Julius B. Gibbs, b. 15 Mar., 1817; m. twice; res. Prince- 

ton, Minn, 
vlil Daniel, b. 22 May, 1775; d. 4 Dec, 1776. 
Ix Charlotte, b. 29 Apr., 1777; m. Elder Spencer; d. 4 Oct., 
1863, aet. 86. Ch. Olive and Mary Spencer. 

82 X Daniel, b. 18 May, 1779; d. 29 Sept., Iti23. 

83 xl Luman, b. 27 July, 1783; d. 1 June, 1832. 


81 DanieP (Isaac,^ Isaac,* William,*) born in Wall- 
ingford, 16 June, 1746 ; married in Waterbury, 4 July, 
1771, Hannah Sutleflf; died 23 Sept., 1805. She survived 
him, dying 31 Jan., 1813. 

During a portion of his minority, he was under guard- 
ianship of his uncle Nathaniel Barnes, of Plymouth, then 
a parish called " Northbury," in Waterbury. 

That accounts for his settling in Plymouth as soon as 
he reached his maturity. In 1768, he was living in Wall- 
ingford but soon after returned to Plymouth.^ He took 
oath of fidelity there 6 Sept., 1777. In 1779 he again 
returned to Wallingford, but the following year settled 
permanently in Plymouth purchasing "land, house, fruit 
trees, etc., near but north of the parish church." He 
was a farmer. Children : 

84 i Isaac,' b. 23 Mar., 1773; d. in Baltimore, Md. 

11 Eunice, b. 4 Aug., 1775; m. Elislia Atwater after 1799 
when she Joined the church in Plymouth; and d. In 
Mendon, 111., about 1861. 

1 Elisha^ Atwater, d., set. about 16 yrs. 

2 Edward Atwater, m. Almira F. Harrison; res. Mendon; 

dau. Eunice. 

86 III Daniel, b. 1777; d. July, 1832. 

Iv Martha, b. 1778; d. 8 Aug., 1795. 

86 V Andrew, b. 1780; d. 12 Nov., 1831. 

vl Amziah, m. Sally Beard in Waterto wn ; where he lived 
and probably died. Farmer. Only child, d. 20 Dec, 1816, 
aet. one year. 

87 vii Reuben, b. 30 Mar., 1784; d. 25 Sept., 1868, set. 84. 
vill Hannah, b. 1795; m. Ellas Cook; d. 15 Nov., 1836. 
Ix Child, d. in infancy. 

32 Abraham^ (Abraham,^ Isaac,* William,*) bom in 
Brauford, 28 Jan., 1732-3; m. in Farmington, Eunice 
Orvis ; died in 1776 in that part of Farmington now 
called Plaiuville. Mrs. Eunice died at the house of her 


daughter, Hannah Judd, in New Britain, Ct., 18 May, 
1885, let. 88 yrs. She joined the Congregational Church 
in N. B., 6 Dec., 1807, as *" widow of Abraham Barthol- 
omew of Briatol.** 

Mr. Bartholomew was a farmer. At the time of his 
marriage, his &ther deeded him a farm, residence, etc., 
near where his father lived, in the limits of the present 
town of Burlington, Ct., in consideration' of **love and 
affection.'' He afterwards purchased and moved to the 
fiirm on which he died. 

Widow Eunice was made administratrix of his estate 28 
Nov., 1776. Distribution was made 3 Mar., 1785, giving 
the widow, besides her dower, an allowance of £20 for 
bringing up two children to the age of four years. Chil- 
dren are mentioned as follows : ** eldest son Charles, son 
Abraham, daughters Hannah Bartholomew, Huldah Bar- 
tholomew and sons Jesse, Jonathan, Ichabod, and Isaac.'' 
22 July, 1785, Eunice Bartholomew is made guardian of 
** Jesse Bartholomew, Jonathan Bartholomew and Ichabod 
Bartholomew, minors under 14." 

A gravestone erected in memory of him, his father and 
nephew Grad, by his brother Jacob, stands in the ^ old north 
cemetery " in Bristol. Children : 

i Charles', b. 1 June, 1759; d. 19 Mar., 1848, set. 88. 
88 ii Isaac, b. 2 June, 1761 ; d. 11 Feb., 1841, in 80th yr. 
90 iii Abraham, d. after 1804 in Madison Co., N. Y. 

It Hannah, b. 19 Apr., 1766; m. Daniel Jndd of New Britain, 
Conn. She Joined the N. B. Congregational Chnrch, 5 
Aug,, 1821; and died 20 Jan., 1888, »t. 72. He resided 
In the old Jndd family homestead on East Street ; d. in 
1884, »t. 73. Children all married and settled in N. B. 
1 Irene' Jndd, b. 18 Nov., 1798 ; m. 5 Dec, 1819, John Ellis. 
2PoUyJadd, b. 16 Dec, 1795; m. 28 Apr., 1828, Wm. 

Bassetfc of Simsbury, Conn. 
8 Eri Jndd, b. 18 Jan., 1798; m. 21 Jan., 1819, Lovisa 


4 Anson Judd, b. 27 Oct., 1800; ra. Jerusha Beldcnof X. B. 
5Bet8yJadd, b. 13 Aug., 1804; m. 8 Oct., 1882, Henry 

6 Rlchaid Judd, b. 28 Jan., 1807, of New Britain. 

7 Rhoda Judd, b. 4Noy., 1809; m. 28 July, 1880, Wm. Hart. 
T Huldah, m. 2 Nov., 1787, Obed Woodruff of Southlngton, 

who was born 18 June, 1762, nnd d. 8 Mar., 1818. She m. 

2nd, Westover of Litchfield and died in Berlin, 28 

Sept., 1825 ; no children, 
vi Betsy, m. 25 Mar., 1792, Trueman Upson of S. and res. 
in N. y. City. 

91 vll Ichabod, b. 11 Feb., 1772; d. 19 Jan., 1852, aet. 70. 

92 vlli Jonathan, b. 6 Nov., 1774; d. 14 Sept., 1862, ast. 87. 

93 ix Jesse, b. 1776 ; d. in Augusta, N. Y. 

33 Jaoob^ (^Abraham^^ IsaaCj^ Wtlliamy^) born in 


Branford, 9 Jan., 1736-7; married Sarah daughter of 
"Squire" Hezekiah and Sarah (Newell) Gridley. Hezekiah 
Gridley was a great grandson of Matthew Grant and Rich- 
ard Seymour, and she a granddaughter of Dea. Stephen 
Hart and Governor Anthony Hawkins. 

Mrs. Sarah, born 21 Feb., 1738 ; died 10 Apr., 1801 ; 
was the mother of all his children. He married, second, 
Mrs. Eunice Cowles and died in Bi-istol, 29 Oct., 1805. 

Mr. Jacob Bartholomew was a tanner by trade and con- 
ducted his business at the Edward Barnes place in Peace- 
able street, Bristol. He was also an extensive farmer, 
having several farms in Bristol and Burlington. He be- 
came the proprietor of "Bartlemy Tavern," in connection 
with which he conducted a store. 

At the organization of the town of Bristol in 1785, he 
wjis elected its first treasurer and surveyor of highways. 
He afterwards served the town in several other capacities. 




While nursing his brother John, who as a Revolutionary 
soldier died on board the Government Hospital Ship in 
New York harbor, he contracted a fever which came near 
leaving his eight litUe children fatherless and probably 
shortened bis life. He was of good size and form. 

His son Liemma and son-in-law Ambrose Hai-t were 
made administrators of his estate 4 Nov., 1805. An 
agreement was made between the other heirs and his 
widow, and the estate, valued at £3632, distributed to sons 
Lemma, Jacob, Asa and Gad Bartholomew, daughters 
Mercy ILirt, Sarah Winston, Rosannah Cowles, Anna 
Beckwith, Mary Tuttle and Nancy Lewis and to grand- 
daughter Julia, daughter of £li Bartholomew deceased. 

Children : 

I Mercy*, b. 28 Jaly, 1762; m. 2 Ang., 1782, Ambrose Hart 

who, like his (kther Dea. Simeon H., was a Tery promi- 
nent man in Bnrlington. She d. 24 Mar., 1834, ast. 71. 
He d. 25 Not., 1811. 

1 Martin^ Hart, had dan. Jnlla who m. Lanrin Byington of B. 

2 Emily Hart, m. John Roberts; daa. m. Stone of B. 

8 John Hart, m. M. Hart. 

4 Owen Hnrt, m. Eunice, daughter of Enos Ives ; d. 

Waterloo, N. Y. 
6 Alma Hart, d. unmarried. 

6 Ambrose Hart, m. Nancy Winston ; d. Unionville, Ct. 

7 Thomas Hart, m. Amanda Barnes. 

8 Gad Hart, died young. 

9 Adna Hart, m. Rozanna Yale ; res. in Bristol. 

II Lemma, b. 27 Feb., 1764.* Continued successfully his 

father's tavem and store. He died nnm. in spring, 1818, 
leaving all of his property to his brothers and sisters. 
lU Sarah, b. 6 Feb., 1766 ; m. 1st, Feb., 1782, John Winston 

of Peaceable St., Bristol. He d. 24 Mar., 1814; she m. 
2nd, Ellha Norton of Bristol Center, and d. 22 Sept., 1846, 
mU 80. 
1 Lorenzo Winston, m. Annis Botchford. Ch. (1) Ferdi- 
nand", (2) Alanson (m. Nancy M. B*w), and (3) Well- 
ington (m. Jane C. B*w). 

5 Erastus Winston, m. Nancy Warner. She m. again. 


3 Alanson Winston, m. Fanny Talbot. Children : (1) John, 

(2) GranviUe, (8) Pauline, (4) Sarah, (5) Eunice, (6) Mar- 
tha, (7) Alanson and (8) Irene, all of Lynchburg, Va. 

4 John Winston, m. Laura Stanley. Children : (1) John, 

(2) Timothy, (8) Allen, (4) Joseph, (6) Ida, etc., all living 
in Mo. 

5 Sally Winston, m. Heman Smith, res. O. Children : 

(1) Alonzo, (2) Melissa, (8) Maria. 

6 Lucy Winston, b. 28 Sept., 1800; m. Tho*s F. Fuller; 

res. Bristol, set. 83. Ch. (1) Jane E., (2) Oliver, (3) Eliza 
J. (Mrs. Wallace Barnes of B.) and (4) Mare E. (Laudon 
of W. Haven). 

7 Romeo Winston, b. 1804. Ch. (1) John and (2) Martha. 

8 Eunice Winston, m. Beuj. Dealing; res. Plalnville, Ct. 

Ch. (1) Sarah, (2) Orestes, (3) Edward, (4) Charles, and 
(5) Annetta. 

9 Allen Winston, m. Eunice Foot. Children : (I) Helen, 

(2) Dwight. 

10 Ferdinand, went west. 

94 iv Jacob, b. 29 Jan., 1768; d. 19 Dec, 1843, set. 75. 

v Rosannah, b. 2 June, 1770 ; m. 2nd, Asahel Cowles (her step- 
brother), res. Tuttle Place, Peaceable St., Bristol. She 
d. 28 Nov., 1847, aet. 77. He d. 22 Sept., 1829. No ch. 
They adopted her nephew and nieces, Luther and Betsy 
Tuttle, and Hannah Bartholomew, 
vi Ama, b. 9 Mar., 1772; m. John Beckwlth; res. at Lev. 

Mills Place, Whigville, and died in 1822. 

1 Chauncey Beclvwith, had (1) John of Stow, 0.), (2) Emme- 

line (Rockwell of St. Louis), (3) Orren, and (4) Amy 
(Allen of Akron, O.). 

2 Amy Beck with, m. Joseph Peck of Burlington ; d. 5 

Apr., 1878. Ch. (1) Amanda (Carter, So. Euclid, 0.), (2) 
Eliza (McElwain, Parkman, O.). (3) Henry (Nelson, O.) 
8 John Beckwlth, m. and lived in Sandusky, O. Three 

children all died. 

4 Asa Beckwlth, m. Sally Barnes; went west; four ch. 

5 Enos Beckwlth, m., went west; no descendants living. 

6 Emmcline Beckwlth, m. Richard Ives of Bristol ; of their 

ch., Sam*l and Dwight d. in the U. S. A. and Ophelia res. 
in Bristol, 
vii Eli, b. 7 Jan., 1774 ; m. a Miss Root. He was a mer- 

chant in Hartford, Ct. ; d. in Norfolk, Va., 29 Sept., 1801. 
1 Julia B'w, b. 1«00. 
96 viii Asa, b. 25 Mar., 1776; d. 31 Oct., 1864, in 89th yr. 

ix Mary, b. 1 July, 1778 ; m. Luther Tuttle ; both d. 3 May 



1 Chaancey TotUe, went to Ohio. 

% Betsy Tattle, adopted by her sunt Bossnnah Gowles. 

8 Polly Tattle, m. Am Moses of Barlington ; d. in 1881. 

Ofch., Hsttie m. Ellas Baldwin (Ann Arbor, Mich.)f 
Ellen m. Asa Upson, Jr. (A. A.), Lather, res. New 
Britain, Conn. 

4 Salina Tattle, m, 1st, in Mass. ; 2nd, in Mich. 

5 Lather Tattle, m. a daa. of Wells Barnes. Ch. (1) Em- 

ily J., m. BeY. Mr. Whiting (res. B.), (2) Martha m. Ed- 
win Gaylord (B.) and (8)Ellen, d. yonng. 
z Gad, b. 10 Apr., 1780; d. 16 Apr. 1780. 

xi Nancy, b. 2 Feb., 1782 ; m. Dennis Lewis ; d. Farmington, 
0., 16 May, 1852, ml. 70. 

1 Nancy Lewis, b. 27 Jane, 1808; d. 26 Jane, 1809. 

2 Henry Lewis, b. 4 Apr., 1806 ; ch. res. Bolivar, Mo. 

8 Leonard Lewis, b.28NoT., 1806;res.W.Farmington,O. 
4 Ellas Tattle, b. 25 Jane, 1809; d. 26 Jane, 1809. 

6 Harriett P. TntUe, b. 6 Nov., 1811 ; res. W. F., 0. 

6 Silas A. Tattle, b. 8 Oct, 1815; res. W. F., O. Ch. 

(l)EdwinD., (2) Wealthy (Ely of Orwell, 0.)> (8)Emma 
(Kingsley of Bainbrldge, O.), (4)Lydla (Caldwell of Mes- 
opotamia, O.) and (5)Altha (Reynolds of M.). 

7 Asahel C. Tattle, b. 26 Dec., 1817; res. W. F., O. 

8 Roger C. Tattle, b. 6 Dec, 1819; d. 1 Jaly, 1826. 

9 Louisa L. Tuttle, b. 17 Feb., 1823; d. 7 Sept., 1836. 
zli Qad, b. 7 May, 1788; d. in 1851, in his 69th yr. 

84 John* (Abraham,^ Isaac,^ William^^) bom 15 
April, 1744, iu Bi-anford ; married 24 Doc, 1766, Lucy 
Carrington. Ten years after he died as a Revolutionary 
soldier in the Hospital Ship in New York harbor. 

His widow, strange to say, married, second, a British 
soldier named Garrett. 

The ** History of Southington," in giving illustrations of 
the severe strictness of the laws in early times, copies 
the record of two cases against him, fining him for ** play- 
ing at canL}^ (not gambling), and for **a rude and profane 
behavior by playiiig with his hands and fingei*s at his hair 
in church.^ 


Administration of his estate was granted widow Lucy, 
1 Nov., 1776; mentioning all the children who chose 
guardians as follows : Ezekiel chose Nathaniel Carrington, 
22 Apr., 1782 ; Dinah, "a minor under 14," chose Jacob 
Bartholomew, 19 Aug., 1783; Jedediah chose Jacob Bar- 
tholomew, 1 Dec, 1786. Children : 

96 i Jacob^, moved to Penn. ; d. at Falls of Grace Creek. 

97 li John, m. AbigaU L. Smith; d. 4 Mar., 1853, set. 74. 

ill Dinah, m. before 1805, Alexander Gillett of Goshen, Ct. 

iv Ezekiel, lived in Bristol; m. Grasy ; was made a voter 

in 1801, and d. about 1 Feb., 1805, leaving a will dated 4 
Jan., 1805, proved 9 Feb. following, in which he gives 
his property to his wife Grasy, brothers Jedediah of 
Torrington, Ct., and John of Goshen, Ct., and sister Di- 
nah, wife of Alexander Gillett of G. For some reason 
he omits his brother Jacob then in Penn. 

98 v Jedediah, b. Oct., 1775; d. 1846, in Leroy, O., in his 70th yr. 

35 SamueP (Josiahy^ Isaac^* WiUiam^^) born in Bran- 
ford, 14 May, 1745 ; married in Goshen, 12 Jan., 1766-7, 
Mary Lucas; and died 17 Dec.^ 1827, a^t. 82. She was 
born 27 July, 1747, and died 3 Feb., 1811. 

Mr. Bartholomew moved from Branford to Goshen in 
1766, where he bought land on Oct. 29, of that year. On 
the 2 Apr., 1774, he purchased the place situated at the 
foot of the hill, south side of the road, east of Succor 
Brook, where he lived several years ; during the Revolu- 
tionary war he built on the hill and resided there until his 
"newhouse" was erected on the north side of the road. 

He was a soldier in the Kevolution, and he and his wife 
were both consistent members of the Congregational 
Church. His remains lie buried in the western portion 
of the Goshen Cemetery. Children : 

i Lydia®, b. 8 Dec, 1769; ra. 26 June, 1788, Ashbel Norton; 
died 27 May, 1845, At. 7d ; son Phiio, res. Vernon, N. Y. 


II Mary, b. 28 Feb., 1771 ; m. 24 Dec, 1795, John Webster 

and died 9 Dec, 1841, set. 70. Res. Gt. Barrington, Mass. 

III Miles, b. 27 Sept., 1773; d. 21 Aug., 1792. 

99 It Thomas, b. 5 Sept., 1776; d. 21 Sept., 1858, set. 82. 

T Esther, b. 18 Jane, 1779 ; m. J. Oleason ; d. 30 Sept., 1845. 
Ti Anna, b. 23 Oct., 1781 ; d. unm. 21 Jnne, 1806. 

100 vii Samuel, b. 12 Feb., 1784; d. 4 Sept., 1875, aet. 91. 

viil Lucy, b. 6 Apr., 1786; d., unm., 14 June, 1868, set. 82. 

lOlix Milo, • b. 28 Aug., 1794; d. 20 Feb., 1876, St. 81. 

86 Josiah^ (Josiahy^ Isaac^^ William^^) born in Bran- 
ford, 7 Apr., 1751 ; married 9 Feb., 1775, Martha Malt- 
by; and died in Goshen, 12 Feb., 1777, of small pox, 
and his remains were interred on the north side of the 
road near the tnrn where his father lived ; where his 
tombstone may be seen. 

He held real estate in several towns. His widow Mar- 
tha was made administratrix of his Litchfield County es- 
tate 8 July, 1777; and of his Berkshire County, Mass., 
estate, 11 Apr., 1787. 

Mi-s. Bartholomew married, second, about 1778, John 
Metcalf, and died in 1814. Child : 

102 i Joslah', b. 11 Nov., 1776; d. 2G Aug., 1819. 

87 Isaac^ (Josiahy^ Isaac,^ WilUam^^) born in Bran- 
ford in 1754; married 20 July, 1775, Thankful Maltby 
who was born in Branford. He survived her, dying in 
Evans, N. Y., in 1840, rot. 86. 

Mr. Bartholomew was a soldier in the Revolutionary 
army, and a farmer first in Goshen, Ct., after 1801 in 
Tompkins Co., N. Y., moving in 1818 to Evans, Erie 
Co., N. Y., where he remained. Children : 

1 Phebc*, b. in Conn., in 1778; m. Amos Adiims, and lived 
to good old age in Eric Co., N. Y. No cliildren. 
108 il Jehiel, b. 8 Apr., 1780; d. in 1840-7. 

iU Sabra, b. in Conn, in 1784 ; m. Noah Willis ; d. in Erie Co. 

childless, about 1800, a't. 80. Raised her niece Liic}' B\v. 
1041V Isaac, b. U Apr., 17U4 ; d. 25 Sept., 1882, ajt. 88. 


38 Moses ^ {Josiah^y Isaac? ^ Williani?^) born in Bran- 
ford 3 Sept., 1751; married in Goshen, Ct., Lydia*, 
{Daniel? J Joseph^ y Samuel? y) Cook of G. ; and died in 
Vershire, Vt., 11 Feb., 1839, set. 83. 

She was born 29 Oct., 1756 ; died in V. 11 Jan., 1829, 

8Bt. 72. 

Mr. Bartholomew was a drummer in the Revolutionary 
war, and is said to have taken part in the battle of Bunker 

Moving soon after his marriage from Goshen, Conn., to 
Ely, Vermont, he settled as early as 1786 in Vershire, 
where his wife joined the church in 1792. He was a 
farmer, a whig and a member of the Baptist Church. He 
was of average height, stout, strong and energetic. 

His usually positive opinions were much respected by 
his acquaintances. Children : 

105 I Oliver^, b. In 1777 or 8; d. 8 Ang., 1833. 

106 II Erastus, b. in 1782 or 8; d. 28 Aug., 1860, aet. 77. 

ill Clarissa, b. In Goshen, Ct. ; m. Bethuel (** Thilla") Church 
of Vershire. They Uved in Western N. Y. where he 
was murdered. 
Iv Moses, b. in Vershire in Jan., 1788; m. 1st, Betsy Linn 

of Corinth, Vt. She dying 22 July, 1847; he m. 2nd, Cyn- 
thia Easterbroolc of Chelsea, Vt. He died childless, 26 
Sept., 1856, in Vershire where he had passed all his days. 
He was the most extensive farmer in his locality. His 
wonderful energy and thoroughness are illustrated by the 
miles of stone wall he built, which will apparently stand 
until some earthquake dislodges the stones. 

He owned and operated several mills, but gave much 
of his time to public affairs, being frequently elected 
selectman, representative, etc. He was noted for his 
honesty and Integrity. Was a whig and republican, and 
^ a member of the Baptist Church. His death, like that 

of his brother Oliver, was the result of a fall. 

39 Oliver^ {Josiah*^ Isaac? ^ Williarri?^) born in Bran- 


ford, 20 Oct., 1757 ; married in Goshen, 6 July, 1780, 
Anna daughter of Ebenezer and Freelove (Canfield) Lacy. 
She was born in New Milford, Conn., 23 June, 1758 and 
died in Watertitwn, N. Y., 30 Oct., 1848, »t. 90. He 
died 18 June, 1850, set. 92. 

Mr. Bartholomew enlisted at Goshen Jan., 1776, under 
Captains Beebe andTuttle, in Col. Charles Webb's Conn, 
regiment; in 1777, in Col. Enos' Conn, regiment, and in 
March, 1779, serving three years as an artificer in Colonel 
Jeduthan Baldwin's regiment. He removed from Goshen 
to Lee, Mass., in 1782, where he was a member of the 
church, having been previously baptized. After a year 
or two, he moved to Washington, Conn., thence, before 
1788, to Vershire, Vt., whose church he joined in 1792. 
Li 1794 he removed to Augusta, N. Y. and in Mar., 1800, 
to Watertown, N. Y., settling one and one-half miles west 
of the village on the road to Brownsville, where he re- 
mained until his decease. 

In 1803, he was largely instrumental in the forming of 
the fii*st Baptist Church in the county, the meetings being 
held at his house. He was made a deacon, having, it is 
said, already held that position in other churches since 1789. 
He was also a pioneer in the temperance cause ; and in 
1803, when ready to raise his barn, having prepared an 
abundance of baked sheep, pumpkin pies, etc., for refresh- 
ments, his neighbors refused to assist in the " raising," as 
it was known that the deacon would not furnish any spirits ; 
such a scruple was rare in those days and they would 
not tolcmte it. But the business and professional men of 
the village, learning the fact, rallied to the farm the fol- 
lowing day, raised the barn, and ate the sheep and pies. 
The deacon had, in reality, gained one of the first victories 
for the temperance cause. He told his neighbors that he 
would let the timbers rot on the ground before he would 
furnish them any whiskey to drink. 


Deacon Bartholomew, or his sons, would never accept 
political office, although frequently solicited so to do. But 
the welfare of the church was always his care ; this is illus- 
trated, as well as the wonderful preseryatioh of his physical 
powers, by the fact that, at the age of 91, the meeting house 
having burned, in his zeal to rebuild it, he went to the 
woods, chopped and piled over thirty cords of four foot 
Wood, the proceeds of tlie sale of which were applied tow- 
ards the erection of a new church building. At his death 
he had held the office of deacon for sixty-two years, having 
enjoyed with his wife, Anna, a happy married life of about 
sixty-eight years. Children : 

i Almeda^, b. 2C July, 1781; m. 23 Feb., 1800, Eben- 

ezcr Rannej ; d. June, 18G8, set. 87. He was b. 2 May, 
1776; res. Stockbrldge, N. Y. 

1 Ores' Ranney, b. 26 May, 1800; res. Oneida, N. Y. 

2 Dorcas Ranney, b. 28 Nov., 1803; deceased. 

3 Hiram Ranney, b. 23 Nov., 1805; deceased. 

4 Ebenezer Ranney, b. 16 Nov., 1807; deceased. 

5 Anson L. Ranney, b. 21 June, 1811 ; res. Kalamazoo, Mich. 

6 Oliver R. Ranney, b. 6 Jan., 1816; res. Oneida, N. Y. 

7 Almeda Ranney, b. 27 June, 1820; deceased. 

107 11 Ebenezer, b. 27 Dec, 1782; d. Sept., 1866, ast. 83. 

iii Sarali (*«Sally")» b. 7 0ct., 1784; m. 8 Oct., 1803, William 
A. Swan ; (I. Oct., 1814, leaving one son. 
1 Chester Swan, res. Theresa, Jefferson Co., N. Y. 

108 iv Augustine, b. 2 Jan., 1788; d. Aag., 1825. 

V Betsy, b. 11 Apr., 1790; m. 15 Jan., 1809, Alex- 

ander Parker ; d. 6 June, 1878, set. 88. He was bom 3 
Sept., 178U; d. 29 May, 1871, set. 81. 

1 Horace Parker, b. 5 Sept., 1809; res. Williarosport, Pa. 

2 Emroeline Parker, b. 28 Mar., 1811 ; m. Parish; res. 

Frank, Kan. 

3 Lewis Parker, b. 11 Feb., 1813; m. Lauretta Plumb ; 

res. Bellville, N. Y. Ch. (1) Annette'' Harwick, Jack- 
sonville, Fla. 

4 Daniel Parker, b. 19 Nov., 1814; d. 1 Sept., 1876. 

6 Franklin Parker, b. 24 Oct., 1816 ; res. Theresa, N. Y. 

6 Cynthia Parker, b. 22 Sept., 1818; m. — Bullard, res. T. 

7 Charles B. Parker, b. 22 Sept., 1820; res. 162 Clinton St., 

Brooklyn, N. Y. 


8 Eliza Parker, b. 31 July,1824 ; m.— Riga, res. Bellville. 

9 George Parker, b. 7 Jane, 1826 ; res. Gouverneur, N. Y. 

10 James A. Parker, b. 22 Oct., 1830 ; res. Watertown, N. Y. 

109 vl Oliver, b. 18 Mar., 1793; d. 16 Mar., 1878, set. 85. 

110 vli Daniel, b. 19 Jan., 1796; d. 15 Oct., 1878, set. 82. 

40 Jesse^ (Josiah*, Isaac,^ Williaw?^) born in Bran- 
ford, 16 May (Mar.?), 1768 ; married, probably in Lee, 
Mass., about 1783, Mamra Bradley {Jessed ^ Dr. Daniel*^ 
DanieP, Dr. Abraham^ y Wm.^)^ who was born 22 Dec, 
1761 and admitted to the Congregational Church in Lee, 
Mass., 18 May, 1794 ; from which she withdrew 29 Feb., 
1795, probably on account of removal to New York State. 
She died 23 July, 1823. Ho married, second, in Dryden 
N. Y., 10 Oct., 1831, Betsy Locke Updike, and died 
just after eating a hearty breakfast, 24 Jan., 1846, 
fet. 83. 

Mr. Bartholomew moved to Lee, Mass., as early as 1783, 
when he was admitted to the church there, having been 
previously baptized. He removed to Herkimer County, 
N. Y., and thence to Locke, Cayuga County, before 1798. 
In 1806 he settled in Dryden, Tompkins County, N. Y., 
where he remained until death. He was a farmer, and a 
Baptist ; and is said by his children to have been so even- 
tempered as never to have been seen in a passion. 

He was the father of fifteen children and grandfather of 
some seventy. "His sons were all men in the full sense 
of the word ;" the last was born in time to make his father's 
seventieth year glad. Children : 

I Joel*, b. 7 May, 1785 ; d. in infancy, 

il Mamre, b. 27 Apr., 1786; m. John Howe; d. 8 Apr., 

111 iil Jesse Bradley, b. 8 Mar., 1788; d. Jan., 1846. 

112 iv Lemi, b. 31 Jan., 1790; d. 12 June, 1868, at. 78. 

113 V AagnstQS, b. 29 Oct., 1791 ; d. Jane, 1842. 



vi Lydla, b. 12 Aug., 1793; d. 1796; being accidentally 

shot by rannlng in ftont of an old musket as it discharged 
in the hands of her six year old brother Leml, who was 
attempting to repair it. 

vii Phebe, b. 8 Dec, 1795; m. 1 Sept., 1814, Samuel B. 

Maltble; d. 24 March, 1875; res. North Evans, N. Y. 

1 Cyms^ Maltbie, b. 28 Aug., 1815; res. York, Mich. 

2 Lua Maltbie, b. 1 Apr., 1817; m. Sightly; res. 

Austin, Minn. 

8 Henry Maltbie, b. 10 Mar., 1819 ; res. Derby, Erie Co., 
N. Y. 

4 Daniel Maltble, b. 8 Oct., 1821 ; res. Derby. 

5 Hiram Maltbie, b. 17 Sept. , 1827 ; m. Mrs. Mary White ; 

res. N. Evans. Ch. (1) Louisa", (2) Cha*s, (8) Emma, 
(4) Fred'k, (5) Bertha, (6) Julius, (7) Hiram, (8) Cora 
and (9) Arthur. 

6 Jane Maltble, b. 9Nov., 1829 ; m. — Pierce ; res. D. 

7 Ann Maltble, b. 5 Aug., 1831; m. — Conger; res. 

Buflklo, N. Y. 

8 Charlotte Maltbie, b. 2 May, 1833. 

9 Laura Maltble, b. 12 Dec, 1835. 

10 Hattle Maltbie, b. 16 Jan., 1837; m. 28 Dec, 1858, 

Geo. Freeman. Ch. (1) Emma (Jones), (2) Norman and 
(8) Willie ; res. Derby. 
114 Till Daniel, b. 15 June, 1798; d. 1 June, 1824. 

ix Luce, b. 7 June, 1801 ; m. 1st, Cha's Ewers ; 2nd, 

— Killlngly ; d. June, 1867. Ch. (1) Charles (d. in U. S. A.) 

and (2) Joseph Ewers of N. Evans. 

X Lydla, b. 8 Feb., 1804; m. 4 May, 1823, Josiah R. 

Hemingway; d. 13 Oct., 1881, set. 77, near Etna, N. Y. 

1 Marmra M. Hemingway, b. 24 June, 1824; m. E. L. 

Stringham ; res. Cal. 

2 Alanson C. Hemingway, b. 11 Mar., 1826; res. Orion, 


8 LemiB. Hemingway, b. 8 Sept., 1827; m. Selvia 
Stem ; res. Orion. 

4 Charles M. Hemingway, b. 23 Nov., 1829 ; Builder and 

Mfg., Lapeer, Mich. 

5 Phebe M. Hemingway, b. 28 Jan., 1831 ; m. Eliphalet 

Croeses, of Etna. 

6 Henry H. Hemingway, b. 11 Mar., 1884; m. twice; 

res. Etna. 

7 Joseph R. Hemingway, b. 16 June, 1836; m. ; res., 

old homestead in Etna. 


8 Daniel Hemingway, b. 8 Aug., 1838; d. 81 Oct., 


9 Hannanah W. Hemingway, b. 80 Mar., 1841 ; dentist in 

Chicago, 111. 
116 xi Josiah, b. 8 June, 1806 ; d. June, 1875, in 70th yr. 

116 zii William, b. 11 May, 1808; d. 22 Ang., 1847. 

117 xiil Caleb, b. 4 Feb., 1811 ; lives in Etna, N. Y. 

xiv Mamre, b. 81 July, 1826; m. Deming Buckley; res. 

with daughter, Mrs. F. C.^ GifTord, in Stockton, Cal. 

118 zv Jesse, b. 81 Aug., 1882; res. in Etna, N. Y. 

41 Gtorsham^ ( William^, Andreu^^ Williaw?^) born 

Y^A^ ^^5^-^^^^*t.^^ (1743.) 

in Branford, 1 Dec, 1722 ; married 15 Nov., 1749, Eliz- 
abeth Frisbie ; and died 11 Jan., 1764. She was still 
liTing on the farm in that part of Branford called Northford 
17 June, 1786. Children : 

119 i Jonathan*, b. 5 Nov., 1760; d. Jan., 1824, aet. 73. 

ii Dan, b. 10 Oct., 1755; d. uum., in N. before 7 Nov., 

1777, when his estate was placed In charge of his brother 
Jonathan as administrator; mentioning his sister Eliz- 

iil Abigail, b. Oct., 1759; d. 6 Jan., 1760. 

iv Eli, b. 18 July, 1761 ; d. 8 Dec, 1773. 

y Elizabeth, m. Jonathan Frisbie and res. in B. lie joined 
her, 17 June, 1786, deeding a portion of her interest in 
her grandfather Wm. Bw.^s estate. 

42 Seth^ ( William^ ^ Andrea? y William? j) born in 

ciTyh^'^ ft^^^ (1751. 


Branford, 6 Mar., 1729-30; married in Waterbury, Ct., 
22 Jan., 1755, Ilepzibah, daughter of Abiel Roberts of 
W., and died 5 July, 1796. 


Mr. Bartholomew, previous to the year 1778, changed 
his residence repeatedly ; he remained in Northford and 
Wallingford until of age ; the following spring he pur- 
chased property in Waterbury near the Wolcott line where 
he remained, on or near lot 31. During the next three 
years he lived in Amenity and Milford ; but in 1778, ap- 
pears to have returned from New Haven to Waterbury, 
where he probably remained until his death. 

He was a farmer, miller and merchant and was possessed 
of considerable property. Children : 

120 I Osea*, b. 7 Nov., 1766; d. Feb., 1831, cet. 75. 
il Levi, b. 21 Jan., 1767; d. young. 

121 ill Joseph, b. 28 Mar., 1768; d. 31 Oct., 1864, set. 96. 

iv Sybil, b. U Mar., 1759 ; m. 22 Nov., 1781, Jonathan son 

of John Barnes of Watertown ; res. Waterbury. 

1 PoUy^ Barnes, b. 23 Aug., 1782. 

2 Stephen Barnes, b. 28 Dec, 1783; d. 3 Nov., 1806. 

3 Sally Barnes, b. 6 May, 178C. 

4 Merritt Barnes, b. 80 Aug., 1788; res. Watertown, Ct. 
6 Ransomed Barnes, b. 6 Oct., 1700. 

6 Garry Barnes, b. 2 Oct., 1792. 

7 Harriett Barnes, b. 2 Aug., 1794. 

8 Charry Barnes, b. 1 Mar., 1797. 

9 Chloe Barnes, b. 28 Mar., 1808; d. 24 Mar., 1804. 

V Mary, b. 24 May, 1760. f 

> m. Daniel & Hlckox. 

vi Irene, b. 25 July, 1761. ) 

122 vU Seth, b. 14 Nov., 1762; d. Aug., 1807. 

123 viil Abiel, b. 2 Apr., 1764 ; d. 1805. 

ix Hepzlbah, b. 24 Jan., 1766; d. 10 Feb., 1766. 

X Gorsham, b. 8 June, 1767; was run over by a cart wheel, 

as his parents were moving fW)m Milford to Waterbury, 

and killed. 

124 xi Levi, b. 2 Jan., 1769; d. Oct., 1837. 

xii Lue, m. Selden Scoville of Vienna, O., as his second 

wife; no children. 

43 Levi^ ( Wtlliatn^j Andrevfy Williaw?^) born iu 

i.eiA ^^^^rim^nritoO 



Branford, 11 Jan., 1731-2. He is mentioned as of Say- 
brook, Conn, in 1746, and of Brauford in 1753 and 1755. 
He died before 21 Jan., 1788, when his mother's dower 
interest was divided ; a portion of which was set out to his 
heirs. But diligent search has not settled who the heirs 
were ; for a long time they were confounded with the de- 
scendants of SamueP. 

It is possible that Obed and Gad Bartholomew of Wa- 
terbury, who in 1795 with others were feoffees of the Epis- 
copal Church property there, were such. Also that Sybil 
Bartholomew '* or Williams" (says Bronson's History of 
Waterbury) was his widow, and a relative of Davenport 
Williams of Branford. She married in Waterbury, 15 
Jan., 1766, Daniel Hickox of Watertown, Ct., and died 
2 Apr., 1774. He married again, and died 2 July, 1826, 
»t. 84. 

Her children were Caleb Hickox, b. 18 Oct., 1766, m. 
Euth Scoville; d. 9 Mar., 1813. Daniel Hickox, b. 11 
Feb. 1769 ; d. 21 Oct., 1823 ; issue, Major Caleb Hickox 
of Watertown. Mary Hickox, b. 5 May, 1771 ; d. 7 Feb. 
1772, and Chauncey Hickox, b. 21 July, 1773. 

44 SamueP (Samuel* ^ Andrexi^^ William'^,) born in 
Branford in 1756; married, 14 May, 1776, Irene Munson 
and died in Northford, 18 Apr., 1833, rot. 77 yrs. She 
died 22 Feb., 1826. 

Mr. Bartholomew was a member of Captain Ellis* mili- 
tary company of North Branford in the Revolutionary War. 
He was a prosperous farmer, living in Northford all his life. 

His will dated 10 Jan., 1812, probated 25 Apr., 1833, 
mentions his wife Irene, daughter-in-law Lois, widow of 
only son Luzerne, grandchildren Rockwell, Darwin and 
Mary Jane Bartholomew ; and daughters Lydia Elliott and 
Hannah Harrison living in Wolcott. Children : 


1 Lydla^, b. 25 Jan., 1777; m. 18 Dec, 1799, Timothy 

Elliott; d. 18 Oct., 1860. 

125 ii Lnzerne, b. 81 July, 1781 ; d. about 1811. 

ill Hannah, b. in 1786; m. 24 Oct., 1805, Jacob Harrison ; 
and died 15 Mar., 1869, st. 82. Only living ch. 
1 Jane^ Harrison, m. Alexander Hall ; res. Wallingford. 

45 Timothy^ (Samuel^ y Andrevfi^ TFi7Kawi*,) bornin 

^otn^cLj ^oAU^Cfru^r^ (1831.) 

Branford, 6 Jan., 1758; married there 5 Dec, 1782, 
Abigail Munson ; and died in B., 16 Sept., 1835, »t. 77. 
She died 21 Jan., 1822. 

Mr. Bartholomew lived all his life on the farm, and in 
the house that was the home of his father and possibly 
of his grandfather Bartholomew. He took the oath of 
fidelity 21 Sept., 1784. Children : 

126 i William*, b. 13 Nov., 1788; d. 22 Mar., 1860. 

127 ii Samuel, b. 21 Nov., 1786; d. 7 Mar., 1881, «t. 96. 
ni Timothy, b. 20 Dec, 1787; d. 14 July, 1790. 

iv Rebecca, b. 1 Mar., 1790; m. 30 Dec, 1809, Elizur Har- 
rison of W. 
1 Benjamin^ F. Harrison, b. 1811. Educated in N. Y. Med- 
ical Colleges. Has been in active practice as a physician 
in Wallingford, since 1836. Was connected with the U. 
S. Service as Surgeon and Sanitary Officer during the 
Civil War. See History of Wallingford. 
v Abigail, b. 26 Jan., 1792; d. 26 Jan., 1792. 

128 vi Timothy, b. 6 Feb., 1793; d. 4 Mar., 1879, »t. 86. 
vii Abigail, b. 16 May, 1796; d. 28 Sept., 1796. 

^iii Isaac, b. 31 May, 1797 ; was a graduate of Yale College 

and studied for the ministry, but d. unm., 7 Dec, 1822. 
ix Emmeline, b. 12 Oct., 1799 ; m. Orrin B'w»" ; d. 12 Sept., 1879. 
X Eliza, b. 1 Jan., 1802; m. 26 Mar., 1823, Urbane (of 

Isaac) Woodruff; and resided with her only son in New 
Britain, Ct. He Was President of the Southington Sav- 
ings Bank ; d. 7 Dec, 1873, st. 74. 
1 Nelson P. Woodruff, b. 18 Feb., 1825; m. 14 Mar., 1866, 
Sarah T. Robblns. Ch. (1) Alice R.* and (2) Arthur 
L. Woodruff. 


xi Loifl, b. 19 Mar., 1804 ; m. May, 18ii, Amos II. Hamlin 

of SouthlDgtOD ; res. Piainvllle ; no children. 

zli Hannah, b. 11 Apr., 1806; m. 1st, Dec, 1825, Jared Potter 
a farmer of Northford, who d. 6 Sept., 1856. She m. 2nd, 
8 June, 1858, Miles Ives, who d. 9 June, 1872; res. 

1 Jane A. Potter, b. 16 Nov., 1826 ; ro. 3 May, 1846, Alex*r 

Hall, a farmer of W. Ch. (1) Mary J., (2) Herbert M., 
(8) Edith L. and (4) Alice W. 

2 Emmeline Potter, b. 15 July, 1828 ; d. 15 June, 1832. 

8 Mary L. Potter, b. 10 Mar., 1832 ; m. 28 Oct., 1849, Erwin 
Beardsley of Meriden, and d. 9 Feb., 1851. 

46 SamueP (DanieP, Andrevfj Williair^j) born in 
Wallingford, 4 Nov., 1735 ; married in Harwinton 4 June, 
1761, Martha Butler; and died in H. 9 June, 1766. She 
married, second, Reuben Bristol and had children. 

]VIr. Bartholomew is mentioned in the Harwinton records 
as holding the position of tithing man. 

Mrs. Martha was made administratrix of his estate, 1 
July, 1766. A few years after, Abner Wilson was made 
guardian of the son, Samuel, and Reuben Bristol of the 
daughter, Martha. Children : 

129 i Samuel^ b. 21 Oct., 1762; d. in 1842, set. 80. 

ii Martlia ♦• (Aunt Patty)," b. 1 Oct., 1764 ; d. num. 24 Dec, 1881 

47 Reuben^ (Daniel^ j Andreifiy Williaiv?^) born in 
Wallingford, 17 Sept., 1736; married in Harwinton, 15 
Sept., 1762, Thankful Dewey; and died in II. in Dec, 
1804. She died in H., 7 Mar., 1836, at. 93. 

Mr. Bartholomew was a federal soldier in the war of 
1776 ; but otherwise spent his entire life on the farm 
broken by his father in Harwinton. He held the office 
of sealer of weights in H. and is otherwise frequently 
mentioned in its town records. Children : 


i Thankful*, b. 28 July, 17r>3; m. Zophar Bassett. 
ii A 80I1, b. 18 Dec, 1764; d. 18 Jan., 1765. 

130 lit Heman, b. 15 Aug., 17G6; d. 7 Feb., 1850, SBt. 83. 

iv Huldah, b. 8 Apr., 1768 ; m. Joseph K. Bomes of W. Hart- 
ford, Ct. 

131 V Edward, b. 8 Apr,, 1771; d. 8 Not., 1866, »t. 95. 

132 vi Lothrop, b. 14 May, 1778; d. Dec, 1857, set. 84. 
vli Eunice, b. 22 May, 1775. 

vlll Ann, b. 19 July, 1777; ra. Truman Ives, 

133 ix Reuben, b. 18 Aug., 1779; d. 6 Apr., 1855, set. 76. 

X Sarah, b. 4 July, 1782; m. Zimri Skinner; d. 1834. 

48 Jacob^ (Daniel^, Andreu^^ William^ y) born in 
WalHngford, 11 June, 1740; married in Harwinton, 17 
Jan., 1770, Mehitable Johnson of Middletown, Ct. ; and 
died in Middlebury, Vt., 5 Sept., 1813, a3t. 73. She died 
8 Dec., 1833, let. 83. 

He was a mechanic and "metal worker." He removed 
about 1782 to Vermont, stopping a few years in Salisbury 
but finally settling in Middlebury. The Vermont Legis- 
lature passed an act for his relief from some legal incum- 
brance in 1800. 

They were both members of the Congregational Church. 

Mrs. Mehitable was famed for her piety and charitable 
deeds ; in Middlebury she was universally beloved, and 
known as "Aunt Mabel." Children : 

1 Mjiry«, b. 8 Feb., 1772 ; m. Wm. Kllboum ; d. 18 

Mar., 183S. 

n William, b. 22 May, 1774; d. 10 Oct., 1776. 

134 iil Jacob, b. 8 Aug., 1776; d. 10 Oct., 1860, »t. 74. 
iv llannati, b. 1 Nov., 1778; m. David Wells; and d. 

19 Apr., 1850, set. 71. He d. 4 May, 1825; res. Middle- 
bury; issue. 

1 Wniiam Bw.^ Wells, b. 6 Aug., 1805; d. 18 May, 1871, In 

Augusta, 6a. 

2 EHzabeth W. Wells, b. 20 May, 1807; d. 6 Oct., 1871, in 

8 Mary Jane Wells, m. W. R. Leonard. Ch. (1) Sarah E. 

(Fonce) of Augusta, Ga. 


4 Martha Wells, b. 22 Sept., 1811; d. 25 Oct.. 1812. 

6 David Wells, b. 24 Dec, 1813; d. 26 Jan., 1814. 

6 Martha C. Wells, b. 9 May, 1815; d. 16 Feb., 1860. 

7 Emmeline Bw. Wells, b. 8 Jan., 1818; in. 6 Dec, 1841, 

Chas. Llnsley ; res. Middlebury. Ch. (1) David W.*(d,) 
(2) Mary (Tilden), (3) Emmeline (d.), (4) Joel (b. 1 
Sept., 1847). (6) John G. (d.), (6) William (b. 8 Mar., 
1851), (7) Helen E. (d.), (8) Julius G. (Signal Office, 
Mt. Washington) and (9) Richard (d.). 

8 David A. Wells, b. 11 Nov., 1819; d. 8 Oct., 1889. 

9 David L. Wells, b. 21 Jan., 1822; m. Helen M. Lee; 

res. Milwaukee, Wis. Ch. (1) Helen Mary, b. 25 Aug., 
1858, and (2) Alice Mary, b. 17 Apr., 1863. 
136 V Miles, b. 7 Mar., 1781 ; d. 9 Jan., 1834. 

vi Mehitable, b. 4 May, 1783; d. 14 June, 1860, in M. 

vii William Johnson, b. 25 Sept., 1785; d. 19 Sept., 1803. 
136 vlil Daniel, b. 7 Feb., 1788 ; d. 10 June, 1849. 

49 Benjaxain' {Daniel^, Andrea^, William^y) born 
in Har will ton, 1 Aug., 1748; married 17 Nov., 1777, 
Mary Spencer of New Hartford, and died 5 Nov., 1811. 

She died in 1830, set. 80. 

He was a fanner and resided in Harwinton. 

A short time preceding his death, he became deranged 
from the effects of injuries to his head. Children : 

187 l Ezra Spencer*, b. 16 Mar., 1779; d. 22 Feb., 1817. 
ii Benjamin, b. 2G Nov., 1780; d. unm. lu 1801. 

138 ill Truman, b. 4 Aug., 1782; d. 11 Aug., 1843. 

Iv Anna, b. 4 June, 1783; m. Smith; d. in 1828. 

V Nancy, b. in 178(>; m. Samuel Lyon, 

vl Amanda, b. in 1789; d. unm. 27 June, 1824. 

, vii Wooster, b. 28 Aug., 1792; d., unm., in Mt. Pleasant, 

Pa., 20 Feb., 187C, ajt. 83. He enlisted at Bloominsburg, 
N. J., in Aug., 1814, in Capt. Miller's Comp. of Col. Tall- 
mldge*s (46) Ueg't, and was stationed nine months in 
New York City. 
viiiRufUs, b. In 1795; d. 16 Dec, 1802. 

60 James^ (Daniel^, Andreii^^ William^,) born in 

Harwinton, 16 Feb., 1761 ; married there, 21 May, 1788, 

Kel>eeca Catlin ; and died in Granby, 29 Sept., 1746, tet. 


85. She was born in Hartford, 9 Feb., 1761 ; d. in G., 
24 Sept., 1841, aet. 80. 

Mr. Bartholomew enlisted, when only seveyteen, as an 
artificer under Colonel Jeduthan Baldwin, serving three 
years. He lived in Harwinton until 1819, in Sheffield 
Mass., six years, and the balance of his life in Granby. 
Was a farmer. He purchased land in Clarksburg, Mass., 
in 1817, which he deeded to his son, James C, in 1822. 

He took an active part in the church and town affairs of 
Harwinton and Granby, being a member of their Congre- 
gational Churches. 

Although the father of nine children, he has no descend- 
ants of his surname living. Children : 

i Ursula, b. 6 Apr., 1789; m. 29 Oct., 1838, Azariah 

Fielding; and d. 21 May, 1847; no Issue, 
ii Khoda, b. 24 Dec, 1790; m. in 1831, Allen Brown; 

and d. in Mar., 1858 ; no issue, 
lii Betsy, b. 10 Mar., 1793; m. 28 May, 1817, Lucas 

Catlln; and d. 21 Oct., 1865. He d. 8 Mar., 1879, set. 82. 

1 Catherine', Catllu, m. L. A. Wetmore; d. 27 Dec, 1875; 

one son, Catlin. 

2 James Bw. Catlin, b. 6 Apr., 1820; d. 2 Jan., 1857. Ch. 

(1) Alfred," (2) Emma (Coe), (8) Alice, (4) Hopkins and 
(5) Luman. 
8 Jane Catlin, b. 14 Sept., 1822; res. Thomaston, Ct. 

4 Sarah £. Catlin, b. 9 May, 1820; d. 18 June, 1858. 
6 Lucius Catlin, b. 28 July, 1881 ; d. 2 Feb., 1875. 

iv Rebecca, b. 23 Jan., 1795 ; m. 2 June, 1819, Elijah Spen- 

cer; andd. 16 Sept., 1868. He d. 3 Nov., 1865, set. 74. 

1 Elijah C. Spencer, b, 8 Apr., 1821 ; res. Nepang, Ct. 

Kepresentative. Ch. (1) Chas. H., (2) Clluton H., 
(3) Jesse R., and (4) Mary B. 

2 Caroline Spencer, m. — Raymond ; res. Winsted, Conn. 
8 Eliza Spencer, d. 7 Mar., 1882. 

4 George H. Spencer, residence, Nortonville, Kansas. 

5 James Bw. Spencer, res. Nepang. 

V Mary, b. 24 Apr., 1797; m. 28 Sept., 1817, William 

Goodwin; and d. 25 Apr., 1868; res. New Marlborough, 
Mass. and Rush, Pa. 


1 Charles B. Goodwin, b. June, 1818; d. 26 Feb., 1848. 

2 Ann M. Goodwin, b. May, 1820; m. Geo. Taylor; d. 

Dec, 1860. 

8 Harriett Goodwin, b. 23 Sept., 1828 ; m. J. R. Fletcher ; 
res. Montrose, Pa. 

4 James D. Goodwin, b. 1 1 Aug., 1825 ; m. Laura Hancock ; 

res. M. 

5 William C. Goodwin, b. 25 Nov., 1827; m. Ellen Warner; 

res. Bristol, Ct. 

6 Mary J. Goodwin, b. 11 June, 1830; m. Minor Fair- 

child; d. 27 May, 1881. 

7 George S. Goodwin, b. Aug., 1832; m. Harriett Nichols ; 

res. Chain of Rocks, Mo. 

8 Viola R. Goodwin, b. Jan., 1835; m. Jas. Gorham; d. 

10 Sept., 1861. 

9 Frank T. Goodwin, b. 4 July, 1887; m. Sarah Silvcr- 

natl ; res. Victor, Kan. 
10 Fred. O. Goodwin, b. Apr., 1843; m. Polly Taylor; 
res. Phlla., Pa. 
189 vl James Catlin, b. 25 Apr., 1799; d. 12 Jan., 1878, aet. 78. 

Til Augusta, b. 6 Mar., 1801; m. 15 Sept., 1840, Selah 

Woodruff; and d. Mar., 1870, in her 70th yr. No ch. 
Till Merantha, b. 12 Jan., 1803; d. 27 Nov., 1806. 

ix Daniel, b. 25 Oct., 1805; d., unm., 12 Oct., 1835. 

51 Andrew^ (Andreib^, Andrev^^ William^,) born in 
Harwinlon, 8 Aug., 1745; married, 27 Dec, 1769, Sarah 
Wiard of Farmington, who was born 25 Nov., 1745 ; and 
died 5 Sept., 1813, ast. 73. He married, second, Eunice 
Clapp; and died 9 July, 1821, set. 75. 

Mr. Andrew Bartholomew, gentleman, of Harwinton, 
as he is termed in the town records, took the oath of fidel- 
ity, 13 Apr., 1778. He held the positions of key-keeper, 
sealer of measures, land appraiser, etc., many years. In 
1777, he was one of a committee to adjust certain soldiers' 
claims and subsequently held the military rank of Captain. 
In 1790, he purchased 100 acres of land in Montgomery, 
Muss., to which he afterwards moved, adding to it by other 


purchases, including grist, saw, shingle and clover seed 
mills. Children : 

1 Marilla,* b. 4 Dec, 1770; m. 2 Feb., 1791, Joel Bradley, a 
merchant and hotel keeper of Bennington, Vt., and d. 81 
Mar., 1858, set. 87. He d. 22 Sept., 1847, »t. 75. 

1 Sally Bradley,^ b. 27 May, 1792; m. Wheeler; 

d. 28 Nov., 1821. 

2 Alfred Albro Bradley, ) ^^,„g^ ^ ^0 May, J ^' ^ S^P^' l^^^' 
8 Albro Alfred Bradley, ) 1^94. ^ ^[q^ young. 

4 Joel Green Bradley, b. 16 Aug., 1805; d. unmarried. 

5 Horace F. Bradley, b. 4 Dec, 1815 ; lives in Bennington. 
U Sarah, b. 8 Mar., 1773; d. 6 May, 1778. 

140 lii Andrew, b. 20 Mar., 1774; d. 81 Jan., 1851, aet. 77. 

141 Iv Martin, b. 18 Aug., 1776; d. 13 Mar., 1842. 
V Sarah, b. 4 June, 1779; d. 23 Apr., 1780. 

142 vi Roswell, b. 28 Jan., 1781 ; d. 7 Apr., 1830. 
vii An infant, b. 10 May, 1784; d. 10 May, 1784. 

143 viii Horace, J ^^j^^ . ^ gs May, J ^- ^^ N^^- 1«^1- 

144 ix Harris, $ ^786. (d. 28 Mar., 1860, aet. 75. 
X An inmnt, b. 25 Aug., 1787; d. 10 Sept., 1787. 

52 Charles^ (Andrew* y And.rev^y William^ j) born in 
Harwinton, 18 Oct., 1749; married, 26 June, 1777, Je- 
rusha Fargo of Torrington, Conn. ; after her deatli, he 
married Lucretia Ann Crofut, and died at Athens, Pa., 
in 1825, 8Bt. about 75. 

He took the oath of fidelity in H., 21 Sept., 1779. 

He moved from Harwinton after Apr., 1782 and in Oct., 
1791, was living inNewDeaton, Montgomery Co., N. Y., 
and the following year in the town of Tolbot of the same 
county. Subsequently he moved to Worcester, Otsego 
Co., where the very large family of John Bartholomew of 
Germantown, Pa., had lived many years. He moved 
thence to Sheshequin, Bradford Co., Pa., near where he 
remained the balance of his life. Children t 

145 1 Cliarles,* b. 24 Apr., 1778; d. 1871, «t. 93. 


il Chloe, b. 11 Nov., 1779; m. — Chandler. Ch. 1 Chas.^ 
(d.), 2 Joho (of Shcsheqain), 8 Robert (Mlch.)> 4 Van 
Rensiialaer (d.), 5 Andrew (d.), 6 Nathaniel (Potter Co., 
Pa.), 7 Jerusha (m. — Harsh ; d.), 8 Polly (m. — Rodgers ; 
d.), 9 Betsy (m. — Tompkins of Sheshequln). 

ill Hannah. 

146 It Allen, b. 4 Apr., 1782; d. 15 Ang., 1859, st. 77. 

147 V Aaron, b. 2 Feb., 1789; d. about 1851. 

148 vi Andrew, m. Marparet Given ; d. 4 July, 1825. 
vU Ira, had ch. 1 Charles and 2 Bela. 

viil Jerusha, m. — Byington ; son, Ebenezer of Elmira, N. Y. 

53 Phineas^ (Andrew* y Andreu^^ Willian?^) born in 
Harwinton, 2 Msiy, 1754 ; married, firat, Sarali Leavett, 
who died in Bethlehem, Conn., 5 Feb., 1813, tet. 53, 
deranged. He died about 1816 ; his children living after 
his death, with their uncle and ^unt Leavett in Washing- 
ton, Ct. 

Dr. Bartholomew graduated from Yale College in 1778 
and practised medicine in Bethlehem, and in Greene Co., 
N. Y. 

^ There was a fearful epidemic in his town " which baffled 
the physicians' powers to understand or cure. Aware of 
the probable result, he made a post-mortem examination 
of the remains of one of his patients who had died with the 
disease, and had only time to place the results of his search 
in proper form on paper, when he died. But this noble 
sacrifice of his life was not in vain, his diagnosis of the 
disease was sufficient to enable the doctors to treat the 
other cases successfully. 

No more heroic death from devotion to science and hu- 
manity ever occurred. Children : 

i Lavlnla,' b. In 1789; m. in 1815, Daniel Clark, and d. 

with her child, 6 Dec, 181(3. He was nn ofllcer in the war 
of 1812 and a well-to-do farmer of Wjwhington ; and d. 5 
Mar., 18G9, ajt. 83. 
149 il Kdward Walter, b. in 1792; d. 1 Nov., 1848. 

ill Ennneline. b. in 1801 ; d. 14 Aug., 1822. 


54 Timothy^ {Timothj^, Andrea?, William\) born 
in Wallingford, 11 Aug., 1745; married, 23 Dec, 1773, 
Esther Grant of Lyme, Vt. ; and died in Thetford, Vt., 
20 Feb., 1831, »t. 85. She was born 25 Sept., 1745 ; and 
died in T., 29 June, 1824, set. 78. 

Mr. Bartholomew was early left fatherless, and, his 
mother remarrying, ''alone in the world," as he said ; in 
youth he removed to Vershire, Vt. He may have lived 
previously with his mother's people in Tolland, Conn. 

He cleared and cultivated a fine farm and ^ was an accom- 
plished surveyor." 

He was chosen Justice of the Peace for Thetford, 17 
June, 1778. June 10, 1780, he was appointed commis- 
sioner, by the Governor and Council, for the sale of con- 
fiscated estates of enemies yi the towns of Norwich, Sharon, 
Thetford, Stratford (Strafford), Fairlee and Mooretowu 
(Bradford). He was appointed on Special Committees in 
1781 and 1782, and was repeatedly a member of the General 
Assembly. Oct. 9, 1795, he is styled "Late Commis- 
sioner of Confiscation in this State "(Vt.). In 1801 he 
petitioned the Legislature in behalf of the inhabitants of 
Thetford, to make certain divisions of Thetford hmds "nec- 
essary to quiet title." 

His influence was positive in 1778 against the continu- 
ance of the old county organization, and prominent in 
support of VeiTOont and her rights. "He was nearly the 
perfection of manhood ; and at eighty years of age could 
spring from the ground into his saddle," says one ; and 
another, that " Timothy Bartholomew was a true gentleman * 
of the old school. His heart was the embodiment of all 
that is humane and lovely." 

He died at sunset from apoplexy, after having attended 
church " on the Hill" on a very cold Sunday. ^ 

A brief l)iograi)hical sketch written by Dr. WillardHo&- 
ford is hero given. 


II». e. S.BaRholomc* Ws-S E. B. Bill>, M.D. tM. Rev. C. G. Bin 

I. f. C. BanholomH 

SM. Job Banluiliiaiew. H. Timiiihy BanhnlDinct. ISO TloiDihy Baiiholomew. Jr. 22S. Eli Binholonew. 

m-4. Fricadjohs Banhotuinew. Ml Col J J F 

© i' 'I 9 

Ga R 5 Bi'iholanc-. Riv W. M Binh 



** Timothy Bartholomew was one of the earliest settlers of 
Thetfordy Vt., and Yoluntarily, took upon himself the. 
trials and privations inseparably connected with frontier 
life. His youth and delicate make seemed ill suited for 
so laborious and trying an ordeal, for he had not only 
uncultivated nature to subdue, but the sneaking bear, the 
greedy wolf, and far worse than these, the merciless sav- 
age to beat back and to conquer, in those days of alarm. 

But his rare intellectual endowments guided his band 
and fashioned his course, and these made ample amends 
for his physical wants. Here his toil was an eminent suc- 
cess, and his labors were rewarded by abundant returns, 
and crowded his garners with breadstuffs that in after time 
never ran low, or closed against the appeals of want ; for 
his heart was generous and his hand open, hence his wide 
reputation as the almoner of the poor. Whether taste or 
accident, bis selection of a home was most fortunate, com- 
bining, as it does, utility, romance and beauty, each in a 
high degree. Cosily and effectually protected from light- 
nings and tempests, midway between a long sweep of the 
river on the right and a bold bluff on the left, now stands 
the representative of his primitive cot, and around which 
lay the sweet fields he so fondly cultivated. A wife soon 
became sharer of his fortune and worthy of his hand, so in 
due time seven children were gathered about their board, 
and thus completing the main programme of life ; six of 
whom they had the pleasure of seeing heads of families 
and settled about them. 

The elder son died in early manhood, and the younger 
without issue, so now the name has no living respondent ; 
and yet the Bartholomew blood flows vigorously through 
many a vein in the wide spread issue of the five daughters ; 
whose palladium has ever been his mantle of justice ; and 
truly has, and ever will sustain them in the way of honor. 


Far and wide he was known as the *' Squire " and famed 
for his uprightness ; hence he became a court of appeal 
among his bickering townsmen, and no one questioned the 
honesty of his decisions. 

Although of marked sober mien, he much enjoyed jets 
of wit and fun, and with them played a ready hand ; but 
carefully avoided contention and strife, being uncongenial 
to his nature ; but chose, rather, to faithfully execute his 
patriarchal mission in rounding up a model home, as the 
better inheritance for his heirs. His uniform quiet ways 
might question his courage, but his prowess was satisfac- 
torily vindicated by his single-handed grapple with a 
predatory bear in his sheepfold at midnight, that he laid 
bleeding at his feet. 

And now, beside the beautiful river he so loved, and 
the towering bluffs in the background, in the dust of the 
valley that served him so well, heedless of the thundering 
rail, he sleeps in peace, with the loved ones of his family 
around him." (See likeness, opposite p. 126). Children : 

1 Anna,* b. 29 Aug., 1774; m. 16 Sept., 1799, Sam'l 

Phelps, who d. 27 Dec, 1827. She d. in Oxford, N. H., 
6 Sept., 1839. 

1 Timothy^ Bw. Phelps, b. 8 Dec, 1801; d. 27 June, 1878, 

03 1. 76. One eh., Harriett.® 

2 Abner Bw. Phelps, ^t^in-.u igMav C d. San Francisco, 

r twins . D. lo May, ^ ^^ ^ ^ ^^^ ^^^^^ 

8 Anna Phelps, ) . ^^^' ( 

4 Fanny Phelps, b. 23 Aug., 1806; d. 19 Nov., 1841. 

n Abigail, b. 10 Apr., 1776; ni. 15 May, 1794, Joseph 

Hosford; and d. in T. 11 Sept., 1858, aet. 82. He d. 19 

Aug., 1842, 8Bt. 70. lies. T. 

1 Martha' Hosford, b. 12 Aug., 1795; d. 18 Nov., 1819. 

2 Isaac Hosford, b. 10 Nov., 1797; grad. of Dart- 

mouth ; res. T. Has passed a long and usefdl life as 
pastor of various churches. 
8 Uriel Hosford, b. 15 Nov., 1798; d. 6 July, 1868. 

Ch. (1) Fred'k, (2) Isabella, (8) Eliz'h, (4) Fred'ls W. and 
(5) Sam'l A. 


4 Joslah Hosford, b. 18 May, 1800 ; d. Son, Dr. Chas. 

H. of Thompson, Ct. 

5 Almeda Hosford, b. 27 May, 1802; d. 27 Sept, 1829. 

6 Joseph Hosford, b. 7 Mar., 1804; d. 11 Mar., 1804. 

7 Willard (Dr.) Hosford, b. 11 Apr., 1805; an eminent phy- 

sician of Oxford, N. H. Ch. (1) Corinne and (2) Schiller. 

8 Lacy Hosford, b. 20 Jan., 1807 ; m. Hazen Bartlett. 

Ch. (1) Lucy F. 

9 Bradley Hosford, b. 9 Nov., 1809; m. Hannah Jenks. 

Ch. (1) Emma, (2) Charlemagne, (8) Reginald and 
(4) Elizabeth. 
lOAbnerBw. Hosford, b. 17 Jan., 1812; d. 14 June, 1849, 

leaving one son, Joseph. 
11 Harriett Hosford, b. 14 May, 1814; m., 1 Mar., 1845, 

GasUvus B. Cnshman ; res. N. Thetford. Chlld^ b. 19 
July, 1847; d., set. 8. 
12 Benjamin F. Hosford, b. 11 Nov., 1817; m. Mary Stone. 
Ch. (1) Mary, (^) BenJ., (8) Martha and (4) Isaac. 
Hi Abner, b. 7 Oct, 1778; d. Sept., 1811. 

iv Esther, b. 20 Oct., 1780; m. 15 Dec, 1813, Grant 

Smith; d. in Fairlee,yt, 14 Oct, 1828. He d. 27 Jaly, 
1858, et 75. 
1 Solon Grant, b. 28 Jan., 1823; d. 81 Oct, 1871, in Col. 
150 ▼ Timothy Phelps, b. 4 Feb., 1783; d. 26 Aug., 1861. 
vi Isaac, b. 10 June, 1786; d. 1 June, 178C. 

vii Isaac, b. 27 Feb., 1787; d. 23 Feb., 1789. 

vlli Amelia C^MlUa'Ob. 14 Nov., 1789; m. 17 Oct, 1816, Dr. John 
Brown of Lyme; and d. 28 Nov., 1847. He d. 29 Feb., 1788. 

1 Frances A.Brown, b. 26 Dec, 1816; d. 16 June, 1854. 

Ch. (1) Frances. 

2 Timothy Bw. Brown, b. 23 Apr., 1819 ; ra. Mary A. Mitchell ; 

res. W. Newton, Mass. Ch. (1) Mary, (2) Ediorn, 
(8) Geo., (4) Emma and (6) James. 

3 Esther G. Brown, b. 24 Sept, 1820; d. 27 Jan., 1870. 

4 Lucy Ann Brown, b. 14 Mar., 1823 ; res. Dedham, Mass. 

5 Mary A. Brown, b. 20 July, 1826; m. Franklin Bald- 

win; d. 6 Aug., 1867; res. Stoughton, Mass. Ch. 
(1) Arthur and (2) Elinor. 

6 Lydla £. Brown, b. 11 July, 1827; m. RuAis Leonard; 

res. Boston. 

7 Mary L. Brown, b. 8 Oct, 1828 ; m. Stephen H. Wing ; 

res. Brockton, Mass. Ch. (1) Josephine, (2) Harriett and 
(3) Frank. 



8 Josephine A. Brown, b. 11 Sept., 1830 ; m. Nathan C. Pike ; 

re«. W. Newton. 

9 James C. Brown, b. 8 Oct., 1882; d. 80 Sept., 1855. 
10 Harriett 0. Brown, b. 18 Apr., 1836; d. 28 Sept., 1846. 

Iz Lydia, b. 80 Sept., 1793 ; m. 4 Mar., 1822, Geo. W. 

Maltbie ; and d. 28 Jone, 1877, »t. 84. He d. 9 Mar., 1864, 
»t. 74. 

1 Eliza A. Maltbie, b. 1825 ; m. Dr. W. C. Chorchill ; d. 28 

Oct., 1866. 

2 Rosina L. Maltbie, b. 11 Apr., 1829 ; m. Ist, John PhUbrick, 

2nd, Enoch T. Hancock ; res. Wilmington, N. C. 
X Almeda, b. 18 Jaly, 1796; d. 23 Ang., 1797. 

55 Andrew* {Joseph^ ^ Andrea^, WxUiaw?^) born in 
Wallingford, 24 Jan., 1744; mamed, 7 Jan., 1773, Ra- 
chel, daughter of Reuben Royce of W., who died 3 July, 
1802. He married, second, 9 Apr., 1803, Sarah Hubbell 
who died in 1830. He died 17 July, 1818, set. 74. 

Captain Bartholomew resided in Wallingford, where he 
owned and cultivated most thriftily an extensive farm lying 
on the north road from Wallingford to Durham. He, as 
well as bis father, commanded the military company of 
the town. This branch of the family was of dark com- 
plexion and large size. 

His will, proved 3 Aug., 1818, mentions his wife Sarah, 
daughters, Lois Williams, and five children ; Lavinia Ly- 
man and Electa Robinson ; and sons, Wyllis, Jesse, An- 
drew, Noyce Dana, George Rice and Hezekiah. Children : 

i Lois,* b. 81 May, 1774; m. Ist, WiUlams; five 

children; 2ncl, after 1818, - Hobsoo ; one son Sherman H. 

151 U WylUs, b. 21 June, 1777; d. 6 Apr., 1846. 

152 Hi Jesse, b. 28 July, 1779; d. about 1812. 
iv Rachel, b. 10 Apr., 1781; d. childless. 

153 ▼ Andrew, b. 3 Mar., 1783; d. 10 June, 1849. 

154 vi Noyce Dana, b. 2 Apr., 1785; d. 11 Mar., 1869, st. 84. 
156 vii George Rice, b. 16 Dec, 1787; d. 18 Sept, 1821. 

viii Lavinia, b. 25 Oct., 1789; m. before 1818, Alanson, son 

David Lyman. Ch. 1 Henry, 2 Sina Coe and 3 Charles 


Iz Electa, b. 15 Dec, 1791 ; m. Ist, Moses Robinson, 2nd, 

Asa Chamberlain of Durham, Ct., and d. 16 Apr., 1872, 
mU 80. Ch. 1 Sosan (Harres of Chicago, IlL), 2 Andrew 
J., 8 Bachel, 4 Elizabeth and 5 Moses Bobinson and 
6 Lewis, 7 Martha and 8 Henry Chamberlain of Kew 
IM X Hezeklah, b. 28 Apr., 1795 ; d. 5 May, 1852. 

66 Isaao^ (Joseph^ , Andreu^^ WtUianf^) borninWal- 
lingford in 1748 ; married Martha Morse who died about 
1781. He married, second, about 1784, Damarius Hall 
who died 6 Nov., 1819. He died in Apr., 1821, set. 73. 

Isaac Bartholomew's farm was on what was called 
*• Whirlwind Hill," now known as East Farms, m Wal- 
lingford, and a part of the very large farm now owned by 
his grandson, Augustus^' Bartholomew. 

In 1793, Hervey and Ruth Stephens of W. for ** love 
and affection," deed to Damarius, wife of Isaac Bar- 
tholomew, a farm m Wallingford. Children : 

157 1 Isaac,* ro. Lydla Curtiss ; d. aboot 1828. 

158 U Levi Moss, b. 17 Oct., 1775; res. Atwater, 0. 
169 lii Joseph, m. Julia Howd ; res. Dankirk, N. Y. 

It Loly, b. 5 Aug., 1778; m. 9 Jan., 1800, Wm. W. Ives 

of W. 

1 Lncinda^ Ives, b. 25 Nov., 1801 ; m. Harvey Merrimaa 

of W. ; d. ; three ch. 

2 Bfartha Ives, b. 10 Aug., 1805 ; m. John E. Hunt of W. ; 

d. ; three ch. 
8 Harriett Ives, b. 9 Mar., 1807; m. Joseph Addis; d. 
leaving eight ch. 

4 Aurellan Ives, b. 11 Aug., 1809; m. Ambrose C."' Bar- 


5 Wooster Ives, b. 16 Feb. ,1811; m. Ellza*^ Bartholomew. 

6 Louisa Ives, b. 29 Nov., 1818; m. Ellsworth Hall of 

W. ; d. ; no ch. 

7 Lncretia Ives, m. 14 May, 1815, Nelson Cook of W. ; d. ; 

twelve ch. 

8 William W. Ives, b. 3 Dec, 1816; m. Sarah G.*^ Barthol- 



9 MIlo Ives, b. 24 Jan., 1819; m. Mary Bamham; d. 

in W. ; two ch. 

10 Eliza Ann Ives, b. 27 Oct., 1828; m. Phlneas Ward; d.; 

two ch. 
y Martha, b. 18 Jane, 1780; m. in 1824, Street Hall Morse 
of W. ; moved west. Ch. 1 Levi, 2 Joel, 8 John, 
4 Jnlla A., 5 Harvey and 6 Patty. 

160 vi Samuel, b. 2 Dec, 1785. 

161 vil Ira, b. 28 Apr., 1788; d. 6 Sept., 1852. 

162 viii Orrin, b. 22 Feb., 1793 ; d. 8 Jan., 1858. 
ix Sally, never married. 

X Catherine, b. 16 Nov., 1796; m. 29 Mar., 1819, Augustas 
Howd, who d. 13 Aug., 1878, et. 77. She was the eldest 
member present at the ftimlly gathering, 10 Aug., 1882. 
Res. with her son-in-law. Professor David N. Camp, in 
New Britain, Conn. 

1 Sarah A. Ilowd, m. D. N. Camp. Ch. (1) Ellen R. and 

(2) Emma J. (Rogers). 

2 Horace Howd, b. 25 Aug., 1822; res. E. Grand St., 

Fair Haven, Ct. 
8 Henry A. Howd, res. Birmingham, Ct, Ch. (1) Wm. H., 

(2) Frank and (8) Chas. B. 
4 Catherine E. Howd, m. Wm. S. Post; d. 12 Mar., 1860. 

57 Jonathan^ {Joseph^, Andrevf, William^,) born in 
Wallingford, 5 Nov., 1750. This date is from the town 
records ; one descendant says it was 6 May, 1751 ; and the 
U. S. Pension Dept. has it 3 and 23 Feb., 1755, which 
must be wrong if the order in which the children are men- 
tioned in the town and other records is coiTect. 

He married in W., Anna Cook ; and died 28 Jan., 1846 
and is said to have been ** aged about 96 years." She was 
bom 5 Oct., 1751, and died 13 Jan., 1836, «t. 84. 

He enlisted in Dec, 1775, and was employed about New 
York City and Long Island in building forts. In May, 
1776, he was detailed for hospital service, particularly to 
care for Lieut. Hart, who was ill with camp fever ; with 
which he was afterwards attacked ; and removed on the 
evacuation of the city with the retreat of the army to Kings- 


bridge. He recovered sufficiently, although weak and 
feeble, to participate in the battle at White Plains in Oct., 
1776. In the spring of 1777, he was engaged in guard 
duty on the Conn, coast, but later, joined Col. Enos' reg- 
iment and marched up the North River to repel Gen'l Bur- 
goyne's advance ; after the latter's surrender at Saratoga, 
the regiment returned to Horseneck, Ct. 

The next year he substituted in place of Stephen Hall, 
who had been drafted for coast-guard duty. In 1780, 
while at Fishkill and Peekskill, on the North river, one 
man was shot and another hung, through his evidence, for 
having enlisting orders from British authority. 

Mr. Bartholomew lived next neighbor to his brother 
Isaac ; and twenty-eight of the children of the three brothers 
Andrew, Isaac and Jonathan continued to live in that neigh- 
borhood after i*eaching maturity. Children : 

i lliankftil,' b. 9 Aug., 1781 ; m. Timothy Russell; and hod 
Harriett^ Russell, m. Walter Griswold ; res. Little Falls, 
N. Y. 

ii Clarinda, b. 14 Apr., 1783; m. Porter Austin of W. Ch. 
1 Sherman, 2 Harriett, 3 Wlllittm, 4 Joel and 5 Horace of W. 

ill Jeremiah, b. 17 June, 1785; d. unm. in Richmond, Va. 

163 iv Stephen, b. 19 June, 1787; d. 15 Sept., 1869, ait. 82. 

164 T I^man, b. 19 July, 1790; d. 17 Oct., 1864, oet. 74. 

Tl Maria D., b. 10 July, 1793; m. — Weaver; d. 5 Sept., 1869, 

et. 76. 
Yii Anna, b. 4 June, 1797; m. Calvin Harrison; d. 18 Nov., 

1878, set. 76. He was a carpenter and joiner in W. ; and 

d. 6 Apr., 1870, set. 73. 

1 Leander Harrison, b. 15 Apr., 1818; m. Lucy H. Foot. Ch. 

(1) Therva and (2) Abigail of W. 

2 Abigail A. Harrison, m. Lst, James Parker; 2nd, Lyman 

Treadway ; res. New Haven. 

165 Till Darius, b. 28 Sept., 1800; d. 80 May, 1857. 

58 Joseph^ {Joseph* y Andrew^ ^ William^ y) born in 
Wallingford, 25 Aug., 1752; married Esther Cleveland, 


said to have been a sister of White Osborne ; and died in 
Pompey, Onondaga Co., N. Y., 21 May, 1808. Their 
gravestones are both standing ; inscription on hers reads 
^ Esther Cleveland, relict of Joseph Bartholomew, died 
June 24, 1827." 

Mr. Bartholomew moved about 1790, after the birth of 
all his children, to Harwinton; thence to Cornwall, Ct., 
and in 1793 settled on Lot 11, in the eastern portion of 
the town of Pompey, then Oran, N. Y. In 1796 he built 
the town its first hotel which was kept by him until 1808. 
He was a prosperous farmer and held the position of county 
road-overseer. Children : 

166 1 Joseph,* b. 2 May, 1772; d. 21 Jaly, 1861, in his 90th yr. 

167 il Chaancey, b. 15 Apr., 1776; d. in 1808 or 9. 

168 ill Daniellves, b. 18 Nov., 1777; d. 2 Dec., 1851. »t. 74. 
iv Mary, b. 8 Oct., 1779; m. Alvin St. John. 

1 Harriett* St. John, m. 1st, — Doty ; 2nd, — Spars ; res. Ra- 
venna, 0. 

169 V Cyrenos, b. 12 Feb., 1788; d. Aag., 1867, in 80th yr. 

59 Ira* (Joseph* ^ Andreufi^ Williarr?^) born in Wal- 
lingford in 1753 ; married in W., 19 Nov., 1778, Caroline 
Shattuck; died ''24 June, 1828, ffit.76" (gravestone). 
Mrs. Caroline died in 1836. 

Mr. Bartholomew removed to Cornwall, Ct., in 1782, 
thence to Salisbury, N. Y. He it mentioned as of New 
Haven in 1787 and 1789, and purchased one hundred 
acres at Palatine, N. Y., in 1794 ; but settled in Water- 
villa, N. Y., then called "The Huddle," in 1802; where 
he remained until he died. Children : 

i Betsy,* b. 16 July, 1779; m. ab. 1796, Dr. AmosO. HaU; d. 
St. 19. 

170 il Sherman, b. 6 Mar., 1781 ; d. U Nov., 1814. 

lit Desire, b. 24 June, 1787 ; m. 1st, in 1806, Salmon G. WlUard 
who d. 25 Nov., 1820; she m. 2nd, 2 Nov., 1823, Lewis 
Beebe; and d. 19 Sept., 1867, »t. 80. 


1 Charlotte' A. Wlllard, b. 4 Mar., 1808 ; d. in lU. in 1849^ 

2 Caroline E. Willard, b. 22 May, 1810; m. — Deming; res. 

Weedsport, N. Y. 

8 Jay Bw. Willard, b. 14 Jnne, 1812; d. in Va. in 1848. 

4 Clinton I. WUlard, b. 81 Jaly, 1814; d. in Texas in 1861. 

$ Mary A. Willard, b. 9 Jane, 1816 ; m. — Trowbridge, 

of Franldin, La. 

6 Fayette W. Beebe, b. 9 Nov., 1824; res. Idaho Springs, 


7 Harriett C. Beebe, b. 26 Sept., 1826; d. Aag., 1867. 

8 Lewis Beebe, b. 18 Sept., 1828; d. Oct., 1865. 

9 Sarah B. Beebe, b. 2 Dec., 1881 ; m. Hamilton Beard 

of Fayetterille, N. Y. 
It Nancy, b. 29 Jane, 1792; m. 11 Aag., 1809, H. Hearsy; d. 
17 Jan., 1872, in her 80th yr. He was a merchant of Brook- 
lyn, N. Y. ; d. 17 May, 1866. 
1 Delia H. Hearsy, m. Jalins Tower; res. Wissahickon, 

3 Harriett A. Hearsy, m. Wm. B. Holmes of Utica ; both d« 
8 Sherman B. Hearsy, m. Ann Bumpos ; and d. childless. 

4 James H. Hearsy, ^ ^^,^^ . ^ ^4 Jan., J '' Brooklyn, N. Y. 

6 John R. Hearsy, ) ^®^^* ( r. New York City. 

6 Francis E. Hearsy, b. 18 Jaly, 1822; d. 23 Aag., 1825. 

7 Caroline D. Hearsy, b. 24 July, 1824; d. 18 Aug., 1825. 

8 Charlotte Hearsy, m. John Hobbin ; d. 13 May, 1862. 

9 Mary N. Hearsy, b. 28 Sept., 1825; d. 8 Oct., 1832. 
171 ▼ Ira Hall, m. Mary Drary ; d. 14 Oct., 1830. 

60 Moses^ (Joseph*^ Andretc^^ Williaw?^) born in 
Wallingford in 1762 ; married in 1787, Mary Submit Shary 
of Middletown, Ct. ; died 28 Apr., 1804. 

She died 18 May, 1848, eet. 78. 

Mr. Bartholomew was in 1790 a resident of New Haven 
where he remained the balance of his life. Mrs. B. was a 
member of the Episcopal Church in New Haven. 

Children : 

I Hiram Sperry, b. 4 Apr., 1790; never m. and lost at sea, 16 

Jan., 1817. 

II Lalda Myra, b. 11 Oct., 1791; d. anm., 18 Dec, 1833. 


iv Caroline Temple, b. 14 Oct., 1793; m. Ist, 2 Jan., 1817, Aza- 
riah P. Seward of Durham, Ct. ; a sea captain, who d. at 
New Orleans, 1 Oct., 1820, »t. 81; she m. 2nd, 20 Nov., 
1885, Richard Trowbridge of N. H. ; and d. there 8 Dec., 
1878, et. 85. 

1 George Seward, b. 16 Oct., 1817; res. Liverpool, Eng. 

2 Mary Seward^ b. 25 Dec, 1819; m. 1 Mar., 1842, Wm. R. 

Ferree of N. H. 

61 Submit* (John*, Andrevfy Williaw?,) born in 
Aug., 1757 ; married Thankful Crofoot, who died in Jan., 
1844, set. 87. He died in Harwinton, 17 Jan., 1816. 

He was a farmer in Harwinton, where he purchased 
several tracts of land in 1780 and later; which he deeded 
to his only child Mary, and her husband, Randle Castle 
of H. 


62 John* {John*, Andrev^, William^,) bom in 1762 ; 
married Lydia Brooks of Burlington, Ct. ; and died in 
Harwinton, 17 Apr., 1810. She died in H., 16 Apr., 
1854, aet. 86. 

He was a farmer in Harwinton, where he held consider- 
able land. He was made laud appraiser of H., and died 
suddenly "while dressing flax" (newspaper). Children : 

172 i John<< Brooks, b. 19 Oct., 1795; d. 10 Feb.\ 1859. • 
ii AchUd, d. 8Mar., 1800. 

ill Lydia Celestia, b. Dec, 1800; m. 5 May, 1830, Perclval T. 

Butler; who d. 12 July, 1878. She res. with her daughter 


1 Emmeliue^ A. Butler, m. NoahH. Hart. Ch. (1) Oscar and 

(2) Rosentine. 

2 Juliette Butler, b. 29 Not., 1886; m. 4 Dec, 1859, 

Wales Bunnell; res. Burlington, Ct. Ch. (1) Elbert, 

(2) Idella, (8) Jesse. 
8 Harriett A. Butler, m. Levi Stone ; res. Forestville, Ct. 

Ch. (1) Elret, (2) Harry, (3) Elret, (4) Ira, (6) Clifford. 
4 George Butler, b. 26 Nov., 1842; res. Brooklyn, N. 

Y. ; son Geo. 


63 Gideon* (Benjamin^, Benjamin*, William^,) bom 
in Braiiford, 8 Sept., 1757; married in B. 5 Feb., 1778, 
Wealthy Ann Sheldon ; and died 10 July, 1790. 

He was a farmer in Branford. 

His children were all mentioned in the will of his uncle, 
Joseph Bartholomew, dated 29 Sept., 1816; proved 14 
June, 1821. Children : 

178 1 Benjamin,* b. 2 Dec, 1778. 
II Wealthy, b. 14 Mar., 1781. 
iii Sally, b. 21 Feb., 1788. 

iv Betsy, b. 18 Oct., 1785; only granddaughter mentioned 

in grandfather's will of 1798. 
T PoUy, b. 29 Aug., 1787. 

64 John* (JEno^, John\ WiUiam\) bom in Wood* 
stock, 20 Feb., 1741-2 ; baptized 4 Apr., 1742 ; married 
in Woodstock, 14 Dec, 1769, Candice Ainsworth, sister 
of Wyman Ainsworth ; and died in W., 8 July> 1798. 

" Mr. Bartholomew," says a grandson, "was an officer in 
the Revolutionary War." He resided in Woodstock where 
in 1780, he was paid by the town for killing a wolf. In 
1796, he was elected key-keeper. Children : 

i Christian,* b. 28 Sept., 1770; m. 17 June, 1817, as his second 
wife, Marshall Mason ; and was living in S. Woodstock, 
Vt., in 1848, SBt. 78. 
174 11 Ellsha, b. 17 Oct., 1772; d. in 1843. set. 71. 

ill Polly, b. 10 Oct., 1774; m. Joseph Hemdon; res. W. 

1 Lncretia^ Hcrndon, m. Alasteln Blanchard. 

2 Amanda Hcrndon, died young. 

3 Chester Herndon, m. Hannah Flagg. 

4 George Hcrndon, m. llosannah Sheldon. 

6 Otis Herndon, residence, Framlngham, Mass. 

6 Mary Ann Hemdon, m. Krastns Edwards. 
176 Iv John, b. 2.3 Jan., 1777; d. in 1858, at. 81. 

V Joanna, b. 3 Jan., 1781; m. Levi Dickinson; dau. Mary 
vi Sally, b. 27 Sept., 1783; d. 3 Mar., 1797. 



vii Betsy, b. 25 June, 1786; m, John Wheaton; d. ab. 1854. 

He was a miller of Greensborough, V t. ; bnt moved before 
death to W. Farell, Vt. ; ch. Almlra^ and sister are of F. ; 
Lucius and John of N. Y. City. 

vill Clarissa, b. 15 Dec, 1788 ; m. John Simmons ; res. Thomp- 
son, Ct. 

ix Lucy, b. 25 Oct., 1792; m. John Jacob; d. in Peoria, III. 

65 Williams {Samuel^ y Joseph^, William^,) born about 
1760 ; married Mrs. Auna Lord ; and died in that part of 
Saybrook now called Westbrook, 21 Sept., 1822. 

Mrs. Anna, born about 1752, was, in 1812, a member 
of the Westbrook Congregational Church ; and died in W., 
1 Apr., 1822, set. 70. 

Mr. Bartholomew's house stood a little north west of 
the present railroad station in W., near a large rock on 
the elevation ; another house is now standing on the same 
site. He enlisted in April, 1775, and soon entered Capt. 
John Ely's company in Col. Samuel H. Parsons' Conn, 
regiment and marched to Boston. He reenlisted in Feb., 
1776, under Capt. Martin Kirtland, and was employed on 
the defences of New London harbor. The next year he en- 
listed at Providence, R. I., for three years in Col. R. J. 
Meigs' Conn, regiment. 

He did not apply for a pension until 1820, when he 
styled himself " a fisherman," and stated that his family 
consisted of his wife Anna, aged 67, his daughter Maitha, 
and himself aged 60. Children : 

176 i William,® b. about 1785 ; res. In N. Y. In 1850. 

ii Martha, b. 7 Jan., 1787; twin; m. Ist, 13 Sept., 1806, Sel- 
den Hayden ; 2nd, before 1822, Joel Piatt; res. W. ; one ch. 
1 Susan^ Piatt, m. Benj. Ranney; d. in Hartford, 
ill Mary, b. 7 Jan., 1787; twin; m., 18 Sept., 1810, Dea. 

Amasa Buckingham ; d. 7 Apr., 1851. He was a teacher 
of sacred music in Centerbrook, Ct. 
1 Mary A. Buckingham, m. Darius Stone; res. North 
Hampton, Mass ; now d. 


2 Sain*l C. Backin^ham, b. 8 Mur., 1814; res. Bloomfleld, 
Ct. Oh. (1) Ellen* (m. L. E. Latimer; Eau Claire, Wis.) 
and (2) Harriett (m. David Tipps ; Hartford, Ct.). 

8 Harriett N. Buckingham, m. Geo. Feck. Ch. (1) Charlotte. 

4 Edward D. Buckingham, m. twice ; res. Utica, N. Y. 

5 Nancy W. Buckingham, m. John Gladding ; res. Deep 

River, Ct. 

6 Amasa S. Buckingham, b. 26 May, 1826. 

iy Harvey, bap. 14 Dec, 1788 ; went to sea when young and 

was never afterward heard from. 
T Ann, bap. 1 Apr., 1792; d. unm., ab. 1862, set. 70. 

177 vi Abel Lord, bap. 1 Oct., 1796; d. 5 Dec, 1863. 
▼11 Merit Lord, bap. 7 May, 1797 ; died young. 

66 SamueP (Saviuel^j Joseph^ y William^,) born in 
Saybrook, Ct., about 1762; married, 13 Jan., 1784, Eliz- 
a»)eth Butler of Waterford, Ct. ; and died 12 Dec., 1840, 
8Bt. 78. She was born in 1757 and died 27 May, 1846, 
set. 83. 

Mr. Bartholomew was left fatherless when a child ; was 
apprenticed when a boy, abused and ran away. He enlisted 
when seventeen ; the company being rendezvoused at Wa- 
terford, Ct. He sei'ved in the reginuMits of Colonels Sher- 
man and IFuntington, at Foil Putnam and at West Point 
and that vicinity, for three years. 

After the war, and his marriage, he settled near his 
wife's home in Waterfoi'd, then a parish in the town of New 
London. About 1800, he moved toUnadilla, Otsogo Co., 
N. Y., where both he and his wife died. Both were mem- 
bers of the Methodist Church, she having been baptized 
in W. 8 May, 1794. Children : 

178 i John,® b. 3 Apr., 17S8; d. 16 Jan., 1805, ajt. 7G. 

179 II I^vl, b. 25 July, 1707; lives In UnadiUa, aet. 86. 

180 ili Siimucl, b. 23 Mar., 1803; d. 17 Dec, 1878, rot. 76. 

iT Kebeccn, m. Samuel Smith; and d. in UnadiUa. Of ch.. Lean- 
dt-r and Edward moved west; Jarvis, Gilbert and liaunah 
(Taylor) live in UnadiUa. 
y Hannah, in. John Smith ; and d. at Butteniuts, N. Y. 
1 Levi Smith, resides in Binghampton, N. Y. 


2 George Smith, resides in Unadllla. 

8 Rebecca Smith, ro. Ist, John Haynes ; 2nd, — Raynor ; res. 

U. Ch. (1) Wellington of Butternuts, (2) Hannah (d.)» 

4 Lucy Smith, m. 1st, — Bowing; 2nd, Parker Smith ; res. 

U. Ch. (1) Alonzo. 
vl David, always an Invalid; d. unm. ab. 1850. 

67 Joseph* (Joseph*, Joseph?, William^,) born in 
Woodstock about 1735 or 40 ; married possibly a Saunders 
and died in Woodstock about 1815, cet. 75 or 80. 

He lived in the western portion of Woodstock on what 
is called '* Fort Lot," immediately north of Black Pond. 

He served in the French and Indian Wars as a corporal. 
Several of his daughters married and left Woodstock. 
Other children's names were : 

1 Nancy.' 

ii Amasa, b. a. 1770 ; m. 1st, Nancy Saunders; 2nd, Widow 
Paine ; d. in W., about 1850. Lived in the northwest comer 
of the town of W., and was very eccentric. 

1 Wm. Nelson,' b. 18 Aug., 1815; probably died young. 

2 Hubbard, burned to death, 19 Feb., 1858; unm., and 

iii Naomi, bom about 1780; d. unm., in W. 

68 SamueP (Joseph*, Joseph^, William^,) born in 
Woodstock in 1749 ; married Susannah Laughlin of Union, 
Ct. ; and died in Hardwick, Mass., in 1831, 8Bt. 82. She 
was born about 1762. 

Mr. Bartholomew enlisted in 1775 ; was under Capt. 
Isaac Noble in Col. Eaton's regiment in the siege of Bos- 
ton. In Dec. of that year he enlisted again at Woodstock 
in Col. Joseph Reed's Mass. regiment ; serving in Boston 
and afterwards in New York City. He was a farmer of 
Woodstock Valley where he reared his family. " The town 
of W. made him a grant of land for building a mill." 

His old Woodstock homestead is now owned and occu- 
pied by Darius Houghton. 


He removed in 1820 to Hardwick, Mass., where he 
spent the last ten years of his life. Children : 

181 i Jededlah,* b. 9 Apr., 1786; d. 25 Dec, 1829. 

ii Persia, d. unm., in H., in Feb., 1869, set. 81. 

ill SuMan, m. — Wis well ; d. childless, Feb., 1869, Id 80th yr. 

182 iv Adolphns, b. 1 Nov., 1793; d. 4 Nov., 1870, set. 77. 
y Nancy, d. unmarried. 

183 Ti Gardiner, b. 9 Jane, 1796; d. 26 Feb., 1874, set. 77. 

184 vU Charles, b. 6 Jan., 1799. 

69 William^ (Joseph^ Joseph^ William^). His 
nepheWy Adolphus Bartholomew, mentions his Uncle 
William. Jedediah Bartholomew^^ had first cousins 
Samuel and sister Betsy Bartholomew, mentioned below, 
as neighbors in Hartford, Ct. And Miss Larned, in her 
valuable ^ History of Windham County," says William 
Bartholomew left Woodstock about 1765, settling in either 
N. H., Vt., or N. Y. Nothing more is known of him. 

Children : 

186 I Samuel', m. Roxannah Hnmphrey of Hartford, Ct. 

U Betsy, m. Asher Church ; d. leaving dau. Kate^, who d. y. 

70 Gardinier^ {Benjamin^, Joseph^ ^ Willia7v?y) born 
in Woodstock in 1749, bap. 2 Fob., 1752 ; married 7 May, 
1776, Susannah, daughter of William and Susannah Dana 
of Pomfrct, Conn. ; and died in 1810. She was born in 
1755 ; and died in 1846, a3t. 91. 

lie was a shoe manufacturer in Woodstock ; and served 

for a short time in the Revolutionary War. Children : 

i Lucy, b. in 1777; m. 2 Mar., 1798, Grosvenor Marcy of 

Thompson, Ct. ; and d. In 1867, a;t. 90. 

ii Abel, b. 27 Sept., 1779; d. 19 May, 1782. 

186 iii Charles, b. 6 Aug., 1780; d. 8 xMay, 1852, ait. 71. 

iv Nancy, m. John Elliott of Thompson, Ct. 

V Betsy, b. In 1785 ; d. unra., in 1872, at. 87. 

Ti Chester, m. lioxanna Leach. 


72 Leonard^ (Benjamin* ^ Joseph^, Williarn?y) bora 
ill Woodstock in 1758, bap. 4 Feb., 1758-9; married iu 
1796, Sarah Porrin ; aud died in Pomfret, 16 Feb., 1814. 
She died 27 Feb., 1830. 

Mr. Bartholomew served in the Bevolutionary War. He 
was a farmer living near the south line of the town of 
Woodstock, on a farm which he inherited of his father. 

Children : 

187 i William,' b. 23 June, 1797; d. 28 May, 1864. 

ii Margaret, b. 8 Mar., 1799 ; m. 21 Jan., 1816, Zaccheus Aldrich 
and d. In Putnam, 1 Feb., 1852. He d. 26 Oct., 1833. 

1 Lucretia^ A. Aldrich, m. Rhodes G. Allen; d. in W., 20 

June, 1843. 

2 Abbey M. Aldrich, m. James R. Daggett; d. in W., 21 

Oct., 1873. 
8 Henry Bw. Aldrich, m. Louisa M. CovlUe; res. Putnam. 

4 Nelson P. Aldrich, m. Sarah S. Burden. Ch. (l)Nelson* 

and (2) Emma; res. Plalnfleld, Ct. 

5 Harrison R. Aldrich, m. M. J. Rogers ; lost by the burning 

of the steamer City of New London in the Thames River, 
22 Nov., 1871. 
Hi Mary, m. Benjamin Underwood ; seven ch. ; res. in 111. 

73 Jesse^ (Lemitel^y William* ^ Isaac? y) born in Litch- 
field, Conn. ; married, and both died before 1836. 

Ho resided in Chautauqua, N. Y. Children : 

i Jesse,^ m. Melinda Tuclcer; and res. in Chautauqua, where 
he was pastor of the Methodist Church, and had a form. 
They died childless. 

ii Betsy, m. 1st, Jonathan Barbour ; he dving, she m. 2nd, a Mr. 
Spaulding and lived in Howard, N. Y. Ch. 1 Melancthon, 
2 William, 3 Nathaniel, 4 Betsy and 5 Richard. Ttie latter 
died young. 

74 Jepthai^ (LemuePj William* ^ Isaac? j) born in 
Litchfield, Conn. ; married Sarah Earl ; died 8 Apr., 1813. 

Mr. Bartholomew took part in the Revolution as is shown 
by the following act of the Governor aud Council of 
Vermont : "Oct. 9, 1777, Jepthai Bartholomewis peimitted 


to pass from this to join Capt. Parmeley Allen's Company 
in the ranging service, as he has passed examination before 
the Council (of Safety) and taken the oath to State of 

He resided in Whitehall. Children : 

i Isaac,^ d. in childhood. 

ii AseDath, m. Wm. Merriam (2Dd wife) ; d. 19 Mar., 1801, set. 
21 ; leaving son Wm.*, who d. y. 

ill Esther, b. ab. 1785 ; m. Israel, son of Col. Warner of Rev- 
olutionary fame; d. ab. 1821. Ue was a surveyor and d. 
in Napiersville, 111., set. 99. 

1 Hester Warner, m. Dan'l Kiugyon, Jr. ; d. in Napiersville, 

in 1863. Ch. (1) Sophronia* (Terry of Aurora, 111.), (2) 
Israel and (3) Jeptbai. 

2 Senica Warner, m. Sam'l McFarren : d. in W. Haven, Vt. 

Ch. (1) Sara'l, (2) Polly, (8) Seth, (4) Warner, (6) War- 
ren, (6) Senica and (7) Henry. 
8 Betsy Warner, m. John Billings ; res. Fair Haven, Vt. 
iv Dorcas, b. ab. 1789 ; m. Ist, James Christy ; 2nd, Solomon 
Chllson of W. Ch. 1 Caroline (m, Byzar McFarren) and 
2 Mary (m. Jerry Collins) Christy ; and 3 William, 4 Su- 
sannah, 5 Squire, G Solomon and 7 Amanda Chilson. 

188 V Lemuel, b. 19 Apr., 1791 ; d. 25 July, 1808. set, 77. 

vl Susan, m. 1st, Daniel Kiugyon; 2nd, Simeon Buttcrflcld; 
d. in W., ab. 1845, eel. 58. Ch. 1 Dau'l and 2 Jepthal 
Kingyon and 3 Betsy Buttcrflcld. 

189 vil Joseph, b. 1793; m. Sally Corbit; d. in W. 

viii Johnson, b. ab. 1795; m. Almira McFarren; d. ab. 1870, set. 

75, in W. Haven, Vt. Had two children; both now dead, 
ix Mary, d. unm. 
X Sarah, b. 25 Jan., 1804; m. 30 Jan., 1822, Alvah Junkett, 

now dead. She lives with her gr. dau. Alice Parker, in 

Hydeville, Vt. 

1 Emily E. Junkett, b. 13 Feb., 1823; m. Wm. O. Clark; 

one son Chas. 

2 Lawrence M. Junkett, m. Emmeline Lamphere ; d. 1878. 

Ch. (1) Ida (Emmersou of W.), (2) Amy (McFarren of 
W.), (3) Amos, (4) Sally, (5) Harry, (G) Cora and (7) 
8 Michael Junkett, m. Nancy E. Benjamin of W. Ch. 

(1) Ellen S. (d.), (2) Elnathan (d.), (3) Alice E. (Park- 
er), (4) Elmer and (5) Hattie. 


4 Alvah Jankett, m. Phebe A. Boomer ; d. 1876. Ch. 

(1) Emily (Gray), (2) Ellen (Stearns), (8) Lewis, (4) 
Edwin, (6) David, (6) LiUle, (7) Bertha, (8) Mary. 

5 Amos Jankett, b. 80 Mar., 1888; d. nnm., 26 Jan., 


6 Abisor Junkett, b. 9 Mar., 1887 ; m. twice ; res. York, 

Neb. ; son Chas. 

7 Amy Jankett, m. P. S. Benjamin. Ch. (1) Eva 

(Pratt) and (2) Elnathan. 

8 Sally A. Jankett, m. Solomon Reynolds ; d. ; son Fred 

of Wood Creek. 

9 Ollf Jankett, m. Flora Snowdy. Ch. (1) Elsie, 

(2) Geneva, (8) Grace, (4) Lewis. 

10 Lewis Jankett, b. 20 Jaly, 1849; d. 18 Sept., 1850. 

75 Lernma^ (Lemuel ^ William^ y lsaa(?y) born in 
Litchfield, Conn., in 1758-9 ; married in Whitehall, N. 
Y., in 1778, Anna Wilson, who was born 20 May, 1763, 
and then only fifteen years of age ; she was the daughter 
of emigrants from the north of Ireland, who settled in New 
Jersey. He died 22 Feb., 1790. 

She married, second, Roger Barrett ; and had by him 
nine children ; viz ; Joseph, James, Anna, David (Gen- 
eral David Barrett was a very able and pi*ominent man ; 

. Dresden, N. Y.), Smith, Wilson, Sally, Polly and 

Mr. Bartholomew, soon after his marriage, in 1779, 
taken prisoner by the Indians and carried into Canada ; 
r being retained by them two years, was turned over 
English in Canada and within a year exchanged. A 
' biSf written in 1782, during his confinement in 
Canada, is preserved. 

I return, he resided on the farm adjoining that 

.^r ; it is now owned by his grandson, Franklin 

omew. Here he spent the remainder of his short 

icendingfrom the haymow one evening, he fell upon 

afork and received a mortal wound, which he sur- 


vived but a few hours. His remains are said to have been 
the first buried in the cemetery near his home. 

His four sons were all soldiers hi the war of 1812. 

Children : 

190 i Lemon J b. 5 May, 1783; d. 7 Apr., 1863, set. 80. 

191 ii John, b. 18 Mar., 1785; d. 

192 ill Lemma, b. 12 Apr., 1787; d. 31 July, 1873, set. 87. 

193 iv Thomas, b. 8 June, 1788 ; d. 20 Jan., 1877, «t. 88. 


76 Squire® (LemuePy William*, Isacu?,) bom 14 Sept., 
1767 ; married in Whitehall, 4 June, 1789, Abigail, 
daughter of the Rev. Mr. Jones, pastor of the Congrega- 
tional Church, and the first minister in Whitehall ; and 
died in W., 27 Apr., 1846, eet. 78. 

She was born in W., 7 Nov., 1766 ; and died 3 Dec., 
1850, set. 83. 

He was a prosperous farmer in Whitehall. Incidents 
of his liberality are remembered by many. Children : 

i Clarissa^, b. 4 June, 1793; m. Rob't Millard, a merchant of 
Fair Haven, Vt. ; both are dead. Ch. 1 Clarissa* (d.), 
2 Kobert, 3 Lucella, Xaplersville, 111., and 4 Martha (d.) 

194 il Alvah, b. 24 July, 1797; d. 14 May, 1871, set. 73. 

195 III Alfred, b. 7 Feb., 1801; d. 31 May, 1851. 

Iv Sallle, b. 21 Apr., 1811 ; m. Jefferson Bartholomew-^** 

77 Justus^ (LernuePy William*, Imuc^,) born 20 Juno 
1771; married, 21 Jan., 1794, Elizabeth Trowbridge, 
who was born 25 Jan., 1773. lie married, second, 6 
Mar., 1800, Menoni M., daughter of Daniel Burchard of 
New Ashford, Mass. ; and died near Berlinville, Ohio. 

Rev. Justus Bartholomew was a minister in the Meth- 
odist Church ; he moved from Whitehall to New Ashford 
about 1800; thence to East Otto, Cattaraugus County,' N. 
Y., about 1820 ; and from there about 1825, to the State 
of Penn. with Daniel Burchard. Children : 

1 Parmella,' b. 4 May, 1797. 
ii Justus, b. 26 Apr., 1799. 


•. I 




III Daniel, b. 14 Jan., 1801 ; rec*d with his bro., M. M., deed 

of land In N. A., fVom his grandfather Barchnrd in 1819; 

which he sells In 1822 from Perrlnsburg, N. Y. He was 

constable In New Ashford. 
Iv Sally, b. 31 Oct., 1802; m. In New Ashford, — Baker. 

V Irene, b. 26 Aug., 1804. 

Ti Manoah M., b. 1 Aag., 1806 ; m.. twice ; res. Lockport, K. Y. ; 

no ch. 
vll Betsy, b. 9 Nov., 1808. 

vlll Lorenzo, b. 10 Mar., 1811. Ch. 1 Mary,^ 2 Emma and 

3 Wm. of Lockport, N. Y. 
ix Sam*l H., b. 27 July, 1813; res. Berlinvllle, 0. 
X J. W., b. 14 Sept., 1816; (?) widow Cordelia resides at 

Axtel, Erie Co., O. 
xi Anna, b. 19 Sept., 1817. 

xtl Luclnda, b. 29 Sept., 1818. 

xiilAzau, >b. 12 Nov., 1820;$^ ,,, itr«««r,o« o«^ 

xlv Brlttanla, \ twins. ) I?- ^*^' " ^^""^^7^ ' xt^"^' "" 

) (Keys; res. Mayvllle, N. Y. 

XV Hannah E., b. 16 Aug., 1823. 

xvl George W., b. 16 Sept., 1826; res. Brighton, 0. 

78 William® (Lemuel ^ William^ ^ Isaa(^,) born in 
Whitehall, 9 Mar., 1775 ; married, 20 Dec, 1797, Susan 
Powers, who died 15 May, 1808, let. 27. He married, 
second, 15 Apr., 1822, Lucy Norton; b. 25 Nov., 1782; 
and died 19 Nov., 1840. 

He was a farmer in Whitehall. Children : 

i Daniel,' b. 19 Mar., 1799; d. 1 Feb., 1826, childless. 

11 Sasan, b. 27 Dec, 1802 ; m. Zera Jones ; d. 9 Nov., 1886. 

Ch. 1 Elmira,^ 2 Ezra, 3 Wallace and 4 Daniel. 
vj 111 Elmlra, b. 2 Aag., 1806; d. 11 Aug., 1811. 

iv Harriett, b. 25 Aug., 1824; m. George Derby of III. Ch. 

1 Levi, 2 William and 3 Hattle. 
y Amanda, b. 10 June, 1826; m. Amos M. Spink. Ch. 

1 William, 2 Dorcas and 8 Carrie. 
*' vi William H., b. 20 June, 1829; d. childless, 13 Dec, 1852, in 


79 Joseph^ (Lemuel, William*, Isaa(?,) born in 
Whitehall, 9 Apr., 1782; married in 1802, Clarissa Nor- 


ton; and died io HornellsTille, N. Y., 17 July, 1861, in 
bis 80th year. 

She wjia bom 7 Feb., 1781 ; and died 21 Nor., 1864, 
at. 83. 

Mr. Bartholnmcnr moved in 1809 to Howard, Steuben 
County, N. T., where he purchased a farm. He volun- 
teered in the war of 181^; but returned after its close to 
his farm, where he spent his life. Ho. was a man of deci- 
sion and courage as incidents related of him show. On 
an extreme occasion he quietly severed a large toe from 
one of his feet with ii chisel ; because, having been frozen, 
it gave him severe pain every winter. Cliildreii : 

i Har;,' b. 24 Nov., 1S03; m. IS Jan., 1820, Cyreoas 

Trowbridge; andd.2 Apr., 187a. Thoj were farmers ofH. 
1 Joseph' Trowbridge, b. 23 ?iliij, ]83Sj d. in laraDcy. 

3 Clarissa L. Trowbridge, m. Ulram Howland of Andover, 

Alleghany Co., N.y. 
9 Caleb 1). Trowbridge, b. 6 Jul;, 1S2G; m. Elizabeth Moc* 
gaa ; and d. 

4 ColTln Z. Trowbridge, b. Mar., IS29; res. Big Creek, 

StcDben Co., N. Y. 

5 Bf ram H. Trowbridge, 

6 Erastna Bw. Trowbrldgt 

ter. N. Y. 

7 Lbcj 8. Trowbridge, m. 1st, Win. Smith ; 2iid, Jas. 

Cooper; res. Cauoseraga, Alleghany Count;, N. V. 

S Joseph B. Trowbridge, b. 20 Oct., 1842j res. Hornells- 
Tille, N. Y. 

er, ■ b. 80 Mnr, 1805; res. Home its v lite, N. Y. 

lU aarisso, b. 13 July, 180T; m. Joseph Franbllo; I. In R. 

I Lincoln J. Franklin, rea. Big Creek, StcubenCo,, N. Y. 

3 George H. Franklin, res. llig Creek. 
S Jostns Bw. Fraaklln, res. Howard, N. Y. 

4 David C. Franklin, res. Howard, N. Y. 

5 Bei^amlD Franklin, res. lIomcllHville, N. Y. 
S lS%rj Jans Franklin, m. Daniel Gray ; res. Big Creek. 
T Frances Franklin, m. Nathan Ilrohay. 
Ziba Bonlllal, b. In hll of IHll ; <l. n July, JW^. 

» Luther* (JtToa/**, William*, Imai?,) born in Wash- 



ington, Conn., 18 Feb., 1758; married Azubah Farnum 
of South Farms, Litchfield, Ct. ; and died in Hartford, 
Vt., 5 May, 1839, est. 81. She died 16 Sept., 1827. 

He enlisted in the Federal army, Dec, 1775, in Col. 
Chas. Webb's Conn, regiment, and marched to Boston. 
They were next ordered to N. Y. City and took part in 
the battles preceding and following the evacuation of that 
city ; and in the battle at White Plains, Oct., 1776. While 
marching to join Gen. Washington in Penn., Gen. Lee, 
commanding them, was taken prisoner. They joined Gen. 
Washington in Dec, and a few days after, 26th (?), sur- 
prised the British at Trenton, and took 900 Hessians pris- 
oners. About Jan. 1, 1777, their term of enlistment 
expiring. Gen. Sullivan made an earnest personal appeal 
to them to remain six weeks longer ; which Biirtholomew 
did, and took part in the battles of Trenton and Princeton. 
In June, 1777, he regnlisted under Col. Webb ; and in 
May, 1778, was substitute for a short time for his father 
in Col. Enos' regiment. He was at the burning of Dan- 
bury in Apr., 1777; and in July, at New Haven when 
taken by the British, killing a horse of his father's in his 
haste to reach the battle. Mr. Bartholomew joined the 
Congregational Church at Morris in the town of Litchfield 
in 1787. 

He was a farmer in Litchfield until 1794, when he moved 
to Hartford, Vt. He and his sons were noted for their 
great physical strength ; he worked on his farm until the 
day of his death, which was preceded by only a few hours' 
sickness. Children : 

i Locy,' m. William Reynolds of Stratford, Vt. ; d. 

25 Sept., 1827; one dau. died young; the other went 
west as a teacher. 

198 ii SheldoD, b. 23 Sept., 1787; d. 28 Aug., 18G8, set. SO. 

199 iii Luther, b. 25 Aug., 1789; d. 28 May, 1880, in 90th yr. 


It Olive, m. Kev. Eleazer Wells ; d. childless, 1 1 Sept. , 

1825. He was for 46 years a Methodist minister ; dying 
25 Apr., 1852. 

200 ▼ Amos Faniham, b. 1 Jan,, 1796; d. 12 Oct., 1871, tet, 75. 
vl Bether, d. yoang. 

201 Til Noah, b. 26 Sept., 1800; d. 17 Mar., 1871, st. 70. 
viil Azubah, b. 29 Feb., 1804 ; m. 9 Jan., 1825, Rev. Elijah 

Spear; and d. in Pomrret, Vt., 27 Dec, 1863. Eider Spear 
was, at the time of his death serving his fiftieth year as 
minister of the Methodist Church, and forty-first year as 
an elder. 

1 Olive^ W. Spear, m. Wm. R. Lyman ; res. Rural Depot, Al- 

bany, N. y. 

2 Laura F. Spear, m. J. W. Mack ; res. Coursens Grove, Kan. 
8 Azubah J. Spear, b. 7 Jan., 1838. 

4 Abbie J. Spear, m. Judah L. Mack ; res. Woodstock, Vt. 

81 Bother^ (Nbah^j William'^, Isaa(?,) born in Litch- 
field, Ct., 9 July, 1764 ; married in Norwich, Vt., in 1795, 
Hachel Brown; and died in Washington, Vt., 18 Sept., 
1822. She was born 2 Nov., 1772; and died 27 Nov., 

Mr. Bartholomew moved as early as 1788, to Wash- 
ington, Vt., to live with his uncle Eleazer, who, in 1794, 
deeded Bether his farm and home. Bether took care of 
his uncle and aunt as long as they lived ; remaining on the 
farm, where he kept a tiivern, the balance of his life. 

His widow was made administrator of the estate, 3 Oct., 
1822. Children: 

i Sarah,' b. in 1797; d. 9 May, 1863. 

U Betsy, b. 1 Dec, 1799; m. 1 Oct., 1824, Benj. P. Ca- 

lef ; d. In W., U Apr., 1872, act. 72. lie was a farmer; and 
d. 25 Nov., 1826. 
1 Armina P.*^ Calef, m. Dr. Norman W. Braley, Prcs. 1st Nal'l 
Bank of B. Ch. (1) Dr. Bether^ W. of B. ; (2) Normau, 
(3) Geo. and (4) Fred. 
Hi Norman, b. in 1802; d. unm., 14 Apr., 1822. 

Iv Kachel, b. in 1804 ; m. Elislia Smltli of Williamstown, 

Vt. ; and d. 2 July, 18G1 ; son 1 Cliarlcs, d. In 1868. 

M y. 

I I.,. ,^.. I J. \y 
J J ^' 

■ . -..■.■* il 

. * • 1 


■1 :■ 

: • ■ <vMK-.v fa>:i:.v ; 

it, Is-.- 

». I'. \V I ..•.i/n. n r .vontrv 


. I. 1 , 

•- ^-liiTi- 

S2 T5:i 

:pkl, I" 


, iiV//.-.- 

. 1 \ ■ ■ 


flit :: 

. . :) . .. 

■■ . . I'M 

■ • "r'j 'i • 1 i:»;i" [ir- :'■!!' :■'••!:» >-• is not K*. ■ 

1.1 I . , .... Ill •! iLo lai 'Iv. 

fit? L\lin:ill' ^Avi ' . \V'Jff(nn*, /n'??//'*,) l)orn iu . 
lit"'.'. L'". .]• i. , «7^:i- .M-nri.'l, in 1^01, I^ltll .'Viin, •' 

■ .1 ill >l:i:"., ^^•>i^ J- - ^^ 

^^'' ^'•fi'Umitfflify ^'''-'^^ *• .suc<.i --'*iil Li liner, liviu^ 

*^re ho (lii u. 

J. C. Bartholomew. Mbs. Ruth a. Bartholouew North. 

Cen'I. TjIlJi. L. . 

Noah Bartholomew. 

Mrs. I,aura E. Bartholomew Pfck. 


SOS i Jason^ Carpenter, b. 10 May, 1805 ; res. Cedar Rapid^i Iowa. 

(See opposite plate.) 
204 ii Jasper Hasen, b. 10 May, 1807 ; d. Aag^., 1848. 

ill Joseph, b. 14 Sept., 1809; d. 2 Oct., 1809. 

806 iT Noah, b. 8 Sept., 1810; d. 16 Jone, 1862. (See 

opposite plate.) 
T Joseph Lyon, b. 29 May, 1818; d. Feb., 1882. 
Ti Bertha, '* Betsy,** b. 27 Jan., 1817; m. Oct., 1884, Albert A. 
Cutler :d. Aug., 1849. 

1 Joseph E.^ Cutler, surgeon, anatomical lecturer at Cleve- 

laud Medical College ; is a surgeon and physician in Cf 

2 Luman, was in 6th Mich. Cavalry ; died a pris- 

oner at Belle Isle. 
8 Charity, m. Peter Garrison; res. Benzonia, Benzie 

Co., Mich. 
Tii Buth Ann, b. 17 Oct., 1819; m. 16 May, 1885, Loyal F. 

North; formers at Shellsburg, Benton Co., Iowa. (See 
opposite plate.) 

1 Mary L. North, m. John Benfer. Ch. (1) Edna, and 

(2) Emily. 

2 Sylvia A. North, m. David H. Dewitt. Ch. (1) La- 

ella', (2) Charles, (8) Edward, (4) Grace, (5) Loyal, 
(6) Buthie, and (7) Jesse. 
4 Luman Bw. North, m. Susan A. Ford. Ch. (1) Robelle, 
(2) Benton, (8) Dosie, (4) Minnie. 

4 Benjamin F. North, b. 8 Oct., 1849; m. 29 Dec, 1881, 

Nancy £. Bobbins. 

5 Jason N. Nortli, m. M. B. Murray; one son Harris. 

6 Emily A. North, b. Mar., 1855; d. Apr., 1855. 

7 Loyal C. North, b. 24 Oct., 1856; m. 29 Dec, 1881, 

Minerva White. 

8 Charles F. North, b. 8 Jan., 1859; d. set. 5 weeks. 

Till Laura Emily, b. 17 Dec, 1821; m. 13 Apr., 1837, Edwin 
Orlando Peck, a prominent citizen of Richmond Center, O. 
(See opposite plate.) 

1 Sarah A. Peck, b. 1 Aug., 1838; m. Andrew Wilson. 

2 Edwin O. Peck, m. Ist, Adelaide Landon; 2nd, Muttle 


8 Darius B. Peck, b. 26 Jan., 1843; m. Narclssa Landon. 

4 Lemuel A. Peck, b. 14 Aug., 1845; d. 17 Nov., 1852. 

5 Justus L. Peck, b. 19 May, 1848; m. Ophelia Turner. 

6 Mllo C. Peck, b. 4 Feb., 1851 ; m. Ida Beaumont. 

7 Luetta R. Peck, b. 9 Aug., 1858; m. Jonathan T. Parker. 

8 Charles E. Peck, b. 25 Aug., 1856; m. Mattle Fortune. 


9 Archie Peck, b. 10 Nov., 1862; d. 18 Feb., 1863. 

10 Dudley A. Peck, b. 7 July, 1864. 

ix Armina L., b. IS Feb., 1828; d. 18 Sept., 1881. 

84 Isaac^ (DaniePy Isacufy Isaac? y) born in Plymouth, 
Ct., 31 March, 1773; married a Miss Grey, and moved 
about 1817 to Baltimore, Md. Children : 

I Adeline,^ died young. 

,206 11 Salmon Grey, d. in Baltimore, Md., 11 June, 1844. 

85 DanieP (Daniel, Isaac^y Isaac?,) born in Ply- 
mouth, in 1777 ; married Irene, daughter of Benjamin 
Barnes and died in July, 1832. 

Mr. Bartholomew joined the Plymouth Congregational 
Church in 1800. Was a farmer ; moving from Plymouth 
to Camden, N. Y., about 1811 ; to Chautauqua County, 
about 1816, and subsequently to Pomfret, N. Y., where 
he died. 

Mrs. Bartholomew united with the Presbyterian Church 
of Camden by letter in 1811. His estate in Plymouth 
was divided in 1836. Children : 

207 1 Lyman,^ b. 19 Oct., 1806; d. 19 May, 1872. 

II Eliza, m. Edward Baidridge of Lancaster, N. Y. ; d. 8} 

Dec, 1881, set. 78; no ch. 

208 iii Erastos, b. 5 Apr., 1810; d. 28 Nov., 1882, set. 72. 
iv Daniel, bap. in C, 1818; died young. 

y MariUa, b. 18 Sept., 1812; res. anm., in Freeport, 111. 

209 vi Isaac D., b. 18 Apr., 1821; res. Buffalo, N. Y. 

vii Hannah, deaf and dumb ; d. at the Institute In N. Y. City, 
Sit, 15. 

86 Andrew^ {Daniel? , Isaac? ^ Isaac? y) born in Ply- 
mouth in 1780 ; married Charity, daughter of Henry Tom- 
linson of Monroe, Ct., and died in New Haven, Ct., 12 
Nov., 1831. She, born 6 Mar., 1786, married, second, 
her brother-in-law. El ias Cook; and died 24 Dec, 1849. 


Mr. Bartholomew was a merchant ; had resided as a 
farmer in Luzerne Connty, Pa., but returning to Conn., 
he settled in New Haven where his daughter Jane still lives. 

Children : 

i Jane,^ b. 5 Sept., 1809; m. Benjamin F. Leavenworth, 
who was b. 8 Jan., 1803, and kUled In Cal. in Sept., 1850; 
no issue. 

ii Hannah, b. in 1811; d. in Infancy. 

87 Reuben® (DaniePy Imad^j Isacufy) born in Ply- 
mouth, 30 Mar., 1784; married, 10 Mar., 1814, Bethia, 
daughter of Bethuel Todd ; and died 23 Sept., 1868, set. 
84. She was born in Waterbury, Ct., 2 Aug., 1783 ; died 
16 Aug., 1838. 

Mr. Bartholomew was a farmer in Plymouth, but mov- 
ing to New York State in 1812, settled in Chautauqua about 

He was a soldier in the war of 1812 ; and a member of 
the Episcopalian Church. Children : 

210 I Noah,^ b. 27 Jan., 1815; res. Ages, Marshall Co., Ind. 
U Miles, b. 20 Nov., 1818 ; d. 2 Nov., 1838. 

211 III George, b. 16 Dec, 1821 ; res. Pomfret, N. Y. 

iv Caroline, b. 13 Apr., 1824; d. uum., 27 Apr., 1859. 
V Alfred, b. 20 Jan., 1825; d. 25 Mar., 1826. 
vl Eunice, died yoang. 


88 Charles^ (Abraham^ ^ Abraham^ ^ Imai?^) born, 
ai^cording to Farmnigton church records, 1 June, 1760 
(family records say 1759) ; married, according to the same 
church records 14 Apr., 1785 (family records say 10th of 
April), Belinda Orvis, and died 19 Mar., 1848, "ast. 88." 
She was Iwrn 8 Aug., 1764, and survived her husband. 

He took part in several expeditions as a soldier in the 
Revolutionary War. First in 1776, under Col. Douglas 
in N. Y. City, and, after the evacuation, at Horsoneck. 



In the three following years he was under Col. Mosely at 
Peekskill, N. Y. ; under Col. Enos at Crura Pond, N. Y. 
and under Col. Hooker ; marching as far as Albany at the 
time of the advance of Gen. Burgoyne. 

Mr. Bartholomew was a farmer ; he moved in 1793 to 
Paris, Herkimer county, N. Y. ; thence, about 1832, to 
that part of Clinton, Oneida county, N. Y., now known 
as Kirtland, where he died. Children : 

i Mary,' b. 6 Oct., 1785 ; m. Levi Tryon of Richland, N. Y. 

1 Charlotte R.** TryoD, m. Thomas Sampson; and d. 28 Dec, 

1878. Ch. (1) Monroe," (2) Richard, (3) Edward, 
(4) Silas, (6) Caroline and (6) Jessie N. 

2 Susan R. Tryon, m. Henry S. Greenwood ; res. Man- 

ville, N. Y. Ch. (1) Alma C, (2) Washington, (3) Henry, 

(4) Susan and (5) Levi. 
8 Peter Tryon, res. Sandy Creek, N.Y. Ch.(l) Delia, 

(2) Julia, (3) Geo. and (4) Mary. 
4 Alonzo Tryon, i. mur^rr 1017. C Ch. Ellen, Cha's Hiram, 

^ twhi?' ' \ Wm., Em., and Fred. 

6 Caroline Tryon, > ^^wms. ^d. 1819. 

6 James Tryon, died young. 

7 Morris Tryon. 

8 John Tryon, res. Oswego, N. Y. Ch. (1) Emma, 

(2) John and (3) Ida. 
11 Susan, b. 4 Jan., 1788 ; m. 81 Mar., 1807, Zebulon Peck 

and d. 26 Mar., 1867, in 80th yr. ; res. Marshall, N. Y. 

1 Caroline S. Peck, b. 6 Feb., 1808; d. 21 Nov., 1812. 

2 Mary Ann Peck, b. 8 June, 1809; d. 24 Nov., 1812. 
8 Evaline Peck, b. 12 July, 1811 ; d. 28 Feb., 1840. 

4 Susan B. Peck, b. 21 Sept., 1818; res. unm., in Wales- 

ville, N. Y. 
6 Charles B. Peck, b. 8 July, 1815. Ch. (1) Lucy of Deans- 

ville; (2} Susan (Tibbet) of N. Hartford; (3) Eva (d.); 

and (4) Franklin of D. 

6 Mary Ann PecK, m. Chas.**^ E. Bartholomew. 

7 HaWley Z. Peck, res. WalesvUle. Ch. (1) Chas., (2) Ella, 

(8) Geo. 
ill Eunice, b. 20 July, 1790; m., 1818» Erastns Hart of Au- 

gusta, N. Y. Ch. (1) Erastus, d. leaving son Edward, 

and Emily, m. Smith. 

212 iv James, b. 20 Mar., 1798; d. 14 Sept., 1877, «Dt. 84. 


y X)rra, b. 20 Jaly, 1795; m. Sam'l Bumham; lives in 

Madison, N. T., »t. 88. 
213 vi Asahel, b. 11 July, 1798; now deceased. 

vii Belinda, fu 7 Feb 1801 • ^ ™* Austin** Bartholomew. 

vlli Charles, S ^^^^®* ^ died 11 days old. 

Ix Sarah Orvls, b. 6 Nov., 1804; m. July, 1834, Lewis Carr; 1. in 
Richland, N. Y., aet. ab. 80. 

1 Clinton D. Carr, b. 80 Apr., 1886; d. 12 Mar., 1838. 

2 Maria J. Carr, m. 1st, J. M. Stewart ; 2nd, H. N. Trum. 

bull ; res. Sandy Creek, N. Y. 

3 Georgietta Carr, m. Wm. D. Lillle, Concord, Erie Co., Pa. 

4 Lewis Carr, b. 1 June, 1848; m. Eliza M. Webb of Pu- 

laski, N. Y. 
X Huldab, b. 12 May, 1806; m., 1828, Harvey Seeley ; res. 

Clinton. Ch. 1 Huldab, 2 Jane, 3 Delos (Phelps, N. Y.), 
4 Eloise (Helmer of Chicago) and 5 Charles. 

89 Isaac^ (Abraham^, Abraham^ ^ Isaac? y) born in 
Farmington, Ct., 2 June, 1761; married in 1784, Mrs. 
Lydia (Deming) Cranipton of Tinq|outh, Vt., and died 
in Wiiddington, X. Y., 11 Feb., 1841, in his 80th year. 
She was born in Saybrook, Ct., 22 Sept., 1760; died 20 
June, 1835, jet. 74. 

Captain Bartholomew enb'sted at Hartford under Capt. 
Wm. Stanton, in Col. Elisha Sheldon's regiment of Dra- 
goons, in Dec., 1780; served during the war, being made 
cori)oi'al in 1782. 

He also served in the War of 1812. Was a farmer in 
Bristol, then New Cambridge, Ct. About 1786, they 
moved to Tinmouth, Vt., and in 1801 removed to Wad- 
dington, St. Lawrence County, N. Y. 

He was the first militia captain commissioned in St. 
Lawrence County. Was a whig, his brothers being dem- 
ocrats. Children : 

214 i Liiman', b. 27 Oct., 17H5; d. 18 Oct., 1843. 

ii Laura, b, 27 Jan., 1787; d. num. 28 April, 1843. 


Was a member of the Methodist Church for over forty- 
five years. Children : 

i Jalla,^ b. 14 Jalj, 1^99; m. 2 Aug., 1816, A. A. Atwood; 

d. 25 Jan., 1822. 
il Laara, b. 28 Jane, 1802 ; m. 21 Apr., 1819, Abel Brockway ; 

d. 22 Mar., 1839. 
ai8 iU Ell, b. 14 Sept., 1804; d. 11 Feb., 1858. 

219 iv Emilas, b. 22 May, 1807; d. 11 Not., 1862. 

220 ▼ Charles, b. IS Mar., 1810; d. 18 Apr., 1870. 
▼1 Infant, d. 8 Apr., 1813. 

221 Til Channcey, b. 8 Aug., 1818; res. Wis. 

▼ill Sophia, b. 17 Feb., 1816; m. 10 Mar., 1837, Ripley Morrill, 
ix William, b. 24 Not., 1819 ; d. 4 Apr., 1864. 

92 Jonathan^ (Abraham^ ^ AbraJiamf^ Isaac? j) born 
in Farmington, Ct., 6 Nov., 1774 ; married 27 Dec., 1802, 
Mary, daughter of Josiah Hotchkiss of Farmington ; and 
died 14 Sept., 1862, cet. 87. She was born 5 Feb., 1782, 
baptized in the Congregational Church in F., 2 Feb., 
1822, and died 4 June, 1863, set. 81. 

*^Uncle Jonathan," as he was widely known, was an 
energetic, substantial farmer in that portion of the old town 
of Farminsrton now called Plainville. 

** He was a man of piety and sterling worth." 

His youngest son, Jeremiah H., wjis made administrator 
of his estate, 7 Oct., 1862. Children : 

223 I William Edmand,' b. 28 Jan., 1804 ; d. 80 July, 18G5. 

a Emmellne Mary, b. 18 Oct., 1807 ; m. 30 Oct., 1827, Chas. 

I^wis of Plainville. 

1 Henry N.« Lewis, b. 1828 ; banker in Wellsville, N. Y. 

2 Romeo W. Lewis, b. 1830; printer in Sacramento, Cal. 

3 Gastavus Lewis, b. 1832; m. LucyKusscll; res. Plainville. 

4 Marion Lewis, b. 1834 ; m. Geo. Butler ; res. Childers- 

burg, Alabama. 

5 Cornelia Lewis, b. 1841 ; music teacher In Plainville. 

6 Josephine Lewis, b. 1860 ; m. Frank Le Field ; d. In 1874. 

7 Jane I^wls, d. an infant. 

ill Abraham, b. 10 Feb., 1810; d. unin. in North Car- 

olina, 17 Oct., 183C. 

224 It Jeremiah Hotchkiss, b. 18 April, 1814; res. Ansonia, Ct. 


93 Jesse^ (Abraham^ y Abraham^ ^ Isaa&y) born in 
Farmington, in 1776 (?) ; had brother Charles appointed 
his guardian in 1793 ; married 24 Mar., 1799, Nancy An- 
drews of New Britain, Ct., and died between 1810 and 
1§25. She was born 22 May, 1783. 

He was a carpenter and wheelwright in *' White Oak,** 

Farmington, owning the house where the late Asahel Hamb- 

lin lived and died. The family moved to Augusta, N. Y. 

Of his ten children, but seven survived him, six daughters 

and one son. Children : 

i Austin^, m. in 1836, Belinda (?) Bartholomew, and died about 
1870, leaving one daughter. 
1 Helen Bw.,** m. Henry Roberts; d. In Clinton. Ch. (I) 

Win.,» (2) Fred., (3) Jesse and (4) Nellie of C. 
No record of his daughters, who died in Oneida Co., leaving 
few, if any, descendants. 

94 Jacob^ (Jacob^, Abraham}^ Isaac?,) born in Farm- 
ington, 29 Jan., 1768 ; married in Litchfield, Ct., 27 Jan., 
1790, Rebecca Beach, who was born 10 Jan., 1767, and 
died in Henshaw, O., 28 Feb., 1813. He married, second 
in H., 10 Jan., 1814, Mrs. Susannah Lemoin, and died 
in Mesopotamia, O., 19 Dec, 1843, aet. 75. 

Mr. Bartholomew owned the place, subsequeptly the 
home of Deacon Charles G. Ives, in Bristol, Ct., where 
he conducted a general stove and tin business with the 
farm. In Sept., 1810, he sold out, and, purchasing 800 
acres of woodland in Henshaw, now Farmington, O., 
settled upon it the following month, being one of the 
town's first six settlers. 

At the death of his wife he was left in the woods with 
nine children, but the following year he found a mother 
for them who had nine children of the same ages. His 
family, now numbering twenty healthy members, soon 
cleared the forests, built mills and raised large crops. 
They all with a few exceptions had large families. 



Children : 

i . Cliloe,^ b. 25 Mar., 1701; m. 1 Jan., 1811, Ezra Curtlss 

of F. ; d. 1 Apr., 1860, In her 70th year. 

1 Orren Cnrtiss,^ m. Louisa Stone. Ch. (1) Chas.' and (2) 

Lula £. ; res. Lima, O. 

2 Charles Curtiss, res. Lima, O. 
Other children were : 

8 Emmeline. 

4 Elizabeth. 

5 Almira, died. 

ii Charles, b. 24 Feb., 1793; d. unm. in Blockleyville, Pa., 

10 Nov., 1839. 

ill Asahel, b. 22 Feb., 1795 ; m. Alfrcda Blackman. En- 

listed in Aug., 1812, as a musician under Capt. Iline in 
Col. Rames' 1st Ohio regiment. Res. Farmington. He d. 
in Kingsville, O., 2 Sept., 1873, a;t. 78, having previously 
lost his wife and only two children. 

iv Rcbeccah, b. 12 May, 1797; m. 1st, 18 Oct., 1815, James 
Youmans; 2nd, 31 Dec, 1823, Kleazcr D. Lemoin; d. in 
East Paw Paw, 111., 29 Apr., 1873, set. 75. He res. in E. 
Paw Paw, aet. 82. 

1 Betsy A. Youmans, m. 1st, P. T. Hull; 2nd, H. G. Tows- 

ley of Ft. Atkinson, Wis. Ch. (1) Elmore Hull and (2) 
Emily R. Towsley. 

2 Susannah I). Lemoin, b. 18 Nov., 1824; m. 27 Oct., 1846, 

Thos. W. Martelle of E. P. P., 111. Ch. (1) Emery, (2) 
Thomas, (3) Miltou and (4) Lewis. 

3 Harriett L. Lemoin, b. 14 Dec, 1826 ; m. Lewis C. Horton 

of Eiwt Trumbull, O. 

4 Eleuzer D. Lemoin, b. 21 Feb., 1829; m. ; d. Oct., 18()4. 

6 John C. Lemoin, b. 11 Feb., 18:U ; m.; d. July, 1863. 
6 Sophronia B. Lemoin, b. 8 May, 1834 ; m. Lester A. Hedges 

of Denver, Col. 
V Bet«y, b. 31 July, 1709; m. Ephraim White, and d. 17 

Nov., 1869, ajt. 70, in Ind. 

1 Betsy White, m. Henry Falls of Spencerville, De Kalb 

County, Indiana. 

2 Erastus While, res. Defiance Co., O. 
8 Edward White, res. Spencerville, Ind. 

225 vl Eli, b. 15 Apr., 1802; res. Cleveland, O.. rot. 82. 

226 vii John, b. 31 Aug., 1S04; res. Streetsl)oro. O., ict. 80. 

227 ▼iii Jacob Barnias,b. 8 Apr., 1807; d. 16 Feb., 1882, a«t. 75. 


ix Almira, b. 21 Aug., 1809; m. 9 Oct., 1831, Dr. Mortimer 

-R. Fowler, and resides in Woodland, Cal., set. 74. He d. 
In W., 31 Dec, 1878, aet. 70. 

1 Carrie L. Fowler, b. 7 Sept.^ 1882 ; m. Capt. Wni. S. Cross 

of W. Ch. (1) Minnie and (2) Myra. 

2 Luclas C. Fowler, b. SO Nov., 1884; d. childless, In 1881. 
8 Fortia A. Fowler, b. 20 Feb., 1846; d. 24 Sept., 1851. 

95 Asa^ {Jacob^y Abraham*^ Isacufy) born in '^Bartlemy 

Tavern," in the parish of New Cambridge, Farmington, Ct., 
25 March, 1776; married in Bristol, 10 Sept., 1801, 
Charity, daughter of Isaac Wells Shelton and wife Martha 
Shelton, whose mother was Abigail lineal descendant of 
Henry Weakley, the first lawyer of record in the Conn. 
Colony, and whose grandmother was granddaughter of 
Lieut. John Hubbell, famed in the f arly Indian wars, and 
Wm. Thompson of New Haven. Isaac Wells Shelton 
was grandson of the emigrant Daniel Shelton (see Shelton 
Memorial) and his wife Elizabeth, granddaughter of Gov. 
Thomas Wells and great granddaughter of Gov. Richard 
Treat, and Lord HoUister of the manor of Stenchcomb 
and Burleigh, Eng. 

She died in Bristol 15 Sept., 1859, set. 75. He died in 
Bristol 31 Oct., 1864 in his 89th year. 

Mr. Bartholomew spent his schooldays at the old 
Peaceable street schoolhouse. After their marriage, in 
1805, they moved to Pleasant Valley, N. Y., where they 
kept a tavern, until Sept., 1807, when returning to Bristol 
he purchased a 360 acre farm now the site of the village of 
Polkville. His residence was that at present occupied by 
Mr. Isaac Bronson. 

He was an energetic pushing farmer and a successful 
business man. Of an uncommonly independent nature, 
he never sought favor nor cared to hold office ; shrewd 


and honest, his opinions, original and frankly given, were ' 
never cranky, but founded on good common sense, and 
carried great weight in the community. He was very 
social and in his later years most pleasantly known by 
all, both old and young, as **Uncle Asa Bartholomew." 
Children : 

i Emily', b. 1 Jan., 1804; m. 29 Nov., 1824, Rensselaer 

Upson (of Asa, Asa) of Bristol ; d. 16 May, 1877, act. 78 ; 
He was b. 2 Nov., 1797; d. 17 Jaly, 1850; an extensive 

1 Eleanor" R. Upson, m. Hez'h M. Bumham of B. Ch. 

(1) EraUy L.,» (2) Geo. E., (8) Harriett E. and (4) 
Harry M. 

2 Emily L. Upson, b. 9 June, 1827; d. 26 Sept., ISSO. 

3 Loaise M. Upson, b. 3 Feb., 1830; res. Bristol. 

4 Emily Bw. Upson, m. Leicester Carrington ; res. B. Ch. 

(1) William R., (2) Edward L. and (8) Charles M. 

5 Asa Shelton Upson m. Ellen L. Moses; d. 29 Feb., 1871; 

res. Ann Arbor, Mich. Ch. (1) Elliott A. (at Mich. 
University), (2) Ada L. and (3) Bonnie E. 
ii George Wells, b. 19 June, 1805 ; res. Bristol, Ct. ; set. 79. 
iU Harry Shelton, b. 8 June, 1807; d. 7 Oct., 1827. 
Iv Paulina, b. 18 June, 1809; m. 12 Sept., 1832, Alvin 

Ferry Alpress, who was b. 2 June, 1806; d. 6 Jan., 1850; 
manufacturer. She res. in B. ; tct. 75. 

1 Ellen M. Alpress, b. 11 Dec, 1833; d. 13 June, 1839. 

2 Charles II. Alpress, b. 31 Dec, 1835; meclmnic; res. 

8 Edward A. Alpress, b. 1 May, 1840; machinist; New 
BriUin, Ct. 

4 George T. Alpress, b. 14 July, 1846 ; merchant. Defi- 
ance, Ohio. 

5 Emerson Alpress, b. 25 Feb., 1848; d. 31 May, 1861. 

6 Alvin F.* Alpress, b. 25 Oct., 1849; mechanic, Bristol. 
▼ Jennette, b. 31 March, 1811; m. 8 May, 1h35, Dr. Ell 

Titus Merriman, who is now dead. She res. Bnuquetta, 
Texas, set. 73. 

1 Walter Merriman, b. 17 May, 1836; stockruiscr, Til- 
den, Texas. 

2 Henry Merriman, b. 21 Jan., 1838; residence New 
Haven, Connecticut. 




8 Henrietta Merriman, m. Samuel FassUman of Ban. 
quetta, Texas. 

4 James £. Merriman, twin, b. 20 Nov., 1845; m. L. G. 

Richardson. Ch. (1) Fannie, and (2) Amanda. 

5 Jennette A. Merriman, twin, b. 20 Nov., 1846; m. 

Richardson ; merchant, Tilden. 

6 Titus E. Merriman, b. 28 March, 1847 ; stockraiser, Til- 

den, Texas. 

7 Helen Merriman, ^b. 12 July, 1850; C d. 12 July, 1850. 

8 Ellen Merriman, > ^^^^ ' ( d. 30 July, 1851. 
229 vl Asa, b. 5 Feb., 1815; res. Bristol. 

Til Nancy Maria, b. 22 Dec, 1817; m. 9 May, 1889, Alanson 
Winston (grandson of Sarah Bartholomew) ; and d. at 
Atlantic, Iowa, 8 May, 1880. He was b. 15 Dec, 1816; d. 
27 July, 1875; clock manufacturer, etc. 
• 1 Sarah A. Winston, b. 29 Sept., 1841; m. Julius Almeron 
Pond of B. Ch. (1) Martin Almeron Pond, b. 81 
May, 1865. 
2 Dewltt A. Winston, b. 9 Jan., 1843; m. Jane Bylngton; 
farmer of Atlantic. Ch. (1) Nalhan D. Winston, b. 18 
Jan., 1872. 
8 Francis M. Winston, b. 9 Oct., 1846; m. Peter G. Dief- 
fendorf. Ch. (1) Cora, and (2) Fred. Dleffendorf. 

4 Frank W. Winston, b. 6 Dec, 1852; m. Alice E. Muzzy; 

farmer of A. Ch. (1) Ella M. Winston, b. 28 Aug., 1876. 

5 George M. Winston, b. 12 March, 1863 ; farmer of A. 
vlil Jane Charity, b. 22 Feb., 1821 ; m. 13 Sept., 1842, Wellington 

Winston (brother of Alanson W.), a manufacturer of B. ; 
d. 15 April, 1854, set. 36. She res. In Forestville, Ct. 

1 Cora Winston, b. 1843 ; m. Charles W. Bradshaw 

of F. ; son Wallace. 

2 Wellington W. Winston, b. July, 1847; m. Eunice Wright; 
. clockmaker of F. 

8 Wallace F. Winston, b. 1853; m. Elizabeth Masters; 
clockmaker of F. 

96 Jacob^ (John^j Abraham^y Isaac^y) born in New 
Cambridge parish ; married about 1800, Elizabeth French ; 
died at Falls of Grace Creek, Pa. 

Mrs. Elizabeth married, second, Mr. Thomas, who died 
leaving one son David. She married third, John Bolden ; 


no children ; and died in West Virginia about six miles 
west of Big Tree, Pa. He was a farmer, moving very 
early to Pennsylvania. Children : 

230 i John', b. 18 Dec, 1788 ; d. 8 Nov., 1776, aet. 87. 

231 U Aaron, b. 1789; d. Sept., 1845; »t. 56. 

iii Elizabeth, m. Blakesley ; no issue. 

Iv Charlotte, m. Brewer ; no issue. 

97 John® (eToAn*, Abraham^^ Isaac?,) born in Far- 
mington ; married Abba Lucia, daughter of Gideon 
Smith of Farmington, who died about 1835, set. 58. He 
married second, and died 4 March, 1853, in Hampden, O. 

He removed after 1800, from Bristol to Goshen, Ct. ; 
thence about 1817 to Hampden, Geauga Co., Ohio, where 
he purchased seven hundred acres, and carried on a farm 
in connection with the store which his son Joel left at his 
decease. Children : 

i Joel S.f^ settled in H. 16 Dec, 1816; merchant; 

d. unm. spring of 1818. 

ii Augustus, m. Edna Bush. Son Augustus m. Han- 

nah Messinger; was a sailor ou the Lakes; d. in Cleve- 
land, leaving one child. 

iii Hannah Maria, b. 5 Jan., 1807; m. James Quiggle, who 

d. 20 July, 1870, ait. 70. She res. in Miudoro, Lacrosse 
County, Wisconsin. 

1 Angeline*' Quiggle, m. Standish ; d. 13 Jan., 1856. 

2 Philip Quiggle, b. 6 Sept., 1827. 

3 John U. Quiggle, b. 4 March, 1830; res. Sauk Co., Wis. 

4 Lucia M. Quiggle, b. 13 April, 1832; m. Mr. Singletory. 

5 Nelson Quiggle, b. 16 March, 1834; d. 15 Feb., 1864. 

6 Ann Eliza Quiggle, b. 18 Nov., 1842; m. Mr. PettingiU. 
iv Lucia, m. Geo. Sessions ; moved from Wiscon- 
sin to California; four children. 

232 V William Chauncey, b. 12 May, 1803; d. 26 April, 1872. 

vl Nelson, m. Cornelia , daughter of step- 

mother. He took saltpetre by mistake, became insane, 
and d. in H., leaving one daughter, Caroline. 

98 Jedidiah^' (Johnny Abraham^, Ima&,) born in the 


parish of New Cambridge, now town of Bristol, Oct., 
1775, married Kate Russell ; and died in 1846 in Leroy, 
Lake Co., Ohio, eet. 71. She was born in Hartford, Ct., 
March, 1771 ; died in Mentor, Ohio, in 1839. 

Mr. Bartholomew at the age of eleven was placed under 
the guardianship of his uncle Jacob Bartholomew; at 
maturity he moved to Goshen, Ct., serving in the war of 
1812 as a teamster. In 1823 he moved to Granville, 
N. Y., thence to Geneva, O., settling finally in Mentor, 
Ohio. Children : 

i Don Carlos^, b. 4 Ang., 1798; m. Freelove Steyers; d. 

27 Nov., 1837. 

1 Electa Bartholomew, deceased. 

2 Maria Bartholomew, deceased. 

8 Catherine S. Bartholomew, m. Wm. Turner ; res. Grand 
Rapids, Michigan. 

4 Stevers Bartholomew, deceased. 

5 Carlos Bartholomew, migrated from Michigan to 

Callfomia and died, 
ii Anna, b. U Aug., 1796; m. Lawrence Fosdick ; 

and d. 7 March, 1831. 

1 Lawrence Fosdick, m. Nancy Richmond; removed to 

Minnesota, 1858. 

2 Lucia Fosdick, m. Jerry Churchill; res. 111. 

ill Russell, b. 22 Jan., 1799; m. Anna Richardson; 

d. 11 Jan., 1881. Had son 1 David, 
iv Electa, b. 24 May, 1804; d. 11 Sept., 1805. 

V Ezckiel, b. 5 June, 1808; d. 26 Sept., 1811. 

288 vi Joel Carrington, b. 23 Nov., 1810; d. 16 Dec, 1878. 
vii £11, b. 80 May, 1813 ; d. 23 July, 1814. 

99 Thomas^ (SamuePy Josiah^y Isaai?,) born in 
Goshen, Ct., 5 Sept., 1776; married 1 June, 1801, 
Mabel Ives; died in Goshen 21 Sept., 1858, set. 82. She 
was bom 16 July, 1778 ; died 13 Jan., 1859, ret. 80. 

Mr. Bartholomew was a farmer and a prominent citizen 
of Goshen, holding many of its local offices and repre- 
senting the town several times in the Legislature. 


Children : 

234 I Orlo^ b. 20 Oct, 1801 ; d. 7 May, 1864. 

236 U Mjron, b. 19 Jan., 1803; d. 2 Oct., 1845. 

ill Emily, b. 29 Oct., 1804; m. 14 Nov., 1886, Philo 

Norton, a fanner of O., who d. 21 May, 1875, »t. 75. 

She res. in Vernon, N. Y., aet. 79. 

1 Laura^ Norton, b. 2 Dec,, 1837. 

2 Ashbel Norton, b. 24 Jan., 1839; d. 20 Oct., 1864, in 

the U. S. Army. 
8 Thomas B. Norton, b. 3 Sept., 1840; res. Camden, N. Y. 

4 Samuel D. Norton, b. 12 Feb., 1843 ; res. Vernon Centre, 

New York. 

5 Philo M. Norton, b. 20 April, 1846 ; res. Vernon Centre. 
iv Ann, b. 28 Sept., 1806; m. (2nd wife) 14 Sept., 

1847, Lyman Richards of G. ; no children. 
▼ Cordelia, b. 1 Sept., 1808; m. 23 April, 1839, Stephen 

B. Smith of V. C. 
1 Lacy Smith, res. nnm. in Vernon Centre, 
▼i Almira, b. 18 Aag., 1810; d. nnm. 27 Oct., 1845. 

Til Sophronia, b. 23 May, 1812; d. 4 June, 1813. 

▼ill Esther Velonia, b. 17 April, 1818 ; m. 27 March, 1837, Wm. 
C. Johnson, and resides in E. Hartford, Ct. He d. in 
Springfleld, Mass., 13 Oct., 1869. 

1 Eveline Johnson, m. 27 May, 18G1, C. C. Vinton; 

res. E. H. 

2 Adelaide M. Johnson, b. 14 July, 1843; d. 13 June, 1859. 
8 DwightH. Johnson, b. 18 Mar., 1845; d. 26 Dec, 1857. 

4 Roselle P. Johnson, m. William H. Moore ; res. Spring- 

fleld, Mass. 

5 Delphine I. Johnson, m. Fred. H. Rice; res. Bazine, 

Ness Co., Kansas, 
ix Chloe Ives, b. 16 Jan., 1820; m. Amzi Beach; res. 

Goshen. A son was killed Jan., 1878. 

100 SamueP {SamueV^ Josiah^, Isaa(?,) born in 
Goshen 12 Feb., 1784; married 3 March, 1814, Mary 
Woodruff; died in North Blanford, Mass., 4 Sept., 1875, 
aet. 91. She was born 19 April, 1795. 

Mr. Bartholomew and his father having purchased in 
1810 and 1813 the farm on which his son Samuel A. Bar- 


tholomew now lives in North Blanford, Mass., he removed 
there in 1814. Children : 

i A 8on% b. 4 Nov., 1814; d. 10 Nov., 1814. 

ii Mary Ann, b. 19 March, 1816; m. 16 Nov., 1885, 

Henry Ashley, now dead ; she res. in Westfleld, Mass. ; 
son Henry W." is a law student. 

ill Sarah Maria, b. 27 Nov., 1818; d. 2 Aag., 1880. 

iv Samuel Augustus, b. 19 Sept., 1824; m. 10 Nov., 1847, Eliza- 
beth C. Hamilton ; no issue ; is a prominent citizen of North 
Blanford ; is frequently called upon to fill its public offices. 

V Helen D., b. 6 Aug., 1831; d. 16 Aug., 1833. 

vi Delphine, b. 24 June, 1885; m. 24 Dec, 1857, Geo. 

T. Bunn ; res. Bernardsville, N. J. Five children. 
1 Maurice A. Bunn, commission merchant in N. Y. City. 

101 Milo^ (/Samt/eP, Josiah^^ Isaac? y) born in Goshen 
28 Aug., 1794; married 12 Nov., 1828, Millia T. Hoi- 
brook; and died 20 Feb., 1876, eet. 81. She was born 
24 April, 1810. 

Mr. Bartholomew was a farmer and an influential citi- 
zen of Goshen. Children : 

2361 UriPerlcles^ b. 29 March, 1880; res. Bantam Falls, Ct. 
ii Samuel Aurellan, b. 19 Oct., 1831; m. Ist, 15 Feb., 1871, Ann 

Langdon; 2nd, 80 Oct., 1879, Hattie Pratt; no children; 

residence Goshen, 
iii Milo Acheles, b. 23 Sept., 1838; d. 16 Sept., 1887. 

102 Josiah® (Josiah^j Josiah^^ Isaac? y) born in Goshen 
11 Nov., 1775; married 24 Jan., 1799, Myra Wadhams 
Hyde ; and died in Augusta, N. Y., 26 Aug., 1819. She 
was born 10 Jan., 1779 ; died 10 Nov., 1838. 

He was a farmer and justice of the peace of Augusta. 

Children : 

1 Alvira', b. 80 July, 1800; m. 8 June, 1886, Wells 

Ranney ; res. near Loclcport, N. T. ; three children. 



ii Henry; b. 26 April, 1802, in Augusta; m. in Or- 

leans Co., N. T., Lucy King; and d. in Quincy, 111., about 
1848, leaving three children; res. Burton, Adams Co., 
ili Laura, b. 26 April, 1804 ; m. Rev. David Shepherd ; 

and d. 15 Sept., 1824. Son 1 David Shepherd, d. unm. in 
1849 in Brooklyn, N. Y. 
237 iv Albert Josiah, b. 21 Sept., 1807; d. 81 July, 1866. 

288 y Hiram Edwin, b. 80 Nov., 1809 ; res. Knoxboro, N. T. 
239 vi Collins Wadhams, b. 22 July, 1812; d. 29 Aug., 1864. 

vii Adeline Lucy, b. 20 Dec, 1815; m. 22 Mar., 1854, 
Fhineas Burch, who was b. 20 Aug., 1814; farmer in Co- 
runna, Michigan. 
1 IdaElmiraBurch^ b. 29 Sept., 1858; m. 1st, G. R. Ridley; 
2nd, Leslie Northrup of C. 

103 JehieP (Isaac^f Josiah^ ^ Isacu?^) born in Bran- 
ford 8 April, 1780; married in Branford 22 Sept., 1800, 
Jerusha Maltbie ; died in 1846. She was born in Bran- 
ford 20 Oct., 1778 ; died in 1841. 

Mr. Bartholomew resided in Branford until 1801, when 
he accompanied his father to Dryden, Tompkins County, 
N. Y., and again in 1818 to Erie County, N. Y., and 
al)out 1836 he removed to Cold water, Mich*, where he 
died. Was a farmer. Children : 

1 Watson nines', b. 10 July, 1801; d. unm., a?t. 30. 
240 ii Amos Adams, b. 29 Oct., 1803; d. 11 March, 1876, act. 72. 

iii Phebe Adams, b. 22 Feb., 1806; m. James Hamilton; d. 
in Branch Co., Mich. 
341 iv No:ili Willis, b. 1 April, 1808; d. 1 Aug., 1876. 

242 y Isaac, b. 26 April, 1810; res. Cold water, Michigan ; 

«t. 73. 

243 vi Jehiel, b. 22 Sept., 1812; d. 7 April, 1875. 

▼ii Clarlnda, b. 4 June, 1816; m. 9 Jan., 1834, Levi H. 

McCullon; d. 12 July, 1847, on a journey from Council 

Bluffs to Salt Lake, Utah. 

1 Julia F." McCullon, m. Amos Bcmls; res. San Bernardino, 

California. Ch. (1) Clarinda^ (2) Francis, (3) Amos, 

(4) Levi, (6) Ervin, (6) Clarissa, (7) Wilson, (8) Geo. 

and (9) I^rin. 


2 Eliza E. McCoUon, m. Calbert King of Kiogstoo, Utah. 
Ch. (1) Colbert, (2) Clarlnda, (8) Ida, (4) Matilda, 
(6) Delilah, (6) Volney, (7) Julia, (8) William, (9) Ella 
and (10) Parley A. 

8 Henry J. McCullon, m. Helen MarCallister ; res. Fill- 
more, Utah. Ch. (1) Helen, (2) Caroline, (8) Cla- 
rlnda, (4) Francis, (5) Henry, and (6) Esther. 

4 Emily J. McCallon, b. II Aug., 1845; d.25 Jaly, 1847. 

104 Isaac* (Isacufiy Josiah^j Isacu?^) born in Branford 
14 April, 1794 ; married in Groton, N. Y., 18 Aug., 1812, 
Bessie Glassie ; who was born 18 June, 1795, and died 
in Evans 5 Dec, 1839. He married second, and died 25 
Sept., 1882, set. 88. 

Mr. Bartholomew was a farmer in Derby, East Evans, 
Erie Co., N. Y., where he resided from 1814 until his 
death, which occurred at the residence of his son George, 
on the farm he first purchased in Derby. He passed 
through one of those trying lives well known to all first 
settlers of a new, timbered country. Children : 

i Sabra^, b. 8 Sept., 1816 ; m. 14 March, 1838, Samael 

Freeman ; and d. 5 July, 1850. He was bom in England ; 
is a farmer in D. 

1 Charles F.^ Freeman, res. Derby. Ch. (1) Carrie' and 

(2) Llllie. 

2 George F. Freeman, res. D. Ch. (1) Emma, (2) Nor- 

man and (8) Willie. 

3 Ira Freeman, res. 567 Plymouth Ave., BuflUo, 

New York. 

4 Julia Freeman, res. with her aant, Mrs. Laara 

11 Lydia, b. 1 Jan., 1820; m. 14 Dec, 1842, John M. 

Strong, and was killed by a railroad accident 18 Dec, 
18G7. He is a Jeweller in BufiUlo. 

1 Monflred I. Strong, m. ; has one son ©t. about 12. 

2 Fronesnia M. Strong, m. Frank Blrchfleld; res. Pleasant- 

YiUe, Pennsylvania. 
244 ill Ira, b. 10 Mar., 1822; res. ^Bvans. 


245 iv Almon, b. SOMar., 1824; res. Baffalo. 

▼ Laura C, b. 5 Dec, 1826; m. 25 Dec, 1845, Hemaa 

Lnthrop, who d. 17 Oct., 1857. She m. 2nd, 25 Dec, 
1861, D. F. Crandall. Mr. 0. is an attorney-at-law in Buf- 
falo. Mrs. C. is prominent in charitable enterprises in 
Buffalo, especially in connection with the Industrial 
schools. Young Ladies' Boarding Home, and the Woman's 
Christian Association, being for years executive officer 
of the latter. 

1 Isaac D. Lothrop, b. 18 Oct., 1846; d. July, 1847. 

2 Willis Lothrop, b. 80 Jan., 1847. 

3 Ella M. Lothrop, b. 25 Sept., 1849. 

4 A daughter b. and d. in 1853. 

Yi Phebe, b. 20 July, 1820; m. 8 Dec, 1869, S. Pierce of 

Hamburg, N. Y. 

246 vii George Willis, b. 22 Feb., 1833; res. Evans, N. Y. 
viilLucy, b. 1837; ml 8 Dec, 1857, Henry McCullon; 

and d. 6 April, 1872. He is a mechanic of Derby. 

1 DeForest McCullon, m. 5 Dec, 1881, Carrie Phelps; res. 


2 Elmer McCuUoa, res. Derby. 
8 Avis McCullon, res. Derby. 

4 Norman McCullon, b. about 1870. 

105 Oliver^ (Moses^, Josiah,* Isaat?^) born in Goshen 
in 1777 or 8 ; married Lucy Church of Vershiro, Vt. ; 
and died 8 Aug., 1833. She was born 1 March, 1782, 
and died in Chelsea, Vt., 9 March, 1881, having entered 
upon the 100th year of her life. 

Mr. Bartholomew was a farmer of Vershiro, where he 
and his wife joined the Congregational Church in 1808. 
He was rery stout, weighing 250 pounds, and of great 
physical power and activity combined. 

His death was the result of being thrown from his car- 
riage. Children : 

247 i Colesteb', b. 25 Aug., 1809; res. Iowa. 

248 li Nelson, b. 2 Sept., 1810; d. 2 Oct., 1848. 

106 Erastus^ {Mcm^^ Josiah^^ laacu?^) born in Go- 



shen, Ct., in 1783 ; married, 25 Jan., 1800, Sally Bartlett, 
who died at Chelsea, 8 Aug., 1813. He married, second, 
8 Oct., 1819, Mrs. Elizabeth (Haywood) Coburn of Bos- 
ton, who died 27 April, 1876, aet. 83. He died at Post 
Mills, Vt., 28 Sept., 1860, rot. 77. (See likeness on op- 
posite page.) 

Mr. Erastus Bartholomew was more than the average 
man. He was endowed with uncommon inventive power. 
In company with William Church, he labored for many 
years in Vershire and in Boston, Mass., to originate new 
and improve the old machinery of his day. They made 
"the first breech loading gun," "the first machine for the 
making or forging of nails," a knitting machine "probably 
the first in the country ;" also he invented and made the 
power and iron hand presses, the "toggle joint" so useful 
in presses, etc. , the first machine for making cordage and 
coil chain, and numerous other machines and articles of 
great value, the patents for nearly all of which, his de- 
scendants still have in their possession. 

Isaac Adams, the inventor of Adams' Press, was an ap- 
prentice of Mr. Bartholomew's, and that press was in a 
measure the joint invention of the two. Like nearly all 
men in his day who adopted mechanics for a business, be 
was a "blacksmith," which term then included the most 
skilful and ambitious of iron workers. Physically he was 
neither fleshy nor tall, still he weighed 210 pounds and 
was a giant in strength. He was a whig, and Attended 
the Baptist Church. Children : 

249 I Truman C.,^ b. 15 Dec, 1809; d. 7 Dec, 1867. 

260 ii Azro Buck, b. 29 July, 1813; m. 26 Nov., 1840, Mehet- 

able Brown, and d. childless, 20 Jan., 1883, in his 70th yr. 
He was foreman in a large machine shop in S. Boston. 

261 Hi William Newton, b. 18 Feb., 1822 ; res. Newton Centre, Mass. 
iv Mary Elizabeth, d. 8»t. ab. 6 years. 

T Louisa L., b. 8 Mar., 1830; m., 1st, Henry Cooley of 

Thetford, Vt. ; 2nd, Phineas Kimball of Nauvoo, IlL ; and 
d. 13 Apr., 1865, 




j« • a 



I. Geo. Bai(hal..iii<:» 

:!i/i...'^- ■ W , \:\n ^' ; 

:. 'V- M-.!, :• I -^ ... . :' " -., .. K:':\,U. 

.' • t 

■* ■ -» • ! ' 

■ I 

!i '. .^ -M. / , .. .. .- •:■:.. 

' ' v? .;!'.'•'■ ■ *''**^' 

■ ;- ■.■.\::'\ : y. : :< '.. 'i' \ ;:■:..:■. -^ ' -vV" 

* 1 ■ ... ■ • 

:•; ;':* '• I ^: ........ ' r:0:/- •.■•■; •:. .- ^ -.' 

■• . .'i .■-!.■ - :.: !!i *' • i.; i :-S. . -•■... .v' !;/ .V 

• itv: jT. ■■•^ : ''' I.i '^ ■■ ; V '.» ;:- i : :■. V ' 

. .- ?■:'■■■ '■ . ' • ■ - • .■■■■'• ^ J ..:. ■" '.. ' ril'-.i ••• .'■■ . !:'^ 

... .! -i. : i.-i >■ j"i::' :.; ■: ■ ... ■ ^ ■. !•.•■"•'.: ■ •■ ■ :■. . 

(: • ■ 

. 1 . •• ■ 

. •!'.' 

I f I 

> >i ■! : 

•■ ■•: -. ::t .'.v.:; ■■ '• 

. * ' ^ 

M.^s'--: *•. i' 

• ,!..■ .1.- ' . .^ I I .. ij.,! 

' • J ' ^ I ■ 

i ^■. I '*• ■ , I I ■* ■* ' /i- I » •• ; ■ • I ." . , ■ ' t ^ * f'l -.-; *' ■ ■■■'■■- 

!* ■ ■ ":'. : i; i':. i : x - ..-:;? -i 

;rt' :.■••■. *>:' ' :-t ; . . i .^ ;. .. 'i^ u-l 

]..,*•::• r . 

. ■■■I -I .•: 

* T .. 

. i»: 


I' • 

V • ' 


:!■... •: ■•;'::i- 



. -t 

.'■".■ " *', .' : 

. . *!',>«. 


■•'■■ Vi 

a. ^ 


m-4. WB.H.Bintuilonicw. 500-1 JoclL.fivtheloBEW. EU. judgi W. O. Banholamni. m. B.Binhotomcw, M.D. 
«n. Gm. O. A. ButboloBcw. 4N. E. D. ButbolaBicw. 4*t. P. W. BortAolonicw «1-1. H.H. Butholomew. 


tm. Hum Btnbotomtw 30*. K. Banhdomc-, M D. 3U»-3. E. P. B^nholor 

• (^^.6 

»l. Pnf. W. M BanbaloiBm. tW. Eruliu Banholonew. Ml Dan'l Bjiithotoinew 117. Caltb Banholomcw 

Ml. Geo. Barlhalumc* 3S1. Wm. I. Banholomiw. Gen. ]«. &>rdui\<^ 


1 Mary B.' Cooley, m. Edward S. Cook ; res. Thetford, Vt. 

2 Eugene F. Cooley, d. 1 Mar., 1874, tet, 21. 

8 Phineas E. Kimball, b. 17 Jan., 1858; d. 14 Nov., 1860. 

4 Mary Kimball, b. 8 May, 1861. 

5 Grace 6. Kimball, b. 81 Oct, 1862; d. 7 Aug., 1864. 

107 Ebenezer® { Oliver^ ^ Josiah*, laaai?,) bom in 
Lee, Mass., 27 Dec, 1782 ; married in Watertown, N. Y., 
19 July, 1805, Charlotte Pratt of W. ; and died in Sept., 
1866, »t. 83. 

He was a farmer, spending the latter half of his life 
in Michigan. Information concerning his children has 
proved di£Scult to procure. Children : 

i Arza.'' 

11 Oliver. 

iii Phineas, d. SBt 20. 

108 Augustine® (Olivet^ j Josiah^^ Isaa&y) born in 
Vershire, Vt., 2 Jan., 1788 ; married at Henderson, Jef- 
ferson County, N. Y., 1*0 Sept., 1810, Mary Dexter; and 
died 9 Aug., 1825. She died 17 Mar., 1882, set. 96. 

^Children : 

1 Albert,^ died ajt. 18. 
252 ii DennlH, b. 24 Mar., 1817; res. Strathallen, Ont., Canada. 

ill Dexter, ra. 1st, in 1846, Mary A. Austin ; 2nd, Ellen Rog- 
ers ; res. WiUow Creek, Minn. Two children by 2nd wife. 

iv Delia Ann, b. 2 Apr., 1823; m. 6 Mar., 1843, Daniel H. Cole, 
who was liorn 23 July, 1812; res. Henderson, N. Y. 

1 Mabel Cole, b. 20 Apr., 1845; d. 12 Jan., 1859. 

2 Isadore Cole, in. 1st, G. W. Lovelace ; 2nd, G. W. Collins. 

109 Oliver® ( Oliver^ , Josiah^y Imac^y) born in Ver- 
shire, Vt., 18 March, 1793; married in Watertown, 26 
Dec, 1819, Mary Everett, and died 16 Mar., 1878, aet. 
85. She was born 30 Jan., 1796, and died 19 Sept., 1867. 

Mr. Bartiiolomew enlisted in Juno, 1812, at Jefferson 


Co., N. Y., in Capt. Camp's Light Artillery Company; 
also in the summer of 1813 in Capt. Gtfford's Company, 
Col. Tuttle'fi regiment. 

In 1861, he voluntarily gave the use of his hotel in Ham- 
ilton, Van Buren County, Mich., for public meetings to 
encourage the war feeling. 

He early removed to Michigan, where he spent the 
latter portion of his life. Children : 

258 i George/ b. S May, 1821 ; res. Keelcrsville, Mich. 
* ii Franklin, b. 25 Mar., 1823. He never married; is a farmer 
in San Pueblo, Cal., where he located at the early settle- 
ment of the state. 

iii Abi, b. 7 July, 1826; d. 8 Feb., 1848. 

iv Cornelia, b. 20 Aug., 1827; m. 16 May, 1850, Rev. Charles 
A. Skinner, a leading Universalist clergyman, who has 
been pastor of churcheiS in Hartford, Ct., Cambridgcport 
and Boston, Mass., for over twenty-five years. Residence 
Somerville, Mass. Children : 

1 Chas. M. Skinner, on the editorial staff of the Brooklyn 

(N. Y.) Daily Times. 

2 Otis A. Skinner, an actor travelling at present with Lau- 

rence Barrett. 
8 Willis L. Skinner, student at the Art Normal Sch., Boston. 
V Egbert, b. 8 Nov., 1829; m. 80 May, 1857, L. McComber; 

d. 16 Feb., 1875. No children, 
vl Mary, b. 25 Mar., 1882; d. 20 Apr., 1845. 
vil Everett, b. 26 Dec, 1834 ; m. 5 Nov., 1856, £llz*h E. White ; 
d. 15- Apr., 1870. No children. 

HO DaxdeF {Olivei^j Josiah^^ Iscuk?^) born in Au- 
gusta, N. Y., 19 Jan., 1796; married in Watertown, 13 
Nov., 1828, Sarah G. Parker, and died 25 Oct., 1878, 
8et. 82. 

She was the daughter of Joseph and Lydia (Wills) 
Parker of Middletown, Vt., where she was born 21 May, 
1807, and is still living at Blissfield, Mich., aet. 76. ^ 

Ml*. Bailholomew remained in Watertown until 1857, 


when he removed to Atticay O., thence, in 1867, to Ai, 
0.9 where he died. Was a farmer. Children : 

254 i William,^ b. 28 Dec, 1829; res. Sylvania, O. 

ii Lydia, b. 25 Nov., 18»I; m. 27 Sept., 1858, George 

L. Gurnce, a druggist of Watertown, N. T., who was b. 
19 Dec, 1822. 

1 Warren B.** Garnee, b. 19 Aag., 1854. 

2 William H. Gumee, b. 21 Nov., 1855; m. Mary C. Snell; 

res. Watertown. 
8 George A. Gnmee, b. 22 Feb., 1857; d. 18 Sept., 1859. 

4 Charles K. Garnee, b. 9 Jan., 1859. 

5 Frank D. Garnee, b. 17 May, 1861. 

6 Ida Celia Garnee, b. 8 July, 1867. 

7 Eugene R. Gumec, b. 81 Mar., 1869. 

C«"»' } b. 27 Sept.. 1883 ; ^ "• "2 Sept.. 1862. 



Iv Delia ) twins. ^ ^ j^^^ ^i Jan., 1861, Anthony W. 

Lemmon, who d. 9 Jan., 1868. She m. 2nd, 14 Mar., 1871, 
Dr. Uebben Cheyney ; res. Waterloo, Ind. 

1 Francfs A.^ Lemmon, b. 18 Jan., 1862, in Attica, O. 

2 Ida May Cheyney, b. 24 Mar., 1878, in Apple Creek, O. 
8 Anson A. Cheyney, b. 8 Apr., 1876, in Waterloo, Ind. 

T Laura Ann, b. 28 Aug., 1825; m. 1st, 20 Dec, 1856, Frank 
C. Hooker, who d. 11 Aug., 1859. She m. 2nd, 8 June, 1862, 
Dr. £urotU8 D. Merriam ; res. Lagrange, O. 

1 Willie"* Hooker, b. 29 Aug., 1867; d. 20 Aug., 1869. 

2 Alice Hooker, b. 29 Aug., 1869; d. 25 May, 1860. 
8 Charles A. Merriam, b. 29 Aug., 1863. 

4 Minnie M. Merriam, b. 4 Aug., 1866. 

5 Kittle M. Merriam, b. 16 June, 1867. 

6 Frank E. Merriam, b. 9 Jan., 1870. 

7 Willie H. Merriam, b. 5 Nov., 1872. 

8 Maggie B. Merriam, b. 22 June, 1874; d. 17 Apr., 1875. 

9 Carrie A. Merriam, b. 5 Mar., 1877. 

10 Guy C. Merriam, b. 2 Dec, 1880; d. 1 Aug., 1882. 
266 vi Anson C, b. 18 Sept., 1837; res. Blissfield, Mich. 

266 vli Harvey, b. 13 Feb., 1841; res. Roscommon, Mich. 

267 viii Francis Dan'l, b. 7 July, 1843; res. Blissfleld, Mich. 
ix Sarah Amelia, b. 20 Sept., 1846; d. 1 Oct., 1879. 

Ill Jesse Bradley^ {Jess^, Josiah^ Imac^,) born 8 
Mar., 1788; married iu Drydcn, N. Y., 12 Feb., 1812, 


Sabra Maltbie ; and died inloaa, lona Co., Mich., in Jan., 
1846. She was born 10 Feb., 1788. 

He was a farmer in lona ; and a member of the Presby- 
terian Church. Children : 

i Jallana,^ b. 27 Nov., 1815 ; d. 25 Mar., 1825. 
ii Minerva, b. 5 Oct., 1817 ; m. 21 Apr., 1889, John W. Denton, 
a tBLrmer of Keene, Mich. Methodists. 

1 Mary A." Denton, m. James D. Louks of K. Ch. (1) Ina,* 

(2) Verne, and (8) Lei. 

2 Leuii B. Denton, res. Qrand Rapids ; Ch. (1) Clinton, 

(2) Mamie, (3) Bedell and (4) Leml. 
8 Albert A. Denton, m. Eliz'h J. Hart; res. £. Saginaw. 
Ch. (1) Louis and (2) Lettie. 

4 Chas. F. Denton, m. Maggie White ; res. Roscommon. 

Ch. (1) Roy L. 

5 Ella M. Denton, m. Mild Hart; res. Stanton, Mich.; 

Ch. (1) Lettie. 

6 John W. Denton, b. 14 Aug., 1857; res. Keene. 
ill Sophronia, b. 80 May, 1820; d. 30 Apr., 1847. 

Iv Artemas, b. 12 Nov., 1822; d. 21 Feb., 1845. 

258 V Adonljah, b. 3 Feb., 1825; res. Keene, Mich. 

vi Julina, b. 13 Nov., 1827; m. in 1848, John J. Louks of K. 

1 Leonard L. Louks, b. 23 Sept., 1849; d. 13 Sept., 1875. 

2 Frederick M. Louks, b. 21 Aug., 1859; m. 15 Nov., 1882, 

Iva Dutt. 

259 vli Lemi, b. 26 July, 1831 ; res. Evart, Osceola Co., Mich. 

112 Lemi^ (Jess^^ Josiah^y Isaac^y) born in Lee, Mass., 
21 Jan., 1790; married 3 May, 1815, Vally M. Cham- 
plain; and died in Westfield, N. Y., 12 June, 1868, rot. 
78. She was born in Dutchess Co., N. Y., 3 Dec, 1790 ; 
and died in Westfield 6 Nov., 1872, »t. 82. 

Mr. Bartholomew enlisted at Dryden, Cayuga Co., 
N. Y., in Aug., 1814, in Col. Fleming's regiment, which 
rendezvoused at Cayuga bridge, then marched to Buffalo, 
where he volunteered with others to cross over into Can- 
ada at Fort Erie, afterwards known as the "sortie of Fort 
Erie. " After joining Col. Hopkins' regiment, uuder Gen. 


Peter B. Porter, he suffered severely from a campaign in 
a long, severe rain-storm, and about the middle of No- 
veml)er was sent home in an enfeebled condition. 
Children : 

260 1 Elsi S.,7 b. 8 April, 1816; res. Westtleld, N. Y. 

113 Augustus^ {Jessef, Josiahy^Isaac,^) horn 29 Oct. ^ 
1791 ; married Pattie Glassie ; and died in Evans, N. Y., 
in June, 1842. She died in Iowa. 

Mr. Bartholomew was a miller in Evans, N. Y., where 
he spent his entire life. Ho was the father of six chil- 
dren, of which the following* three matured. Children : 

i Samantha', m. a Mr. Lyon ; res. Wisconsin. 

261 11 Linus, b. 4 Jaly, 1820; d. 10 Jan., 1882. 
ill William, d. in Iowa, leaving family. 

114 DanieF (Jessed ^ Josiah^y Isaac?^) born in Locke, 
Cayuga Co., N. Y., 15 June, 1798 ; married in Dryden, 
N. Y., 26 Dec, 1819, Jerusha Griswold, and died in D. 
1 June, 1824. She was diuighter of Capt. Edward 
and Asenath (Hard) Griswold; and was born in Her- 
kimer Co., N. Y., 26 Feb., 1794; and married, second, 
Jesse Topping, by whom she had children, Sarah E., 
Jerusha C, Charles G., and Jesse W. She died in 
D. at the age of 86. 

Mr. Bartholomew was a live man, and accomplished 
considerable during his few mature years, placing his farm 
in D. in a high state of cultivation, and building for the 
town its first Presbyterian Church, of which he was a 
valued member. Children : 

I Mary,^ b. 1 Jan., 1821 ; m. July, 1848, Orrin W. Wheeler. 

They are farmers and Presbyterians of 1). ; one son Eiios**. 
ii x\ugu8tus, b. 15 Sept., 1822; studied for the ministry and 

d. anm., 25 Oct., 1843. 

262 lii Daniel, b. 23 April, 1824; res. Dryden. 


115 Josiah^ (Jessed ^ Josiah^y Isaac,^) born 3 June, 1806 ; 
married, in Tompkins Co., N. Y., 28 Nov., 1829, Charry 
Ann Eaton, who died in Elmira, N. Y., 8 May, 1844. 
Ho married, second, 17 Dec, 1846, Jane Jones of E. ; 
and died in E. 1 June, 1875, in his 70tb year. 

He was a carpenter and builder of Elmim, and a mem- 
ber of its church. Children : 

i FhebeR.,7 b. 2 Oct., 18S0; m. 2 Sept., 1851, Dennis D. 

Kniffen, a lieutenant in the late war; res. Elmira. Ch. 

1 Doran', and 2 Herbert. 
268 ii Oscar N., b. 18 Sept., 1885; res. Springfield, Ohio, 
iii Daniel, b. 25 Apr., 1844; d. 10 July, 1845. 
iv John, b. 26 Aug., 1849; m. Sept., 1876, Lizzie Andrews; 

res. £. 
V Samuel, b. 5 Dec, 1855; d. in 1864. 

116 William^ (Jessef^^ Josiah\ Isaac?,) born 11 May, 
1808; married 5 June, 1831, Mrs. Lucy Sturdivant 
Eldridge, and died 22 Aug., 1847. She was born 20 
Sept., 1807; and married, first, David B. Eldridge, by 
whom she had children Chloe Ann, and Mary Jane. 
She married, third, in 1849, Dea. Eli Spencer, who died 
27 Nov., 1857. She died at her daughter Paraelia's 16 
Feb., 1879, set. 71. 

Mr. Bartholomew moved as early as 1833 from Erie 
Co., N. Y., to Houghton, Norfolk Co., Out., Canada, 
where he remained following the tmde of carpenter and 
builder. He was for many years a deacon of the Baptist 
Church of H., and much beloved and respected. 

Children : 

1 VallyMarla^ b. 13 Oct., 1832; m. 16 Oct., 1849, Ar. 

Hotchkiss; res. Port BurweU, Ont., Can. Ch. 1 Lo* 

rena^, and 2 Ellen, 
ii George Simon, b. 27 Jan., 1886; d. 80 Apr., 1886. 
264 iii Daniel William, b. 30 Mar., 1838; res. Houghton Centre, 



Ir Famelia Jane, b. 9 Feb., 1841; m. 1 April, 1855, Benjamin 
Sharp, a farmer of Honghton Centre ; Baptists. 

1 William L. Sharp, b. 6 Aug., 1857; res. S. Saginaw, Mich. 

2 Lucy Jane Sharp, m. George Smith of Tilsonburg, Ont., 


8 Niles H. Sharp, b. 29 Nov., 1862; res. Townsend, Ont., 

4 Albert L. Sharp, b. 31 March, 1865. 

5 Lydia M. Sharp, b. 13 AprU, 1868; d. 4 Feb., 1878. 

6 Mary E. Sharp, b. 12 March, 1874. 

7 RosaL. Sharp, b. 26 Sept., 1877. 

266 ▼ Fldelio Niles, b. 30 Dec, 1843; res. Birch Run, Mich, 
vi S. T. Griswold, b. 8 Oct., 1846; d. 26 Oct., 1847. 

117 Caleb^ {Jesst?^ Josiah^, Isaac,^) born 4 Feb., 1811 ; 
married in Auburn, Cayuga Co., N. Y., 15 May, 1833, 
Laura W. Gaston, who was born 25 May, 1815. (See 
likeness on page 175.) 

Mr. Bartholomew is a manufacturer of scales, ditching 
ploughs, land rollers and other agricultural implements in 
Etna, N. Y. ; is a pushing business man, although 73 
years of age. Children : 

i Norman G.,' b. 20 Mar., 1836; enlisted In the '*76th N. Y. 
Vol. Reg't," and was killed at the battle of '* The Wilder- 
ness,'* 5 May, 1864. 

ii Joseph G., b. 23 Apr., 1838; d. 14 Jan., 1839. 

iU Lydia Jane, b. 25 Dec, 1839; m. a Mr. Snyder. 
1 C. B.« Snyder, b. 13 Nov., 1800. 

iv Eliza E., b. 8 April, 1842; m. a Mr. Dunham. 

1 Lorrain Dunham, b. 2 Nov., 1803. 

2 Henry L. Dunham, b. 13 May, 1871. 

▼ Letltia M., b. 8 April, 1844; res. unm. in Etna. 

118 Jesse* (Jesse^y Josiah^, Isaac?^) born 31 Aug., 
1832; married 24 Sept., 1853, Amelia J. Egbert, who 
died 26 Sept., 1855. He married, second, 29 July, 1858, 
Emmeline Smith, who died 12 Sept., 1861 ; when he mar- 
ried again 29 March, 1864, Nancy Griswold, who was born 



in Dryden 10 April, 1831. They reside in Etna with their 
children. Children : 

i May^ b. 80 Aug., 1861. 

ii Grant J., b. 24 July, 1866. 

iil Jay N., b. 4 Dec, 18C8. 

Iv Charles N., b. 28 March, 1878. 

119 Jonathan^ {Chrsham^^ William*^, Andrevfly) born 
in Northford 5 Nov., 1750; married and lived there until 
his death about Jan., 1824, set. 73. 

Mr. Bartholomew was a farmer and the most extensive 
landholder in Northford. In the settlement of his estate, 
probated 28 Jan., 1824, Leonard Bartholomew and Wm. 
Way were the executors ; heirs mentioned were children 
Leonard, Alanson, Betsy and Elias, and heirs of Phelma, 
Adah and Sallv, deceased. Children : 

266 1 Leonard^, m. Lydia Gordon; d. In Northford. 

267 il Alanson, b. 1771 ; d. in New Haven 12 Dec, 1827. 

Iil Betsy, m. Wm. Way; d. in New Haven in 1849. Ch. 
1 William^ and 2 Lyman, who reside at 312 Elm St., 
New Haven. 

268 iv Elias, b. 19 Oct., 1775; d. 8 May, 1856, est. 80. 
V Phelma, m. James Graham ; d. before 1824. 

1 William Graham, d. many years ago. 

2 James Graham, residence was Milford, Ct. 

8 Elizabeth Graham, m. Mr. O'Brien; d. in N. H. in 1872. 
vi John, m. and died childless before 1824. (See settlement 

of father's estate.) 
vii Adah, m. William Jones ; d. in New Haven. 

1 William Jones, res. unmarried in New Haven. 

2 Charles Jones, res. Waterford, N. J. 

8 Harriett Jones, res. unmarried in New Haven, 
viii Sally, m. Moses Barnes ; d. before 1824, leaving a son, 
and daughter Eliza; both now are dead. 

120 Osea^ {8eth\ William^, Andreu^,) bom 7 Nov., 
1755; man'ied in Waterbury, 16 Nov., 1778, Lydia, 
daughter of Ebenezer Saxton of W., and died in Wolcott, 
Ct., in Feb., 1831. She died in 1814. 


Mr. Bartholomew, on reaching maturity, purchased land 
near his father in Waterbury ; but, in following his trade 
of carpenter and builder, was required to live temporarily 
in the adjoining towns until about 1800, when he settled 
permanently in Wolcott. 

He was the builder of the Gov. Chittenden house. 

Children : 

269 i James,^ b. 7 Aug., 1779 ; d. Id 1807. 

ii Gorsham, b. 12 Mar., 1781; died young, 

iii Cliloe, b. 3 Oct., 1782; d. soon after moving to 


270 iv Ebenezer Shandy, b. 29 June, 1785; d. 25 Oct., 1831. 
V Isaac, b. 18 Oct., 1791; died young. 

vi Ilepzibach, b. 6 Sept., 17d3; m. £ben Griggs, a clock 

manufacturer of Southington, Ct. They died near Balti- 
more, Md., leaving three children In charge of the minister 
of the place. 

121Joseph^ {Seth^, William^ ^ Andrev?,) born in 
Wolcott, 28 Mar., 1758; married in Waterbury, Phebe, 
daughter of Nathaniel Richardson of Waterbury ; she dying 
he married, second, Sylvia Orson; and third, at Norton, 
Medina Co., now Summit Co., Ohio, 6 Feb., 1828, Sina 

, and died at Suffield, Portage Co., Ohio, 31 Oct., 

1854, in his 97th year. 

Mr. Bartholomew was drafted in Aug., 1776, in Amity, 
now Woodbridge, Conn., to go to New York City ; where 
he was during the battles on Long Island, retreating with 
the army, when the city was evacuated, to White Plains. 
The succeeding winter he was drafted to go to Sawpete, 
N. Y., near the southwest corner of Conn., serving as 
guanl to military stores of the army ; then to North Castle, 
on North River, and subsequently at Fishkill. In 1778, 
having removed to Waterbury, he was called out as a 
drummer under Col. Thompson, at Horse Neck, Ct., and 
in a skirmish there, his drum was cut to pieces by the 


enemy, the guard all killed but two, who were mortally 
wounded, and the guard-house burnt. He lived fifteen 
years in Waterbury, then moved to Portage County, then 
Trumbull County, Ohio. 

He also resided for a time in Wadsworth, Medina Co., 
Ohio, and Springfield, Ohio. 

Mrs. Sina, in June, 1858, when 66 years old, moved 
from Portiige County, to Niles, Buren Co., Mich. 

Children : 

I Lola,' m. a Mr. Palmer of Vernon, O. 

II Sarah, m. a Mr. Clinton of Vienna, O. A daughter m. a 

Mr. Hart of Llndenvllle, O. 

III Bennett, died without issue. 

271 iv Joseph, b. in 1793; lives In Sherman Twp., Dunn Co., Wis., 

in his 91st year. 
V Phebe. 
vi Osea. 
vll Cleopatra, m. Charles Wheeler, son of David, of Rowland, 

O. ; and died In Wadsworth, Stark Co., O. ; had several 

daughters who died there. 

122 Seth« {Seth\ WiUiam\ Andreufi,) bom in Wa- 
terbury, 14 Nov., 1762; bapt. in Southington, 9 Jan., 
1768 ; married in W., 16 Dec, 1784, Elizabeth, daughter 
of Daniel Hungerford of W. ; and died in Aug., 1807. She 
(died in 1833, in her 70th year. 

Mr. Bartholomew purchased property in W., in 1787, 
two miles above the Watertown Church, on which were 
situated a saw mill and gunshop. He carried on this mill 
and shop in connection with his farm until 1801, when he 
sold them all and purchased property in Vienna, Trumbull 
Co., Ohio, where he settled. He took the freeman's oath 
in W., in 1800. Children: 

i Anna,^ b. 7 Sept., 1785; m. Daniel Humason; and died 
in June, 1867, set. 81. 

1 Rebecca^ Uumason, m. Amos Reeves ; daughter Jane* (m. 
Dray of Vernon, O.). 


2 Seth Humason, d. unm. in 1881. 

3 Eliza Humason, m. in 1823, Sidney Morris. 

4 Joel Hamason, res. Hartford, O. Ch. (1) Jane, (2) 

Harriett (m. Diclcerson of Markesan, Wis.), (3) Nancy, 
(4) Chloe (m. Hall of Plymouth, Ct.), (5) Rhoda, (6) 
Daniel (of New River, Tenn.), (7) Anna, (8) John and 
(9) Asahel. 

5 Chloe Humason, m. Philip Qaiggle ; res. Pelican Rapids, 

il Rosannah, b. 17 June, 1787; m, 7 Jan., 1805, Isaac Lowrey. 
Died in Wayne, Ashtabula Co., 0., 4 Nov., 1883, in her 97th 
year. Fourteen children. 

1 Chauncey P. Lowrey, b. 21 Apr., 1806. 

2 A son, b. 9 May, 1807. 

3 Lucy L. Lowrey, b. in 1808. 

4 Martin A. Lowrey, b. 3 Sept., 1810. 

6 Lydia Lowrey, b. in 1812. 

G Irene Lowrey, b. 11 Jan., 1814; m. a Mr. Hull; res. 

Clay City, Kan. 

7 Sarah Lowrey, b. 6 June, 1817 ; m. Ist, E. S. Pardee, 

2nd, Linus H. Foster; res. Wayne, O. Has taken care 
of her aged mother for the last twenty-two years. Ch. 
(1) Oscar, (2) James and (3) Rosannah Pardee. 

8 Phebe Lowrey, b. 20 Mar., 1819. 

9 Charity Lowrey, b. 20 Aug., 1821. 

10 Isaac Lowrey, b. 1 Sept., 1822. 

11 Mary R. Lowrey, b. 8 Apr., 1824. 

Hi Mllly, b. 16 July, 1789; m. 1st, Charles Trunkey; 2nd, 

Ira Trescott, and moved with children to Iowa. Ch. 1 
Frances, 2 Chas., 3 Seth, 4 Martin, 5 Hester, and 6 Lau- 
ra Trunkey and 7 Ira Russell and 8 Elmer Trescott. 

iv Betsy, b. 9 Nov., 1793 ; m. 5 May, 1812, James Nicholson, 
and d. 8 Jan., 1879, set. 76. He was b. 16 Apr., 1783; d. 
11 Nov., 1859, set. 76. He had a nursery at East Rock- 
port, Ohio. 

1 James Nicholson, b. 15 Nov., 1813; d. 15 Nov., 1814. 

2 Delia Nicholson, b. 12 Oct., 1815 ; m. in Sept., 1833, Ellas 

D. Paddock. 

3 Melissa Nicholson, b. 10 May, 1817; d. 29 Sept., 1840. 

4 Lewis Nicholson, b. 6 Feb., 1820 ; m. Adelaide Van Ham ; 

res. East Rockport. 

5 Celestia Nicholson, b. 15 May, 1822; m. James Callahan; 

d. 4 June, 1852. 

6 Hiram Nicholson, b. 15 Sept., 1825; d. 29 May, 1862. 


7 Ezra Nicholson, b. 8 Feb., 1885 ; m. Alice S. Fowls ; res. 
East Rockport. 
272 V Jared, b. II Feb., 1795; d. 4 May, 1848. 
vl David, ^ ^ 2g j^^^^ i7jjg . C d. 10 Jan., 1801. 

vll Seth, 5 *^*°^' C d. 4 July, 1806. 

278 viii Levi, b. 9 May, 1807; res. Vienna, O. 

123 AbieP (Seth\ William\ Andrerv^y) horn 2 Apr. y 
1764; married 14 Apr., 1785, Mary, daughter of David 

Mr. Bartholomew moved from Waterbury with his 
brothers to Trumbull Co., Ohio, in 1804. He settled iu 
Vienna, where he was killed by a limb of a tree which 
he was felling, striking him on his head. It was the first 
death in the new settlement and his remains were the fii*st 
interred in its cemetery. 

The historian of the town, mentioning the event, says, 
^'The Bartholomews, from their ready ingenuity and me- 
chanical skill, as well as their society, were a great addition 
to the community. But one of the sad, inscrutable prov- 
idences which occur sometimes in life, was destined to 
deprive the commonwealth of one of its best and most 
useful members." 

His brother Seth, dying of fever soon after, left the 
young families unprotected ; but bowed forms, shattered 
nerves, and hardened hands show how their children 
met the emergency which they mastered. 

Mrs. Mary is said to have taught the first school in the 
portion of Trumbull County in which they settled. 

Children : 

274 i Ira,' b. 6 May, 1786; d. 11 Mar., 1849. 
276 ii William, b. 16 Jan., 1788; d. in 1868, »t. 80. 

Hi Folly, b. I Mar., 1792 ; m. 4 Oct., 1810, Tensard R. Dewolf, 
of Kinsman, O. ; and died 12 Nov., 1848; res. Vernon, O. 
I Henry C. Dewolf,® b. 13 Dec, 1811 ; m. Lucy Hobart; d. 12 
Feb., 1848. Ch. (1) Marj» and (2) Henry. 


2 Elizabeth Dewolf, b. 15 Jane, 1813; m. Saml Barstow; 

d. 9 Aug., 1856. Ch. (1) Scott and (2) Abial. 
8 Louisa M. Dewolf, b. 15 Apr., 1815; m. P. II. Harnett; d. 

12 Mar., 1857. Ch. (1) Polly D., (2) Annie W., 

(3) Jane L. and (4) James W. 

4 Abel Bw. Dewolf, b. 2 Mar., 1817; m. Mollie Harrington. 

Ch. (1) Mary, (2) John, (3) Clara and (4) Jessie. 

5 Mary Dewolf, b. 24 Feb., 1819; m. Linus D. Sheldon; 

res. Vernon. Ch. (1) Mary Chapman of Burg Hill, O., 
(2) Lucy Thompson, (3) Sarah and (4) Marcellus. 

6 Infant daughter, b. 9 Oct., 1834; d. 8 Apr., 1835. 

124 Levi^ {8eth\ William'^, Andreuf^,) born in Wa- 
terbury, 2 Jan., 1769 ; married in W. 31 Mar., 1794, ' 
Rosannah Castle, who was born in Conn., 17 July, 1773 ; 
and died in Ashtabula, O., 21 Mar., 1817. 

He married, second, in the fall of 1817, Mrs. Elizabeth 
Dolen, a sister of Rev. Mr. Wynans of New Orleans; and 
died in Clermont County, O., 1 Oct., 1837. Mrs. Eliz- 
abeth was the mother of six children when she married 
Mr. Bartholomew, by whom she had three more. 

He purchased his father's saw-mill in Waterbury, in 
1790, but sold it and removed to Williston, Vt., in 1800, 
to Charlotte in 1804, and Lower Canada in 1805; was 
there at the time the embargo was laid and was obliged to 
swear allegiance to the king. In 1809 he moved to Delhi, 
N. Y., and in 1810 to Chenango County, N. Y., settling 
finally in Clermont Co., O., in 1814, where he remained 
the balance of his life, except a short time in Ashtabula, 
Ohio. After his removal to Clermont Co., the circuit 
preaching was at his house. Children : 

i A SOD,^ died in infancy. 

ii Polly, died at the age of one year. 

276 iil Samuel Castle, b. 21 Juno, 1801 ; d. 9 June, 1852. 

277 Iv Bradley, b. 26 Oct., 1804; res. Danville, lud. 

278 V Benjamin Barber, b. 8 Nov., 1810; d. 13 Jan., 1801. 

279 vl Peter Jonas, b. 3 Dec, 1813; d. 22 Nov., 1841. 

▼ii William, res. Clarlnda, Iowa; m. twice; eldest son 



125 Luzerne^ (SamueP^ Samuel^ ^ Andren^y) born in 
Northford, Ct., 31 July, 1781; married in 1804, Lois 
Foote. Mrs. Bartholomew was born 13 Mar., 1784, and 
is now in the one-hundredth year of her age, in good 
health and mind, and can write a fair letter. She resides 
with her daughter Mary Jane in Fair Haven, Ct. 

Mr. Bartholomew was a farmer in Northford. 
His estate was divided between his widow Lois, and 
Rockwell, Darwin and Mary Jane. Children : 

280 i Rockwell,^ b. 7 Dec, 1805; res. Fair Haven, Ct. 

281 U Darwin Foot, b. 16 Dec, 1807; d. in 1860, in Mendon, 111. 
iii Mary Jane, b. in Sept., 1810; m. Ist, Jolin Frisbie, died; 

2d, Lucius EUiott ; res. Fair Haven. Ch. 1 Maria* (Thomp- 
son) and 2 Jennie C. of Fair Haven. 

126 William^ {Timothy^, Samuel^, AndreicP^) born 
in Northford, 13 Nov., 1783; married 13 Nov., 1811, 
Hannah C. Bronson ; and died in Wolcott, 22 Mar., 1850. 
She was the daughter of Isaac and Thankful (Clark) 
Bronson of Wolcott, born 25 Aug., 1790; and died 9 
Aug., 1876, eet. 85. 

Mr. Bartholomew was a farmer in Wolcott, where he 
joined the Congregational Church in 1828. " Was a val- 
uable man to the church and community, serving both in 
various offices." (History of Wolcott). Children: 

1 Thanlwful Bronson,^ b. 22 Sept., 1812; res. Wallingford. 

282 ii Israel Bard Woodward, b. 23 Jan, 1814; d. 1 Sept., 1846. 

iii Bertha, b. 8 Sept., 1816 ; m. 4 Oct., 1841, Da- 

vid Gaylord, a farmer of Wallingford, Ct. 

1 Chas. W.** Gaylord (Dr.), b. 28 Aug., 1846; res. Branford. 

2 Wm. Bw. Gaylord, b. 27 Sept., 1849; merchant in 

Meriden, Ct. 
8 Frankie Gaylord, b. in June, 1855 ; d. set. 10 mos. 

4 Ida I. Gaylord, b. 22 Sept., 1858. 

iv John Milton, b. 3 Feb., 1818; d. 4 Feb., 1818. 

y Sarah Jane, b. 28 Nov., 1819; m. 27 Feb., 184€, 

Rev. Ira H. Smith of North Haven, now in U. S. Gov*t 
Land Office, Topeka, Kan. 


1 William T. Smith, b. 25 Nov., 1848; d. 15 Sept., 1851. 

2 Caroline B. Smith, b. 29 July, 1850; d. in Infancy. 

3 Edward G. Smith, b. 22 Sept., 1859; civil engineer. 

4 A daughter, d. in infancy. 

vi Eme ret Amelia, b. 12 Oct., 1882; m. in June, 1855, 

Julius Morse, a farmer and manufacturer in Cheshire, Ct. 

1 Herbert J. Morse, b. 24 Apr., 1856; res. Cheshire. 

2 Joel W. Morse, b. 22 Mar., 1859; res. Cheshire. 
8 Titus L. Morse, b. 9 Jan., 18G5; d. in Oct., 1867. 

4 Ernest Bw. Morse, b. 8 Oct., 1868. 

5 Bertha E. Morse, b. 1 June, 1872. 

127 SamueF {Timothf^ Samuel^, Andrea? y) born 21 
Nov., 1785 ; married 14 Sept., 1808, Nancy Green Wol- 
cott, daughter of Thomas and Lucy Wolcott, born 14 
Sept., 1791 ; and died 25 Aug., 1840. He married, sec- 
ond, 2 May, 1841, Abigail Linsley; and died 7 March, 
1881, in his 96th ^ear. He was a farmer of Northford, 
Ct. Children : 

288 i GiranT, b. 12 Sept., 1809 ; d. 9 April, 1836. 

U Henry Wolcott, b. 18 Sept., 1812; d. 23 April, 1824. 
ill Eliza, b. 21 Dec, 1814 ; m. Apr., 1833, Wooster 

Ives (brotlier of Wm. W. Ives); and d. 20 Oct., 1872. 

He was b. 15 Feb., 1811 ; res. Walllngford. 

1 Francis C* Ives, b. 9 Aug., 1834; d. 31 July, 1863. 

2 Henry W. Ives, b. 13 Oct., 1836; d. 4 Feb., 1838. 

8 Henry B. Ives, b. 11 March, 1838; d. 19 May, 1838. 

4 Delevan W. Ives, b. 18 March, 1839; d. 22 Nov., 1862. 

5 Caroline E. Ives, m. Heury Shipman of Meridcn ; and d. 

12 June, 1870. 

6 Delano W. Ives, b. 28 Apr., 1843; m. Emily F. Bradley; 

six children. 

7 L. Marshall Ives, b. 8 Nov., 1846. 

8 Wilbur L. Ives, b. 1 May, 1849 ; d. 10 Apr., 1850. 

9 Florence G. Ives, b. 6 June, 1851 ; m. L. M. Hubbard of 

W., postmaster and lawyer. Ch. (1) Georglana*, (2) 
Samuel and (3) Leverett. 
10 Effle C.Ives, b. 9 Nov., 1854; ra. Frary Hale of 
Glastenbury, Ct. 
It Caroline, b. 17 May, 1819; m. 2^ Nov., 1888, Geo. 

D. AUen of W. 



1 Constant F. Allen, b. 7 Sbpt., 1889. Ch. (1) Lillian and 

(2) Robert. 

2 Martha G. Allen, m. L. C. Brown of M. Ch. (1) Royal, 

(2) George, (8) Rollard and (4) William. 
8 George B. Allen, b. 21 Jan., 1854; res. Wallingford. 
4 Henry B. Allen, b. 25 Jan., 1857; res. unra. in W. 
T Sarah Goodsell, b. 24 Oct., 1822; m. 24 Mar., 1841, Wm. 
Walter lyes of W. He was b. 8 Dec, 1816; and d. 21 
Dec, 1880. 

1 Vlctorlne Ives, b. 18 Jan., 1842; res. W. 

2 Beverly H. Ives, b. 13 Jan., 1844; d. 80 July, 1845. 

8 Sullivan W. Ives, ^ b. 4 May, 1846-; C d. 25 Sept., 1846. 

4 Isabel V. Ives, 5 *^*°®' (d. 16 Nov., 1846. 

5 Adella E. Ives, b. 12 May, 1850; m. John £. Clark, 

paper manufacturer of Holyoke, Mass. Ch. (1) Royal 
and (2) Aline B. 

6 GeorgineE. Ives, b. 13 Aug., 1852. 

7 Charles W. Ives, ^b. 1 Oct., 1858 C res. New Haven. 

8 Fannie E. Ives, 5 ^^^^^' ( res. Wallingford. 
vl Lncretia, b. 9 May, 1828 ; d. 8 May, 1835. 

284 vii Henry Davenport, b. 29 Oct., 1882; res. Northford. 

128 Timotliy^ (Timothy^, Samud^Andretc/^,) born in 
Northford, 6 Feb., 1793; married 6 Feb., 1820, Mari- 
etta, daughter of Abel and Viney Cook; and died 4 
March, 1879, eat. 86. She was born 8 Sept., 1799 ; and 
died 12 Feb., 1879, rot. 79. 

He resided on the old Bartholomew homestead in 
Northford. Was a farmer. Children : 

285 I Francis Cook% b. 21 Nov., 1820; res. Northford. 

286 il Isaac Henry, b. 4 Jane, 1824 ; res. Northford. 

ill Ellen E., b. 18 Sept., 1841 ; d. nnm. 5 Jan., 1865. 

129 SamueP (Samuel ^ Daniel^ j Andreu^,) born in 
Harwinton 21 Oct., 1762; mamed in 1802 Chloe Fan- 
cher; and died in Ripley^ Ohio, 1842, cet. 80. She was 
born 6 March, 1788 ; and died in 1851. 


At the age of thirteen, on account of his father's death, 
he was placed under the guardianship of Abner Wilson, 
and subsequently ^ bound" to Capt. Nathan Foot, who in 
1786 made to him a conveyance of land in E. Cornwall, 
Vt., where he was then living. This he sold in 1813, 
and moved to Brown Co., Ohio. 

He devoted many years to the improvement and culture 
of fruits in which he engaged largely ; and by his example 
and success greatly encouraged their cultivation in the 
sections in which he lived. 

He was a man of some eccentricities ; possessing exten- 
sive information and great social powers. He had a decided 
taste for poetry, one volume of his poems being pub- 
lished. It contains about one hundred pages and is 
entitled ^'Will Whittling, or the Spoiled Child." It 
exhibited, in homely phraseology and in euphonious 
rhymes, a correct picture of the effects of foolish parental 
partiality and indulgence as sometimes seen in fostering 
the passions of a child, which, unrestrained, lead to crime. 
The following are a few lines : 

"When truant fancy gains ascendance 
Blind guides will offer their attendance ; 
And reason grown as blind as they, 
No more can hold its proper sway, 
Nor will, ir blinded, interpose. 
Credulity, a leader grows. 
And representing falsehood true. 
Assent is given thereunto." 

" This guide habituates the mind 
To follow, as it is inclined. 
Deceptive cheats, without suspense, 
And scorn impartial evidence.*' 

•* If lying fancy is our guide. 
And Reason's dictates laid aside. 
We willingly become deceived, 
Nor seek to have our minds relieved." 


He styled himself the '* Woodland Rhymster." Mrs. 
Chloe joined the Congregational Church in E. Cornwall 4 
May, 1801) but subsequently became an Independent 
Baptist. Their adopted daughter Nancy was baptized 7 
Aug., 1803. Children: 

i Fanchery', b. 25 June, 1804; m. 13 Jane, 1820, Lovell Pick- 
erell, who d. In 1878, set. 77. She res. in Ripley, 0., in 
her 80th year. 

1 Matilda* PickereU, m. Jer*h W. Pettings; d. In III. in 

1865 ; five children. 

2 Chester Pickerel!, res. Washburn, III. 

3 Mary PickereU, m. John Carson ; res. Eureka, lU. 

4 Greenleaf Pickerel!, m. Mary Pettinger ; res. Ripley, O. 
6 Thomas L. PickereU, res. Washburn, III. 

6 Llnella PickereU, m. John Pettiuger, Decatur, O. 

7 Samuel Pickerel!, d. young. 

8 George Pickereii, d. young. 

287 11 Samuel, b. 10 Dec, 1805; d. 10 Nov., 1840. 

288 ill Chester, b. 22 Aug., 1807; d. 15 Jan., 1870. 

289 iv Sylvanus, b. 12 July, 1809; d. 1868. 

y Silas, b. 1814 ; was many years a teacher, but devoted 

the most of his industrious life to farming and stock- 

vi Chloe Ann, b. 1817; m. Newton Leggitt; res. Red Oak, 
Brown Co., O. Of her six children, four are living: 
1 George^ and three daughters. 

130 Heman^ {Reuben^ ^ Danid^^ Andreu^^) born in 
Harwintou 15 Aug., 1766; married, 24 Nov., 1794, Lois 
Hart; and died 7 Feb., 1850, eet. 84. She was the 
daughter of Benjamin and Hannah (Curtiss) Hart, born 
4 Oct., 1775; and died 17 March, 1860, also 8Bt. 84. 
They lived together fifty-five years. 

He was a cooper and farmer, and at about the age of 
sixty followed the lead of his sons and removed from 
Harwintou to New York state. Children : 

1 BeUnda^ b. 8 Oct., 1795; m. 29 Jan., 1815, Dan. CatUn 
of H. i and d. 28 Mar., 1872, set. 76. 


1 Emellne' Catlio, m. Hiram Pond. Ch. (1) FVed*k», (2) 

Herbert, (8) Hiram and (4) Exene. 

2 Sarah Catliu, ra. Cyrus Bull. Ch. (1) Albert, (2) 

Ward, (8) Andrew and (4) Sarah. 
8 Chan. H. Catlin. Ch. (.1) Luther, (2) Warren, (8) Chas., 
(4) David, (5) Frank and (6) Annlce. 

4 Harriett Catlin, m. Jerome B. Johnson ; no children. 

5 Geo. W. Catlin, b. 8 Feb., 1827; m. Eliza Hubbard; hud 

Eliza; res. H. 

6 Luther Catlin, b. 26 Oct., 1831; d. 15 Oct., 1840. 

7 Henry H. Catlin. Ch. (1) Arthur, (2) Calvin, (8) George 

Ernest, (4) Leua, and (5) Pearley. 

ii Lois, b. 8 Aug., 1797; m. 81 Dec. 1821, Hermon 

Reed of Kingsville, O. 

ill Alma, b. 8 Sept., 1799; m. Willis Ransom of K.; d. 

June, 1867. 

iv Julia, b. 22 Oct., 1802; m. 28 Nov., 1825, Sheldon 

Osborne of H. ; and d. 22 Nov., 1869. He was represen- 
tative, senator, etc., and d. in Waterbury in 1881, set. 80. 

1 David S. Osborne, b. 16 Dec, 1826 ; res. New Britain, Ct. 

2 Henry C. Osborne, b. 8 Jan., 1829 ; res. Waterbury, Ct. 

8 Marietta J. Osborne, b. 15 May, 1888; m. 

4 Adaliue C. Osborne, b. 6 Mar., 1838; d. 25 Aug., 1858. 

290 V Calvin, b. 30 June, 1800; d. 11 Feb., 1879, aet. 72. 
vi A son, b. 20 Mar., 1800; d. 9 Apr., 1809. 

vii Lucius Hart, b. 29 Oct., 1810; d. 8 June, 1811. 
viii Caroline, b. 24 Apr., 1812; m. Apr., 1830, Jno. F. Hoyt; 
d. 24 July, 1840. 

291 ix Lucius Hart, b. 4 May, 1815; d. 29 Mar., 1803. 

131 Edward® (lieuben^^ Daniel\ Andreic^y) born in 
IIurwiutoQ 8 April, 1771 ; married 17 Aug., 1794, Honor 
Catlin, who was bom 18 Oct., 1771, and died 9 May, 
1816. He married, second, 30 Sept., 1816, Belinda 
Colt; and died in H. 8 Nov., 1866, set. 95, having lived 
•with hb first wife twenty-two years, and with his second 
wife fifty years. 

Mrs. Belinda is still bright and active, although in her 
99th year ; she resides with her son John Gilbert. 


Mr. Bartholomew took the oath of fidelity in April, 
1792. At the death of his father he succeeded to the 
home and farm of his grandfather Daniel Bartholomew in 
H. Like his brother, he learned the cooper's trade, and 
carried it on in connection with his farm. 

It seems in place to call attention to the very great 
number of long lives recorded in this work and state that 
few couples ever I'each the great age of this one, or more 
strikingly illustrate the fact that quiet farm life, with its 
routine, " early to bed and early to rise," are most favor- 
able conditions for longevity. Children : 

292 i DemiDg% b. 11 May, 1795; d. 4 AprU, 1875, et. SO. 

283 il Edward, b. 24 May, 1797; d. 1882, set. 85. 

iii Anna, b. 25 Sept., 1801; m. 28 Mar., 1829, Uzzlel C. 

Treadwell of Pennelvllle, N. Y. ; and d. 31 Jan., 1880, In 
her 80th year. 

1 WilUam E. TreadweU', b. 6 Feb., 1831; res. P. Ch. 

(1) Mabel and (2) Earl. 

2 Lyraan P. TreadweH, b. 2 Nov., 1866. Ch. (1) Al- 

berton and (2) Qeorge. 

3 JuUa Treadwell, d. set. 5. 

iv Honor, b. 31 July, 1803; m. Aarellos Hitchcock; 

daughter 1 Cordelia, 
y 'Eanlce, b. 13 May, 1806; m. Lyman Phelps; and d. 

about 1840. He was employed in the U. S. Arsenal at 

Springfield, Mass. 

1 Ellsworth Phelps, music teacher in N. Y. City. 

2 Edward B. Phelps, music teacher In Springfield, Mass. 

3 Margaret Phelps, m. Abner Leshure of S. 

4 Ellen Phelps, m. John Bredbury ; res. Stafford 


5 Millard Phelps, d. set. 9. 

284 vl John Gilbert, b. 12 Dec, 1819; res. Harwlnton. 

132 Lothrop^ (Eeuben?, Daniel^ y Andreu^^) born in 
Harwinton, 14 May, 1773 ; married 13 May, 1804, Martha 
Doming, wlio died in Jan., 1845, set. 75. He married, 
second, Elizabeth Goff, who died 10 Oct., 1852, let. 81. 
He died in H., in Dec, 1857, est. 84. 


Mr. Bartholomew took the oath of fidelity in H., in 
April, 1798 ; and was a cooper and farmer in H. 
Children : 

i Emily J b. 2 Mar., 1805 ; m. Simeon Stlllman of Hartford, Ct. 

Ch. 1 Edwin" of Hartford, 2 Adeline and 8 Albert of New 

York City. 
11 A child, b. 6 Sept., 1806 ; d. tliree days after, 
ill A child, b. 14 Jan., 1810; d. in infancy. 

133 Reuben* {Reuben^ ^ Daniel^ y Andrett^y) born in 
Harwinton, 18 Aug., 1779 ; married 22 May, 1804, Jeru- 
sha Skinner, who d. 25 Feb., 1841, set. 61, at the Retreat 
in Hartford. He married, second, 1 June, 1841, Clarissa 
Parmelee ; and died in H., 6 Apr., 1855, eet. 76. 

He spent his life in Harwinton as a cooper and farmer. 
Children : ^ 

I Lorinda,^ b. 25 Jane, 1805; m. 26 Mar., 1828, George 

Coltou, at Hartford, Ct., and d. in H., 10 July, 1866. 

II Louisa, b. 6 Sept., 1806; d. 5 July, 1807. 

295 Hi William Gay, b. 12 May, 1808; d. 1 Nov., 1878, set. 71. 
iv Augustine, b. 30 Dec, 1809; d. unm. 28 May, 1879, in 

his 70th year. Was a mechanic, spending his last twenty- 
five years with his brotlier Andrew. 

V Charlotte rx)ul8e, b. 12 Nov., 1811; m. 80 Mar., 1847, Austin 
W^ilcox of Bristol, now deceased ; slie res. in B. No ch. 

tI Thomas Skinner, b. 13 Nov., 1813; m. in 1842; received a 
college education and was ordained to preach, but has been 
an invalid for many years. 

vii Maria, b. 28 Aug., 1815; ra. l8t,26 0ct., 1835, Chas. 

F. Hamlin of Farmingtou ; 2nd, 2 Oct., 1849, John Hitch- 
cock ; res. Bristol. 

296 Till Franklin D., b. 28 May, 1817; d. 3 Dec, 1879. 

Ix Jerusha, b. 14 Apr., 1820; d. 21 Nov., 18G6, in B. She 

was dwarfed In form but not in mind, and most highly 
esteemed, especially by her Sunday School scholars. 

297 z Andrew, b. 27 Jan., 1828; res. W. Springfield, Mass. 

134 Jacob® {Jaccify Daniel^ ^ Andrew^,) born in Har- 
winton, 8 Aug., 1776 ; married ; and died in Paris, Canada 
West, 10 Oct., 1850, ®t. 74. 


Mr. Bartholomew was the inventor and manufacturer of 
a number of useful articles, such as scales, steel yards, etc. 
His only descendants living are his eldest daughter Sarah 
and her children. Children : 

I Sarah ,^ b. 14 Feb., 1810; m. McCovery who d. Res. 

Washington, D. C. Five ch. ; two sons" married, res. la 
Michigan ; and two daughters and a son in Washington, 
D. C. 

il Mary, died. 

iii Martha, died. 

135 Miles® {JacoV^ Daniel^y Andreifiy) born in Har- 
winton, 7 Mar., 1781; married Mrs. Lucy (Riley) Kel- 
logg; and died at Great Barrington, Mass., 9 Jan., 1834. 

Mr. Bartholomew moved to Great Barrington in 1810; 
was a farmer, tainier and shoe manufacturer and a member 
of the Congregational Church. * 

He served for a time as Sheriff or Deputy Sheriff. 

Children : 

298 i Frederick Miles,^ b. 20 Mnr., 1810; d. 15 Oct., 18G9. 

299 li James Riley, b. in Aug., 181G ; d. 20 Oct., 1878. 
iii Martha, died et. about 21. 

136 Daniel® {Jacol^y Daniel^, Andretfiy) born in Ca- 
naan, Ct., 7 Feb., 1788; married in Middlebury, Vt.,iu 
1811, Olivia Gould; and died in Cincinnati, 19 June, 
1849. She was born 1 May, 1794, and died in Indianap- 
olis, Ind., 17 May, 1876, tet. 72. Her father and brothers 
were officers in the last war with England. 

Daniel Bartholomew was educated at Middlebury (Vt.) 
College. In 1817 he and his family crossed the mountains 
in wagons and settled in Cincinnati, O., where he engaged 
in merchandising on the corner of Front and Main Streets. 
After several years he moved to Aurora, Ind., where he 
built the first brick residence, store and church. Besides 
erecting the latter at his own expense, when necessary he 


supplied the pastor. As there was no physician there, he 
studied medicine and administered to the wants of the 
sick. Was also, for many years, its postmaster and its 
magistrate. He was uncommonly intelligent, and remark- 
able for his benevolence and piety ; the people of his town 
revered him. 

He was an old friend of Greo. D. Prentiss and a favorite 
correspondent of his paper. 

A biographical sketch of his life has been written by a 
minister of Aurora. Children : 

1 Martha,^ b. 22 May, 1814 ; m. in Cincinnati, 4 Oct., 1840, Geo. 
W. Cochran. He was the projector and builder of the 
Ohio and Miss. R. R., and Is a very prominent man. Mrs. 
C. is a woman of rare excellence and cultivation. 

1 Georjce S." Cochran, b. 1 July, 1841 ; m. 17 Dec, 1868, Alice 

Creain, and died In Covington, 18 Apr., 1877. One son 
Clarence W.», b. 9 Nov., 1865. 

2 Emma O. Cochran, b. 8 Apr., 1845. 

3 Agnes Cochran, b. 20 Feb., 1847 ; m. 1st, 20 June, 1866, 

Frank K. Moore, a U. S. A. Paymaster, who d. In 1878 ; 
2nd, 15 May, 1880, Curtlss L. Chittenden of St. Louis; 
res. Indianapolis, Ind. Children : (1) Daisy M. and (2) 
Emma V. A. 

4 James F. Cochran, b. 16 Dec, 1860; d. unm. 28 May, 1879. 
H Fidelia, b. 25 Aug., 1816 ; m. 13 Nov., 1834, Wm. V. R. Peck, 

and d. 9 Aug., 1878, in Urbana, 111. He res. in Peoria, III. 
Of her thirteen children all died in infancy, but 
1 Edward T. Peck, b. 2 May, 1847; a R. II. Engineer of Ev- 
ausville, Ind. 

137 Ezra® {Benjamin^^ Daniet^^ Andrevfl^) born in 
Harwinton, 16 Mar., 1779 ; married and moved to Mount 
Pleasant, Wayne Co., Pa., where he conducted a farm 

until his death, 22 Feb., 1817. Children : 

i Harriet,^ m. Baxter Bicknel. 

ii Mary, m. Calvin Freeman. 

Ill Alvira, m. James McWade. 

Iv Maria, m. Wm. II. Harrison. 

T Minerva, m. F. S. Wheeler. 

300 Ti Balzman, b. 19 Apr., 1807; res. Mount Pleasant, Pa. 



138 Truman® (Benjamin^ ^ Daniel^, Andreti^y) *T)om 
in Vermont" ( ?) , 4 Aug., 1782 ; mamed, second, 11 Aug., 
1810, SusauMah Graff; and died in New York City, 11 
Aug., 1843. She was bom 18 July, 1783; and died 15 
Jan., 1875, set. 91. 

Mr. Bartholomew moved to New York City about 1803, 
and was the inventor of the plug cutting machine which 
has been in use ever since. The following is from a bio- 
graphical sketch : ^*all accounts agree in his possession of 
marked mechanical skill and inventive talent. 

His trade was pattern maker and to this day his patterns 
are cherished. As a man he was as near perfection, from 
all we can learn, as it is our mortal nature to witness. 
His disposition was most amiable, always kind; and 
perhaps no word in our language expresses a better quality 
in human nature. Of great personal beauty he was revered 
and beloved by all." 

All of his sons were engineers of distiuction. Children : 

i Benjamin Bolmer,^ b. 22 Apr., 1808; d. In Mar., 1813. 

n Maria, b. 22 Feb., 1810; d. in Oct., 1810. 

lii Catherine Frederica, b. 24 May, 1812; m. 18 Oct., 1832, Abra- 
ham Kip Van Vleck, who d. 15 Mar., 1850; res. 448 £. 
67th St., New York City. 

1 Durbln Van Vleck,^ b. 10 Nov., 1833. 

2 Fred'k Bw. Van Vleck, b. 25 May, 1885; m. 21 Nov., 1860, 

Louisa Cary. An attorney at law in N. Y. City. Ch. (1) 
Mary,» (2) William, (3) Ida, (4) Catherine, (5) Darbln, 
(6) Fred'k, (7) George, (8) Alice and (9) James. 

3 Sarah S. Van Vleck, b. 26 Feb., 1838 ; m. Rev. L. T. 


4 John T. Van Vleck, b. 2 Oct., 1841 ; d. 26 Nov., 1842. 
6 Abraham K. Van Vleck, b. 9 Dec, 1848; married. 

801 iv Livingston Shannon, b. 28 Sept., 1813; lost at sea, Oct., 1872. 

V Thomas White, b. 8 Nov., 1814 ; m. Clara O. DeOwcns ; 

d. 6 Oct., 1877; res. New York City. He was an able 

engineer ; left no children. 

vi Mary Amanda, b. 28 Oct., 1816; m. 1st, 13 Mar., ISSdt 

^ JohnH. Doughty ; 2nd, Feb., 1881, Rev. Robert Woodmff; 

* res. 222 South 4th St., Brooklyn, N. Y. 


1 Sasan F. Doughty, b. 29 Sept., 1884. 

2 Mary E. Doughty, b. 18 Feb., 1887; m. Elias T. Ab- 

berly. Nine children. 
8 William H. Doughty, b. 21 May, 1889. 

4 Clementine W. Doughty, b. 21 Dec, 1841. 

5 Emma Doughty, b. 1 Mar., 1845. 

6 Aleytha C. Doughty, b. 24 Apr., 1848. 

▼11 Margaret Amelia, b. 9 Oct., 1817; d. 1 June, 1818. 

▼ill Margaret Amelia, b. 17 Feb., 1819; d. In July, 1822. 

ix Bei^amin, b. 17 Mar., 1820; d. In Sept., 1820. 

802 X Edward F., b. 29 July, 1821 ; d. 8 Apr., 1854. 

xl Clementina, b. 2 Mar., 1823; m. Lewis H. Watts. 

1 Clement Watts, > ^^|jjg . J ni. Lucy Patterson ; died. 

2 Catherine Watts, 5 cm. Edward Hobb. 

xii Truman, b. 14 June, 1824; d. 1 May, 1831. 

130 James Catlin^ (Javie^, Daniel^, Andreu^y) horn 
in Hiirwinton, 25 Apr., 1799 ; married, Nov., 1830, Sallie 
Persia Spaulding, daughter of Zebulon and Rhoda Spauld- 
ing of Sheffield, Mass., who died 27 June, 1855. He 
married, second, Laura Smith of Granby, and died 12 
Jan., 1878, set. 78. 

He was a farmer, residing the most of his life in Granby. 

Children : 

i Jane Augusta,^ b. 24 Sept., 1831; m. 26 Oct., 1864, Capt. 
M. S. Porter; and died at sea off Ceylon, 9 May, 1867. As 
a teacher in the State Normal School in New Britain, Ct., 
she was widely known and much beloved. 

ii Harriett Newell, b. 1 Sept., 1837; m. 20 Nov., 1867, Everett 
demons ; res. Delphos, O. Ch. 1 Helen E.® demons, b. 
2 July, 1872. 

iii Theresa Kobecca, b. 25 Mar., 1843; m. 1st, 7 Nov., 1867, 
Mortimer H. Stanley, who d. in 1867. She m. 2nd, 16 
Oct., 1879, Timothy W. Stanley ; res. Granby. Had son, 
PhiUip Bw. SUnley, b. 18 Jan., 1883. 

140 Andrew^ (Andreiv'^j Andre^v*, AmlreiiP^) horn 
in Hak-winton, 20 Mar., 1774; married in H., 3 June, 
1791, Mrs. Mary (Ilosford) Royce, daughter of Dea. 


Amos H. Royce of Berlin, Ct. ; and died in Albany, 31 
Jan., 1851, set. 77. She died 9 Oct., 1831. 

Capt. Bartholomew moved early to Bhinebeck, Dutchess 
County, N. Y. ; sailing a sloop for many years, and after- 
wards the steamers Bichmond and North Biver. Returning 
to the farm in Berlin, he soon found the life too quiet and 
went to Albany as agent for a line of boats on the Hudson 

^Munson Annals of Albany, N. Y.", speaking of him, 
say, ^'Capt. Bartholomew was a most upright and worthy 
man, enjoying, through his long life, the confidence and 
friendship of all who appreciate manly qualities." 

Children : 

i Mary,^ m. Andrew P. Moore ; and died about 1820. Ch. 1 
Edw'd,» 2 Walter, 8 Wm., 4 Andrew B. of Jersey City, 6 
Chas. and 6 Mary. 

ii Riley, b. in H., Oct., 1793; m. 12 Mar., 1810, Eliz'h Wyn- 
coop ; her grandfather, Wyncoop, was a commodore on 
the Lakes In. the Revolutionary War. He enlisted at Hart- 
ford, Ct., in 1813, under Capt. Johnson; had been a cleric, 
and was stationed at New London. He res. in Albany, 
bookkeeper; d. 3 June, 1878, st. 84. No children. 

iii Andrew, b. in 1795; d. set. 5. 

iv Martin, m. ; d. childless. 

T Marilla, b. 9 Jan., 1798; m. 6 Apr., 1818, Andrew Kirk, mal- 
ster, who d. 27 Oct., 1857. She res. in Albany, set. 85. 

1 Mary Kirk, m. 1st, W. A. P. Petrie ; 2nd, in 1852, Geo. 

K. Harrison; res. Bloomfleld, N. J. Ch. (1) Marilla,* 
(m. Carver), (2) Elizabeth (m. Ackeman of Albany), (3) 
Isabella, (4) Geo. K., (5) Jane G. and (6) Mary M. 

2 John Kirk, m. Charlotte Bradshaw ; res. N. Y. City. 

3 Isabella Kirk, m. a Mr. Prynne ; res. Londonville, N. Y. 

4 Andrew B. Kirk, res. Westfield, Mass. 

5 David N. Kirk, died 83t. 4. 

6 Marilla Kirk, m. a Mr. Shindler; res. Albany, N. Y. 

7 Jane Kirk, died set. 3. 

8 William Kirk, res. Albany. 

9 David Kirk, res. Albany. 

141 Martin^ (^Andreto^^ Andrev^^ Andrev^j) born in 


Harwinton, 18 Aug., 1776; married 1 Nov., 1804, Sally, 
daughter of the Rev. Seth Noble ; and died while on 
business in Washington, D. C, 13 Mar., 1842. 

Mr. Bartholomew had a farm in Montgomery, Mass., 
and once owned a tract of land now a portion of the city 
of Columbus, O., where he settled itk 1807, but returned 
toM. in 1813. Children: 

803 i Albert Martin,^ b. 6 Feb., 1805; res. Detroit, Mich. 

n Marina, b. 20 July, 1807; m. Ist, 29 Apr., 1885, Sam'l 

Chapman; 2n(l, 4 Jan., 1855, Col. Silas Root; and died 16 
Oct., 1874, in Westfield, Mass. No children. 
ill Andrew, b. 13 Nov., 1808 ; was a farmer in Colnmbns, 

O. ; d. in St. Louis, Mo., 6 Feb., 1852. 
lY Biaria, b. 27 Nov., 1810; m. 1st, 21 Sept., 1881, £1- 

kanah Baker, merchant, who d. ; she m. 2nd, 23 Jan., 1884, 
William Graves, a merchant of Fall River, Mass. 
1 Ellen M.® Graves, b. 18 Oct., 1834; m. 15 Aug., 1861, W. 
H. Pierce, a lawyer of F. R. Ch. (1) Wm.,» (2) Ethel, 
(8) Henry, (4) Clifd, (5) Carrie and (6) Lizzie. 
8 Wm. H. H. Graves, b. 5 Dec, 1839; m. 10 May, 1861, Fanny 
O. Hnddleston ; Teller in Nat*l Gold Bank, Oakland, Cul. 
Ch. (1) Frank H., (2) Florence M. and (3) Walter H. 
8 LydiaS. J. Graves, b. 22 Oct., 1843; d. 31 Dec, 1847. 
4 Lillins S. Graves, b. 29 July, 1850; d. 11 Apr., 1853. 
▼ Eliza Ann, b. 7 Oct., 1813; ra. 27 Sept., 1838, Silas Bush 

of Granville, O. ; hotel prop*r. She d. 1 May, 1875, on a 
visit to Fall lilver. 

1 Edward S. Bush, b. 29 June, 1842; res. Detroit, Mich. 

2 Francis A. Bush, b. 17 Mar., 1846; d. 11 Oct., 1847. 
8 Mary Eliza Bush, b. in 1849; d. 1 Jan., 1850. 

Ti Mary B., b. 18 June, 1817; m. 8 May, 1839, Rufus G. 

Fosdick; res. Granville, O. She d..2 Feb., 1859, In Wa- 
verly, Ohio. 

1 Henry Fosdick, died in infancy. 

2 James R. Fosdick, b. 9 June, 1855; farmer in G. 

3 Chas. H. Fosdick, b. 23 Jan., 1859; res. G. 

▼U Caroline Eliz'h, b. 12 June, 1819; m. 20 Sept., 1849, James W. 
Fosdick, who d. childless, 24 June, 1876; res. Granville, O. 

142 Roswell® {Andreuc^^' Andrev^^ Andrea^,) born 


in Harwinton, 28 Jan., 1781 ; married, 26 Nov., 1815, 
Sally Johnson Stone ; and died in Hartford, Ct., 7 Apr., 

Mrs. Sally was born 30 Oct., 1789 ; and died 30 Nov., 
1869, aet. 80. She was the only daughter of Medad 
Stone of Guilford, Ct., and her mother was one of eigh- 
teen children of Samuel Griffin, a descendant of Jasper 
Griffin, who is said to have come from Biddeford, York- 
shire, about 1670, to Southhold, L. I. 

Mr. Bartholomew was a prominent business man in 
Hartford, being an extensive dealer in jewelry, hardware, 
iron and copper, and real estate. Was for many years in 
partnership with Col. James Ward, father of Capt. 
James Ward of the United States Navy, under firm name 
of Bartholomew & Ward. 

He was connected with various trusts in Hartford, such 
as director of the Deaf and Dumb Asylum, Retreat for the 
Insaue and various other institutions. He held the posi- 
tion of vestryman and warden of Christ (Episcopal) 
Church many years, and from which he was buried. 

Children : 

804 i George Medad', b. 8 Oct., 1816; res. Hartford, Ct. 

306 it James, b. 12 Jan., 1819; res. NewtonvUle, Mass. 

ill Mary Stone, b. 7 Apr., 1820; m. 11 Feb., 1846, James 
Bolter. He was formerly in company with Col. Chas. H. 
Northam in the wholesale grocery business ; is now presi- 
dent of the Hartford National Bank. 

1 James Bolter^, b. 16 Ang., 1847; m. 20 Sept., 1881, EUeo 

A. Brown. 

2 Alice £. Bolter, b. 19 July, 1851 ; res. Hartford. 

8 Clara M. Bolter, b. 16 Apr., 1854; m. 8 Apr., 1875, Jno. W. 

Gray of H. 

Iv Harriet Eliz*h, b. 15 July, 1824; m. 25 June, 1861, Dr. Al- 

bert Morrison of Mansfield, Ct. ; and d. 12 May, 1864. 

He was b. in Hebron 12 Mar., 1820; d. 18 July, 1873, In 

Windsor, Ct., where they resided after marriage. 

I Harriett Morrison, b. 26 Apr., 1852; d. 16 Mar., 1878. 


8 Albert B. Morrison, b. 18 Feb., 1854; m. May, 1877, 
Kathie Houghton of Putney, Vt. A merchant, and man- 
ufacturer of Bilk anil thread machinery in Willimantlc, 

8 Mary E. Morrison, b. 27 Sept., 1857; m. Oct., 1881, 

Wm. J. Morgan of Brooklyn, N. Y. 

4 JeannetteBw. Morrison, b. 10 Feb., 1860; res. Windsor, Ct. 

5 John S. Morrison, b. 28 March, 1862; res. Willi- 


144 Harris^ (Andreic^^ Andrea^ ^ Andreu^y) bom in 
Montgomery, Mass., 28 May, 1785; mamed, 26 Jan., 
1809, Irene Parks ; and died in Montgomery, 28 March, 
1860, 8Bt. 74. She was born 14 March, 1789 ; and died 
in M. 25 Oct., 1853. He was a farmer in Montgomery. 

Children : 

306 i Horace^, b. 29 Jan., 1810; res. Montgomery. 

807 ii Harris, b. 11 Sept., 1818; res. Indianapolis, Ind. 

iii Sarah Ann, b. 20 Jan., 1816; m. at M. 12 Dec, 1883, 
Samuel Atwood, who was b. 27 Feb., 1808 ; d. 28 Oct., 1881, 
set. 78 ; was a merchant of Palmer, Mass. Mrs. Atwood 
now resides at 145 Magazine St., Springfield, Mass. 

1 James Bw. Atwood®, b. 28 June, 1836; m. March, 1860, 

Francis Kendall. Ch. (1) Lottie A.» (m. J. J. Kafter of 
S.)» and (2) Lutie B. (m. R. Fljnt of Munson). 

2 Loraine Atwood, b. 8 June, 1841; m. 5 Sept. 1871, 

Geo. F. Smith; d. 30 Jan., 1876. 
8 Belle S. Atwood, b. 6 Sept., 1860; ra. 28 March, 1871, 
Henry Stebbins of Three Rivers, Mass. Ch. (1) Edith, 
and (2) Aletha. 

808 \y Nathan Parks, b. 22 May, 1817 ; d. 4 Feb., 1867. 
309 ▼ Hiram, b. 26 May, 1819; d. 20 Nov., 1883. 

vi Sophia, b. 26 Nov., 1822; m. Eiisha P. Parks; d. 15 

Jan., 1847. 
1 Owen Bw. Parks, a merchant in Westlleld, Mass. 

145 Charles^ ( Charles^ ^ Andrew\ Andreu^,) horn in 
Harwinton, 24 April, 1778 ; married in Pennsylvjuiia 
Anna Leppert; and died in 1871, oet. 93. She was horn 
4 Jan., 1792 ; and died 15 June, 1866, eet. 74. 


Mr. Bartholomew accompanied his father to Schoharie 
and Oswego Counties, N. Y., and thence to Tioga Co., 
Pa., where he settled permanently as a farmer. Children : 

i Sarah^ m. 1 Jan., 1882, Isaac RundeU, now dead. She 
res. with her dan. EUen in Fort Wayne ; Methodist. 

1 Mary A. Rnndell*, b. 8 March, 1883 ; m. Abraham Ben- 

nett of Logansport, Ind. 

2 Charles J. Rundetl, b. 15 May, 1835; res. S. Toledo,'o. 
8 Eliza A. Rundell, m. H. D.Ellenwood,ofF.W., master 

of transportation on the P., F. W. & C. R. R. Cb. (1) 
Rodney*, (2) Mabel, (3) Clifton, (4) Claude, (6) Warren, 
(6) Webster and (7) Bertie. 

4 Julia A. Rundell, m. Jno. C. Fleming of Carbondale, 

111. Ch. (1) Ida, (2) Ada, (8) Gretta, (4) Dolla and 
(6) Walter. 

5 Jane Rundell, b. 19 June, 1842; d. In infancy. 

6 Martin L. Randell, b. 24 May, 1844; a merchant of 

Monroe, Ind. 

7 Sarah J. Rundell, m. A. L. Richmond; res. Lima, O. 

8 Ellen C. Rundell, m. F. J. Knoll, merchant of F. W. 

Ch. (1) Sadie, (2) Alfred, (3) Clement, (4) Frank, 
(5) Martin and (6) Raymond. 

9 Laura M. Randell, twin ; m. Jno. Glen ; res. Andrew, 

Ind. Ch. (1) Rundell and (2) Annie. 
10 George W. Rundell, twin ; d., st. 2, from inhaling steam 
from a tea kettle, 
ii Eliza b. 28 Dec, 1813; d. 11 Nov., 1827. 

ill Armina, m. John Letts of Owego, N. Y. 
iv Ira, m. Julia Chandler; res. in 1882 in Hebron, Potter 

Co., Fa. Ch. 1 Johanna, 2 David, 3 Mary, 4 Charles, 6 
Duclna and 6 Lillian Bartholomew. 
V Phebe, never m. ; res. in Owego, N. Y. 
vi Jerusha, b. 25 Feb., 1826; m. Wm. Martin; d. 1876, In 
810 vii Charles D.,b. 24 Feb., 1882; d. 10 Apr., 1872. 

146 Allen^ {Charl&fy Andrew^ ^ Andreufi^) born, ao- 
cordiiig to the town records of Harwinton, 4 April, 1782 ; 
married, about 1808, Ascenath Boyce of Waddington, 
N. Y. ; and died 15 Aug., 1859 in Naples, Ontario Co., 


N. T., set. 77. She was bom 8 June, 1789 ; and died in 
Naples 9 (20?) Sept., set. 81. 

Mr. Bartholomew was a farmer, spending the latter 
portion of his life in Naples. He was a large man, and 
anecdotes are related showing his great strength and cour- 
age. His posterity are nearly all farmers. Children : 

311 i AaroD^, b. 18 Jan., 1810; res. Naples. 

ii Mary, b. 1812 ; m. Jacob Clement of Bristol, N. Y. 

The tamWy are farmers at Belmont, Kent Co., Mich. 

1 Mary J.^ Clement, m. Peter Salisbury of Grand Rapids. 

2 Amanda Clement, m. Solomon Sullivan of Grand Rapids; 

four children. 

8 Garrett Clement, m. Hamlet, now d. ; and res. 

in Grand Rapids. 

4 Caroline Clement, m. Nelson Burchard of G. R. ; has son 


5 Hamlet Clement, died. 

6 William Clement, a successHil railroad engineer at Grand 


7 Millard, > ^.^j^^^ C ^^^^j^ ^,^^ young. 

8 Maynard, 5 * i ^ ^ 

ill Jerusha, b. 1816; m. Moses Strouble, now d. ; res. Scott's 
Station, Kalamazoo Co., Mich. Ch. 1 Samuel, 2 Sally, 
3 Mary, 4 Allen, 5 Elizabeth and 6 Henry. 
812 Iv John, b. 1818; res. Hillsdale, Mich. 

313 V Henry, b. 6 May, 1819; res. Bloods, Steuben Co., N. Y. 

314 vl .Charles, b. 1821 ; d. about Jan., 18G9. 
vil AphiaEva, b. 1828; d. in 1846. 

315 vlii George, b. 25 July, 1828 ; res. Ulster, Pa. 

ix Gilbert, b. 28 July, 1830; m. 20 Nov., 1852, Anne A. 

Keeler, b. 10 Oct., 1832; no children; has been a wagon- 

malccr; is now farming and interested in bee culture; 

res. Ulster. 
X Daniel, b. 9 Nov., 1833; m. 1st, Martha Butts; farmer; 

res. Mandeville, Carroll Co., Mo. Ch. 1 Nettie and 2 

William of M. 

147 Aaron*^ {Cliarle^^ Andreic^, Andrev^,) bom 2 
Feb., 1789 (?); married 25 Nov., 1817, in Litchfield, 
Branford Co., Pa., Elizabeth Hall; and died about 18 


May, 1851, in Minn. She was born 6 May, 1799, and 
now resides in Owego, N. Y., set. 84. 

Mr. Bartholomew enlisted in the Madison County, New 
York, militia during the last war with England, and went 
to Sackett's Harbor. He lived, after marriage, nineteen 
years in Owego, ten yeai's in Watkins, and five years in 
Minnesota. Children : 

i Ira^, b. S Oct., 1820; m. Eliza Love; has son Charles; 
res. W. 

11 Mary, b. 8 Sept., 1822; m. Mr. Secor, now d. ; res. W. 
Ch. 1 Hannah, 2 Francis, 8 Charles and 4 Fowler. 

ill Hannah, b. 22 Aug., 1824 ; m. Joseph Hudson of W. ; both d. 

lY Fanny, b. 4 Aug., 1828; d. 1885. 

y Stephen, b. 22 Dec, 1830; d. 1834. 

vi Loretta, b. 80 May, 1832; ra. Nathaniel Hudson; res. Ari- 
zona. Ch. 1 Charles, 2 Ira and 3 Fred. 

148 Andrew® (Charlesf^^ Andreio*^ Andrevfi^) mar- 
ried in Worcester, Otsego Co., N. Y., in 1815, Margaret 
Given ; died 4 July, 1825. 

Mr. Bartholomew served three months as a soldier in 
the war of 1812. He was a farmer in the town of Owego, 
N. Y., where his widow now resides with her daughter. 

Child : 

i Betsey^, b. 10 Aug., 1821; m. Samael Mason, b. Armagh Co., 

1 Thomas P. MasonS b. 26 Mar., 1843. Ch. (1) George*, 

(2) Thomas and (8) Stella. 

2 Margaret A. Mason, m. G. B. Talcott. Ch. (1) Lacy 

and (2) Mary. 
8 Mary A. Mason, m. T. O. Haskins. Ch. (1) Clar- 

ence and (2) Mason. 

4 Samael £. Mason, b. 8 Aug., 1852; m. 81 Jan., 1888, 

Elsie Fraser. 

5 Betsy Mason, b. 24 Jaly, 1856; d. 18 Nov., 1871. 

149 Edward Walter^ (PAtnecw*, Andreu^^Andi^euf^) 
born in 1792; married 1 Jan., 1834, Margaret Elizabeth 
Ackerman ; and died X Nov., 1848, in New York City. 


Mrs. Margaret was boru in 1819, and at the time of her 
first marriage was but fourteen years of age, and under 
the guardianship of Mr. Bartholomew. After his death 
she married George Fred'k Brown of London, England, 
who lived but three years. She then married Jonas Win- 
chester, ^ the father of cheap literature in this country ;" 
and resides at 23 Grammercy Park, New York City. 

Mr. Bartholomew studied medicine and moved to New 
York City, but poor health prevented his practising and 
he became a merchant ; afterwards was in the Fulton Bank 
for some twenty years. He was a fine mathematician, 
and taught that branch at the celebrated Mechanic School 
of Chambers Street, N. Y., of 1820, while he was mer- 
chandising. Children : 

316 I Edward Walter,' b. 18 Oct., 1834; res. Brooklyn, N. Y. 
ii Emmellue Agatha, b. 5 Feb., 1837; m. 4 Dec., 1856, David 
C. Sturgis. 

1 Raphael^ Stnrgis, b. 5 Aug., 1857 ; d. in infancy. 

2 Grace A. Stargis, b. 6 Jan., 1861. 
8 Lawrence C. Sturgis, b. 7 Apr., 1871. 

817 iil Uenry Ackermau, b. 5 Feb., 1839; res. Brooklyn, N. Y. 

150 Timothy Phelps''^ {Thnoihy\ Timothy^, An- 
dreic^j) born in Vershire, Vt., 4 Feb., 1783 ; married 15 
Dec, 1807, Abigail Hosford; and died 25 Aug., 1851. 
She was born 15 Feb., 1786 ; died in Thetford, 29 Feb., 
1868, a»t. 82. No children. 

He lived in Thetford, Vt. Of him his biographer says : 
^ He was one of the wisest of any age, discreet in coun- 
sel, just in his intercourse with men, and if silent and wise 
in all his sayings, drew all hearts unto him. He was a pro- 
tector and guide to the young and many a penniless youth 
received his liest inspirations under his roof which was a 
free shelter to the homeless. (See likeness on p. 127.) 


151 Wyllis^ {Andreu^f Joseph* ^ Andreuf^) born in 
Wallingford, 21 June, 1777 ; married about 1798, Martha 
Morse of Litchfield, Conn. ; and died in Sheffield, Mass., 
6 Apr., 1846. She died in Aug., 1848. 

Mr. Bartholomew lived in Wallingford until 1802, when 
he moved to Sheffield, where he owned and conducted a 
large farm. Children : 

318 i John Morse,' b. 22 Feb., 1800; d. 7 Dec, 1878, 83t. 78. 
818 11 Andrew, b. 29 Nov., 1802; d. 8 May, 1879, set. 76. 

Ill Caroline, b. 6 Nov., 1805; m. in 1831, Select HaU of W.« 
and d. 26 July, 1864. He d. 12 Dec., 1860; res. Sheffield. 

1 Mary J." HaH, b. 22 May, 1832; d. In Oct., 1858. 

2 Paaline E. Hall, b. 7 Apr., 1835; m. 21 Feb., 1855, £. W. 

Spurr of Falls Village, Ct. Ch. (1) Ida" and (2) Grace. 

3 Martha B. Hall, b. 22 Apr., 1838 ; m. 26 Apr., 1859, R. Cook 

of Sandisfleld, Mass. Ch. (1) Lewis, (2) Laella and (3) 

4 William E. Hall,b. 15 Sept., 1840; res. Sandisfleld. Ch. 

(1) Lizzie and (2) Ann. 

5 George W. Hall, b. 20 Sept., 1848 ; res. Falls Village. 
820 iv Hiram, b. 29 Dec, 1806; d. 24 Apr., 1882, 8Bt. 75. 

152 Jesse^ {Andrevfiy Joseph^ ^ Andreifi^) born in 
Wallingford, 28 July, 1779 ; married in W., Polly Booth ; 
and died in 1822. She died in Sheffield. 

Mr. Bartholomew in 1800, after marriage, moved from 
Wallingford to Sheffield, and later to Smoky Hollow, N. 
Y., where he kept a tavern. After his death there, his 
family returned to Sheffield to live. His estate was ad- 
mitted to probate, 3 May, 1823. Children : 

i Rachel,^ b. 5 Nov., 1802; m. Ist, 11 Nov., 1826, John Piatt of 
Middletown, Ct.^ who d. 6 Nov., 1828. She ra. 2nd, 19 
Apr., 1830, Jesse Tattle, who d. 8 Nov., 1879. She d. 25 
Feb., 1872, In her 70th year; res. Berlin, Ct. 

1 Ellen J." Piatt, b. 6 Apr., 1829; d. 30 May, 1842. 

2 George F. Tuttle, b. 28 July, 1831 ; d. 19 Oct., 1833. 

3 Handel H. Tuttle, b. 9 Feb., 1833; d. 18 Nov., 1833. 


4 Amanda K. Tattle, b. 16 Jaly, 1884. 

5 Ensign R. Tuttle, b. 16 Oct., 1885; m. Esther Morse; Ow- 

atoiia, Minn. 

6 Celia A. Tattle, b. 20 Jan., 1887 ; d. 8 Mar., 1887. 

7 Lulce L. Tattle, b. 14 Apr., 1888 ; m. twice ; res. New 

Britain, Ct. Oh. (1) Edlth,» (2) Ernest, (8) Howard, (4) 
Arthur and (5) Eva. 

8 Henry W. Tattle, b. 22 Jaly, 1841 ; m. Sarah Metcalf of 

Hartford, Ct. 

9 Helen C. Tattle, b. 8 Nov., 1842; m. 11 Mar., 1867, John 

Richmond ; in the Pension Office, Washington, D. C. Ch. 

(1) Duncan, (2) Wm., (8) Charles and (4) Helen, 
ii Lorinda, m. Jesse Tuttle ; both d. several years ago. 
ill Harry, died a young man. 
821 iv George, b. 27 Oct., 1808; d. 4 Aug., 1869. 
T Sarah, d. unm., »t. 70. 
▼i Jesse, b. 7 Jan., 1816; d. 23 Apr., 1871. 
▼ii Mary, died. 

▼ill Ann, m. Henry Sardan ; res. N. Norfolk, Ct. Ch. 1 Earl, 
2 Ann, 8 Mary, 4 Frank, 5 Francis and 6 a dau. b. in 1872. 

158 Andrew^ {Andreify Joseph^ ^ Andrev^^) born in 
Wallingford, 3 Mar., 1783 ; married 10 Dec, 1807, Diana, 
daughter of Ambrose and Esther (Peck) Cook ; and died 
in New Haven, 10 June, 1849. 

He resided in Wallingford as a fanner, until about 1841, 
when he removed to New Haven, living at 238 Chapel St. 

Children : 

328 I Ambrose Cook,^ b. 10 Feb., 1809; res. Decatur, 111. 
824 ii Philander, b. in 1812; d. in 18G9. 

iii LaTinla, b. 24 Feb., 1814; m. 2G Apr., 1838, Chaancey 

HoDgli ; and d. 26 July, 1854. Mr. Hough res. in W. 

1 Francis A." Hough, m. O. S. Munson; Ch. (1) Chas.* S. ; 

res. Wallingford. 

2 Edwin C. Hough, b. 5 Auc:., 1844. 

iv Esther, m. Joseph Wilson; lived and died in New 

Orleans, La. 
▼ Andrew Uice, b. 17 May, 1821 ; d. unm. in New Orleuns, La. 

154 Noyes Dana^ {Andreio^, Joseph* y Andreuf\) born 


in Wallingford, 2 Apr., 1785 ; married Elizabeth, youngest 
daughter of Dea. Hall of W. ; and died in Galesburg, 111., 
11 Mar., 1869, set. 84. She was born in W., 14 Mar., 
1790 ; and died in G., 30 Oct., 1869, in her 80th year. 

Mr. Bartholomew took part in the War of 1812 ; and 
about 1837, moved from W. to Illinois, where he laid out 
the town of Newburg, and built its first school house and 
Congregational Church edifice. He was a member of that 
church ; was also a whig up to 1856 when he joined the 
Kepublican party. He was an industrious, thorough 
farmer, who did his work in its proper season, and devoted 
his valuable attentions exclusively to his home and large 
family, making them very happy by his kind and cheerful 
disposition. Mrs. Elizabeth was more than a helpmeet, in 
every respect a remarkable woman, and her memory is 
almost sacred to her numerous posterity. Children : 

i Elizabeth H.,^ b. 12 Apr., 1810; m. 1st, 8 Sept., 1833, Cal- 
vin Cass ; d. ; 2nd, Mr. Osborne ; res. Cedar Falls, Iowa. 
Ch. 1 Mary,^ 2 Lewis, 3 Alice and 4 Mattis. 

826 11 Lazerne, b. 21 Feb., 1812; d. In 1865. 

m Martha Rice, b. 14 Oct.. 1814; m. 6 Apr., 1838, Fred'k 

S. Kellogg of Sheffield ; and d. In Geneva, 111., in 1876. No 

Iv Sarah Esther, b. in June, 1816; d. unm. In Sept., 1837. 
V Sophia Aurelia, b. 20 Sept., 1819; m. in 1840, Madison L. 

K. Huse; and d. in Mar., 1852, in Elmwood, 111. Ch. 1 

Frank and 2 Carroll. 
326 vi Samuel Dana, b. 8 Mar., 1821; res. Buena Vista, Col. 

827 vii Hezekiah A., b. 24 Mar, 1823; res. Elmwood, III. 

328 viii Noyce Ellsworth, b. 17 June, 1826; res. Mound City, Kan. 

329 ix Edward Franklin, b. 8 Aug., 1828; res. Pueblo, Col. 

X Harriett Electa, b. 29 Jan., 1831 ; m. 28 Sept., 1854, Alonzo 
G. Ellsworth ; res. Council Grove, Kan. 

1 May Ellsworth, b. 1 May, 1857; m. 4 Mar., 1879» 

Thos. E. Newkirk. 

2 Eimer Ellsworth, b. 8 Dec, 1860. 

3 Lou Ellsworth, b. 14 Mar., 1864. 

4 Burgess A. Ellsworth, b. 21 Nov., 1867. 

5 Edward Ellsworth, b. 12 Mar., 1870. 


156 Gtoorge Bice^ {Andrevfi^ Joseph^ ^ Andreu^y) bom 
in Wallingford, 16 Dec, 1787; married 6 June, 1810, 
MehitAble Morse; and died 18 Sept., 1821. She died 1 
Feb., 1873, set. 84. 

He was a farmer in Wallingford. Children : 

829a i Winiaro,^ b. 81 Jan., 1813; res. Wallingford, let. 70. 

11 Mary Rice, b. 2 May, 1815; m. Chauncey Andrews ; d. In 
1878. Three children. 

ill Lncy Ann, b. 10 Jan., 1819 ; died yonng. 
830 It George Rice» b. 11 Dec, 1821 ; d. in 1853i> 

156 Hezekiah^ (Andrevfij Joseph^y Andreufi^) born 
in Wallingford, 23 Apr., 1795; married, first, Sally J. 
Neal of Durham; and, second, 9 Apr., 1803, Sarah Hub- 
bell ; and died 5 May, 1852, in W., where he lived. 

Children : 

I Sarah Electa,^ b. 10 Aug., 1848; ni. Alonzo Hall. 

II Caroline, ^ u in j«iy i gig . C m. John B. Andrews. 

m Adeline, S ^^*°®* \ res. W. 

157 Isaac^ {Isaa&y Joseph^ ^ Andrew^ ,) born in Wall- 
ingford; married Lydia Curtiss; and died about 1828. 
She died in Feb., 1858. 

He was a farmer in Wallingford. Children : 

881 i Joel,7 b. 7 Feb., 1799; d. 26 Oct., 1839. 

il Betsy, b. in 1800; m. 1st, Kellogg Holenbeck ; 2Dd, Mar- 
cos Way ; and 8rd, Cyrenus*^ Bartholomew, her father's 
cousin. No children. 

882 iii Chaancey, b. in 1802 ; d. 12 May, 1859. 
888 !▼ Harley, b. in 180C; d. 27 Oct., 1848. 

▼ Curtiss, d. when a boy from the effects of a fall. 

vl Celestia, m. 1st, Alunson Glass ; 2nd, Pliuy Rogers. Ch. 1 
Nelson* and 2 John Glass; 8 Layrancle, 4 Nelson, 5 Cyre- 
nns, G Edwin, 7 Joel, 8 Wm. and 9 Franklin liogers. 

▼il Sophronia, m. Admiral P. Lamb; no ch. ; brought up her 
nephew, Jas. Bartholomew. 


168 Levi Mo88^ (Isaad^y Joseph^^ Andrea^ j) born in 
Wallingford, 17 Oct., 1775 ; married, first, Lucy, daughter 
of Charles Ives of W. ; and second, 20 Oct., 1828, in W., 
Pamelia Potter ; and died in Atwater, Ohio. 

Mr. Bartholomew was a farmer, spending his life in 
Pompey, N. Y., and Atwater, Ohio. Children : 

834 I Levi Moss,' b. 17 Jane, 1801 ; d. 8 Feb., 1868. 

li Harley, b. in Cazenovia, N. Y. ; m. twice ; and d. in At- 
water. Cli. 1 Scott^ (d.), 2 Perry (d.), 8 Harley and others 
in Middlebory, O. 
836 iii Albert, m. 1 Sept., 1829, Minerva Potter. 

336 iv Ralph, b. in Cazenovia ; m. twice. 

V Merancy, b. in C. ; jn. in 1881, Leroy M. Stanford, who d. 
4 Nov., 1882. They were farmers in Atwater, OMo, and 
Arcadia, Wis. 

1 Emery Stanford, b. 21 Jane, 1832 ; m. Esther Congdon. 

2 Lacy Stanford, m. Lake Allen of Randolph, O. ; large 

8 Levi Stanford, died yoang. 

4 Olive Stanford, m. Mathew Donohae ; res. Seis Lsland, 


5 Cornelia Stanford, b. 81 Oct., 1840; m. J. J. Jewett. 

6 Mary Stanford, b. 4 Oct., 1842; m. N. V. Austin. 

7 Leroy Stanford, b. 17 Nov., 1844; d. in 1864, in the U. 

S. Army. 

8 Miles Stanford, b. 25 Sept., 1846; d. in Andersonvllle 


9 Cassias Stanford, b. 23 Sept., 1848. 

10 Ada Stanford, b. Mar., 1851 ; m. M. L. Ormsby of Neb, 

11 John Stanford, b. 26 Sept., 1858; m. Helen Ormsby. 

12 Ralph Stanford, b. 10 Aug., 1855; res. Neb. 

159 Joseph® (l8aa(fj Joseph* y Andreic^y) bom in Wal- 
lingford ; married 18 March, 1804, Julia Howd ; resided 
in Dunkirk, N. Y. Children : 

1 Ellza,^ b. 21 Jan., 1805; m. W. H. Parker, now 

dead ; res. Dunkirk, N. Y. 

1 William* Parker, d. 

2 Grcorge W. Parker, res. Lyons, Iowa. 
8 Orren Parker. 


4 Nellie Parker, m. W. H. Moseley, 80 5tli St., Pitts- 
burg, Pa. 

il William, b. 7 Feb., 1806; d. 2 Aag., 1825. 

ill Polly, b. 11 Jan., 1808; m. Harry Hall ; d. 

1 Sarah Hall, m. S. S. Styles ; res. Prairie Da Chien, 


2 Henry H. Hall, res. Fredonla, N. Y. 

8 Jennie E. Hall, cashier of Giles' Jewelry Establishment, 
lY Sylvia Ann, b. 18 March, 1810; m. 18 May, 1881, Ives 

Andrews, now dead. 

1 Elizabeth Andrews, m. A. D. Tarnsey ; res. Dixon, HI. 

2 Augusta Andrews, m. Mr. Drew ; res. Dixon. 

3 Eliza Andrews, m. Geo. B. Hendricks; res. Dixon. 

4 William Andrews, died. 

5 Ellas Andrews, died. 

6 Emily Andrews, died. 

7 Alice Andrews, m. a Mr. Rhone; res. Indiana Ave., 


▼ Stephen Decatur, b. 24 Nov., 1812; d. unm. 

▼i Almon, b. 8 April, 1816; d. 25 Aug., 1825. 

887 vil Henry, b. 7 June, 1818; d. in Dunkirk, N. Y. 

888 viii Joseph, b. 22 Aug., 1820; d. 8 Nov., 1877. 
Ix Nelson, b. 15 Oct., 1823 ; never m. 

X William A., b. 18 Aug., 1829; d. unm. 

888 xi Stephen Decatur, b. 11 Jan., 1833; res. Plcasantville, Pa. 

160 SamueP (Isaac\ Joseph*, Andreid^,) born in 
Wallingford 2 Dec, 1785; married, in 1814, Sylvia 
Hood, who died 19 Sept., 1828; when he married, sec- 
ond, in Southington 27 March, 1830, Hannah, widow 
of Stoddard Neal, she having three children by her first 
husband, of whom Samuel Bartholomew was made guar- 
dian. He was a farmer of Wallingford. Children : 

i Louisa^ b. 3 Dec, 1816. 

840 il Sereno, b. 27 Oct., 1818 ; res. W. 

in Marietta, b. 8 Dec, 1820; m. 10 Oct., 1847, Spencer F. 

1 Frederick S.^ Smitli, res. N. Adams, Mass. 

2 A daughter, res. N. Hampton, Mass. 

841 Iv Samuel I., b. 22 Nov., 1832; res. W. 

▼ Henry E., b. 22 June, 1836; a farmer in Merlden, Ct. 



161 Ira® {Isaa&y Joseph^ ^ Andrea^ ^) born in Walling- 
ford 28 April, 1788; married 16 Oct., 1816, Eunice 
Hall ; and died 6 Sept., 1852. She died 10 Aug., 1849. 
Mr. Bartholomew resided in Wallingford. Children : 

342 1 Angnstns HJ, b. 19 Sept., 1817; res. W. 

343 II Frederick W.,b. 7 Jan., 1821; res. W. 

ill Sarah E., b. 8 Dec, 1829; m. 27 April, 1847, Sam'l M. 

Cook. Ch. 1 Franklin B.^, 2 John A. and 3 Abbie B. 

iv AbbyAnn, b. 15 March, 1832; m. 9 Apr., 1851, £. M. 

Fomeroy. Child 1 Edgar. 

162 Orren® (Isaacs y Joseph* ^ Andrevfi^) born in Wal- 
lingford 22 Feb., 179.3; married his second cousin Em- 
meline*^ Bartholomew; and died 8 Jan., 1853. She 
was born 12 Oct., 1799 ; and died 12 Sept., 1879, eet. 80. 

After residing a few years in Durham, Ct., he removed 
to Sheffield, Mass. Children : 

I Margaret^, b. 2 Apr., 1820; m. Joel Crippen; d. 1 Mar., 1867. 
il Eliza, b. 8 Oct., 1822; m. a Mr. Andrews; d. 5 Aug., 

ill Ira, b. 11 Apr., 1829; never m. ; res. Northford. 

163 Stephen^ {Jonathan^, Joseph* ^ Andreu^^) born 


in Wallingford 19 June, 1787 ; married Rachel Hopson; 
and died in New Haven 15 Sept., 1869, set. 82. She 
died 5 July, 1845, cet. 50. 

Mr. Bartholomew resided in New Haven, where he 
had a shoe factory, until 1824 ; after which he spent a num* 
ber of years in Norwich, Chenango Co., N. Y. His New 
Haven residence was on William, near Putnam, street. 

Children : 

344 i George Henry^ b. 27 Oct., 1818; res. Kingston, N. Y. 

II Talmadge Lyman, b. 30 June, 1820; d. 16 Dec, 1836. 
.346 Ul Charles Fayette, b. 30 June, 1824 ; res. Mamaroneck, 

New York. 


!▼ Dwigfat 8., b. 1 Aug., 1826; d. 6 Aug., 1837. 

T Dwight, b. 2 May, 1880; d. 7 May, 1886. 

340 Ti Frands Harris, b. 18 April, 1882 ; res. New Haven, Ot. 

Tli Luseme Ca^, b. Jan., 1886; d. 10 Jan., 18i0. 

164 Leman' (Jonathatff Joseph^ ^ Andreu^t) bom in 
Wallingford 19 July, 1790; married, in 1813, Laura, 
daughter of Jacob Foote of Northford, who was bom 17 
Sept., 1791, and died 11 Dec, 1856. He married, sec- 
ond, 17 Oct., 1860, Mary £!. Gibson; and died in Bran- 
ford 17 Oct., 1864, ffit. 74. 

Mr. Bartholomew was a farmer and resident of Wal- 
lingford and Durham until 1829, when he moved to 
Branford. A son was bom to celebrate his seventy-fourth 
year. Children : 

M7 i John Jerome,^ b. 22 Dec., 1815 ; res. Branford. 

U Antonette, b. in Durham 29 Oct., 1818; m. 18 Feb., 

1840, Edwin W. Parsons, of Qranville, Mass. ; and d. 2 
Jane, 1881. 

1 William H. Parsons, b. 15 March, 1841 ; d. 22 Feb., 1859. 

2 Helen C. Parsons, b. 6 Feb., 1848. 

8 Emerson £. Parsons, b. 27 Feb., 1844; d.8 Dec, 1846. 

4 George £. Parsons, b. 28 Sept., 1846 ; d. 6 March, 1852. 

5 James E. Parsons, b. 6 May, 1848 ; d. 22 Mar., 1852. 

6 Charles D. Parsons, b. 18 June, 1850; d. 25 Feb., 1852. 

7 Lucy G. Parsons, b. 22 July, 1854; d. 15 July, 1860. 

8 George £. Parsons, b. 29 April, 1856; d. 8 Aug., 1862. 

9 Frank D. Parsons, b. 6 June, 1858. 

10 Laura F. Parsons, b. 19 Aug., 1860; d. 6 Apr., 1868. 

848 III Rodolphus, b. 30 June, 1820; res. Branford. 

ir Worthington W., b. 2 Feb., 1824; m. in 1856 Nancy Gris- 

wold of Guilford ; Is a farmer in Branford ; Episcopalian. 

▼ David Daggett, b. 1 May, 1826; d. num. 13 April, 1853; 

Ti Laura Ann, b. 2 May, 1830; m. 20 Aug., 1849, James 

R. Way ; res. B. 

1 Horatio N. Way, b. 23 Mar., 1850; res. Branford. 

2 Fanny Way, b. 13 Mar., 1855. 

▼U Leman, b. 21 Sept., 1863; res. Branford. 


165 Darius^ {Jonatharf^ Joseph^ ^ Andrev^^) born in 
Branford 28 Sept., 1800; married 27 Nov., 1822, Polly 
Holcomb; and died 30 May, 1857. She was born 29 
Nov., 1802. 

Mr. Bartholomew was a farmer of Wallingford ; and 
afterwards of Glastenbury, Conn. Children : 

i Anne Jennette^, b. 18 Jane, 1826 ; m. 6 June, 1850, Henry 
M. Welles ; res. Cambridge, N. Y. 

1 Jesse E.^ Welles, b. Jan., 1854. 

2 Lillian F. Welles, b. Dec, 1855. 
8 Florence Welles, b. Apr., 1859. 

ii Cordelia, b. 29 Feb., 1828; m. 1st, 15 Aug., 1848, 

Henry Welles, who d. 17 Jan., 1853; m. 2nd, 8 April, 1856, 
Jas. H. Welles ; res. New Haven, Ct. 

1 Henry B. Welles, b. Mar., 1853. 

2 Helen Welles, b. June, 1857; m. Oct., 1874, Frank 

ill Francis Maria, b. 26 June, 1830; m. 23 March, 1853, Wm. 
L. Benton ; d. 4 June, 1855. 
1 Fannie E. Benton, b. May, 1855. 
iv Maria Sophia, b. 1 June, 1834; m. 22 Oct., 1856, Wallace 
House ; res. Glastenbury, Ct. 
1 Clifford H. House, b. Aug., 1870. 

349 y Charles Henry, b. 26 July, 1838 ; res. Glastenbury. 

166 Joseph^ (Joseph^ ^ Joseph^ ^ Andretc^^) born in 
Wallingford, 2 May, 1772; married, first, in Pompey, 
N. Y., in 1802, Mary Rhodes; and second, in 1807, 
Thankful Turner; and died in Pine Run, Mich., 21 July, 
1861, in his 90th year. Mrs. Thankful was born 6 Nov., 
1791, and died 21 June, 1838. 

Mr. Bartholomew was a farmer, residing in Pompey, 
N. Y., until 1817 ; Auburn, Geauga Co., O., and Pine 
Run, Mich., the balance of his life. Children : 

350 1 John Rhodes,^ b. 6 Sept., 1802; res. Cuyahoga Rapids, O. 
il Harriett, m. Saunders, now d. ; she res. St. Jo- 
seph Co., Mich. 


1 D. B." Saanders, res. Burlington, Calhoun Co., Mich. 

iil Harmon, b. in Ontario, N. Y. ; d. set. 10, ftom the 

bite of a mad dog. 

\Y Caleb, b. in Ontario, N.T.;d. set. 21, in Bristol, O. 

V Mary, b. 8 Nov., 1809 ; m. 4 Nov., 1838, John Rob- 

inson ; and d. 80 Jane, 1881, set. 71 ; res. Chagrin Falls, O. 

1 John H. Robinson, b. 4 Nov., 1889; d. 5 Aug., 1852. 

2 George A. Robinson, b. 10 Mar., 1843; d. 4 May, 1847. 
8 Charles A. Robinson, b. 6 May, 1846; d. 25 Oct., 1861. 

vi Martha, b. 24 May, 1818; m. 81 Oct., 1832, James 

C. Jackson; res. S. Amherst, O. 

1 Huldah Jackson, b. 20 Mar., 1834; m. a Mr. Atwater. 

2 Harriett Jackson, b. 16 Nov., 1836; m. a Mr. Shepherd. 
8 Henry Jackson, b. 29 Jan., 1840. 

4 Ellen Jackson, b. 26 Jan., 1842. 

5 Elnora Jackson, b. 2 May, 1845 ; m. a Mr. Baker. 

6 Jennett T. Jackson, b. 81 Mar., 1849. 

7 Mary Jackson, b. 25 Dec, 1850; m. a Mr. Eggleston. 
vii Sherman, b. 20 Mar., 1815; m. 1842, a Miss Norton; 

d. in Sept., 1878. 

1 Sherman Bartholomew, f C farmer in Thetford, M. 

> twins ; < 

2 Antonette Bartholomew, 3 ( m. a Mr. Riddle of T. 

Till Susan, b. 11 Sept., 1817; m. in 1849, Samuel H. 

Bailey; d. in July, 1869. 

1 Phineas A. Bailey, res. Sharpsville, lud. 

ix Cyrenus, b. in July, 1821 ; d. uum. in Ind., in 1849. 

X Drayton, b. 2 Dec, 1824; m»; and killed at the battle 

of Gettysburg. No children. 

xi Sylvester Bache, ) ^ Cm. Martha Hinckley; 

r b. 10 bept., 1827 ; 1 j.^^ pj^^. r^, ^ g^,,, 

xii LorettaR., ) twins. ^j^ j^^ j^^^y^ George 

Morton ; res. S. Newbury, O. No children. 

xliiZemlda Adaresta, b. 4 Sept., 1829; m. in 1854, Robert Colla- 
cott ; res. Chagrin Falls. 

1 Adelle Collacott, b. 15 Oct., 1868; d. 22 Oct., 1875. 

2 Minnie Collacott, b. 31 Aug., 18G0. 

3 Emily Collacott, b. 28 Sept., 1864. 

167 Chauncey^ (Joseph^, Josej)h*, Andreiv^j) born in 
Wallingford, 15 Apr., 1776; married, in Pompoy, Ruan- 
iiah Schofield ; and died at Camillus, N.Y. about 1808. She 


was born 6 Oc3t., 1783; and died at C, in 1813. They 
resided in Pompey, N. Y. Farmers. Children : 

861 i Jonathan Palmer, b. 26 Sept., 1799; d. 8 Feb., 1862. 

il Samael, d. set. 24. 

ill Charity, died young. 

352 Iv Chaancey, b. 7 Aug., 1808; res. Buffalo, N. Y., set. 80. 

168 Daniel Ives® {Joseph^, Joseph^, Andreuf,) born 
in Wallingford, 18 Nov., 1777; married 15 Mar., 1803, 
Lucy Holiday; and died in Genesee Co., N. Y., 2 Dec., 
1851, set. 74. She was born in Conn., 18 Apr., 1783; 
and died in Mich., 7 Aug., 1858, set. 75. 

Mr. Bartholomew was a farmer in Pompey, N. Y., 
until 1843, when he removed to Genesee Co. "He was 
highly esteemed and never had an enemy." Both joined 
the Baptist Church in Pompey, in 1812. Children : 

1 Rachel,' b. 12 Jan., 1804; d. 6 Aug., 1812. 

353 11 Daniel Drayton, b. 27 Mar., 1806; d. 29 May, 1882, set. 76. 

Ill Mary M., b. 16 Nov., 1810; m. In 1828, Martin Wlgent; 

and d. In Cambria, Mich., 21 Nov., 1867. He d. In Reading, 
Mich., 1 Apr., 1861. They settled In Michigan, In Feb., 
1830, purchasing the site of the present town of Reading. 
He was a miller and briclc maker, as well as farmer. 

1 Daniel B.« Wigent, b. 16 Sept., 1829; res. Charlotte, Mich. 

2 Andrew J. Wlgent, b. 30 Aug., 1833; m. Belinda Foust; 

res. Montgomery, Mich. Ch. (1) Fred.,* (2) Frank, (3) 
Shan, (4) Mary, (5) Ida, (6) Ada, (7) Rhoda, (8) Bliss, 
(9) Eda and (10) James. 

3 Willlum H. Wlgent, b. In 1836; d. the same year. 

4 George M. Wigent, b. 2 May, 1837 ; res. Charlotte, Mich. 
6 Richard E. Wigent, b. 18 June, 1840 ; res. near Orland, Ind. 

6 Horace P. Wigent, b. 25 Apr., 1843; d. 29 May, 1868. 

7 Lucy J. Wlgent, b. 10 Aug., 1846; m. Jay Wood; res. 


Iv Malluda, b. 6 Feb., 1812; d. 12 Aug., 1812. 

854 y Amos Holiday, b. 11 June, 1816; res. Reading, Mich. 

855 vi Joseph Leroy, b. 26 Apr., 1819 ; res. Port Huron, Mich. 


160 CyrenUB® {Joseph^^ Joseph^j Andrev^y) bom in 
Wallingford, 12 Feb., 1788; married in 1811, Polly 
Scoville, who died 29 Jan., 1828, set. 34. He married, 
second, Mrs. Betsy"^ (Bartholomew) Way ; and died in 
Pompey, 8 Aug., 1867, in his 80th year. Mrs. Betsy 
died 22 Mar., 1878, »t. 77. 

Mr. Bartholomew was a federal soldier in the War of 
1812. Was a farmer, residing on the old homestead in 
Oran, Onondaga Co., N. Y. Universalist. Children : 

i Julia Ann,^ b. 24 Nov., 1812; m. in 1880, Joel Morse; and d. 
4 July, 1882, in her 70th year. He was b. 17 Feb., 1806; 
d. in 1854 ; res. Elizabeth, N. J. 

1 Charles H.^ Morse, b. 24 July, 1832; d. unm., in 1863. 

2 Mary E. Morse, b. 29 June, 1888; m. Moses A. Robin- 

son ; res. Elizabeth, N. J. 
8 Florence A. Morse, m. Eliphalet W. Sutton; res. Bloom* 
field, N. J. Ch. (1) Clara and (2) Charles. 
866 11 Nelson Ira, b. 17 Apr., 1815; d. 23 Feb., 1844. 

lU Sarah A., b. 21 Mar., 1818; m. 1st, 1 Jan., 1833, Russell 
Lewis, who d. in Mar., 1835; m. 2nd, in 1837, Stephen D. 
Doty, whod. 11 Nov., 1872; res. Genoa, Nance Co., Neb. 

1 Jane Lewis, m. August Becker; res. Syracuse, N. Y. 

2 Walter R. Doty, b. 6 Oct., 1839 ; d. in Libby Prison, 18G5. 
8 Adelbort N. Doty, b. 15 July, 1841; m. Bessie Evans; res. 


4 Martia M. Doty, b. 22 Aug. , 1840 ; ra. Lucius Balsley ; res. 

Genoa, Neb. 

5 CyrenusBw. Doty, b. 20 Oct., 1849; m. Minnie Yale; res. 

Delphi, N. Y. 

6 Augusta Doty, m. Seth W. Mitchell ; res. Ccilar Rapids, 


7 Sarah M. Doty, m. Henry J. Bruce ; res. Genoa, Neb. ; 


8 Charles M. Doty, b. 29 Mar., 18G1; m. Emma Hammond; 

res. Norma, Neb. 
Iv Polly, died, SBt. 2. 

170 Sherman^ (/'*«*» Joseph*^ Andreiti^^) born in 
Wallingford, 5 March, 1781 ; married in 1803, Sally Hack- 


ley; and died 14 Nov., 1814, at Brownsville, Jefferson 
County, N. Y. 

Dr. Bartholomew was a physician in Brownsville ; am- 
bitious and successful ; but, becoming a surgeon in the 
Federal Army in the War of 1812, he was taken sick at 
Sackett's Harbor, and died at B. Children : 

867 1 Erasmus Darwin,^ b. 29 Mar., 1804 ; d. In 1836. 

ii Eliza, b. 6 Jan., 1806; m. 17 Feb., 1829, Raftxs 


1 Helen S.* Bacon, b. 1 May, 1830; d. 2 Apr., 1837. 

2 Sarah F. Bacon, m. William R. Martin ; res. Rochester, 

New York. 

3 Mary C. Bacon, m. Charles Barton, at Rochester. 

4 RaAis Bacon, b. 21 July, 1837; d. 11 Jan., 1840. 

5 Hackley Bw. Bacon, b. 27 May, 1841 ; m. Katherine Gray. 

6 Isabella G. Bacon, b. 11 Aug., 1848; d. 24 Sept., 1851. 
857a iii Benjamin Rush, b. 29 Aug., 1808; res. Harmony, HI. 

iv Almira Hackley, b. 29 Sept., 1810; ra. 8 Apr., 1834, Volney 
Owen ; res. Marengo, HI. No issue. She has assisted 
materially in gathering information concerning her grand- 
father's descendants. 

V Sophia Hackley, b. 15 Oct., 1812 ;m. G.W. Beardsley; and 
died. No children. 

vi Julia A., b. 29 Jan., 1815; died young. 

171 Ira Hull^ (Isaacf, Joseph* ^ Andrea?,) born in 
1798 ; married Mary Drury ; and died in Sangerfield, 
Oneida Co., N. Y., 14 Oct., 1830. She married, second, 
Stephen Clark of Sackett's Harbor, where he died. 

Children : 

358 i Sherman WlUard,^ b. 4 Oct., 1825 ; d. 80 Dec, 1862. 

359 ii Willis Hull, b. in 1827 ; res. Cleveland, O. 

172 John Brooks^ {John^, John*, Andrea?,) born in 
Harwinton, 19 Oct., 1795; married 25 Aug., 1821, Eu- 
nice Harrison of H. ; and died in H., 10 Feb., 1859. She 
was born 19 June, 1801. 


Mr. Bartholomew waa a farmer and a resident of Har- 
winton. Democrat. After his death, in 1867, the family 
moved to Plymouth, Ct. ; and in the spring of 1868, to 
Pleasant Valley, N. Y. Children : 

i Ralph/ b. 80 June, 1822; d. 8 Apr., 1834. 

ii George, b. 4 Nov., 1824 ; m. 1st, 20 Jane, 1864, Lydia 

Cartiss of Pine Plain, Datchess Co., N. Y., who d. 2 Aug., 
1866. He m., 2nd, 15 Jan., 1871, Sarah Wheeler of Amenta, 
N. Y., where Mr. Bartholomew now resides. No issue. 

iii Harriett, b. 22 Sept., 1827 ; m. 22 Sept., 1870, John W. 

Luttin of Pleasant Valley, where they live. No children. 

Iv Ralph Augustus, b. 3 Apr., 1837; m. 24 Dec, 1872, Phebe 
Marsliall of Pleasant Valley, where they reside. Farmers. 
No issue. 

173 Benjamin^ ( Gideon^ ^ Benjamin* ^ BenjamivP^ ) 
born in Branford, 2 Dec., 1778; married; and removed 
in 1814, to Liberty Township, present town of Worth- 
ington, Dehiware Co., Ohio. Was one of its first settlers. 
He soon after removed to Powell, O., where he remained 
till death, 14 July, 1857. He was apparently the only 
male descendant of the name living, when his grandfather 
made his will, in 1798. Farmer. Children : 

i MarieltaJ died. 

360 II Miitoii, b. in 1802; res. Asliley, O. 

in MiDeiva, b. 9 June, 1804; m. 3 Jan., 1830, Alex. Dixon; d. 
2* Sept., 1^78. He was b. July, 1806; d. Sept., 1875. Ch. 

1 Louisa^ Dixon, m. Chas. Carpenter of Fostoria, O. ; d. 

7 July, 1805. Four children. 

2 Lorilla Dixon, m. Louis Carpenter; d. 23 July, 186C. 

Four children. 

3 Livonia Dixon, m. 1st, U. C. Bishop; 2nd, John Smith 

of Westfleld, O. 

4 Leauder Dixon, b. 18 Nov., 1838 ; d. in U. S. Army, 1803. 

5 Lonora Dixon, m. Jane Barbour; d. Apr., 1878, in Kan. 

6 I^vi P. Dixon, b. 2i) Sept., 1843; d. 8 Jan., 1882, in 

Westfleld, Ohio. 

7 Lincoln B. Dixon, b. 1 Sept., 1846; d. 1 Apr., 1870. 

8 Laura M. Dixon, m. Sylvester Glllett; res. Norton, O. 

361 !▼ Major, b. 13 Dec, 1806; d. 17 Oct., 1875. 





174 Elisha^ (John^f Enos*, Johnny) born in Wood- 
stock, Ct., 17 Oct., 1772 ; married in W., 23 Nov., 1795, 
Louisa Hall ; and died in Hiram, O., in 1843, set. 71. 

Capt. Bartholomew removed early to Royalton, Vt. , where 
he kept an hotel ; thence he went to Baruston, Canada, 
where he owned a large farm, and manufactured potash 
extensively. 20 Nov., 1807, he was commissioned, by 
Sir James Henry Craig, Lieutenant commanding the Barn- 
ston Company in the Third Battalion, of which Sir John 
Johnson, Bart., was Colonel. 

Subsequently, he was some time a resident of Brown* 
ington and Frasburg, Vt., but late in life settled in Hiram, 

He was crippled in middle life by a log rolling over 
him. Was a member of the Congregational Church and 
of the Masonic Fraternity ; also Justice of the Peace in 
Canada, and in Frasburg, Vt. He was endowed with 
great energy and will. Children : 

362 i George,' b. 1 Oct., 1796; d. 1 Nov., 1855. 

ii Betsy, b. 1 Aug., 1708; d. nnm., 2 Feb., 1866. 

lii Frank, b. 13 July, 1800 ; kUled by a horse, in Coventry, 

Vt., in 1812. 
iv Cherry, b. 16 June, 1802; m. 7 Feb., 1880, Jacob RoweU; 

d. 24 Apr., 1876. Ch. 

1 Chester^ RoweU, b. 11 Dec, 1830; m. 13 Sept., 1852, 

Laura Warner. Ch. (1) Ella,» (2) Cherry and (3) Walter. 
Has been a miller; is now a farmer of Coventry, Vt. He 
ftirnished considerable of the data herein, concerning 
his branch. 

2 Chandler F. Rowell, b. 16 Feb., 1836; m. 9 May, 1858, Eliza 

Fisher. Ch. (1) Laura (m. Morse), 
v Franklin, died in infancy. 

175 John^ {Johnny Enos^y John^,) born in Pomfret, Ct., 
23 Jan., 1777; married, in Rhode Island, Mercy Angel, 
who died in Greensboro, Vt., Oct., 1814. He married. 



second, in 1816, Ruth Ring, and died in Branford, Vt., 
27 Jan., 1860, at. 83. 

Mr. Bartholomew removed from Woodstock, Ct., about 
1805, to Barnston, Canada; thence to Craftsbury, Vt., 
and finally to Greensboro, Vt., where he remained the 
balance of his life. Children : 

I Alinlra,^ b. in Woodstock, 11 Sept., 1802; m. 14 Jan., 1821, 
Caleb Hines, who was b. 5 May, 1799; and d. 28 Feb., 
18G2. They lived successively in Wheelock, Greensboro 
and Callacc, Vt., removing about 1824 to Trenton; thence 
to New Comerstown, O., where she Is living, aet. 81. Ch. 

1 Johu^ Uines, b. 24 June, 1822; d. 3 Aug., 1823. 

2 Frederick Uines, b. 10 May, 1824; d. 16 Dec, 1873. Ch. 

(1) Flora* (Evans), (2) Etta, (8) Anna (d.), (4) Willie 
(d.), (5) Venia (d.), (6) Xenia, (7) Carver, all of N. C. 

3 John C. Hlnes, b. 14 July, 1826; res. Shell City, Mo. 

Ch. (1) Josephine (m. Wm. Catron of S. C), (2) Ca- 
rella (in. J. C. Robinson of Eldorado Springs, Mo.), (3) 
Laura B. (m. J. H. Henry of E. S.), (4) John and (6) 

4 Lynden Uincs, b. 18 Aug., 1828; d. 3 Aug., 1841. 

6 Anson Hines, b. 5 May, 1831. Ch. (1) L. C, (2) 

Bertha and (3) Hattlc of N. C. 
C Nathan J. Hines, b. 4 July, 1840; d. 27 Jan., 1870. Ch. 
(1) Albert and (2) Etta. 
ii Emily, b. In 1803; m. David Dwyer; and d. 26 Jan., 1803; 
res. Greensboro ; only two of her children survive. 

1 Maria Dwyer, m. a Mr. Wllley, and had twelve children. 

2 Saruh Dwyer, m. a Mr. I'errln of Greensboro. 
363 iii John, b. 9 July, 1807; res. Uanisvllle, N. Y. 

iv Charity, b. in 1810; d. unm. In Dover, N. II., In 1838. 

V Maria, b. In 1812; m. In 1832, Jonathan Smith, now dead. 
They have res. In Dry wood, Chippewa Co., Wis., since 
their removal from Oxford, N. H., in 1863. Ch. 

1 C. M. Smith, res. Delton, Sauk Co., Wis. 

2 A. F. Smith, res. Delton. 

3 John Smith, res. S. Stafford, Vt. 

4 Jane Smith, m. a Mr. Cunningham of Oxford, N. U. 

5 Abslnia Smith, m. Mr. McCracken of Drywood. 
<> Lyndon Smith, res. Drywood. 

7 £<lwin Smith, res. Drywood. 


vl Betsy, d. at. 6 or 7 years. 

vii Edwin, b. about 1816; m. Sarah Garrlsh; one child 1 
Helen. An editor of Boston, Mass. 

176 William^ (TFt7Kam*, Samuel,^ Joseph^ y) born iu 
Saybrook, Ct. Was residing in Camden, N. Y., in 1850, 
when he visited his brother Abial in Hartford, Ct. He 
had two children, Joseph^ and a daughter, and several 

177 Abial Lord^ ( WiUiam^y Samuel^, Joseph^,) bap. 
in that portion of Saybrook then called Pochaugy now 
Westbrook, 1 Oct., 1796; married in Colchester, 20 
March, 1821, Sarah Gustin; and died in Hartford, Ct., 
5 Dec, 1853. She was born 19 Dec, 1798, and died 27 
April, 1863. 

Mr. Bartholomew resided in Colchester, after his mar- 
riage, until 1836, when he removed to Hartford. 
Children : 

364 i Edward Sheffle1d^ b. 8 July, 1822 ; d. 8 May, 1868. 
il Sarah AUeythlna, b. 12 Oct., 1824; d. 2 Mar., 1832. 

365 lii Walter GastiD, b. 26 June, 1826; res. Tampa, Fla. 
iv William Arlow, b. in 1828; d. onm. 18 Jan., 1856. 

y Margaretta Coggshell, b. 15 April, 1830; m. Ist, 17 Dec, 
1849, Jeremiah W. Brown ; alter his death she ni. 2nd, 4 
June, 1857, Franlvlin Page, now dead ; residence, Water- 
viUe, New York. Ch. 

1 George E.^ Brown, b. 11 Jan., 1851; d. 24 Jan., 1852. 

2 Alice L. Brown, b. 29 Dec, 1852; d. 23 Jan., 1855. 

3 Lewis Brown, b. 25 Nov., 1854; d. 25 Dec, 1866. 
vi Sarah Elizabeth, b. 18 Apr., 1832; m. 1 Oct., 1861, 

Edward F. Ellsworth; and d. 21 Aug., 1856. Ch. 

1 Edward S. Ellsworth, b. about 1854; d. 9 Apr., 1856. 

2 Kate L. Ellsworth, b. 22 Jan., 1856. 

vii Catherine Anna, b. 15 Jan., 1836; m. 17 Dec, 1857, 

Charles S. Davidson, Supt. of the Hartford Division of 
N. Y., N. U. & H. R. R. ; res. Hartford. Ch. 


1 Edward L. Davidson, b. 6 Dec, 1860; d. 24 Aag., 1861. 

2 William Bw. Davidson, b. 3 Jan., 1862. 

8 Frank C. Davidson, b. 28 Dec, 1869; d. 28 Mar., 1879. 

viii Martha Amanda, b. 7 Feb., 1840; d. 26 April, 1860. 

178 John® (SamuePy Samuel ^ William^ y) born in that 
part of Saybrook, now Waterford, Ct., 3 April, 1788; 
married Lydia, daughter of Asa Maynard, a descendant 
of the Pilgrim Captain, Miles Standish, and died 16 Jan., 
1865, set. 76. 

She was born 26 Feb., 1798 ; died 28 Feb., 1874, at. 
76. Mr. Bartholomew was a farmer in Unadilla, N. Y. 

Children : 

866 I Chauncey^ b. 28 Apr., 1816; res. Sidney Plains, N. Y. 

ii Achel, b. 22 Feb., 1817; d. 28 Jan., 1836. 

iii Baania, b. 23 May, 1820; m. Charles Butler; res. 

Unadilla. Cli. 
1 Handmaid A.^ Butler. 
iv Frederick Dan, b. 8 Aug., 1822 ; was crippled when a boy by 
a rolling log; d. nnm. 28 Nov., 1863, in Unadilla. 

367 V ZaraDan, b. 3 June, 1824; res. Animus City, Colo. 

vi John, b. 8 July, 1826; m. Elsie Hull of Sherburn, 

N. Y. ; res. Columbus Centre, Chenango Co., N. Y. ; one 
son and two daughters. 

vil Eliza Ann, b. 6 July, 1829; d. unm. 17 Sept., 1853. 

viiiLydia Ann, b. 16 May, 1832; m. 22 Aug., 1852, Lewis E. 

Cobb; res. Blaine, Portage Co., Wis. Ch. 

1 Harriett E. Cobb, b. 7 Dec, 1854; m. 14 Feb., 1874, B. W. 


2 Charles E. Cobb, b. 28 Dec, 1855. 

3 Lucia Cobb, b. 6 Sept., 1867. 

4 Vclonia J. Cobb, b. 14 Nov., 1860. 
6 Starr F. Cobb, b. 23 Jan., 1804. 

6 Ilcna Cobb, b. 23 Dec, 1868. 

7 Ruth V. Cobb, b. 5 Sept., 1877. 

ix Andrew Jaclison, b. 16 Sept., 1834 ; was in Co. D, 89th N. Y. V. 
Rcgt., and wounded at the battle of Antietam, dying six 
weelcs after, 6 Nov., 1862, at Frederick City, Md. ; never 

368 X Truman Achel, b. 6 Sept., 1836; res. St. Edwards, Neb. 

369 xi Ambrose Games, b. 31 March, 1840; res. Sheltou, Neb. 


179 Levi^ {SamueP^ Samuel^ ^ Joseph* y) bom in New 
Loudon, Ct., 25 July, 1797; married Ann Smith, who 
was born in Leicestershire, Eug., 2 April, 1800. 

Mr. Bartholomew was an extensive farmer in Uuadilia, 
N. Y. He was a member of the M. E. Church. Died 
11 May, 1883, set. 85. Children : 

870 I Edward Smlth^ b. 13 Nov., 1828; res. UnadUla. 

il Catherine, b. 18 May, 1826; m. 5 Nov., 1845, W. J. 

Smith of U. ; daughter 1 Betsy*, 
iii Betsy Ann, b. 29 Aug., 1834; unm. ; res. with her f)ftther. 

180 SamueV {SamueP, Samuel*, Joseph*,) bom in 
Unadilla, N. Y., 23 March, 1803; married in Unadilla, 
in 1830, Lydia M. Curtiss ; died in Russell, 17 Dec., 
1878, »t. 74. 

Mr. Bartholomew was an energetic farmer. He bought 
and cleared 350 acres of woodland in Unadilla, building 
sevend houses, barns, sawmills, etc., which he afterwards 
sold, and in 1865 moved to Russell, St. Lawrence Co., 
N. Y., where he spent the balance of his life. 

His sons remained near him until he removed from 
Unadilla. Was a member of the Methodist Episcopal 
Church. Children : 

i Ira,^ b. In 1832 ; d. In 1836. 

371 ii James C, b. 10 Apr., 1885; res. Mason ville, N. Y. 
iil WiUljim, b. In 1886; d. in 1838. 

372 iv Justice, b. 6 Apr., 1840; res. Russell, N. Y. 

373 V Gilbert, b. 2 Apr., 1848; res. Russell, 
vi Orilla, b. In 1846; d. in 1848. 

374 vii Samuel N., b. In 1849; d. 4 Apr., 1881. 

376 viil Alansou, b. 25 Jan., 1858; res. RusseU, N. Y. 

ix Velona, b. 80 Jan., 1858; m. 16 Sept., 1879, Qny Hall; 

res. Russell. Ch. 
1 Emma E.» Hall, b. 17 Nov., 1880. 

181 Jedidiah^ {Samuel^, Joseph*, Joseph*, y born ia 
Woodstock, 9 April, 1786 ; married, 16 Jan., 1809, Sally 


Shirtliff of Hartford, Ct. ; and died 25 Dec, 1829, She 
was bom 24 Dec, 1786, and died 26 Dec, 1849. 

Mr. Bartholomew was a farmer in Hartford, Ct., where 
his children were all born. Children : 

I Lucy^ b. 7 Nov., 1809 ; m. 26 Nov., 1882, Thomas Huwkes 
of Greenfield, Mass. ; and d. 21 Feb., 1853. He d. 13 
Dec, 1840. Ch. 

1 Sarah Hawke8^ b. 31 Aug., 1838; d. 7 July, 1855. 

2 Cornelia Hawkes, b. 18 Apr., 1835; d. 10 Mar., 1880. 
8 Mary Hawkes, b. 4 Mar., 1837; d. 10 Au^., 1842. 

4 Solomon Hawkes, b. 29 Nov., 1838; d. 2 Apr., 1841. 

5 Lucy Hawkes, b. 8 Oct., 1840; d. 8 Aug., 1841. 

ii Harriett, b. 12 Oct., 1812; m. 1st, 2 Sept., 1830, Jerome 
Murphy of E. Hartford, who d. 17 Aug., 1833. She m. 
2nd, 17 Feb., 1851, Aaron Keeney ; no issue ; res. Hartford. 

ill Sarah, b. 7 Jan., 1815; m. 13 Mar., 1842, George Thomp- 
son of Enfield, Ct., who d. 10 July, 1880; res. Ellington, 
Connecticut. Ch. 

1 George C.Thompson, b. 17 May, 1843; res. Chicago, 111. 

2 Jennie A. Tliompson, b. 14 Feb., 1845. 

iv Nancy, b. 12 Oct., 1817; m. Jan., 1844, Francis Seaverns 
of Boston, who d. 13 July, 1880, in N. Y. City; res. 232 
Shawmut Ave., B. Ch. 

1 Francis Seaverns, b. 1 Feb., 1847; res. N. Y. City. 

2 Edgar Seaverns, b. 25 Mar., 1851; res. N. Y. City. 

V Lydia, b. 10 June, 1820; m. 19 May, 1845, George Dick- 
inson, who d. 18 July, 1880; res. N. Y. City; no children. 
vi Samuel, b. 14 Nov., 1822; d. 14 Oct., 1823. 
vll Susan, b. 11 Aug., 1825; d. 18 Jan., 1826. 

182 Adolphus^ (SamneP, Joseph*, Joseph^ y) born in 
Woodiitock 1 Oct., 1793; married in Htirdwick, Mass., 
Lydia C. Nye; and died in Banc, Mass., 4 Nov., 1870, 
«t. 77. Slie died 12 Aug., 1873, in Soutlibrid<^o, Mass., 
aged 80. 

Mr. Bartholomew's opportunities for education were 
limited ; after serving a year as sergeant in Capt. Lyons' 
company from Woodstock, in the war of 1812, he went 


to Southbridge and learned the trade of cloth-dresser, 
and was for many years superintendent of its mills. 

In 1820, he and hisbrotlier Gardiner removed to Haixl* 
wick and started a cloth-dressing establishment, which 
they conducted until machinery for that business was in- 
vented. He then engaged in trade in Hardwick quite suc- 
cessfully until 1837, when he purchased a farm there, on 
which he spent the balance of his life. He was much 
respected, and intrusted with public business as an officer 
in various positions all through life. He gave his two sons 
a college education. Children : 

1 Harriett^, m. a Mr. Johnson in Elmira, N. Y., and 

died there. Ch. 
1 Geo. W. Johnson," res. Stockbridge. 
il Nancy, died young. 

376 III Andrew Jackson, b. 1 Oct., 1833; res. Southbridge, Mass. 

377 Iv ^elson, b. 21 Nov., 1834; d. 21 Nov., 1861. 

183 Gardiner^ (SamueP^ Joseph* ^ Joseph,^) born in 
Woodstock, 9 June, 1796 ; married in Enfield, Ct., 17 
Feb., 1831, Abigail Spooner Jenny, daughter of John 
and Hannah Perry Jenny ; and died 26 Feb., 1874, cet. 
77, She was born 27 July, 1808; died 2 Feb., 1881, 
set. 72. 

Mr. Bartholomew, after being for many years associ- 
ated with his brother Adolphus in the cloth-dressing 
business, was a farmer and expressman in Hardwick, 
Mass. Congregatioualist. Children : 

I Abble Jane,^ b. 6 Aug., 1834; m. 1st, 10 Sept., 1855, 

Charles L. Trow; 2nd, 12 May, 1870, Joseph N. Lincoln; 
res. Hardwick, Mass. Ch. 1 Jennie L. Trow", 2 
Mabel, 3 Joseph and 4 Waldo Lincoln. 

II Susan Victoria, b. 10 Feb., 1887; m. 81 May, 1850, Rev. 

George Sangers, pastor of the Unlversallst Church la 
Danversport, Mass. Ch. 
1 Sarah I. Sangers, b. 1 Jan., 1865. 


ill Martha Aiin« b. 28 Jan., 1889 ; d. vnm. 8 May, 1869. 

Iv Harriett Josephine, b. 10 Dec, 1840; m. 1 Oct., 1870, Qteo. 
F. Lawrence ; res. Petroleum Centre, Pa. 
878 ▼ Charles Gardiner, b. 80 Apr., 1843; res. S. Boston. 

Ti John Jenny, b. Nov., 1846 ; d. 28 June, 1847. 

Tii John Calvin, b. 8 Mar., 1848; m. 21 June, 1880, Mar- 

ianne Bnssell ; merchant in Barre, Masa. 

184 Charles' {SamueP, Joseph^ ^ Joseph?^) born in 
Woodstock 6 Jan., 1800; married, 1831, Maria Morril, 
who died in 1871. 

Mr. Bartholomew has spent the most of his life in or 
near Albany, N. Y., and has conducted a family grocery 
buBiness at 158 Hudson Ave., where he has resided, for 
the last forty years. Is still in active business, although 
84 years of age. Children : 

I Cliarles H.^ b. in 1882; res. California. 

ii Geocge W., b. in 1834; is express messenger on tlie New 

York Central. B. R. ; res. 166 Hudson Ave., Albany. 
ili Mary, b. in 1836 ; m. Wilson Robinson who was killed 

ill the last war. 
iy Josephine, b. in 1840; d. in infancy. 
V Josephine, b. in 1842; m. Albert liced; res. Albany. 
Ti Ida, b. in 1856 ; d. in 1861. 

185 SamueF ( WilUanf^ Joseph^ y Joseph^,) bom in 
Woodstock ; married Roxanna Humphrey of Hartford, 
where he lived in 1818 and later. She died in Hartford, 
29 Mar., 1850. Children: 

1 Esther^, ro. Lathrop Chapman; lived and died in Charles- 
town, Mass. 

U Eliza, ro. John Belcher; res. many years in. E. Hartford, 
Ct., but subsequently with her daughter Mrs. Timothy 
Steadman of New London, Ct. 

186 Charles® {Grardinev* ^ Benjamin^ ^ Joseph^ ^) born 
in Woodstock, 6 Aug., 1780; married, in 1803, Sally 



Waterman, who died about 1825. He married, second, 
4 Mar., 1828, Abigail Alexander; and died 8 May, 1852, 
aged 71. 

Mrs. Abigail was born in Deerfield, Mass., 5 Jan., 
1797; and died 1 Feb., 1861. 

Captain Bartholomew removed to Shrewsbury, Rutland 
Co., Vt. ; was a carpenter by trade, a member of the 
Universalist Church and a freemason. 

In the war of 1812 he was made captain and placed in 
command of the Shrewsbury company. Children : 

i David^ b. 24 Mar., 1829 ; d. 6 April, 1829. 

ii Sarah W., b. 25 Mar., 1832; m. in Jane, 1867, 

Hiram Smith, a fi^rmer of Clarendon, Vt. ; now of Wal- 

lingford, Vt. ; no children, 
iii Susan L., b. 28 Feb., 1834; m. Dec, 1853, Wyman 

Towne of Thompson, Ct. 
1 Luella F. Thompson, only child, 
ir Andrew Jackson, b. 26 Dec, 1835; m. 22 Aug., 1859, Hattie 

Wylie ; is a farmer in Wallingford ; served his country in 

the late war in Co. B, 14th Regt., Vt. Vol. 

187 William^ (LeonarcPy Benjamin^y Joseph^^) boru 
inPomfret, Ct., 23 June, 1797; married 2 April, 1820, 
Abigail Gorham Buck; and died in Pomfret, 28 May, 
1864. She was born in Killingly, Ct., 8 May, 1798, 
and died 26 Feb., 1864. 

Mr. Bartholomew was a successful farmer in the northern 
portion of Pomfret. Children : 

379 i Edward Leonard^, b. 9 July, 1822 ; a travelling salesman. 
880 ii Simon, b. 28 Sept., 1824; res. Thompson, Ct. 

iii Annis Buck, b. 23 Sept., 1826; m. 14 Jan., 1847, Geo. 

A. Barlow; and. d. 16 May, 1863. Family reside in 

Woodstock. Ch. 

1 Irving E.8 Barlow, b. 14 Nov., 1848. 

2 Willis M. Barlow, b. 13 Aug., 1853; d. soon alter. 

3 Ida C. Barlow, b. 19 July, 1866. 


4 Minnie A. Barlow, b. 16 Aug., 1858; d. in 1874. 

5 Abbie A. Barlow, b. 81 Joly, 1862 ; d. soon after. 

881 iv William Irving, b. 7 Feb., 1831 ; res. Pomflret, Ct. 

187a Jesse^ (Jesa^f^ Lemuel ^ William^ ^) bom in 
Whitehall ; married Malinda Tucker who died after 1840. 

Rev. Mr. Bartholomew was pastor of the Methodist 
Episcopal Church in Chautauqua, N. Y. No children. 


188 Lemuer (Jepthaif^, Lemuel^, William^ y) born 19 
April, 1791; married, 1811, Anna Wilson, who died 
1813. He married, second, in W., 13 Feb., 1814, Anna 
Barrett; and died 25 July, 1868, set. 77. Mrs. Bar- 
tbolomew was living in Dresden Centre, in 1878, set. 80. 

Mr. Bartholomew went into the United States military 
service in the war of 1812, under Capt. Barker in Col. 
Adams' 154th New York Regiment, about two weeks be- 
fore the battle of Plattsburg ; but was not in that battle. 
He resided in Whitehall, with the exception of one year 
in Howard, N. Y., until 1842, when he removed to 
Dresden, N. Y. He lumbered winters and farmed sum- 
mers. ** Was a working temperance and church man." 

Children : 

882 1 Guy Earl", b. 26 Dec, 1812; res. Geneva, lU. 

li Anna, b. 8 Jan., 1814; m. 1832, David, son of Dyer 

and Susan (Bartholomew) Beckwith^, and died about 
1876. Ch. 

1 EmUy* Beckwlth, m. Daniel W. McFarren ; res. West 

Haven, Vt. 

2 David Beckwlth, d. a lieutenant in the U. S. Army. 

3 Clarissa Beckwlth, m. Harrison Fish, Jr. ; res. Whitehall. 

4 Carl Beckwlth, m. ; res. W. ; is blind. 
888 Hi George, b. Oct., 1816; res. Dresden, N. Y. 

iv Thomas, b. 1819; m. Eliza Buchanan; d. about 1874; 

daughter 1 Olive. 
V Clarissa, b. 1821 ; m. 1st, Dr. Chas. Allen, whod. in 1843; 

m. 2ud, in 1845, Abraham Chubb ; res. Dresden. Ch. 


1 Marion Allen, m. Barrett Carter; res^ Benson, Vt. 

2 Lydia Chubb, b. 1816; m. a Mr. Clemens; merchant of 

vi Polly, b. 182S; m. 1842, Jno. Ingalls of Granville; and 

d. aboat 1876. Ch. 

1 Helen M. Ingalls, m. Ablsor Jonkett'^ 

2 George Ingalls, m. 

vii Jerome, b. 1825 ; m. Ist, Phebe Chabb and had 1 daugh- 
ter. He m. 2nd, OUve Barrett and had children 2 Ollf, 
8 Olive (twins) and 4 Jane Barrett; res^ Dresden. 

vlil Charles, b. 1827 ; m. Angellne Snowdy ; served in the late 
war ; res. at the old homestead in D. Ch. 

1 Mary Bartholomew*, m. George Jacqua. 

2 Emma Bartholomew, m. a brother of above. 

ix Joseph, b. 1829 ; m. Seraph Snowdy ; res. Dresden. H« 
served in the late war ; has two daughters. 

X Emma Jane, b. 1832 ; d. abont 1852. 

xl James, b. 1885; m. Marion Snowdy; res. D.; onlj^ 

child; died young. 

xii Sarah, b. 1838; m. Amos Walker; only child Amos. 

189 Joseph^ (Jepthai^, Lemuel j William* y) married 
Sarah Corbet. They lived and died in Whitehall. 
Children : 

I Emmeline,^ mored to Steuben County , N. T. 
ii Jepthai, also moved to Steuben County, 
iii Mary, resides in Whitehall. 

iv Phebe, m. Ezra**^ Bartholomew, now deadi 

V Jane, m. a Mr. Patterson or Simon Green;, res. W. 

884 vi Israel Warner, b. in Vermont; d. in 1879. 

189a Johnson? (Jepthai^ ^ LemueP, William*,) bom 
about 1795 ; married Almira McFarren, and resided in 
WhitehaU. Children : 

886 i Isaac", m. Martha King. 

II Asenath, d. st. 18. 

190 Lemon^ {Lemma^, Lemuel^, William* ,) bom in 
Whitehall, N. Y., 5 May, 1783 ; married, 5 Feb,, 1806, 


Cogswell; and died 7 Apr., 1863, set. 80. She 
was born 3 Mar., 1789 ; and died 1 Not., 1864, 8Bt. 75. 

Mr. Bartholomew was a farmer, as were all of his sons. 
He and his wife enjoyed a wedded life of fifty-seven years, 
on the same farm that is now the property of his son Ben- 
jamin. It adjoins the farm on which his grandfather, 
Lemuel, first settled, and is a portion of a tract of several 
hundred acres of land, which has been in the Bartholomew 
fiunily for over a hundred years. 

He, with his company, attempted, but failed, to reach 
Plattsburg in time to take part in that battle. 

His family was brought up in the Congregational Church. 

Children : 

i Almon," b. 26 Dec, 1806; res. Whitehall. 

U Alma, b. 16 Jane, 1808; d. 19 Aog., 1810. 

m Caroline, b. 2 Nov., 1809 ; m. 14 Jan., 1830, WilUam 

S., son of ** Prophet Miller, the great leader of the Mill- 
erites, or Second Adventlsts of 1840-5.** He was born 12 
Apr., 1805; d. 24 Apr., 1878; res. Hampton, N. Y. Ch. 

1 Harriett J.* Miller, b. 19 Aug., 1881 ; m. Josiah Feck; res. 

Hampton. Seven children. 

2 Elida M. Miller, b. 81 May, 1838; m. Guy Smith ; and d. 

16 July, 1878. One daughter.*" 
8 Lemon Bw. Miller, b. 26 Mar., 1836; d. 23 Sept., 1858. 

887 It Darwin, b. 29 Mar., 1811 ; d. 23 July, 1849. 
V Harriett, b. 20 Nov., 1812 ; d. 17 May, 1816. 

tI Betsy, b. 2 Nov., 1814 ; m. John S. Merriam ; and 

d. 14 Jan., 1879; res. Ill E. 85th St., N. Y. City. Ch. 

1 Clarissa Smith, m. Judson Haskell; res. with father. 

2 Henry C. Smith, m. ; in business with his father. 

3 Mary Smith, m. Dr. Miller, aud has a family; res. New 

York City. 

888 vii Shepherd, b. 10 June, 1816; res. Ridgewood, L. I., 

New York. 
888 vUi Harry, b. 25 Apr., 1818; res. Whitehall. 

880iz Warren, b. 1 Jan., 1820; res. Hampton, N. Y. 

881 X Benjamin Franklin, b. 27 Nov., 1822; res. Whitehall. 

191Jo]in^ {^Lemma^y Lemuel^ ^ William^ j) born iu 


Whitehall, 18 Mar., 1785; married Amarillis Hotchkiss. 
He was a soldier in the War of 1812 ; and subsequently 
a farmer in Whitehall. Children : 

1 Amarllla,' m. a Mr. Terry ; res. W. 

U Clarissa, m. a Mr. Bmnt; res. W. 

lU Ezra, m. Phebe^^ Bartholomew ; res. WhitehaU. 

iv Lemma. 

V Maiy. 

192 Lemina^ (i>^7^wla^ LemuePj William* j) bom in 
Whitehall, 12 Apr., 1787; married 1 Jan., 1808, Eliza- 
beth Bishop; and died 31 July, 1873, 88t. 86. She was 
born 18 Feb., 1787 ; and died 14'june, 1871, 8Bt. 84. 

He was, like his brothers, a farmer in W., where he 
and his wife lived happily together, over sixty-three years. 

Children : 

392 i Jeffcrson,<* b. 19 Dec, 1808; d. 25 Apr., 1848. 
ii Thomas, b. 6 July, 1810; d. 2 July, 1811. 
ill Emily, b. 26 Aug., 1812; m. 22 Jan., 1830, William Mer- 
riam, Jr.; res. North Granville, N. Y. Farmers. Ch. 

1 Julia A* Merrlam, b. 22 Oct., 1830; m. 7 Mar., 184S, W. 

J. Wood; res. W. Ch. (1) Willis,*^ (2) Emily (m. Grif- 
fin of Albany), (3) Isaac, (4) Charles and (5) Kittle. 

2 James 8. Merriom, b. 29 Jan., 1833; d. 17 Sept., 1868. 

Ch. (1) Edna and (2) Cora of W. 
8 Rachel Merriam, b. 4 Feb., 1835; d. 22 Feb., 1841. 

4 Bishop Merriam, b. 8 Feb., 1837 ; res. Fair Haven, Vt. 

Ch. (1) Wm. and (2) Maude. 

5 Amanda Merriam, b. 18 Apr., 1840; d. 80 May, 1841. 

6 liachel A. Merriam, b. 15 Apr., 1842; m. 9 Jan., 1861, 

Mason K. Hotchkiss ; res. Oleon, N. Y. Ch. (1) Wm. H. 
and (2) Bessie L. 

7 Asbury Hall Merriam, b. 2 Au^., 1845; m. 2 Jan., 1868, 

Florence C. Inman ; res. North Granyille. Ch. (1) Hattle 
£. and (2) Chas. After finishing his studies, he spent 
two years with a wholesale mercantile house in Albany; 
since then has devoted bis time to farming. Has been 
supervisor of his town several years; and has heartUy 
assisted in the gathering of data for this work. 


898 iy jQStDS, b. 12 Dec, 1814; d. 30 Aag., 1876. 
894 ▼ Bishop, b. 14 Feb., 1817; res. Naplersville, III. 

vi Mary, b. 11 Mar., 1819; m. 4 Apr., 1839, Simeon B. Mer- 
riain ; and d. 30 Sept., 1879 ; res. Fair HaveD, Vt. Ch. 

1 Betsy A. Merriam, m. 17 Sept., 1842, Ira Phelps; res. Fair 

Haven. Ch. (1) Emma, (2) Mary and (3) Irene. 

2 Sarah J. Merriam, b. 17 Sept., 1842 ; m. Albert Harrington ; 

res. Fair Haven. 

3 Simeon Merriam, b. 15 Feb., 1848; d. 10 Dec, 1873. 

Til Amanda, b. 3 May, 1821 ; m. 28 Jane, 1843, Taylor Manville : 
and d. 31 Oct., 1859. He was b. 21 Feb., 1816; and d. 2 
Oct., 1879. Ch. 

1 Orvllle A. Manville, b. 28 July, 1844; res. Whitehall. 

2 Sherman T. Manville, b. 17 May, 1846; res. Whitehall. 
8 Francis E. Manville, b. 3 Nov., 1850; d. 17 Nov., 1850. 

4 Lemma Manville, b. 24 Apr., 1852; res. Albany, N. Y. 
vlil Betsy, b. 26 May, 1823; d. unm., 21 May, 1844. 

Ix Fanny, b. 16 Oct., 1825 ; m. Voluey Ha^ltell ; and d. in 1854. 
1 Volney Haskell, b. 5 June, 1853 ; res. New York City. 

193 Thomas^ {Lemmcfiy LemueV', William^,) born in 
Whitehall, 8 June, 1788; married, in 1809, Anna Foote, 
who died in 1819. Ho married, second, 14 Nov., 1819, 
at W,, Sophia Jones; and died 20 Jan., 1877, ait. 87. 
She died near Richmond, Iowa, 20 Oct., 1878, a>t. 7G. 

Mr. Bartholomew enlisted at Whitehall, in 1814, under 
Capt. Barker ot the 154th N. Y, regiment. He had pre- 
viously been employed for over a year, in the transpoi't^ition 
of military stores, particularly powder, from Whitehall to 
Burlington, Vt., ; and, after the battle of Plattsburg, in 
conveying prisoners to Albany, N. Y, He was a farmer 
IQ Whitehall, until Oct., 1871, when he removed to Win- 
field, Du Page Co., 111. Children : 

i Anulce," b. 23 Aug., 1811; m. 15 Oct., 1827, Alvah 

Wilson, fanner of Mallet Creek, Medina Co., O. Ch. 

1 Chauncey* Wilson, b. 24 Aug., 1829 ; ni. Louis J. Seckens ; 

res. Streetsboro, O. 

2 Orange Bw. Wilson, b. 19 Jan., 1833; res. Mallet Creek. 

3 Mary A. Wilson, m. K. M. Lampson; d. 27 Dec, 1851. 


4 Amy Wflsan, . b. 39 Jni., 1888; m. Fanl €hraitc ; ns. 

Mallet Creek. 

6 Salina WllBon, m. Oscar Fenn; d. 10 Mar., 1872, at 

Stanton, Mich. 
8 Thomas Wilson, b. 1 Feb., 1848; res. Elk Point, Da- 
kota Territory. 

7 Lewis Wilson, b. 15 Apr., 1846 ; res. Black Creek, 


8 Alva Wilson, b. S Apr., 1847; d. 26 Dec., 1880. 

9 Annls Wilson, m. Daniel Stone; res. Hudson, O. 

10 Jennie S. Wilson, m. James £. Sweet; res. Hinckley, O. 

11 Olive I. Wilson, ro. Martin L. Colby; d. 25 Aog., 1876. 

396 ii Harvey, b. 20 Mar., 1818; d. 1 Feb., 1869. 
896 ill Orange Adams, b. 15 May, 1815 ; res. Janes vllle, Mich. 

397 Iv Samuel, b. 16 May, 1817 ; res. Warrenville, 111. 

V Anna, b. in 1819; m. in 1885, Joel Smith; d. in 

1849 ; res. Marengo, 111. Ch. 

1 Clara Smith, b. 20 Dec., 1844. 

2 Warren Smith, b. 15 Sept., 1849. 

898 vi Lucius, b. in 1821 ; res. Batavia, HL 

399 vii Jerry, b. 5 Mar., 1822; res. Richmond, Iowa. 
vlU Marina, b. in 1828 ; m. 1st, in 1852, Bliphalet 8. 

Watson; m. 2nd, Jan., 1854, Lewis Watson; fkrmers of 
Warrenville, 111. Ch. 
1 Lois S. Watson, m. 26 Nov., 1878, Philip T. Bartholomew, 
son of Ouy"*. 
ix Hannah, b. 26 Jan., 1828; m. 7 Feb., 1849, Daniel 

S. Wame ; res. Batavia. Ch. 

1 Sarah Wame, m. Edward McFarren ; res. B. Ch. (1) 

Lesley and (2) Lafiayette. 

2 Saml H. Wame, m. Nettie'*^ L. Bartholomew ; res. B. 

400 X William Saunders, b. in 1830 ; res. Richmond, Iowa. 
401x1 Ira Wilson, b. 14 Oct., 1888; res. York Center, HI. 

xil Cornelius, b. In 1885; d. in 1864. 

194 Alvah^ ( Squired ^ LemuePt TFi'Htawi*,) born in 
Whitehall, 24 July, 1797 ; manied, 7 Oct., 1819, Betsy 
Hawley ; and died in Benson, Vt., 14 May, 1871, sdt. 73. 

She was born in Whitehall, 17 Oct., 1798; and died 1 
Oct., 1871, 8Bt. 72. 


Deacon Bartholomew reBided^bn the old Bartholomew 
homeatead m Whitehall. Was a wagon-maker by trade 
and a deacon in the Baptist Church. 

Was remarkably even-tempered. Children : 

1 Clarissa,* b. S7 Apr., 18S8 ; m. Rodney Bowell ; res. Pooltney , 
Vermont. Ch. 

1 Asa H.* Bowell, b. 6 Oct., 1850; slate dealer •,Castleton,yt. 

2 Sarah E. Bowell, b. 11 Mar., 1856. 
8 Mary E. Bowell, b. 85 Feb., 1857. 

4 AlTah Bowell, b. 15 Sept., 1880; res. Ponltney, Vt. 
U Sqnlre, b. 18 Jane, 1825; d. 18 Jan., 1827. 
HI Sarah, b. 21 Oct., 1827; d. 22 May, 1880. 
It AlTah 8., b. 7 Apr., 1881 ; res. Victor, Iowa. 

106 Alfred^ (Squirt, Lemuel^, WtUiam^) born in 
Whitehall, 7 Feb., 1801 ; married, in 1822, Hannah Os- 
good; and died 81 May, 1851. She was bom 28 Aug., 
1801 ; died 6 Nov., 1860. They resided in Whitehall. 

Children : 

1 SylTeiter," b. 28 May, 1822. 

U Anrin, died at the age of one year. 

Ul Ainred, m. Lucy A. Billings ; a machinist of W. 

4MIT Jndson C'Joslin"), b. 18 Apr., 1830; res. W. 
406 T AlTah, b. 13 Mar., 1832; res. W. 

406 Tl Daniel, b. 22 Oct., 1838 (?); m. Mary Jane 

Knowlea ; res. Whitehall. 

407 ▼!! Isaac, m. Ann Knowles ; res. W. 

196Eber^ (Joseph^ Lemuel, TTt'KtamS) born in White- 
hall, 80 Mar., 1805; married, 17 Jan., 1828, Elizabeth 
W. Bathbnn of New London, Ct. 

Mr. Bartholomew resides in Homellsville, N. Y. Is an 
extensive farmer, and has large maple groves; making 
thousands of pounds of maple sugar every year. Children : 

I A son,* died in inlkncy. 

II EUzabeth, has been a teacher in H., since 1865. 
lU AnaB., died, »t. 2d. 



197 Ziba Barzillai^ • {Joseph^ Lemue?, WiUiam^,) 
bom in Howard, N. Y., in the fall of 1811 ; married, 20 
Feb., 1831, Elizabeth, daughter of Jonathan and Lucy 
Newman; and died in Elk Grove, Sacramento Co., Cal., 
21 July, 1868. She was bom 18 Dec, 1809 ; res. E. G. 

Mr. Bartholomew, after leaving Howard, in 1843, re- 
sided in Jonesville, Mich., one year; Jacksonville, 111., 
until 1852 ; Cincinnati, O., one year; Dallas, Texas, one 
year; crossing the plains, he settled, in 1855, on a farm 
near Placerville, Cal. ; and in 1859, at Elk Grove, where 
he remained until his death. He was sickly and obliged 
to suit his occupation and residence to his health. He 
was Justice of the Peace during the last ten years of his 
life, and held other offices of trust. Children : 

i Cbinena Caroline," b. 6 Apr., 1832 ; m. 1st, 22 Jan., 1S49, 
David Markhara ; 2Dd, U July, 1873, John T. Dickey; 
res. 221 Austin St., San Francisco, Cal. Cb. 

1 Edward* Markham, b. 25 Jan., 1850. 

2 Joseph Markham, b. 21 July, 1852. 

3 Caroline Markham, b. 9 Apr., 1856. 

4 John Markham, b. 9 Mar., 1859. 

ii Amanda Malvina, b. 1 Apr., 1833 ; m., 24 Dec, 1850, Bernard 
Thompson, who d. 29 Feb., 1876. She res. in E. G. Ch. 

1 Leicester Thompson, b. 10 Mar., 1852; d. 8 Sept., 1853. 

2 Mary Thompson, b. 7 Mar., 1856. 

3 LiUian Thompson, b. 25 Oct., 1858; m. Andrew Bocca. 

Ch. (1) Lillian, 
iii Oscar Ziba, b. 3 Oct., 1834; d. num., 27 Jaly, 1877. 

iv Mary Arvilla, b. 10 June, 1836; m., 29 Not., 1855, Saml 

H. Custer; res. 221 Austin St., San Francisco, Cal. No 
408 ▼ Cameron Patchen, b. 6 Oct., 1842; res. Elk Grove, Cal.. 
vi Joseph Orsemus, b. 10 Mar., 1848; d. 24 Apr., 1863. 
vii Nelson Eber, b. 11 Dec, 1856; m., in 1878, Nancy J. 

Dyer; res. Red Bluff, Tehama Co., Cal. Ch. 
1 Floyd Elmer Bartholomew, b. 9 Mar., 1879. 

198 Sheldon^ {Luthei^, Koah^, WiUiam\) bom in 
Litchfield, Ct,, 23 Sept., 1787; married, 28 Aug., 1811, 


Anna Chapman; and died 28 Aug., 1868, 8Bt. 80. She 
was born 28 Aug., 1793 ; and died 4 Sept., 1867, set. 74. 

Capt. Bartholomew was drafted in the War of 1812, 
and made orderly sergeant ; but after a mouth's service, 
he hired a substitute and returned home just in time to 
find his first son. He was a farmer in Hartford, Vt., 
holding many public offices in the town ; was for years 
captain of its military company. 

He and his wife lived together fifty-six years. 

Children : 

i John W.,* b. in H., 23 Jane, 1812; when twenty-one, re- 
moved to N.T., and m. ; in 1841 he removed to Nllcs, Mich., 
where he bnried his wife and two only children. He was^ 
drowned in the Mississippi River, 5 July, 1845. 

409 ii Simeon H., b. 22 Feb., 1814 ; d. 25 Aug., 1842. 

410 iU Ezra W., b. 18 Aug., 1816; d. 9 Dec, 1864. 

411 iv Arvin S., b. 16 Nov., 1822; res. Plainfield, N. H. 

412 T Jefferson F., b. 27 Sept., 1828 ; res. Tombstone, Arizona. 

Yi Laura Ann, b. 10 Aug., 1832; m. 27 Dec, 1852, Harrison M. 
Cutting, who was b. in Hanover, N. H., 15 Feb., 1829. 
Proprietor of a hotel in W. Hartford, Vt. Ch. 

1 Clara A.» Cutting, b. 29 June, 1854; m. Dan*l C. Badger; 

res. Cohasset, Mass. 

2 Fannie M. Cutting, b. 16 Dec, 1859; res. with her parents. 

3 Joslah S. Cutting, b. 18 Sept., 1861; res. W. H. 

4 Elvira Cutting, b. 5 Oct., 1863. 
Til Ellen K., died, cBt. 6 months. 

199 Luther^ {Luther^, Noah\ William^) born in 
Litchfield, Ct., 25 Aug,, 1789; married, in July, 1815, 
Fannie Fox of Hartford, Vt. ; and died 28 May, 1880, 
«t. 90 (gravestone says, "eet. 86"). She was born in 
Hanover, N. H., 17 July, 1799 ; and died 21 Aug., 1881, 
aged 82. 

Mr. Bartholomew resided in Bernard, Vt. ; was a farmer. 


Children : 

I Mary Anna," b. 17 Oct., 1816; m. in Aug., 1889, Arthur 

Hathaway; and d. in Charlestown, Mass., 24 Sept., 1860. 
Mr. H. has been chief of the private watch in Boston, for 
over thirty years ; res. £. Somervllle, Mass. Ch. 

1 Mary F.* Hathaway, b. 24 Aug., 1840; res. with father. 

2 Elizabeth Hathaway, b. 2 Oct., 1842; res. with father. 

8 Forrest H. Hathaway, b. 7 Oct., 1844; captain in the U. S. 
Army, now stationed at St. Paul, Minn. 

4 Charles A. Hathaway, b. 12 July, 1846; d. 30 July, 1868. 

5 James R. Hathaway, b. 29 June, 1850 ; on the Maine Cen- 

tral Railroad. 

6 William L. Hathaway, b. 14 Mar., 1855; ro. Anna D. Wat- 

son ; res. East Somerville. 

II Amanda Lavinia, b. 23 Jan., 1819; m. 3 June, 1838, Joseph 

E. Davis, who was b. 27 Nov., 1805; is a farmer of East 
Bernard, Vt. Ch. 

1 Susan W. Davis, b. 28 Apr., 1839; d. 3 June, 1860. 

2 Edward J. Davis, was robbed of $500, and killed by In- 

dians, 5 Sept., 1868, in Spring Valley, Cal. 
• 8 Charles H. Davis, b. 6 Mar., 1843; res. £. B. 

4 Frank P. Davis, b. 24 Nov., 1846; res. Colorado Springs, 


5 Harriett C. Davis, b. 16 Nov., 1850; m. J. X. Howland. Ch. 

(1) Edward*^. 

6 Elmer H. Davis, b. 7 Mar., 1858; res. Royalton, Vt. Ch. 

(1) Joseph. 

7 Fannie Bw. Davis, b. 29 Sept., 1857; d. 15 Apr., 1858. 

ill Lucy Maria, b. 3 May, 1821 ; m., June, 1840, Luclan (?) 

Hewitt; and d. in Apr., 1880. Ch. 

1 Henrietta Hewitt, m. Dan*l Maxhom; res. Strawberry 

Point, Iowa. 

2 Mena Hewitt, m. Minor Allen; res. Brattleboro, Vt. 

8 Mary Hewitt, res. unm., in Royalton, Vt. 

4 Elbert E. Hewitt, res. Hanover, N. H. ; bears many marks 

of loyal service to his country in the late war. 

5 Arthur Hewitt, a teacher in Live Oak, Cal. 

6 Locian Hewitt, a farmer in Qneecheville, Cal. 

It Caroline Augusta, b. 12 May, 1823 ; m. 9 Mar., 1848, Rev. Jer- 
emiah W. Bemis, pastor of the M. E. Churches in North- 
field and Berlin, Vt. Ch. 
1 Horace W. Bemis, b. 15 Nov., 1848; m. Nettie A. Brown; 
res. Tipton, N. H. 



2 Hannah A. Bemla, b. U Oct, 1850; m.BepJ. C. Converse; 

res. Northfleld. 
8 Fannie I. Bemis, b. 22 Apr., 1855; d. 21 Ang., 1856. 
4 Clara Bemis, b. 2 Dec, 1856 ; a teacher in Northfleld, 

T Eleazer W., b. 9 Dec, 1826 ; crippled for life, In the U. 

S. military senrice ; res. at the old homestead in East Ber- 
nard, Vermont. 
Ti George W., is a carpenter in Enreka, Nev., where his 

wife d. in 1881. Fonr children. 
Yli Miranda D., b. Nov., 1828; m. Marcns*** Bartholomew. 

viiiPersis A., m., Ist, Alvin Buss; 2nd, James H. Page, 

a merchant in Boston; res. Newtonville, Mass. Ch. 1 
Fannie, 2 Ursula and 8 Minnie Russ. 

200 Amos Famham^ (iw/Aer», Noah^y William^,) 

born 1 Jan., 1796; married, 16 Sept., 1822, Martha Dut- 
ton, who was bom 10 June, 1801 ; and died 30 Dec, 1827. 
He manned, second, 24 May, 1829, Delaney Sargent, 
who was born 26 Dec, 1804; and died 24 Jan., 1859. 
He died 12 Oct., 1871, cet. 75. 

Mr. Bartholomew was a wheelwright and mechanic. 

Children : 

1 Rhoda Fitch,' b. 14 June, 1823 ; ra. 1st, 7 Jan., 1847, Mel vin 
Wing, who d. 11 Sept., 1854; she m., 2nd, in Montpeller, 
Vt., 10 Apr., 18G1, Rev. Wm. J. Kidder. Mr. K. joined 
the M. £. Conrereuce in 1831, and hus been presiding Elder 
of tlie Montpclier district four years. Ch. 

1 Henry M.' Wing, b. 9 Feb., 1851 ; d. 24 Nov., 1852. 

2 Melvln I). Wing, b. 9 Feb., 1854; d. 29 May, 1854. 

ii Martlia Delaney, b. 21 Feb., 1883; m. 3 Oct., 1854, Rer. Geo. 
H. Tracy, who was lost at sea, 16 May, 1856. He was 
principal of several high schools and a Methodist clergy- 
man. She res. at 28 Carver St., Boston, Mass. One only 
of her three children survives. 
1 Martha R. Tracy, m. Charles Owler of Boston. 
418 ill Harvey Chase, b. 19 Feb., 1H30; d. 6 July, 1880. 

201Noah^ {Luiliei^y NoaN\ William^,) born in Hart- 
ford, Vt., 26 Sept., 1800; married, in Bernard, Vt., in 


1826, Mary, daughter of Thomas and Rebecca (Swift) 
Freeman of Bernard, Vt., born 2 June, 1802. He died 
17 Mar., 1871, 8Bt. 70. 

Mr. Bartholomew was a farmer of Hartford, Vt. He 
attended the M. £. Church. Children : 

414 i Marcas Freeman,^ b. 25 Aog., 1880; res. Hartford, Vt. 

415 li George KeUam, b. 4 July, 1885 ; res. Cincinnati, O. 

ill Albert Luther, b. 1 Oct., 1838 ; was a private in Company 
F, 8d Vt. Vol. Regiment, and d. 28 June, 1864, in the hos- 
pital at Washington, D. C, fh)m wounds received at the 
battle of Cold Harbor, Va. 

202 Bether Willard^ {Bethei^, 2roah\ William^) 
born in Washington, Vt., 30 June, 1811 ; and died, unm., 
in Barro, Vt., 2 Feb., 1873. 

He took care of his mother's farm from the age of fifteen. 
Was a successful farmer and business man, and prominent 
in financial and political matters ; he held many positions 
of trust, was state representative several times and 
senator two terms. 

203 Jason Carpenter' (iwmanS iVbaA*, WtUtam\) 
born in Hartford, Vt., 10 May, 1805; married, in Jan., 
1830, Sylvia Ann North of Williamsfield, O. 

He is a farmer of Cedar Rapids, Iowa. Of the eighty- 
five descendants of his father, he, the eldest son, is the 
last of the name. (See likeness on page 153.) Having 
no children, they brought up 

John T. Alderman, now a noted United Brethren minister. 
Lydla A. Howard, now wife of Henry Ingham ; farmer. 

204 Jasper Hazen' {Lumav?, Noah^^ TTtYZtam*,) 
born in Hartford, Vt., 10 May, 1807; married, in Oct., 
1834, Lucy L. Cutler; and died in Athens, O., Aug., 


The family reside in Williamsfield, Ashtabula Co., O. 
Children : 

i Almena L." Matilda, b. 19 Aug., 1835; res. Williamsfield. 
!i Ureua, b. 16 May, 1838 ; m. 30 July, 1858, Justus 

Beatty. Oh. 

1 Lena* Beatty, b. 10 Oct., 1861 ; d. 30 May, 18C5. 

2 Loroa Beatty, b. 6 Sept., 1864; d. 5 Dec, 1864. 

ill Joscpha Augusta, b. 15 Mar., 1841 ; m. 1 June, 1871, Fred 
G. McGill. Cb. 
1 Cora B. McGill, b. 11 July, 1874; res. with her parents in 
Johnson, Ohio, 
iv Lonisa Sabrina, b. 18 July, 1843; m. 21 Oct., 1870, Dr- 

Dan*l H. Atherbolt; res. Hartford, O. Ch. 1 Minnie May, 
b. 7 July, 1872. 

205 Noah^ {Lumanf^ Noah^y WiTliam^j) born in Hart- 
ford, Vt., 3 Sept., 1810; married, 3 July, 1833, Clarissa 
Ward, who died 21 Jan., 1841. He married, second, 30 
Dec., 1841, Mary M. Ward, who died 19 Jan., 1861 ; and 
died in Visolia, Cal., 16 June, 1862. 

He was sheriff of Ashtabula Co., Ohio. (See likeness 
on page 153.) Children : 

i Joseph Lyons,* b. 2 Nov., 1830; m. 26 Dec, 18C(i, Lansia 
Gigpry ; and d. in Clinton, Iowa, 21 Nov., 1874. Only ch. 
1 Lenny* Bartholomew, b. 25 Feb., 18G8; d. 21 Mar., 1870. 
ii Clarissa Adeline, b. 2(> Sept., 1840; in. 20 June, 18G1, Noxon 
P. Shufelt; res. Cedar liapids, Iowa. Mr. S. is passenger 
conductor on the C. & M. W. R. R. Ch. 
1 Lula M. Shofelt, b. Apr., 18G8; d. IG Dec, 1878. 
!il Luman, b. 8 Dec, 1842; killed by Indians in 1871. 

206 Salmon Grey^ (Isaac^, DanieP, Isaac^) mar- 
ried in Baltimore, Md., 6 Oct., 1835, Elizabeth Gover 
(Sinclair) Bassett; and died in B., 11 June, 1844. She 
was daughter of Robert Sinclair, and married, first, 2 
Feb., 1828, Dr. Henry W. Bassett of the U. S. Navy, 
who was killed in a duel, 20 Aug., 1830; she married, 
third, 1 Oct., 1855, John G. Wilson of Virginia. 


Mr. Bartholomew spent his life in Baltimore, with the 
exception of four years in Cincinnati ; and is called ^ Sam- 
uel Grey Bartholomew," by his descendants. Children : 

1 Adeline," b. 6 Sept., 1886; d. 7 Nov., 1846. 
416 11 Henry WlUls, b. 29 Sept., 1838 ; res. in Baltimore, Md. 

207 Lyman^ (JDaniePj BanieP, Isaac^,) bom 19 Oct., 
1806; married, 7 Oct., 1830, Lucy May; and died 19 
May, 1872. She was the daughter of Chester May ; born 
30 Nov., 1808 ; and died 15 Dec, 1869. Children : 

1 Samrla C," b. 25 Oct., 1832; m. 1st, Geo. Turner; 2nd, Dr. 
Dewitt M. Weld ; 8rd, J. D. Clapp, a banker at Ft. Atkin- 
son, wis. Two ch. 1 Willie* and 2 Nellie Weld. 

li Homer, b. 26 Feb., 1835; drowned, 20 July, 1849. 

iii Sophia May, b. 10 June, 1838; m. 2C Apr., 1871, Jackson S. 
Rogers of Freeport, 111. No children. 

Iv Lyman H., b. 6 Sept., 1842 ; m. Mary C. Cornwall ; is a den- 
tist in Terre Haute, Ind. No children. 

208 Erastus^ {DanieV^, Daniel^ ^ Isaac^,) born 5 Apr., 
1810; married at Pomfret, N. Y., 20 Feb., 1833, Mary 
Clark; and died at Fredonia, N. Y., 28 Nov., 1882, set. 
72. She was daughter of Elijah and Polly Clark of Gen- 
esee Co., N. Y., born 3 Jan., 1814; and died 23 Nov., 

Mr. Bartholomew resided in Oneida Co., N. Y., until 
about 1817 ; the balance of his life in Fredonia, N. Y. He 
was a farmer and a member of the Presbyterian Church ; 
also participated in the last war. Children : 

i Levant C.,^ b. 18 Jan., 1886; d. 18 Apr., 1888. 

ii Fannie £., b. 18 May, 1889; d. 21 Mar., 1848. 

iii Mary Vienna, b. 15 May, 1858 ; d. 16 Oct., 1858. 

iv Adele Jane, b. 26 Aug., 1855; res. Fredonia, N. Y. 

209 Isaac D.^ (DanieP, Daniel^ ^ Isaac^y) bom 18 
Apr., 1821 ; married Mary Lothrop. 


He is a carriage-maker in Buffalo, N. Y. Children : 

i Sarah,** res. with her fiather; is an invalid, 
ii George, m. Mary — ; now deceased, 
iii Frank, res. Buffalo. 

210 Noah^ (Beuben^j Daniel, Isaat^,) "born in Wa- 
terbury/' 27 Jan., 1815 ; married, in Marshall Co., Ind., 
27 Jan., 1864, Amanda Douglas Weizar. He resides in 
Agos, Marshall Co., Ind. Baptist. Republican. 

Children : 

1 Keuben,^ res. Agos. 
ii Lucy, res. Agos. 

211 Gteorge^ {RevbevFj Daniel ^ laacufy) born in Pom- 
fret, N. Y., 16 Dec, 1821 ; married, in Fredonia, 25 Jan., 
1866, Ann Lamont, who was born in Schoharie County, 
N. Y., 13 Sept., 1820. 

He resides in Fredonia, N. Y. Episcopalian. Repub- 
lican. Child : 

1 Minnie Herman,^ b. 1 Mar., 1867. 

212 James'^ {CharlesF^ Abraham'^ Abraham^ y) born 
in Kirklaiid, N. Y., 20 Mar., 1793; married first, 26 
Dec, 1816, Ruth Cushmau, who was born 29 July, 1798 ; 
and died 24 Jan., 1851. He married, second, at Vernon, 
N. Y., 14 Dec, 1853, Lucy E. Stockwell, who died 16 
Oct., 1876. He died at Sackett's Harbor 14 Sept., 1877, 
aged 84. 

Mr. Bartholomew was a soldier in the war of 1812, en- 
listing at Kirkland, N. Y., in Aug., 1814 ; was at Sackett's 
Harbor, a corporal, under Captain Hubbard, in Colonel 
Cleveland's New York militia. 



He subsequently resided at Vernon, N. Y. Farmer. 
Presbyterian. Children : 

i Charles^ died young. 

ii Lucetta Cornelia, b. 27 Jan., 1819; m. 20 Dec, 1886, David 

P. Wood, who d. 7 May, 1868; res. Deansville, N. Y.^ no 

children ; adopted one. 
iii Juliette Cordelia, b. 15 Nov., 1821; ra. 4 Feb., 1845, Otis 

L. Jenks, who was b. 20 Mar., 1828 ; and is a farmer in 

Deansville. Ch. 

1 Annetta A.* Jenks, b. 1848 ; m. Edgar A. Gallop ; res. D. 

2 Dwight E. Jenks, b. 30 Aug., 1849; res. D. 

iv Eleazer Cushman, b. 81 Oct., 1824; d. 4 Sept., 1826. 

V Annetta Amelia, b. 12 Aug., 1827; d. iS Nov., 1888. 

417 V I Leroy La Fayette, b. 1 Sept., 1882; res. New Hartford, 
vii James Jay, b. 5 Oct., 1854 ; m. a Miss Hills ; res. 

Syracuse, N. Y. 

213 AabAibV {GharlefPy Abraham^ y Abraham^ y) born 
in Kirkland, 11 July, 1798; married in 1821, Cynthia 
Ballow ; and was killed. She is still living. Presbyte- 
rians. Children : 

418 i Charle8^ d. in Deans viUe, 80 Sept., 1876. 

il Melissa, . ra. A. Van Valkenburg ; res. Deansville, N. Y. 

Ch. 1 Malcolm A.*, 2 Wayne V . and 8 Cynthia (m. Rich'd 

ill Jane Rosette, m. A lanson Miller; res. Deansville. Ch. 

1 Addle Miller, m. William Stacey ; res. Deansville. 
iv Mary Ann, d. unm. 

419 V William L., b. 1 Dec, 1831; res. Lake Harbor, Mich. 

vi Oeorge, was in the 117th N. Y. Regt. ; feU at Fort 

Fisher, pierced with eleven bullets ; never m. 

vii Annette, ro. Fayette Hinman ; res. DeansvUle. Ch. 1 

Hattie, 2 Forrest and 3 Sidney Htnman. 

214 Luman^ (l8aa<^, Abraham^ ^ Abraham* f) '•bom 
in Bristol, Ct.," 27 Oct., 1785; married, 14 May, 1812, 
Lydia Daniels; and died in McHenry Co., 111., 18 Oct., 
1843. She was born in Woodbury, Ct., 29 Oct., 1791; 
and died in Douglas Co., 111., 10 Oct., 1879, aet. 87. 


Captain Bartholomew commanded a company in the 
war of 1812. Was a farmer at Waddington and Pots- 
dam, N. Y., moving to McHenry Co., 111., in 1842. 

Children : 

i MaryS b. 4 Mar., 1814; m. 11 Nov., 1882, Amos 

Fairbanks; and. d. in Michigan City, Ind., 7 April, 1848. 
He res. in Salt Lake City, U. T. Ch. 

1 Alvay* Fairbanks, b. 22 Apr., 1834; res. Eareka, Colo. 

2 Xarissa Fairbanks, m. Christopher Merkeley; res. St. 

Charles, Idaho. Eight children. (1) Sarah, (2) Chris- 
topher and (8) Jacob [twins], (4) Alva, (5) Martha and 
(6) Mary [twins], (7) Susie and (8) Lucy [twins]. 

3 Viola J. Fairbanks, m. 1st, Wm. Countermann ; 2ndy 

of Carson Valley, Nev. 

4 Chauncey Fairbanks, b. Feb., 1843; d. st. 8 months. 

420 ii Isaac, b. 15 Oct., 1815; res. Terre Haute, Ind. 
iil Samuel Daniels, b. 13 Apr., 1817; m. Minnie Holbrook; 

res. Kingston, Wis. Ch. 1 William, 2 Mary (d.) and 
3 Jane Bartholomew (d.). 
iv William, b. 11 June, 1819; m. Oct., 1848, Lucy Ann 

Adams. Ch. 
1 Michael Bartholomew, b Aug., 1849; d. set. 13 months. 

421 V Michael Daniels, b. 21 Aug., 1825; res. Areola, 111. 

215 Isaac^ (Isaad^^ Abraham^ ^ Abraham^ y) born in 
Tinmouth, Vt., 2 Feb., 1791; married, 23 March, 1818, 
Thirza Houghton; and died in Potsdam, N. Y., 15 July, 
1872, aged 81. She was born in New Hampshire, 8 May, 
1799 ; and died 6 Jan., 1881, aged 81. 

Mr. Bartholomew enlisted in Madrid in July, 1812, in 
ensign Castle's Company, Lieut. Col. Benedict's Regi- 
ment (15th New York militia) for defence of Hamilton, 
now Waddington, N. Y., and was made sergeant. He 
afterwards resided in Waddington and Potsdam as a 
farmer. Children : 

i SarahS b. 29 Mar., 1819; never married. 

422 ii James, b. 11 June, 1820; res. Madrid, N. Y. 

in John Houghton, b. 18 Apr., 1822; m. 14 Mar., 1850, Lydia 
W. Hall. Is postmaster at Madrid, N. Y. ; no children. 


Iv Eliza A., b. 4 Dec., 1824; m. 8 Oct.» 1852, Nathan 

Brown; and d. 21 Jaly, 1854; no children. 

V Betsy, b. 24 Sept., 1826; d. 8 Dec, 1846. 

vi Giles, b. 1 July, 1828; m. 19 Jan., 1855, JaneO. 

Melggs; and d. 8 Sept., 1878; two children. 

Til MinenraH., b. 28 Aug., 1880; m. 18 Apr., 1851, Har- 

mon J. Carpenter. 

vill Jalia £., b. 11 Sept., 1832 ; m. 9 April, 1856, Nathan 


ix Mary M., b. 28 Mar., 1835 ; m. 9 Dec, 1860, Wm. W. 


X Jerome Traeman, b. 4 Feb., 1887; d. 27 Feb., 1888. 
428 xi Lewis. ^^ ^ j^^^ 1839; J ^»- By^vlUe, Mo. 

xil Lucius, 5 twins. ^ ^ Lottie Rutherford ; res. Kirks- 

yille. Mo. ; no children ; was In the U. S. Army in the 
war of 1861. 

216 Boswell^ (Isacuff Abraham^ y Abraham^ y) born in 
Tinmouth, Vt., 5 Aug., 1794; married, 23 May, 1821, 
Julia Ann Lee; and died 7 Dec., 1874, aged 80. She 
was born 23 Sept., 1798 ; died Dec., 1876, aged 78. 

Children : 

424 i George^, b. 18 Apr., 1824; d. abont 1861. 
426 ii Charles L., b. 29 Oct., 1826. 

m Nathaniel, b. 27 Apr., 1882; d. in N. Carolina In 1865 in the 

U. S. Army. 
It Edgar S., b. 19 Jan., 1837; m. 21 Feb., 1877, Dorothea 
McCarten, who was b. 28 Jan., 1848 ; res. Morley, N. Y. ; 
no children. 

217 Charles Deming^ (Isaacs ^ Abraham^, Abm- 
ham^y) born in Madrid, now Waddington, N. Y., 19 
Jan., 1806; married, 11 Mar., 1827, Betsy, daughter of 
John and Rhoda (Barnum) Hawley, who was bom in 
Connecticut, 15 April, 1805. 

Mr. Bartholomew resides on the old homestead on 
which he was bom in Waddington, N. Y. Children : 



426 i IraH.,^ b. 4 Jan., 1828; res. Lansing, Mich. 

il Flora L., b. 1829; m. S. W. Wright; res. Lansing. 

427 iii Henry D., b. 15 Feb., 1881 ; res. Lansing, 
iv Jesse B., b. 4 July, 1835; d. 20 Aug., 1856. 
▼ Helen £., b. 1886; d. 

vi Ann E., b. 1838; res. with parents. 

vii Joliette W.,b. 1843; res. with parents. 

viil Charles C, b. 16 May, 1846; passed the Janlor year at 
Michigan University, and graduated at Belle vue Hospital, 
N. Y., in 1871. Is a prominent physician in Ogdensburg, 
N. Y. Has been health officer ; is now county coroner ; 
never married. 

218 Eli^ (IchabocPj Abraham^ ^ Abraham^ y) born 14 
Sept., 1804 ; married, 12 Aug., 1830, Hanuah Brockway ; 
and died 11 Feb., 1853. 

Rev. Mr. Bartholomew was pastor of several Methodist 
Episcopal congregations in Indiana, where he began life 
as a millwright. 

His six children (four sons and two daughters) reside 
in Indiana. 

219 Emilias'^ (IchabocPy Abraham^ ^ Abraham^ y) born 
in Kirkland, N. Y., 22 May, 1807; married Lucinda 
Cowles, daughter of Thomas and Theodosia Webster 
Cowles of Southington, Ct., 20 May, 1829, who died 22 
June, 1835. He married a second time ; and died 1 1 Nov., 

Mr. Bartholomew was a farmer, but his health failing he 
became a merchant and the postmaster of Loni, Jason Co., 
Mich. Children : 

1 Wallace*, m. a Miss Love, now dead ; two daughters. He 

served two years in the civil war. 
ii Rhoda, m. David Davis; res. St. Johns; Clinton Co., Mich, 
ill Jane, married and moved to California, 
iv Theron, killed in a saw mill in Sugiuaw, Mich. 
V Kugene. 

i •: k:^} U : 'i^,- ■•:•■ 

.'.- .. 

■■■;.->'. .•■ 

\ I 

\'. . -• ■ . . : ' ■ 

■ .'■'^ t I' I !•••>■ 

■ I • 

: ::.•• " ;., J 

I - 

■■■ I" ■ r; 

;. *r-- . .'. u "' :.. 

f ■ ■:•* ■ . :■!.■ . 

>■• ..' ~.i. :: ..U< n . . 

■<;i-* . '.I, II ■ •' 

v! .1 ^^. 'i"^ 1^ ','1 , 1 ■«;. . " ■ ; ;' ;»■:;; ■;>■:>» 

• , i >■;■-.■:■< Mia. iil^t; 1 4. «.::;>. lij >1i]nij. 

■-. ^ . ■r'cti 

yo cV.M- 


•n. .J. ?:!:■■' >; '».< .1 *.' 



■••;.-» : . ■:• 

' I . ■ ■ ■ i ■ ■ • 

■ ■; > . J ■ :. . 

; : :i-v.; . 



223 WiOiaxxi'EdJoaxiad' (Jonathan^, Abraham^, Abra- 
ham^i) born in Farmingtou, Ct., 28 Jan., 1804; married 
in Farmington Ruth Ann Stafford; and died 30 July, 

Mr. Bartholomew resided in Farmington, Harwinton, 
Terry ville and Plainville successively ; was a shoemaker. 

Children : 

i AlviuS died before 1862. 

ii Albert, of the firm of Bartholomew & AUen, roofers, 

Memphis, Tenn. 
iil Walter, resides in the soath. 

420 iv Jonathan J., b. Jan., 1842; res. New Haven, Ct. 

V Mary, b. 22 Feb., 1848; m. 10 Apr., 1865, Henry D. 

Webster, who was b. 10 Jan., 1848. Farmers in New- 

viUe, Ind. Ch. 

1 Duane L.» Webster, b. 6 Sept., 1866. 

2 Nettie M. Webster, b. 25 Jan., 1870. 
8 Stanley L. Webster, b. 81 July, 1874. 

4 Eugene D. Webster, b. 11 Jan., 1878. 

5 Winfred D. Webster, b. 80 Mar., 1881. 

4180 vi George Henry, b. 17 Mar., 1850; res. Ausonia, Ct. 

vU Emmellne, died before 1862. 

viii Elizabeth, died young, 

ix Charlotte, died young. 

224 Jeremiah Hotchkiss^ (Jonathan^, Abraham^ ^ 
AbrcUiam^y) born in that pai't of Farmington, now Plain- 
ville, 18 Apr., 1814; married, in Bristol, Ct., 15 Sept., 
1834, Polly H., daughter of Truman Root of Bristol. 

Mr. Bartholomew, after receiving a limited district 
school education, commenced his business career at the 
age of fifteen by learning the tinner's trade ; he was for a 
season, clerk of the well known Adna Whiting of Plain- 
ville. Subsequently he worked at various occupations, 
but always with the application, perseverance and intelli- 
gence which afterwards brought him, as it has many other 


New England poor young men, power and influence that 
he never anticipated. 

Having engaged himself in a Wolcottville, Ct., brass 
kettle factory, he became its superintendent ; and, ulti- 
mately, general agent of a larger business of the same 
character, in Ansonia, Ct., for which Anson G. Phelps of 
N. Y. City furnished the capital. 

Here Mr. Bartholomew's business capacity was given a 
field ; and the Battery Mills, Brass and Copper, and Brass, 
Copper and Iron Wire Mills, with their numerous branches, 
which were built, started, and operated most successfully 
for some twenty-five years by him, as agent, superintend- 
ent, etc., of the very extensive manufacturing firm of 
Phelps, Dodge & Co., are evidences of his rare ability. 

He held this position until ill health, in 1876, forced 
him to resign. By his personal efibrts the New Haven 
and Derby Railroad was built to Birmingham and Ansonia. 
He became its president in 1874, and has continued to con- 
trol it ever since. In all matters of public interest, he has 
been foremost in action, liberal in aid, and has completed 
all his undertakings successfully. His town and district 
have sent him as their representative to the House of 
Representatives and Senate. Is a republican ; and has 
been, since 1843, a member of the Congregational Church. 

He spends his summers at his cottage, ** Sea Cliflf/' at 
Stony Creek, Ct. Childiipn : 

i SophroDla,* b. 17 Sept., 1836; m. 6 Nov., 1855, Theodore 
P. Terry, a stove dealer in Ansonia, Ct. Ch. 

1 Adda* Terry. 

2 Carrie Terry. 
8 Frank Terry. 

ii Adele, b. 7 Sept., 1841 ; d. 5 Oct., 1851. 

431 ill Dana, b. 8 Apr., 1847; res. Ansonia, Ct. 

iv Frances, b. 5 Oct., 1848; m. 17 Sept., 1867, Charles £• 

Bristol, a draggist, and the postmaster of Ansonia. Ch. 



■Hi: HAlr: !l<iLi>>1>' >v *av».» ; 

" » •v . ■• 1 • 


*■ 'It'' *'•- i'---.vl.-* 

1 ■■ •■' .. }\ «i 

•■ ' • .'lliliria, i. . '. ' • •' ... • •■ ■•! '■ ■• ■- . '• 

•■ ■:.;. Ml!' V-.ilt:-" wlnj WX^ I- ,. *". i... i ■.' ■;. 

3 ...-i.cri 

rr . .;• Aui'^., .i.!^(;i; inrM-rirM, l' Jriii., ls;37, Arii::*. I- 

• • • * 

• • ' - • ' 

' '^ u;:..'. ;\-.;i J*.:-'.h»>l\:iiie\v', 1:; i^ii lol, (Jl. lie tr.tvell a, 

lo < ''.i*.». jh 1^4i-l, L<j j-ittKJoii his presoiit cxt4ii..-.;xi^ 
Up' .: in L'^lM*<*l>i>wr", i.) ;i • \vijij.h^ iiichiJe^ boiut: CUO 
uripit^ sri':.j*^ tioes. (S<e Lis ijkevu'»5 on page 527.) 
(. hli«irrij . ' ; 

I ' J.."* b. 1 Oct.. 1840. 

■I Ai'.:-. h. V\ Apr., is;a; m. 21 Dec, It^r.::, WMlr.:- 

A. .fenk'.L of iilljsbi:: J.. T. Y.'; n'S. P.::vemr'. C'>u ".v 
Tk usurer. Cli. 
^ Will r L.." J-. ukiu.. b. « X^v.. 18C4; d. •> Ft b.. ls«^l. 
4.*ci :• .^'.-lir' Ji-;: '1*. b. \\\ \<\^*\ n- '. Stroelfshoro, O 

• V ,;;•.)• 1. I'rrniont, b. -o: l'"i:b., IS^V; u t'uiiirr ?! .'s. 
4-i>d > t.>lvvr ;:ll:ick'Uuii. b. 12 Feb., is5<. 

»*unt ^:'. i''-is'i)\ • 'i., s Apr., ld('7 ; ma"'ioJ, ii. Wuil^vvrMili, 
V,)., \ Apr.. ' '^s JiiMtl)!-. tl:iuir* It r of JiUUtv- •mI\ \\\: 
li -v'-; wbo i^iis boi»l in ( /auaudiilgua. A. V,, 1:! J;i:;., 



1810 ; and died 9 Feb., 1882, rot. 72. He died 16 Feb., 
1882, ret. 74. 

liev. Mr. Bartholomew was the pioneer minister of his 
faith in Ashtabuhi Co., Ohio. His limited school days 
were gained with great difficulty ; forests and land must 
I)e opened, and poor health placed him at a disadvantage ; 
after marriage until 1846, ho travelled on business for his 
brother Eli, mostly ; but that year, he settled in Eagleville, 
Ashtabula County, O., where he spent the remainder of 
his life. 

At the age of nineteen he united with the Methodist 
Church ; he afterwards prepared himself for and was or- 
dained in 1844 a minister of tlie Disciple Church, was 
sent out as an evangelist and called to Eagleville, by a class 
of twenty-five. 

Mr. B. raised that church to a membership of 110, in 
three years. Through his efforts, seventeen churches 
were established in Asht^ibula and Trumbull Counties, O. 
In his township, he was justice of the peace and postmaster 
during the last twenty years of his life. He and liis wife 
journeyed most liappily together for fifty-two years, then 
died within seven days of each other. See History of 
Ashtabula County, O., for further particulars. 

Children : 

i Susannah,'' b. 1^ Mar., 1831; m. 2G Dec, 1852, Joseph K. 
McNutt of Hampden, Mass; res. Eagleville. Ch. 

1 Martha* McNutt, b. 5 Apr., 1858; d. 9 Mar., 1859. 

2 John F. McNutt, b. 16 Oct., 1800. 

437 li Asahel Carlos, b. 21 Mar., 1833; res. Jefferson, Ohio. 

228 George Wells' {Asd^, Jacotl^^ Abraham^ y) bora 
in Pleasant Valley, N. Y., 19 June, 1805; married, in 
Bristol, 14 Jan., 1829, Angelinc, daughter of Dea. Charles 


Grandison^ and Parthenia* (Rich) Ives, who was born 20 
Mar., 1807 ; and died 13 Mar., 1861. He married, second, 
in Tolland, Ct., 27 Jan., 1864, Mrs. Julia Ann (Marvin) 
Cole, born 23 Jan., 1828, widow of Edwin Halsey Cole, 
by whom she had one child, Hettie Julia. Mr. Cole was 
a professor of languages at Amherst College and died 16 
Aug., 1859. 

Mr. Bartholomew after attending school winters and 
working on his father's farm summers, at eighteen, engaged 
in peddling, and, at twenty, went to Alabama and Miss- 
issippi in that business. 

In 1828 he began the manufacture of clocks in Bristol 
in company with his cousin, Eli Bartholomew, which he 
subsequently continued alone and followed extensively for 
many years. Also manufactured cabinet furniture, table 

* Dea. Charlei Orandison Ive$ was grandson of Gideon Ives (who was grandson 
of John* (Wm.i) IveM and wife Hannali* (Capt. Nath'P) Merriman; and of Joseph* 
(Rob'tO Royce and wife Mary (Kob*t^ and wife Mary {Scott) Porter) and his Wilis 
Eunice Tuttie (who was granddaughter of Simon* (Wm.^) TuttU and wife Abigail 
(Jno.) Beach; Jeremiah* (Jeremiah*, Edward*) ^010 and wife Elizabeth* (Dea. Paul*) 
Peck). Was also grandson of Dr. Titus Merriman (wlio was grandson of Caleb 
(Capt. Nathaniel*) Aferrtman and wife Mary* (Dea. Elia8eph*<nnd Mary WUcoxen^ 
William*, an English baronet) Preston; and of Dr. Benj.* (Dr. John* < and wile 
Mary, daughter of Col. Jno. Jones^ the regicide > Hull) and wife Elizabeth* (Sam*l* 
<and wife, daughter of Dea. Wm. Peck, > and Wm.*) Andrews) tind his wife Dinah 
Andrews (who was granddaughter of Sani'l* (bro. of Eliz'h, above) Andrews and 
wife Annah* (Richard*, JohnS<and Jane Woolen » Hail) ; and of Nathan* (Nathan* 
<and Deborah Abbotf^ Wm.*) Andrews sLud bis wife Elizabeth* (Judge Richard*) 

* Parthenia Rich was granddaughter of Wm. Rich (who was son of Darld and 
descendant of Sam'l Rich^ early of Cape Cod, and a grandson of Dea. Hezekiah 
(Jno. <and wife Hannah, daughter of John Norton > Rew and his wife ThankftiH 
(Joseph* <and wife Mary, daughter of Jos. Hickox "^Jos.t* Dea. Wm.) Onplord); 
was also granddaughter of Squire Hezekiah* Gridley (who was a grandson of Sam'l* 
(Thos.* <and wife Maiy, daughter of Ricb'd Sepmour'^) Gridley and his wife Mary* 
(Michael' < and wife PriscUla, daughter of Mathew Grtrnf^) Jffumphrey; also of 
Sam'l* (Thos.* <and wife Rebecca Olmstead» Newell and wife Mary* (Capt. 
Thos.* < and wife Ruth, daughter of Governor Anthony Hawkins > Dea. Stephen*) 
Hart and his wife Abigail Peck (who was granddaughter of Sam'l* (Sam'l,* < Dea. 
Paul*) Peck and his wife Abigail (Joseph < and wife Elisabeth, daughter of Rob*t 
and Ann Adams Sanford"^ Collier; also granddaughter of Josiah* (John* < and 
wife Mary Scarborough'^ Wm.^) Edwards and wife Mary (Josiah,* Josiah* < and 
wife Bllz'h, daughter of Nath'l Fooie» ChurchilL 


cutlery, etc. ; but for the last twenty-eight years has beeu 
engaged, in company with hi.i son Harry, in the manu- 
facture of braces, curry combs, and other hardware. 

In 1836, he leased the property now known as the 
•*Bri8tol Copper Mine," and, in company with Messrs. 
Case and Willard, opened that mine. He has been a 
member of the Congregational Church over sixty years. 
In politics, he is a democrat. He has been a justice of 
the peace some forty years, a ** selectman" ten years, and 
judge of probate and representative, several terms. Of 
sound judgment, even temper, aud generous disposition, 
he is most highly respected and esteemed by all. 

Children : 

1 Harriett Ives," b. 8 Feb., 1830; d. 16 Oct., 1837. 

488 H Harry Shelton, b. 14 Mar., 1832; res. Bristol, Ct. 
m Francis Parthenla, b. 22 Feb., 1834; d. 1 Jau., 1839. 
iv Mary Elizabeth, b. 28 Mar., 1836; d. 18 Jan., 183U. 

y Jane Estelle, b. 28 Mar., 1840; m. 18 Feb., 1862, Uriah 

Rassell, b. 29 Mar., 1831, In Andover, Mass. ; res. Bristol, 
Ct. Ch. 

1 Fred Warren" Kussell, b. 22 Nov., 18G2; res. Springfleld, 


2 Herbert Archer Russell, b. 13 Apr., 180G; d. 16 Apr., 1869. 
8 Grace Edna Kussell, b. 7 Jau., 1808. 

4 Helen Louise Russell, b. 2Q July, 1872. 
▼i Angeliue, b. 22 Dec, 1843; in. 24 Oct., 1871, Samuel 

Harvey Marvin, b. in 1842, In Tolland, Ct., brother of Julia 
Ann Marvin ; res. Urbana, O. Ch. 

1 Percy Clarence Marvin, b. 1 Oct., 1873. 

2 Bessie Marvin, b. 9 Apr., 1875. 
8 Edna Belle Marvin, b. 25 Mar., 1877. 

Tii Emily, b. 31 Aug., 1846; d. 13 Sept., 1848. 

489 vUi George Wells, b. 24 Aug., 1848; res. Austin, Texas. 

229 Asa^ {Asa^^ Jacob^^ Abrakam^y) born in Bristol, 
Conn., 5 Feb., 1815; married, in B., 10 Nov., 1836, 
Mary Lydia Birge, who was born 9 Feb., 1818. 


Mr. Bartholomew is a farmer and a dealer in fine blooded 
stock. Resides in Bristol. Children: 

I Harriett Allda,* b. 14 Feb., 1880; res. Bristol, Ct. 

440 il Nathan Loomls, b. 14 Nov., 1841 ; res. Ft. Griffln, Texas. 

441 iii John Birge, b. 11 Dec, 1845; res. Ft. Worth, Texas, 
iv Mary, b. 16 July, 1850; d. 27 Dec, 1853. 

230 Jolrn^ (Jacob^j Johnny Abraham^,) born 18 Dec, 

1788; married Catherine of Green Co.. Pa; and 

died 8 Nov., 1875, aged 86. She was born 20 March, 

Mr. Bartholomew resided near Wooster, O. ; was a 
farmer. Late in life he :*emoved to Grenola, Elk Co., 
Kan. Children: 

1 Mary,« b. 1 Nov., 1812. 
il Margaret, b. 12 June, 1;U4. 
ill Charlotte, b. 2 Feb., 1816. 
iv Elizabeth, b. 8 Feb., 1817.^ 
442 V John, b. 8 Aug., 1819.' 
vi David, b. 1821. 

231 Aaron' (Jacob^^ John^j Abraham* j) born in Penn- 
sylvania in 1789 ; married there 20 Apr., 1811, Elizabeth 
Duval of Pennsylvania, by whom he had ten children. 
She was born 5 June, 1790 ; and died in Pennsylvania 18 
Feb., 1878. They were divorced, and he married, sec- 
ond, Mrs. Susan (Shidler) Buttertllof Troy, O., who died 
in Memphis, Tenn., having had one child which died 
nameless. He then married Ad. French who died in 
Troy, O., leaving three children. He died in Troy, O., 
Sept., 1845. 

He was a farmer and moved from Pennsylvania to 
Miami Co., Ohio, in 1827. Children : 

1 Amanda^* d. in Washington Co., Pa. ; no chUdren* 
U Charlotte, d. in W. Co., Pa. $ no children. 



iii Abner, b. March, 1818; m. 29 Jan., 1844, Susannah 

Class; has always res. in Bradford, O. ; no children. 

443 iv Hiram Bane, b. 25 Nov., 1820; res. Big Tree, Pa. 

444 V Isaac, b. 7 Sept., 1822; res. Sidney, O. 
vi Loftis, b. 6 Apr., 1821; d. 10 Feb., 1851. 
vll Miller, res. Big Tree, Pa. 

viii Thomas, d. at Falls of Grace Creek, 4 Sept., 1844. 

ix Cyrns, res. Minn. 

X Jesse. 

xi Mary, m. ; res. Buffalo, N. Y. 

232 William Chaiincey^ {JoJin^, JoJin^^ Abraham^^) 
bom 12 May, 1803; mamed, in 1823, Polly Johnson; 
and died 20 Apr., 1872. She was the first child born in 
Burton, O., 11 Aug., 1804; and died 25 Sept., 1878, 
aged 74. 

He was a farmer in Hamden, O., previous to 1842, 
when he removed to Burton, O, Children : 

i Caroline", b. 13 Nov., 1823; m. Noah Miles Goff; res. Troy, 
Ohio. Ch. 

1 Miles N.» Goff, b. 15 Sopt., 18r>l; m. Hattle White. 

2 George W. Goff, b. 10 Doc, 18r»4; res. Parknian, O. 

3 Anna R. Goff, b. 10 Feb., 1859. 

4 Benjamin W. Goff, b. 14 March, 18G1. 

U Adeline, b. 24 Feb., 1825; d. 16 Sept., 1852. 

ill John, b. 23 June, 1829; ni. 4 Mar., 1852, Sylvia Norton. 

Was a clergyman of the M. £. Church. Served two 

years in the last war. 
It Joel, b. 11 May, 1832; d. 1 May, 1875. 

446 ▼ George, b. 19 Dec, 1833; res. Troy, O. 

vi Cordelia, b. 19 Apr.. 1837; m. 8 Nov., 1853, Isaac Towne: 

and d. 20 Apr., 18G5. Family res. In Burton, O. Ch. 

1 Lyman Towne, b. 6 Dec, 1854; m. 25 Oct., 1881, Lula 


2 Sylvia Towne, b. 8 Nov., 1856; m. 22 Feb., 1881, Fred. 

8 Orphla Towne, b. 24 Jan., 1868; d. 18 AprU, 1864. 
446 vli Milo, b. 14 May, 1838; res. Burton, O. 

▼Ul Mary, b. 19 Mar., 1841; m. 28 July, 1861, Francis H. 
Towne; and d. 3 Jan., 1868. He served four years in 
the last war. Res. Middlepoiut, O. Ch. 


1 Jennie D. Towne, b. 7 Jan., 1867. 
447 ix Nelson, b. 10 Dec, 1848; res. Barton, O. 

233 Joel Carrington^ (Jedidiah^^ John^j Abraham^ y) 
born in Granville, N. Y., 23 Nov., 1810; manied, 15 
May, 1833, Fannio Vroman ; and died in Painesville, O., 
16 Dec, 1878. She was born 10 Sept., 1815, and re- 
sides in Painesville. 

Captain Bartholomew commanded lake vessels for 
twenty-three years, naming the last vessel he built and 
owned after his birthplace "Granville," 

In the spring of 1861 he sold all of his interest in lake 
property and turned his entire attention to supervising 
the farm in Painesville which he had owned many years ; 
on which he died after twelve years' illness, " honored by 
all who knew him." Children : 

i Lucy,® b. 4 Mar., 1834; d. 16 Apr., 1834. 

ii Almedia, b. 6 Aug., 183G; m. 28 Jan., 1860, Capt. Phineas 
Pomeroy, whod. 4 Feb., 1877; res. Bay City, Micb. Ch. 

1 Eugene B.» Pomeroy, b. 11 Nov., 1861. 

2 Clarence Pomeroy, b. 28 Aug., 1864. 

3 Klley B. Pomeroy, b. 3 Nov., 1866; d. 4 July, 1869. 

4 Flora Pomeroy, b. 4 March, 1872. 

ill Sarah Jane, b. 2 Aug., 1838; m. 1st, 17 Sept., 1857, Francis 
Foster, who d. 22 Apr., 1865; 2nd, 17 Oct., 1876, George 
Miller; res. P. Ch. 

1 Joel H. Foster, b. 19 June, 1858; d. 10 Oct., 1858. 

2 Flora A. Foster, b. 11 July, 1861 ; d. 19 Feb., 1866. 

iv Emory, b. 27 May, 1840 ; m. 1st, 8 July, 1862, Oswell Ten- 

ney, who d. 1 Nov., 1875; 2nd, 4 July, 1878, Edgar 

Mo rely ; res. P. ; no children. 
Y Carrie, b. 2 June, 1848; res. with her mother in P. 

Has fbmished much of this data concerning her branch, 
vl Joel H., b. 19 May, 1846; d. 18 Sept., 1847. 
vii Amelia, b. 28 Apr., 1858; m. 20 Sept., 1871, Wm. CoU 

grove; res. P. Ch. 

1 Riley Colgrove, b. 18 Oct., 1872. 

2 Fannie Colgrove, b. 5 June, 1874. 


8 William Colgrove, b. 9 Apr., 1876. 
i Frank Colgrove, b. 22 July, 1878. 
5 James Colgrove, b. 20 May, 1880. 

284 Orlo^ {TTuymaffy SamueP^ Josiah^^) born in Go- 
shen, Ct-, 20 Oct., 1801 ; married, 14 Nov., 1835, Julia A. 
Peck ; and died in Augusta, N. Y., 7 May, 1864. She was 
bom 11 March, 1813, in Schenectady, N. Y. 

Rev. Mr. Bartholomew was a farmer until reaching the 
■ge of twenty-five, when he decided to study for the min- 
istry. He graduated at Union College and Auburn The- 
ological Seminary, and was settled on the 10th of May, 
1836, as pastor of the Congregational Church of Augusta, 
N. Y., which he served for twenty -eight years in such a 
manner as to command not only the undivided respect and 
admiration of his congregation, but of all of his fellow- 
citizens. Mrs. Julia still resides in Augusta. 

Children : 

I Orlo", b. 18 Jane, 1840; d. 9 June, 1843. 

II Jalia Adell, b. 22 Aug., 1843 ; res. unm. with her bro. Arthar. 

Ul Arthur P., b. 5 June, 1845 ; res. Augusta; farmer and hop- 
grower. Has been town clerk and supervisor for some 
ten years. 

Iv Myron M., b. 12 Sept., 1846; res. unm. with bro. Arthur. 
Is a graduate of HamUton College and Auburn Theologi- 
cal Seminary. 

446 ▼ Charles M., b. 10 July, 1849; res. Rushville, N. Y. 

449 Ti Edwin Jay, b. 16 Aug., 1850; res. Madison, N. Y. 

235M7ron^ {Thomoff^ Samud^^ Josiah^y) born in 
Hillsdale, N. Y., 19 Jan., 1803; married, 26 Dec, 1830, 
Jane D. Cheese borough, and died 2 Oct., 1845. She was 
bom 16 Nov., 1809. 

He resided in Goshen, Ct., where his children were all 
born. Children : 



460 i Wilbert,<< b. 27 Sept., 1884; res. Bristol, Ct. 

ii Phoebe Jane, b. 14 Jane, 1887; m. Dec, 1868, Glbbs Lawton. 

ill Cyrus, b. 21 Aug., 1841; d. 19 Oct., 1864. 

iv Orlo T., b. 11 Jan., 1846; d. 9 Oct., 1876. 

236 Uri Pericles^ (MZo«, SamueP, Josiali^,) born 29 
March, 1830; married, 5 Dec, 1855, Lucelia Salome 
Dudley, who was born 26 Oct., 1835, and died 5 July, 
1859. He married, second, 2 April, 1862, Ann Wad- 
hams ; and next, 3 Oct., 1867, Cornelia Elizabeth Dudley, 
who was born 30 July, 1843. 

Mr. Bartholomew is a merchant in the village of Ban- 
tam Falls, Litchfield, Ct. He furnished considerable 
data concerning his grandfather and descendants for this 
work. Child : 

1 Milo Dudley,^ b. 27 Jan., 1859 ; res. with his father. 

237 Albert Josiah^ {Josia¥^ Josiah^^ JosiaJi^y) born 
in Augusta, N. Y., 21 Sept., 1807; married, 22 Sept., 
1832, Nancy Smith ; and died in Fort Atkinson, Wis., 
31 July, 1866. Mrs. Nancy was born 5 Oct., 1805 ; and 
resides with her daughter Lucy in Whitewater, Wis. 

Mr. Bartholomew was a farmer and resided in Oneida 
and Madison Counties, N. Y., until 1855, when he re- 
moved to Fort Atkinson, Wis. Children : 

461 i CoUins Joslah," b. 80 Jane, 1883 ; res. Mankato, MIno. 

ii Rexanille Ascenath, b. 17 Nov., 1886; m. 5 March, 1856, 
Frank Holmes ; and d. 2 Nov., 1871. He was b. 1 July, 
1826; res. Ft. Atkinson. Ch. 

1 Cora J.' Holmes, b. 17 Mar., 1858. 

2 Marion £. Holmes, b. 18 Jan., 1860; m. 6 Apr., 1881, 

Friend Warmschneider. 

3 Francis £. Holmes, b. 18 Feb., 1862. 

4 Albert J. Holmes, b. 15 Feb., 1866. 

5 Rodell Holmes, b. 25 Mar., 1868. 

6 Grant £. Holmes, b. May, 1870. 


462 Hi J.Simon, b. 22 Jane, 1840; res. Berkey, Lacas 

Co., Ohio. 
i¥ Friend John, b. 80 Jane, 1842; engaged himself at 

the age of seventeen as fireman on the Chicago and Mil- 
waukee R. R. He was soon promoted to engineer and 
contlnoed in that capacity until 1868, when, owing to poor 
health, he went to California and obtained the same po- 
sition on the Central Pacific R. R., and subsequently on 
the railroad fkrom Carson City to Virginia City, Nevada. 
In 1878 he made an engagement with the Oregon Steam 
Navigation Co., which continued until his death, 81 Aug., 
1880, in Portland, Oregon. He never married. 

It was in 1873, while in Nevada, that he heroically took 
a passenger through a burning tunnel, as described in 
prose and poetry In latter part of this book. (See like- 
ness on page 127.) 
Y Lucy Ann, b. 5 Mar., 1847; res. Whitewater) 


238 Hiram Edwin^ (Josiah^, Josiah^, Josiah^,) born 
ill Augusta, N. Y,, 30 Nov., 1809; married 28 Feb., 
1833, Aroxy, daughter of Amos and Isabella Chase, 
born in Vt., 2 Apr., 1811. He is a farmer in Knoxboro, 
N. Y. Children : 

l Amelia A.,' b. 21 July, 1834 ; res. with her father, 
ii Edwin L., b. 6 July, 1835; d. 2 Apr., 1854. 
46aa Hi Oscar, b. 7 Sept., 1839; res. Vernon Centre, N. Y. 

239 Collins Wadhams^ (Josiah\ Josiah^, Josiah^) 
born in Augusta, N. Y., 22 July, 1812; man-ied, 17 
Dec., 1843, Elizabeth Shumale, who died 15 July, 1873. 
He died in Jackson, Tenu., 29 Aug., 1864. Children : 

i Orlando Duff,* b. 8 Apr., 1852, in Jackson, Tenn. ; was a 
physician; and d. of yellow fever during the terrible epi- 
demic at Memphis, Tenn., 8 Oct., 1878. 

1! Edwin CoUIns, b. 20 Sept., 1855, In Jackson; d. In Nash- 
ville 27 Jan., 1876. 

240 Amos Adams^ {JehieU^, l8aa&, Josiah^) born 
iaDryden,N. Y., 29 Oct., 1803 ; married, 12 May, 1825, 


Phebe Pound, who was born 6 Mar., 1802; and died 24 
Feb., 1859. He married, second, 30 Mar., 1859, Ada 
Elizi^ Sutherland, who died 26 Mar., 1868, when he 
married, 1 Nov., 1868, Fulwra Thurber. He married, 
next, in Apr., 1871, Betsy Anderson ; and died in Benton 
Co., Iowa, 11 Mar., 1876, set. 72. 

Mr. Bartholomew was a farmer and lived in the following 
places, viz. : Dryden until 1853, Maysville, Benton Co., 
Iowa, until 1862, Toledo until 1864, Vinton until 1869, 
Marion until 1875, when he returned to Benton Co., la. 
Ho and his first wife were Presbyterians. He afterwards 
joined the Mormons and believed in that faith until 1856, 
when he joined the Methodist Church. Children : 

i AllVed,' b. 6 May, 1826 ; m. Lucy Warren ; res. Greenfield, 

ii Albert, b. 10 Nov., 1827; d. 14 May, 1887. 

ill Amos, b. 20 Sept., 1829; d. 17 Aug., 1830. 

iv Luclnda, b. 15 Jane, 1831 ; m. 17 Sept., 1848, Reuben D. Bab- 
cock; res. Walker, Linn Co., la. He is an engineer. Ch. 

1 WilUam S.' Babcock, b. 15 Feb., 1850; d. 23 Aug., 1861. 

2 Charles H. Babcock, b. 10 May, 1853 ; res. Spencers 

Grove, Iowa. 

8 Amos D. Babcock, b. 11 Nov., 1855; res. Spencers 

4 Sophronia B. Babcock, b. 26 Apr., 1858 ; m. J. W. Ainerman. 

5 Eugene O. Babcock, b. 6 Nov., 1860; res. Walker. 

6 Franklin B. Babcock, b. 16 May, 1862; d. 16 Oct., 1864. 

7 Elmer Babcock, ^ ^ jg Apr., 1866; ^ ^' ^^ ^"S- ^®^- 

8 Eleanor Babcock, $ ^^*"*' ( d. 8 Oct., 1866. 

9 Nelson R. Babcock, b. 25 Feb., 1868. 

10 Ida L. Babcock, b. 5 Nov., 1870. 

11 Sarah J. Babcock, b. 21 June, 1^74. 

▼ Sarah, b. 6 Nov., 1838; ro., 1st, Alger W. Wakefield; 2nd, 

John Stephenson ; res. Vinton, Iowa. 
Ti Jane, b. 15 Mar., 1848; m., 1st, JohnKetslng; 2nd, Henry 

Hutchinson ; res. Cedar Rapids, Linn Co., Iowa. 
tU Cora, b. 8 Mar., 1861. 

241 Noah Willis^ {JehieP, Isaa&, Josiah^) bom in 


Dryden, N. Y., 1 Apr., 1808 ; mtirried, in Java Co., N. 
Y., 1 Jan., 1828, Miranda Catlin, mother of his first seven 
childi'en, and born 17 Sept., 1806. He married, second, 
in 1848, Mary Altoona Catlin, sister of the above ; and 
died 1 Aug., 1876, in Fillmore, U. T., where Mrs. Mary 

Rev. Mr. Bartholomew moved in 1837, from Erie Co., 
N. Y., to Michigan, thence, in 1848, to Utah, spending 
the bitter portion of his life in Fillmore. He joined the 
Mormon's Church and was ordained to preach. 

Children : 

i Emily,^ b. 5 Apr., 1831; m. 1st, Mr. Blackburn; 2Dd, 

Mr. Hawley ; res. San Bernardino, Cal. 
468 11 George W., b. 24 May, 1883; res. West PhUadelphla, Pa. 
464 HI Lewis Leroy, b. 24 Mar., 1835; res. San Luis Obispo, Cal. 
W Nelson, b. 27 Mar., 1838; m. ; one child; res. Calico, 

San Bernardino, Cal. 
V Wiiiis, b. 20 Apr., 1840; res. Cayucos, San Luis 

Obispo, Cal. CIi. 1 Willis' and 2 a daughter. 
▼1 Lyman, b. 11 Apr., 1842; d. 24 May, 1842. 

vil Miranda, b. 11 Oct., 1845, in Mich.; m., IG Dec, 1860, 

Henry S. McBride; res. Fillmore. Ch. 

1 Miranda M. McBride, b. 18 Feb., 1863. 

2 Lydia A. McBride, b. 9 Oct., 1864. 
8 Leroy H. McBride, b. 18 Feb., 1807. 

4 Frank McBride, b. 10 Sept., 1870. 

5 Annette McBride, b. 27 May, 1879. 

viii Matilda, b. 8 Aug., 1850, in Salt Lake, Utah; m., 17 

Sept., 1878, in F„ Don Muckey ; res. Filimore. Ch. 1 a 
daughter, b. 30 Apr., 1875. 
466 iz Edwin, b. 8 Apr., 1852; res. Fillmore, U. T. 

X Noah, b. 4 Sept., 1855, in F. ; res. Arizona. 

xi Lanra Alvira, b. 1 June, 1857; res. Fillmore. 

xii Don Alonzo, b. 16 Nov., 1861; res. Arizona. 

242 Isaao^ {JeldeF^ Isaa&y Josiah^^) born in Dryden, 
N. Y.,26 Apr., 1810; married, 1 Jan., 1831, Betsy Bald- 
win, who died 14 Dec., 1846. He married, second, 1 
Apr., 1847, Olive Ann Graves, who wjis liorn 1 June, 
1824 ; and died 17 Mar., 1872 ; when he married, 4 June, 


1879, Mrs. Lucy C. (Woodward) Freeman, who was 
born 13 Aug., 1813. 

Mr. Bartholomew removed to Erie Co., N. Y., in 1814, 
and to Jackson Co., Mich., in 1835 ; was a carpenter and 
miller until 1845 ; after that he was unsettled, spending 
many years on the then wild western plains, but in 1878, 
he returned to Cold water, Mich., where he has since re- 
sided. Children : 

466 i James,** b. 17 Mar., 1833; res. AUeyton, Iowa, 
il Ellen, b. 10 Feb., 1835. 

Ill Phebe, b. 11 July, 1837; m. 1st, 4 Jan., 1855, Warren 

Corliss, who d. 2 F(;b., 1879; res. Coldwater, Mich. Ch. 

1 Isaac E.' Corliss, b. 26 Sept., 1856. 

2 Emma J. Corliss, b. 18 Sept., 1858 ; m. 8 July, 1882, Fran- 

cis II. Morrison. 

5 Martha Corliss, b. 15 Feb., 1861 ; d. 22 June, 1862. 
4 Charles Corliss, b. 16 Oct., 1869. 

467 iv Ezra, b. 8 Sept., 1839; res. Council Blaffe, Iowa. 

V Mury M., b. 15 Dec, 1841 ; m. Ist, 10 Mar., 1859, James 

M. Overton; 2nd, 4 Mar., 1869, Josiah Harpeu; res. Cold* 
water. Ch. 

1 James M. Overton, b. 19 Oct., 1861. 

2 Marietta Overton, b. 25 Nov., 1863. 
8 Lottie Bell Harpen, b. 17 Mar., 1873. 
4 George Harpen, b. 8 Aug., 1875. 

6 Alice Harpen, b. 10 Nov., 1877. 
6 Charles Harpen, b. 20 Mar., 1881. 

vi Emma, b. 9 May, 1843; res. Coldwater. 

468 yii Hiram Alonzo, b. 6 May, 1846; res. Richmond, Mo. 

viii Isaac, b. 9 Feb., 1848; merchant in Nortloop, 

Wheeler Co., Neb. 
ix Richard, b. 19 Feb., 1849; res. Osceola, Polk Co., Neb. 

Ch. Seneca and two sons. 
X Charlotte, b. 10 Aug., 1850. 
xt Horace, b. 10 Sept., 1851. 

xil A son, b. 10 Apr., 1858; d. In Infancy, 

xlll Jehlel, b. 8 Aug., 1854. Ch. 1 Augustus, 2 Robert, 8 

Clarlnda and 4 a son. 
xlvClarlnda, b. 14 Oct., 1855; m. Mr. Flatt; res. Delta, 

Kansas. One child. 
xv Heber, b. 14 Jan., 1861; res. Coldwater. 

zvl Ell, b. 10 May, 1863; d. 6 Oct., 1866. 


248 JehieP {JehiePy laaa^^ Josiah^^) born in Dryden» 
N. Ym 22 Sept., 1812; married, 1 Jan., 1832, Susan 
Baldwin of Vt. ; and died in Algansee, Mich., 7 Apr., 

Mr. Bartholomew was a farmer, and removed from 
Erie Co., N. Y., 16 Sept., 1837, to Jackson, Mich. ; and 
1 May, 1845, to Algansee, Branch Co., Mich., where his 
widow still resides. Children : 

I Sarah Aarelian/ b. 80 Jaly, 1835; m. Ist, 1858, Edwin Gray; 
2nd, 1806, Marcus A. Wakefield; res. Vinton, la. Ch. 

1 Forest !.• Gray, b. 25 Feb., 1859; d. 6 July, 1876. 

2 Eliza J. Gray, b. 24 July, 1862. 
8 C^arrle K. Wiikefleld, b. 24 July, 1867. 
4 Susan L. Wakefield, b. 12 Feb., 1872. 

ii Almon, >|^ oKTi^^ ififtfl.C'Q* Mary Misner; no ch. ; res. 


f o/ina ^ Coldwater. 

Ill Albert, ) ^^^^»' ^ d. 2 Aufj., 1839. 

468a iv Lyman, b. 30 July, 1841; res. Coldwater, Mich. 

244 Ira^ {Isaaxf^ Isaac^y JosiaJi*^) born in East Evans, 
N. Y., 10 Mar., 1822; married, 22 Feb., 1849, Laura 

He is largely engaged in fanning in Evans, Erie Co., 
New York. Children : 

i Harriett,* b. 16 June, 1850; m. George T. Sorrin of E. 

II Edwin A., b. 12 Mar., 1854 ; m. 26 Oct., 1880 ; res. Evans. 

III George Alflred, b. 16 Mar., 1856; res. Evans. 
Iv Adelbert A., b. 15 Aug., 1858; res. Evans. 

245 Almon^ {Isaaif^ Ima&j Josiah^^) born in East 
Evans, 30 Mar., 1824; married, in Buffalo, 15 Sept., 
1844, Aluiira Stephens. 

Is a mechanic in Buffalo, N. Y. Children : 

i Edgar A.," b. 28 Nov., 18i6; m., 28 Oct., 1868, at Ham- 
burg, N. Y., Sarah Piere of H. ; res. Buffalo. Oue son. 

1! Frank Albert, b. 28 Nov., 1856 ; manager of the BufllEilo Tele- 
phone office. 


246 George W.^ (Isaatf, Imcuf, J<mah*,) born ia 
East Evans, 22 Feb., 1833 ; married, 5 Aug., 1856, Hattie 

Mr. Bartholomew has the old homestead and farm, for- 
merly his father's, who lived with him until his death. 
He is a member of the Methodist Church. Children : four 
sons and three daughters. 

i Ida,* m. 36 Oct., 1880, A. R. Rassell of Evans Centre, 

ii Elroy G.| b. 11 Jan., 1863; d. 21 Mar., 1874. 

iii Arthur L., b. 28 Aug., 1867. 

iv Lewis R., b. 28 Oct., 187S. 

247 Celestes^ {Olivei*, Moaeif, Josiah^,) born in Ver- 
shire, Vt., 25 Aug., 1809 ; married Miranda Hall of Lyme, 
N. H., who died in Verahire, 7 Dec, 1835, set. 32. He 
then married Fidelia Patterson of Vershire. 

He removed from Vershire, after 1831, to Wisconsin. 
A member of the Baptist Church. Children : 

I Cutler," b. 24 Apr., 1829, in Vershire. 
il Mary, b. 4 Apr., 1831, in Vershire. 

248 Nelson^ (Oliver^, Moaeff, Josiah^,) born in Ver- 
shire, 2 Sept., 1810; married, 22 Mar., 1836, Hannah 
Sanborn of Auburn, N. H. ; and died in Auburn, where 
he had resided, 2 Oct., 1848. She married, second, a 
Mr. Allen of Bethel, Vt. Children : 

i Qeorge 0.,* b. 81 May, 1839; d. 28 Apr., 1858. 

U Harriett, b. 20 Nov., 1841 ; res. New Bmnswick. 

iii John N., b. Jan., 1848 ; res. Vershire ; has son Oec, nt. 7. 

248 Truman C.^ {Erastusf, Mo&e^, Josiah*,) bom 
in Vershire, Vt., 15 Dec, 1809; married, 1 Nov., 1834, 
Mary Dunnaford, who died in Boston, in Nov., 1836, »t. 



80. He married, second, 5 Sept., 1844, Jane Dunsmore, 
who died 13 July, 1871, nt. 59. He died in Melrose, 
Mass., 7 Dec, 1867. 

Mr. Bartholomew was a scenic artist of note, residing 
in Boston, Mass*, spending his entire life in suppljdug 
the theatres of that city with scenery. Children : 

1 Moses,* b. in May, 1887 ; m. 1 1 Oct., 1860, Annie E. Jewell ; 
and d. 27 Dec, 1862; was a carpenter in Boston. Ch. 
1 Elmer Burton* Bw., b. 8 Joly, 1861; d. 18 Nov., 1870. 
ii Mary Jane, b. 15 Apr., 1847 ; m. 4 Sept., 1864, Silas Schnitzer ; 
res. Boston. Cb. 
1 Leon Wm. Schnitzer, b. 29 Nov., 1868 ; res. Boston. 

251 William N.^ (Erastu^, Mose^, Josiah*,) bom in 
Boston, 13 Feb., 1822; married, 19 July, 1876, Jennie 
S. Thurston of Berwick, Me. 

Mr. Bartholomew's father made a vain effort to make a 
fiurmer of him, then a cabinet maker ; the latter, although 
much more to his taste, was given up by him, after he had 
been in business for himself three years, to again attend 

It was then, by sketching the boys' heads and the 
grotesque gestures of the minister of the place, that he 
discovered his ability to draw. It soon became his passion 
and on leaving school he decided to make it the business 
of his life. At that time there were no professional teachers 
of drawing and painting, and he was forced to plod along 
as others had done before him. He went to Boston, used 
itB fine libraries and collections of art, and in time qualified 
himself to teach drawing. He conceived the idea of intro- 
ducing the study into the public schools and making it a 
required study ; he applied for, and was granted, permis- 
sion to give gratuitous instruction in a few of the schools 
of the city. 


This, in 18529 was the first attempt to give systematic 
instruction in drawing in public schools in this country. 
The experiment was satisfactory, and he was soon after 
appointed to take charge of that branch in the High Schools 
of Boston. Under his influence and direction the study 
was, in 1868, made obligatory in all the schools of the city 
and he was made general supervisor of the same, which 
position he held until he resigned in 1871. Besides doing 
this he has prepared for publication, a long list of text 
books on the various branches of the subject; through 
which mainly, since the first series were printed in 1854, 
the study has been generally introduced throughout the 
entire country. 

The knowledge of this art, so necessary to the mechan- 
ical industries and to any artistic culture, is so important 
that too much credit cannot be given Mr. Bartholomew 
for what he has accomplished. Meantime he has devoted 
his leisure hours and his latter years, almost exclusively 
to landscape painting, with a high degree of success. He 
resides in Newton Centre, Mass., spending his summers at 
his father's old home in Post Mills, Vt. (See likeness on 
page 175.) Children : 

1 Arthur W.,* b. 7 July, 1877. 
U Walter E., b. 24 July, 1880. 

252 Dennis^ (Augustuffi, Oliver ^^ Josiah^,) bom 24 
Mar., 1817; married, 5 Feb., 1843, Lorinda Baker of 
Dexter, N. Y., who died 6 May, 1844. He married, 
second, 8 Nov., 1847, Grace Barbour of Lachine, Canada 

Mr. Bartholomew is a farmer in Strathallen, Oxford 
County, Ontario, Canada. Children : 

I Louisa L.,^ m., 10 Dec, 1869, Joseph BiDgham of S. 

II Robert Augustine, b. 16 Oct., 1848 ; m., 28 Mar., 1874, Agliies 

Bryant; res. Woodstock, Ontario. 


lit Mary, b. in Feb., 1851 ; d. 8 Sept, 1865. 

iv McClare Dexter, b. 18 Apr., 1858; d. 21 Aug., 1871. 

Y Alice Mary, b. 2 Nov., 1857; m., 10 Sept., 1879, Minor 

Tutzell of S. 

tI Albert A., b. 25 Sept., 1869 ; liyes with his ikther. 

252a Dexter^ {Augustwf^ Olivei*^ Josiah^^) married 
in IlL, a daughter of David Austin ; and, second, in Wis., 
a daughter of John Johns. 

He left home in 1844, for 111., where he resided six 
years ; subsequently he spent ten years in Wisconsin, and 
since then has been in Minn. He has always been a miller 
until recently, having now given up all business, with the 
exception of conducting his farm at Willow Creek, Blue 
Earth County, Minn. Children : . 

I Delia,' aged about 22 years. 

It Edward, aged about 21 years. 

lil Kate, aged about 16 years. 

It Alice, aged about 12 years. 

253 (Jeorge^ (Oliver^, Oliver^, Josiah^,) born 3 May, 
1821 ; married, 31 July, 1845, Minerva E. Keith. 

Dr. Bartholomew has been a popular physician in Keel- 
ersville, Mich., for many years, but has now retired from 
business and is living on his farm, which is cultivated by 
his sons. Children : 

i George O.,' b. 20 Sept., 1857. 
U Henry, b. U Feb., 1861. 

ill Estes, b. 13 Apr., 1867. 

254 William^ (DaniePy Oliver^ j Josiah\) born 23 
Dec, 1829; married, 8 Mar., 1856, Adelaide, daughter 
of Merrick and Lucy (Grove) Brown of Jericho, N. Y. 
She was born 2 Sept., 1834. 

Mr. Bartholomew served in the 123rd Ohio Vol. In- 
fantry, from 1862 until the close of the war, and now re- 
sides iu Sylvania, Ohio. Children : 


i Eddie Merrick,* b. 1 Oct., 1857, in Attic, O. 

ii CeUa Mary, b. 2 Jaly, 1869, in Ai, O. 

iii Pitt, b. 28 Feb., 1862; d. 21 Feb., 1864. 

iv Minnie May, b. 28 Dec, 1867, in Ai, O. 

T Tberon Anson, b. 8 Sept, 1870, in Richfield, O. 

Ti George D., b. 18 May, 1875. 

256 Anson C.^ (Daniel^ ^ Oliver* ^ Josiah^y) bom in 
Watertown, N. Y., 13 Sept., 1837 ; married, in Fairfield, 
O., 9 Sept., 1867, Nancy E. Schuyler, who died 15 July, 
1870. He then married, in Blissfield, O., 15 May, 1873, 
Lois Amanda Sheldon. 

He served his country as a soldier, three and a half 
years during the last war. Is now a druggist in Blissfield, 
Michigan. No children. 

256 Harvey^ (DaniePj Olivei*^ Josiah^j) bom in Wa- 
tertown, 13 Feb., 1841 ; married, in Lagrange, O., 10 
July, 1864, Grace, daughter of the Rev. J. L. and Julia 
(Miloy) Richmond. 

Mr. Bartholomew is a druggist in Roscommon, Mich., 
*^more than 300 miles in the north woods." 

He participated with his three brothers in the last war. 
Children : 

i Edith,* b. 8 Apr., 1867, in Lagrange, O. 

ii Herbert Richmond, b. 28 July, 1869, in L. 

iU Fred., b. 1 Dec, 1871, in AI, O. 

iv Frank Kenneth, b. 22 Mar., 1882. 

257 Francis DanieF (Daniel^, Oliver*, Josiah^) 
born 7 July, 1843 ; married, 21 Feb., 1877, Anna M. 
Gucker, who died 19 Feb., 1881. 

Mr. Bartholomew was a brilliant soldier in the civil 
war, and his achievements are worthy of extended mention. 
One feat, at a critical point in the decisive battle of Jonea- 


borough, in which he was the only orderly who did not 
lose his horse, is thus mentioned by the corps commander, 
Greneral Carlin, in an ofBcial letter concerning the battle : 
^There was an orderly with Col. Esty, a youth about sev- 
erUeefif whose gallant and reckless daring attracted my 
attention; under the heaviest fire, when our men were 
falling all around him, he kept his sabre waving over his 
head, and, darting from one point to another, wherever 
symptoms of wavering were apparent. . • • I shall 
expect to hear of his promotion.'' 

He is now a druggist in Blissfield, Mich. Child : 

1 Fred.,* b. 8 Dec, 1880. 

258 Adonijah^ (Jesse Bradlej^, Jesstf, Josiah^,) 
bom 3 Feb., 1825; married, in Eastmanville, Mich., 24 
Feb., 1857, Mary Jane, daughter of Daniel S. and Rachel 
(Lock wood) Birdsall of Marlborough, N. Y., who was 
bom 3 Aug., 1837. 

He is a farmer in Keene, lona Co., Mich. Methodists. 

Children : 

1 Ella A.,* b. 8 Mar., 1868; m. 14 Oct., 1879, Daniel Lot- 

ting of Evart, Mich. Ch. 
1 Maud K.' Lotting, b. 11 May, 1882. 

U Celia A., b. 7 Feb., 18G0; m. in 1879, Geo. A. Richard- 

son of Stanwood, Mich. Ch. 

1 BerUe K. Richardson, b. 11 Oct., 1880. 

2 Frances Richardson, b. 18 July, 1882. 

lU Bosannah, b. 24 July, 1864; m. 2 Nov., 1882, WiUiam G. 

Pritchard, a farmer of Sylvan, Mich. 
It Jesse Bradley, b. 6 Ang., 1868. 
Y Clifford James, b. 13 Feb., 1874. 

259 Lemi^ {Jesse Bradleif, Jessef^, Josiah\) born 26 
Jaly, 1831; married, in Tollarsburg, Mich., 4 Aug., 
1866, Lucy J. Stirling, who was born 30 Sept!, 1837. 


Mr. Bartholomew settled in Evart, Mich., in 1868, 

then a lumber camp in an unbroken wilderness. Children : 

I Artemas D.,* b. 17 Apr., 1868. 

II E8le H., b. 11 Oct., 1871. 
Ul Elizabeth E., b. 19 Mar., 1874. 

Iv John Chester, b. 9 Mar., 1877; d. tet. 6 months. 

T Marcus LemU b. 10 Mar., 1879. 

Tl Clarence Constantlne, b. 21 July, 1880. 

260 Esli^ (Xemt*, eTewc*, Josiah^y) born in Dryden, 
3 Apr., 1816 ; married, in Portland, N. Y., 21 May, 1845, 
Harriett T. Shaw, who was born in 1820. 

Mr. Bartholomew is a well known mechanical engineer 
and architect of Westfield, N. Y. No children. 

261 Linus^ {Augusfus^^ Jesse^j Joinah*^) born in Dry- 
den 4 July, 1820; married, 31 March, 1849, Mary 
Hawkes, who was bom 20 April, 1826. He died in Buf- 
falo, N. Y., 10 Jan., 1882. Was a farmer near Buffiilo. 

Children : 

I Augustus G.,' b. 18 Jan., 1850; d. In childhood. 

II William Henry, b. 9 Sept., 1855; res. Baf&lo. 

lil Martha, b. 21 Feb., 1857; d. in childhood. 

Iv Mary A., b. 25 Jan., 1865. 

262 DanieF (J9ameP, Jessed j Josiah*^) born in Dty- 
don 23 April, 1824; married in Dryden 17 March, 1852, 
Dora A., daughter of Enos and Mary (Blair) Wheeler, 
bom 4 Sept., 1830. 

Mr. Bartholomew was educated at the Dryden High 
School and Tompkins County Institute ; was for seven 
years a teacher, subsequently a successful builder and 
contractor in Dryden, N. Y. He is president of the 
corporation of Dryden, and trustee of several public in- 
stitutions. Presbyterians. (See likeness on page 175.) 


Children : 

468 1 Lee,* b. 24 Jan., 1853; merchant In Dryden. 

ii Mary, b. 10 May, 1859 ; res. Dryden. 

lii Daniel Page, b. U Sept., 1860; mechanic in D. 

263 Oscar N J ( DanieP^ Jessed ^ Josiah^,) bom in Tomp- 
kins Co., N. Y., 18 Sept., 1835; married in Horsehead, 
N. Y., 24 June, 1857, Harriett Maria, daughter of Chas. 
and Elizabeth A. Mallory, who was born 21 Oct., 1836. 

Mr. Bartholomew was educated at Elmira Academy, 
and served two years in the late war ; is now a carpenter 
and builder in Springfield, O. Congregationalists. 

Children : 

i Ella Rosalind,^ b. 81 May, 1858 ; res. with father. 
ii Charles J., b. 4 Dec, 1862; is a graduate of Wirtemberg 

264 Daniel William^ ( William^ Jess^, Josiah*,) 
born in Houghton, Canada, 30 Mar., 1838; married, 28 
Dec, 1856, Elizabeth J. E. Sharp. 

He has been a farmer in Houghton Centre, Norfolk Co., 
Ont., Canada, all his life, with the exception of the years 
1859 to 1874, when he resided in Rochester, Mich. : 

Child : 

i Lacy Jane,* b. 2 Feb., 1858; m. 10 July, 1875, Frank Gran- 
ville ; res. H. C. 

265 PideUo Niles' ( William^ Jessed, Josiah*,) born 
in Houghton, 30 Dec, 1843; married, 13 March, 1864, 
Angeline C. Hough, who was born 6 May, 1846, and died 
20 June, 1877. He married, secoud, 26 Aug., 1877, 
Sarah W. Downing, born 5 March, 1860. 

He has resided in Birch Bun, Saginaw Co., Mich., some 
twenty-four years. Farmer. Children : 


1 Charles Wm.,* b. 26 Sept., 1866. 

il Henry W., b. 26 Oct., 1871. 

m Irvin N., b. 11 Jnly, 1876. 

iv Bertha, b. 10 April, 1879. 

266 Leonard^ {Jonathan^ ^ Gorsharnf , ^V^lUam^ ^)hovn 
in Northford, Ct. ; married Lydia Gordon of Branford ; 
and lived and died in Northford. Children : 

1 Harriett Gordon,^ b. 22 Ang., 1798; m. 14 Aag., 1820, Henry 
B. Bills, a tanner and carrier of New Haven, where she 
lives, St. 85. He died U April, 1880, 8Bt. 82. Ch. 

1 John Henry' Bills, b. 25 Dec, 1821; lost Arom brig Ala- 

bama in 1840. 

2 Olivers. Bills, b. 19 Nov., 1828; m. (second cousin) 

Eleanor J. Reed ; res. New Haven. 
8 Erastus B. Bills, b. 16 Aug., 1828; graduated f^om Yale 
College, 1854 ; was two years the college dissector. Is a 
leading physician and surgeon of Durant, Iowa, having 
charge of its pharmacy. (See likeness on page 127.) 
In 1862 he was captain of the Hawkeye Guards ; m. 2 
July, 1868, Celelia GiUesple. One child [1] Gay Leslie,^* 
b. 8 Mar., 1869. 

4 Harriet A. Bills, m. Eugene G. Phlpps, now dead ; res. 

New Haven. 

5 Mary J. Bills, m. Henry McNeil ; res. New Haven* 

6 Frank Bills, b. 14 Jan., 1840; was in the U. S. A.; 

is now employed by N. T. & N. H. R. R. Co. 
li Lncy, b. Feb., 1800; d. unm. 1841. 

460 iii John H., b. 17 Sept., 1802; d. 14 June, 1881, let. 78. 

461 iv Lucius J., b. July, 1805; d. 6 Sept., 1849. 

267 Alanson^ {Jonathavf^ Oarsham^, Williatnf^) bom 
in Northford, Ct. ; married Nancy McComber in New 
Haven, where he lived; and **died 2 Dec, 1827, set. 
36"(N. H. Rec.). 

She joined the United Society in New Haven in Oct., 

1837. Children : \ 

i Charles.^* \ 

U Chaoucey A., d. in N. H., 28 Aag., 1848. \ 


ill Grace A. , m. Ist, — Atwater ; 2nd9 Smith ; ref • 

Mt. Carmel, Ct. 
It Edward. 

268 Elias^ (Jonathan^ ^ Oorsham^t WtUiam^,) born in 
Northford, 19 Oct., 1775 ; married, 3 Sept., 1800, Eliza- 
beth Smith ; and died 8 May, 1856, aged 80. 

She was born 6 Nov. 1782, and died in 1863, aged 81. 
Mr. Bartholomew was a builder in New Haven, Ct. 
Congregationalist and Democrat. Children : 

i HeDry,^ b. 11 Jaly, 1806; d. 16 Mar., 1855. 

li liarla, b. 19 Dec, 1808; m. 25 Sept., 1838, James Weaver 

of New Haven. 
Ui Jane, b. 25 Jane, 1811; m. 25 Not., 1882, Jno. Magle; 

res. New Haven. 
It Frances, b. 15 Jane, 1818; m. 11 Apr., 1880, James Beed; d. 

In New Haven. Ch. 
1 Charles H. Reed,' New Bmnswlck, N. J.; and five others. 
MS T George, b. 24 Oct., 1816 ; d. 29 Feb., 1880. 

Tl Horace, b. 10 Dec, 1818; m. 1 Feb., 1841, Sarah M. 

Beecher, who d. 14 Jaly, 1848, set. 27. He m. 2nd, 17 

May, 1848, Sarah B. Tucker; and d. 19 Apr., 1876. He 

was a sash and blind manufacturer, and later a lock 

manufacturer, in New Haven. 
tU Harriett, b. 10 Jan., 1821. 

269 Jaines^ (Osecfi, Seth*, William^,) born 7 Aug., 
1779 ; married Anna Clark of Southington ; and died in 
S. in 1807, where he resided. Cliildren: 

i Edwin G.,^ m. in S. 11 Apr., 1831, Lucetta Merrlman of Mer« 
iden; and d. in S. 12 July, 1836, »t. 32. She res. in 
Plymouth, Ct. Ch. 
1 James Bartholomew,' b. 14 Oct., 1835; d. 6 Nov., 1839. 

U James, d. anm. in S. 9 Jan., 1880, »t. 24. 

270 Ebenezer Shandy^ (Osecfi, Seth'^, WiUiam\) 
born 29 June, 1785 ; married in Camden, N. Y., in 1806, 
Sybil Merriman, who was born in Torriugton, 23 April, 



466 1 Beth Emerson,' b; 21 Apr., 1829; res. Hartford, O. 

il Emma Elizabeth, b. 19 Aag., 1881 ; m. Bei\J. (Waite) Can- 
non ; and d. in H. 26 Jan., 1862. Ch. 

1 Myra Cannon*, m. a Mr. Lewis of Vienna, O. 

2 Emerson Cannon, died set. 29. 
8 Bedle Cannon, died st. 22. 

4 MIna Cannon, died set. 1 month, 
lii Mary Ann, b. 20 July, 1884; m. Willis Reader; res. 

Hartford. Was an Ohio and Mississippi river pilot pre- 
vious to 1871 ; since then a farmer. Ch. 

1 Charles W. Reader, b. 10 June, 1855; medical student In 


2 Ruby A. Reader, b. 22 Sept., 1856; m. Willis R. Ellin- 

wood of Akron, O. 
8 Frank C. Reader, b. 14 April, 1861 ; In Buckeye Reaper 
Iv Eunice Cornelia, b. 80 June, 1887; d. 10 Oct., 1888. 
V Cyrena Usefa, b. 6 Sept., 1889 ; m. Alanson L. Handlln, 
b. 22 Nov., 1881 ; is a builder in Burt Lake, Mich. Ch. 

1 Mary R. Handlin, b. 19 Jan., 1859; m. 25 Nov., 1880, 

Edgar P. Kinert of B. L. 

2 Maurice L. Handlin, b. 25 Nov., 1861 ; res. Burt Lake. 

273 Levi^ {8eth\ 8eth\ WiUiam*,) born 9 May, 
1807 ; married, 13 May, 1830, Susannah Sowers. 

They resided in Cuyahoga twenty-seven years; the 
balance of their lives in Vienna, O., where they celebrated 
their golden wedding, 13 May, 1880. Children : 

I Rlllman, resides In Vienna. 
it William, resides in Vienna. 


274 Ira' (AbeP, 8eth\ William^) born in Water- 
bury, Ct., 6 May, 1786; married in W., in 1804, Boad- 
icea Church, who was bom in Connecticut 16 May, 1785 ; 
and died in Trumbull Co., Ohio, Feb., 1858, aged 72. 
He died 11 Mar., 1849. 

Mr. Bartholomew accompanied his father to Vienna, 
O. Was a farmer in that town and a leading member of its 


Methodist Church which he did much to build up and 
sustain. Children : 

467 1 AbelS b. 14 Sept., 1805; res. Vienna. 

11 Maiy, b. 80 July, 1807 ; m. Ist, Andrew Mackey ; 2Dd, a 
Mr. FaUer. Ch. 

1 Ira B.' Mackey was the ballder, miller, merchant and 

banker of V. 

2 Margaret A. Mackey, m. a Mr. Treat; res. Y. 
8 Eva H. Mackey, res. Vienna. 

4 Tensard Mackey, •* went west." 

6 Bachel M. Mackey, ^ Tm. a Mr. Greenwood; 

> twins ; < res. V. 
6 Bansom V. Mackey, ) i res. V. 

468111 £11, b. 28 Oct., 1810; res. Pecksbarg, Ind. 

Iv Bachel, b. 8 Jaly, 1817; m. April, 1888, Smith Scoville; 

and d. 25 May, 1858. He was a merchant in V., dying in 

1867. Ch. 

1 Mary M. Scoville, m. Chas. Bogers ; res. Bowling 

Green, O. Ch. (1) Geo. £. (of Decatur, Ill.)» (2) Clay- 
ton S. and (8) Grace L. 

2 George W. Scoville, m. Jalla Norman ; res. Decatnr, 111. 
8 Martha B. Scoville, m. William Walker; res. Bowling 

Green, O. 

468 V Erastus, b. 20 Dec., 1819; d. 15 Jane, 1864. 

275 William^ (AbeP, Seih^, WiUiam^) bom in Wa- 
terbury, Ct., 16 Jan., 1788 ; married in Vienna 25 Feb., 
1813, Mary Boyd; and died in 1868, aged 80. She was 
born 9 May, 1791, and died 10 Aug., 1859. 

Mr. Bartholomew, as a lieutenant, commanded a 
company in the war of 1812. Was a farmer in Vienna 
where he established and operated two mills. Ho was 
constable and assessor, also a member of the Presbyterian 
Church. Children : 

470 1 Lorenzo*, b. 9 Dec, 1815; res. Vienna. 

471 li Orren, b. 28 Oct., 1817; m. Caroline Bennett. 

472 ill Edward, b. 24 Nov., 1883; m. Adeline Mnnson. 

276 Samuel Castle? (Xevi^, Seih\ WiUiam^) bom 


in Williston, Vt., 21 June, 1801 ; manned, in Nevilsville, 
O., 5 Dec, 1832, Eliza Eleanor Belle, who was born 2 
Sept., 1811 ; and died in Ghent, Ey., 5 Aug., 1833. He 
married, second, at Greensburg, Ind., 11 Mar., 1835, 
Sarah Ann Thomas, who was born in Coventry, N. Y., 7 
Aug., 1813 ; and died 26 Mar.*, 1874. He died in Berrien 
Springs, Mich., 9 June, 1852. 

Dr. Bartholomew acquired his education under the dis- 
advantages of poor health and having to support himself. 

He first worked on a farm, afterwards learned the car- 
penter's trade, then taught school. He studied medicine 
with Dr. Bonde of Philo City, O., and Dr. Thompson of 
Bethel, O. ; obtaining license to practise in 1830, he settled 
in Port William, Kentucky. 

In 1832, he removed to Ghent, Ky., and the following 
year settled permanently in Greensburg, Ind. He became 
eminently successful as a physician. Children : 

1 A SOD,* b. 4 Aug., 1838 ; d. the same day. 

478 ii Francis Hawley, b. 30 Sept., 1836. 
474 m William Marion, b. 10 June, 1839 ; d. 29 May, 1875. 

It Eliza May, b. 10 June, 1842 ; m. Nelson J. Davis, a mer- 

chant in Berrien Springs. Ch. 1 Frances E.,' 2 Ora B., 8 
Raymond Bw., 4 Wm. L., 5 Ira N., 6 Martha E. and 7 
T Martha Barrick, b. 21 Sept., 1844; m. 4 Aug., 1875, Lodomck 
C. Leeds ; res. Dallas, Texas. Ch. 
* 1 Alexander Bw. Leeds, b. 4 Nov., 1876. 
2 Lodomck C. Leeds, b. 8 Oct., 1878. 
8 Mary M. Leeds, b. 23 Sept., 1880; d. 8 Sept., 1881. 

4 William L. Leeds, b. 16 Feb., 1882. 
476 ▼! Virgil Webster, b. 18 Jan., 1847; res. Michigan City, Ind. 
Til Harriett Marie, b. 27 Feb., 1851 ; m. in 1868, John Johnson 
of Berrien Springs. Ch. 1 Blanche* (d.), 2 Henry Bw., 3 
Arthur L. (d.), 4 Virgle (d.) and 6 Edith Johnson. 

277 Bradley^ {Levi^j Seth^, WilUam^^) born in Char- 
lotte, Vt., 26 Oct., 1804 ; married, 8 June, 1836, Harriett 


T. Ward, who wa8 born in Clark Co., Ind., in 1818. 
Both are living in Danville, Ind. 

Dr. Bartholomew struck out for himself at the age of 
fourteen ; worked summers and attended school winters ; 
taught school, and studied medicine with Dr. Hopkins of 
Bethel, Ohio, and Dr. Dorman of Kentucky. He grad- 
uated at the Ohio and Miami Medical School in Cincinnati, 
O., in 1832. He has been in active practice over fifty 
years, the last forty-three being in Danville. Although 
in the 80th year of his age, he still has his share of the 
practice. They are members of the M. £. Church. (See 
likeness on page 175.) Children : 

476 i Orion A.,** b. 4 Sept., 1887; res. Chariton, Iowa. 

11 Levi W., b. 11 Oct., 1842; d. unm., 2 Nov., 1871. Was 

in tlie U. 8. A. 

477 iii William Frank, b. in Aug., 1845; res. Afton, Iowa. 

iv Laura F., b. 1 Aug., 1848; m. 19 Sept., 1871, IC J. 

Searcy ; res. D. Ch. 1 Nellie.' 
T Emma, b. in 1852 ; m. Dr. C. W. Colvin ; res. Des 

Moines, Iowa. 

278 Benjamin Barber^ (X«;i«, Sethf, Wtlliam^,) 
born in Coventry, N. Y., 8 Nov., 1810 ; married, in 1832, 
Sabina Johnson; and died in Bellville, Ind., 13 Jan., 
1861. She was born in Kentucky, 25 Dec, 1813; and 
died 4 Dec, 1879. 

Mr. Bartholomew moved to Indiana in 1814, and settled 
in Bellville, in 1835. Methodist. Whig. Chfldren : 

1 William t,,* b. 7 Oct., 1834 ; d. 6 Apr., 1886. 
ii James J. , b. 80 Apr. , 1886 ; d. in the U. S. A. , Bfar., 1868. 

Iii Martha L. A., b. 4 Aug., 1887; twin; m., In 1857, Heniy 
Strawghon; res. Plalnfleld, Ind. Ch. 

1 Luella' Strawghon, m. in 1878, Milo Tucker. 

2 Cora Strawghon, m. in 1882, Horace G. Colvin. 
8 Wilbur Strawghon. 

4 Minna Strawghon. 
6 Harry Strawghon. 
6 Battle Strawghon. 


It Eliza J., b. 4 Aug., 1887; twin; m. In 1861, Wm. Har- 

rison of Clayton, Ind. Ch. I Ira, 2 Oscar, 8 Wilma and 4 
Adid Harrison. 

T Bradley, b. 14 Not., 1840; d. in Apr., 1862. 

Tl Benjamin, b. 4 Mar., 1842; d. in the U. S. A., Apr., 1864. 

Til Sarah A., b. 17 May, 1844; m. in Mar., 1864, J. Rich- 

ardson ; d. in 1864. 
478 Tlii Henry D., b. 14 Feb., 1846; res. Clayton, Ind. 

ix Hattie, b. 5 Nov., 1847; m. 19 Jan., 1876, Leslie Hat- 

field; d. 2 Aug., 1879. Ch. 1 Delia Hatfield, b. in 1876. 

X Samnel F., b. 28 Jan., 1849; res. Plaiufield, Ind. 
478 xi Isaac Newton, b. 81 July, 1850 ; physician in Poland, Ind. 

279 Peter Jonas^ (Levi\ 8eth^, William^,) born in 
Coventry, N. Y., 3 Dec, 1813 ; married, 15 Sept., 1836, 
Minerya Hamilton; and died in Greensburg, Ind., 22 
Nov., 1841. She was born in Bourbon Co., Ey., 2 Jan., 
1817 ; and married, second, 3 Mar., 1845, John C. Don- 
nell; res. Kingston, Ind. 

Mr. Baitholomew was a printer and publisher. He 
published the Indiana Record at Crawfordsville for two 
years, afterwards the Greenburg Chronicle. Was a mem- 
ber of the Methodist Church. Child : 

480 1 Thomas DonncU,^ b. 28 Aug., 1839 ; res. Coranna, Mich. 

280 Rockwell^ {Luzerne^, SamueP, Samuel^ j) born 
in Northford, Ct., 7 Dec, 1805 ; married, 13 Dec, 1826, 
Mary Atwell, who was born in Huntington, Ct., 23 May, 
1805 ; and died in New Brunswick, N. J., 6 June, 1852. 

Mr. Bartholomew, when about thirty, left Northford and 
resided in Bridgeport four years; Rockland Co., N. Y., 
six years; New Brunswick and Eatonville, N. J., until 
1881, when he removed to Fair Haven, Ct., where his 
mother, now in her centennial year, resides. Children : 


1 Minnie Green,* m. William Barker of Branford. 
ii Samael Girard, b. 81 Mar., 1861 ; d. an inAuit. 
iii Bertie Lewis, b. 15 Mar., 1866. 

285 Francis Cook^ {{Timothf, Timothj^, Samuel^,) 
bom in Nortbford, 21 Nov., 1820; married, 18 Dec, 
1850, Erry Ann Lee, who died 7 Oct. , 1873. He married, 
second, 23 Sept., 1874, Jennie E. Harrison. 

Mr. Bartholomew taught school winters, and farmed 
summers, until he was twenty-seven years of age ; has 
been engaged in manufacturing ever since, having been 
for years, president and principal stockholder of the 
**Northford Rivet Company." He has been town clerk 
and treasurer of Nortbford six years, justice of the peace 
continuously for thirty-four years, commissioner of the 
Superior Court and a member of the legislature in 1875 and 
1878 ; besides settling many estates and holding many other 
minor offices ; is president of the William Bartholomew 
Association. Resides at present in Wallingford, Ct., 
during winter and at his seaside cottage in Stony Creek, 
in the summer. (See likeness on page 127.) Children : 

I Frank L.,» b. 27 Aug., 1852; d. 17 Oct., 1868. 
U Charles A., b. 9 Sept., 1856; d. 19 Mar., 1876. 

286 Isaac Henrys ( TifMo^A/, Timoihj^, Samuel^,) 
bom in Northford, 4 June, 1824 ; married, 8 Feb., 1850, 
Delia A. Fowler. 

*Mr. Bartholomew was for many years a member of the 
*• Northford Rivet Company," but is now in the printing 
business, in Northford. Children : 

i Emma,* b. 21 Nov., 1850; d. 12 Jan., 1860. 

H Hattie I., b. 24 Aug., 1853; d. 9 Aug., 1872. 

Ui Mary C, b. 7 July, 1856; d. 23 July, 1872. 

It Willie H., b. 25 Dec, 1860; d. 30 Oct., 1862. 

T Eddie F., b. 4 Sept., 1865. 

Ti George W., b. 16 Dec, 1868. 



287 SamueP (SamuePj Samuel^ ^ Daniel^ y) bom in 
East Cornwall, Vt., 10 Dec, 1805; married, in 1826, 
Lucy Ann Pickerell, who was born 14 Nov., 1806 ; and 
died 16 Mar., 1882, set. 75. Ho was killed, 10 Nov., 
1840, by the falling of a tree. 

He was a farmer near Decatur, Brown Co., O. ; after 
his death the family removed to Ash Ridge, in the same 
county. Children : 

I Pauline,® b. 23 July, 1827; m. In 1845, Ellis Tucker; far- 

mer; Decatur, O. Ch. 

1 William T. P.* Tucker, b. 16 Mar., 1847; m. Anne Boyd. 

Ch. (1) Kate,><» (2) Chas. and (8) George. 

2 Francis M. Tucker, b. 31 Dec, 1848; res. Creston, la.* 
8 Clara A. Tucker, b. 26 July, 1861 ; res. Bethel, O. 

4 Albert W. Tucker, b. 2 June, 1854 ; res. Creston, la. 

5 Perry P. Tucker, b. 1 Jan., 1857; res. Benson, lU. 

6 Chester 6. Tucker, b. 16 Mar., 1862 ; res. Bethel, O. 

7 Edward N. Tucker, b. 25 May, 1864 ; student at Lebanon 

University, Ohio. 

8 O. Aiel Tucker, b. 11 Oct., 1867; d. 29 Feb., 1868. 

9 Niman E. Tucker, b. 15 Mar., 1869. 

10 Annie M. Tucker, b. 28 June, 1872. 

II Caroline, b. 28 Aug., 1828 ; m., 1st, Peter Mich, who d. in 

the U. S. A., Dec, 1861 ; m., 2nd, A. B. Middleswart; and 
d. in 1876, leaving but one child, George W. Mich. 
484 iil Chester G., b. 25 Nov., 1830; res. Union City, Ind. 

Iv Fannie, b. 14 Apr., 1832; m., in 1854, W. B. Carson of 

Peoria, 111. 
y Mary, b. 23 May, 1835 ; m. Dr. P. S. Layton, now d. ; 

res. Concord, Ky. 
486 vi Othniel Aiel, b. 7 Apr., 1837; res. Philadelphia, Pa. 

vii Mittie Ann, b., Jan., 1839 ; m. W. G. Thompson of Bethel, 0. 
1 Lula Inez Thompson, only child. 

288 Chester^ (SamueJ^^ SamueP^ Daniel^,) bom in 
East Cornwall, Vt., 22 Aug., 1807; married, 11 Aug., 
1829, Matilda Dunham; and died 15 Jan., 1870. She 
was bom in Mason Co., Ey., 18 Apr., 1809 ; and died 15 
Apr., 1872, 


Mr. Bartholomew learned the printing business when 
young, but was a teacher by profession; farming on a 
small scale. He resided in Adams Co., O. Children : 

I A BOD,* b. 1 July, 1880; d. the same day. 

II Josiah Lovel, b. 80 Jane, 1831 ; d. 1 Oct., 1850. 

Ul CaroliDe Olivia, b. 28 Nov., 1882; m. 10 Jane, 1857, Dr. John 
Saxton McGregor, who was b. 1 Jan., 1826; res. Wilming- 
ton, Ohio. Ch. 

1 A son,' b. 14 Jan., 1859 ; d. the same day. 

2 Maria McGregor, b. 24 Jane, 1860 ; d. 80 Mar., 1870. 
8 Mary M. McGregor, b. 11 Apr., 1868; d. 11 Jane, 1880. 

4 Lizzie £. McGregor, b. 27 Nov., 1865 ; d. 7 Jaly, 1866. 

5 Ell Chester McGregor, b. 10 Oct., 1867. 

6 Joseph F. McGregor, b. 19 Feb., 1872. 

289 Sylvanus^ (SamueP, SamuePf Daniet^j) born 12 
July, 1809; married, in Ohio, 22 Nov., 1832, Harriett 
Stafford; and died in Indianapolis, Ind., in 1863. She 
died in 1867. 

He resided in Cicero and Indianapolis, Ind. Children : 

i Charles," res. Indianapolis, Ind. 

11 Chloe Ann, deceased. 

ill Silas, res. Indianapolis. 

Iv Rosannah, deceased. 

T Martha, deceased. 

▼i Lovell, deceased. 

▼11 William, res. 177 W. Washington St., Indianapolis. 

▼Ill George, deceased. 

Ix John, res. with his brother William. 

X Sarah, deceased. 

290 Calvin^ {Heman^j lieuben^j Daniel^) bom in 
Harwinton, 30 June, 1806 ; married, 4 June, 1834, Jane 
Ann Slyter; and died at Grand Gorge, N. Y., 11 Feb., 
1879, «t. 72. She was born 9 May, 1814 ; died 7 Sept., 

He was a farmer and a cooper. Children : 

1 John Calvin,*' b. 26 Sept., 1836; d. 21 Feb., 1845. 
li William Henry, b. 29 Apr., 1840; d. 28 Sept., 1841. 


iii Sarah Catherine, b. 14 Jan., 1845; m.. 2 Mar., 1870, Ferris D. 

Peck ; res. New Britain, Conn. 
iY Nettie Waitstill, b. 10 Oct., 1846; m., 16 Apr., 1865, Solomon 

E. Conine; and died 25 Aug., 1877. 
T James Belden, b. 19 Nov., 1857 ; d. 8 June, 1858. 

291 Lucius Hart^ (Heman^, Reuben^, Daniel^,) born 
in Harwinton, 4 May, 1815 ; married, 15 Mar., 1841, Jane 
Dubois ; and died 29 Mar., 1863. She was bom 16 Feb., 
1816 ; and died 31 Aug., 1860. 

Learning the trade of a cooper from his father, be fol- 
lowed it until his marriage, when he became a farmer in 
Milton, Saratoga Co., N. Y. Children: 

i Albert,^ b. 28 Apr., 1842; d. 17 Sept., 1857. 

486 ii Ctiester, b. 20 Sept., 1847; res. Cliittenango, N. T. 

iii Lois, b. 20 Jan., 1851 ; m. ; and d. 30 Mar., 1879. 

iv John Calvin, b. 1 Sept., 1855; d. nnm., 13 Dec, 1878. 

292 Doming^ {Heman^, Reuben^ j DanieV,) bom in 
Harwinton, 11 May, 1795 ; married, in Leroy, N. Y., 28 
Apr., 1817, Sally Almira Nickerson, who was bom 9 
Mar., 1801 ; and died in Oakfield, N. Y., 20 June, 1845- 
He married, second, 16 Jan., 1853, in Syracuse, Erepta 
Hyde, who was born 29 June, 1812, in Brooklyn, Ct. He 
died in Elba, N. Y., 4 Apr., 1875, in his 80th year. 

Mr. Bartholomew enlisted as a soldier in Aug., 1813» 
in Litchfield, Ct. Was a cooper and farmer, residing in 
Harwinton, Ct., and Leroy, Stratford, Batavia, Oakfield 
and Elba, N. Y. ; was a member of the Batavia Presby- 
terian Church for forty years. Children : 

487 i George Catlin,^ b. 28 Aag., 1820; res. WhltehaU, Mich. 
ii Sarah £., b. 26 Apr., 1821; m. FranlL'n J. Parker of 

Batavia, N. T. 
iii AmariUa O., b. 16 Mar., 1825; d. 19 Jane, 1825. 

iv Lanrantia Almira, b. 17 Nov., 1829; d. unm., 1 Jane, 1862. 


298 Edward^ {JEdtvarcP^ Reubenf^ Daniel^j) born in 
Harwinton, 24 May, 1797 ; married^ in 1824, in New Ha- 
ven, Susan Heaton. 

Key. Mr. Bartholomew was one of the pioneers of the 
Baptist faith in the South, having been ordained in Georgia 
in 1833. He resided there thirteen years, when he moved 
to Owen Co., Ind., where he was still living, in 1882, at 
Farmers Station. Children : 

I Edward Heatoo," res. Farmers Station ; has a fnintly. 

II William Addison, m. twice. Ch. 1 Henry, res. Farmers Station, 
ill Helen J., m. a Mr. Morris in Oa. Has children. 

It Snsan A., m. a Mr. Williams. Has several boys. 

T Jnlia A., m. ; and has six boys. 

Ti Sarah L., m. ; one child. 

294 John Gilbert^ {Edward!^, Reuberf, Daniel^,) 
bom 12 Dec., 1819, in Harwinton ; married there, 14 
May, 1844, Ruth Almira Strong, who was born 6 May, 
1820. He is a farmer in Harwinton, where he has always 
resided, and is the last representtitive of the large number 
who have lived there. 

295 William Gay^ {Reuben\ Reuben\ Daniel^,) 
bom in Harwinton, 12 May, 1808 ; married, 3 Oct., 1833, 
Josephine Bicknall; and died in Kalamazoo, Mich., 1 
Not., 1878, set. 70. 

Dea. Bartholomew early learned the carving and cabinet 
trade in Hartford, Ct. ; resided many years in Bristol, Ct. ; 
and the latter portion of his life in Kalamazoo, where he 
was chosen deacon of the Congregational Church. Has 
two daughters married and living in Kansas. 

296 Franklin D."' {Reuben^, Reuben^ Daniel*,) born 
in Harwinton, 28 May, 1817; married, 26 Feb., 1845, 
Lovisa Collins ; and died 3 Dec, 1879. 


Ho was a carpenter, residing in W. Springfield, Mass. 

Children : 

1 Flora,' res. W. S. 
ii £la, res. W. S. 
ill Burton, b. 24 Feb., 1858 ; Is a carpenter and painter in W. S. 

297 Andrew^ (Reuben^ j Reubevfy Daniel^ ^) born in 
Harwinton, 27 Jan., 1823; married, 2 Sept., 1844, Cla- 
rissa L. Pepper. 

Mr. Bartholomew began life as a carpenter, then became 
a millwright, and, subsequently, an owner and operator. 
He has built several saw and grist mills and done an ex- 
tensive business in that line. His son, Clarence, is now 
in company with him. They also manufacture improved 
seed sowers and deal in agricultural implements. He has 
I'esided in West Springfield since 1842. Children: 

i Clarence Angnstlne,^ Is m., and resides in W. Springfield. 

Ch. 1 Rnpert Clarebce Bw.* and three daaghters. 
ii Adelbert Eugene, m. in Mar., 1881; is a photographer in 

West Springfield, 
iii A daughter, m. in Oct., 1876, George H. Pierce of 

Westfleld, Mass. Oue daughter. 


298 Frederick Miles^ (Mile^, Jacobs Daniel^,) 
born in Middlebury, Vt., 20 Mar., 1810 ; married, in New 
York City, 6 Feb., 1839, Sarah Sparks McClure; and 
died in N. Y. City, 15 Oct., 1869. She was born 12 
Apr., 1811, and is daughter of Alexander and Annie 
(Sparks) McClure of N. Y. City, where she still resides. 

Mr. Bartholomew was brought up in Great Barrington, 
Mass., but lived after 1831, in N. Y. City, where he con- 
ducted, in company with Abram G. Valentine, a wholesale 
grocery business until 1852. After that date he was en- 
gaged in the manufacture of hydmnts, water valves, water 
closets, etc., of his own invention, which are a great 


improvement on previous ones and have been in general 
use ever since. 

The business is still carried on by his eldest son, Fred- 
erick Miles. 

He was from boyhood interested in religious matters 
and held office in several Presbyterian churches in N. Y. 
City. His ear and hand were always open to the cry and 
help of the worthy poor, and many charitable institutions 
are indebted to his liberality. 

The^Scientific American," in mentioning his death, said ; 
^ We have lost one of the most original inventive men in 
the country." Children : 

1 Frederick Miles," b. 8 Apr., 1841 ; res. unm., in N. T. City. 
U James Henry, b. 12 Apr., 1844; m., 14 June, 1871, Emma 

Devoe ; res. N. T. City. Connected with tlic United States 

Tmst Co. 
til Anne, b. in 184G ; d. set. 7 months. 

It Alexander, . b. 21 Jane, 1847; d. unm., 7 Jan., 1870. 

299 James Riley^ {Miles^, Jacolf, Daniel^) born in 
Great Barrington, Mass., in Aug., 1816; married Anna 
Chamberlain, who died in 1851, leaving one child. He 
married, second, Cornelia A. Vanderwater; and died 20 
Oct., 1878. 

Mr. Bartholomew was for thirty-five years engaged in 
the wholesale provision trade in N. Y. City, which is still 
conducted by the family. Residence, Bloonifield, N. J. 

Of him and his brother. Judge Biley of Minn., said: 
••Two better men never lived, their hands were in every 
thing for the promotion of family and state ; they stood 
▼ery high among business men and their fellow-citizens." 

Children : 

1 James Chamberlain," d. unm., 11 Apr., 1870, Kt. ab. 23. 
U A daaghter, d. in Infancy. 


iii William Henry, b. aboat 1855 ; m., 29 June, 1881, Stella 

Ludlow ; of the firm of Kelly and Bartholomew, 22 College 
Place, N. Y. City. 

iv Frank A., b. about 1858 ;< * is Interested in railroad 

business ;** res. B. 

T Charles E., b. about 1861 ; res. Bloomfleld. 

300 Balzman^ {Ezraf^ BenjamMj Daniel^ f) bom in 
Mt. Pleasant, Pa., 19 Apr., 1807 ; married, 7 Apr., 1843, 
Alinira Kelly. Besideuce, Mt. Pleasant. 

Children : 

488 i Ferdinand," b. 21 Oct., 1848; res. Mt. Pleasant, 

ii Charles H., b. 19 Oct., 1845; res. Leadville, Col. 

Hi Alice G., b. 26 Aag., 1852; d. 20 Nov., 1871. 

lY Eleville, b. 14 Mar., 1859; d. 2 Apr., 1864. 

301 LivingBtoii Shannon^ (Ihiman^^ Benjamin^ , 
Danid^i) bom in New York City, 28 Sept., 1813; mar- 
ried, 12 Feb., 1835, Emmeliue, daugliter of Horace and 
Eliza Waterbury, who was bom 11 Aug., 1817, and died 
30 Aug., 1846. He married, second, 1 Sept., 1847, 
Frances, daughter of Paul Shatter of London ; and was 
lost at sea from the steamship Guatemala, 14 Oct., 1872. 
She was born 22 April, 1825, and resides at 57 Bedford 
Ave., Brooklyn, E. D., N. ¥• 

Mr. Bartholomew was named after two navy commo- 
dores, and educated for an engineer. He was one of the 
first steamboat engineers on the Hudson river, and served 
through the Mexican war as a first assistant engineer in 
the U. S. Navy. Subsequently he had charge of some 
of the European steamship lines and held other prominent 
positions in the merchant's seiTice, being at the time of 
his death superintending engineer of the Pacific Mail 
Steamship Company with headquarters at Panama. 


He originated several improvements in engines and ma- 
chinery, for which he received medals and diplomas from 
the American Institute. Old engineers say he was greatly 
respected and honored for his great knowledge and skill 
in steam engineering. 

He distinguished himself in his self-possessed efforts to 
save the passengers on the ill-fated Guatemala, and to 
have heroically seen every one else off the vessel before 
leaving it. The boat he was in was lost. Children : 

i Ann ElizaS b. 7 Dec, 1835; d. 10 Apr., 1836. 

ii Mary Amanda, b. 11 Feb., 1837; d. 10 Apr., 1848. 

ill Truman Waterbnry, b. U Feb., 1888 ; d. 8 July, 1838. 

488 iy Thomas Livingston, b. 23 Jan., 1840; res. Bridgeport, Ct. 

T Emily Louisa, b. 14 Oct., 1845; m. George James, 

Stamford, Ct. 

t1 Livingston Shannon, b. 7 Feb., 1850; d. 29 Sept., 1878. 

802 Edward PJ {Truman^, Benjamin^, Daniel^,) 
born in New York City, 29 July, 1821 ; married in New 
York City, 5 Dec, 1850, Gertrude Shafter, sister of Fran- 
ces Sliafter (see No. 301) ; and died 3 April, 1854. She 
was born 23 May, 1823, and resides in Brooklyn, N. Y. 

He was a civil engineer by profession. Was a free- 
mason and attended the Methodist Church. 

Children : 

1 Sarah Amelia," b. 6 Nov., 1852; res. 190 Wilson St., 

Brooklyn, E. D., N. Y. 
ii William Franklin, b. 20 Sept., 1853; d. 12 Aug., 1855. 

808 Albert Martin^ {Martin^, Andrevfi, Andrew*,) 
bora in Montgomery, Mass., 6 Feb., 1805; married, 1 
Jan., 1829, Mary Miller Boyd, who died in Jan., 1845. 
He married, second, 21 Oct., 1847, Mrs. Amanda M. 
CurtisSy who died 1 Aug., 1869. 



'. ». • .••'■:: ..• :?;•■ . : V:\iII.V • 

■ ""^ ' ■ • J i ■■;•. • . ■ ( : ! , 

\ •»! . 

• . 

t * . > • II 

' . t ':.... i . 

• •. .1 

. 1 . . I , . 

• •• : . t 

t«>l . il'r- 

r ■ 

t . « J 


,' > ..... .J I ^ .V ■.,.. 

: • ' . J ", ' . ' " ■ • I » : I . ■ ' ..!«-■!. 

• • • ■ '•.■''.■ !■ . I • ■ • • 

• • • ; ' • ■ , * «. 

1: •.; ■ -J ».■.*■. J- •. 

:., 1.- 

■.I • 

* •• 

.- . ii* 


ri.» • • .1 •• ' 

•.:••: ' : 

■ Ij..: ■ . • 

t * . '.* 

I ■_ 

i ' ,; ■ 

a ■■ 

-•I' r 

>■ '\\- 



1 Fred. A. Tower, b. 21 Sept., 1863. 

2 MarioD A. Tower, b. 22 April, 1868. 

3 Elsie M. Tower, b. 25 Mar., 1873. 

vl Mary Augusta, b. 20 Oct., 1844; m. 17 Mar., 1863, Thos. 
Hawlcy ; a malster In Detroit. Ch. 

1 EvaB. Hawley, b. 1 Jan., 1864. 

2 Albert N. Hawley, b. 14 Apr., 1866; d. 8 Jan., 1870. 

3 Mary M. Hawley, b. 6 July, 1868. 

4 Thomas G. Hawley, b. 18 Feb., 1871. 
6 Ettle D. Hawley, b. 26 Sept., 1874. 

6 Alice R. Hawley, b. 3 Sept., 1876. 

7 Catherine E. Hawley, b. 3 May, 1879. 

8 Elizabeth C. Hawley, b. 21 Sept., 1880. 

804 George Medad^ (lioswelP, Andretc^j Andreu^^) 
born in Hartford, Ct., 3 Oct., 1816; married in Guilford 
22 June, 1847, Fannie Griswold, daughter of Abraham 
S. Fowler of Guilford. She was bom in West Haven, 
Ct,, 29 July, 1818. 

For the past fifty years George M. Bartholomew has 
been actively engaged in business in Hartford, and, at 
the present time May, 1883, he is generally regarded as 
the busiest man in that busy city. His interests are more 
diverse, varied and numerous than those of any dozen or- 
dinary active men, and his success in meeting all the calls 
that are made upon him is a constant wonder, only to be 
accounted for by his untiring energy, his remarkable sys- 
tematic methods, his quick comprehension and the other 
gifts that go to make generalship in the arts of peace. 
The City of Hartford is famous as a centre of insurance 
and banking; for the many manufacturing and railroad 
investments of its capital ; and for the development of 
those institutions, humane and educational, whose purpose 
is to make life pleasanter or better ; its hospitals, asy- 
lums, schools, libraries, etc. ; with all of these interests 
Mr. Bartholomew is more or less closely connected. 


He is a native of the city, bom there in 1816. In 1832 
he entered Trinity College, then Washington College in 
Hartford, but left it the next spring on account of ill 
health and went into business as a clerk for the Connecti- 
cut River Banking Company, of which he was subse- 
quently for years a director. A few months later he left 
the bank and became clerk for Robert Watkinson in the 
wholesale dry goods busiiiess, and was made his partner 
six years afterwards, in 1839. The partnership continued 
many years, until Mr. Watkinson's retirement from busi- 
ness. From the sale of cotton and woollen goods, they 
turned to manufacturing, and at one time had several cot- 
ton mills in Marlboro, Manchester and South Glastenbury 
in Connecticut. Mr. Bartholomew is now the president 
and treasurer of the Union Manufacturing Company (cot- 
ton goods), at Manchester, and director of the Wasac 
Manufacturing Company (cotton goods), at South Glas- 
tenbury, and also of the Hartford Engineering Com- 
pany's large Foundry and Machine Works of Hartford. 
But the most prominent manufacturing enterprise with 
which he is connected is the Holyoke, Mass., Water 
Power Company, of which he has been president since 
1859. It has a dam 1,019 feet long, 30 feet high, across 
the whole stream of the Connecticut River at Holyoke, 
and the power thus secured is rented for manufacturing 
purposes. Along the banks of its canals there are now 
sixty mills with more than 11,000 employes; .thirty- 
eight different kinds of products are manufactured there, 
and in several lines of industry, Holyoke is the centre of 
production for the country. Its population is 26,000, 
and it is to-day one of the famous manufacturing cities of 
the United States. In 1859, when Mr. Bartholomew be- 
came president of the company, there were only eight 
mills there, and these niade only four kinds of products. 


The entire population was but 4,800, and work for about 
1,700« This transformation has all taken place under Mr. 
Bartholomew's management, and of itself would make a 
lifework to be proud of. 

In insurance, Mr. Bartholomew's most important work 
is that which has come to him as president of the Charter 
Oak Life Insurance Company. After that company had 
been brought intoinsolvency by mismanagement, the policy 
holders, those who were insured in it, took its affairs into 
their own hands, and in April, 1878, elected a board of 
directors from their own number. Mr. Bartholomew was 
made one of this board, and in the next month was chos- 
en as president j)ro tern of the company, and the next 
month became formally its president. He has held the 
office ever since, and under his capable management its 
financial condition has been steadily improving. He has, 
from its organization, been a director of the Orient Fire 
Insurance Company, whose assets have grown to be 
$1,450,000, and since 1866 he has been a director of the 
well-known Steam Boiler Inspection and Insurance Com- 

His first banking service, after his brief early clerkship, 
was as director of the Connecticut River BankingCompany , 
a position that he held from 1843 to 1858. In September, 
1857, he was appointed receiver of the Bank of Hartford 
County, which suspended with so many other banks in the 
panic of 1857. In 1858, this bank having resumed, he was 
made its president. When the national banking system was 
established it went into that under the name of the Amer- 
ican National Bank of Hartford, and he continued to be its 
president until 1871, when, after thirteen years' service, 
he declined a reelection but remained a director. He is 
a trustee of the State Savings Bank of Hartford, whose 


assets are about $2,000 000, and recently he has been 
made its vice president. 

In 1858 he began his active railroad work, having been 
appointed a trustee of the mortgage of the Hertford, 
Providence and Fishkill Railroad, running from Water- 
bury, Conn., to Providence, R. I., and now a part of the 
New York and New England Road. He held the posi- 
tion of acting trustee, managing the road for about 
twenty years, operating it for the bondholders and regu- 
larly paying the interest on the bonds until the New York 
and New England took possession ; paid off the bonds and 
discharged the trustees and the mortgage. In May, 
1858, he was made a director of the Chicago and North- 
western Railroad, in which he was interested with Samuel 
J. Tilden, Wm. B. Ogden and other well-known men. 
He remained a director in the company until 1867, when 
he resigned preparatory to going abroad. In 1863 he 
was chosen director and president of the Boston, Hart- 
ford and Erie Railroad and remained its president until 
September, 1866. In 1867 he was made receiver of the 
company, and held that position until the courts turned 
over the property to trustees for the bondholders. In 
1868 he was chosen director, and, in 1872, vice president 
of the Connecticut Western Road, and maintained his 
connection with the company until its reorganization. 
For a short time in 1872 he was president of the New 
Jersey Southern Railroad, from which he voluntarily re- 
tired when Jay Gould bought up the stock of the com- 
pany. In 1880, associated with the Hon. James G. 
Blaine and others, he was one of the organizers of the 
Richmond and Alleghany Railroad, and he was its first 
president ; he was also one of the organizers of the At- 
lantic and Northwestern Road of Virginia. Since 1863 


he has been a trustee of the Indianapolis and CiucinDati 
Bailroad First Mortgage Bonds. 

Among other interests, he is the president of the Amer- 
ican Emigrant Company, which has large land grants in 
Iowa, and has opened these for settlers from abroad. 
The company has close business relations with the Scan- 
dinavian countries, and with all of northern Europe ; and, 
besides furnishing homes in America for the people, car- 
ries on an important business in foreign exchange with 
these countries. In its interests Mr. Bartholomew in 
1867 trarelled through England, Scotland, Sweden, Den- 
mark, Germany, France and Switzerland. Two years 
ago he was appointed by the courts receiver of the Quin- 
nemont West Virginia Iron Furnace Works and Property, 
and is still in the discharge of that trust. 

So much for the large affairs of railroads, insurance, 
bulking, manufacture, etc. ; but these do not cover the 
whole of Mr. Bartholomew's activity. All his life he has 
been closely identified with the social life and develop- 
ment of Hartford. As far back as 1847, at the time of 
the old Volunteer fire department, he was foreman of En- 
gine Company No. 4. For several years ho was senior 
warden of St. John's Episcopal Church, with which ho 
has been connected ever since its organization in 1842. 
Since 1858 he has been a trustee of the American Asy- 
lum for the Deaf and Dumb, the first institution of the 
kind in America. He htis been a trustee of Trinity Col- 
lege since 1863, and is also a trustee of the Watkinson 
Library, and of the Hartford Hospital, and a member of 
the board of directors of the Kctreut for the Insane. He 
was executor and trustee of the estate of his early part- 
ner, Robert Watkinson, and executor on the estate of 
David AVatkinson, whose gifts to Hartford have perma- 
nently associated that name with the city's. 


The facts about Mr. Bartholomew's domestic life are 
given elsewhere. Here has been briefly outlined his 
public and business career, with its striking evidence of 
his remarkable capacity for work. The demands upon 
him were never greater than to-day, and his supply of 
energy seems as inexhaustible as ever. 

At the present time his positions of trust are as fol- 
lows 2 — 

Pi*esident of the Charter Oak Life Insurance Company 
of Hartford ; Holyoke Water Power Company of Hol- 
yoke ; Union Manufacturing Company of Manchester ; 
American Emigrant Company; Vice President of the 
State Savings Bank, Hartford. 

Director of the Hertford Steam Boiler Insurance 
and Inspection Company, Hartford ; Orient Fire Insur- 
ance Company, Hartford ; American National Bank, Hart- 
ford ; Hartford Engineering Company, Hartford ; Wasac 
Manufacturing Company, South Glastenbury; Receiver 
of the Quinnemont Iron Works, West Virginia. 

Trustee of Trinity College, Hartford; Watkinson Li- 
brary, Hartford ; American Asylum, Hartfoixl ; Hartford 
Hospital, Hartford ; Retreat for the Insane, Hartford. 

These together represent something over $21,000,000 
of capital invested in a wide variety of interests — mercan- 
tile, humane, educational — for all of which he finds time. 

Children : 

480 1 George Ward," b. 21 May, ISiS ; res. Hartford. 

li Fannie Elizabeth, b. 22 Feb., 1851 ; m. 11 AprU, 1872, Dr. 
Francis M. Weld of New York City. Ch. 

1 Sarah 8.» Weld, b. 20 Aug., 1878. 

2 George Bw. Weld, b. 18 Feb., 1876. 
8 Christopher M. Weld, b. SO Mar., 1876. 

ill Frederick Stone, b. 1 May, 1858 ; d. 18 July, 1862. 
iv Edward Stone, b. 18 Sept., 1856; d. 27 Nov., 1865. 

▼ WilUam Fowler, b. 8 Feb., 1867; res. Hartford. 


305 James^ {RosweWy Andreufi^ Andrea^ j) bom in 
Hartford, Ct., 12 Jan., 1819; married in Albany, 15 
Mar., 1854, Greorgiana, adopted daughter of Benjamin 
Wakeman of Albany, N. Y. 

Mr. Bartholomew is a retired merchant, residing in 
Newtonville, JVIass. Episcopalians. Children : 

i Carrie Wakeman", b. In Hartford, 15 July, 1855; m. In May, 
1876, James D. Hard, of the publishing hoase of Hough- 
ton, Mifflin & Co., Boston ; res. Newtonville, Mass. Ch. 

1 Melancthon Bi.* Hard, b. 27 Oct., 1880. 

2 Clara Hard, b. 1882. 

806 Horace^ (Harris^ ^ Andreufiy Andreu^^) bom in 
Montgomery, Mass., 29 Jan., 1810; married, 3 Oct., 
1837, Elizabeth H. Skaatz, of Hartford, Conn., who was 
bom 25 Aug., 1817. 

Mr. Bartholomew was educated at Westfield Academy 
and Trinity College, Hartford, Ct. He resides on the 
old family homestead in Montgomery, Mass. Has been 
justice of the peace, school committee and town clerk, 
and held many other positions of public trust. 

Child : 

I Francis Elizabeth,^ b. 25 Oct., 1838; d. 3 Apr., 1845. 

807 Harris^ (Harris^ ^ Andreufi^ Andrew* y) born in 
Montgomery, Mass., 11 Sept., 1813; married, in M., 16 
April, 1834, Betsy, daughter of Pliny Moore of M. 
She was born 22 May, 1808; died 3 Sept., 1846. He 
married, second, in East Hampton, Mass., 14 Dec, 1847, 
Deborah Spaulding Colman. She was born in Shelbume, 
Mass., 11 Aug., 1827. 

Mr. Bartholomew was for many years a leading mer- 
chant of Northampton, Mass., and a member of the Leg- 
islature in 1850 and 1857. He subsequently removed to 



Cambridge City, Ind., where he was a merchant and an 
elder in its Presbyterian Church. Is now a merchant in 
Indianapolis, Ind. (See likeness on page 175.) Children : 

i A daughter", b. 7 Feb., 1835; d. 8 Feb., 1835. 

481 11 Fllny Webster, b. 4 Aug., 1840; res. Indianapolis, Ind. 

iilElbertine Lorinda, b. 8 Mar., 1843; d. 9 Mar., 1844. 

481a iv Harris Moore, b. 1 June, 1846 ; res. Indianapolis. 

▼ Anna Elbertlne, b. 19 Nov., 1848; m. 22 Apr., 1872, Ed- 
win Thatcher ; res. Louisville, Ky. One child. 1 Bessie*, 
b. 2 Dec, 1875. 

Tl Myra Isadora, b. 81 Oct., 1850; d. 21 Feb., 1863. 

vU Mary Lavinla, b. 8 Mar., 1853; d. 14 Feb., 1863. 

vlU Frances Elizabeth, b. 20 Jan., 1856; m. 27 Sept., 1876, Joo. 

M. Bryan ; res. Ind. 

ix Ida Leora, b. 6 Mar., 1859 ; d. 10 Jan., 1863. 

X Alice Mabel, b. 15 June, 1861. 

xl Leila Irene, b. 15 Mar., 1864. 

xU Violet Llnella, b. 19 Apr., 1868. 

308 Nathan Parks^ (Harris^, Andreuf, Andreu^j) 
bom in Montgomery, Mass., 22 May, 1817; married, 
22 Mar., 1839, Dolly Ann Moore; and died 4 Feb., 
1867. She was born 10 Mar., 1818. 

Mr. Bartholomew was a farmer, living and dying in 
Montgomery, Mass. He at one time owned a paper mill 
in East Hampton, Mass. The family reside in Westfield, 
Mass. Children : 

i Addle Moore", b. 22 Apr., 1840; m. 29 May, 1861, John 
Fowler ; farmers of Westfleld, Mass. Ch. 

1 Porter N.* Fowler, b. 16 Nov., 1863; d. 21 Jane, 1864. 

2 John H. Fowler, b. 8 Nov., 1865. 

3 TlUle M. Fowler, b. 24 Jan., 1867; d. 29 Feb., 1872. 

4 Albert E. Fowler, b. 17 Nov., 1874. 

5 Harold £. Fowler, b. 20 Apr., 1880. 

II Maria Jane, b. 25 July, 1841. 

III Myra Parks, b. 22 Feb., 1845; m. 28 May, 1866, Albert H. 

Thomas, leather manafactnrer, Westfleld, Mass. ; no Issue. 

309 Hiram^ {HarrUf^ Andreu^^ Andretel^y) bom in 


Montgomery, Mass., 26 May, 1819 ; married, in 1840, 
Sophia Crow, daughter of Col. Orren Parks, and died 
Nov. 20, 1883. She was bom 29 Apr., 1821, and died in 
West Springfield, Mass., 8 Mar., 1879. 

Dr. Bartholomew was educated at Harvard and Wor- 
cester Medical Colleges ; was a physician and surgeon in 
West Springfield. He had a natural inclination to the 
study and practice of medicine. He loved to cure the 
sick ; having wonderful patience and soothing powers he 
would spend hours, if necessary, in the humblest dwel- 
ling, even where he expected no pecuniary return. Na- 
ture made him a physician. Was a member of the Con- 
gregational Church. His death was caused by apoplexy. 
(See likeness on page 175.) Children : 

i Charles Hiram", b. 14 Sept., 1848 ; is a physician in W. S. 
ii Mary Elizabeth, b. 10 May, 1845; m. 20 Dec, 1865, Rufos 
M. Bagg, who was b. 20 Dec, 1844 ; farmer in W. S. Ch. 

1 Laara S.* Bagg, b. 15 Mar., 1867. 

2 RafVis M. Bagg, b. 19 Apr., 1869. 

3 Edwin O. Bagg, b. 27 June, 1872. 

4 Elisha A. Bagg, b. 13 June, 1874. 

5 Fred'k R. Bagg, b. 7 Dec, 1877. 
G Mary S. Bagg, b. 12 Jan., 1880. 

Ill Elisha Parks, b. 11 May, 1847; educated at Wesleyan 
Academy and Amherst College ; studied law with Messrs. 
Sauta and Lothrop of Springfield, and is a prominent law- 
yer in S. ; has been state representative, etc (See likeness 
on page 175.) 

It Irene Sophia, b. 4 June, 1849 ; res. W. S. 

▼ Horace Andrew, b. 3 June, 1851 ; is a member of the law 
firm of £. P. & H. A. Bartholomew of S., and a justice 
of the peace. 

310 Charles D.^ (Charles^, Charles/^, Andreitf,) born 
in Owego, N. Y., 24 Feb., 1832 ; married, 1 Jan., 1858, 
Edith Cole; and died in Owego, 10 Apr., 1872. She 
was bom in Tioga Co., Pa., 4 Aug., 1836. 


He resided in Chatham Valley, Tioga Co., Pa., where 
his children were born and still reside. Children : 

i Henry A.," b. 38 Sept., 1859. 

ii Ida M., b. 18 May, 1861. 

ill JohnW., b. 2 Jan., 1866. 

iv OUn F., b. 16 May, 1868. 

311 Aaron^ (AUen^, Charlee^, Andrev^,) bom 13 
Jan., 1810 ; married, 1 Jan., 1834, Anna Briggs. 

Mr. Bartholomew was early in company with his 
brother John in the blacksmith's trade, but soon outgrew 

He is a large land-owner and extensive farmer in 
Naples, Ontario Co., N. Y. His family have settled 
around him. Children : 

i David^, m. Harriet French ; is an influential farmer In N. 

ii William, m. Angellne Westbrook ; has seven children. 

lii Mary Ann, m. Loomis Wright. 

iv Ferry, m. Atsa Webb ; has three children. 

V George, died young. 

vi Jane, m. Charles T. Grelner ; four children. 

vii Hester, m. Tuisco Greiner; three children. 

Tiii Elizabeth, m. William Pulvcr; three children. 

312 John^ (Allen^, Charted j Andreu^y) born in She- 
shequin. Pa., in 1818 ; married in Naples, N. Y., in 
1832, Mary Gardiner of Milo, N. Y., who died in Mar., 
1847. He married, second, Sept., 1847, Julia French of 

Mr. Bartholomew, after residing for many years in 
Naples, removed in 1860 to Hillsdale, Mich., where he 
and his sou Joseph A. are extensively engaged in raising 
the very finest of stock. Children : 


i Cellsa,' b. in 1841; m. 1870, Wm. West; res. Naples. Ch. 

1 Rose* West, b. in 1878; d. 16 Feb., 1882. 

2 William West, b. in 1875. 
402 U Lewis, b. in 1848; d. Apr., 1876. 

ili Sarah, b. in 1845 ; m., 1861, Milo Gillett of N. ; and d. in 
1867. Ch. 

1 Qeorge Gillett, b. Oct., 1868. 

2 Seymoar Gillett, b. Dec, 1864. 
8 Kate Gillett, b. June, 1866. 

482a iT Joseph A., b. in 1851 ; res. Hillsdale. 

313 Henrys (AHen^^ Charletf, Andreufiy) born in 
Athens, Pa., 5 May, 1819 ; married, 18 Jan., 1844, Mi- 
nerva A. Rodley. 

He is a farmer in Bloods, Steuben Co., N. Y. 
Children : 

i Aaron,' b. 14 Dec, 1844; m. Clara Westbrook; six 

ii Albert, ) b. 22 Jaly, 1847 ; C d. 2 Dec, 1863. 

iii Allen, S ^^^"^ * \d,2Z June, 1880. 

It Henry £., b. 8 Feb., 1852 ; m. Phebe Warren ; res. Naples ; 

two children. 
T MaryE., b. 25 Sept., 1856; m. Wallace Palmiter; three 

Ti Clara Jane, b. 11 Apr,, 1859; m. Eugene Parks; d. 5 Mar., 

1880; one child. 
Tii William G., b. 26 Sept., 1868. 

314 Charles^ {AlUvf, Charle^y Andrev^,) born in 
1821 ; married Waty A. Briggs ; and died in Naples 
about Jan., 1869. She married, second, Sidney Merrill. 

Mr. Bartholomew was a farmer in Bloods, Steuben Co., 
N. Y. ChUdren: 

I Albert", m. Ann Eliza Borden ; three children. 

ii George, m. Anne Clement, who has since died; one 


ili Daniel, died yonnj(. 

!▼ Lawrence, m. Lucy Batchelor. 

y Leonora, m. WUliam Dudley. 
^ Hannah. 


315 Gtoorge^ (AUen\ Okarle^, Andrea^,) born in 
Sheshequin, Pa., 25 July, 1828 ; married, 26 Dec, 1848, 
Eliza J. Smith, who was born in Ulster, Pa., 25 May» 

Mr. Bartholomew is a prosperous farmer in Ulster. 

Children : 

i Francis A.,* b. 28 Sept., 18i9; has been a teacher in the 
graded school in Ulster for the last sixteen years. 

11 Effie, b. 19 Feb., 1851 ; has for several years had 

charge of a large millinery stock In Elmira, N. Y. 

ill James, b. 4 0ct., 1854; d. 12 Sept., 1856. 

Iv George H., b. 22 Mar., 1856; res. Ulster; farmer. 

y Ella, b. 6 Oct., 1858; res. Ulster. 

vl John, b. 6 Dec, 1861 ; farmer and apiarist InU. 

Til William, b. 10 Feb., 18G3; d. 9 Sept., 1866. 

vili Emma V., b. 23 Feb., 1865 ; res. Ulster. 

316 Edward Walter^ {Edward Waliet^, JPhinea^, 
Andrew^) born 18 Oct., 1834; man-ied, 18 Oct., 1859, 
Harriett Louisa Waldron : and resides at 567 Lafayette 
Ave., Brooklyn, N. Y. Children : 

i Margaret Elizabeth*, b, 6 Nov., 1860; m. 7 Nov., 1881, Alflred 

U. Davis. 
11 Laura Caroline, b. 25 May, 1863. 
ill Emma Agatha, b. 21 Aug., 1866. 

iv Edward Walter, b. 25 May, 1867. 
V Edith, b. 4 Jan., 1878 ; d. 6 July, 1879. 

817 Henry Ackermann^ {Edward WaUei^,> JPhin- 

ea^j Andrew^) born 5 Feb., 1839; married, 18 Sept., 
1866, Annie McDonald, who died 24 Apr., 1879. Resi- 
dence, 567 Lafayette Ave., Brooklyn, N. Y. Child: 

i Zoe," b. 24 Apr., 1879. 

318 John Morse^ ( Willie, Andreufi, Joseph^ ^) bom 
in Walliiigfoixl, Ct., 22 Feb., 1800; married, 8 Oct., 


1822, Pauline Fuller ; and died in Sheffield, Mass., 7 Dec, 
1878, set. 78. She was born 16 Mar., 1804. 

Mr. Bartholomew resided in the western portion of 
Sheffield after 1802. Farmer. Congregationalist. Dem- 
ocrat. Children : 

493 i Willis,*' b. 14 Sept., 1825; d. 18 July, 1882. 

li Pamella, b. 28 Dec, 1827; m., 25 Nov., 1851, Judge Henry 
Stiles Barboar, who Is a prominent lawyer in Hartford, 
Connecticat. Ch. 

1 John H.* Barbonr, b. 29 Mar., 1854; m. 7 May, 1878. 

2 Edward W. Barbour, b. 2 May, 1857; d. 28 May, 1861. 
8 Lacy A. Barbour, b. 6 May, 1868. 

319 Andrew^ ( PFIKiV, Andrevfi, Joseph^) born in 
Sheffield, Mass., 29 Nov., 1802 ; married, in S., 2 Sept., 
1824, Abigail Savage; and died 8 May, 1879, aged 76. 
She was bom 24 Apr., 1803; and died 30 Mar., 1875, 
set. 7^. 

Mr. Bartholomew was a successful farmer in the southern 
portion of Sheffield. Methodist. Republican. Children : 

i Asahel L.," b. 24 June, 1826 ; m., in 1847, Mary Sparks, 

now dead. He res. in Mercer, Cal. Of his seven children, 

but two married daughters are living. 
ii Martha £., b. 30 Dec, 1827; m. ab. 1849, Jas. A. Ror- 

aback; and d. 10 Jan., 1879. Children all b. in Canaan, 

Ct. ; res. in S., except two sons. Ch. 

1 Grace E.' Roraback, b. 3 June, 1851. 

2 Cassius H. Roraback, b. 4 Mar., 1854; res. California. 
8 Frank B. Roraback, b. 11 Feb., 185G; d. 6 Dec, 1859. 
4 J. Lee Roraback, b. 13 Sept., 1858 ; res. California. 
6 Willard A. Roraback, b. 12 Mar., 1860. 

6 John B. Roraback, b. 12 Jan., 1862. 

7 Charles £. Roraback, b. 13 Feb., 1864. 

8 George L. Roraback, b. 17 Nov., 18G5. 

4M ill Henry A., b. 28 Jan., 1830; res. Sheffield, Mass. 

lY Emily M., b. 21 Nov., 1832; m. in Apr., 1853, Clark 

B. Bryant of New York City ; and d. 6 Jan., 1854. 



V Faollne, b. 20 Nov., 1885 ; m., 10 Sept., 1856, Ifaoly 

U. Wickwire of Warren, Ct. ; and d. 4 Oct., 1882. Family 
reside in Sheffield. Ch. 

1 Lillian E. Wickwire, b. 25 Aug., 1858. 

2 Fannie E. Wickwire, b. IS Dec, 1859. 
8 NeUie P. Wickwire, b. 17 Apr., 1885. 

4 Arthur M. Wickwire, b. 19 Mar., 1867. 

5 Townsend B. Wickwire, b. 81 Mar., 1869. 

vl Jemima M., b. 12 Feb., 1888; m., 81 May, 1865, George 

H. Kirby of Cal. ; res. S. Ch. 

1 John H. KIrby, b. 13 Sept, 1866. 

2 George A. Kirby, b. 16 June, 1868. 
8 Frank A. Kirby, b. 24 July, 1870. 
4 Joseph B. Kirby, b. 8 Nov., 1872. 

▼U Norman Andrew, b. 81 Mar., 1840; d. 19 Feb., 1848. 

320 Hiram^ ( WilU^, Andreufi, Joseph^,) born in 
Sheffield, 29 Dec, 1806; married, 6 Feb., 1827, Betsy 
M. Bamum ; and died in S., 24 Apr., 1882. 

Mr. Bartholomew was one of the principal farmers in 
Sheffield ; and did much to establish and support its Meth- 
odist Church. Children : 

485 I George F.,' b. 8 Apr., 1828; res. Ashley Falls, Mass. 

U Caroline L., b. 8 Feb., 1882 ; m., 4 Dec, 1850, Albert Leroy ; 

res. Sheffield. 
Hi Horace P., d. in infancy, 
iv Mary, d. in infancy. 

V Mary Julia, b. In 1848; d. In 1858. 

321 George^ (Jessed ^ Andrew^ y Joseph* y) bom 27 Oct., 
1808 ; married, 10 Mar., 1831, Caroline Stewart of Meri- 
den, Ct., who was born in Aug., 1808 ; and died in 1862. 
He married, second, in Sept., 1863, Mrs. Lucy Crippen 
Love, who was bom in 1819. He died 4 Aug., 1869. 

Mr. Bartholomew was a prosperous cooper and farmer 
in S., and a favorite on account of his social qualities. 


Children : 

i Sarah Jane," b. 26 Apr., 1832 ; m., 8 May, 1854, Charles 

Graves, who was b. 80 Oct., 1817; Is a carpenter in Falls 
Village, Ct. Ch. 

1 Dwlght' Graves, b. 11 May, 1855 ; m. Irene Wetmore ; res. 

Bristol, Ct. 

2 Llnius Graves, b. 16 Apr., 1857. 
8 Cora Graves, b. 2 Jan., 1859. 

4 George Graves, b. 81 Dec, 1860; farmer. 
11 LoretU, b. 9 Feb., 1884 ; m., 14 Dec, 1850, John H. 

Saxton, who was b. 16 Dec, 1881 ; is a farmer of Helena, 
Wisconsin. Ch. 

1 Frank A. Saxton, b. 6 Oct., 1851 ; res. Blue Earth, Minn. 

2 Ada C. Saxton, m. Harvey Mclntyre ; merchant. 
8 Elva Saxton, b. 6 Sept., 1861 ; d. 5 Mar., 1879. 

4 Ines Saxton, b. 22 Sept., 1863; d. 1 Sept., 1864. 

5 Sumner Saxton, b. 1 Apr., 1870. 

6 Grace Saxton, b. 1 Nov., 1871; d. 26 Feb., 1872. 

7 Maud Saxton, b. 21 May, 1878. 

ill Frances Caroline, b. 1 Oct., 1885; m., 6 Mar., 1853, Wm. L. 
White, who was b. 21 Nov., 1834; res. Bucklln, Mo. Ch. 

1 Eva L. White, b. 29 Jan., 1854 ; m. Sheldon Bradley. 

Ch. (1) Leon. 

2 Willie F. White, b. 2 Oct., 1855; d. 31 Aug., 1856. 

8 George F. White, b. 12 Nov., 1867; m. A. A. Harriman. 

Ch. (1) Gertrude. 

4 Franklin K. White, b. 15 Apr., 1860. 

5 Melvlus White, b. 4 June, 1867. 

6 Ora Grace White, b. 15 Feb., 1871. 

7 Amy R. White, b. 4 Aug., 1873; d. 22 Sept., 1873. 

8 Bertha A. Wlilte, b. 19 July, 1874. 

9 Ralph D. White, b. 14 Aug., 1878. 

496 Iv Orrin J., b. 12 Jan., 1838 ; res. Independence, Kan. 

V Martin B., b. 25 Feb., 1840; m., 11 Sept., 1878, Laura 

Ann Clinton. Served three years as a soldier In the Civil 
War. Has been a blacksmith and wagon maker in Jack- 

^ sonville, Fla., since 1875. 

yI Elizabeth, b. 6 Jan., 1842; m., 10 Jan., 1858, Charles 

Alston, a paper manufacturer in Holyoke, Mass. Ch. 

1 Ida Alston, b. 12 May, 18C3; d. 12 Aug., 1864. 

2 Ina M. Alston, b. 26 Jan., 1865. 
8 Arthur C. Alston, b. 80 Aug., 1868. 



497 U Alba G., b. 21 July, 1845 ; res. Elmwood, 111. . 

498 ill Edwin D., b. 17 Apr., 1847; res. Decatur, 111. * 

It Frederick K., b. 20 June, 1849; m., 20 Nov., 1879, Hannah, 
daughter of John and Flora Adams, who was b. in Canada, 
19 Mar., 1868. Hardware salesman in D. 

V Herbert W., b. 4 Aug., 1851 ; dry goods salesman. 

824 Philander Hall^ (Andrevfi, Andreufi, Joseph^,) 
bom in Wallingford, in 1812 ; married, second, in North 
Haven, in 1841, Harriett Esther, daughter of Christopher 
and Esther (McComber) Law, who was bom in 1820 ; 
and resides in Chicago. He d. in Elmwood, 111., in 1869. 

Mr. Bartholomew was a carriage manufacturer in New 
Haven, Ct., previous to 1853, when he removed to Elm- 
wood, 111., and engaged largely in the stock business. 

Children : 

i Edwiu Ruthvln,^ d. 18 Apr., 18^, set. 11. 

ii James Benjamin, b. 27 Nov., 188S ; m., In N. T. City, 2 Dec., 
1861, Mary ; d. 25 Mar., 1865. 

ill Edward Law, b. 6 Mar., 1848; m., 13 Nov., 1879, Mary 
Gorton, in Washington Heights, lU. He is a printer and 
engraver; 150 Dearborn St., Washington Heights. 

825 Luzerne^ (Andreic^, Andreu^^ Joseph^ ^) born in 

Wallingford, 21 Feb., 1812; married, in June, 1836, 

Belay Yale of Meriden, who died in 1845. He married, 

second, in 1848, Sarah E. Payne of Galesburg, III. ; and 

died, in 1865, while on a visit to the house in which he 

was born. 

Mr. Bartholomew was a farmer, settling, at the age of 

twenty-five, on the site of the present town of Galesburg ; 

•^iog one of its first settlers. Was one of the "Cali- 

«nila forty-niners." He was of an adventurous disposi- 

^^ and having captured an extremely large grizzly bear, 

® ^torned to the Atlantic States via South America, 

^''e bo obtained other wild animals, and travelled for 


many years in the United States and Europe with his 
collection. After selling them he returned to Galesburg, 
where he resided until his death. Children : 

i Albertus Yale". 
11 Sarah Helen, died st. 16. 

lU Johu B., was killed In Jane, 1863, while planting his 

regiment's colors upon the parapet In f^ont of Vlcksborg. 
iv Minnie. 
Y Bessie. 

326 Samuel Dana^ (Andreufi^ Andrevfi^ Joseph^ y) 
bom in Wallingford, 8 Mar., 1821; married, 24 June, 
1845, Catherine E. Moore. 

Deacon Bartholomew is a farmer ; he settled after his 
marriage, in Lisbon, 111. ; but moved in 1872, to Mound 
City, Kan., and in 1879, to Buena Vista, Colo., where he 
became interested in the mines. 

He was prominent in the erection of the first Congrega- 
tional Church in Buena Vista, of which he was chosen tiie 
first deacon. Children : 

I Emma A.,^ b. 1 Aug., 1846 ; m. Aug. £. Cook ; res. Lisbon. 

II Elizabeth M., b. 1 Aug., 1848 ; m. David T. Beans ; res. Ooui- 

ha. Neb. Ch. 1 Halley' and 2 Jesse. 

lil Lillian S., b. 14 Mar., 1852; res. at home. 

Iv Ida Mary, b. 14 Mar., 1855; m. Horace Coy. Ch. 1 De- 
Forest and 2 Grace. 

Y Frank H., b. 8 Mar., 1857; res. Lisbon, 111. 

vl Fred., b. 31 July, 1858; m. Laura Cadmus; res. Sand- 

wich, III. 

vii Kate E., b. 4 Nov., 1863; res. Llsbon; 

vlll Eddie, b. 10 Feb., 1808; d. aet. 6 mos. 

327 Hezekiah^ {Andreufi, Andreu^, Joseph^ ,) bom 
in Wallingtbrd, 24 Mar., 1823; married, at Elmwood, 
111., 31 Dec., 1845, Sarah J. Huse, who was born in Hill, 
N. H., 22 Sept., 1826» 


Mr. Bartholomew resides in Elm wood, where he is 
justice of the peace, notary public, etc. Member of the 
Congregational Church. Children : 

11 LesU, b. 14 May, 1856; m., 18 May, 1876, W. B. Colville. 

828 Noyce Ellsworth^ {Andrevfiy Andrevfi^ Jo- 
Mph^j) born in Wallingford, 17 June, 1826 ; married, 25 
Dec., 1848, Cornelia Kellogg, who was bom in Egremont, 
Mass., 26 Apr., 1829. 

Mr. Bartholomew is a farmer in Mound City, Kansas, 
where he moved from Elmwood, 111., in 1866. 

Children : 

i William Edward.^ b. 22 May, 1850; d. 18 Apr., 1874. 

ii Frances Laella, b. 80 Apr., 1854; m., 25 Nov., 1874, Alfred 

Latham. Ch. 1 Mary,' 2 Jno. and 8 (reo. 
Hi Jennie Estella, b. 8 Apr., 1858; m., 8 Apr., 1882, J. T. 

Scott; res. Holden, Mo. 

iT FlorinAugnstu8,^j, i2Apr., 1862; 

us, ^ 

I. 5 

▼ Flora AugusU, ) twins. ^ ^ ^^ ^^^^ jgg^ ; chas. 

Brock ; res. Monnd City. 
▼I Noyes Otis, b. 11 May, 1871. 

829 Edward Franklin^ {Andreic^^ Andreu^y Jo- 

seph^j) born in Walliiigford, 8 Aug., 1828; married, in 
Peoria, 111., 24 JVLiy, 1853, Cordelia Kellogg, twin sister 
of Cornelia Kellogg«». 

Mr. Bartholomew started across the plains to California 
in the fall of 1849 ; he and his party were lost in the 
mountains ; a})out one-thii*d of their numi)er dying from 
starvation, the balance did not reach California until Feb., 

He returned to 111. in 1853 ; enlisted in 1862, was dis- 
charged the following year from disability. In 1864 he 


engaged in the hardware and agricultural implement busi- 
ness in Mound City, Kan., continuing until 1879, when 
he formed a partnership with his brother Samuel Dana* 
in the grocery business, in Buena Vista, Colo. He now 
resides in Pueblo, Colo. Children : 

i Adelbert R.,^ b. 20 June, 1854. 

11 Sophia A., b. 19 Mar., 1859 ; m. 7 Jane, 1881, C. C. Rnnner. 

iii Edward A., b. 9 Jane, 1862. 

iv Lana, b. 28 May, 1868. 

V Walter, b. 1 Oct., 1878; d. 25 Oct., 1873. • 

829a William^ ( George Ric^, Andreufi, Joseph^) 
born 31 Jan., 1813; married, 27 Aug., 1835, Lydia J. 
Tyler, who died 17 May, 1853. He married, second, 17 
Aug., 1857, Eliza N. H. Starr. 

Mr. Bartholomew has passed his entire life on the old 
Bartholomew homestead, an extensive farm which his great 
grandfather owned. Children : 

499 1 William Wilson,' b. 27 Jan., 1888; res. Meriden, Ct. 

ii Ellen R., b. 10 Feb., 1841; m. 15 Sept., 1859, Em- 

mons G. Coe of Middlefleld, who d. 8 Jan., 1870. She m., 
2nd, Albro N. Allen ; res. W. Ch. 

1 Maurice Emmons' Coe, b. 27 June, 18C0. 

2 William Wilson Coe, b. 28 Sept., 1861; d. 24 Jan., 1881. 
iii Eliza jQStlna, b. 11 Ang., 1842; d. 25 Mar., 1846. 

iv AdlahL., b. 7 Oct., 1847; m., 10 Apr., 1865, Elbert 

Hall ; res. W. Ch. 

1 Adeline E. Hall, b. 21 Oct., 1866. 

2 Lydia Bw. Hall, b. 29 Nov., 1872. 

830 George Rioe^ (George lUc^, Andreu^j Jo- 
seph'^,) born 11 Dec., 1821 ; married, 14 Feb., 1844, Lots 
H. Morse ; and died in 1853. He resided in Wallingford. 

Child : 

i George Willis," b. in 1850 ; is a travelling salesman Anom Bos- 
ton, Mass. 


881 JoeP (Isaac^t Isaad^^ Joseph* 9) born in Walling- 
ford, 7 Feb., 1799 ; married Huldah, daughter of Benjamin 
and Estiier (Cowles) Lyman of Meriden, Ct. ; and died in 
Cazenovia, N. Y., 25 Oct., 1839. She was born 4 June, 
1803; married, second, a Mr. Rood, and died in Nov., 
1882, in her 80th year. 

He moved from Conn, to Onondaga Co., N. Y., in 1825. 

Children : 

I BaCh,^ b. 80 June, 1825; m. MUton Whltford; res. 

Onondaga Valley, N. Y. Ch. 

1 Ella L.* Whltford, b. 5 Feb., 1857; d. 5 July, 18G0. 

2 Wniiam B. Whltford, b. 11 Aug., 1862. 
8 Morton D. Whltford, b. 26 May, 1867. 
4 Arthur H. Whltford, b. 18 Feb., 1869. 

II Lydla Ann, m. Mathew Gardner; res. Delphi, N. T. Ch. 

1 Helen (m. Jas. Sayles), 2 Bemie and 8 Edson Gardner. 
600 ill Lyman Kellogg, b. 17 Jan., 1829 ; res. Oneida, N. T. 

lY William Henry, b. 18 Feb., 1881; m., 29 Oct., 1872, Orpha 
Eloise Roberts, b. 1 Apr., 1857; res. Guba, N. Y. ; marble 
dealer and catter. (See likeness on page 175.) 

T Alonzo Cnrtiss, m., 1st, Martha Howard, who d. in Meadville, 
Pa., leaving two ch. ; m., 2nd, Mrs. Conover, in Titusvllle, 
where he d. 7 Mar., 1879, and where she res. Was for many 
years In company with his brother Wm. Gh. 

1 Evelyn Bw., now dead. 

2 Edward Alonzo Bw., res. Gaba, N. Y. 

▼1 E. Cornelia, m. Ghanncey llogers ; res. Delphi. N. Y. Gh. 

1 Ada Rogers, m. Edward Davis ; res. Glockville, N. Y. 

2 Mary J. Rogers, m. J. Barnes ; res. Gazenovla, N. Y. 
8 Gharles Rogers, res. Delphi, N. Y. 

4 Seymour Rogers, res. Delphi. 

tU Mary Jane, m. 1st, Angus Arnold, killed in the war of 
1861; m., 2nd, Mr. Tisdale, d. in Montreal, Gan., in 1877. 
1 William Arnold, res. Oneida, N. Y. 

5 Frank Arnold, res. in Ohio. 

882 Chatmcey'^ (/«aac®, j&aac*, Joseph* ,) bom in 
1802; married, in Durham, Ct., 7 Aug., 1827, Sophronia 


Pormeloy, who was born in 1802, and still lives. He died 
in Wallingford, 12 May, 1859. Children : 

i Eliza,^ m., Ist, 15 Sept., 1851, Daniel Crandall, who died 26 
June, 1855 ; she ra., 2nd, 29 Dec, 1864, John W. Hunt. Ch. 

1 Cyrenus A. W.' Crandall, b. 5 June, 1852 ; d. 25 June, 1878. 

2 Susan £. Crandall, b. 28 Apr., 1867; d. 9 Aug., 1868. 
501 li Isaac, b. 22 Oct., 1830; res. Bridgeport, Ct. 

ill Susan, b. 28 Nov., 1883; m., 80 May, 1853, Greorge Braioerd; 

and d. 17 Oct., 1858. He d. in 1858. 
iv Sarah, m., 1st, 21 May, 1852, Morris C. Clark, who d. 5 July, 

1867; she m., 2nd, 5 Aug., 1868, William Tamer. Ch. 

1 Alice Clark, b. In 1854; d. in Sept., 1875. 

2 Emma Clark, b. in 1858 ; d. in Sept., 1867. 

3 Fannie E. Clark. 

4 Isaac H. Clark. 

833 Harley^ (Isaad^j Isacufj Joseph^) born in 1806; 
mari'ied, Delilah Edwards, now dead ; and died in Pompey, 
N. Y., 27 Oct., 1848. 

He moved to Ohio with his brother Joel, in 1825. 

Children : 

i Caroline,' res. Omaha, Neb. 

li Rosa, died young. 

Ill James, b. in 1842 ; m. Josephine Alma Brock, who was b. 
in Concord, N. H. Has been a resident of Boston, Mass., 
some twenty years, where he is a letter carrier. 

334 Levi Moss^ (Levi Mosa^^ Isaouf^ Joseph^ f) bom 
in Cazenovia, N. Y., 17 June, 1801; married in At- 
water, O., 28 Aug., 1824, Lydia A. Blakeslee ; and died 
in Oberlin, O., 3 Feb., 1863. She was born 20 Mar., 
1803, and resides with her daughter Lola, in Ohio. 

Mr. Bartholomew passed the early portion of his life 
as a farmer in Auburn and Oberlin, O., and the latter 
portion in the far west with his rifle for company. 


Children : 

6021 Noyce D.,' b. 17 Jane, 1825; res. Charlotte, Eaton Co., 

608 11 Harley Ives, b. 15 Jan., 1827; res. Oberlin, O. 
lil Luclnda J., b. 22 Sept., 1829 ; d. In Oct., 1884. 
604 lY Seth Waldo, b. 18 Mar., 1882; res. Stnrgis, Mich. 

▼ JallaL., b. 10 Dec, 1885; m. 18 Nov., 1856, Max 

Straass, merchant In Elyria, 0. Ch. 
1 J. Clayton Straass,* b. 8 Jan., 1859; law student. 
▼1 Lola Montez, b. 16 Oct, 1840; res. Oberlin, 0.; book- 
keeper and newspaper correspondent. 
Til Levi M., b. 19 Apr., 1848; d. 28 Mar., 1844. 

886 Albert^ (Levi MosfP^ Isaatfy Joseph* j) bom in 
Gazenovia, N. Y. ; married, 1 Sept., 1829, Minerva Pot- 
ter. He lived and died in Atwater, O. Children : 

I Jane,* b. Aug., 1880; m. Earl Streeter; and d. In 1847. 

II Louisa, m. Frank Russell; res. Nebraska; four children. 
lU Alvina, b. In 1842 ; m. Mr. Owen ; res. Bradford, Iowa. 

1y William, b. lo Sept, 1846; m. Bell; res. Wis. ; three 


886 Balph^ (Levi Moss^^ laaacf^ Joseph*^) born in 

Cazenovia; married, second, Melissa ; and died. 

She resides with ber only child, Laura, at Atwater Sta- 
tion, Portage Co., O. Children : 

1 Henry," res. Atwater Station, Portage Co., O. 

il Alonzo. 

Ill Mary, res. near Akron, 0. 

It Laura, res. Atwater Station. 

887 Henrys (Joseph^ ^ Isacufj Joseph* 9) bom in Wal- 
lingford, Ct., 7 June, 1818; married Isabella Patterson 
of Oneida Co., N. Y. ; and died at his home in Dunkirk, 
N. Y. Children : 

i Jolia,' m. Joseph Nelson, Jeweller in Dunkirk. Ch. 1 Isa- 
beUa*, 2 Leah (Mrs. Yandervort), and 3 Julia Nelson. 



ii Mary, m. Ist, Wm. H. Post, who died; 2ndi Charles Yon 

Wagoner of Elmira. 
ill Helen, m. Wm. L. Slater; res. Fhoenixville, MaracopaCo., 

Arizona Territory. Ch. 1 Henry, 2 Joseph and 8 Leah 

iY David, died young. 

838 Joseph^ (Joseph^ ^ laaxuf^ Joseph^,) born in Wal- 
lingfordy Ct., 22 Aug., 1820; married. Cornelia Herten; 
no issue. He married, second, 5 Mar., 1856, Elizabeth 
Pearson ; and died at his residence in Dunkirk, N. Y., 3 
Nov., 1877. 

Mrs. Elizabeth was born in Ti*enton, N. J., 10 May, 
1832 ; residence Dunkirk. Child : 

i ' Nelson J.,^ b. 5 Apr., 1857 ; res. Dunkirk. 

889 Stephen Decatur^ (Jasqph^ Imcuf^ Joseph};) 
bom in Wallingford, Ct., 11 Jan., 1833; married in 
Dunkirk, N. Y., 4 July, 1857, Julia E. Allen, who was 
bom in Sheridan, N. Y., 5 Jan., 1839. 

Mr. Bartholomew resides in Pleasantville, Venango Co., 
Pa. Children : 

i Alice E. ,* b. 28 Mar. , 1859. 

ii Walter Joseph, b. 8 May, 1866. 
ill Archie Johnson, b. 15 Noy., 1870. 

340 Sereno^ {SamuePy Isacu?^ Joseph^ j) bom in 
Wallingford, Ct., 27 Oct., 1818; manied, 29 Sept., 
1847, Sarah Benham. 

Deacon Bartholomew is a farmer in Wallingford. He 
has been a selectman of the town several years and dea- 
con of its Congregational Church since 1869. 

Children : 

i Catherine^, b. 14 Oct., 1848 ; d. 18 Mar., 1868. 

ii Franklin Minor, b. 7 Jan., 1855 ; m. in Darham, Ct,, 28 Apr., 
1881, Hattle M. Tibbals ; res. WaUingford. 


841 Samuel TJ {SamueVj Isaoif., Joseph*,) bom 22 
Nov., 1832 ; married 12 Mar., 1854^ Mary E. Hall. 

Mr. Bartholomew is a farmer in Wallingford. Seryed 
three years as a soldier in the last war. 

Children : 

i Emma J.,* b. 24 Feb., 1855 ; m. 7 Noy., 1877/Chas. Blakesley. 

il Alson, b. 4 Jane, 1857. 

iii A son, b. 11 Apr., 1861 ; d. 16 Apr., 1861. 

It Harry A., b.80 Apr., 1866. 

842 Augustus H.7 (Ira^j Isaac,^ Joseph* y) born in 
Wallingford, 19 Sept., 1817 ; married, 11 Jan., 1846, 
Mary K. Pomeroy, who died 21 March, 1849. He mar- 
ried, second, 18 Feb., 1850, Mary E. Camp. 

Has a large farm in Wallingford ; a portion of the place 
settled by his grandfather Isaac Bartholomew. 

Children : 

i Ason^, b. 26 Jan., 1847; d. 17 Jan., 1848. 

li Marcia E., b. 17 May, 1851; m. H. N. Childs. 

iii Emma Jane, b. 18 Mar., 1858; d. 4 Jaly, 1853. 

It James D., b. 4 Sept., 1854; m. 29 May, 1877, Annie 
Chandler. Ch. 
1 Harry Bw.» b. in May, 1881 ; res. Wallingford. 

T William H., b. 8 Sept., 1856; ra. 18 Oct., 1877, Tillian An- 

▼i Charles F., b. 80 Aug., 1859. 

848 Frederick W.^ (Ira\ l8aa&, Joseph*,) born in 
Wallingford, Ct., 7 Jan., 1821 ; married, 28 Aug., 1844, 
Eliza C. Cook, who was born 20 Feb., 1821 ; and died 
24 July, 1862. Residence Wallingford. Children : 

i George F.,' b. 16 May, 1845 ; d. 28 May, 1845. 
U Charles Ira, ^ b. 80 Sept., 1848 ; C d. 15 Dec, 1849. 

iU Ella, ) *^*"®» ^d. 21 Oct, 1848. 


iv Cornelia Augusta, b. 16 June, 1851; d. 5 Oct., 1851. 
V Frederick Cook, b. 27 Dec, 1852. 

vi Helen Estelle, b. 2 Sept., 1858; m., in 1880, a Mr. Per- 
vU Mary, b. 21 Oct., 1860; d. 26 Jane, 1861. 

844 George Henrys (Stephen^, Jonathan^, Joseph^ ^) 
born 27 Oct., 1818 ; married, 24 April, 1844, Emily Tal- 
cott of Hartford ; res. Kingston, N. Y. Children : 

i Leonard Talcott*, b. 4 April, 1845 ; d. 29 March, 1858, in New 

York City. 
11 George Francis, b. 4 Doc, 1847; d. 16 Jan., 1877, In New 

London, Ct. 
ill Harry, b. 27 Nov., 1852; d. 19 June, 1858, In 

Hartford, Ct. 
It Emily, b. 22 Feb., 1854 ; d. 29 Aug., 1872, In New 

Haven, Ct. 
V Ella, b. 9 April, 1856 ; d. 20 Oct., 1856. 

vi Lewis Albert, b. 1 Ang., 1861 ; res. Kingston, N. Y. 

346 Charles Fayette^ {Stephen^, Jonat/ian^^ Jo- 
8eph*j) born in Norwich, N. Y., 30 June, 1824; married 
in New York City, 15 April, 1863, Emma Virginia 
Becker, who was born in New York City, 29 Mar., 1840. 

Mr. Bartholomew is proprietor of the Bartholomew 
House, Mamaroneck, N. Y., a pleasant summer resort on 
Long Island Sound. Children : 

I Charles FayetteS b. 10 Jan., 1864; d. 27 June, 1865. 

II Emma Isabella, b. 11 July, 1867; d. 8 May, 1870. 
iii WilUam Fayette, b. 12 Oct., 1871. 

346 Francis H.^ (Stephen^, Jonathan^ ^ Joseph* y) 
born 13 April, 1832; married, 15 Aug., 1853, Mary 
Jane Barnes, who was born 19 Sept., 1833. 


He is a travelling salesman, and resides in New Haven, 
Ct. Children : 

I Cora Frances', b. 18 July, 1854 ; m. 28 Jane, 1880, Sagene 

P. Jones ; res. Hamden, Ct. 

II Harry Hopson, b. 15 Dec, 1864; d. 8 Nov., 1871. 
in Bertie Harris, b. 6 Feb., 1878 ; d. 17 Jan., 1878. 
Iv Harry Herbert, b. 28 Oct., 1877. 

847 John Jerome^ (Leman^j Jonathan^ ^ Joseph* ,) 
bom in Wallingford, 22 Dec, 1815; married, 24 Aug., 
1837, Charlotte A. Squire, who was born 14 Aug., 1819, 
and died 15 May, 1854. 

He married, second, 27 April, 1855, Irene Barker 
Beach, who was bom 14 June, 1819, and died 4 June, 
1860. He next married, 7 May, 1861, Mary E. Barton, 
who was bom 17 Sept., 1835. 

Col. Bartholomew has spent his life thus far as a farmer 
in Branford. He has been its judge of probate ten years, 
justice of the peace about thirty years, chairman of the 
board of education, acting school visitor, selectman, town 
agent, representative, and colonel of the horse artillery. 
Is a member of the Congregational Church. (See like- 
ness on page 127.) 

Children : 

1 John NewtonS b. 2GNov., 1838; res. Fair Haven, Ct. 

U Annice Estclle, b. 29 Dec, 1844; m. 2 June, 18C8, 

Annie B. Palmer; res. Guilford, Ct. Ch. 

1 Caroline L.» Talmer, b. 28 Feb., 1872. 

2 Fred. H. Palmer, b. 3 Jan., 1875. 
8 Charlotte A. Palmer, b. 9 May, 1880. 

SOO lil Seymour Luzerne, b. 21 Aug., 1846; res. New Jersey. 
It Sherwood Elton, b. 28 Oct., 1849; d. 10 Feb., 1853. 
T Charlotte A. Sqnire, b. 11 May, 1857; res. Branford, Ct. 
y1 Irene Barker, b. 19 May, 1860 ; res. Branford, Ct. 

848 BodolphUB^ (Leman^, Jonathan'^, Joseph* j) born 


Q Durham, Ct., 30 June, 1820 ; married, 15 June, 1848, 
l^liTsabeth Griffiug, who was born 6 April, 1826, and died 
; Nov., 1877. 

Mr. Bartholomew served in the 27th Conn. Vol. lufan- 
ry, in the war of 1861. Is a mechanic in Branford, a 
nember of its board of education and its Congregational 
lihurch. Children : 

SO? 1 Clifford GrlfflDg*, b. 1 April, 1849 ; res. Branford. 

508 ii Robert Dwlght. b. 24 Mar., 1851 ; New Britain, Ct. 

Ui David Daggett, b. 9 Aag., 1858; m. 25 Dec., 1877, 

Mary H. Hoicomb. He is a merchant in Branford. 
iv Elizabeth Cook Leggett, b. 8 Aug., 1855; m. 8 Ang., 1880, 

John £. Bramer. 

Y Ernest Sherwood, b. 10 Sept., 1858. 

849 Charles Henrys (Dariu^, Jonathan* ^ Joseph^) 
K)m 26 July, 1838; married, 25 Dec, 1866, Lucy S. 

He is a farmer in Glastenbury, Ct. Children : 

1 Mary Abbey', b. Sept., 1876. 
U George H., b. April, 1878. 

360 John Rhodes^ {Joseph^ ^ Joseph* ^ Joseph^ f) bom 
n Pompey, N. Y., 6 Sept., 1802 ; married in 1825, Deb- 
orah Mendel of Conneant, Ohio. 

He resides in Cuyahoga Rapids, O. Children : 

509 1 Hiram M.,^ b. 14 Aug., 1828; res. Brooklyn, Iowa. 

ii Harriett, b. 20 Mar., 1880; m. 4 Oct., 1848, Joel 

Bos well, of Onondaga Co., N. T. ; res. EUram Bapldty 
Portage Co., O. Cli. 

1 George Bos well', b. 6 Ang., 1850. 

2 Clara BosweU, b. 3 Mar., 1852; d. 27 Feb., 1856. 

3 Emma Boswell, b. 7 Dec, 1854; d. 17 Aug., I85d. 

4 Charles H. BosweU, b. 15 July, 1858. 

5 Armina Boswell, b. 15 Apr., 1866. 


ill Joseph, b. 8 Nov., 1888 ; m. Martha Lommeres of 

Laiieer, Mich. ; and d. 16 Aug., 1865. Ch. 1 John B. and 
2 Flora J. of L. 

Iy Clara Maria, b. 6 Feb., 1838; res. Rapids, Portage 

Co., Ohio. 

T John Nelson, b. 16 Feb., 1840; enlisted in 1861 in the 

15th Mich. Vol. Infantry, and was killed at Pittsburg 
Landing, 6 April, 1862. 

Yi Caroline .Louisa, b. 14 Aug., 1842; d. 6 May, 1848. 

Yil Reuben Harmon, b. 11 Jan., 1844; res. Rapids, 0. 

Yiii Ellen Eliza, b. 16 Nov., 1847; m. 25 Dec, 1868, Fran- 

cis M. Davis ; res. R. Ch. 

1 Henry J. Davis, b. 4 Dec, 1869; d. 18 July, 1870. 

2 Icetta M. Davis, b. 12 Nov., 1872. 
8 Marietta Davis. 

!x Amos Perry, b. 10 Feb., 1848; res. Litchfield, Mich. 

X Alice, b. 6 June, 1858 ; d. 10 Feb., 1857. 

851 Jonathan Palmer^ ( Chauncei^j Joseph^ j Jo- 
jq»A\) bom in Cainillus» N. Y., 26 Sept., 1799 ; married, 
4 March, 1821, Mary Wilson, who was bom in Cherry 
Valley, N. Y., 29 Sept., 1800. Ho died in Auburn, O., 
3 Feb., 1862. 

Mr. Bartholomew, at the age of fifteen, enlisted in the 
U« S. Army, and was present at the termination of the 
battle of Sackett's Harbor. He removed in 1822 to Au- 
burn, O., where he erected the first blacksmith's shop in 
the country. He was one of the best smiths of that time, 
which trade then included all machinists. There he con- 
ducted a large business, as well as managed his farm. 
Was a whig, and subsequently a republican. 

Children : 

1 Charity*, b. 15 Dec, 1821 ; d. 21 May, 1822. 

610 U AWiros P., b. 8 June, 1828 ; res. Elgin, lU. 

ill Peariyette, b. 21 Dec, 1824; m. 25 Oct., 1846, D. 

Jadcson Frazee, a fkrmer of Welshfleld, O. Ch. 
1 J. P.' Frazee, b. 24 July, 1847; m. Ida L. Tinker; 

and d. 8 July, 1872. 



2 EllaD. Frazee, b. 4 April, 1856; d. 5 Sept., 1858. 

8 Edward D. Frazee, b. 28 Jan., 1858; d. 8 May, 1862. 
4 John C. Frazee, b. 10 Jane, 1861 ; res. Welshfield, O. 

Iv JaliaAnn, b. 12 Sept., 1826; m. Ist, 1847, Henry 

Sheldon, who d. 10 Jan., 1858; m. 2nd, 81 Oct., 1882, 
Wm. Redfleld of W. Union, Fayette Co., Iowa. Ch. 

1 Christopher W. Sheldon, b. 18 April, 1848 ; m. Ida J. Frazee ; 

res. Mantua, O. 

2 Sheridan I. Sheldon, b. 19 July, 1849 ; m. ; res. Mantaa. 
8 Mary L. Sheldon, b. 25 Oct., 1851 ; d. 15 May, 1874. 
4 Newton H. Sheldon, b. 14 Mar.» 1858 ; m. Ellen E. SU- 

vemall; res. M. 
Y ChannceyA., b. 81 Aug., 1828; m. 25 Nov., 1852, 

Emily Wlnchell. He enlisted In 1861, In the 41st O. Vol. 
Infantry. Has one of the best fkrms In Mantua; no chil- 
dren ; adopted Albertus C. Bartholomew. (See likeness 
on page 175.) 

511 vi Nelson L., b. 9 Nov., 1880; res. Auburn, O. 

vll Betsy Ann, b. 16 Jan., 1888; m. 8 July, 1851, 

Lothrop Reed of Mantua; res. Burton, O., where chil- 
dren all remain. Ch. 

1 Perry D. Reed, b. 81 March, 1852; m. Ellen Q. Wicks. 

2 Burt D. Reed, b. 18 May, 1854; m. Lucretia Farrow; 

son Louis. 
8 Frankle L. Reed, b. 29 Dec, 1859; d. 25 Dec, 1862. 

4 Merritt Reed, b. 14 July, 1862. 

5 Vernle Reed, b. 13 Feb., 1870. 

vill James Dennison, b. 15 March, 1885 ; d. 4 May, 1850. 
ix Sarah, b. 1 May, 1887; d. 10 May, 1887. 

X Mary Loretta, b. 16 Jan., 1888; m. 7 March, 1858, De- 

coursey N. Canfleld ; carpenter ; res. Auburn, O. Ch. 

1 Wade H. Canfleld, b. 18 Dec, 1860; res. Auburn. 

2 Effle Canfleld, b. 6 Sept., 1866. 

8 Leon Canfleld, b. 15 March, 1876. 

512 xi Alonzo Delos, b. 8 Aug., 1889; res. Fayette Co., Iow». 
613 xll Thomas Corwin, b. 1 Sept., 1840; res. Ohio. 

xlll Andrew, b. 19 Dec, 1842; d. 21 March, 1848. 

352 Chauncey^ (CAaunccy*, Joseph^ y Jo^eph^^) bom 
in Pompey, N. Y., 7 Aug., 1803; married, 25 Feb., 
1824, Adeline Rhimes, who was born 25 Sept., 1807, and 
died 8 Feb., 1847. 


He married* second, Nov., 1848, Phebe Ann Powell, 
who was born 16 March, 1821. 

Mr. Bartholomew, after his father's death, lived with 
his great-uncle White Osborn, and was taught the black- 
smith and machinist trade. In June, 1828, he engaged 
in the brass and bell foundry business in Buffalo ; also 
contracted to move buildings, raise sunken boats, etc. ; 
In 1870 he retired to his farm in Checktowaga, five miles 
east of Buffalo, where he resides, aged 80. Children : 

i Esther Ann", b. 14 Nov., 1825 ; d. 4 Nov., 1845. 
' U Mary Ann, b. 21 Nov., 1827; ra. 1st, 1843, James Hayes; 
2Dd, 25 Dec, 1871, Wm. Reed ; and d. 10 Jan., 1878. Ch. 

1 Addie' Hayes, m. Frank Comstock ; and died leaving 

daughter (1) Estella*^ 

2 James Hayes, res. Mich. 

8 Chaanccy Hayes, died in Andersonville Prison. 

4 Esther Hayes, died in infancy. 

5 Estelia J. Hayes, m. Franklin B. Raze ; died 21 May, 1882. 
m Laura, b. 22 Jan., 1829; m. Jan., 1860, Richard 

H. Doe ; res. Minn. Ch. 1 Julia, 2 Lema, 8 RuAis, 4 Laura 
and 5 Richard Doe. 
iv Damaries Adeline, b. 28 Jan., 1831 ; m. 8 Dec, 1853, John A. 
B. Campbell, who d. 4 Oct., 1877; res. Buffalo. Ch. 

1 John A. Campbell, grain merchant in Buffalo. 

2 Isabella A. Campbell. 

8 Frank K. Campbell, died in infancy. 

4 Cora A. Campbell. 
T Sarah Sophia, b. 80 Jan., 1833 ; d. 17 Nov., 1854. 

vl Matilda Eliza, b. 28 Nov., 1836 ; d. 20 May, 1857. 

▼ii Julia Hortense, b. 20 Oct., 1838 ; m. 6 May, 1862, Fred. A. 
Colson ; died 31 July, 1864. Ch. 

1 Au;|fustus R. Colson, b. 4 July, 1863. 
▼ill Daniel Palmer, b. 12 March, 1842; d. 2 Nov., 1843. 
Ix Frances Isabella, b. 28 Sept., 1844; d. 16 Oct., 1844. 
z George Herbert, b. 24 July, 1849 ; d. 7 Sept., 1850. 
xi Chaunccy Drayton, b. 2 Dec, 1850; m. 10 Sept., 1870, Mary 

Jane Gibson. Was foreman in Jcwett's Stove Works iu B. 
Is now farming in Checktowaga. Ch. 

1 Chauucey Herbert Bw., b. 6 Jan., 1872. 
zii Phebe Adelaide, b. 11 June, 1860; m. 4 Oct., 1882, Chand- 
ler L. Bruce of B. 



853 Daniel Drayton^ (DaniePj Joseph^ Joseph^,) 
born in Pompey, N. Y., 27 March, 1806; married, 28 
March, 1829, Lydia J. Wheelock, who was bom in Pom- 
pey, 12 June, 1810, and died 9 July, 1845. 

He married, second, 16 Oct., 1846, Octavia Steer, who 
was born in 1812, and died 8 May, 1855. He married, 
next, 25 Nov., 1855, Lucinda M. Devine, who was bom 
29 Aug., 1818. He died 29 May, 1882, aged 76. 

Mr. Bartholomew was a blacksmith through active life 
in Pavilion, N. Y. He was frequently called upon to 
serve the town in public capacities, and was for fifty years 
an active member of the Methodist Church. 

Politically, he was a democrat until 1854 ; subsequently 
a republican. Children : 

i Harriett C* b. 20 Judo, 1832; m. 22 Feb., 1851, Albert 
G. CoUlns, of Colambia, Ct. Ch. 
1 Mary B. Collins*, b. 7 Nov., 1851 ; d. 11 Jan., 1852. 
11 Charles Henry, b. 7 Dec, 1834; d. 21 July, 1835. 
614 ill William Oswald, b. 30 Apr., 1843; res. Omaha. 

lY Lydla Jane, b. 6 July, 1845; m. 18 Dec, 1866, Jasper M. 

Starr, who was b. 18 Sept., 1838 ; res. Pavilion. Ch. 

1 Hattle £. Storr, b. 4 Oct., 1867. 

2 Mary F. Starr, b. 1 Feb., 1869 ; d. 16 Apr., 1872. 

3 Earle D. Starr, b. 31 Jan., 1874. 

4 WiUlam Bw. Storr, b. 26 Oct., 1879. 

Y AddaEstella, b. 16 May, 1858; m. 17 Dec, 1879, Frank 

364 Amos HoUlday^ {Daniel Ivet^, Jo9ephf^ Jo- 
seph\) bom in Pompey, 11 June, 1815 ; married, 10 Aug., 
1834, Almira Shannon, wiio was bom 2 Mar., 1816; and 
died 26 July, 1863. He married, second, 2 Mar., 1864, 
Abbie A. Vanburen, who was born 8 Jan., 1829. 

Mr. Bartholomew is a farmer in Beading, Mich. ; has 
served his town in several official capacities. Children : 


515 1 Daniel Hczekiah,' b. 5 Apr., 1837; res. Reading, Mich. 

516 il Cbaancey Leroy, b. 24 Mar., 1839 ; res. Council Grove, Kan. 
ill Miranda Elizabeth, b. 16 May, 1842; m. 1 Jan., 1860, Sylvester 

Corey ; and d. 2 Dec. , 1865. Ch. 

1 Otis B.' Corey, b. 20 Nov., 1860; res. Conncil Grove, Kan. 

2 Fred C. Corey, b. in 1862 ; res. C. G. 

517 !▼ Grove Shannon, b. 8 Feb., 1844; res. Reading. 

▼ PhoBbc Jane, b. 7 Jane, 1847 ; m., 27 Mar., 1866, Alfonso 

Shafer; res. R. Ch. 

1 Orville B. Shafer, b. 24 Feb., 1867. 

2 Carlotta N. Shafer, b. 8 Dec, 1872. 

▼i Esther A., b. 25 Apr., 1849 ; m., 17 Ang., 1867, Myron 

Larraway ; 2nd, Jno. Salne. Ch. 
• 1 Carrie Larraway, b. in June, 1869. 
▼ii Lydia Octavia, b. 22 Sept., 1853; m., 6 Feb., 1868, Frank 

Bacon ; farmer. Ch. 1 Ellsworth, 2 Henry and 3 Amos 

▼ill Lizzie Ella May, b. 2 Jan., 1865. 
ix Lila Linwood, b. 26 Sept. 1867. 
z Abbie Almira, b. 7 Feb., 1871. 

866 Joseph Leroy^ (Danid /ves®, Joseph^, Joseph*,) 
born 25 Apr., 1819 ; married, in Van Buren, N. Y., July, 
1841, Ann Eliza Foster. 

Mr. Bartholomew resides in Port Huron, Mich., where 
he has been postmaster several years, and held other local 
offices. Children : 

618 t Washington Irving,^ b. 6 May, 1842; res. Indianapolis, Ind. 
il Demarins, b. 81 Dec, 1855; m., 15 Dec, 1873, C. 

easier; res. Port Hnron. 

366 Nelson Irs,'' (Oyrenu^, Joseph^, Joseph*,) born 
in Pompey, N. Y., 17 Apr., 1815; married, in Salina, 
N. Y., 17 June, 1839, Minerva Bailey, who was born at 
Potsdam, N. Y., 14 Dec., 1816 ; and died 13 Mar., 1870. 
He died 23 Feb., 1844. 

He was educated at Clinton College, N. Y. ; was a far- 
mer in Pompey ; and a Universalist. Children : 


i Sarah Angelina," b. 80 Jan., 1842; m., 8 July, 1866, Wesley 
Qoodfellow ; res. Manilas, N. Y. Cti. 

1 Nelson €.• Goodfellow, b. 1 May, 1867. 

2 Minerva Goodfellow, b. 28 Nov., 1871. 
8 Lovisa Goodfellow, b. 19 Oct., 1876. 

11 Polly Minerva, b. 29 July, 1844; m., 15 Sept., 1864, Jerome 
Moore. Ch. 
1 Nellie Bw. Moore, b. 9 Jan., 1867. 

357 Erasmus Darwin' ( Sherman^ ^ Ira^j Joseph*^) 
born in Waterville, N. Y., 29 Mar., 1804; married, 24 
Feb., 1826, Mary Saline Brewster, a descendant of the 
Pilgrim elder, William Brewster who died May 4, 1880, 
in her 78th year. He died in Angelica, Alagana Co. , N. Y., 
in Feb. 1836. 

Dr. Bartholomew studied medicine in Waterville, at- 
tended lectures at Fairfield, N. Y., and practised in Den- 
mark, Eaton, Waterville and Angelica, N. Y. 

Children : 

i John 01instead>^ b. In Denmark, Lewis Co., N. Y., 29 Dec, 
1826 ; res. New York City. Banker. 
519 ii Samuel Brewster, b. in 1828; res. Springfield, Mass., Dentist. 

iii Erasmas Sherman, b. in Denmark, Lewis Co., N. Y., 81 Jaly, 
1830; d. 17 Jane, 1862. He went to Woonsocket, B. L, 
where, under the instruction of his brother, Dr. Samael 
Brewster Bartholomew he acquired the dentist's art. At 
the outbreak of the rebellion, he enlisted; was Corp. in Ist 
Reg't R. I. Volunteers; then Serg. Hi^or and Lieut. 8rd 
Reg't R. I. Heavy Artillery. He said, ** I go from a sense of 
duty. I have neither wife nor children, and there is no 
reason why I should not go." He was in the battle of BaU 
Run; at battle of James Island (S. C.) he was wounded, 
and died in consequence of his wounds. 

There is a fine steel portrait of Mr. Bartholomew in 
**Memoirs of R. I. officers who served their country dorlog 
the Great Rebellion of the South," written by John Roasen 
Bartlett, Providence, 1867. 

iv Eliza Baken, b. in Eaton, Madison Co., N. Y., in 1832; m. Rev. 
Charles Keyser, D.D., of Albany, N. Y., d. AprU 13, 1881. 


857a Benjamin Bush^ (Sherman*, Ircfi, Joseph* j) 
bom in Waterville, N. Y., 29 Aug., 1808; married, in 
Cazenovia, N. Y., 14 Jan., 1830, Mary Ann Knowlton. 

Mr. Bartholomew was a hatter in Cazenovia, N. Y., 
bat is now farming in Harmony, III. Children : 

BSIO 1 Sherman Knowlton,' b. 22 Nov., 1880 ; res. Coral, Ul. 
ii Edward Allis. 

Ill Darwin, diedyouDg. 

It Darwin (2d). 

T AlmiraH., b. 8 Ang., 1882; m., 10 Oct.,186d, C. B. 

Kimball ; res. Chicago. Ch. 

1 Sherman T.* Kimball, b. 24 Dec, 1865. 

2 Horace S. Kimball, b. 26 Sept., 1870. 
8 Sarah M. Kimball, b. 24 Jan., 1873. 

▼1 Mary Marilla, b. 19 Apr., 1845; m., 20 Nov., 1868, Les- 

ter Barboar of CoraU Ch. 

1 Charles N. Barboar, b. 21 Apr., 1866. 

2 Kittle L. Barboar, b. 4 Dec, 1868. 
8 Mary M. Barboar, b. 21 Dec, 1872. 
4 Harriett £. Barbour, b. 26 Nov., 1874. 

Til Esther Eliza, b. 1 Sept., 1847; m., 14 Jan., 1870, L. E. 

Ingalls ; res Joliet, 111. Ch. 

1 Milly R. Ingalls, b. 1 Dec, 1870. 

2 Royce Ingalls, b. 16 Oct., 1871. 
8 Almira H. IngaUs, b. 7 Jan., 1873. 

▼ill Kate. 

868 Sherman Willard^ {Ira HuTP, Ircf, Joseph*) 
bom in Sangerfield, N. Y., 4 Oct., 1825 ; married, in S., 
tl Oct., 1846, Mary Eliza Park ; and died in Waterville, 
N. Y., 30 Dec., 1862. She was born in S., 31 Dec, 
1826 ; and resides in Cazenovia. Children : 

590a 1 James ShermsD,^ b. in S., 28 May, 1848. 

il Frances Maria, b. 8 Feb., 1850; m., 13 Oct., 1869, Aaron 

G. Haven. 
Ill Flora Sophia, b. 28 Aug., 1855; res. Cazenovia. 
It Mary Elizabeth, b. 29 Oct., 1859 ; res. C. 
▼ Anna Stanton, b. 28 July, 1861 ; res. C. 


359 Willis Hull^ (Ira Hull\ Ira\ Joseph^, ) born in 
Sangerfield, N. Y., iu 1827 ; married Aim Goldsmith, who 
died 20 Apr., 1881. He resides at 429 Lake St., Cleve- 
land, Ohio. Children : 

i A son," res. in (^eveland. 

ii Ida, m. George Storm ; res. Cottonwood, O. 

iii Emma, m. a Mr. Vase; res. 850 16th St., Erie, Pa. ; a B. B. 

iv Mary, m. a Mr. Hitchcoclc ; res. 1810 Chestnut St., Erie, Pa. 

360 Milton*^ (Benjamin^ y GideoUy^ Benjamin* j) bom 

in Branford, Ct., about 1802; married Elizabeth , 

who died 16 July, 1877, eet. 75. 

Residence Ashley, O., aet. 80. Children : 

1 Chester," kiUed while on piclcet duty in the U. S. A., et. 42; 
widow res. in Westfield, Morrow Co., O. Two sons: Mil- 
ton,* res. New Holland, O., and one in 111. 

ii Sally Ann, b. ab. 1827; m. Lewis Warnstaff. Ch. I Charles, 
res. Ashley. 

Ui Franlclin, d. in 1876, set. .47. 

iv Malvina, b. in 1830. 

V Emily, b. in 1836. 

vi Hiram, b. in 1839 ; d. in 1843, est. 4. 

vii Reuben, b. in 1839 ; d. in 1845, set. 6. 

viii Reuben, b. in 1842; res. Ashley, O. 

361 Major^ {Benjamin^ ^ GUdeo^^t Benjamin* f) bom 
in Branford, Ct., 13 Dec, 1806 ; malyied, 14 June, 1833, 
Eoxa Hall ; and died 17 Oct., 1875. k 

Mr. Bartholomew was a farmer in Pcr^well, O. 

Children : ^ 

i Benjamin F.,^ b. in Powell ; m. Amanda PayL^e ; is a fkrmer 

and stock raiser in P. Ch. 1 Leslie.' *• 

ii Jasper, died yoang. 

iii Jane, died young. i 

iv Corwin, died young. i 


862 Gtoorge^ {Elishcf^ Johvf^ Eno^j) born in Wood- 
stock, Ct. ; married, in 1820, Mary Morey, who was bom 
16 Deo., 1792 ; and died in Apr., 1830, leaving four chil- 
dren. By his second marriage he had no children, but in 
1840 he married, at Rochester, N. Y., Sophronia E. 
Richmond, by whom he had two sons ; and died 1 Nov., 
1855. Mrs. Sophronia was born in Salisbury, N. Y., in 
1816; she married, second, Horace Johnson; and died 
28 Feb., 1883. 

Professor Bartholomew resided in Brownington, Vt. 
UBtil about 1830, when he removed to Rochester, N. Y., 
vhere he was for many years an instructor in its Collegiate 
Institute. Children : 

1 Dlmmls Moray," b. 27 July, 1821 ; m., 24 Nov., 1847. Albert 
M. Waterman, who was b. 18 Jau., 1819 ; res. Bozrah, Ct. 

1 Mary D.' Waterman, b. 18 May, 1849; m., 19 Jan., 1880, 

Gardiner Avery. 

2 Sarah H. Waterman, b. 5 Feb., 1851 ; d. 80 Mar., 1858. 
il SUas B., b. 10 Oct., 1822; d. 24 Nov., 1848. 

Ill George E., b. 25 Feb., 1825; d. 16 Aug., 1826. 

iv Mary Lonisa, b. 6 July, 1826; d. 28 Jan., 1804. 

V Charles G., b. 12 May, 1828; res. Auburn, N. Y. 

621 Tl George, b. 2 Feb., 1841; res. N. Y. City. 

Til Henry, b. in July, 1847 ; d. 7 July, 1882. 

868 John' {Elisha^y Johnny Enos^,) born in Barnston, 
Canada, 9 July, 1807 ; married, in Stillwater, N. Y., 21 
Apr., 1835, Angeline Derby. 

Mr. Bartholomew is a farmer. He lived in Stillwater 
nntil 1863, when he moved to Harrisville, Lewis Co., 
N. Y., his present residence. Children : 

i James," b. 12 Nov. , 1836 ; m. in Dec. , 1869, Mary Noy es ; 

res. Ilarrisville. 
II John, b. 17 Jan., 1840; d. set. 2. 

ill John S., b. 8 June, 1847; res. H. 

l¥ Frederick C, b. 4 Apr., 1854 ; d. in May, 1881. 
T Bodell, b. 28 July, 1856. 


364 HdwaxdShemeld^ (AbiaiLordf^y William^, Sam- 
uel^,) born 8 July, 1822 ; died 3 May, 1858. 

He was a native of Colchester, Ct. Apprenticed while 
yet a lad to a book-binder in Hartford, he afterward prac- 
tised dentistry for a short time, but abandoned his business 
in disgust. While at school he had found amusement in 
drawing with chalk, and in later years indulged a propen- 
sity to look at pictures whenever and wherever he could 
find them. In the practical community in which he lived 
his neglect of a lucrative, though distasteful, occupation 
was not approved ; and his desultory and apparently way- 
ward habits were not adapted to win him confidence among 
a proverbially thrifty and methodical people. 

About this period the life of Benvenulo Cellini fell into 
Bartholomew's hands. To most of us this egotistical, but 
most interesting autobiography is memorable as a vivid 
picture of the life of the middle ages, but to the young 
Connecticut enthusiiist, baffled, aspiring, discouraged and 
isolated, it was an inspiration^ proving what courage and 
self-reliance can accomplish, and that, too, in the identical 
career most attractive to Bartholomew. To use his own 
expression, Cellini's life ** put the devil into him.'' He 
gave up regular employment, went about looking at pic- 
tures and indulged in a melancholy humor, so that his 
friends grew cold, regarding him as a perverse visionary. 
A clever crayon sketch which he made and a year of patient 
study at the Life School of the Academy in N. Y. gave 
the judicious few a better insight into his aims and abilities. 

He received the appointment of curator of the Wads- 
worth Gallery at Hailford, as congenial a position for an 
art student as can be imagined, and he eagerly improved 
the facilities here afforded him. He made careful copies 
of the figures on Etruscan vases and of the engravings 
from Raphael's cartoons, originally presented by Napoleon 


I to the N. Y. Academy of Fine Arts, but then deposited 
in the Wadsworth collection. This practice was of great 
importance in disciplining the eye and hand of the draughts- 
man, but when he attempted to work in oil he made the 
painful discovery tliat he was color blind. He now deter- 
mined to try his skill in plastic as he was inadequate to 
pictorial art. Patiently and earnestly he went to work 
and the result was his bust of ** Flora," from the execution 
of which fairly dates his artistic career. 

After remaining in Hartford three years he next attended 
the anatomical lectures of Dr. Watts in New York. While 
there he took the small pox in its most terrible form, it 
settled in one of his limbs and left him with shattered 
health and a cripple for life. For nearly a year he tried 
nnsnocessfully to regain a portion of his former vigor at 
the water-cure establishment in Brattleboro, Vt. 

In 1850, with pocket nearly empty, but a heart full of 
noble aspirations and an inexhaustible mine of true Amer- 
ican self-reliance and a will to do or die, he set out for 
Italy. He sailed in the *^ Pegasus," a three hundred ton 
Italian tub, without knowing a word of the language ; after 
living wholly upon wormy bread for forty-six seasick 
days, he was landed on the coast of France. He was at 
once seized as a suspicious personage, taken in a cart to 
Hyeres, his person and luggage searched and finally sent 
forward to Toulon for further exan^nation. Liberated, 
he found his way to Italy, and in four days was in Kome 
hard at work on his bas-relief ^^ Homer led by the Genius 
of Poetry." 

During the first long year of his sculptor life, Barthol- 
omew met with no encouragement, but he sought no friend- 
ship, asked no sympathy, followed no counsel. With sullen 
puritan zeal he followed his unremitting toil, with the certain 
knowledge that it would bring him fame and foitune. 



His morning walks through the streets of Rome were 
emblematic of his character. In the middle of the 
broadest road swerving neither right nor left, seeing nei- 
ther great nor small, attracted by no novelty, moved by no 
excitement, startled by no accident, he moved along as 
though a part of another race or another age. Solitary, 
earnest, indefatigable, no interference troubled him, no 
criticism ruffled him, no obstacle deterred him from stead- 
fastly pursuing the course he had mapped out. 

Pleasure called him to other routes, but he heard no 
sound of her melodious voice ; want gave the warning 
that his road was difficult, but he heeded not the solemn 
charge ; starvation stared him coldly in the face, but he 
gave a steady answering look and kept straightforward 
in his chosen path. Success of others roused no envy, 
continued want brought no despondency. Having only 
allowed himself the barest necessities, he nevertheless 
saw his purse exhausted ; and with a trifling loan from a 
fellow-student almost as poor as himself, only a few 
paltry coppers stood between him and utter destitution- 
Still, knowledge of his power, certainty of final success, 
prevented his hesitating or shrinking from his studies, 
and just when weaker minds would have given up the 
object sought, then.Bartholomew became more determined 
to persevere ; then he became most confident of a quick 
relief; and then, less than a year before the weakening 
strands of his short life gave way, that relief came, — sud- 
den, full, and generous like a Dansean shower, the sunlight 
of prosperity began to descend upon him. Fame came and 
money enough to lift the long-borne burden of debt from 
his shoulders just ere he died, and drive from his death 
chamber the haunting phantoms of want and care. That 
was all ; be had no time to realize his success, to rest in 
delicious ease after the weary struggle, and gather strength 
for greater things. 


He had made two visits to America, (be first to super- 
intend the erection of a monument to Charles Carroll ; but 
the second was directly after the sudden appreciation of 
his genius, and on this visit he received, in connection 
with the eminent American painter, Church, who was a 
native of Hartford, Ct., the compliment of a public dinner 
from the citizens of that place, at which a most genial 
feeling prevailed, and several admirable speeches were 
delivered by gentlemen of the highest culture. The oc- 
casion was rare and memorable and left the most delightful 
associations in the heart of Bartholomew, who returned to 
Italy with fresh zeal and higher aspirations, but returned 
only to die. Ere many months, fatal symptoms, the result 
of previous illness and subsequent trials, appeared. Vis- 
iting, one spring day, the beautiful English cemetery at 
Borne, he said to his companion, ^One of these grassy 
mounds will soon be raised over me." He was induced 
to try a change of air and went to Naples, where he died 
on the third day of May, 1858. 

Speaking of him and bis work, H. J. Tuckerman, an 
eminent critic, says : ^Bartholomew was a manly enthusiast. 
• • .With patient self-devotion, a generous interest in 
and appreciation of others, and a versatile and constantly 
enlarging scope and impulse, he possessed all the elements 
of success as an artist. Though most of his subjects were 
classical, many scriptural illustrations occupied his mind 
and his inventive, were fast developing with his executive 
faculties. . . Of the peculiar claims of his genius, 
perhaps the most individual merit has been justly indicated 
by tlie remark of onq who knew him well and recognized 
in bis works and prevalent talent *an intuitive perception 
of the strongest and most statuesque aspect of a theme.'" 

An art correspondent of the "Penn. Inquirer" says : "It 
is no exaggeration to say that there never lived a man, at 


least since the ancient Greeks, who, with the same number 
of years' study, produced finer works ; that no living sculp- 
tor is now producing finer ones, and no one thirty-five 
years old ever gave better promise for his future than Mr. 

These strong assertions are not made carelessly or from 
impure motives, but are the deliberate judgment of one 
who has had full facilities for gaining a knowledge of the 

Mr. Bartholomew at this time had the largest studio in 
Some and his conuBissions exceeded sixty thousand dollars. 
Whal he had accomplished may be partly realized by the 
mention of his principal works, many of which are familiar 
to those who have seen his collection in the Bartholomew 
Gallery of Wadsworth AthensBum, Hartford, Ct. : Calypso, 
Sappho ; Eve ; Campagna Shepherd Boy ; Infant Pan and 
Wizards ; Genius of Painting ; Genius of Music ; Belisarius 
at the Porta Pincio, Hagar and Ishmael ; Ruth, Naomi 
and Or ; Youth and Old Age ; Ganymede and the infant 
Jupiter, engraved for the London Art Journal; bust of 
Genevieve ; The Evening Star and Homer. Some of these 
are figures, some busts, and others bas-reliefs ; and to the 
list may be added several monumental works, including 
that for Charles Carroll. 

The noted artist S. S. Osgood, who did much to en- 
courage Bartholomew from his first decisive step and who 
comforted him in his last sickness, says: *^As I am an 
artist I can fully appreciate Bartholomew's wonderful gem^ 
iu8. I look upon him as having no equal among all our 
artists, who are great and many." 

A lady friend, "Grace Greenwood," mentions **Mr. 
Bartholomew as a singularly modest and sensitive man, 
who shrank from general society with a painful shyness, 
caused, I think, by the cruel results of the small-pox. He 


was a remarkably handsome and athletic young man when 
he was struck down, but rose up a cripple, shattered, 
marred, diseased. But the manhood of the spirit still 
stood erect and strong, the genius of the artist shone forth 
bravely above that dismal wreck of youthful beauty and 

He was a patient, courteous, chivalric soul. His am- 
bition seemed to me of the noblest character. He wished 
to be a great artist for the sake of art and his country. He 
never talked of fame or money, only of ideals and aspira- 
tions. He was a man of few but warm and constant 
friendships, • . but his deepest and tendcrcst affection 
seemed given to his mother." 

Speaking of his masterpiece ** JSve ReperUanty^ she says, 
"it seems to me by far the greatest modern statue I have 
seen in this country. It is a singularly original and cour- 
ageous piece of modelling, a noble figure, full of primeval 
strength and purity and the wild, unconscious grace of 
nature. . . It speaks almost through every line the 
universal language of grief and loss, and, without any ex- 
cess of woe or passionate appealing, its pathos finds its 
way to every heart. It is purely human sadness, all who 
have drunk deeply of the bitter springs of life have felt 
its like and know it well. The sculptor himself learned 
in suffering what he wrought in stone. The heavy sor- 
rowfulness that brooded over his soul at last took this 
beautiful imperishable shape, the transfiguration of a mel- 
ancholy life." 

805 Walter Gnstin^ {Abial Lordf, William^ Sam- 
tie!*,) bom in Colchester, Conn., 26 June, 1826; married 
23 Jan., 1851, Mary A. Foster. 

Colonel Bartholomew received his education at the 
U. S. Military Academy in West Point, N. Y. ; afterwards 


holding a position of trust in Thompson's Express office 
in Springfield 9 Mass. When the late war started he went 
out with the 27th Mass. Vol. Infantry as captain. He soon 
brought his company to such perfection of drill that the 
post of honor, right of the line, was unanimously acceded 
to him. Dec. 6, 1861, he was promoted to Major and 27 
May, 1863, to Lieut. Col. For his conspicuous and mer- 
itorious service he was brevetted Colonel. He was an 
ideal soldier in appearance and bearing, in courage and 
discipline. He was a natural commander, obedience being 
rendered intuitively to superior worth. He was a com- 
bination somewhat rare in the army, a commander and a 
comrade. His place was emphatically on the field of action 
though he was nowhere deficient ; no heat of contest nor 
combination seemed able to disturb his equanimity, while 
no task seemed too great for a venture. He held his men 
by personal magnetism, and met anything like disorder or 
rout with a drawn sword and an austere ^halt P which 
was sure to bring order out of chaos. 

Although serving four years and in twenty-five battles, 
he passed through all unharmed until the last when he was 
so severely wounded that only his iron constitution saved 
his life, leaving his once handsome form terribly crippled. 
Col. Bartholomew has a fine orange grove on Hillsboro 
Bay, four miles south of Tampa, Florida, where he has 
resided for sixteen years. He is high sherifiT and ass't 
U. S. revenue collector for that vicinity. (For likeness 
and extended notice see the published history of his regi- 
ment.) Children: 

i Jalia Adelaide,* b. Jan., 1853 ; m. 21 May, 1879, H. C. Firris. 
ii Ida Josephine, b. 26 Feb., 1859; res. at home; is a fine land- 
scape painter. 

366 Chauncey^ (John\ SamuePj Samuel^ ^) bom 23 


Feb., 1816; married, second, Rebecca Locke ; no issue; 

and third, Mrs. Sarah , by whom he had one son 


He resides in Sidney Plains, Delaware Co., N. Y. 

Children : 

028a i Charles A.," b. 8 Ang., 1842; res. W. Onconta, N. Y. 

U Alflred C, b. 6 Feb., 1844 ; enlisted In the 121st N. T. V. I. 
and was killed 10 May, 1864, in the battle of the wilderness. 
ill Angelo. 

867 Zara Dan^ {Johvf^ SamueP, SamuePy) born in 
Unadilla, N. Y., 3 June, 1824 ; married Mary Scott, who 
died about 1840, leaving one child. He married, second, 
Minerva Mann ; several children. 

Rev. Mr. Bartholomew was formerly pastor of the Bap* 
list Church in Franklin, N. Y., but is now located at 
Animus City, Colo. Child : 

i Mary,* m. Chas. Griswold; res. Sidney Center, N. Y. 

368 Truman AcheF (Jolin^^ SamuePj Samuel*,) born 
in Unadilla, N. Y., 6 Sept., 1836; married, 31 Dec, 
1857, IVfarietta F. Hummel of Unadilla Centre, who died 
12 Dec., 1880. He married, second, 20 Feb., 1882, Mrs. 
Armina M. Shellhart. 

Mr. Bartholomew served three years in the 127th N. Y. 
V. I. in the war of 1861. He moved from N. Y. state 
to Youngs Comers, Neb., in 1878, thence to St. Edwards, 
Boone Co., Neb., his present residence, in 1881. Meth- 
odist. Children : 

I Mary F.,* b. 8 Mar., 1859 ; m. 3 May, 1882, John Fullmore. 

II William U., b. in 18C1. 

in Ann E., b. in 1864; d. 20 June, 1881. 

Iv George E., b. in 1867. 

V Bertie £., b. in 1870. 

▼I Robert, b. in 1872; d. in 1875. 

vll Bertha A., b. in 1874. 

Tin Jennie L. b. in 1877. 

Ix Arta, d. in Mar., 1882, set. 18 months. 


369 Ambrose Games^ {Johvf, Samuel^, Samuel,) 
born in Unadilla, N. Y., 31 Mar., 1840 ; married, at Gil- 
bertsville, N. Y., 12 Apr., 1865, Carrie L. Morgan of U. 
She was born in Albany, N. Y., 17 Mar., 1847, and died 
9 Apr., 1882. 

Rev. Mr. Bartholomew entered the M. E. church min- 
istry in 1870 ; he joined the Wyoming Conference in N. 
Y., in 1873, and was transferred to the Nebraska Confer- 
ence, in Dec, 1877 ; present pastorate is Shelton, Buffalo 
County, Neb. Children : 

i Charles Henry,' b. 4 Nov., 1866. 
ii Carrie EfDe, b. 18 Nov., 1868. 
iil Minnie Eliza, b. 20 Apr., 1871. 

370 Edward Smith^ (ievf*, SamuePj Samuel^,) 
born in Unadilla, 13 Nov., 1823 ; married, 14 Feb., 1847, 
Phebe Ann, daughter of Jonathan Burdick of Sidney Cen- 
ter, N. Y. 

Mr. Bartholomew has resided on the old homestead and 
taken care of his aged father and mother. Was for seyeral 
year as resident of New Road, N. Y. (See likeness on page 

371 James C.*^ (SamuePj Samuel ^ Samuel ^) bom 
in Unadilla, 10 Apr., 1835 ; married, 1 Jan., 1857, Aloha 
Van Alstiue, who was born in Cartwright, N. Y., 4 Aug., 

He resides in Mason ville, N. Y. Children : 

1 Carrie A.,<* b. 14 Mar.» 1861 ; m. Jan., 1882, Homer Stebblns; 

res. Masonville. 
ii Emory V., b. 19 Jnne, 1868. 
Iil MiUard D., b. 24 Mar., 1870. 

372 Justice^ (Samuel^ ^ Samuel ^ Samuel^^) bom in 
Unadilla, 5 Apr., 1840; married, 3 Aug., 1862, Juditha 
Lucy Bennett of U. 


Mr. Bartholomew is a farmer in Russell, N. Y., but liyed 
in Unodilla previous to 1862. Children : 

i George Edson," b. 81 July, 1868 ; '* is a moslcol genioB." 

n Lncy Ann, b. 18 May, 1866. 

ill Irwin Willifl, b. 8May^l871. 

iT Homer Daniel, b. 80 Nov., 1874. 

873 Gilbert' (Samuel^ ^ SamueP^ Samuel^ ^) bom in 
Unadilla, 2 Apr., 1843; married, in Hamilton, N. Y., 4 
July, 1868, Jane A. Mandigo of Hormon, N. Y. 

They have resided in Bussell, N. Y., since 1878. 
Children : 

i Dewitt D.," b. 11 Jnne, 1869. 

ii Clara Estella, b. 27 Ang., 1871. 

ili FranlE, b. 8 Apr., 1874. 

i¥ Minnie, b. 2 May, 1876. 

T Jesse, b. 2 May, 1879. 

874 Samuel NJ (SamueP^ jSamueJ^y Samuel* j) born 
in Unadilla, in 1849; married about Oct., 1871, Ejite 
Gallagher of Clifton, N. Y. ; and died 4 Apr., 1882. 

Mr. Bartholomew moved with his father to Kussell, in 
1865 ; thence to Cliflon, N. Y., in 1871, and Michigan in 
1875, but spent the last years of his life at Fullerville, 
N. Y. Children : 

i Lesley," b. in Aag., 1872. 

ii Herma, b. in 1874. 

HI A daughter, b. in June, 1882 ; postliamons. 

875 AlanBon^ {SamuePy SamuePy Samuel* y) born in 
Unadilla, 25 Jan., 1853; married, in Edwards, N. Y., 
16 Nov., 1876, Sarah A. Hall (sister of Guy HulP*). 

They moved to Kussell, N. Y., the year of their mar- 
riage and have remained. Children : 

I Ellis 0.,» b. in July, 1877. 
ii Boscoe C, b. in 1879. 



. »i.v 'M'- ' •■ ■:.-^Mi.\v y\ 


■ : . 1 1 • . • . *• 


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>ll * ...«■. S 

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"ii 'I'UrJ^V.', lit' ■ '" 

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; N■r|^.*a • 

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• • 

.•: I' .■■:it-! 



376 Andrew Jackson^ {Adolphmf, SamueP, Jo- 
seph^^) boru in Hardwick, Mass., 1 Oct., 1833 ; mai'ried, 
15 May, 1862, Ellen Jane, daughter of Andrew and Ellen 
(dau. of Hon. Jedidiah Marcy) Trow, who was born in 
Southbridge, Mass., 15 May, 1840. 

Mr. Bartholomew graduated at Yale College with his 
brother in 1856 ; studied law in Worcester and at Hai-vard 
Law School, and was admitted to the bar at Boston, Mass., 
in Jan., 1858. In 1859 he commenced practice in South- 
bridge, where he has resided ever since. Was a deputy 
collector of internal revenue several years ; a member of 
the Mass. House of Representatives in 1867, of the Moss. 
Senate in 1871 and in 1872 ; he has held public positions 
in town affairs, on the school board, selectman, and other 
ofBces, and been successful in his practice of the law. Was 
a congressional district delegate to the National Republican 
Convention of 1876. He delivered the address at the first 
gathering of the descendants of Lieutenant William Bar- 
tholomew, held at Stony Creek, Conn., in 1882, which 
was printed. Children : 

i Mina Coriielia,^ b. 25 May, 1863. 

li Alice, b. 29 Sept., 1865; d. at birth. 

iii Edith Jane, b. 26 Aug., 1867. 

iv Willie, b. 16 July, 1869; lived only tiy^ weeks. 

y Blanche, b. 7 Dec, 1878; d. 20 Aug., 1874. 

vl Nellie Grace, b. 29 Mar., 1875. 

vii Andrew Marcy, b. 18 May, 1876. 

viii Nelson Adolphus, b. 24 Dec, 1878; d. 24 Jan., 1882. 

ix Gardiner Trow, b. 28 Dec, 1881. 

377 Nelson^ {Addphutfy SamueP, Joseph* y) bom in 
Woodstock, 21 Nov., 1834; died in Philadelphia, unm., 
21 Nov., 1861. 

He was a sickly child but a natural scholar ; with little 
aid he prepared himself for the academy, where he went 


- < ' 


1.. ^IiV. "* ■ i-l!'-:l -■ .1,,.. .- ,.^.,t < i AllU'"; ■'■ ■:•. 

t'la-. '/i I' .: tJ .ill ;l M.i!« \ ; 'ii^u. win) v-i:- 
<..:?-'i;» .:^ . M;i--. :: Af-v, 1:^10. 

T/M. .- ■L.joL aixl V ;i^ ;if|;n;t*:r i r,. »!:,. S;a- iit !■ -u . . • ■■ 
ill.'-:. i'^N. In j'^n!^ ■^M:.»:.:r!ir'iiO(:(l jir:—*i .' ;i ;:-... • 
lirid'^f. Avi.crtj! he ii:i- n>!.:i.^'l < vor binv: . 'V..: .: • 
4i»iir--i'M' tff inlcnml i\'v<M>r.<> ^wciiil w^'.r, -. i 't • -i ■• ■ ■ • 
ihi M:i->«. ii*!i<i i)t' li'. pr*':;i:itiv<?s la 1 ^^li*. » .if : ". • •;-.- 
S^"»ii:»tf i'i l-'^TI Jinil ill 1^72. ht i* i>: 'm'-wI • ih-'J^- •> --. . .;:h 
ill l.'*^!i .iTiMir:?. on ih.i" .s* 'M)i l):/iir.I, bt!* ciiitiui. .i;.': . t 
i.!!i'-^--. ''i-^ I'OirM >•«•• . ■•f^ t'ul ir. I. is sirjt'-titjc c.f t!j<"- *■*''■ -. ^^ 

JTlltl • I'iMV f>r the •••»'-;<*n<i- Ills ;»f r/^r^Utt :,**;. t V.ii:.;- ■ " ' • 

♦holor.iow. Im'IcI nL ,M«)rv '""iTci:. (*onn., in J* "■'-. v.....-^ 
VMS •*• '.. '.•hii«lro?"5 : 

» Mln.j Cuff 'Jill,- h. Li* May. --r.iJ. 

i i >:,i1lth Jane*, 1» 2«I Aiij? » ]8«Ii. 

iv Mi'!:* r». !■'>,: ily» 1- .-, ilnr.i.Ti' -'.v; .v th 

V riuiR'ho. h. : Ot<: , 1X7;?- a. -.'0 Ai..^- . ; :•. 

^ .■ Nf!-.>n A<l<)li'I.LS V '*♦ Doc, J}*78; li. :M r n., »K >.'. 

Wooctstock, 21 Nov., l>>Si: uiod iv Phlb/l^'lnh::-^. ... - 

:\ Ni>v., I Si;]. 

Tie WM-i a i^iirkly A\\\<\ hvt a ifhui::; : \\\\\. \i..•^ 
...'1 he preparcel iuiusuifibr the aaKkiay, >vh*>ri. i.v \^; 

<^^' ''i^i«^Zi><iA<««*<V- 


in 1850, and two years later entered Yale College, grad- 
uating in 1856. He read law at Barre and in Harvard 
Law School ; was admitted to practice in Boston, in 1858, 
but removed to Oxford, Mass., the following summer. He 
was a sage counsellor, a diligent student, and brilliant 
writer and speaker. He was chairman of the Oxford 
school board. 

At the first call for troops in 1861, he raised a company 
in Oxford and was elected captain, but resigned in favor 
of a Mexican War soldier and took the next position. His 
constitution was not made for camp lifg and he died in 
Philadelphia, on his way home, 21 Nov., 1861. Made to 
lead in every sphere of life, his early death was a calamity 
to his section and his country. 

378 Charles Gardiner^ {Gardinei^, SamueP, Jo- 
acpA*,) bom in Hardwick, 30 Apr., 1843; married, in 
Jerseyville, 22 Feb., 1867, Julia E. Finch, who was bom 
in Jacksonville, 111., 4 Apr., 1845. 

Mr. Bartholomew is a weigher; res. South Boston, 
Mass. Children : 

i Lora,* res. Jerseyville, 111. 
ii Martha, res. Hardwick, Mass. 
ill Helen, res. with parents. 

379 Edwin Leonard^ ( WiUiam^, Leonard^, Ben- 
jamin\) born in Pomfret, Conn., 9 July, 1822 ; married, 
14 Oct., 1846, Abigail Elizabeth Scott of Thompson, 

He is a travelling salesman ; residing in Vermont. 

Children : 

i FranlcS b. about 1849 ; d. about 1850. 

ii Frank Scott, b. 29 Jane, 1652; res. Cleveland, O. 


880 Simon^ ( WiUiam^j Leonard^ j Benjamin* y) born 
in Pomfret, 28 Sept., 1824; married, 1 Sept., 1851, 
Mandana Mulvina Warner of Thompson, who was born 
11 May, 1832. 

He is a farmer in Thompson, Conn. Children : 

1 Ellen A.,> b. 2 March, 1854 ; d. Oct., 1877. 
ii Alice, b. 10 May, 1859 ; d. 11 May, 1860. 
ill Grace, b. 9 March, 1869. 

381 William Irving^ ( William^ Leonard^, Benja^ 
mtV,) born in Pomfret, Conn., 7 Feb., 1831; married 
29 April, 1858, Jane Hassard of Putnam, Conn., who 
was born 14 Sept., 1837. 

Mr. Bartholomew was educated at Pomfret and East 
Greenwich, R. I. ; taught school irregularly for ten years, 
then settled down as a farmer in Pomfret, and has been 
very successful. 

He has made a study of the elementary principles of 
agriculture as a science, and has learned many new and 
valuable facts which have been published in the leading 
agricultural journals of the country, and by the State 
Board of Agriculture. He has been elected justice of 
the peace continuously since 1868, selectman four years, 
school visitor, and to represent his town in the legislature 
of 1870 and 1871. Methodist. Republican. 

His pleasant residence commands a view of the sites of 
the mill and residence of Lieut. William Bartholomew* 
in Woodstock, and of the cemetery in which many of the 
early family, and probably Lieut. William himself lie 
buried. (See his likeness on page 175.) Children all re- 
side at home. 

I Ada Louisa", b. 19 April, 1860. 

II Annie Hassard, b. 5 April, 1865. 
ill Abble Alice, b. 2 Jaly, 1867. 
iv Mary Maud, b. 4 Sept., 1878. 


882 Guy EarP {LemueV^ Jepthai^, Lemuel,) born 
in Whitehall, 26 Dec, 1812; married 5 Dec, 1833, 
Jennett H. Smith of West Haven, Yt. 

Mr. Bartholomew learned the marble engraving trade 
in Ashtabula Co., Ohio, in 1835 ; he spent three years in 
Howard, N. Y., and subsequently was proprietor of a 
marble mill in Poultney, Yt. In 1855 he moved to Ge- 
neva, DuPage Co., 111., where he has since conducted his 
marble business iu connection with his farm. 

He and his good wife (who has been a valued corre- 
spondent in this work) are now enjoying the fifty-first 
year of their happy wedded life. Children : 

1 Wilson*, b. 11 Nov., 1834; d. 80 Sept., 1886. 

ii Atha Maria, b. 7 Aug., 1887; m. 28 Feb., 1856, David N. 

Maxwell, who is a manuracturer of buggies in Ames, 

Story Co., Iowa. Ch. 

1 SerapaE. MazweU^^ b. 4 April, 1857; d. 17 Sept., 1859. 

2 Adelbert Maxwell, b. 10 Feb., 1862. 

8 Clarence J. Maxwell, b. 12 July, 1870; died the same day. 
lii Fayette, b. 25 Nov., 1842; d. 12 June, 1848. 

Iv Alice, b. 5 Jan., 1845; m. 18 Feb., 1864, Freeman 

Woodman; res. Blackberry, Kane Co., III. ; farmer. Ch. 

1 Myron J. Woodman, b. 27 July, 1869. 

2 Ernest Woodman, b. 10 April, 1871 ; d. 14 AprU, 1877. 
8 Fannie J. Woodman, b. 17 Aug., 1872. 

4 Earl Woodman, b. 10 March, 1877; d. 1 Oct., 1878. 

5 Edith May Woodman, b. 21 Oct., 1881. 

T Eugene, b. 25 Dec, 1847; d. 2 June, 1860. 

vl Philip Thomas, b. 15 Feb., 1849; res. Geneva, III. 

383 George® {LemueV^ Jepthai^, LemueV^ bom in 
Whitehall in Oct., 1816; mamed Martha Allen, who 
died at Howard, N. Y., leaving eight children. He mar- 
ried, second. Miss Maxwell, who died leaving four chil- 

He is a carpenter in Dresden, N. Y. 


384 Israel Warner® {Joseph^ Jeptfiai^, LemueP,) 
born in Vermont ; brought up in Whitehall ; married, in 
1849, Margaret Purcell ; and died in 1879. She resides 
at 5 Hood street, Fort Wayne, Ind. Children : 

i Clara', m. 1871, Wm. A. Peal>ody; res. La Goo, Ind. 

Ch. 1 Gas.,*^' and 2 Mary, 
ii Warren A., m. 12 Dec, 1877, Jennie Todd ; res. Ft Wayne; 

son Warren, 
ill Frank, res. Fort Wayne, 

iv Mary, res. Fort Wayne. 

385 Isaac® {Johnson?^ Jepthai^^ Lemtiefy) married 
Martha King, and resides near Whitehall. 
Children : 

I Ascenath*, b. 12 Oct., 1858; m. Micbael Waters. 

II WUliam Thomas, b. 22 Feb., 1859; boatman L. Champlaln. 

III Hannah, b. in Dec., 1861; res. near WhltehaU. 

386 Almon® (Lemon' , Lemmcfij LemuePy) bom in 
Whitehall, N. Y., 26 Dec., 1806 ; married, 3 Apr., 1828, 
Jane Bishop, who died 18 Oct., 1833. He married, sec- 
ond, 16 March, 1834, Betsy, daughter of Heman and 
Minerva (Smith) Stanard, who was born 6 May, 1810, 
and died 6 May, 1875. 

Mr. Bartholomew kept a tavern between Whitehall and 
Fair Haven, until about 1834, when he removed to his 
farm in the northern part of W. ; but has now retired from 
business and lives in Fair Haven. Capitalist. Republi- 
can. Children : 

1 Charles,* b. 18 Nov., 1880; d. 5 Dec., 1880. 

524k 11 Heman Almon, b. 28 Nov., 1834; res. Whitehall. 

ill Jane Bishop, b. 29 July, 1836; m. 4 March, 1857, Jona- 

than Gould, who d. in 1862. She m. 2nd, 28 Aug., 1866, 
Charles Johnson of W. Ch. 
1 Charles A.'^ Johnson, b. 8 April, 1868. 


Iv Clara Mlnenra, b. 5 Dec, 1838; Uvea with sister Mary. 
T George Shepherd, b. 17 Oct., 1847; m. 6 Sept., 1876, Frauk 
L. White ; and died 8 Feb., 1879, leaving one son. Ch. 
1 George Shepherd Bw., b. in Jnly, 1878. 
Ti Jolla Eliza, m. 14 Marcli, 18G6, Frank Kilboom, who 

d. 5 Sept, 1871. She m. 2nd, 19 March, 1879, Ralph Bar- 
ber; res. Fair Haven, Vt. Ch. 
1 Betsy L. Kilbourn, b. 5 Feb., 1867; m. Chos. Bw.^ 
vli Mary Elizabeth, b. 16 April, 1850; m. 6 Oct., 1869, Chaa. 
Rathbun of Fort Ann, N. Y. Ch. 
1 George A Rathbnn, b. 17 July, 1870. 

387 Darwin® (Lemon^j Lemmof^ Lemuel^ y) born in 
Whitehall, 29 March, 1811; married in Feb., 1834, 
Sarah, daughter of Ebenezer Pierce of W. ; and died in 
Warrenville, 111., 23 July, 1849. 

Mr. Bartholomew resided at first on the farm in W., 
now owned by his brother Benjamin, where his eldest son 
Charles was born ; thence he moved to Warrenville, UK 
After his death the family removed to East Otto, N. Y., 
where the mother died. Children : 

i Charleb*, m. ; res. in Iowa. 

11 Leman, b. in Warrenville, 111. ; m. ; res. Iowa. 

iU Almon, b. in Warrenville ; m. ; res. Iowa. 

888 Shepherd® (Zewio?J, Lemma^y LeinuePy) born in 
Whitehall, 10 June, 1816; married, Maria, daughter of 
Josiah Collins of Whitehall. 

Residence, Ridgewood, Long Island, N. Y. Farmer. 

Children : 

1 Josiah*, m. in N. Y. City ; res. five miles west of Rich- 
mond, Va. ; three children. 
ii Frank, m. ; res. N. Y. City. 
iU Caroline, m. a Mr. Treadway of Ridgewood ; three chn. 

389 Harry® {Lemon^y Lemina^y Lemuel j) born in 
Whitehall, 25 April, 1818; married, 15 Dec, 1842, An- 


nis Benjamin, who was born in West Haven, Yt., 6 Jan., 

He resides on a farm in the northeast portion of White- 
ball, where he has spent the most of his days. Republi- 
can. Children : 

1 Alma*, b. 17 Oct., 1846; m. 18 March, 1868, D wight 

Rassell; res. Caldwell, N. Y., near the head of Lake 

George ; no issoe. 
ii Nancy, b. 16 Dec, 1848; m. 17 Sept., 1868, John Shaw; 

d. 10 March, 1879. 1 ch. Charles'^^ Shaw, b. Jan., 1870. 
ill Clara, b. 7 May, 1852; m. 24 Dec, 1878, Edward Kil- 

boum of W. Ch. 

1 Annis E. Kilbonm, b. 5 Nov., 1879. 

2 Maud H. Kilbourn, b. 26 Dec, 1881. 

iv Laura Ann, b. 21 Aug., 1854; m. 18 Feb., 1877, Adelont 
Kelly of W. Ch. 

1 Henry B w. KeUy, > b. 24 March, 1879. 

2 Harry A. Kelly, 5 twins. 

8 Nancy M. Kelly, > b. 24 Aug., 1881. 
4 Nelson B. Kelly, 5 twins. 
y Flora A., b. 8 July, 1857; m. 8 July, 1879, Hiram L. 
Manchester ; physician ; residence, Pawlet, Vt. 

390 Warren^ (Lemon^^ Lemma? ^ Lemuel? y) bom in 
Whitehall, N. Y., 1 Jan., 1820; married 2 Nov., 1842, 
Lucy Ann Miller, who was born 1 March, 1825. 

Residence, Hampton, N. Y. Farmer ; democrat. 

Children : 

i Antonette B.,* b. 2 March, 1846; m. 1 Sept., 1866, G«OTge 
Offensend, b. 14 April, 1835; res. West Haven, Vt. Bap- 
tist; democrat. Ch. 

1 John H.^<^ Offensend, b. 17 Dec, 1867. 

2 Lucy A. Offensend, b. 5 March, 1882. 

525 U Warren H., b. 2 Jan., 1848; res. Castleton, Vt. 
52Q 111 Langdon M., b. 13 Jan., 1861 ; res. W. Haven, Vt. 

Iv LetltlaA., b. 2 Aug., 1868; m. 4 Sept., 1879, Robert 
Walker, b. 27 July, 1848 ; res. Dresden, L. Champlaln. 
1 Alvln £. Walker, b. 22 June, 1881. 
y Willis J., b. 27 June, 1868 ; res. Hampton, N. T. 

vl £Ua L., b. 12 March, 1871 ; res. with parents. 


891 Benjamin Franklin^ (Lemony Lemma^y Lem- 
iieP,) born 27 Nov., 1822 ; married, 4 June, 1844, Pau- 
line Fish, who was born 8 Oct., 1822. 

Resides on his farm in Whitehall. Democrat. Children : 

i Mary Ann*, b. 8 Jan., 1845; d. 22 Sept., 1S48. 
627 11 George Fish, b. 11 Jane, 1848; res. Whitehall. 

iU Anna P., b. 7 Dec, 1850; m. 14 March, 1878, John Wat- 
kins. Ch. 
1 Frankle P. Watklns", d. 17 April, 1879. 
\y Lemon F., b. 21 Aug., 1859; res. W. 

392 Jefferson^ (Lemnid'j Lemma^y LemueP^) born in 
Whitehall, 19 Dec, 1808; married Sally Bartholomew 
(see No. 74) who died 8 May, 1840. He married, second, 
Frorilla Merriam ; and died 25 April, 1848. Residence 
Whitehall. Children : 

1 Levi*, res. unm. In Comstock, N. Y. 

U Squire, m. Sarah Bemis ; three children. 
1 Charles" Bemls, res. New York City. 

iU William, b. 1 May, 1840; m. in 1866, Mrs. Smith Merriam; 
res. on the place ; formerly owned by his grandfather Bar- 
tholomew in W. Ch. 1 Uenry and 2 Sarah. 

It Sarah Ann, died unmarried. 

393 Justus® (Leinma\ Lemma^^ LemuePj) born 12 
Dec., 1814; married in W., 2 Sept., 1841, Sally Ann 
Wood, who was born 29 Feb., 1820. lie resided in 
Whitehall and died there 30 Aug., 1876. Children : 

628 i Lewis R.,* b. 7 July, 1842 ; res. Leadvillc, Colo. 

U George, b. 6 Sept., 1843; d. 81 March, 1848. 

Ul Betsy £., b. 16 Dec, 1844; m. 1 Jan., 1868, Charles 

W. Crippen, and died at North Granville, N. Y., where 

they resided, 29 Oct., 1871. Ch. 

1 WlUlam C.»° Crippen, b. 12 May, 1869. 

2 Betoy B. Crippen, b. 16 Aug., 1871 ; d. 15 July, 1872. 
\y Orson C., b. 16 June, 1847 ; res. Leadville ; has been 

sheriff, deputy marshal, etc. 



T George H., b. 27 April, 1849 ; m. 22 Jane, 1881, Violet 

A. Carver; res. W. 

Ti Nathaniel W., b. 26 March, 1851; res. 423 Park Ave., 

Chicago, 111. 

Tli Fanny, b. 28 Dec., 1858; d. 6 Jan., 1854. 

viii Lemma, b. 22 April, 1856 ; res. Aurora, IlL 

ix Frederick, b. 11 April, 1858; res. Whitehall. 

X Elmer Jefterson, b. 28 Feb., 1862; res. Whitehall. 

394 Bishop^ {Lemma! , Lemmafy LemueP^) born in 
Whitehall, 14 Feb,, 1817 ; married, 15 March, 1838, 
Almira Jones, who died 20 June, 1849. He married, 
second, 13 June, 1850, Ascenath McFarren. Residence 
Napiersville, IlL Farmer. Children : 

i Sasan*, b. 12 Jan., 1842; m. 10 March, 1864, Francis 
Leavens ; res. Shell Bock, Ark., where she d. 8 Nov., 1869. 
1 Nettie^*^ Leavens, b. 14 Aug., 1866. 
529 II Darius, b. 14 Feb., 1844; res. Batavia, 111. 

ili EmmaB., b. 2 April, 1846; m. 1 March, 1868, Jno. Ray of 
Shell Bock. Ch. 

1 Willie Bay, b. 12 March, 1869. 

2 Cora Bay, b. 1 July, 1871. 
8 Frankie Bay, b. 20 Aug., 1876. 
4 Lulu Bay, b. 14 Sept., 1880. 

530 iv Henry B., b. 6 Dec, 1852; res. Batavia, Itl. 

V Nettie L., b. 19 Jan, 1858; m. 25 Nov., 1880, Samuel H. 

Wame ; res. Napiersville, Hi. 

895 Harvey® (ThomcuF, Lemmcfi^ LemueP^) bom in 
Whitehall, 20 March, 1813; married, 15 Dec., 1836, 
Hannah McFarren, born 10 Sept., 1818 ; and died in W. 
IFeb., 1869. Children: 

1 David% b. 11 Feb., 1888. 

ii Annis, b. 10 Jane, 1840 ; d. mU 7. 

531 iii Harvey, b. 16 March, 1842; res. WhitebaH. 

532 iv John, b. 8 Joly, 1843. 

V Hilliam, b. 80 Nov., 1847; m. 1 Nov., 1864, James Lnsk. 

1 George^^ Lask, b. 20 Nov., 1866. 

2 Mamie Lnsk, b. 11 Feb., 1871. 


vi Thomas, b. U Sept., 1849; m. 25 Feb., 1878, Mary G. 


Til AnnU, b. U Jan., 1851; m. 10 Not., 1874, John TU- 

ford. Ch. 1 David and 2 Charles. 

Till Clarissa, b. 12 Not., 1856; m. 21 Dec., 1880, Homer 


tx Allagnstia, b. 6 Jaly, 1858 ; d. nt. four months. 

X Bertha, b. 15 Nov., 1862 ; d. nt. 18 years. 

896 Orange Adams^ (ThomcuFj Lemma^, Lemuel,) 
born in Whitehall, 15 May, 1815; married in W. 13 
Septyy 1837, Sarah Chapin Wright, who was born in W. 
24 Sept., 1816. 

Mr. Bartholomew moved to Hanover, Mich., in the 
fall of 1837, and in 1850 to Jonesville, Mich., where he 
has since resided. He has a farm and conducts a livery 
business. Children : 

688 i Eugene Carlos*, b. 8 Jan., 1889; res. Aastin, Texas. 

U Lorain Phebe, b. 6 Oct., 1840; in. 28 Dec., 1868, Wm. 
U. Sinclair; res. Galveston, Texas. Ch. 

1 Harry B. Sinclair*", b. 6 July, 1870. 

2 Loais D. Sinclair, b. 11 Nov., 1874. 
8 William S. Sinclair, b. 28 Sept., 1877. 

Ul Alice Sarah, b. 15 June, 1843 ; m. 6 April, 1864, George 

W. Bullock; res. Hillsdale, Mich. Ch. 
1 Fred.E. Bullock, b. 18 Dec, 1867. 

Iv Ella Frances, b. 5 Sept., 1845; m. 10 May, 1871, Bar- 

rett E. Durand, who d. in Boeme, Tex., 26 May, 1848. 
She res. in Galveston, Texas. 

V Orange Arthnr, b. 17 Aug., 1848; res. Jonesville. 

vi Hugh Marcelius, b. 28 Dec, 1850; d. 18 Oct., 1869. 

vil Herbert Elmer, b. 16 Sept., 1853; res. Jonesville. 

Tin Mary Gertrude, b. 17 Sept., 1856; m. 4 Dec, 1878, F. W. 
Beissner; res. J. Ch. 
1 Ella Beissner, b. 24 Dec, 1879. 

ix Percie Eloise, b. 29 Dec, 1860; res. Jonesville. 

897 SamueP {Thomcu?^ Lemmcf^ Lemuel,) born in 


Whitehall, 16 May, 1817 ; mamed in 1840, Lucy Ann, 
daughter of Phtneas Graves. 

Residence, Warrenville, III. Farmer. 

Children : 

i George Washington*, b. 17 Nov., 1841 ; served six years in 
the last war; carpenter; res. Aurora, 111; two children. 

11 Charters, b. 80 Apr., 1848 ; d. in the U. S. Army. 

lU Mary Jane, b. 8 Oct., 1844; m. Ransom Ostrander, 

a merchant of Sandwich, 111. ; one child. 

Iv Julia, b. 6 Feb., 1847 ; m. Mr. Vaughn ; two ch. 

▼ Harvey, b. 24 Dec, 1852. 

vl Elenore, b. 8 Sept., 1856. 

▼11 Henry Franklin, b. 18 March, 1860. 

viil Amos, b. 21 Jan., 1868. 

Ix Wmie, b. 19 Jan., 1869. 

398 Lucius® {Thomas^ Lemmcfi, Lemuel'^,) born in 
Whitehall, in 1821 ; married Mary, daughter of Phineas 
Graves ; residence, Batavia, 111. Children : 

I Annls*, b. 15 Dec., 1848. 

II Phineas, b. 4 Feb., 1858; m. 

III Minnie, b. 8 Dec, 1858 ; m. ; two chUdren. 

399 Jerry® (Tliomas^^ Lemma? ^ Lemuef^) bom in 
Whitehall, 5 March, 1822; married, in 1850, Altha 
Rainey of W., who was born 20 Feb., 1820, in Sheldon, 

Mr. Bartholomew was long a resident in Whitehall, 
N. Y., and Warrenville, 111., but has been a farmer in 
Bichmond, Washington Co., Iowa, since about 1856. 

Children : 

I Mary*, b. 8 June, 1851 ; res. Richmond. 

II Hettle, b. 26 Sept., 1852; m. Jno. Byres; of R. ; flye cb. 

III Cornelius, b. 10 March, 1854 ; drowned 4 July, 1875. 
Iv Eugene, b. 26 Oct., 1856; res. R. 

T Fred., b. 81 June, 1858 ; m. ; res. R. 


400 William Sanders^ {TliomcuP^ Lemma^, Ltmr 
iie2*,) born in Whitehall, in 1830; married, in 1858, 
Amelia Ann Watson, who died about 1871. Residence 
Richmond, Iowa. Farmer. Children : 

i Henry*. 

ii Charles Sanford. 

ili Clara. 

Vf Edward. 

▼ Ira Franklin. 

Ti Tliomaa. 

Tii Eliphalet. 

401 Ira Wilson^ {Tliomtu? ^ Lemnw? ^ Lemuel ,) born 
in Whitehall, 14 Oct., 1833; married, in Big Woods, 
DuPage Co., 111., 25 Dec, 1856, Francelia Watson, who 
was bom 31 July, 1841. 

Mr. Bartholomew has resided several years in Chicago, 
ten years in Big Woods, and the last sixteen years in 
York Centre, Du Page Co., 111. He was formerly a car- 
penter and builder, but now attends exclusively to his 
farm. Children : 

1 Willie Sanford', b. 6 Jan., 1860; d. 20 March, 18C0. 

il Lillian Jane, b. 14 June, 1862; teacher. 

Ill Flora Anna, b. 31 Dec, 1864. 

It £tU Marma, b. 6 Dec, 1866; d. 17 Jan., 1867. 

T Lemon Albert, b. 4 Oct., 1869. 

Ti InaMay, b. 2 Mar., 1871. 

402 Alvah S.® (AlvaJi'y Squire^^ IjemueP^) born in 
Whitehall, 7 Apr., 1831 ; married, 21 Aug., 1851, Char- 
lotte B. Phelps, who was born in Orwell, Yt., 22 June, 

Residence, Victor, Iowa Co., Iowa. Farmer. Children : 

684 I Alphonso ?.,• b. 12 Nov., 1858; res. Victor, Iowa. 

a Silas H., b. 17 Dec, 1858 ; d. 7 May, 1864, in Kingsbary, 

New York. 
Ul Lottie, b. 21 Aog., 1860, in Benson, Yt. 


406 Daniel® (AJfred', Squired, Lemuel,) born 22 
Oct.y 1838 ; married, 2 Oct., 1865, Mary Jane Enowles. 

He is a carpenter, residing about one mile east of White- 
hall. Children : 

I Hatti« Edna,* b. 28 Feb., 1867. 
U Bertie Ellsha, b. 2 May, 1869. 

407 Isaac® (Alfred' ^ Squirt ^ LemutP^) married Ann 
Knowles ; resides two and a half miles east of Whitehall. 

Children : 

i Eddie,* died. 

II Ella. 

III laaac. 
It Eddie. 

408 Cameron Fatohen® (Ziba BarziUaf, Joseph^, 
Lemutfj) bom in Howard, N. Y., 6 Oct., 1842 ; married, 
29 Nov., 1866, Harriett Y. Lindsay. 

Residence Elk Grove, Sacramento Co., Cal. Farmer. 
Children : 

1 Charles,* b. 26 Auff., 1867. 

it Edna Elizabeth, b. 20 Apr., 1879. 
Hi Joanna Agnes, b. 4 Dec, 1880. 

408 Simeon H.® (Sheldon\ Lutfier^, Noah^,) born 
in Hartford, Vt., 22 Feb., 1814; married Janet Wells; 
and died 25 Aug., 1842. Of his four children, one died 
in infancy. 

Residence, Hartford, Vt. Children : 

i Emily Jane,* m. ; res. Fiye Oaks, Mich. 
il Mary, res. Eareka, Nevada. 

ill Esther, rts. Oshkosh, Wis. 

410 Ezra W.® {8hddon\ Luthev*, Nbali^,) bom in 
Hartford, Yt., 18 Aug., 1816; married, in 1843, Mrs. 


Janet (Wells) Bartholomew (see No. 409) ; and died in 
Wisconsin, 9 Dec.,^ 1864. 

He moved from Hartford to Sumner, Kan., where he 
built the first frame house in the town ; thence to 111., and 
finally to Wisconsin. 

Of his five children only two daughters are living ; one 
in Eureka, Nev., the other in Utah. 

411 Arvin S.« (Sheldon^ Lvihei*, NoaJf,) bom in 
Hartford, Vt., 16 Nov., 1822; married, in 1844, Mary 
Freeman of Plaiufield, N. H., who was born 11 Jan., 1827 ; 
and died 27 Oct., 1870. He married, second, Cornelia 
E. Hunt of Rockville, Ct., who was born 6 Sept., 1830. 

Mr. Bartholomew has resided in Plainfield since 1844. 
Undertaker. He is a prominent man in his locality ; has 
been notary public, overseer of the poor, selectman and 
chairman of the selectmen many years, and justice of the 
peace thirty-three years. Children : 

I Harland F.,* b. 22 Au£^., 1846; d. 17 Sept., 1863. 

it Aden L., b. 20 Jan., 1848; ro. ; res. Plainfield. Ch. 

1 Mary F.,»" b. In Mar., 1873. 

2 Harry Arvin, b. in Jan., 1875. 

412 Jefferson P.® {Sheldon^ Luther^, Noah*,) bom 
in Hartford, 27 Sept., 1828 ; married, 12 Jan., 1858, Ellen 
M. Richards, who died in San Francisco, 31 May, 1867. 
He has resided many years in California, but is now in 
Tombstone, Arizona. Children : 

i Ines Ellen,' b. 18 Jan., 1859; res. E. Lexington, Mass. 

ii Abbey Josephine, b. 81 May, 1860; d. 11 Mar., 1864. 

iii Morris Jefferson, b. 28 O/ct., 1861; res. E. Lexington, liass. 

iv A son, b. 26 Dec., 1864; d. 16 Mar., 1S6& 


418 Harvey Chase® {Amof^ Luihei*, Noah^^) bom 
19 Feb., 1836 ; married, inKeene, N. H., 28 June, 1856, 
Bosetta S. Harrington ; and died in Keene, 6 July, 1880. 
Farmer. Children : 

i WUliam,* m. ; res. Keene. 
ii Charles, m.; res. Keene. 

414 Marcus Freeman® (Noah\ Luthei*, Naalf^) 

bom in Hartford, 25 Aug., 1830; married, in Pittsfield, 
Yt., 26 Feb., 1856, his cousin Miranda D. Bartholo- 
mew. (See No. 199.) 

Residence, Hartford, Vt. Farmer. Methodist. 

Children : 

i Walter Herbert,* b. 26 May, 1858; druggist; Soath Boston, 

U Ernest Irving, b. 15 Sept., 1859; sheep raiser in New 

m Albert Vinton, b. 25 June, 1861 ; res. Hartford, 
iv Benjamin H., b. 28 July, 1867; res. Hartford. 

415 Gtoorge EeUum^ (Nbah\ Luther^, JSFoah^y) 
born in Hartford, Vt., 4 July, 1835 ; married, in Wells- 
burg, W. Va., 9 Aug., 1860, Elizabeth J., daughter of 
James and Nancy (Townsend) Briggs ; who died 22 Dec, 
1862. He married, second, in Greencastle, Ind., 23 May, 
1864, Ellen J., daughter of the Rev. Benjamin R. and 
Luciuda F. Hoyt; who was born in Bradford, Vt., 23 
Apr., 1884. 

Professor Bartholomew graduated at Dartmouth College 
in 1858. Is the author of several standard Latin school 
books, including Latin Grammar, Latin Lessons, Caesar's 
Gallic War, etc. Is a member of the Historical and Phil- 
osophical Society of Ohio, and the Pf. Cincinnati Literary 



Club. He is president of the ^Bartholomew English and 
Classical School," in Cincinnati, Ohio ; and a member of 
the Protestant Episcopal Church. Child : 

i Mary," b. 19 Dec, 1862. 

416 Henry Willis® {Salmon Grey\ Is(m&^ Daniel?,) 
bom in Cincinnati, O., 29 Sept., 1838 ; married, in Bal- 
timore, Md., 27 Aug., 1863, Mary E. Lewis. Merchant 
in Baltimore. 

Of his nine children only the following named are living : 

i Henry L.,* 

!i Mary E. 

ill AddieGrey. 

iv Tyson Elwood, b. ab. 1878. 

417 Leroy Lafayette® {Jame^^ Charlef^, Abraham^,) 
born in Vernon, N. Y., 1 Sept., 1832 ; married, in Nov., 
1854, Sarah Jane Tenant, who was born in Otsego Co., 
N. Y., 17 Feb., 1836. 

Residence New Hartford, Oneida Co., N. Y. Caipenter. 
Child : 

I Gaerdon L.,' b. 26 Apr., 1856, in Vernon, N. T. MUler. 

418 Charles® (AsahePy Charle^, Abraham^,) horn ia 
Deansviile ; married Irene E. Miller, who died. He mar- 
ried, second, Mary Ann Peck; and died 30 Sept., 1876. 

Family residence, Deansviile. Child : 

i Charles,** m. Amelia Curtiss ; res. D. Ch. lClaraM.,>*8 
Clinton J., 8 Leon C. and 4 Charles G. Bartholomew. 

419 William L.® (AsaheFj Ckarle^, Abraham^) 
born in Kirkland, N. Y., 1 Dec, 1831 ; married Marian 
E. Page, who was born in Marshall, N. Y., 31 Oct., 1834, 



Major Bartholomew enlisted in Aug., 1862, in the 117th 
N. Y. y. 1.9 and was made second lieutenant; he was 
promoted to first lieutenant in Mar., 1864, and in the fol- 
lowing Sept., to captain. 

He commanded the skirmish line acting as sharp-shooters 
at the storming of Fort Fisher, 15 Jan., 1865, and was 
brevetted major for his brilliant effort at that time. 

Since the war he has settled at Lake Harbor, Mich., 
where he is largely engaged in fruit culture. Besides or- 
namental trees, shrubbery, evergreens, flower beds, etc., 
in abundance, his **Fontainebleau" fruit farm has fifteen 
acres of strawberries, 2500 grape vines, 130 peach, 300 
each, plum and cherry, 400 apple and 4200 pear trees, 
besides nectarines, apricots, chestnuts, currants, goose- 
berries, raspberries, blackberries, etc., etc. Children: 

i Willie* Grant, b. 28 Mar., 1861 ; d. 8 Jan., 1868. 

II George Grant, b. 26 Nov., 1866. 

III Edna Virginia, b. 2 July, 1868. 
iv Anna Georgine, b. 15 Sept., 1870. 
▼ Wayne Earl, b. 8 Nov., 187L'. 

420 Isaac^ {Lumavl}^ Isaacf^ Abrahayn^^) born in 
Madrid, N. Y., 15 Oct., 1815; married, 24 Mar., 1837, 
Bethia Taylor, who was born in Scotland, 22 July, 1815. 

Resided in Canada West from 1839 until 1855 ; since 
then, in Terre Haute, Ind. Children : 

1 Luman,* b. 26 Dec, 1837; d. 14 Aug., 1838. 

635 ii Henry S., b. 27 Mar., 1839; res. Terre llaute, Ind. 

iii Angelo, b. 15 Nov., 1840; d. 29 May, 1842. 

Iv Xarissa Lydia, b. 29 Nov., 1845; ra. 6 Aug., 18(»4, Preston A. 
iShartlc of T. II., who was killed by the R. U. cars, 6 Nov., 
lrt<;7. She in., 2nd, 31 May, 1«76, Stephen K. Wadsworth of 
l-iiiontown, I'u., where she d. 5 Aug., 1«hi. Ch. 

1 Daisy B. Shartle,'^ b. 6 Sept., 1H67. 

2 Frederick G. Wadsworth, b. 4 Apr., 1877. 


421 Michael Daniel® (Lumav?^ Isacuf, Abraham* j) 
bom iu Madrid, N. Y., 21 Aug., 1825 ; married, in Vigo 
Co., Ind., 1 Man, 1854, Sarah Durham, who was bom 5 
Oct., 1829. 

Mr. Bartholomew is a farmer in Areola, Douglas Co., 
111. Children : 

i Thomas D./ b. 26 Aug., 1855; res. Areola. 

ii Luman, b. 12 July, 1857 ; res. A. 

iU Mary E., b. 18 May, 1860; res. A. 

iv Eliza, b. 17 Jane, 1862 ; res. A. 

▼ Lydia, b. 28 Sept., 1865; d. 15 Oct., 1866. 

Ti Isaac, b. 8 May, 1869. 

422 James® (Isaac^j Isaac? ^ Abraham* f) born in Mad- 
rid, N. Y., 11 June, 1820 ; married, 18 Sept., 1845, Polly 
Wells. He is a farmer in Madrid. Children : 

I Oscar,* b. 81 Aug., 1846; m. 26 Jan., 1869, Eleanor Hunter; 

res. Morley, N. T. 

II Jerome, b. 10 Nov., 1848; m. 12 Mar., 1872, Susan Fisher; 

res. Madrid, 
ill Alma, b. 8 Dec, 1854. 
iv Guin, b. 15 Dec, 1859. 

423 Lewis^ {Isaac? , Isaafi, AbraJiam*^) bom in Mad- 
rid, N. Y., 1 Jan., 1839 ; married, 14 July, 1858, Abbie 
F. Rutherford, bom 26 Oct., 1839. 

Residence, Byminville, Chariton Co., Mo. Farmer. 

Children : 

i Frank*, b. 14 Jan., 1860. 

ii Alvin J., b. 22 March, 1861. 

iii Lottie N., b. 28 Aug., 1862; d. 12 Sept, 1866. 

iv Lucius A., b. 14 Dec, 1866. 

V Henry G., > b. 27 Jan., 1869. 

vi HattieN.,> twins. 

vii Isaac N., b. 11 Oct., 1870; d. 7 Sept, 1872. 

viU Altie, b. 15 Mar., 1875. 


424 Gteorge® (BasweWj laacufj Abraham^ j) bom 18 
April, 1824; married, 27 May, 1850, Mary Belding. 
She was bom 20 Jan., 1831. Children : 

i Emmett*. 

il Charles, b. 12 Dec, 1855 ; married. 

ill Frederick, b. 17 Feb., 1857; married. 

425 Charles L.^ {Ro9V)eW,l8aa(fj Abrahawf^) bom 29 
Oct., 1826 ; married, 27 Aug., 1852, Phebe Ann Culver, 
who was born 15 Nov., 1830. Builder. 

Children : 

i Henry C.,* b. 21 Jaly, 1858. 
11 Howard C, b. 1 Sept., 1855. 
Ul WilUe L., b. 16 Jane, 1860. 

426 Ira H.^ (Charles DJy laacuf, Abrdliam^,) bom in 
Waddington, N. Y., 4 Jan., 1828; married, 19 Nov., 
1856, Effie Ann Shank, who was born 14 April, 1831. 

Dr. Bartholomew graduated at Michigan University in 
1853. He first practised medicine in his native town, 
but removed in 1854 to Lansing, Mich., his present resi- 
dence. He has been its health officer, representative, 
mayor, etc., several years. 

Is now secretary of the United States Pension Examin- 
ing Board. Children: 

i I8aac^ b. S Jan., 1862 ; drowned 19 July, 1870. 
ii Charles H., b. 16 June, 1864 ; d. 22 Aug., 1865. 
Hi Henry S., b. 29 Dec, 1865. 
It WilUe I., b. 19 Nov., 1867. 

427 Henry D.^ {Charles Z).^ Isaatfy Abraham^ y) 

bom in Waddington, 15 Feb., 1831; married, 19 July, 

1855, Julia A. Sprague, who died 6 Nov., 1859. He 

married, second, 19 May, 1862, Jane E. Howe, who was 

bom 16 Sept., 1828. 


Mr. Bartholomew was educated at Ogdensburg (N. Y.) 
Academy, Courtland Co. (N. Y.) College and Michigan 
University, graduating from the literary department of 
the latter in 1854. 

He taught a number of years, also engaged in merchan- 
dising ; he has been in the Michigan State Treasurer's of- 
fice thirteen years, being deputy treasurer seven years. 
Ho is a civil engineer by profession and holds the posi- 
tion of city engineer of Lansing, Mich. ; is also vice 
president of the Michigan Association of Surveyors and 
Engineers. Children : 

i Kate*, b'. In 1865 ; was drowned In the Rapid Da Flatte, near 

Waddington, N. Y., 30 Aug., 1881. 
ii George, b. 20 Sept., 1870. 

428 Charles H.® {Charles\ Ic/iabocF, Abraham*,) 
born in Medina Co., Ohio; married, 6 Oct., 1861, Anna 
M. Packard. 

Residence, Tecumseh, Lenawee Co., Mich. Cooper. 
Children : 

1 Hattie M.' 

it George F. 

ill Burton £. 

Iv Lily May. 

429 Jonathan 3.^ ( William JEdmuncP, JonaOiavfj 
Abraham^ j) born about Jan., 1842; married, in 1865, 
Harriett E. Gladding. 

Residence, New Haven, Ct. Farmer. Children : 

i Charles H.,* b. 22 AprU, 18G6. 
ii Alfred Eugene, b. 17 Sept., 1867. 

430 George Henry® ( William JSdmujicP, Jonaihan\ 
Abraham^,) bom in Plainville, Ct., 17 March, 1850; 


married, 24 Aug., 1873, Delia Flanagan, who was born 
in Gaybrock, Westmeath Co., Ireland, 25 Aug., 1850. 
Besidence, Bigg's Hill, Ansonia, Ct. Children : 

I Mary*, b. 8 Nov., 1874. 

ii Albert WUliam, b. 26 Jane, 1876. 

431 Dana® {Jeremiah Hotchkiss'y Jonathan^j Abra- 
hanff) born in Wolcottville, Ct., 8 April, 1847 ; married 
17 Sept., 1867, Nettie Wightman. 

Mr. Bartholomew was educated at Ansonia, Conn., and 
Foughkeepsie, N. Y. Is engaged in merchandising, but 
principally interested in manufacturing ; is president of 
the Derby Bit Company. He represented his town in the 
state legislature of 1880. Children all born in A. 

Children : 

i Nettle.' 

II Dana. 

III Jeremiah Hotchkiss. 
It Valentine. 

432 Arthur Henry® (Jeremiah Hotchkiss^ ^ Jona- 
than^9 Abraham^^) born in Ansonia, Conn., 3 June, 1851 ; 
married, 14 Jan., 1874, Henrietta Cable of Oxford, Ct. 

Besidence, Ansonia; book-keeper for the Ansonia 
Clock Company. Children : 

i HenrietU*. 
il Eloise. 

488 Charles Eli® (Elf, Jacob^, JacoV ,)hom\\\ Bris- 
H Ct., 20 July, 1833; married at Belviderc, 111., in 
•^pril, 1856, Mary Case, who still resides there; and 
diftd in Fulton City, 111., 9 Aug., 1863. 

■^ ■« 

^ .»*T 

1. - I 

1 ■ ,f 

I I 



He was a ** sculptor in marble," and resided in Belvi- 
dero. Children : 

i Portia Mary*, m. 12 March, 1881, Walter J. Inrln ; res. Bel- 
Tldere. Ch. 
1 Ida May Irvlnl^ ^, X2 Dec, 1881. 

II Charles, d. set. seven months. 

III Marlon Arllne, b. 28 June, 1860; m. 12 March, 1881, Stephen 

W. Gooding of B. Ch. 
1 Lillian May Gooding, b. 81 Oct, 1881. 

434 Albert Lloyd® {ElV, Jacob\ Jacobs,) born in 
Hartford, Ct., 19 June, 1841 ; married at Belvidere, III., 
17 Aug., 1863, Mary Jane Beckwith. 

Mr. Bartholomew's boyhood was spent in Cleveland, 
where he graduated from the Central High School. 
Shortly after he was employed by Tappan, McKillop & 
Co., to write up the first set of commercial agency books 
for Cincinnati, O., which took three y^ars. He then be- 
came a partner of his brother Charles in Belvidere, but 
in 1860 engaged in merchandising in New York City. In 
1862 he returned to Belvidere and purchased his broth- 
er's marble business. This had occurred before he had 
reached the age of twenty-one. The following year he 
removed his business to Van Buren Township, Iowa, 
where he has remained ever since. While conducting his 
business, he read law with Judge Hellsinger, and in 1868 
began his legal practice, in which he has made himself 
prominent. In 1871 he established his present bank in 

Mr. Bartholomew, although having met with several se- 
vei*e drawbacks, including a fire and a $10,000 bank rob- 
bery, has been decidedly successful. Besides his active law 
practice and banking business, and attending to his mill 
and large farm, he is president of a telephone company, 
embracing six counties, is secretary and treasurer of the 

^ »•■ ■ 

■• I ■ . . • • 

', J.- -;-..- 

■i--* • .'' y I.. . 

, :■;;.} 


... '.J 

■;t •■ ■ ;■ 


• I . .■ : t 

y- _ > 

.. ■ ■ • ■ , , »■ I -• ■ - 
..■.».». . .♦ • 

• ■; . » . . ■ ■ : 

; . ^■■ 

»• I- 


» •" '. 

'•I ■ ■ 1 


'aAi^fWW>'nJ a' 

•: '. ' i *'-■■. .j!" {].h> •«.*■ ^ 4VliO\\.'l8 1^'^ril i'^ >I:i^*, ! ^ >7. 

;•«:. •:• *' ;--i'»!*nla, .Uia. I:il\l\ CM<^ ill IL'rir.rd. (."t.. i .-ii 

■ • 

f»^ ihv gi.tM]^ ho riiJitinriu iui'.'t ii\h\ th** TViiichint. y '.^v wdi^m 

4^9 GoorgG WelJ.'J*^ (r:v^>jp"', J.s./, J.//v)ft\) i.,,, ; ii- 

I-^Vi;, IloUio Julia Cole (Soe No. 22S.) 

llo r''v<;ivo'l hib 0(lucr»l5o:i :n V j ristol ii'git S( '^ * 
lii/l :•*. *.V^ii*:.>,.'irs iti Euot Hiiripton. Mtxsr-. 

\ii\A l>oen iii tliC Sa.: Antonio, T»X'<&. 1\>«^ v.'ilicr, i V.-t 
i\at :oii;il r*^iik» : ti'l Ihe viu.-i'" ?« Dep:irt»U'?nT r.j ■ , 
yifdi MiijiiiiV i);.-:tri*:t. Was twc: yCiivs citv i!t': 1. ; <■... 
y\:.i.»nit;. ur.i? llvo ye;iiS \viM\ th** i 'f Siip»i^O /v. ■d.»\- 
r.:k, ::•>;-; -'Oil jiUondi":;^ to ibcir rea^ ('.sUiSf i. ir.-!> 
Siij'c i^'ii he lm» !»eeii a moui^^or uf thr \^lu>; ^ji..- (..n-l- 
"V\:in- -iin of W I^ FirtlwHiiili <So Ok, of Am.-!... 1V\. . 
I.':' t!ie iiulljor and c^^^mpiler «)l ihih work ' 'i.ri.ii -i; 
Fawiu '^ne^ b ?t' auj;., I-JT. , d. - Oct., I; '.' 

ili o*ilia Kulh, u. Gl -lij;., i.^-ft; rt. U May Ij*^'!. 


Ct., 20 June, 1860, Sabra A., daughter of Deacon Jo- 
seph Peck of Burlington, who was born 15 May, 1837. 

He was educated in Bristol and Farmington, spent two 
years in California, and, later, one in Hartford, Ct., learn- 
ing the machinbt's trade. 

Since 1855 he has been successfully engaged in com- 
pany with his father, manufacturing braces and many 
other articles of hardware in Bristol. He has rare inven- 
tive faculties and has made many improvements, not only 
in the goods he manufactures and the machinery by which 
they are made, but in other lines. 

Is a member of the Congregational Church in B., and 
has been for many years superintendent of its Sunday 
School. Children : 

1 Alice Mae', b. 29 Jane, 1863. 
. ii Harry Ives, b. 25 Sept., 1878. 
ill Joseph Peck, b. 2 Jan., 1875. 

439 George Wells® {George\ Asa\ JacoV^) bom in 
Bristol, Ct., 24 Aug., 1848; married in B., 18 Oct., 
1876, Hettie Julia Cole. (See No. 228.) 

He received his education at the Bristol High School 
and at Wllliston's in East Hampton, Mass. 

Has been in the San Antonio, Texas, Post Office, First 
National Bank, and the Quartermaster's Department of the 
Fifth Military District. Was two years city clerk of San 
Antonio, and five years with the heirs of Samuel A. Mav- 
erick, deceased, attending to their real estate interests. 
Since 1877 he has been a member of the wholesale hard- 
ware firm of W. H. Firebaugh & Co., of Austin, Texas. 
Is the author and compiler of this work. Children : 

1 Edwin Cole', b. 29 Aug., 1878; d. 8 Oct., 1879. 

ii LiDD, b. 4 Dec, 1881. 

Ul Julia Ruth, b. 81 Aug., 1888; d. 6 May, 1884. 

^'y<'/L:. L , //fe^ , c 


A ■ > 

• - 1 

r.{r. hAh'Ui'. 

w y 


. ■ i 

.1 < 

.• « 

■ • 1 • <■< 

[.■•■ '..■ ',t['. '" :• ' '-. . . 

' ■ - i :» :.' ;lJ;'^V ' 

* L ■ * ■ ■ « 

•i.iiO Geo::.:. V 

.1 ft " * * ■ 

N.l f < • 

■ I 

■ « 

I. ■ • f 

', , h K- •«. 

. ■* I « . . . ^ 

■ Tt till' "■!.■■■ 


••■■ ■ _ • » 

■ ■ ....: - : • «;. • ■ ■-. r . 


440 Nathan Loomis^ {Aadf^ A»df^ Jacobs ^) born in 
Bristol, Ct., 14 Nov.i 1841 ; married inXexas, 22 Aug., 
1872, Mrs. Susan Emily (Reynolds) Newcombi who was 
bom 27 Sept., 1848. 

Judge Bartholomew is a stock-raiser and farmer at Ft. 
Griffin, Texas, and the judge of his county. 

441 John Birge^ {Asdf^ Asa^^ Jacobs y) born in Bris- 
tol, Ct., 11 Dec, 1845; married in Palestine, Texas, 12 
Feb., 1880, Virginia A. McElwee. 

Mr. Bartholomew has been for many years auditor of 
the International and Great Northern R. R. , but is now 
a district freight agent of the Missouri Pacific and Texas 
Pacific Railroads with headquarters at Fort Worth, Tex. 

442 John^ (John'y Jacob*, Johnny) born 3 Aug., 
1819; married, 11 May, 1842, Esther Ann Oram, who 
was born 6 Oct., 1824. He died 8 Nov., 1875. 

Was a farmer of Grenola, Elk Co., Kan. 

Children : 

I Nancy Jane', b. 10 Jane, 1848. 

II Chesley P. T., b. 22 May, 1845. 
lii Margaret Angelia, b. 26 July, 1847. 
Iv Elizabeth Ann, b. 12 April, 1850. 
V William Henry, b. 17 Aug., 1852. 

vl Aaron B., b. 7 March, 1855; d. 8 March, 1855. 

vil Mary Ellen, b. 26 June, 1856. 

▼Ill Y. Oram, b. 14 April, 1859. 

Ix Esther Ann, b. 22 Oct., 1861. 

X Florence SavlUa, b. 9 March, 1866; d. 22 July, 1866. 

443 Hiram Bane® {Aaron\ Jacob* , John\) born 25 
Nov., 1820; married, 12 April, 1844, Phebe Newsome, 


who died in 1856. He married, second, in the fall of 
1857, Mary Frances Sozont, who was born in France, and 
died in the spring of 1873. 

He married, next, in July, 1874, a Miss Tolbert. 

Residence, Big Tree, Green Co., Pa. Of his twelve 
children, 1 Almira*, 2 Elizabeth, 3 Phoebe and 4 Louisa, 
were by his first wife ; 5 Hiram, 6 John, 7 Oscar, 8 Fran- 
cis, 9 Anna and lOCelestine, by his second, and 11 Wil- 
liam and 12 Mary, by the third. 

444 Isaac® {Aaron? ^ Jacob^^ John^,) born in Pa., 
7 Sept., 1822; married, 5 May, 1846, Martha Saunders, 
who was born 16 May, 1830. After her death he mar- 
ried, 1 March, 1853, Margaret Calhoun, who died 15 
May, 1881. 

He served three years in the Inst war, and has been an 
invalid ever since; residence Sidney, Shelby Co., Ohio. 

Children : 

I William*, b. 16 AprU, 1848. 

II Henry, b. 20 June, 1850; d. 15 Apr., 1854. 
ill Francis F., b. 1 Dec, 1864. 

Iv David R., b. 7 Feb., 1866. 

y Samuel B., b. 7 Oct., 1868; d. 15 Jan., 1881. 

vi Charles B., b. 29 April, 1861. 

Til Abner, b. 10 Oct., 1866. 

445 George^ ( William G.\ John^, John\) born in 
Hamden, O., 19 Dec, 1833; married, 5 Jan., 1854, 
Angeliue Elizabeth Houghton, who was born in Yates 
Co.,N.Y.,20Jan., 1831. 

Eesidence, Troy, Ohio. Children : 

i Chloe PamellaS b. 28 Jan., 1855; m. 24 Dec, 1874, An- 

drew B. Newcomb. Ch. 

1 Grace Newcomb**', b. 23 Oct., 1876. 

2 Lee Newcomb, b. 10 Dec, 1877. 


ii George Alba, b. 20 April, 1857; m. 81 May, 1881, 

Flora Goodwin ; res. Troy, 
ill Emma Deliah, b. 14 Sept., 1859. 

iv Edward Lincoln, b. 27 July, 1861. 
y Franklin Dennis, b. 6 Feb., 18G5. 
vi Willie Washington, b. 14 July, 1871. 

446 Milo® ( William GJ, JoUvf, John\) born in 
Hamden, O., 14 May, 1838; married, 30 Jan., 1864, 
Amy Richmond, who was born in Munson, 15 Jan., 

Residence, Burton, O. Is an extensive farmer. 
Children : 

1 Hattie E.,> b. 7 Sept., 18G5. 

U Mary A., b. 17 Oct., 1867. 

ill Carrie A., b. 4 Feb., 1870. 

It Flora £., b. 13 Aug., 1872. 

y Pearl A., b. 2 May, 1875. 

447 Nelson® {William C.\ John\ John\) bom in 
Burton, O., 10 Dec, 1843 ; married, 27 Jan., 1874, Irene 
Moore, who was born 6 Sept., 1851. After her death lie 
married, 7 Feb., 1882, Ida Brown, who was born 18 
Sept., 1861. 

Residence, Burton, Ohio. Children : 

I John*, b. 5 April, 1875. 

II Alida, b. 2G Sept., 187G. 
iil Adcle, b. 9 March, 1880. 

448 Charles M.® (Orlo\ Thomas^, SamueV\) born 
in Augusta, N. Y., 10 July, 1849 ; married, in Feb., 1876, 
Nellie Manzier of Auburn, O. 

Rev. Mr. Bartholomew graduated from Hamilton Col- 
lege and, in April, 1876, from Auburn Theological Sem- 
inary. Is pastor of the Congregational Church of Kushville, 
N.Y. Child: 

I Orlo Albert,* b. 18 Feb., 1878. 




449 Edwin Jasr® {Orlo\ Thonuuf, 8amu^,) born 
in Augusta, N. Y., 16 Aug., 1850; married, in Oct., 
1873, Flora A. Spooner. 

Besidence, Madison, N. Y. Farmer. Children : 

i Florence,* b. S8 Dec, 1875. 
11 aara May, b. 17 July, 1877. 

450 Wilbert® {Myrdf, Thonuufij SamuO^,) born in 
Gk)8hen, Ct., 27 Sept., 1834; married, 16 Dec, 1858, 
Euuice Palmer. 

Residence, Bristol, Ct. Agent Adams' Express Co. 
Child : 

i Etta Jane,* b. 7 Apr., 1863. 

451 Collins Josiah® (Albert Joataff, Josiah^, Jo- 
Rtah^f) bom in Oneida, N. Y., 30 June, 1833; married, 
25 Nov., 1862, Susan L. Ailing. . 

Besidence, Mankato, Minn. Mechanic. Child : 

i Lora,* b. 7 Mar., 1867. 

452 Jay Simon^ (Albert Josiah\ Josiah*, Josiahf^) 
born in^Oneida, N. Y., 22 June, 1840; married, 6 July, 
1870, Emily J. Morrison. 

Mr. Bartholomew enlisted in the U. S. Army, in 1862, 
but was discharged three months after on account of disa- 
bility ; he re^ulisted in 1864, and served until the close 
of the war. 

He resides in Berkey, Lucas Co., Ohio. Farmer. 

Children : 

i John O.,* b. 17 June, 1872. 
ii Loaisa, b. 23 Aug., 1880. 

452a Osoar^ (Hiram Edwin\ JosiM, Jaaiaff,) bom 


in Stockbridge, N. Y., 7 Sept., 1839; married, in 1872, 
Lucy Collins. 

Residence, Vernon Center, N. Y. Cliildren : 

i Orlo Edwin,* b. 17 Feb., 1872. 

ii Lina Sophia, b. 27 Feb., 1874. 

iii Kirby Scott, b. 9 Apr., 1878. 

Iv Lena £dna, b. 7 Sept, 1881. 

453 George W.« {Noah Wmis\ JehieV, Isacu^,) 
bom in Erie Co., N. Y., 24 May, 1833 ; married, 22 Apr., 
1858, Mrs. Emily M. (Hopkins) Smith, who was born in 
Bristol, Ct., in 1837. 

When sixteen, he went alone to California and fought 
his way among the rough ^ forty-niners.** 

His natural love for training animals found gratification 
in driving freighters' teams, and breaking wild horses 
while working on farms ; it ultimately found him with a 
collection of horses that perform feats that are remarkable. 

He has of late years travelled and shown his horses in 
nearly every state in the United States. 

His family residence is 3261 Chancellor Street, West 
Philadelphia, Pa. Children : 

1 A daaghtcr,* b. in 1859 ; d. in 1861. 

Ii A daughter, b. 5 Mar., 1864. 

ill George B., b. in 1866. 

It Willie, b. 2 Nov., 1869. 

T Emily, b. 26 June, 1877. 

Tl Estella, b. 8 Nov., 1881. 

454 Lewis Leroy® {Noah Willis^ JehieV, Isaatf,) 
born in Evans, N. Y., 24 Mar., 1835 ; married, in Fill- 
more, Utali, 4 May, 1854, Clarinda Kobinsou, who was 
bom in Clay, Mich., 26 Oct., 1838. 

Besidence, Cayucos, San Luis Obisbo Co., Cal. 


Children : 

i Lewis Leroy,' b. 5 Mar., 1855, in Fillmore. 

11 Emily Malvina, b. 80 May, 1857, in F. 

lii Alice Marinda, b. 1 Sept., 1859, in F. 

iv Clarissa Celia, b. 20 June, 1868, in Dallas, Oregon. 

V Eva Matilda, b. 2 Not., 1876, in Santa Anna, Cal. 

455 Edwin® {Noah Willis^ ^ JehieJ^^ Isaac? ^) born in 
Salt Lake, Utah, 8 Apr., 1852 ; married, 25 Dec, 1871, 
Lelia Lyman. Residence, Fillmore, Utah. Children : 

i Lillle Gay,» b. 6 Oct., 1872. 

il Vern, b. 4 Jan., 1874. 

ill Edda Clare, b. 81 Dec, 1875. 

It RettaLee, b. 8 Aug., 1878. 

456 James® (Isaac^y JehiePy Isaa&j) bom in Erie 
Co., N. Y., 17 Mar., 1833; married, 14 Dec, 1858, 
Catherine Ringley, who was born 10 Apr., 1838. 

Residence, Alley ton, Wayne Co., Iowa. Children: 

i Quintilla,* b. 8 Nov., 1860 ; m. 19 June, 1879, Ernest Lint- 

ner; res. Alley ton, la. 
ii Lucia May, b. 17 June, 1865. 
iii Emma, b. 15 June, 1867. 

It Lewis, b. 12 July, 1869. 

V Famelia Jane, b. 12 Nov., 1871. 
vi James Fenly, b. 2 Oct., 1875. 
vii Henry, b. 9 Jan., 1882. 

457 Ezra® (Isaac' ^ JehiePy Isaaif^) born in Jackson 
Co., Mich., 8 Sept., 1839; married, 1 Jan., 1858, Mar- 
garet Mansfield, who was born 1 Sept., 1840. 

Residence, Council Bluffs, Iowa. Children : 

i Evaline,* ) b. 12 Nov., 1860 ; C res. Hampton, Neb. 

ii Eva, S twins. < 

iii Charles, b. 1 Oct., 1869. 

It George, b. 1 Nov., 1871. 


458 Hiram Alonzo^ {Isaac^y JehieV^ Isacuf^) born 
6 May, 1846 ; married 4 July, 1867, Adeline Handle. 

Residence, Richmond, Ray Co., Mo. Gunsmith. 
Children : 

i Warren/ b. 18 BCar., 1869. 

II Battle, b. 17 Feb., 1870. 

III Viola May, b. 10 Mar., 1876. 
It Mary E., b. 2 July, 1878. 
V CalUe, b. 10 Oct., 1880. 

458a Lyman® {JehieV^ Jehi^^ Ima&^) bom in Jack- 
son, Mich., 30 July, 1841 ; married, 25 Jan., 1865, Au- 
gusta Golbrath, born 16 Sept., 1846, in Trumbull Co., O. 

He is a farmer in Coldwater, Mich. Children : 

I Nora,* b. 5 Dec, 1869. 

II NeUle, b. 14 Mar., 1872. 

459 Lee® {DaniePj Daniel ^ Jessff^) born 24 Jan., 
1853; married, 19 Sept., 1876, Mary B., daughter of 
Bumham and Juliette Tanner. 

He is a merchant in Dryden, N. Y. A member of its 
board of education and superiutendent of its Union Sun-' 
day School. Child : 

i Leila,* b. 11 Apr., 1881. 

460 John H.® (LeonarcPj Jonathan^ j Ooraharnfy) born 
inNorthford, Ct., 17 Sept., 1802 ; married, 19 Oct., 1823, 
Wealthy Ann Augur, who died 13 Feb., 1862. He died 
14 June, 1881, st. 78. 

Resided in New Haven, Ct. Currier. Children : 

636 I Joha C.,* b. 21 Dec, 1824; res. New Haven. 
U Lewis J., b. 19 Jane, 1827; d. 12 July, 1880. 
Ul Philander A., b. 28 Not., 1829. 

W Sophia C, b. 2 May, 1882; m., 8 May, 1852, Noycs S. 



T Locy A., b. 17 Mar., 1886 ; m. 5 Jane, 1860, R. E. HoDgli. 

Ti Frances E., b. 5 Nov., 1837. 

Til Mary L., b. 10 July, 1840; m., Dec, 1866, Andie Sawyer. 

TiilLozeme H., b. 19 Apr., 1842. 

ix Emily H., b. 4 Apr., 1844; m. 18 May, 1876, Wm. Jones. 

461 Lucius J.^ {Leonard?^ Jonathavfy Oarsham^,) 
born in Northford, Ct., in July, 1805 ; married Julia Frost ; 
and died 6 Sept., 1849. She died 4 July, 1878. 

Besidence, Now Haven, Ct. Children : 

I Lucius,* b. 8 Dec, 1832; d. 4 Apr., 1833. 

II LqcIus B., b. In 1834 ; has a bookstore and circolating library 

In New Haven. 

462 Gteorge® (JE7tW, Jonathan^ Gorsham^y) bom in 
New Haven, Ct., 24 Oct., 1816 ; married, 27 June, 1837, 
Lydia West Chapel ; and died there, 29 Feb., 1880. 

Family reside at 71 Putnam St., New Haven. 

Children : 

587 1 Ellas Jackson,* b. 8 Sept., 1838; res. N. H. 

11 William Wallace, b. 6 Aug., 1840; is captein of the police 

In Hawaii, Honolulu, Sandwich Islands, 
ill George Herbert, b. 16 Dec, 1842; wounded and d. in U. 

S. A., 26 Nov., 1865. 
Iv Elizabeth Starkey, b. 20 July, 1846; d. 9 Aug., 1848. 
V Charles Edward, b. 18 Feb., 1848; res. Arizona; miner, 
vl Emille Jane, b. 12 May, 1851 ; m. 14 Oct, 1874, Alfred 

F. Dickey, 
vii Frederick Augustus, b. 28 Dec, 1853; res. Arizona; miner. 
viU Harriett, b. 16 Aug., 1855; d. 28 Oct., 1855. 

ix Nathan Chapel, b. 15 Aug., 1856; machinist. 
X HarrieU Elizabeth, b. 4 May, 1859; m. 26 Nov., 1876, Chas. 

0. Hendrick. 
xi Eva West, b. 20 May, 1862. 

463 Pliny® (Eben\ Osetfj 8eih\) born 13 March, 
1807 ; married, in 1824, Harriett Louisa Mann, who was 


born 13 Feb., 1813, and resides in Westville, Ct. He 
died 13 Feb., 1863, from wounds received five days before 
at the battle of Roanoke Island. 

Mr. Bartholomew spent many years in Bristol, Ct., as 
a clockmaker, removing in 1850, to Derby, Ct. He en- 
listed in 1862, in Company H, 10th regiment Ct. V. I. 

Children : 

1 Georglanna,* b. 18 Jan., 1836; drowned 18 Nov., 1868. 
ii Gertrade, b. 22 Dec, 1840; m. 26 Feb., 1867, Dr. Geo. 

W. Ailing ; res. New Haven. Oh. 

1 Minnie'^ Ailing, b. 19 Apr., 1868. 

2 Howard W. Ailing, b. 12 Jan., 1860. 

8 Jesse B. Ailing, b. 26 Sept., 1872; d. 16 Dec, 1872. 
4 Wmis H. AUlng, b. 19 Nov., 1876. 
ill Van Ambarg, b. 4 Sept., 1846; m. Charlotte A. Bradley; 

res. East Haven, Ct. 
iv Jennie Louisa, b. 27 Jan., 1848 ; m. Prof. Alex. M. Dram- 
mond; res. Victoria, N. T. Ch. 
1 Arthur M. Dmmmond, b. 9 Jan., 1878. 
V Harriett Luella, b. 1 Sept., 1851; res. Rochester, N. Y. 

464 Eben Griggs^ {Ebenf, Osea^, Seth\) born in 
Oneida Co., N. Y., 16 Sept., 1821; married Lamira 
Wilder, who was killed by lightning, 27 June, 1851. He 
died in Harlem, HI., 10 May, 1854. 

Mr. Bartholomew accompanied Captain Wilkes in the 
United States exploring expedition of 1840. Was a 
farmer of Harlem, 111. Children : 

i Anna Lemlra,* b. 20 July, 184G; m. 12 Dec, 1866, John S. 
Parker of H. Ch. 

1 James W. Parlser,^^ b. 8 Jan., 1869. 

2 Wealthy L. Parker, b. 7 June, 1870. 

8 Eben S. Parker, b. 19 Sept., 1875. 

4 John R. Parker, b. 30 .Jan., 1878. 
\\ Albert, b. 5 Aug., 1848; d. 19 June, 1849. 

Ui Maiy LoalsA, b. 80 Dec, 1849; d. 2 Nov., 1864. 


465 Eliakim Shandy^ (Menezer 5.,^ Osecfi, Seih^,) 
boru in Oneida Co., N. Y., 17 Apr., 1826; married, 15 
Nov.', 1848, Louisa Atwood, who was bom in Berkshire 
Co., Mass., 15 Sept., 1825. 

Besideuce, Harlem, III. Farmer. Children : 

i Jay F.,* b. 11 Dec, 1852; m. 29 Jan., 1880, Belle Hart. 
11 Jennie, b. 24 July, 1858. 
ill Fred., b. 22 Sept., 1866. 

466 Seth Emerson^ (Jared', 8elh^y 8elh^,) born 21 
Apr., 1829; maiTied, 28 Dec., 1853, Nancy J. Philips, 
who was bom 28 Not., 1834. 

Residence, Hartford, O. Children : 

I Earl F.,* b. 20 Oct., 1856; teacher. 

II Lucia S., b. 4 Feb., 1858. 
Hi F. Adell, b. 29 March, 1861. 
Iv Myron L., b. 2 Sept., 1868. 

467 Abel® {Ira\ AbeP, 8eth\) born in Vienna, O., 
14 Sept., 1805; married, 5 Mar., 1831, Lorinda Maria 
Tyrrill, who was born 24 Feb., 1813. 

Sesidence, Vienna, O., on the farm his father cultivated. 
Children : 

I Rebecca,* b. 13 Mar., 1832; m., in Sharon, Pa., 30 

Sept., 1849, Lewis Neal McMallen; res. Newton Falls, O. 
Children : 

1 Lovina'^ M. McMallen, b. 8 July, 1850; m. Jno. Sinclair; 

res. Coalburg, 0. 

2 Lorinda C. McMuUen, b. 28 July, 1858; m. C. E. Taylor; 

res. Levelsburg, O. 

II Mary Antonette, b. 28 Sept, 1833; m. Jno. H. Grlffis; res. 

Mt. Ida, Grant Co., Wis. Farm and dairy. Ch. 

1 Judson Bw. Grlffis, b. 8 Oct., 1861 ; d. 27 May, 1863. 

2 £ya H. Grlffis, b. 25 June, 1865. 

638 ill Epenetus Rogers, b. 8 June, 1835 ; res. Vienna, 0. 

iv Boodica, b. 15 July, 1836; m. 29 Feb., 1858, Horace 

B. ScoTiUe ; res. Cortland, O. Ch. 
1 Walton D. Scoville, b. 17 Aug., 1860; m. Alice M. Dray. 


039 V Ira Church, b. 6 Nov., 1889; res. Vienna. 

▼i CelesUa Naomi, b. 2 Aug., 1842; m. 27 Dec, 1865, David 
P. Camp ; hardware merchant in Cortland, 0. Ch. 

1 Vema L. Camp, b. 80 Sept., 1869. 

2 Earl L. Camp, b. 8 Jane, 1874. 
8 Lacy W. Camp, b. 21 Jane, 1880. 

540 Til Austin Erastos, b. 6 Sept., 1850; res. Vienna, 0. 

468 Eli^ (/m% AheV, 8eth\) born in Vienna, O., 28 
Oct., 1810; married in 1831, Mamre Ann Fuller, who 
was bom in Burlington, Ct., 19 Oct., 1813, and died 29 
Not., 1873, in New Bellville, Ind. 

He resided in Vienna until 1862, when he moved with 
his sons to the ricinity of Pecksburg, Ind. He has been a 
stirring, thorough-goiog farmer and stock-dealer ; also con- 
tracting and speculating to a considerable extent ; is now 
conducting his farm in Pecksburg, Ind. Children : 

641 1 Ira*, b. 8 Feb., 1888 ; res. Mt. Liberty, Browne 

Co., Ind. 

64S 11 John Charch, b. 9 June, 1835 ; res. Clayton, Ind. 

ill Augustus FuUer, b. 15 July, 1837; d. unm. 30 May, 1864. 

648 iT Cyrus, b. 28 April, 1B40; res. Plke*8 Feak, Ind. 

T Pamella Ann, b. 23 Nov., 1844 ; m. 18 Oct., 1866, Wm. L. 

Cox. She was a prominent teacher in the county. Mr. 
Cox was school examiner, clerk of the Circuit and Com- 
mon Fleas Court, but is now a counsellor-at-law in Kash- 
▼ille, Ind. Ch. 

1 George W.*® Cox, b. 19 Dec, 1867. 

2 Washington E. Cox, b. 5 Mar., 1872. 

3 William F. Cox, b. 7 Jan., 1877. 

Tl Harriett Cornelia, b. 5 March, 1847; m. 14 March, 1809, Syl- 
vanus Mabe, a fiarmer of Fecksburg, Ind. ; U. S. Army 
1861-1864. Ch. 

1 Lorenzo F. Mabe, b. 14 Nov., 1869. 

2 Eli B. Mabe, b. 17 Jan., 1872. 

Tli Polly, b. 15 March, 1849 ; d. set. 5. 

Till Maria, b. and d. in 1855. 

4«B ErastUB^ {Ira\ AbeP, Seth\) bom in Vienna, 



O., 20 Dec, 1819 ; married, 4 Feb., 1841, Lucinda Boyd, 
who was born 4 Oct., 1818 ; and died 9 Oct., 1853. 

He married, second, 16 Feb., 1854, Catherine Holder, 
who was born 18 April, 1831. 

Family reside in Brookfield, Trumbull Co., O. Bap- 
tists. Children : 

i Lorinda Cordelia*, b. 1 Jan., 1842; res. Mt. Hope, Wis. 

II Miles Marshall, b. 8 Feb., 1844; res. Bellvllle, Ind. Is 

the Inventor of an Improved stenograph. 

III Jacob Henderson, b. 25 Feb., 1846; d. 25 April, 1868. 
Iv Mary Julia, b. 28 June, 1851 ; res. Mt. Ida, Wis. 
V Saranel Abel, b. 22 April, 1855 ; res. Sharon, Pa. 
vl Rebecca Aorllla, b. 18 April, 1857; res. Brookfield, O. 
vU Martha Susan, b. 17 Feb., 1859; res. B. 

Tin Lucinda Jane, b. 18 April, 1862 ; res. B. 

470 Lorenzo^ (Wtttiam^ AbeVy 8eih\) born in Vi- 
enna, O., 9 Dec., 1815; married there, 30 Dec, 1835, 
Nancy Malvina, daughter of Elisha and Nancy Booth, 
who was born in Vermont, 29 June, 1816. 

Is a miller and farmer in Vienna. Has been repeatedly 
elected to positions of trust by his townsmen. 
Children : 

I WlUlam Elisha,* b. 16 Dec, 1886; d. 29 May, 1858, in Kan. 

II Mary Cornelia, b. 20 Aug., 1888; m. 1856, Dr. Amaziah 

Moore. Ch. 1 Florence*^ and 2 Frankie Moore. 

III Albert UHel, b. 8 Feb., 1842; m. 25 Dec., 1881, Mary 

Chamberlain ; Is a druggist In Vienna. 
Iv Nancy Alcenla, b. 5 Aug., 1848; m. Wm. Cone of OberUn, 

Ohio. Ch. 1 Olive, 2 Corlune, 8 Mary and 4 WilUam 

y Celia Alice, b. 5 Aug., 1848 ; m. Dr. F. A. Tappan; res. 

LeadvlUe, Col. 
vl Milton M., b. 7 Aug., 1851 ; m., 1875, AUce Lyon of 

Pa. ; farmer ; son Albert Wm. Bartholomew, 
vll Florence Eva, b. 16 July, 1858; d. 1 March, 1868. 

471 Orren® ( William^ AbeP, Seili\) born in Vienna, 


0.9 28 Oct. 9 1817; married Caroline, daughter of Heury 

Bennett of Youngstown, O. 

A fanner of Brownsville, Pa. Children : 

1 Cassias*, 

il Norton, 

lii Emma. 

iv Elizabeth. 

472 Edward® ( Wmiam\ AbeF, 8eth\) bom in Vi- 
enna, O., 24 Not., 1833 ; married there, 18 Dec., 1855, 
Adeline Munson, who was born in Y., 11 Feb., 1839. 

Is a farmer in Cherry Valley, Ashtabula Co., O. 
Served his country several years in the last war. 
Children : 

I Elah*. 

II William. 

III Frank. 

473 FranciB Hawley® {SamueV, Levi^, 8eth^,) bom 
in Greensburg, Ind., 30 Sept., 1836; married, in 1859, 
Lucretia Ann Armstrong. 

He was a teacher, and later a merchant. Enlisted in 
the 12th Mich. Vol. Infantry ; and died in the army, 6 
Aug., 1864, at Duval's Bluff, Ark. Children : 

i Carrie Eva*, b. 1860; ra. 14 Nov., 1882, Charles II. Bollenger ; 

res. Berrien Springs, Mich. 
11 Wmiam, b. In 1864; d. in 1865. 

474 William Marion^ {SamueV, icrt«, Seth\) bom 
in Greensburg, Ind., 10 June, 1839; married, 15 Apr., 
1867, Sarah Lavinia Ruggles, who was bom 21 Jan., 
1842, and died at Stephensville, Mich., 6 Feb., 1881. 
He died 29 May, 1875, at Stephensville, where he re- 
sided. Was a captain in the last war. Methodist. 


Children : 

1 George*, died before 1881. 

ii Dwight May, b. 1868; drowned at Berrien Springs, Mich., 

6 Jane, 1888. 
ill Grayea, died before 1881. 

475 Virgil Webster® (SamueP, Levi^, Seth^y) born 
in Greensburg, Ind., 13 Jan., 1847; married in 1869, 
Edna Stanton, who was bom in Lapoi*te, Ind., 23 June, 

Mr. Bartholomew is a successful hardware merchant in 

Michigan City, Ind. Children : 

i Loais Claris', b. 21 May, 1870, in Laporte. 

ii Frederick William, b. 18 Nov., 1878, in L. 

iil Francis Lee, b. 17 Aug., 1876, in L. 

iv Alfred Castle, b. 18 March, 1879, in L. 

V Laara Ann, b. 1 Feb., 1882, in M. C. 

476 Orion A.8 (Bradley', Lev?, Seth^y) bominBell- 
ville, Ind., 4 Sept., 1837 ; married 16 Jan., 1866, Mary 
J. Smith, who was born in Hendrix Co., Ind., 9 Dec., 

General Bartholomew graduated at the Asbury Univer- 
sity in 1859 ; studied law until war broke out in 1861, 
when he enlisted serving during the entire period of the 
war. His conspicuous ability and gallant conduct caused 
his promotion to colonel and brevet brigadier general at 
the early age of 26. 

After the war he resumed his chosen profession, and is 
now a counsellor-at-law in Chariton, Iowa. (See his like- 
ness on page 175.) Children : 

i Ethel C* b. 12 March, 1867. 

ii Charles L., b. 10 Feb., 1869. 

m LevlB., b. 29 Dec, 1871. 

Iv Fred. R., b. 28 March, 1875. 

V Orion A., b. 8 Jan., 1878. 


477 William Frank» {Bradley^ Levi^, Seth\) bom 
in Danville, Ind., in Aug., 1845 ; married, in Valparaiso, 
Ind., 9 April, 1871, Lizzie B. Stevens. 

Rev. Mr. Bartholomew graduated at the Asbury Uni- 
versity in 1867 ; studied for the ministry, and in 1869, 
became a member of the Des Moines Conference of tha 
Methodist Episcopal Church. He is now pastor at Afbon, 
Iowa. Children : 

i Edna*, b. about 1874. 
11 Levi, b. about 1877. 
Ui BeU, b. aboot 1880. 

478 Henry D.® (Benjamin B.\ Levity Seth\) bom 
in Bellville, Ind., 14 Feb., 1846 ; married, 3 Aug., 1869, 
Delia Cooper. 

He served during the late war in the 148th Ind. Vol. 
Infantry. Besideuce, Clajrton, Ind. Carpenter. Bap- 
tist. Democrat. Child : 

1 Ethel C* b. 81 Jan., 1872. 

479 Isaac Newton® (Benjamin B.\ Levi^, 8elh\) 
bom in Bellville, 31 July, 1850; married, 21 Sept., 
1879, Mary D. Knippe. 

Dr. Bartholomew resides in Poland, Clay Co., Ind. 
Physician. Methodist, Democrat. Child: 

i Mabel', b. 2 Jan., 1881. 

480 Thomas Donnell^ (Petet J.\ LevH", Seih\) 
bom in Greensburg, Ind., 28 Aug., 1839; married, 19 
May, 1869, Emma J. Voorheis, who was born in White 
Lake, Mich., 23 May, 1842, and died 14 Jan., 1874. 
He married, second, 28 Oct., 1874, Harriett Maria Voor- 
heis, who was born in W. L., 16 Jan., 1841. 



Kev. Mr. Bartholomew graduated at Lane Theological 
Seminary, Cincinnati, O., 4 May, 1869. He has been 
pastor of the Presbyterian Church at Hercules, O., eight 
years, and of that at Corunua, Mich., his present resi- 
dence, for the last six years. Children : 

i Ethel Lacretia,' b. 2 March, 1872. 

11 Thomas Cllve, b. 20 Jan., 1876. 

ill Mary Levangle, b. 28 Sept., 1877. 

Iv Paul Voorhels, b. 10 April, 1881; d. 19 Jane, 1881. 

481 Luzerne® (BockweW^ LuzemeFy SamueP^) born in 
Noilhford, Ct., 12 March, 1828 ; iparried in Mar., 1850, 
Caroline Serviss, who died in April, 1864. He married, 
second, 12 Sept., 1865, Kate Louisa Petty. 

Captain Bartholomew was engaged in the manufacture 
of wall paper; but in Aug., 1861, assisted in raising a 
company for the 9th N. J. Regt., and was made first lieu- 
tenant of the same. 

On the expiration of his term of service, he raised a 
company for the 38th N. J. Eegiment, which he com- 
manded until mustered out in July, 1865. 

He resides in New Brunswick, N. J., and is still con- 
nected with the paper business. 

Of his eleven children two died in infancy. 

Children : 

I Mary Elizabeth*, died set. 8. 

II Clara Josephine, b. 22 Sept., 1855; m. 6 Jane, 1877, Frank 

M. Moore. Ch. 
1 Perry >o Moore, b. 25 April, 1878. 
ill Henry Lnzerne, b. 11 Jan., 1858; painter, 
iv Atwell, b. IS Aug., 1860; res. New Bmnswlck, 

New Jersey. 
V John £., b. 4 July, 1866. 

vl Melissa, b. 80 Jan., 1868. 

vil Frank R., b. 17 Oct., 1869. 

vlil David S., b. 7 Jan., 1871. 

Ix Kate Eva, b. 6 April, 1875. 


482 Biohard Henry® (HockwdPy Luzem^, SamuePy) 
boru ill Northfordy Ct., 5 Sept., 1830; married, 13 Dec, 
1856, Kate Benson, who was bom 18 Dec, 1835. 

Mr. Bartholomew has been for years engaged in the 
stove and hardware business in Woodbridge, N. J., but 
has recently moved his business to Elizabeth City, N. J. 
Of his six children, four died in infancy. 

Children : 

i ADole Frances*, b. 11 June, 1863. 

11 Minna Angosta, b. 4 March, 1866 ; d. 10 Nov., 1882. 

483 John Luther® (GirarcPy SamueP^ Timothif,) 
born 24 Aug., 1835; married, 11 Dec, 1859, Henrietta 
A. Johnson; and died in Andersonville Prison, 12 Oct., 

Family reside in Guilford, Ct. Child : 

i John Girard', graduate of Yale Scientific School, New Haven ; 
m., In Guilford, Ct., 80 Apr., 1884, Ella Foster Tlfll; was 
for a short time, expert for Thomson-Houston Electric 
Co., Boston, but is now engineer in charge of the Hudson 
Bridge works, Hudson, N. Y. 

484 Chester Green® {SamueV, SamueV^, SamueF^) 
born in Brown Co., O., 25 Nov., 1830, married 25 June, 
1852, Ann Care, daughter of William Davidson of Brown 
Co., O. 

Rev. Chester G. Bartholomew became a church member 
at seventeen, and at twenty-one an ordained minister of 
the Christian Church, in whose service he has continued, 
with the exception of a few years, ever since. He con- 
tinued teaching with his pastoral labors, for a few years, 
establishing the Macedonian Institute in Alexandria, Ky., 
and holding a professorship in Jcflcrson College, Ky. 

He spent several years in the study and practice of both 
medicine and law. 


In his long and sucoessful labors as a minister of the 
gospel, he has established numerous church societies and 
built up many congi-egations; being eminently successful 
as a pleader. 

He has also engaged in real estate, manufacturing and 
mercantile enterprises, in several of which he is still in- 
terested. His labors have been widely extended, and his 
acquaintance with the prominent men of the country is 

At present he has pastoral charge of the Christian 
Church in Union City, Ind. (See likeness on page 127.) 

Children : 

i Inez Vilena,' b. near Higginsport, O., 1858; teacher 

In Union City, 

ii Homer Green, b. in Russellville, 0., 1854 ; druggist, 

CcntreviUe, Ind. 

iii Virgil Gray, b. in R. 1856; res. Sidney, 0. 

iv Thomas Barcldey, b. 24 April, 1858, in Alexandria, Ky. 

y William Enett, b. 18 March, 1860, in Georgetown, Ky. 

vi Samuel Mills, b. 15 Oct., 1862, in Jefferson, Ky. 

Yii Edwin Harris, b. 25 May, 1864; d. 8 April, 1869. 

viii Lorin Chester, b. 19 Sept., 1865, in Rockville, Ind. 

ix Lula Mary, b. 9 Jan., 1867, in Rockville, Ind. 

X Susie Isollne, b. 4 March, 1870; d. 21 Dec, 1870. 

485 Otiiniel AieP {SamueV^ Samuel^, Samuef^) 
born in Brown Co., 0., 7 Apr., 1837 ; married, 30 Oct., 
1859, Carrie West, who was bom 3 July, 1837, in Brown 
County, O. 

Rev. Othniel A. Bartholomew is a graduate of North 
Western College, now Butler University, of Indiana, 
which subsequently elected him a professor and has since 
conferred upon him the degree of "A.M." He was or- 
dained a minister in the Christian Church at the age of 
nineteen, and when twenty-three was made president of 
JeiSerson College, Ky., but after three years he gave it 


up for the actiye ministry and has since been pastor of 
the following Christian Churches, viz. : Franklin, lud., 
two years ; Philadelphia, Pa. (First) , two and a half years ; 
Pittsburg, Pa. (Hazel wood Ave.), three years ; Cincinnati, 
O. (Richmond St.), fifteen months ; Troy, N. Y., eighteen 
montlis ; Washington, D. C. (First), four years ; Coving- 
ton, Ky. (First), about five years; and is now a second 
time pastor of the First Church in Philadelphia. He is 
now, and has been for several yeai*s, president of the 
General Christian Missionary Board, and first vice presi- 
dent of the Foreign Christian Missionary Society. 

486 Chester^ (Lucius lUy Ileman^y lieiiben^j) born 
20 Sept., 1847 ; married, 20 Sept., 1868, Emma Keeler, 
who was born 12 July, 1848. 

He is the agent at Chittonango, Madison Co., N. Y., 
of the Oswego and Utica line of steamers, and also en- 
gaged in merchandising. Is the only living male descendant 
of the name of his grandfather. Children : 

i Luce»' b. 6 Aug., 18CD. 

il Eralah Gertrude, b. 25 Muy, 1872. 
ill Eva Anna, b. 6 May, 1877. 

487 George Catlin® {Deming\ Edward^, Heuhen^^) 
bom in Leroy, N. Y., 28 Aug., 1820 ; married, 25 July, 
1844, Lucy Mitchell, who died 5 May, 1846. He married, 
second, Martha Elizabeth Law, who was born 4 March, 

Residence, Whitehall, Muskegon Co., Mich. Farmer. 
Children : 

1 Sarah Lavantla,' b. IK Feb., 1845; m. Charles Osbom; res. 

Fulton, N. Y. Ch. 1 Fred»" and 2 Alfred ()«born. 
ii Ada v., b. y May, 1849; ni. 10 Oct., 18G1), Gilbert 

W. Patterson ; res. Oswego, N. Y. Farmer. Ch. 

1 May £. Patterson, > . , „ . . ,^ ,„-,. 
,. ,, „ * > twins ; b. 1 Dec, 187(5. 

2 Harry Patterson, ) 


ill Edward Law, b. 29 May, 1851; m. 26 Oct., 1876, Lottie 

Soathworth ; res. Whitehall, Mich. ; sawyer, 
iv Freddie A., b. 4 Apr., 1858; d. 8 May, 1855. 

y Earl E., b. 25 Dec, 1854; lambcrman. 

vi JaliaM., b. 10 Jan., 1857; m. 6 Mar., 1876, William 

A. DeloDg ; res. Syracuse, N. Y. Ch. I Helen Aleta and 

2 George Alflred Belong, 
vil MattleE., b. 29 Dec, 1859; m., 21 July, 1880, J. 

Marshman ; res. E. Rochester, Ind. 
viii Helen E., b. 6 Sept., 1860; m. 25 Dec, 1880, Junius 

A. Hurlburt; res. Montague, Muskegon Co., Mich. 
Ix Grant U. S., b. 19 May, 1863; d. 8 Dec, 1874. 

488 Ferdinand® {Rahman', Ezrcfi, Benjamin^,) 
born in Mt. Pleasant, Wayne Co., Pa., 21 Oct., 1843; 
married, 11 Mar., 1877, Mary E. Hall. 

Residence, Mt. Pleasant, Pa. Children : 

I Grace," b. 26 Aug., 1878. 

II Henry H.,b. 2 Nov., 1879. 
ill Anna M., b. 2 Oct., 1881. 

489 Thomas Livingston^ {Livingston 8J^ Truman^ ^ 
Benjamin^,) born in New York City, 23 Jan., 1840 ; mar- 
ried, 29 Mar., 1862, Sarah Amelia Bloomer, who was 
born 19 July, 1840. 

General Bailholomew at the age of twenty-one enlisted 
as a private in the Hawkins Zouaves (9th N. Y. Vol.). 
He rose rapidly to the rank of adjutant, and ultimately 
became acting ass't adjutant general of the first brigade, 
third division of the Ninth Army Corps. His term of 
service expiring in 1863, he entered the employment of 
the Naugatuck R. R. Co., and subsequently of the City 
National Bank of Bridgeport, Ct., of which he has been 
cashier for many years. (See likeness on page 153.) 

Child : 

I Francis Ambrose,* b. 13 Feb., 1864. 


490 George Ward® {George M.^ RoawelP, An- 
drevfy) born iu Hartford, Ct., 21 May, 1848; married, 
20 Feb., 1872, Zelina, daughter of the late Gen. James 
W. Ripley of the U. S. Army. 

Mr. Bartholomew is a banker and stock broker iu Hart- 
ford. Children : 

1 James Ripley ,• b. 19 Nov., 1872. 

il George Frederick, b. 11 Mar., 1874. 

ill Ada Zclina, b. 21 Sept., 1876. 

iv Robert Bradford, b. 2G Dec, 1880. 

491 Pliny Webster® (Hams', Ilann^, Andrevfi,) 
bom in Cabotvillo, Mass., 4 Aug., 1840; married, in 
Crawfordsville, Ind., 30 Jan., 1873, Sarah Belle, daughter 
of George W. Smith. 

Mr. Bartholomew graduated from Union College, Schen- 
ectady, N. Y., in 1864, with the honors of his class. Afler 
reading law for two years he practised at Baliston Spa, 
N. Y., and, subsequently, in Indianapolis, Ind. He was 
made the Indiana commissioner of deeds for N. Y. and 
Ct., in 1868. Has for several years been a partner of E. 
C. Buskirk, ex-criminal judge of Indiana. Is prominent 
in the societies of Knights of Honor and Knights of Pythias. 

Democrat. Presbyterian . 

See American Biographical History of eminent and self- 
made men of Indiana. (See likeness on page 175.) 

Children : 

i BcUe Isadora,' b. 2 Apr., 1876. 
U Pliny Webster, b. 4 Oct, 1880. 

491a Harris Moore® {Harris\ IIamff\ Andrevfiy) 

born in Eastiiampton, Muss., 1 June, 1846; married, at 
Indianapolis, Ind., 31 Jan., 1880, Stella M. Crapo. Ho 
has devoted himself to mercantile pursuits, having been 


engaged with his father in the wholesale tea and tobacco 
and boot and shoe trades in Indianapolis for many years. 
(See likeness on page 175.) 

492 Lewis® {John\ Allen^ Allen'^,) born in 1843 ; 
married, in Jan., 1863, Augusta Clement of Bristol, 
N. Y. ; and died in Apr., 1876. Children : 

i Clara,» b. In Nov., 1863. 

il Frank, b. in 1868; d. in Feb., 1875. 

iU Charles, b. in 1869; d. in Feb., 1875. 

492a Joseph® {John?, Allen* , Charles^,) born in Na- 
ples, N. Y., in 1851 ; mamed there, 24 Feb., 1883, Alice, 
daughter of Abraham and Hannah Seacord. 

Mr. Bartholomew obtained a college education in spite 
of ill health and much opposition. He has strong literary 
tastes, which he finds opportunity to indulge besides at- 
tending to his large stock-breeding business. 

Residence, Hillsdale, Mich. 

493 Williss {John M.\ WilM, Andret^,) bom in 
Sheffield, Mass., 14 Sept., 1825 ; married, 26 Feb., 1863, 
Tiyphena Blansett ; and died 13 July, 1882. 

Mr. Bartholomew was a successful business man of 
Sheffield, where his family still reside. Children : 

i Edward Willis," b. 7 June, 1864. 
ii Wilson Thomas, b. 29 Apr., 1869. 
ill Arthur Dana, b. 5 Apr., 1871. 

494 Henry A.® {Andreufy Willie j Andrevf,) born 
in Sheffield, Mass., 28 Jan., 1830; married, in 1858, Sa- 
brina Roraback of N. Y. Residence, Sheffield. Fanner. 


Children : 

i Frank,* b. 18 Apr., 1859. 

il Fred., b. 14 May, 1860. 

iii Milton, b. 8 Mar., 1862. 

iv Henry, b. I Mar., 1865. 

▼ Asa, b. 21 July, 1866. 

vl Benjamin, b. 7 July, 1868. 

vll Bessie, b. 10 Oct., 1870. 

495 Gteorge P.® {Hiram^^ Willis,^ AndreWy^) born 
in Sheffield, Mass., 8 Apr., 1828 ; married, in S., 3 Dec, 
1850, Martha E. Boardman. 

Resides at the old homestead of his grandfather in S. 

Bepublican. Farmer. Child : 

644 i William Henry,* b. 5 Dec, 1852; res. New Haven, Ct. 

496 Orrin J.® (George?, Jesse/^^ Andrevfiy) born 12 
Jan., 1838 ; married JaneLoring. 

Residence, Independence, Kan. Stockdcaler. Child : 

1 Jennie,* res. Winsted, Ct. 

497 Alba G.® {Ambrose C.^ Andrevfi, Andrevfiy) 
bom in Elmwood, III., 21 July, 1845 ; married, in E., 16 
Oct., 1867, Mary A., daughter of Silas Coe of Warren 
Co., O., who was born 24 Dec, 1849. 

Mr. Bartholomew served as a soldier in the 132nd III. 
Vol. Inf. Residence, Elmwood. Insurance agent; has 
been justice of the peace eight years. Congregatioualist. 

Children : 

i Harry Elmo.* 

H Edwin Everett, 

ill Walter Ives. 

It Charles Herbert. 

T Jennie Viola. 



498 Edwin D.® (Ambrose C.^ Andrevfij Andrevfi,) 
born in Elinwood, 111., 17 Apr., 1847; miirried, in De- 
catur, III., 2 Oct., 1872, Ada, daughter of Hon. Geo. W. 
Powers, who was bom 21 Apr., 1847. 

Mr. Bartholomew served in the 47th and 132nd regi- 
ments of HI. Vol. Inf. during the late war. 

Is now a wholesale dealer in queensware, glassware, etc. 
(See likeness on page 175.) Children : 

1 Earle Ives.* 
U Bonnie Adele. 

499 WiUiam Wilson® ( Will%am\ George R.\ Au- 
drey^) born in Wallingford, Ct., 27 Jan., 1838 ; married, 
6 Oct., 1870, Maggie Case. 

Mr. Bartholomew is extensively engaged in the pork 
packing business in Barry Pike, III., and also has a whole- 
sale mercantile business in Meriden, Ct., where he resides. 

He is the secretary of the William Bartholomew Asso- 
ciation. Children : 

i Kate A.," b. 1 Oct., 1871. 

n WlUlam C.,b. 2 Apr., 1874. 

Ul George W., b. 4 Feb., 1877 ; d. 20 Oct., 1877. 

iv Jennie B., b. 2 Nov., 1878. 

V Charles M., b. 4 Nov., 1881. 

500 Lymaii Kellogg^ (e/oeP, Isacu^t Isaa^,) bom 
17 Jan., 1829 ; married, in Pompey, N.Y., 31 Jan., 1849, 
Dorothea E. Rogers, who was born in P., 21 June, 1827, 
and died in Cazenovia, N. Y., 25 Sept., 1867. He mar- 
ried, second, her sister. 

Residence, Oneida, N. Y. Children : 

i Sophronia,* b. 9 Aag., 1850; m. John C. Marfett of O. 

ii Sarah Jane, b. 8 Aug., 1853; m. Geo. Pangborn; res. Frews- 
burg, N. Y. 

ill Joel L., b. 29 July, 1855; res. Cuba, N. Y. (See likeness 
on page 175.) 

Iv Martha G., b. 26 July, 1867; res. Oneida. 



501 Isaao^ {Chauncey'^ hawf^ Isaa&^) born in Wal- 
lingford, Ct., 22 Oct., 1830; married, 3 Nov., 1851, 
Clarissa A. Addis, who was born 16 Dec, 1863. 

Residence, Bridgeport, Ct. Builder. Children : 

i Charles £.,** b. 29 Mar., 1852; d. 28 Nov., 1853. 

ii JoelO., b. 4 Mar., 1854. 

ill Willie E., b. 17 Feb., 1858. 

iv Fannie L, b. 21 Nov., 1859; m. 7 May, 1879, William H. 

Shnte ; res. Fair Haven, Ct. ; oyster dealer. 
V Mary C, b. 25 Nov., 1861. 
vi George £., b. 1 Mar., 18G3; d. 7 Oct., 1864. 
vll Lucy S., b. 23 July, 1869. 
viii Ida M., b. 4 May, 1877. 

502 Noyce® {Levi MJy Isaa(?y Isaacs,) born in At- 
water, O., 17 June, 1825; married, in Oberlin, O., 14 
June, 1853, Mahala Dudley, who was born in Pittsfield, 
O., 15 Apr., 1833. 

Residence, Charlotte, Mich. Farmer. Child : 

1 LevlMo88,*b. 9 May, 1854; m., 4 July, 1878, Delia Hann; 
res. Charlotte. Farmer. Ch. 
1 Ira L.*^ Bartholomew, b. 31 Aug., 1880. 

503 Harley Ives® {Levi M.\ Isaacs, Isaacf,) born 
in Atvvater, O., 15 Jan., 1827 ; mamed, in Oberlin, O., 
4 Mar., 1850, Malora Hanmcr, who was born in Fittsiield, 
O., 2 May, 1830. 

Residence, Oberlin. Farmer. Children : 

i ElIaM.,' b. 6 Jan., 1852; m. 18 Jan., 1872, George Newell; 

d. 28 Feb., 1882; his res. Oberlin; merchant. Ch. I 

Charlotte Newell. ^^ 
ii Allen £., b. 9 Jan., 1870. 

504 Seth Waldo® {Levi M.\ Isaac?, Isaa&,) born 
in Atwater, O., 13 Mar., 1832; married, in Oberlin, O., 
1855, Solmida Rogers, who died about 1862. 

Residence, Sturgis, Mich. Travelling salesman. 


Children : 

i Elbert,* b. 8 Jan., 1869; res. Stargis. 
il CliaS., b. 23 Sept., 1860; m. 31 Aug., 1882, Charles D. 
Weatherhead ; res. Oberlin, O. 

505 John Newton® {John JJ^ Lemav?^ Jonathan^ ^) 
born 26 Nov., 1838 ; married, 6 Feb., 1862, Ellen Brown 
Hull of Fair Haven, Ct. 

He was a sergeant of Company O, 13th Regiment, Ct. 
Vol. Residence, Fair Haven, Ct. Builder. Congrega- 
tionalist. Children : 

i Carrie EsteUa*, b. 24 July, 18G4; d. 16 Sept., 1865. 
11 Wllllam NewtOD, b. 15 Aug., 1866. 
ill AnDlce Estelle, b. 8 Oct., 1868. 

506 Seymour Luzerne® (John JJj, Leman^y Jona- 
ihan^y) born 21 Aug., 1846; married, 7 April, 1870, 
Emma McCoy. 

Mr. Bartholomew is a civil engineer. 
Residence, Branford, Ct. Congregationalist. 
Children : 

I Harry Burton', b. 22 April, 1871. 

II Mlunle French, b. 18 Nov., 1872. 

III Frank Sherwood, b. 10 May, 1875. 

507 Clifford Grifflng® {Rodolphus^^ Leman^y Jona- 
than^y) born 1 April, 1849; married, 10 June, 1870, 
Annie Tubbs of New Britain, Ct. 

Residence, Branford, Ct. Farmer. Child : 

i Ernest Leroy", b. 6 Aug., 1880. 

508 Robert Dwight^ {Rodolphus\ Leman^y Jona- 
than^y) born 24 March, 1851 ; married, 20 Aug., 1878, 
Clara Butler of Guilford. 

Residence, New Britain, Ct. Farmer. Children : 

i Dwight Elmer*, b. 10 Dec, 1879. 
n Levi, b. 19 May, 1881. 


509 Hiram M.® {John EJ, Joseph^, Joseph^ ^) born 
in Bristol, O., 14 Aug., 1828; married, 6 April, 1852, 
Maria E. Paine of Painsville, O. 

Mr. Bartiiolomew enlisted 1 March, 1846, for three 
years, serving under General Twiggs in the war with 
Mexico, and was discharged in Cincinnati, O., in Aug., 

He also served three years as first lieutenant of Com- 
pany A, 16th 111. Vol. Infantry in the late war. 

Is now a jeweller in Brooklyn, Iowa. Children : 

i Flora G.,* m. Mlron Colmcr; res. Sioax City, Iowa. 
11 Frank, res. Sioux City. 
HI Louisa, res. Sioux City. 

510 Alvirus P.® (Jonathan P.^, Chauncej^j Chaun- 
cej^f) bom in Auburn, O., 8 June, 1823; married in 
Auburn, 28 Nov., 1847, Mary Jeannette Clark, who was 
bom 24 Aug., 1829. 

Kesidence, Elgin, Fayette Co., Iowa. Fanner. 

Children : 

I Esther Aun', m. a Mr. Howard ; res. Ft. Atkinson, la. 

II Sarah, died in 1862. 

iil Mariette, m. Mr. Conner; res. Wheeler's Grove, la. 

646 Iv James Dennison, b. 10 March, 1852; res. Ft. Atl^inson, la. 

V George Edward, res. Elgin, Iowa. 

t1 Laura Celestia, ro. a Mr. Sawyer; res. Elgin. 
Til Sherman Palmer. 

Tlii Charles, res. Elgin. 

511 Nelson L.® (Jonathan P.^, Chaunce}^^ Chaun- 
ce^i) born in Auburn, 9 Nov., 1830; married, 1 Jan., 
1855, Eliza Webster of Pine Run, Mich., who died in 
Auburn, 8 April, 1870. He married, second, 9 May, 
18739 Mrs. Ahiy Brown. 


Mr. Bartholomew participated in eleven hard fought 
battles, besides numerous engagements, during the last 
war, being wounded twice. Now has a fine farm in Au- 
burn, O. Children : 

i Henry D.,' b. 12 Feb., 1857; m. I Jan., 1882, Cora Cha- 
pin of Mantaa, O. Residence, Aabum, O. 

ii Emma Gale, b. 16 Aug., 1860; m. 14 Sept., 1880, Herbert 
Dodge ; res. A. 

ill Mary Elizabeth, b. 8 Jan., 1870. 

512 Alonzo Delos® (Jonathan P.\ Chauncej/^^ 
Chauncei/^^) born in Auburn, O., 8 Aug., 1839; mar- 
ried, first, 25 Jan., 1858, Ellen Silvernail ; and second, 
in Iowa, 21 Sept., 1866, Laura Jane Bartlett. 

Was a soldier in the 23d Wis. Vol. Infantry three years. 
Family reside in Brainerd, Iowa. Children : 

i Linneas*, b. 25 April, 1861; m. 1 Jan., 1882, Elsie 

Barber of Chester, O. Is a farmer in South Newbury, O. 
11 Ona Claretta, b. 14 Nov., 1867. 

lil Frederick Eugene, b. 22 March, 1878; d. 14 Jan., 1877. • 
iv Elmer Ellsworth, b. 9 June, 1876. 
V Palmer Delos, b. 14 June, 1877. 

513 Thomas Corwin® (Jonathan P.\ Chauncei/^ 
Chauncej^y) born in Auburn, O., 1 Sept., 1840 ; married, 
10 June, 1860, Adelaide Quinn, who was born in Au- 
burn, 20 Nov., 1841. 

He resides in Auburn where he has a fine farm and dairy. 
Children : 

1 Zeno Scott," b. 9 May, 1861 ; m. 23 Aug., 1882, Ella Spencer 

of Troy, O. ; res. Auburn, 
ii Grant Palmer, b. 12 March, 1864. 

514 William Oswell® (Drayton D.\ Chauncet^, Jo- 
seph^j) born in Pavilion, N. Y., 30 April, 1843. 



Judge Bartholomew graduated with special honors at 
the Genesee Wesleyan Seminary, Lima, N. Y., in 1862, 
and enlisted shortly after in the Eighth Heavy Artillery 
and was promoted rapidly from a private to a lieutenant, 
serving until the close of the war. Entering the law de- 
partment of the University of Michigan, he took his 
diploma in 1867. He located the same year in Omaha, 
where he has since practised his profession. Has been 
repeatedly made its county judge. Is a democrat. (See 
likeness on page 175.) 

515 Daniel Hezekiah® {Amos n.\ Daniel /.<*, Jo- 
seph^f) born in Reading, Mich., 5 April, 1837; married, 
20 Dec, 1857, Sarah Mallory of R., who was bom 2 
Aug., 1835. Residence, Reading. Children: 

1 Irene M.,* b. 26 May, 1869 ; res. R. 

U Carrie E., b. 8 Ang., 1862; d. 17 Dec, 1865. 

ill Daonella Maud, b. 26 May, 1869. 

516 Chaiincey Leroy® (Amos H.\ Daniel /.^ Jo- 
«5pA*,) born in Reading, Mich., 24 March, 1839; mar- 
ried, 1 Jan., 1860, Phebe A. Corey. 

Residence, Council Grove, Kan. Farmers. Children : 

i EUa^ 
ii Frank, 
ill Bertie. 

617 Grove Shannon^ (Amos B.\ Daniel I.\ Jo- 
seph^^) born in Reading, Mich., 8 Feb., 1844; married, 
30 Oct., 1867, Amelia E. Abbott, who was born 14 July, 

Residence, Reading, Mich. Counscllor-at-law. 

Children : 

1 Stanley C.,<* b. 2 May, 1872. 
ii L. Grace, b. 4 April, 1875. 


518 Washington Irving® {JoaepW^ Lercf^ Joseph^,) 
born in Van Buren, N. Y., 6 May, 1842; married, 26 
Oct., 1864, Georgie C. Hoeg of Hillsdale, Mich. 

Residence, 136 N. Tenn. St., Indianapolis, Ind. Sales- 
man. Child : 

i Alice'. 

519 Samuel Brewster® (Erasmus DJ^ S/ierman*^ 
Ira^y) born in Hamilton, N. Y., Sept. 15, 1828 ; married, 
first, Amanda M. Buffum; second, Elizabeth F. Hawkins. 

Residence, Springfield, Mass. Dentist. Children: 

1 Sarah BuffUm," b. 8 Dec, 1867. 

il WlUlam Brewster, b. 15 Aug., 1859. 

ill Edward Sherman, b. 15 June, 1804; died same day. 

Iv Charles Darwin, b. 12 Nov., 1866. 

520 Sherman Knowlton® (Benj. R.\ Sherman^, 
Ira^j) born in Cazeuovia, N. Y., 22 Nov., 1830; mar- 
ried, 18 Oct., 1857, Mary Elizabeth Sager. 

Mr. Bailholomew was educated and read law in New 
York, but preferred the life of a farmer, in which he has 
been unusually successful. Residence, Coral, McHenry 
Co., 111. Children: 

I Sally Hackley,* b. 14 Oct., 1858; m. 12 June, 1878. 

II Harry Owen, b. 2 June, 1862. 

ill Kate Sager, b. 29 Dec, . 

Iv Bessie Sherman, b. 4 Aug., 1874. 

520a James Sherman^ (Sherman W.\ Ira H.^, 
Ira^y) born in S., 23 May, 1848 ; was educated at Water- 
ville Seminary and Iowa Theological University. He has 
successively been ticket agent at Mt. Pleasant, Iowa ; and 
cashier of the Nebraska division of the C. B. & Q. R. R. ; 
acting assistant superintendent of the Pacific Pullman Car 
Company at Omaha, Neb. : postmaster at Cistern City, 


Black Hills ; editor and proprietor of the Black Hills Daily 
Herald, and •* Manager of the C. B. & Q. R. R. Co.,'' at 
Omaha. Is now devoting bis atttention to his Idaho mining 
property. He was a delcfl;ate to the Dakota Republican 
Territorial Convention in 1879, when he declined nomina- 
tion to the Territorial Senate. Was made a trustee of 
the Dakota College and presided at the laying of its comer 
stone. Is a member of the Congregational Church. 

521 Gteorge® (Geo.\ Jno.^y Jm.^y) born at Rochester, 
N. Y., 2 Feb., 1841 ; married Mary Etta Trevor of New 
York City. 

Mr. Bartholomew is on the editorial staff of the New 
York Daily News ; residence New York City. (See like- 
ness on page 175.) 

622 John S.® {John\ John\ John^,) born in Still- 
water, N. Y., 8 June, 1847; married, 30 April, 1871, 
Ruby A. Jacobs. 

Residence, Diana, N. Y. Farmer. Children : 

I Minnie", b. 1 Oct., 1874. 
il George, b. 9 Sept., 187G. 
ill Gertie, b. 13 Dec, 1879. 

522a Charles® {Chaunceif, John^^ SajnuePj) born 3 
Aug., 1842 ; married, 24 March, 1868, Hannah Cooke of 
West Onconta, N. Y. She dying in 1877, he married, 
second, 1 May, 1878, Mrs. Rogina Jones. 

Mr. Bai'tholomew received an academic education and 
became a teacher. He enlisted in Dec, 18G1, in the 3rd 
N. Y. Light Artillery, and again in 1863, serving as a 
non-commissioned officer until the close of the war, par- 


ticipating iu over thirty engagements without being 
wounded or ever i*elieyed from duty on account of sick- 
ness. He is now farming in Oncohta, N. Y. 
Children : 

i Frank A.,» b. 19 April, 1869. 

ii Minnie Ella, b. 14 Feb., 1871. 

Hi Jennie, b. 9 Feb., 1873. 

iv Artie C, b. 17 Nov., 1882; d. 

523 Philip Tlloma43^ {Guy E.\ Lemma\ Jepthai^y) 
born 15 Feb., 1849; married, 26 Nov., 1873, Louisa 
Watson, daughter of Marina Bw. Watson. (See No. 193). 

Is a teacher and farmer in Geneva, Kane Co., 111., and 
a member of its city council. Children : 

i Roy W.,>^ b. 17 Feb., 1877. 
ii Eugene, b. 14 Oct., 1879. 

524 Heman Almon^ (Almond, Lemon?, Lemmafy) 
born in Whitehall, N. Y., 28 Nov., 1834; married in 
W., 12 Sept., 1860, Alice Lanta, daughter of Alanson 
and Mary (Herbert) Douglass, who was bom in E. 
Whitehall, 24 July, 1841. 

Mr. Bartholomew is a prominent citizen of W., and an 
extensive farmer. Methodist. Children : 

i Alanson Douglass, *° b. 15 Sept., 1863; is a student at Syra- 
cuse College. He has rendered hearty aid in procuring 
data concerning his branch for this worlc. (See likeness 
on page 175.) 

ii Almon Stanuard, b. 22 Sept., 1868; res. Whitehall. 

ill Herbert Albert, b. 8 Nov., 1871. 

525 Warren H.® {Leman^, Lemon^, Lemnufy) bom 
2 Jan., 1848; married, 29 Oct., 1873, Helen E. MUIer, 
who was born 22 Nov., 1846. 

Is a farmer in Castleton, Vt. Children : 

I Hiram Elroy,»o b. 28 Oct., 1876. 

II Henry Raymond, b. 12 Oct., 1881. 


526 Langdon M«^ (Leman^y Lemon! ^ Lemnujf^) born 
13 Jan., 1851; marriod, 27 Dec, 1877, Addie P. Hu- 
lott, who was born 15 Nov., 1860. 

Is a farmer in West Haven, Vt. Child : 

i Almeda A.,*<^ b. 16 Aag., 1879. 

627 George Pish* {Benj, jP.«, Lemon\ Lemmcfy) 
born in Whitehall, 11 June, 1848 ; married, 8 Nov., 1871, 
Ida Josephine Inman, who was bom 15 O^t., 1850. 

Besides near his father in Whitehall. Farmer. 

Children : 

i Kittio Iomaii,><» b. 14 Nov., 1875. 
ii Florence Cliora, b. 14 March, 1882. 

528 Lewis B.® {Justxu?^ Lemma? y Lemmxi^^) born in 
Whitehall, 7 July, 1842; married in West Andover, O., 
6 May, 1869, Amanda M. Eingsley, who died 22 Jan., 

Mr Bartholomew's residence is West Andover, O., but 
be spends a portion of his time in Colorado, where he is 
interested in silver mining. Children : 

i Samuel K.,*^' b. 12 July, 1870. 
ii Minnie £., b. 5 April, 1872. 
Ill Amanda M., b. 14 Jan., 1874. 

629 Darius^ (Bishopry Lemma! ^ Lemma^^) born in 
Batavia, III., 14 Feb., 1844; married in Winfield, 111., 
26 Oct., 1870, Annie E. Lehman. 

Lives in Batavia, 111. Children : 

i Arline E.,*** b. 2 June, 1872. 
n Walton H., b. 2 Jan., 1876. 


530 Henry B.^ {JBuhop^^ Lemma^^ Lemma*,) born 6 
^ec, 1852; married in Aurora, III., 26 Nov., 1879, Ida 
. Vaughn of Aurora, III. 

Lives in Batavia, III. Child : 

I Mertle,»ob. 4 Feb., 1881. 

531 Haxvey^ {Harvej^y ThomcuHy Lemma*,) born in 
\rhitehall, 16 March, 1842; married, 7 April, 1867, 
iddie Wells. 

Residence, Whitehall, N. Y. Child : 

i Eber MlItoD,^*' b. 22 Feb., 1868. 

532 John^ (//arvcy®, Thomas^, Lemma*,) born in 
S^hitehall, 8 July, 1843; married, 1 Jan., 1865, Mary 
^impsey. Children : 

i David,»<» b. 1 Jan., 1866. 
il Addle, b. 22 June, 1868. 
ill John, b. 20 Dec, 1870. 

533 Eugene Carlos® ( Orange A.^, Thomas\ Lem- 
la*,) born in Hanover, Mich., 3 Jan., 1839; married in 
ralveston, Texas, 1 Feb., 1870, Elizabeth Ellen Motley, 
^ho was born in Poultneyville, N. Y., 10 Jan., 1839. 

Mr. Bartholomew is a capitalist in Austin, Texsis. He 
as been for many years secretary of the Texas State Fair 
Lssociation. Child : 

i Claude Morley,*" b. in Austin, 21 June, 1873. 

534 Alphonso P.® {AlvahS.*, Alvah\ Squirt ,) born 
1 Whitehall, 12 Nov., 1853; married, 25 Dec, 1877 
iUen G. Bond, who wjis born in Ticonderoga, N. Y., 2 
>ec., 1855. 

Kesidence, Victor, Iowa. Children : 

i Silas H.,»<^ b. 25 Apr., 1879; d. 22 Oct., 1879. 
U Ira £., b. 8 Apr., 1881. 



S35 Henry Stevens^ (Isaa&y Leman\ haaif y) born 
in Canada West, 27 Mar., 1839 ; married, 10 Aug., 1867, 
Harriett E. Peters, who was born in Terre Haute, lud., 
9 Nov., 1838, and died 31 Aug., 1875. 

Mr. Bartholomew served his countiy three years in the 
Ist Ind. Cavaby during the lute war. Present residence, 
Tcrre Haute. Children : 

i Eilah May,*o b. in T. H., 81 May, 1868. 
ii Charles, b. 25 Dec, 1869. 
iil Isaac, b. 28 Dec, 1871. 

536 John C.® {John 11.^^ LeonartP, Jonathan^,) bom 
21 Dec., 1824 ; married, 14 May, 1857, Frances Scranton. 
Residence, 559 Elm St., New Haven, Ct. Child : 

i George H.,*** b. 25 Mar., 1858. 

637 Elias Jackson^ (George^, Elias\ Jonathan^ y) 
bom in New Haven, Ct., 8 Sept., 1838 ; married, 24 Oct., 
18H0, Miivy McCormick, who was born in Limerick, Ire- 
land, and died in 1879. 

Mr. Bartholomew is a coachsmith in New Haven. 

Children : 

i Harriett JuHa,*° m. In 1880, Davenport McCormick of N. H. 
il Andrew, b. G Jan., 18G7; d. in 1879. 

538 Epenetus Rogers^ (AbePy Ira', AheV^,) born 

in Vienna, O., 8 June, 1835; married, 24 Nov., 1857, 
Ruth Jessop Rogers, who was born 2 Oct., 1835. 
He is a farmer in Vienna, O. Children : 

1 Cliarles,»<> b. 9 Jan., 1859. 

il Marlon Clair, b. 22 Not., 1801. 

iii A rtliur Rogers, b. 28 Jan., 1864. 

iv Nettle May, b. 2 Jan., 1867. 

T Marcia Minerva, b. 20 June, 1875. 



539 Ira Church^ {AbeP^ Ira^y AbePy) boru in Vienna, 
Om 5 Nov., 1839; married, 16 Sept., 1862, Sarah Olive 
McMulIen, who was born 21 Apr., 1835. 

Resides in Vienna, O. Farmer. Children : 

i Lenna Laara,^^ b. 15 Oct., ISdS, 

ii Hugh Henderson, b. 15 May, 1865. 

iU George MUton, b. 26 Oct., 1866. 

iv EUen Lorinda, b. 10 June, 1869. 

y Mary Lena, b. 18 Mar., 1873. 

vi Ira Howard, b. 28 Jane, 1875. 

540 Austin Erastus^ (AbeP, Ira', Abel^,) born in 
Vienna, O., 6 Sept., 1850; married, 29 Sept., 1875, Ella 
D. Grano, who was born 13 Sept., 1854. 

Residence, Vienna. Children : 

I M. DeU,»<» b. 24 June, 1876. 
il Addison 6., b. 23 July, 1878. 
iil Flora Pearl, b. 14 Dec, 1880. 

541 Ira» (JF/i*, Ira\ AbeP,) born in Vienna, 3 Feb., 
1833 ; married, 21 Aug., 1855, Sybil Baldwin of Vienna, 

Residence, Mt. Liberty, Brown Co., Ind. Children: 

i Ida,»« b. 15 Dec, 1850; d. 10 Mar., 1862. 

ii Clayton, b. 10 Mar., 1859; m. 26 Sept., 1880, Matilda Hobbs. 

ili Alton, b. 2 Apr., 1862. 

Iv Myra, b. 6 May, 1865. 

V Minnie, b. 8 Dec, 1868. 

vi Mary, b. 25 Oct., 1872. 

vil Blanche, b. 2 Aug., 1874. 

542 John Church* {Mi\ Ira\ AbeP,) bom in Vi- 
enna, 9 June, 1835 ; married, in 1867, Susannah Lewis 
of Pecksburg, Ind. 

Residence, Clermont, Ind. Child : 

i Harriet. ><» 


543 Cyni8« {Eli?, Ira\ AbeP,) born 28 Apr., 1840; 
married, 16 Apr., 1863, Sarah E. Hancher, who was born 
12 Feb., 1845. 

Has been a miller, is now a farmer in Pike's Peak, Ind. 

Children : 

i Augustas F.,*^ b. 8 Mar., 1864. 

ii Martha Ann, b. 22 Jan., 1867 ; d. 20 Apr., 1879. 

ill Emina Jane, b. 10 Apr., 1869. 

iy Cora Ellen, b. 17 Aug., 1871. 

V Alva, b. 24 Jan., 1875; d. 8 Mar., 1875. 

Ti John, b. 28 Sept., 1876. 

▼ii Ella May, b. 25 May, 1879. 

644 William Henry^* ( George jP.», Hiram\ WiU 
2t^,) born 5 Dec., 1852 ; married, in Hudson, N. Y., in 
June, 1876, Mary B. Chipp. 

Residence, New Haven, Ct. Children : 

i William Chipp,'" b. 21 Aug., 1877. 
Si George Hiram, b. 4 Mar., 1879. 

645 James Dennison^ {Alviras P.«, Jonathan P.^, 
Ghauncej^y) born 10 Mar., 1852; married, 7 Oct., 1874, 
Lizzie Jane May, who was born 6 Sept., 1853. 

J» a farmer at Fort Atkinson, Iowa. Children : 

i Chauncey Edward,'^ b. 12 July, 1875. 
Si Marion Emolyn, b. 14 Apr., 1878. 
Sil Glenora May, b. 26 July, 1881. 






r»i (421) 



Is found enrolled as George Bartlemew on a list of the 
freeholders of Burlington County, N. J., in 1680. 

The majority of the inhabitants, and especially those 
who appear to have been his friends, were Quakers^ who 
had emigrated a short time before, from Yorkshire, Eng- 
land, to the section of which Burlington County was a part ; 
which was then known as Yorkshire Tenth. 

The records show that he was then married ; and that 
a land-suit was brought against him and his wife on Au- 
gust third of that year. 

Two months later, thirty acres of land were surveyed 
for him at Lazy Point ;^ and the following March he and 
his wife Mary sold her house and land on Burlington Island. 

'There is a tradition in one branch of this family that George Bartholomew was 
a French HuKuenot driven to England by Catholic pcrsocntiou, and tlience eniigra- 
te<l to America with the flrst settlers under William Penn. The only evidence found 
to conflrm this is tlie fact that one of his grandsons was named Augustine. Bat 
many French names and forms wore still common with the English, and the name 
Augustine was IVequently used by them. 

Ttie other appearances are strongly in favor of an English ancestry. It is strange 
bnt true, that nearly every American and English family, and many of the German 
famillea with which the writer has corresponded, have wrongly claimed a French 

The most of these traditions are supposeil to have arisen from an erroneous asso- 
ciation of the family with the tonible mabsiicre of the Huguenots in Paris and IfVance, 
on tlie 24th of August, 1572; wliich liaving been tlic day of the year chosen by the 
Catholic Church to celebrate the martyrdom of the apostle Bartholomew, this mas- 
lacre has since been known an the Saint Bartliolomow massacre. Thv tradition has 
also probably received straugth t¥om tlie pronunciation of the la^t syllable, *'mew." 
•A ftw milea above Philadelphia, on the Delaware rivor. 



The next mention found of them is the 25th of October, 
1683 ; which shows that they had moved among the first to 
Philadelphia, and that he was probably then the proprietor 
of its only public house ; the first in the city and the state ; 
which has ever since been known as the Blue Anchor Tav- 
ern. It was here that William Penn first landed and was 

July 25th following, George Bartholomew was granted 
by William Penn a lot adjoining the tavern, which was 
laid out Aug. 1, 1684, but the patent did not issue until 

This tavern has been said, by what authority is not known, 
to have been the first house built in the city. It was sold, 
18 Jan^ 1682, by William Dare of Penn., to Colonel Ed- 
ward Hilt of Virginia; and, 20 Nov., 1684, by him to 
GriflSth Jones; and, 16 May, 1686, George Bartholomew, 
•^Carpenter," who had been its proprietor, purchased it for 
£150. The following month he mortgaged it ; ^'standing 
in the street of the said town" not including ^Hhe soyle 
whereon it stood,*' and two city lots, one being bounded 
on the south by his ^* Log house," to Griffith Jones for £125 
to be paid "in Pork, Cattle and Beeff." 

This mortgage not having been paid, his widow, Jane 
Bartholomew, placed Mr. Jones in possession of the prop- 
erty on the 20th of Dec, 1689. 

The accompanying cut is correct as to location, and 
gives the general appearance of the building about one 
hundred years later. 

George Bartholomew died before September 9, 1689, 
when letters of administration upon his estate were granted 
to his widow, and an inventory was made of which the 
following is a copy. 

"Inventory of the estate of George Bartholomew of the 
Town and County of Philadelphia, ale houser, deceased. 


•r il 

I : 





as it was shown to us ye appryses aft. named by Jane Bar- 
tholomew, his widow and administratrix of ye Testator, 
and which L'res of Administrate bear date the 9"* day of 
the 7"* mo"» 1689. 

To goods in the parlor viz^ : One old bed, one feather 
bolster, one flock ditto, one old pillow, one pillow flocks, 
one old Rugg, an old Match coat, an old sheet & old 8 al- 
larm 3. 

To six old chairs 18. 

To two old Tables 10* : to an old chest 2. 12. 

To severally in ye house viz** six plates 
five pewter dishes, an Iron pott, a small 
brass vessel 1. 3. 6. 

To a pair pott hangers, a pair of hand 
Irons and 3 fliigoons 10. 6. 

To severally in ye upper Room viz 
three bedds, two bedstedds, two Rugs, 
2 blankctts, au old sheet and five bolsters 2. 12. 

To severall debts due to the deceased 
viz** ffrom George Randall 4. 02. 

from ye Conty which was untertaken 
by Thos. Holme & Thos. Fairman 7. 

ffrom Joseph hood 3. ^ 15. 2, 

ffrom Thomas East 1. 

Affirmed by us £23. 18. 

Thomas fitswater 
Jeremiah Elfreth." 

The bond given contains the following : 


" Jane Bartholomew Relict, widow and administratrix 
of Greorge Bartholomew of the town and countie of Phil- 
adelphia in the province of Pennsilvania, ale-house keeper, 
and Charles pickering of the said place, Merchant," is 
bound &c. "to William Penn Lord proprietor & Chief 
Governor of the province " &c. " in the penal sum Two 
hundred pounds" "17 Sep., 1689." 

Conditioned &c. signed 


John Vst Se^^^^et4tMy 1689 

Benj Whitehead Charles Pickering. 

When his first wife died is not known, but it was afler 
25 Oct., 1683. Nor is it known when he married his last 
wife ; the first mention of whom is in the settlement of 
his estate. 

No positive evidence has been found of his having had 
other children than Jeremiah ; but from John being origi- 
nally from Philadelphia, and later from the same section 
of Bucks County as Jeremiah, and of about the same age, 
from the favoring traditions, and having mutual intimato 
friends, it has been considered proper with this explanation 
to place John and his brother Thomas in the record as sons 
of George. 

2 i Jeremiah,* m. in spring 1716, Ellen Cntler. 

3 U John, b. 1684-5; d. 80 Oct., 1756, «t. 71. 

4 ill thomas, d. 1765. 

2 Jeremiah^ (&'eo.,^) "On the 6th day of 10th month 
(Dec), 1716," Jeremiah Bartholomew appeared in com- 


pany with Ellen Cutler, at a monthly meeting of the Friends 
in Middletown, Bucks Co., Pa., and declared their inten- 
tion of marriage with each other, and again on the third day 
of the following month. On the seventh day of the next 
month (Feb'y) the committee appointed for the occasion 
reported the marriage ** decently accomplished." 

Ellen Cutler was bom "ye 31st of ye 8th month (Oct.) 
1687," was a daughter of Edmund (and Isabel) Cutler of 
Woodhouse in Bollando, Yorkshire, England ; who, with 
bis brother John, brought a letter ^From our Monthly 
Meeting at Settle in ye County of Yorke this third day of 
ye fourth month (June) 1685, unto the Monthly meeting 
of Friends in ye city of Philadelphia in Pensylvania in 
America or elsewhere to whom these may conserne Salu- 
tation " etc. 

Edmund Cutler died in Bucks Co., Pa., 2 Feb., 1694-5. 

On the 18 Nov., 1719, Jeremiah Bartholomew of the 
County of Bucks, Yeoman, son and heir of George Bar- 
tholomew, formerly of Philadelphia, Carpenter, deceased, 
" for 28£ and other good causes " conveys to Sarah, widow 
and testator of Anthony Morris, deceased, all of his inter- 
est in the Blue Anchor Tavern proi)erty, not including the 
" soyle whereon it stood," and certain lots, all of which had 
been mortgaged by his father to Griffith Jones in 1686. 

OnthelOthof Dec, 1719 and 21st of Feb., 1736, "Jer- 
emiah Bartholomew of Southampton, Bucks Co., and Ellen 
his wife, sole executrix of the last will and testament of 
W™. Cutler, late of Southampton " deed the Southampton 
land, some 312 acres, inherited from her father. 

Their names also appear on the Friends' records of mar- 
riage certificates as witnesses. The following dates of 
births of their children are copied from the records of the 
Middletown Monthly Meeting. 



5 1 Thomas,' " born Ist of 7th mo. (Sept.) 1718.' 

6 ii George, ** bom Ist of 7th mo. (Sept.) 1721.' 

7 Hi William, ** bom 7th of 11th mo. (Jan.) 1723." (1724). 

Iv Mary, ** bom 4th of 3d mo. (May) 1726 ;" possibly m. 19 
June, 1778, Jno. Bargnm. . 

8 Jolin^ (Georg^,) born in 1684-5, appears in 1699 
as a ^ singleman " of Marcus Hook (which was a few miles 
south of Philadelphia) in the list of the congregation of 
the Swedish Church in Philadelphia. He married, about 
1712, Mary Perry ( ?)• ; and died 30 Oct., 1756, set. 71. 

On the 16 April, 1722, John Bartholomew and John 
Jones, both of Bucks Co., loan money and take a mort- 
gage on land in both Bucks and Montgomery Counties. 

In 1749, Richard Allen, brassfounder, and wife Eliza- 
beth of Lower Dublin, deed John Bartholomew of Mont- 
gomery township, yeoman, a lot in Philadelphia, which 
Mr. Bartholomew and his wife Mary, of Montgomery, sell 
the following year. 

He is mentioned often between 1740 and 1756 as of 
Montgomery ; but loaned money, took mortgages, and 
bought land in Bucks Co. ; holding at one time, several 
hundred acres in Eockhill Township. 

In the printed extracts from the journal of Mr. Seward, 
companion of the celebrated preacher, George Whitfield, 
appears the following : 

*^Ap. 23, 1740. Came to John Bartholomew's at Mont- 
gomery and were kindly entertained, the Lord commandeth 
persons everywhere to provide for us, what need therefore 
have we to take thought for the Morrow, what we shall 
eat or what we shall drink ; no I always find that if I seek 

*Notice her behest to her ** Sister '* Mary Perry. Not being sister of her husband 
Mary Perry wiis probably wife or widow of a brother of Mary Bartholomew. 


first the Kingdom of God and his Rightousness all other 
things, necessary and convenient are added unto me nay, 
more, I find good measure, pressed down and running orer, 
Men are willing to give into our Bosoms, and that the 
Lord not only provides Food, but such Food as is conve<- 
nient for us. CSopied several of Mr. Whitfield's letters, 
prayed with several of the Family who sat up for me and 
went to rest in the arms of my dear Lord Jesus.'' 

In 1749 he, with J. & D. Evans, made a deed to the 
Baptist Church in Montgomery, of the site on which it 

He ^ was Baptized and Rec'd into (its) Communion," 
24 Apr., 1724, hiswife joining by ^credentials she brought ** 
13 Jan., following; he had previously been a member of 
the Swedes' Church in Montgomery County. 

He was ** ordained " a ruling Elder of that church, 20 
June, 1734. 

The dates of his children's births are from the records 
of the same church. 

His will, written seven days before his death, speaks 
of himself as of Montgomery Township, of his great age, 
wife Mary: sons, Joseph, deceased, who had children; 
Thomas ; John ; Andrew and children John, Mary and Jo- 
seph ; Benjamin : Augustine, as gone to sea ; and Edward : 
and daughters, Ann, wife of Thomas Waters ; Elizabeth, 

wife of Davis ; Rachel, wife of Davis ; and Mary, 

wife of Thomas. He also mentions his brother 

Thomas ; granddaughter Hannah, daughter of Isaac Davis ; 
and a white servant named George. Wife Mary and son 
John to be the executors. Trustees, John Jones, David 
Evans, Isaac, James and Humphrey Bate. Witnesses ; 
Joseph and Edward Ambler and Abel Griffiths. 

The inventory of his estate amounts to £1040 and in- 
cludes four negro slaves and ** one white slave." 



The will of Mrs. Bartholomew of Montgomery, sealed 
18 July, 1762, proved 7 Oct., 1762, speaks of being very 
old and a widow. Mentions son Edward ; granddaughter 
Elizabeth, wife of Patrick Anderson; granddaughters 
Hannah and Mary, daughters of Isaac Davis ; grandchildren 
John, Joseph and Mary, children of her son Andrew; 
grandchildren Benjamin, John, Hannah and Rachel, chil- 
dren of her son Joseph, deceased ; daughters Elizabeth Da- 
vis and Mary Thomas ; Benjamin and Catherine, children 
of her son John Bartholomew ; and son-in-law Benjamin 
Davis. Trustees, John Jones, David Evans, Humphrey 
Bate and Joseph Griffith. Witnesses, John Davis, William 
Murray and Benj . Griffith . And a legacy to her sister Mary 

t 1762. 

The inscription on his gravestone in Montgomery Bap- 
tist Churchyard is as follows : 

In Memory of 
John Bartholomew 
who Departed this life 
the 30*»» Day of October 
1756. Aged 71 years. 

Altho my Life has been so long 
Still Troubles did encrease 
Bat now at Length my Race is run 
And I Lie down in Peace. 

The children of John and Mary Bartholomew were : 

i Ann,' b. 25 Sept., 1718; bapt. and joined the Bap. Ch. of 
M., 17 May, 1730. She m. 1st, Morris; 2nd, Thomas Wa- 
ters. As wife of the latter, she was dismissed f^m the 
church at M. to that of Great VaUey, Pa., 10 Mar., 1744-5. 



1 Sarah^ Waters, m. Col. Wm. Dewees. He was sheriff of 

FhUa. Co., and commanded a Penn. regiment daring the 
Revolation. They ei^oyed the intimate acquaintance and 
friendship of Gen. and Lady Washlnfi^n. He sabse- 
qnently became proprietor with David Potts of the Moant 
Joy Forge. (See Potts Memorial.) Her children were 
(1) Waters,* (2) Thomas, (3) George, (4) William and 
(5) Annie Dewees. The latter married Jas. Potts of 
Valley Forge Iron Works. 

2 Elizabeth Waters, m. Patrick Anderson, had son Isaac 

Anderson, who served his district in the U. S. Congress 
two years ; his daughter Sarah^ m. Isaac Pennypacker, 
grandfather of the Hon. Sam*l W.^ Pennypacker of Phila. 

3 John Waters, d. (?) before 1762. 

8 11 Joseph, b. 10 Aug., 1715; d. Nov., 1754. 

9 ill Thomas, > b. 25 Sept., 1718 ; C d. about May, 17C6. 

iv Elizabeth, 5 twins. ( m., in Christ Church, Phlla., 

20 May, 1738, Isaac Davis. He was the son of Llewellyn 
Davis, who was born In Wales, about 1670, and came to 
Penn. about 1700, with brothers William, Thomas, John 
and James. Isaac was b. ab. 1710 ; res. In Howevlllc, Ches- 
ter Co., Pa., where he d. In 1778. She survived him with 

1 Benjamin Davis, b. ab. 1752; d. Nov., 1784. 

2 John Davis, b. 1754 ; capt., 1776-1783 in the Continen- 

tal Army; Brigadier General 1800-1807 of Penn. Militia; 
associate judge, 1803 ; member of the Society of Cincin- 
nati; m. 1784, Ann, dau. of John Morton, a signer of the 
Declaration of Independence. Gen. John D. d. 10 July, 
1827. Ch. (1) Joseph Davis, b. 1785; d. young. (2) Isaac 
Davis, b. 1787 ; U. S. A. surgeon ; d., unm., 21 May, 1814. 
(3) John Morton Davis, b. 1788 ; res. HoweviUe ; m. twice ; 
d. 1846; ch. [1] Mary (m. Jos. Boker), [2] Albert K. 
(Howevlllc), [3] Wm. W. (Uowevllle), [4] Henrietta 
(Phlla.), [5] J. M. (d.), [6] Eliz'h (m. Wm. Lee), [7] I. 
H. (d.), [8] Anna M. (m. C. G. Baugh). (4) Wm. Davis 
b. 1791; d. young. (5) Sarali Davis, b. 1793; d. y. (6) 
Mary Davis, b. 1797; d. 1808. (7) Chas. J. Davis, b. 1799; 
m. twice; d. 1874; ch. [1] Mary E. (d. y.), [2] Juo. W. 
(Oil City, P.I.), [3] Caroline, [4] Cornelia (m. Wm. W. 
Davis of Howovillc), [5] Robert (d.). (8) Albert Davis, 
b. 1802; d. 1816. (9) Ann E. Davis, b. 1^04; m. Dr. J. S. 
Brown of Staunton, Va. ; dau. Ann M., m. Chas. II. Fultz- 
slg of Staunton, Va. (10) Bcnj. Davis, b. 9 Jan., 1806; 


tn., 9 Jqdo, 1881, Elis'h M. HamlU ; res. St. George, Del. ; 
ch. [1] Bob't H. (D. D. and Ph. D. ; is Prin. Lawrence- 
Tille, N. J., Female Seminary), [3] Mary E. (m. D. B. 
Stewart of St. George, Del.), [8] Jno. N. (b. 1887), [4] 
Chas. L. (Major; Memb. Pa. Hiat. Soc. ; res. Gin., G.), 
[5] Hugh H. (physician, etc, Pinal, Aria.), [6] James W. 
(Judge, etc., Florence, Aria.), [7] Isabella M. (St. George, 
8 Mary Darls, b. 1756 ; m. John Morgan of N. Carolina. 

4 Thomas Daris, b. 1768. 

5 Joseph Davis, b. 1760 ; was a physician. 

6 Sarah Davis, b. 1768; m. 1779, David Wilson. Ch. (1) 

David Wilson, m. Eliza Siter; d. at Great Valley, C. Co., 
Pa.; ch. [1] Sarah A. (of Chester Valley), [2] Mary (m. 
Jacob Jones of C. V.), [8] Caroline (m. L. T. Worthing- 

ton of C. v.), [4] John (m. Ann H ; of C. V.), [6] 

Edward (of C. V.). [6] Amanda (of Phlla.), [7] Winflcld 
(m. Emma J. Walker; of C. V.). (2) Sarah Wilson, m. a 
Mr. Caskey ; (8) Mary Wilson, m. Mr. Price; d. in Phila., 
in 1883, mU 98; ch. [1] Edward (d.) and [2] Emma (m. 
ErastQS Poulston of Phila.). 

7 Elizabeth Davis, b. 1768 ; m. Mt^or Ezekiel Howell of the 

Continental Army. He was her uncle's stepson. 
10 V John, b. 1 June, 1720; d. 17 Jan., 1768-9. 

vi Rachel, b. 11 Mar., 1722; bap. and rec'd into the Baptist 
Church in M., 10 Get., 1741. She m. Bei^. Davis, a well- 
to-do former of M. She took letters, 10 June, 1761, as wife 
of Benj. Davis ftom the Bap. Ch. of M. to that of Phila. 
Children : 
1 Jane Davis, b. 1763 ; m. Col. John Patton of the Conti- 
nental Army ; d. at Huntingdon in 1882. He established 
Center Furnace in Center Co., where he d. in 1802. Ch. 
(1) John Patton, d. in infancy. (2) Rachel Patton, m. 
John Row, Esq., of Lycoming Co., Pa. (8) William Pat- 
ton, m. Henrietta Anthony; d. in Bellsborongh, Pa. ; ch. 
[1] Rachel (m. Jas. Qwin of H.), [2] Amelia (m. Fran- 
cis Wallace of H.), [8] Wm. (d.). (4) John Patton, b. 
* 8 Feb., 1788; m. Susan Antis; was Associate Judge; d. 
2 Feb., 1848 ; ch. [1] Jane (m. Wm. Irine of CurrensvUle 
Pa.), [2] Anne (m. Jno. Beck, Esq., Birmingham, Alle- 
ghany Co., Pa.), [8] Susan (m. Wm. Bard of Clearfield 
Co.), [4] Jno. A. (d. 1817), [6] MarU (m. Mr. Hippie of 
CurrensvUle), [6] Wm. (d.), [7] John (b. 6 Jan., 1828; 
m., Ist, Cathn. Ennis; 2nd, Nora Tobey ; member of U. 


8. Congrefls, 1860, now a banker in CnrrensTiUe, Pa.), 
[8] Edward B., [9] Henry D. (Lt., Q. M. and P. M. in 
U. S. A. ; now res. in Clinton, Iowa), [10] Cornelia B. 
(m. Capt. Frank Dowler of CarrensriUe), [11] Maij E. 
(d.). (5) Francis 0. Patton, midshipman, U. S. Nary; 
d. iBt. 23. (6) Joseph Patton, medical stndent; killed at 
age of 18. (7) Edward Patton, m. Anna McMortrie ; d. in 
Lewiston, Pa. (8) Anna Patton, m. Jno. Lyon, Esq. ; d. 
set. 27, leaving son Patton. (9) Jane Patton m., 1st, Alex. 
A. Anderson and had ch. [1] Wm. P. (d.), [2] Jno. P. 
(Att'y geni, Supervisor, etc. ; m. Margaret H. William- 
son; d. 10 Feb., 1862), [8] Alex. A. (d.), [4] Ellen P. 
(d.), [6] Alex. A. (d.). (10) Saml Patton, m. Mary 
Norrls; d. nt. 45; iron master; ch. [1] Nannie (m. Jos. 
Maguire of H.), [2] Harriet (m. Dr. McClary Milroy of 
Mifflin Co.), [8] Ellen (of Wash'n, D. C), [4] Wm. (d.), 
[5] Jno. (Cairo, 111.). (11) Ellen Patton, m., 1st, Harry 
P. Dorsey; 2nd, Dr. Benj. McMnrtrie. (See No. 14.) 

2 John Davis, was a merchant of New York City. 

8 Bei\|. Davis, was a captain in the Revolutionary War. 

4 Joseph Davis, acting captain in the Continental Army at 
eighteen years of age ; was taken prisoner by the Indians 
at the massacre of Wyoming, tied to a stake, his body 
pierced with pine fagots which were fired and he slowly 
roasted to death. 

11 vii Andrew, b. 15 Jan., 1724; d. Sept., 1754. 

12 viii Benjamin, b. 1725; d. 18 Nov., 1784. 

ix Mary, b. 1 Sept. , 1 731 ; m. Thomas. She was a mem- 
ber of the Bap. Ch. of M. and dismissed there 9 Aug., 17C1, 
to that of Phlla. ; then unmarried. 

13 X Austin, b. 28 July, 1734; d. 1765. 

14 xi Edward, b. 29 Aug., 1736; killed 13 Nov., 1802. 

4 Thomas^ ( OeorgCy^) Mr. Bartholomew appears soon 

after 1740 inWilliston, Chester Co., Pa. In 1761 he is 
mentioned as of ** Philadelphia, Gent." Three years later 
we find him called a " cordwainer," and he and wife Mar- 


garet residing in Montgomery, where he sold 138 acres 
purchased of Charles Vamer and wife in 1754. 

His will, dated Montgomery Township, 20 Nov., 1756, 
probated 3 Dec, 1765, mentions nephew Andrew (de- 
ceased) and his children John, Joseph and Mary ; and wife 
Margaret. Executor, his nephew John Bartholomew. 
Witnesses, Griffith and John Evans. 

5 Oct., 1765, Thomas and Edward Bartholomew and 
Benj. Davis entered protest against the proving of Thomas 
Bartholomew, Senior's, will, until they have a hearing in 
behalf of his relatives ; value of estate, £525. 

Wm. Ashcroft of Talbot Co., Pa., wheelwright, makes 
8 Dec, 1776, his trusty and loving friend, Margaret Bar- 
tholomew of Philadelphia, widow, his lawful attorney, etc. 

Her will, dated Williston, Pa., 6 Dec, 1776, proved 14 
Jan., 1777, devises to her brother-in-law, John Williams 
and wife Mary for their lives ; then to Benj. Bartholomew, 
Junior, his heirs, etc Witnesses, Jacob Bough, Tho's- 
Simmons and John Williams. No children. 

5 Thomas^ {Jei^emiah^ ^ George^ y) born in Middletown 
Bucks Co., Pa., 1 Sept., 1718 ; married in the First Pres- 
byterian Church of Philadelphia, 1 Apr., 1746, Judith 
Kyan. He married, second, in Trinity Church, Oxford, 
Pa., 7 Dec, 1750, Elizabeth (Kimble ?) Town, widow 

of Town of Townsbury, Warren Co., N. J. She 

was the great-grandmother of Geo. F. Lee, by her mar- 
riage to Mr. Town, and the great-grandmother of his wife, 
Mary H. (Davis) Lee, by her marriage to Mr. Bartholo- 
mew. He died 2 Jan., 1754. Benjamin Town, copper- 
smith, of Philadelphia, in his will, 17 Oct., 1794, mentions 
his "brother-in-law (step-brother) John Bartholomew." 
Elizabeth Town, his sister, married, 6 Jan., 1780, John 
Ludowick Sprogell. 


1 Sept., 1758, Thomas Bartholomew and wife Elizabeth 
make Geoi^e Eayre of Burlington County, N. J., their 
attorney to collect a legacy left said Elizabeth by her fisither 
Benjamin Kimble. 

Elizabeth, widow of Thomas Bartholomew* of Deptford, 
Gloucester Co., N. J., in her will, made 2 Oct., 1781, 
probated ten days after; devises her place to be sold and 
proceeds to be divided among her daughter, Margaret 
Stout's children Anne, Elizabeth and Bartholomew, over 
fourteen, and Rebecca Stout, under that age. Her friend 
Biddle Bewes, executor. Children : 

15 1 John,^ b. 6 Sept., 1755; d. 7 Aug., 1802. 

ii George, is said to hare left no des. ; res. In Fhlla., in 1790. 
ill Mary, b. 14 Aag., 1762 ; m., 8 Oct., 1789, John, son of Wm. 
and Jane Davis, b. in Dablin, Ireland, 24 Sept., 1767; d. 
27 Dec, 1828, »t. 71. She d. 22 Maj, 1819. They resided 
first in WhitehiU ; Bordentown, N. J. , where all their chil- 
dren were bom; and later in Haddonfleld, N. J. 

1 Thomas* Davis, b. 29 Aog., 1790; m. in May, 1822; d. 24 

Apr., 1851. Ch. (1) Mrs. Dr. H. B. Shivers of Haddon- 
lield, (2) Mrs. Jno. Craig of H., (3) Mrs. Alex. Kirkpat- 
rick, 1729 Arch St., Phila., (4) Mrs. Dr. Chas. W. 
Houghton, 1528 N. 7th St., Philadtlphia. 

2 William Davis, b. 8 Oct., 1792; d. anm., 1 Dec, 1871. 

8 Benjamin Town Davis, b. 16 Apr., 1795; m. 6 Dec, 1821, 
Eleanor 6. Hatch; and d. 8 Apr., 1850. She was b. 29 
Apr., 1801; dau. of Hugh and Rebecca (Jones) Hatch; 
and d. 24 July, 1883, »t. 82. Ch. (1) Lemuel H., m. 1st, 
R. K. Lee; 2nd, M. H. Stoome; ch. [1] Lemuel B., [2] 
ReElla, [3] B. Frank, all dead ; [4] L. Howel and [5] Bertha 
Davis. (2) Rebecca H., d. num., 6 Oct., 1847. (3) Mary 
H., m. 27 July, 1848, Oeorge F. Lee ; res. 533 N. 6th St., 
Phila., Pa. ; ch. [1] Ellie, b. and d. 2 Dec, 1849, [2] 
Willie, b. and d. 14 Aug., 1851, [3] Geo. Burtis, [4] Bfo- 
mie D., m. 7 Jan., 1882, W. L. Cathcart, U. S. Navy ; dan. 
Ethel Lee^ Cathcart, b. 8 June, 1883, and [5] Walter 
Thomas Lee, b. 30 Apr., 1868. (4) Emily H., d. num., 
'^3 Apr., 1883. (5) William H., m. M. B. Bartlett, and d. 

• He was probably not the same as Mo. 6, bat it is not known who he was. 


30 Dec, 1862; one child d. in infancy. (6) Eleanor H., 
m. 80 Dec, 1858, John D. Higgins; an adopted child 
Harold. (7) Thomas H., lieutenant-colonel of N. J. 12th 
regiment; was killed in battle of Spottsylvania, Va., 12 
May, 1864; nnmarried. (8) BenJ. T., d. nnra., 11 Feb., 
1876. (9) Anna W. (10) Sarah Jane and (11) Elizabeth 
B. Davis, d. 7 May, 1851, in the sixth year of her age. 

4 Samuel Davis, b. 4 Aug., 1798; m. Henrietta Johnson, 

and d. 8 Jan., 1878. Ch. (t) (jeorge W., m. Qertmde 
Ware; ch. [1] Ella D., [2] Ida G. and [8] Samuel Thos. 
Davis. (2) Benjamin Franklin Davis. 

5 John Davis, b. 80 Nov., 1800; d. unm., 4 Dec, 1849. 

6 Eliza Ann Davis, b. 8 Dec, 1802; m James Lee. Ch. (1) 

Adallne Bw. (Dnffleld), (2) Mary Jane (d. unm., 1871), 
(3) Oeorge (m.), (4) Edwin J. (m.), (5) EmmaE. and 
(6) Julia H. (m. J. Glover; had three children). 

7 George Davis, b. 6 Sept., 1804; d. unm., 12 July, 1831. 

6 Gteorge^ {Jeremiah^ ^ George^ j) born near Middle- 

town, Bucks Co., Pa. 9 1 Sept., 1721 ; maniedMary, daugh- 
ter of Henry Paul, a carpenter of Oxford, Pa., and a sister 
of Joseph, Margaret (Leech) Shores and Sophia Paul. 

Captain Bartholomew is mentioned in the deeds, as ** of 
Oxford, carpenter," in 1750 to 1755. In 1756, as captain 
of the Philadelphia regiment, and in 1763 he was still living 
in Philadelphia and following his trade of ^ house carpen- 

His will, mentioning him as of Oxford Township, inn 
keeper, is dated 6 Nov., 1765, «and was probated 16 Nov., 
1768. It only mentions his wife Mary and executor Wm. 

Witnesses : Samuel Harper, Jacob Keene and David Kin- 
sey (who married Gay nor, widow of John^* Bartholo- 
mew.) She deeds property, inherited of her father, Henry 
Paul, in 1780. Her will, dated Oxford Township, 26 Mar. , 


1793, probated, 1 Sept., 1796, only mentionB her niece 
Mary Hodgson ; Witnesses : B. Whitehead and Jos. Hoff- 
Probably no children survived them. 

7 William' (Jeremiah^, Oearg^^) bom in Bucks Co., 
Pa., 1 Oct., 1723 ; married in the Presbyterian Church, 
Churchville, Bucks Co., Pa., 5 Dec., 1745, Mary Thomas. 

He resided at the manor of Morehand, Co. of Phila., 
and died in less than a year after his marriage. 

His widow M^u-y, 16 Oct., 1746, renounced the admin- 
istratorship of his estate and John Carver of Byberry Town- 
ship, yeoman, was appointed. 

The estate was inventoried by John Carver, Qeorge 
Bartholomew of N. Liberties, Phila, carpenter, and John 
Supplee of Phila., carpenter, at £200. 

She may have married, second, a Mr. Figis and died 14 
Sept., 1798, 88t. 76. Had one son. 

A William Bartholomew was licensed, 30 Nov., 1749, 
in Trinity Church, Oxford, to marry Eliza Bostein. He 
was possibly a cousin or uncle of above. Child : 

1 George,^ b. 1746. 

8 Joseph^ {Johv?j George^,) bom 10 Aug., 1715; 

ir OcVLXAouynie^ 

married Sarah Carver ( ?) ; and died in East Whiteland, 
Chester Co., Pa., in Nov., 1754. 
Mr. Bartholomew settled, before 1741, in East Whiteland 



as a farmer ; the house which he then built there is still in 
good preservation. 

He is said to have been a man of wealth and distinction. 

His will, dated 3 Nov., 1754, probated ten days after, 
mentions wife Sarah ; and children John, Benjamin, Han- 
nah and Bachel. 

Mrs. Sarah married, second, John Cloyd. Children : 

i Hannah/ was licensed, 4 June, 1766, to marry Archibald 
Thompson. They res. in Norristown, Pa., where he d. 
Nov., 1779, set. 39. Ch. 1 Mary,* 2 Mark, 3 Benjamin and 
4 Elizabeth. 

16 ii John, b. 1747; d. 24 Jan., 1814. 

iii Rachel, m. Israel Davis. Having concerted all of his con- 
siderable property into money and secreted it, he entered 
the Continental Army, where he died. His widow and 
only child were robbed of the entire amount by a confi- 
dential servant; only child Hannah died, unm., in Great 

17 iv Benjamin, b. 16 Feb., 1752; d. 31 Mar., 1812. 

9 Thomas^ {Johv?, Georg^,) born 25 Sept., 1718; 

married Catherine, daughter of Thomas and Mary Davis 
of Plymouth, Pa. 

Mr. Bartholomew is mentioned as an " Inn holder " in 
Philadelphia in 1754 and as a merchant in 1761 to 1765. 

His will, dated Philadelphia, 30 Apr., 1766, probated 
17 June, 1766, mentions wife Catherine, "To son Stephen 
on his arrival in this city £25 and no more," and his chil- 
dren John, Elizabeth, Benjamin and Thomas, share and 
share alike. 

Mrs. Catherine is mentioned in her brother-in-law, Ben- 
jamin Bailholomew's will in 1784. Children : 


i Stephen/ He and his brothers, John, Benjamin and Thomas 
may have died before Oct., 1784, as they are not mentioned 
in their ancle Benjamin's will, among his nephews. 

ii John, nndonbtedly died before Oct., 1784, or his nncle 
Benjamin's devise to *' nephew John" would have been 
too indefinite. 

iil Bei^amin. A Benj. Bartholomew m. , in the First Presbyterian 
Church in Philadelphia, 4 Mar., 1778, Elizabeth Bull. He 
probably died before 1776, or his great-aunt, Margaret's 
reversion to Benjamin Bartholomew, Jr., would also have 
been too uncertain. 

Iv Joseph, m., in the First Baptist Church in Philadelphia, 29 
July, 1783, Letitiu, widow of Benjamin Spring, deceased 
mariner. In 1784, he and his wife, of Charlestown, Ches- 
ter Co., sell her half interest in certain Phila. property. 
He is mentioned, but disowned, in his uncle Benjamin's 
will. Was captain of Henry Meyer's company (see Vol. 
xii, Penn. Rep.). He was known as ''Kentucky Joe," and 
he and his wife lie buried in Great Valley, Chester Co., Pa. 

v Thomas, probably d. before Oct., 1784. 

vl Elizabeth, m. a Mr. Grilllth, before Oct., 1784, and was tlicn 
mentioned in Benj. Bartholomew's will. 

10 John^ {Johri^ George^,) born 1 June, 1720; mar- 
ried Gaynor, daughter of Humphrey Jones of Montgomery 
County, and died 17 Jan., 1758-9. 

Mr. Bartholomew was a tanner of Montgomery Town- 
ship in 1745, when his father and mother deeded him land 
there. In 1754, then a tanner of North Wales township, 
he, with his wife Gaynor, deeds a portion of the 500 acres 
in N. Wales devised to her by her father in 1752. 

Ilis will, dated Montgomery Township, 8 Jan., 1759, 
probated fourteen days later, mentions his wife Gaynor, 
children (not named) as all minors, brothers Benjamin and 
Edward and bi-othors-in-law Tlionuis Waters and Benjamin 
Davis, lie leaves a legacy to the Baptist Church of Mont- 
gomery. Benjamin Bartholomew and Benjamin Davis, 


executors. Estate inventoried at £3611. His seal repre- 
sented a lion passant. 

Mrs. Gaynor was married in Swedes' Churchy 21 Aug., 
17669 to David Kinsey and in her will, probated 14 Jan., 
1818, mentions her daughters Catherine Griffiths and Eliz- 
abeth Servoss ; the latter had sons Joseph and Charles R. 
She also mentions her grandchildren John E. Gravenstine 
and Eliza Eintzing. Children : 

i Benjamin : his will, dated N. Liberties, PhilaM Gent., 11 Oct., 
1774, probated 22 Nov. following, mentions father-in-law 
and mother, David and Gaynor Kinsey, and brother-in-law 
Benjamin Griffiths. Letitia Lavergnc, formerly widow of 
Bei^amin Bartholomew, dec'd, was made administratrix 
of his estate, 12 Oct., 1786. 

11 Catherine, m. at Christ Charch, Phila., 10 Oct., 1771, Benja- 
min Griffiths. They res. in Baltimore, Md. 

ill Samnel, d. 28 Jaly, 1759, set. 2 years. 


11 Andrews {Johv?^ Oeorg^^) born 15 Jan.j 1724; 
married in Christ Church, Phila., 3 May, 1744, Elizabeth 
Biers. He died in Sept., 1754, and she, the 4th of Dec. 

His will, dated Philadelphia, 14 Sept., 1754, probated 
six days after, in which he calls himself a cord wainer, men- 
tions wife Elizabeth, children John, Joseph and Mary, all 
minors, and brother Thomas and brother-in-law Jonathan 
Biers, executors. Children : 

I Thomas, d. 2 Jan., 1754. 

II John, was living in 1784. 

HI Mary, licensed to m., 3 May, 1768, Abel Pearson. 
18 Iv Joseph, m., 17 Oct., 1781, Mary Hlnes. 

12 Benjamin^ {Johv?^ George^ y) born probably in 


Montgomery Square, about 1725 ; married Anne , who 

died 20 Apr., 1765, cet. 36. He married, second, Sarah 
, who survived him. 

Mr. Bartholomew resided in Chester County, where he 
held an extensive property. In 1784 the state granted 
him 400 acres of land in Northampton County. 

His three children all died in infancy and his property 
was left to his nephews and nieces. 

His will, dated Chester, Pa., 29 Sept., 1784, probated 
12 Dec, following, mentions wife Sarah, brother Edward, 
John and Benjamin sons of his brother Joseph, Joseph, 
son of his brother Thomas, sister Bachel Davis, niece 
Hannah wife of Archibald Thompson, sister-in-law Cath- 
erine widow of his brother Thomas, and her daughter 
Elizabeth GrifiBth, nephews John and Joseph sons of his 
brother Andrew, John and Elizabeth Davis children of his 
sister Elizabeth, niece Sarah Wilson ; Joseph, son of his 
nephew John, is to have no part of his estate. 

Executors, brother Edward and nephew John son of 

13 Augustine or Austin^ {Johv?^ Georg^,) bom in 

^a^?--f^4rt&77^XAj:^ 1765. 

Montgomery Square, 28 July, 1734 ; married in Christ 
Church, Philadelphia, 4 Oct., 1758, Mary Russell. 

Capt. Bartholomew is said to have followed the sea and 
is mentioned in his father's will, 1756, as at sea. In 
1761 he is mentioned as a merchant and the following 
year as a ** baker," in Philadelphia. 

In June, 1762, ho joins his wife Mary in deeding her 
interest in the estate of her former husband, ** Thomas La- 
cey, deceased, Victualler;" her children by Mr. Lacey 


being John (eldest), Thomas (died young), Joseph, Mary 
and Elizabeth. 

The record of deeds, with but one exception, gives his 
name as " Austin," but his birth and marriage record are 
" AuOTstine.'* 

His will, dated Philadelphia, 18 Feb., 1765, probated 
13 June following, mentions wife Mary, son Edward, broth- 
ers-in-law Richard Hill and Benjamin Davis. 

Inventory of his estate amounts to £200 and mentions 
that bis *' wife is pregnant with child.** Child : 
i £<lward/ was lo6t at sea. 

14 Edward^ (Johnny Georf/e^,) born in Montgomery 

^^/ / ^cun^/J^i^crj^crr*^^-^^^^ 1765. 

Square, 21) Aug., 1736 ; married Rachel Pauling, and was 
killed 13 Nov., 1802. She died in 1794, set. 52. 

Col. Edward Bartholomew is mentioned in the records 
as of Montgomery Township, tanner, in 1759, 1760 and 
in 1778 ; he having succeeded to his brother John's business. 

In 1763 he lived in Philadelphia. In 1774 he served 
on the county Inspection Committee there. He was a 
member of the Provincial Conference at Carpenter's Hall, 
18 June, 1775, andamember of the Convention of 15 July, 
1776. During that year he commanded a battalion of 
Associators serving in the Jerseys. He was elected a county 
commissioner of Philadelphia County in 1778, and repeat- 
edly held the position of collector of excise for that city 
and county. 

In 1792 he is mentioned as of " Philadelphia, Gent." 
and was interested in the Barrec Iron Works. 

He was one of the few persons in that early day who 
travelled in a carriage. He had been in the habit of mak- 


ing periodical trips and carrying large sums of money to 
and from Barree ; on his return from one of these, at Hunt- 
ingdon, it was found that his horses were hamstrung; 
procuring fresh ones and accompanied by his son-in-law, 
Captain Jonathan Henderson, he continued his journey. 
Passing Antrim they called on his old friend, Dr. Robert 
Johnson, a skilful surgeon of the Revolutionary Army, 
and while Colonel Bartholomew was shaking hands with 
Dr. Johnson and Capt. Henderson with Mrs. Johnson, 
Colonel Bartholomew was accidentally shot and killed, 
through the careless handling of his two pistols in his left 
hand by Capt. Henderson. This distinguished man was 
held in the highest regard. He left a brilliant record and 
an unblemished reputation. (See Penn. Mag., Vols. 1 &S.) 
His will, dated Chester Co., Pa., 22 April, 1799, pro- 
bated 28 Jan., 1803, mentions 1800 acres of land in Ju- 
niata County ; daughter Elizabeth, wife of Greenbury 
Dorsey, grandson Edw. B. Dorsey, son-in-law Jonathan 
Henderson of Huntingdon, Pa., daughter Elinor Hender- 
son, late Elinor Capper. Witnesses, Wni. Kenly, Chas. 
T. Kenly and J. Hallowell. Children : 

i Elizabeth/ m., at the First Baptist Church, Philadelphia, 5 
Oct., 1786, Greenbury Dorsey; and d. Oct., 1833, act. 72. 
He d. 17 Oct., 1807, ajt. 56. They lived in Huntingdon 
County, Pa. Ch. 

1 Edward B.* Dorsey, d. unmarried. 

2 Henry P. Dorsey, m. Ellen, daughter of John and Jane 

(Davis) Pattou. They were first cousins. He was a 
wealthy iron manufacturer at Barree Forges, Pa., and d. 
set. 34, leaving four ch. She m. 2nd, Dr. Beiij. McMurtrle, 
who d. in Huntingdon, Pa., in 18G3, leaving three ch. 
(1) Elizabeth** Dorsey, b. 1824; m. Thomas Duncan of 
Duncan's Island ; (2) John P. Dorsey, b. 1825 ; was a phy- 
sician of II.; (3) Greenbury Dorsey, b. 13 Jan., 1827; d. 
3 Jan., 1852; his widow m., 2nd, Major Jno. C. Osterloh, 
and res. in Phila. ; (4) Harry P. Dorsey, b. 15 Apr., 1831 ; 
d. 17 Sept., 1854, in H. ; (5) Anna McMurtrie, b. 1835; m. 


Henry Wharton, Esq., of H., where she d. in 18G6, leaving 
five children; (6) Jane McMnrtrie, b. 1837; m. a Mr. 
Morehead of H. and res. in Texas ; (7) Rndolph McMur- 
trle, b. 1839 ; graduate of Yale Col., connsellor-at-law at 
H. ; m. Jennie Hard, who d. in 1878 ; no ch. 
8 Rachel E. Dorsey, m. Saml M. Green ; and died 1863, set. 
62. Ch. (1) Hannah £., res. with her brother Greenbury; 
(2) Greenbury D., m. Mary Gregg; was manager of the 
Barree Forge at H. ; res. Fillmore, Center Co., Pa. ; six 
ch. ; and (3) Joseph A. Green, d. unmarried. 
4 Jonathan H. Dorsey, was a prominent physician In H. ; m. 
Mary H. Allison, who now res. in Minneapolis, Minn. Ch. 

(1) Robert, m., 1st, Annie Dorus; 2nd, Walker of 

Alexandria. He is dead; widow res. In St. Paul; several 

ch. ; (2) Harry A., physician; d. unm., at Broadtop, Pa. ; 

(8) Wm. E., unm. ; and (4) Greenbury Dorsey, d. unm. 

11 Elinor, ro., 1st, at Christ Church, Phlla., 29 Mar., 1792, 

Henry Capper; 2nd, Capt. Jonathan Henderson; and d. a 

widow at her niece, Rachel Green's, home ; no Issue. She 

adopted Rachel Green's daughter Hannah. 

15 John^ (Thomcu^y Jeremiah^, George^ ,) born 6 Sept.) 
1755 ; married 11 Dec., 1783, Mary, daughter of Edmund 
and Mary (Figis ?) Milne, and died in Philadelphia, 7 (Ju- 
ly, gravestone) August, 1802. She was born 22 July, 
1763, and died "25 Apr., (1851, gravestone) 1852, aged 
89 years" (gravestone). 

Mr. Bartholomew was a merchant and sugar refiner in 
Philadelphia ; may have been in partnership with Benj. 
Towno in 1791. 

His widow deposing, 16 July, 1802, says he left no will. 
She, with others, gave bond for $36,000 as administratrix 
of bis estate. Children : 

I Edmund,^ b. 20 June, 1785; d., chUdless, 28 June, 1808. 

II Elizabeth, b. 9 June, 1787 ; d. 21 Mar., 1806. Her gravestone 

bears a peculiar Inscription. 
19 ill Thomas, b. 80 June, 1789; d. 19 Nov., 1856, 8Bt. 67. 

Iv Benjamin, b. 29 Apr., 1791; d. unmarried, 28 Apr., 1822. 
He was a captain In the merchant marine sci*vice. His 
will, dated 26 Feb., 1822, mentions his mother Mary and 
brother and sister, Ann aud'Thos. 


T Maria, b. 22 Feb., 1798 ; m. Joseph Solms ; and d. in the 
spring of 1881. Hed. 8 July, 1852; res. Philadelphia. Ch. 

1 Elizabeth' Solms, m. Little. 

2 Sidney Solms, m., 1st, Maria Baker; 2nd, ; had 

8 Mary Solms, m. Wm. Houston; res. comer 18th and 

Arch Sts., Phihi. ; had children. 
4 John Solms, m. Mary Prall ; liad children, 

vl David, b. 8 Apr., 1795 ; d. 17 Ang., 1797. 
vii Ann, b. 80 Aug., 1797 ; m., 16 May, 1822, Thomas Davis 

(cousin), and d. 27 Aug., 1866. He was b. 29 Aug., 1790; 
and d. 24 Apr., 1851. Ch. 

1 Mary Bw. Davis, b. 24 July, 1828; m., 6 June, 1850, 

Richard McGlathery, and d. 12 May, 1862. Ch. (1) Anna,^ 
(2) Sallie, (8) Thomas and (4) Frank McGlathery. 

2 Ann Jane Davis, m., 1 May, 1856, John P. Craig; res. 

Haddonfleld, N. J. Ch. (1) Ida V. and (2) Wm. Davis. 
8 Eliza Thomas Davis, d. nnm., 24 Mar., 1866. 

4 Eleanor W. Davis, m. Alex. Kirkpatrick ; res. 1729 Arch 

St., Phila. Ch. (1) Ella, (2) Emma and (3) Walter Kirk- 

5 Emaline C. Davis, m., 25 Sept, 1866, Dr. Chas. W. 

Houghton; res. 1528 N. 7th St., Phila. Ch. (1) Horace 
D. and (2) Frank D. Hoaghton. 

6 Lavinia Cooper Davis, d., unm., 12 Apr., 1859. 

7 Isabella Bw. Davis, m. Dr. Bowman H. Shivers of H., 

N. J. Ch. (1) Lillie I. and (2) Herbert D. Shivers. 
20 viii George, b. 10 Jan., 1800; d. Jaly, 1882. 

16 John* (Joseph^, Johv?^ Georg^^) born iu Great Val- 
ley, Chester County, Pa., in 1747 ; married Hannah Davis, 
who died 17 Jan., 1814 ; he dying seven days after. 

General Bartholomew was educated for a merchant, but 
preferred the farm ; spending his life on the homestead of 
his father. 

He, in 1775, was major of the Chester County regiment 
of the Flying Camp ; and subsequently was made colonel 
and brigadier general of militia. 



He was a justice of the peace, and a member of the 
County Court. Children : 

i Sarah,* m. John Roberts ; both d. ; res. Chester Valley, Ches- 
ter Co., Pa. Ch. 

1 Hannah' Roberts, b. in Great VaUey ; d., nnm., in 1876. 

2 Mary Robertas, d. in infancy. 

8 Jonathan Roberts, res., nnm., in G. V. on the homestead of 
his grandfkther. 
U Mary, m. Col. CromweU Pearce of the U. S. Army ; d. child- 
less, in 1842, 8Bt. 70. 
21 iii Joseph, b. 9 Dec, 1780; d. 11 Feb., 1848. 

17 Benjamin^ {Joseph? , Johv?, George^,) born in 

/ ^ 1773. 

Groat Valley, 16 Feb., 1752 ; married Rachel Dewees, and 
died 31 Mar., 1812. She was daughter of William and 
Sarah (Potts) Dewees of Schuylkill Co. ; born 7 Mar., 
1765, and died 4 Dec., 1848, aet. 83. 

Captain Bartholomew, at the age of 20 (1772), became 
a member of the Provincial Assembly for Chester County, 
continuing such for four years ; at the age of 23 (1775), 
was a member of the Committee of Safety, continuing on 
that important committee for two years. July 15, 1776, 
he appears as a member of the famous convention of that 
date. At the breaking out of the Revolutionary War, he 
raised a company and entered the service (1776) as its 
lieutenant, under Capt. Perse vor Frazer in Col. Wayne's 
regunent. Oct. 2, 1776, he was commissioned a captain 
and attached to the 58th Penn. regiment. He was wounded 
in the leg at the Battle of Brandy wine, Aug., 1777, and 
was in the Battles of Monmouth, N. J., June, 1778. He 
continued with General Anthony Wayne's brigade during 


all the campaign and shared all the many hardships it en- 
countered. When the army was re-organized, late in 
1780, Capt. Bartholomew was retained. 

He was justice of the peace in Chester County in 1777. 

Later in life he refused all public offices which were 
frequently urged upon him ; without the vanity that seeks 
place and pomp, and loving home and quiet, he devoted 
himself with great industry and great executive ability 
to his farm and home exclusively, making them models of 
success and happiness. 

His farm was a portion of the large estates left by his 
father in East Whiteland. Children : 

1 Hannah,* b. 7 Apr. , 1788 ; m. after April, 1800, John Hughes ; 
res. Pottsville, Pa., where he d. before 1888. Ch. 

1 Isaac W.' Hughes (Dr.), m. twice; and d. in Newbem, 

N. C. Ch. (1) Jno.^, (2) James and (8) Theo. Haghes. 

2 James Hughes (Dr.). 

8 John Hughes, lawyer. 

4 Bei^amln Bw. Haghes, m. twice ; lives in Bridgeport, M. 

Co., Pa. Ch. (1) Jno., (2) Isaac, (8) Nath., (4) ColUn, 
(6) Mary, (6) Hannah, (7) Kate, (8) Corson, (9) Frances, 
(10) Harry Haghes. 

5 Rachel Hughes, m. Dr. Jacob Dewees ; lived and 

died in Pottsville. Ch. (1) Kate, (2) John, (8) Frank, (4) 
Theodore, (6) Harry and (6) Collin Dewees. 

6 Francis Wade Hughes, m. Eliz*h Silliman; res. P.; ex- 

attorney general of Penn. Ch. (1) Thomas, (2) Fannie, 
(8) Annette and (4) Lacy Haghes. 

7 Slater Hughes, m. Susan Jarret; 1. and d. in Up. 

Marion, Pa. Ch. (1) Jane, (2) Aug^ista and (8) a son. 

8 Theodore Hughes, m. Caroline Favinville. Ch. Isaac 

W. and three others. 

9 Nicholas C. Hughes, m. Adelaide Williams ; a southern 

Episcopal clergyman. Four ch. 

10 John C. Clay Hughes, m. Emma, dan. of Bei^. Coombe ; 

res. Pottsville. 

22 ii Joseph, b. 12 Oct., 1784; d. in 1811. 

ill Sarah, b. 20 Nov., 1787; d. anm., 25 Jan., 1858. 

23 iv John, b. 12 Dec, 1789; d. 11 May, 1871, at, 81. 


y Rachel, b. 28 May, 1792 ; m. Thomas Davis, and d. 30 
Nov., 1838. Ch. 

1 Ann Davis, res. unm. in Berwyn, Chester Co., Pa. 

2 Margaret Davis, m. Michael Bright, retired coal merchant 

of PottsviUe. Ch. (1) Sarah, (2) Edward, (8) NeUie, 
(4) Frank D., (6) John, (6) Harry, (7) Anna, (8) Mary. 

3 Rachel Davis, res. unm. in Berwyn, Pa. 

4 Edward Davis, died young. 

6 Mary Davis, m. Thomas Morton of Great Valley ; now 
dead. Ch. (1) Mary, (2) Edward L., d. 1883, set. 39, and 
(3) Clemson Morton. 
6 Ellen B. Davis, d. unm. in Great Valley, 
vi A son, b. 27 Mar., 1794; d. 6 Apr., 1794. 

vii Mary Ann, b. 11 Jane, 1795; d. unm., 5 Mar., 1822. 
viii WilUam, b. 6 Apr., 1797 ; d. 4 May, 1808. 
24 ix Edward, b. 8 Jan., 1799; d. Oct., 1875. 
26 X Augustine, b. 5 Apr., 1801 ; d. Aug., 1873. 

xi Ann, b. 16 Apr., 1803; d. 1 June, 1805. 

26 xii Benjamin, b. 25 Aug., 1804; d. in Pottsville, Pa. 

xiii Ellen, b. 7 Jan., 1806; m., 11 Dec, 1828, Thos. Maxwell 

of Chester Valley; both d. in Peoria, 111., she on the 17 
Mar., 1883, flBt. 77. Ch. 

1 David Maxwell, b. 7 Nov., 1829; d. unm., Dec, 1859. 

2 Sarah J. Maxwell, b. 6 Jan., 1832; m. Wm. H. Cruger; 

res. Peoria, 111. Ch. (1) Thos. M., (2) Ellen, (3) Cath- 
erine and (4) Wm. Hyde Cruger (d.). 

3 Elizabeth Maxwell, m., 13 Mar., 1860, Chas., son of Ex- 

governor Matterson ; res. Wash'n, D. C. Ch. (1) Ellen 
M., {2) Fred'k W. and (3) Mary E, Matterson. 

4 Thomas J. Maxwell, b. 27 Oct., 1836; d. 28 Mar., 1841. 

6 Mary E. Maxwell, m., 25 Apr., 1871, Edward Gale; d. 20 

July, 1874. Ch. (1) Frederick and (2) Philip B. Gale, 
both of Peoria. 

6 Harry Maxwell, b. 6 Jan., 1840; res. in the Territories. 

18 Joseph* {Andrea^ y Johr?^ Georg^^) born in Mont- 
gomery, Penn., about 1752 ; married in the Old Swedes' 
Church, 17 Oct., 1781, Mary Hiues. He dying, she mar- 
ried, second, Alburtson. He was buried at the 

Free Burial Ground, MuUica Hill, N. J. Resided in 


Phila. in 1790. Mrs. Mary lies buried at the old Newtown 
Graveyard, three miles from Camden, N. J. Children : 

i Elizabeth,* m. Rob't Gilmore ; d. 26 Not., 1847. He d. in 1880. 
Children : 

1 Isaac* Gilmore, b. 80 Sept., 1801. 

2 Joseph Gilmore, b. 20 Sept., 1803; m., 12 Feb., 1839, 

Rebecca Hoofman ; six children. 

3 James Gilmore, b. 8 Sept., 1804 ; m. 22 Feb., 1829, Han- 

nah Ellis. Ch. (1) Wm. and (2) James Gilmore. 

4 Robert Gilmore, > b. 20 Sept., 1806 ; C 

6 Edward Gilmore > twins ? im.lS Mar. , 1831, Rath 

Miller. Ch. (1) Edward and (2) Hannah Gilmore. 

6 Mary A. Gilmore, b. 21 Mar., 1809 ; m. 28 Jaly, 1828, Elias 

McDowell ; seven children. 

7 Thomas Gilmore, b. 12 Feb., 1812. Ch. (1) Andrew, (2) 

Sarah, (3) Cecilia, (4) Isaac and (5) Thos. Gilmore, Jr. 

8 Kesiah Gilmore, b. 2Feb., 1815; m. JohnPidgeon. Ch. 

(1) Joseph G., (2) Hannah, (8) Anna and (4) Emma. 

9 Andrew Gilmore, b. 81 Jan., 1818; d. 14 July, 1822. 

10 Elizabeth Gilmore, b. 20 Oct., 1822; m., in 1842, Wm. Pid- 

geon. Ch. (1) Mary, (2) James, (8) Eliz'h, (4) Wm. 
(5) Job, (6) Amy and (7) Adaline Pldgeon. 

27 il Edward, b. 7 July, 1790; d. 26 July, 1869, in his 80th yr. 
ill Thomas, m. ; had son Uriah of Staten Island a few yrs. since. 
\y William, d. unm. ; buried at Old Newtown, N. J. 

28 V Samuel, m. Ann Murphy ; d. in Black wood town, N. J. 

19 Thomas^ (JbAn*, Thomas^ y Jeremiah ,) born 30 
June, 1789 ; married Catherine Mashman, and died 19 Nov., 
1856, »t. 67. She lives at 2114 Kater St., Philadelphia. 

Capt. Bartholomew was early a tanner in Philadelphia, 
and in Aug., 1822, purchased the mills on the Wissa- 
hickon, that had belonged to his father. Later he went 
to China ; twice as captain of merchant vessels for Stephen 
Girard. Children : 

i Benjamin,^ b. 28 Nov., 1845 ; m. Maggie S. Killen ; d. 18 Sept., 
1874 ; she res. at comer of 20th and Pine Sts., Phila. Ch. 

1 Ella L.^ Bartholomew. 

2 Emma V. Bartholomew, died 30 Nov., 1869. 


3 George W. Bartholomew, born about 1870 ; stadent at Gl- 
rard College. The only male descendant of the seventh 
generation to perpetuate the name, 
ii Thomas, m. ; and died, leaving one daughter. (?) 
Ill David, res. unm. with mother at 2114 Kater St., Phlla. 

20 G^orge^ (John*^ Thoma^, Jeremiah^,) born 10 
Jan., 1800 ; married Mary Ann Hoover, and died in New 
Castle, Delaware, in July, 1882. 

He purchased his father's house in Philadelphia, of his 
brother Thomas in 1820. Was a coachmaker there ; but 
during the latter portion of his life resided in New Castle. 

Children : 

I Mary,' m. Thomas Price ; res. New Castle ; no ch. 

II John, m. ; wife d. ; had two daughters ; res. New Castle. 

21 Joseph^ (John* 9 Joseph^i Johv?^) born in East 
Whiteland, 9Dec., 1780 ; married, 15 Dec, 1808, Elizabeth 
Jones, and died in Mifflin Co., Pa., 11 Feb., 1848. She 
died 13 Sept., 1876. 

He resided in Tredyffrin, Chester Co., Pa. Children: 

I Sarah', b. 9 Dec, 1809 ; m., 20 Dec, 1846, Rev. Sam'l Nash, 

and d. 10 Apr., 1881, set. 71. Ch. 1 EUa May and 2 Eliza 
Bw. Nash. 

II John, b. 8 June, 1811; d. unm., 29 Jan., 1854. 
28a 111 Davis, b. 15 July, 1812; res. Utah. 

Iv Hannah, b. 22 Apr., 1814; d. 22 Apr., 1814. 
y Edward, b. 9 July, 1816; d. 8 Sept., 1816. 

22 Joseph^ {Benjamin*^ Joseph^ ^ Johrt?^) bom in 
Great Valley, 12 Oct., 1784 ; married Hannah Davis, and 
died in Feb., 1811. She died 3 Sept., 1816 (or 1829). 

He resided in Tredyffrin, Chester Co., Pa. His will, 
dated 12 Feb., 1811, proved 2 Mar. following, mentions 
wife Hannah and son David Davis Bartholomew. 

1 Da?ld Davis,' was lost f^om a man-of-war off the Cal. coast. 


28 John^ {Benjamin* f Joseph^ JohvP^) bom in Great 
Valley 9 12 Deo., 1789; married^ in Swedes' Churobt 
Swedelandy Pa., 18 Nov., 1811, Lydia, daughter of Jon- 
athan and Bebecoa (Ivens) Cleaver; and died in Ghreat 
Valley, 11 May, 1871, set. 81. She was bom 24 Sept., 
1798 ; and died in Aug., 1882, set. 83. 

Mr. Bartholomew, after his fother's death leaving a large 
fiimily of small children, took the place of a father to them. 

He purchased the homestead where five generations of 
his family were born, retaining it as long as he lived. 

After bis marriage be, in company wi^ bis brother Ed- 
ward, bought the White Deer Forge in Lycoming Co., 
Pa. ; but bis health failing, he returned to his &rm. He 
was a member of the Society of Cincinnati. Children : 

i William,* b. 15 Dec, 1825 ; d. 25 Dec., 1829. 

29 ii Bei^amln, b. 29 Jan., 1827; res. Cheater Valley, Pa. 

lii Jonathan Cleaver, b. 28 May, 1829; d. nnm., 18 May, 1857. 
80 iv George Roberta, b. 22 May, 1881 ; physician in Frankfbrd, P. 
y Mary EmUy, b. 20 Jan., 1888 ; m., 22 Sept., 1852, Wallace 
Henderson, prop'r of the Henderson Marble Quarries. 
Married by the Rev. W. R. Bingham of Chester Valley, 
Presbyterian. She d. 8 May, 1878. Ch. 

1 Annie T.^ Henderson, m. Chas. DeHaven; res. Bridge- 

port, Pa. Ch. (1) Chas." (2) Wallace H. DeHaven. 

2 Wallace Bw. Henderson, res. Upper Marion, Pa. 
8 Lillle C. Henderson, res. U. M. 

4 Charles L. Henderson, res. Bridgeport, Pa. 
vi LydiaAnn, b. 15 Jane, 1884; m., 16 Oct., 1861, Wm. 

Latta, son of David Cloyd and Ann (Scott) Lee ; res. Port 
Kennedy, Pa. Married by the Rev. Samuel Haxelhurst, 
rector of St. Paal's Church, Chester Valley. Ch. 1 Emilie 
Henderson, 2 Mary Valeria, 8 William Wallace (d. in in- 
fancy), 4 Carrie Stephenson, 5 Edward William, 6 Henry 
Francis, and 7 David Cloyd Lee. 
31 vli John, b. 27 Nov., 1888; res. Upper Marion. 

24 Edward^ {Benjamin*^ Joseph^ ^ John^^) born in 
Great Valley, 8 Jan., 1799; married Emily, sister of 


Lydia Cleaver, and died in New Castle, Del., Oct., 1875. 
She died 26 Sept., 1882. 

He moved from Great Valley to New Castle, Del. 

Children : 

i Edward Dorsey,' bom in Chester Valley ; res. in Delaware. 

ii John Eugene, m. Mary Pyle ; res. Delaware Co., Pa. 

ill Emily Cleaver, m., 23 Oct., 1865, T. Waters Ferree, con- 
tractor, Delaware Co., Pa. Ch. 1 Edward Bw.^, 2 Emily 
C, 8 Howard and 4 Mabel Ferree. 

25 Augustine^ (Benjamin*^ Joseph?^ Johv?^) bom in 
Great Valley, Pa., 5 Apr., 1801 ; married Mary Ann Phil- 
lips, and died in Aug., 1873. 

He resided in Philadelphia, ^rs. Mary A. resides in 
Erie, Pa. Children : 

i Edward P.,' b. in Chester Valley ; lived and d. in Phila. 

ii Anna Davis, b. in C. V. ; m. Dr. James L. Stewart of 

Erie, Pa. Ch. 1 Anna Mary, d. in infancy ; and 2 Beade 
T. Stewart, graduate of West Point ; killed while an offi- 
cer in the U. 8. A., by the Indians. 

ill Abraham PhiUips, b. in Phila. ; d. there in 1868. 

iv Mary Ellen, b. in Phila. ; and died there in 1857. 

26 BeDJamin^ (Benjamin*^ Joseph^^ Johnny) born in 
Great Valley, 25 Aug., 1804; married Elizabeth Pritner. 
They lived and died in Pottsville, Pa. Children : 

32 i Isaac Wayne,* b. in Norristowu ; d. in N. C. 
ii John, died yonng. 

33 iii Lindsay Coats Pritner, b. in western Penn. ; d. Aug., 1880. 
iv Rachel, m. O. Longacker, manager of an Iron 

Fnrnace. Three children. 

V Benjamin, m. Sallie SchoUenberger ; lived in Mi- 

ners villc, Pa. ; both dead. Children. 

vl William, d. unm. in Tenn. ; an officer in U. S. A. 

vii Elizabeth, res. unm., in Philadelphia. 

vili Augustine, m. Ella Pomrey ; have daughter Bessie 

and other children. 


27 Edward* {Jo^h^^ Andrea^ ^ JohvP^) born 7 July, 
1790; married, in 1823, Sophia, daughter of Isaac and 
Mary Murphy, and died 26 July, 1869, and was buried at 
Mullica Hill, N. J. She was born 3 Jan., 1800, and re- 
sides in Glassborough, N. J., sat. 83. 

Mr. Bartholomew was a resident of Glassborough. 

Children : 

i John*, b. 80 Apr., 1825; was buried 81 Mar., 1878. 

ii Elizabeth, b. 13 May, 1828; res. nnm., In Glassborough. 

iii Joseph, b. 17 June, 1880; d. 15 May, 1848. 

iv Sophia, b. 80 Nov., 1882; m. Isaac Saai; res. O. 

V Josiah, b. 7 Aug., 1886; m. Eliz'h Monroe; res. 0. ; foar 


vi Anna, b. 28 Nov., 1845 ; buried at MulUca Hill. 

28 SamueP (Joseph* ^ Andrea^ ^ Johv?y) married Ann 

sister of Sophia Murphy ; and, dying, was buried at Black- 

woodtown, N. J. Children : 

34 1 Benjamin,* b. 8 Aug., 1828; m. Harriet Leeds; d. 5 Sept., 
ii Terrissa, m., 1st, Lycurgis L. Hopkins; 2nd, Harry Pe- 

ters. She and her child died. 
86 iii Isaac, b. 9 Apr., 1829; res. Philadelphia. 

36 iv Samuel Hines, b. 7 Dec, 1885; res. Atlantic City, N. J. 
y Mary Ann, m. Wm. Herbert; she and her child died. 

28a Davis® {Joseph^ y Johnny Joseph? j) bom in East 
Whiteland, Chester Co., Pa., 15 July, 1812; mariied, in 
Council Bluffs, Iowa, 27 Mar., 1851, Ruth I. Jones. 

Mr. Bartholomew migrated to Ohio, iu the spring of 
1833, and remained there until the spring of 1849, when 
he moved to Council Bluffs, Iowa. Iu 1852, he settled in 
Slatersville, Weber County, Utah, where he has since re- 
sided. Children : 

i Henry ,^ b. 9 May, 1852 ; res. Slatersville. 

ii Davis S., b. 30 Apr., 1854; res. S. 



Mr. Bartholomew is a coal merchant in Upper Marion, 
Pa. Children : 

i Hartha Serrill/ b. and res. in Fhila. 

U Howard O., b. May. 1872 ; d. 18 July, 1872. 

ill Florence, b. in Norristown ; res. in Fhila. 

82 Isaao Wayne^ {Benjamivf, Benjamin^ Joseplf^) 
bom in Norristown ; married Liouisa Pierce of Doylestown, 
Pa. ; and died in North Carolina. She married, second, 
Mr. Shellmire, res. Phila. 

Mr. Bartholomew was a machinist ; after living in a num- 
ber of places he settled in North Carolina. Children : 

i Angnstine,' b. in Doylestown; m. Lizzie MitclieU; living in 

North Carolina. 
11 Sfary E., b. in D. ; res. in Fhila. 
ill Edmund, b. in D. ; died yonng. 
It Lindsay, b. in D. ; died yoong. 
▼ Harry, b. in D. ; died young. 

33 Lindsay Coats Fritner^ {Benjamivf, Benjamin^ 
Joseph^ y) bom in Western Penn. ; married Mary, daughter 
of John Allen of Phila. ; and died suddenly at Atlantic 
City, in Aug., 1880. 

He was a very able aud prominent lawyer of PottsvillCi 
Pa. , and had great political influence. Children : 

i Bessie,^ died young. 

11 Frances Rltter. 

34 Benjamin^ (Samud^j Joseph*, Andreufi,) bom 3 
Aug., 1823; married, second, io Phila., 12 Mar., 1849, 
Harriet, daughter of Wm. and Anna Leeds of Leeds Point, 
N. J., and died in Phila., 5 Sept., 1854. Children : 












This family, according to a tradition which, so far as 
possible to test, has proved correct, and which was given 
by Mrs. Hannah (Bartholomew) O'Daniel,* and faithfully 
preserved, is as follows : — During the terrible persecution 
of the Huguenots in France by the Catholics, this family, 
who were residents of the then French province of Alsace, 
and of the Huguenotic faith , were nearly annihilated . This 
branch saved themselves by flight to the mountains of 
Switzerland. The persecution was so bitter that one of 
the family, a zealous old maid, had to be placed in a large 
cask and carted out of the country. 

After these troubles had passed, during the latter por- 
tion of the seventeenth century, part of the family settled 
in Holland and in the early part of the eighteenth century 
came to America. 

Traditions, when they apply to events over a century 
past, are usually wrong. The above may also be wrong 
as to the residence in France, although nothing contrary 
to the tradition is known now ; but the other portion, as 
to their being Protestants from Holland, has been confirmed 
by each branch. 

That the above named were brothers is known concerning 
Daniel and Jacob, and considered quite certain concerning 
John as they were of about the same age and he, although 

^Daughter of John >. 



living some distance from Daniel, was appointed by the 
Couiii to administer Daniel's estate, although Jacob was 
then living. 

The names of their parents are not known. 

It would not be a surprise to the author if it should some 
time be learned that Benjamin^ Henry^ and Joseph^ 
Bartholomew, were also brothers of the above ; but no 
evidence of it has been found, although they seem 
to have been of the same section, same class, same 
nationality, and about the same age. And being of 
the same name and that an uncommon one, it has 
been considered proper to mention here the possibility of 
the relationship. 

1 John is first mentioned in the Philadelphia records, 
19 Jan., 1730, when he (Johan Bartholome) purchased 
of John Henry Kalkglaser, an assignee of the Frankford 
(Holland) Company, and his wife Agnes 22^ acres of land 
in Germantown, Pa. On the 28 July following, he "Jo- 
han Bartholome of Germantown, wheelwright," and his wife 
Dorothy, deeded 1^ acres of above with the improvements 
on the same. In 1736 he deeded ** Geo. Herger the Black- 
smith," a portion of the same. The clerk, in recording 

this deed, was apparently bothered to decipher the wit- 
nesses* signatures, and after making a fac-simile of them, 
re-marks in coarae lettering ''DUTCH." 

He also sells a larger portion of the same in Feb., 1743, 

and two months later buys 469 acres in Bethlehem, Hunt- 

"dott Co., N. J., which he sold 3 May, 1757. When 



naturalized in 1740, he is mentioned as a foreigner and 
preferred to affirm rather than take an oath. 

He owned other property in both Germantown and Beth- 
lehem. He had the following advertisement* published. 

**Sept. 1, 1751— Johan Bartholoma in Philadelphia 
County makes known that he will sell a plantation of 175 
acres of Land. It was formerly an Indian Town, and was 
called Mussicamiokem. There is on it a good dwelling 
house and a great frame bam. The whole land has many 
flowing springs by which many meadows can be watered. 
Many meadows are already made and still more can be 
made. There are about 80 acres of cleared land well fenced 
and it has a number of thrifty green hedges. The rest is 
good woodland and in particular has large poplar trees for 
sawblocks. There is on it a good bearing orchard ; has a 
good deed : whoever is so inclined may inquire of the 
owner near the place. Louis Greschicht. Schreiber.'' 

This shows that he then was living in Germantown; 
and his appointment 22 Feb., 1768, as administrator of 
Daniel Bartholomew's (of Amwell Township) estate and 
his administration account rendered 17 Feb., 1769, show 
him to have been then a yeoman of Bethlehem Township. 
The fac-simile of his signature is from the papers concerning 
the Bethlehem purchase of 1743. 

About 1770 he moved with his family to the valley of 
the Charlotte river then in Tryon Co., but now partly in 
Schoharie, Oswego and Delaware counties, where he had 
purchased of Sir Wm. Johnson, a tract of landf containing 

* Translated and fliniished by the Hon. S. W. Pennypacker. See page 481 
tThis one thousand acre tract layabout equally on the north and south sides of 
Charlotte River, in the old towns of Canajoharie, now Worcester, and Harpersileldt 
abontequal distance Arom the present villages of CharlottesTille and South Worces- 
ter, being now mostly owned and occupied by C. W. Martin, P. Mitchel and J. Mut- 
ter, and on which A. S. Gibbs, Esq., historian of Delaware Co., was bom. The section 
in which this tract lies was long known by the name of ** Bartholomew Settlement." 



In the final account, closing the administration, 17 Feb., 
1769, his widow Elizabeth is mentioned but not the children. 

Mrs. Elizabeth subsequently moved with the family te 
Liaurel Hill, Lancaster Co., Pa., to the neighborhood of 
her brother-in-law Jacob Bartholomew, whose grandsons 
remember the relationship between them. She subsequent- 
ly moved to western Penn., and married » at Falls of Ohio, 
a Mr. Smith. Children : 

i A daughter,' m. Peter PicMngpaw, and lived and d. in Green 
Co., Pa. 

ii A daughter. 
12 Ui John, m. Dmsllla Glasgo ; d. in Indiana. 

18 It Joseph, b. 15 Mar., 1766; d. 4 Nov., 1840. 

3 Jacob^ is said to have lived in Earl Township, Lan- 
caster Co., Penn., where his brother-in-law, Daniel Hye, 
also resided, who, after Jacob's death, brought up Jacob, Jr. 
His widow married, second, a Mr. Hugo, and had son Jo- 
seph who moved to Ohio. 

There was a Jacob Bartholomew, a blacksmith, of Earl 
Township, who married 19 Mar., 1801, Anny Mary Gehr, 
in Leacock Township, Lancaster Co., Pa., and died about 
June, 1806. Administration was granted upon his estate, 
1 July, 1806, to his widow Mary ; in the settlementof which, 
John Gehr is mentioned and young children John and Eliz- 
abeth. Adam Miller was later made their guardian ; and 
final settlement of estate and guardianship was not made 
until 1822. Children : 

14 i Jacob,' b. Feb., 1758; d. Jaly, 1882. 
U Catherine, m. Jacob Castler. 

lU A son, ran away from home at fifteen years of age and 
was never heard from. 

4 Theobald ("Tewalf 2) {John\) bom probably 
in Germantown, Pa., about 1731 ; married in Bethlehem, 


N. J.y 1 Dec., 1768, Elizabeth Brewer; he may possibly 
have subsequently married an Elizabeth Madges, and died 
at the house of his daughter Bebecca, in Harpersfield, O., 
in 1827, at the advanced age of 96 years (or 99 years and 
8 months*). 

Mr. Bartholomew took part in the French and Indian 
War and later moved to the Charlotte River Valley with his 
father. He suffered severely during the Revolutionary 
War, in which he took part ; his house and bams being 
burned and his family driven, with the balance of the in- 
habitants, to take refuge in the Schoharie Fort or leave 
that section entirely. 

In 1778, he and his family were taken prisoners by 
Brandt and his Indians, the night before they attacked the 
fort which they intended to surprise and to massacre the 
numbers of people who had fled to it for refuge. Tewalt 
was released on conditions which he immediately violated ; 
by taking his wife and two babies and marching through 
the snow, twenty-eight mUes to the fort, arriving there the 
next morning just in time to arouse the occupants and aid 
in repelling the Indian attack. 

He was a man of small stature but of great courage, as 
an incident will show. During the war, the picket at an 
important point, each morning for several successive days, 
had been found tomahawked and scalped ; he volunteered 
to take the place of a friend, but less experienced woods- 
man, ordered to serve at that post, and succeeded in killing 
the Indian who advanced slowly under the protection of a 
bush be carried, in the darkness of the night, to kill Bar- 
tholomew as he had killed the other pickets. He was at one 
time a prisoner in Canada. His residence may have been 
a part of the time, in the valley of the Cobbleskill in Scho- 
harie County. 

* Says Gen. Riley L. Bartholomew. 


In 1805, aged about 75 , he moyed with his family to 
Ohio and became the first settler in the present township 
of Geneva, locating on the South Ridge Boad near the west 
bank of Cowles Creek, and in his new home he rose to 
considerable distinction. (History of Ashtabula Co. , O. ) 

It is related in connection with his marriage, that one 
was ^ Low Dutch and the other High Dutch," and that 
they found difficulty in the differences in the languages and 
agreed to use only English in the family. He could neither 
Dead nor write English, but was devoutly attached to his 
Dutch Bible^ Prayer and Hymn Books. His sons were 
all frontiersmen in the War of 1812. The family were 
called by the poorer tories during the Revolution, ^ Upper 
Leather " which would now be termed " Upper Ten " or 
aristocratic. Children : 

i John,' b. about 1773 ; distinguished himself as a soldier in 
the War of 1812 ; m. Charity Thornton ; moved with his 
father to Harpersfieldi O. Dau. Maria^ m. Edwin Habbard 
of Loadonville, Wayne Co., Ohio. 
16 ii Jacobi b. abont 1775; d. in 1825. 

ill Elizabeth, m. a Mr. Grover. 

It Hannah. 

V Dolly, m. Ezra Healy, a gallant soldier in the War of 1812. 
He d. at Austinburg, 0., set. 94. She even survived him, 
and died at an extreme old age in A. Ch. 

1 Zama Healy, m. Barzilla Williams. Daughter Sophro- 

nia is an instructress at Grand River Institute, Ashtabula 
Co., Ohio. 

2 Phllo Healy, m. a daughter of Jos. and Elany (dau. of 

Lieut. Jos. Bartholomew) Atkins ; and died at Trumbull, 
Ashtabula Co., Ohio. 

3 Eliza Healy, died young. 

4 Elizabeth Healy, was adopted into the family of Jacob Aus- 

tin, a successful merchant of the Western Reserve. Res. 

Austinburg, O. 

vi Rebecca, b. in 1787; m.. In 1806, Judge Jonathan Gregory, 

son of Ezra Gregory, and died in 1852. He settled on the 

Western Reserve in 1797. Ch. 

1 Thatcher Gregory, b. 17 June, 1809; m., 1st, Fidelia 

House ; 2nd, Miriam Williams. Res. West Andover, O. 


2 Jerome Gregory, b. 15 Aug., 1811; m. a daa. of Col. 
Whitney ; died in Dixon, 111. 

8 Lucius Gregory, b. July, 1818; m. Dolly Kason; res. 

Humboldt River, Col. 

4 Cincinnatus Gregory, b. 19 Aug., 1816; m. Ursula Barthol- 
omew, a second cousin ; res. Bloomington, Hennepin Co.» 
Minn. Ch. (1) Vienna* (d.), (2) Vianas, (8) Corwin (d. 
In U. S. A.), (4) Earle (d. in Wis.), (6) Vemey (rea. 

5 Abraham^ ("Bramn'*) (John^,) married Katie 
? , and resided many years in Sullivan Co., N. Y., sub- 
sequently moving to Schoharie Co., N. Y., where he died. 
There is some doubt about his being son of John, and one 
of his descendants calls him "Adam," but the above seems 
to have as much evidence as any other theory to support it. 

Children : 

16 1 Adam,' b. about 1760; res. in Browne, Schoharie Co. 
11 James, m. Ann ? ; res. in Sullivan Co., N. T., li miles 

firom the Hudson, 14 miles north of Catskill. 

17 ill Abraham, m. Hannah ? ; res. in Glasco, N. T. 

iv John, m. Sally ? ; res. in Schoharie and Greene Cos. 

N. T., and Lancaster, Pa. 
T Peter, lived and died In Sullivan Co., N. Y. 

vi William, lived In Schoharie Co. , near the river ; his fkther 

resided with him. 

18 vli Andrew Ellc, b. In Browne Twp., Schoharie Co., N. T. 

6 Jacob^ (John^j) married PhcebeShaw, and died be- 
fore 1806, when her son John was made administrator of 
her estate in New Brunswick, N. J. Here again positive 
proof that he was son of John^ is wanting, although he 
lived near the home of John in New Jersey, and was said 
by Joshua O'Daniel to Thatcher Gregory, to have contin- 
ued to live in N. J. after his father moved to N. Y. state. 


He is also said to have been a merchant at Palatine on the 
Mohawk River, and to have died there. Children : 

19 i John,' b. in N. J., 7 Oct., 1765 ; d. in Lodi, N. Y., Jan., 1818. 
ii Sally, m. Robert Tajlor of Hanterdon Co., N. J. Ch. 1 

John, 2 Archejr and 3 Harriet. 

7 DanieP (e/oAnS) married Elizabeth ? , and resided 
in New Jersey. He served as a private in the Hunterdon 
Co. 9 N. J. 9 militia on several occasions during the Revo- 
lutionary War. 

Late in life, and possibly temporarily earlier, he lived 
in Schoharie County, N. Y., where his child Elizabeth 
was born. Children : 

20 1 Benjamin,' b. 16 Jaly, 1765; d. 1 Jan., 1848, mU 77. 

21 ii John, m. Ann Tanner; and res. near Newark, N. J. 

22 iii Daniel, resided In '< York State." 

iv Ann, m. Powell Sharp. Ch. Elizabeth^, Margaret and 

V Elizabeth, b. 80 Oct., 1791; bap. 18 Feb., 1792. 

8 Joseph^ (tToAnS) *'bom in Penn." about 1744; 
married in Bethlehem, N. J., 24 Apr., 1769, Elizabeth 
Barber. He married, second, in the Lutheran Church in 
Schoharie, ^ 2 July, 1775, Lena, daughter of Abraham 
Desey''(Church Records) ; " 24 June, 1776,Elanah Daby^ 
(Family Bible). She was born 4 Feb., 1756, and died 
in Pike Co., Ind. He died in Harpersfield, O., "* 13 Apr., 
1811, aged 66 years." (Family Bible.) 

Lieut. Joseph Bartholomew removed with his father 
from Bethlehem, N. J., to the Charlotte Valley where he 
subsequently owned a portion of the thousand acre tract 
purchased by his father, which portion he sold or traded 
about 1800, and obtained several hundred acres in the 
present townships of Geneva and Harpersfield, O., em- 
bracing the farms of Frank Kiiapp, John C. Brakeman and 


others. He was a farmer and removed in 1805, to Har- 
persfield, 0.» where he spent the remaining six years of 
his life. He and his wife were early members of the Pres- 
byterian Church of Harpersfield, N. Y. Children : 

28 i Daniel,' b. in 1771; d. in 1814, in Oenera, 0. 
ii A son, b. 7 May, 1777; d. tlie same day. 

24 iii Abraham, b. 8 Aug., 1779; d. in 1849, in Geneva, O. 

iv £lizal>etli, b. 10 Apr., 1781 ; m., 1st, Elisha Wiard, who d. in 
Feb., 1812, leaving five ch. ; m. 2nd, in 1815, John liack- 
lewain, who was killed by falling f)rom a load of hay, leav- 
ing three ch. She moved with her three youngest children 
toPikeCo.,Ind. Ch. 1 Wealthy,* 2 Joseph, 8 Polly, 4 
Hiram and 5 Chloe Wiard; and 6 Sally, 7 Ella and 8 
Thomas Macklewain. 
v liary, b. 24 Dec, 1788; m. Eleazer Lewis, brother of 

Sally Lewis. (See No. 26.) 
vi Samnel, b. 16 May, 1786, bapt. in Schoharie Chnrch, 26 
Oct., 1785 ; m. Sasannah Atkins, an excellent woman, who, 
becoming insane, killed her hnsband in H., 24 Jan., 1828, 
and died at the Ashtabnla Infirmary. Ch. 1 Diantha, 8 
Aaron (m. dan. of Wm. Fuller of G.) and 8 Diana, 
vii Joseph, b. 24 Ang., 1787 ; res. White Pigeon Prairie, Bfich. 
His three sons all enlisted in Capt. John Richmond's com* 
pany and were attached to Col. Morgan's 15th Infantry 
Regiment and fell at the storming of Chiipultepec, or fh>m 
the effects of Injarles received at the same. 
1 Horace, m., 28 Mar., 1842, Salome ? ; enlisted 7 Apr., 1847 
and d. at Chapaltcpec Castle, Mexico, 25 Sept., 1847, of 
diarrhoea brought on by the heat in storming that place. 
She, in June, 1849, 89t. 28, was living at Burr Oak, St. Jo- 
seph Co., Mich. Ch. (1) Emily,* b. 18 Aug., 1848, and 
(2) Oscar, b. 18 May, 1845. 

8 fsaiah* \ ^^^^ ^^^^ ^^ ^^^ storming of Cbapultepec, Mexico. 
viilLanlssa L., b. 25 Nov., 1789; d. 21 Aug., 1792. 
ix Elany, b. 8 Feb., 1793; m. Jos. Atkins. A daughter m. 

Philo Healy. (See No. 4.) 
X Rachel, b. 28 Feb., 1795 ; m. Lient. Sam'l Johnson of Gen. 

Harrison's army. Ch. Celestla Johnson, b. 5 Nov., 1815; 

m., 11 June, 1885, Sylvester Bartholomew. 

25 xl John Jay, b. 8 Jan., 1797; d. 7 Apr., 1871, set. 74. 

xii PhoBbe, b. 6 Oct., 1801 ; m. and moved, taking her mother, 
to Pike Co., Ind. 


9 Benjamin* {Johv},) born about 1752 ; married, 
near Harpersfield, N. Y., 20 Apr., 1774, Abigail Pa tchen, 
sister of General Freegift Patchen, and died of ** bilious 
colicy standing on his feet," in Worcester, Otsego Co., 
N, Y., 22 Feb,, 1797, aged 44. She was born about 1755, 
and died in Harpersfield, O., 10 Jan., 1839, aged 83. 

Mr. Bartholomew was in thevCommissary department at 
the Middle Fort in Schoharie Co., then a part of Albany 
Co., N. Y., under Capts. Winn and Lawrence in the sum- 
mer of 1779, remaining until 1781. Was there when the 
Tories and Indians, and the allies under Major Woolsey, 
attacked the Fort, Oct. 17, 1780. His wife was present 
during the attack, and engaged in making cartridges, etc. 
He also frequently went express to Albany. He was a 
farmer and appears to have held the southwestern quarter 
of the thousand acre tract formerly his father's. Is said to 
have had a grist mill. He was the assessor in 1787, and 
the same year was made one of the first trustees of the 
JPresbyterian Church of Harpersfield, of which he was a 

His sons were frontiersmen in the War of 1812. 

In 1805 his widow and children accompanied his 
brothei-s Tewalt and Joseph and settled in Harpersfield, O. 

Children : 

i A daaghter,' b. 9 Jan., 1775; d. five days after. 

26 ii Isaac, b. 17 Jan., 1776; d. in l8o2, nt. 76. 

iU A daughter, b. 7 Aug., 1778; d. twenty- three days after. 

iv Benjamin, b. 22 Aug., 1779; d. 19 Sept., 1780. 

V Mai7, (*Tony"), b. 24 Aug., 1781 ; m. Abraham Webster ; both 
d. in Geneva. Children : 1 Hiram^ (d.), 2 Orange (d.), 8 
Sabrina (wife of Asaph Turner of 6.) , 4 Samantha (wife of 
Amos Kimball of Madison, O.), 5 Saphronia (m. Bryant 
Uewlns), 6 Phlllne (m. Jas. Mills; d.), 7 Parlhenla (m. 
Dr. Tbos. Stephens) and 8 Polly (d.). 

27 vi John, b. 7 Jan., 1784; d. in 1851, in Harlem, UK 

28 vii Benjamin, b. 2 July, 1786; d. 24 Dec, 1868, aet. 82. 
viii Betty, b. 9 Jan., 1789 ; d. 16 Dec, 1789. 


ix Parthenia, b. 11 Not., 1790; m. Smith Oaylord; both 

d. in GeDera, 0. Ch. 1 Bei^. B., 2 Lewis and 8 Cliarles 

29 X Peter, b. 28 Apr., 1798; d. 14 Oct., 1846. 
xi James, b. 16 Apr., 1795; d. 10 Dec, 1795. 

10 John^ {Johnny) born about 1754 ; married, 24 Jan., 
1788, Annie Frymyer. 

His name, as recorded in the Schoharie Church records, 
is ^Bitalmit," which, though sometimes written Pitalmit, 
is the High Dutch form of Bartholomew. 

Mr. Bartholomew enlisted, 5 May, 1778, in Capt. Pat- 
ton's Company of the 2d N. Y. Regiment, for nine months ; 
after being dismissed he re^nlisted in Capt. Wight's Com- 
pany of the same regiment, which was commanded by Col. 
Phil. Von Courtland ; was present at the siege of York- 
town and surrender of Lord Cornwallis, Oct., 1781, and 
was mustered to Jan., 1782. In 1790 he received from 
the State as a bounty for his services. Lot 57, Township 
6, Cicero, N. Y., containing 600 acres. 

He resided in Florida, Montgomery Co., N. Y., where 
he was living in 1820, set. 60, with his wife Anne, set. 59, 
and son, set. 20, and daughter, set. 16. 

Mrs. Anne, previous to her marriage, was taken priso- 
ner by the Indians in Schoharie Co. Children : 

30 I Daniel,' b. 24 Jan., 1788; d. In Jan., 1866, aet. 77. 

11 Ann, m. a Mr. Early ; d. leaving one child, now d. 

ill Jacob T.,b. about 1796; was drafted In Sept., 1814, onder 

Capt. Kaln, at Florida, N. Y., in Col. Prior's 49th N. Y. 

Militia. He m. at Charlestown, N. Y., 2 Jan., 1816, Maria 

Quackenbush, who d. 28 Feb., 1870. The following July 

he was living in Robinson, Ottawa Co., Mich., set. 75. 

John^ late Supt. of the Cass Ave. St. R. R. in St. Louis, 

Mo., is supposed to be his son. 
iv Peter, b. in 1799 ; m. and lived in Montgomery Co., where 

he was a school teacher, county clerk and most highly 

respected. He d. In 1879, ast. 80. 
v Maggie, b. about 1804 ; m« a Mr. Marie t, had a large family 

nearly all now dead. 


U Philip^ {John^,) born about 1762; married, 12 
Sept., 1791, in Schoharie, Elizabeth Vroman, and died in 
M., 16 Aug., 1824. She was born 12 Aug., 1776, and 
died 20 July, 1844. His name was recorded at the mar- 
riage, in High Dutch, as ^ Philip Patalme." 

Capt. Bartholomew enlisted in the spring of 1778 in 
Col. Vroman's N. Y. regiment, and re^nlisted under Col. 
Van Hensselaer and again in Col. Courtland's regiment to 
the end of the war. 

He was a farmer in Middleburg, and held the rank of 
captain in the War of 1812. 

In 1802 he and his wife deeded 150 acres of the 1000 
acre tract of his father's, in Charlotte Valley. Children : 

i Kate,' b. 9 May, 1792; m. Jno. Freymlre, Jr., and 

d 20 Apr., 1848. 
ii Jane, b. 8 Jaly, 1794 ; m. Geo. Teh, and d. 1828. 

ill Ann, b. 20 Sept., 1797; m. Marcus Yeh, and d. 

19 Nov., 1866. 
It Elisabeth, b. 29 Jaly, 1800 ; m. a Mr. Richtmeyer ; res. 

Mlddlebarg, ast. 83. 

1 6eo.^ Richtmeyer, b. 20 Oct., 1820; d. 8 Jan., 1824. 

2 Philip Richtmeyer, b. 19 Dec, 1828 ; m. Eliz'h Belinger. 
8 Geo. Richtmeyer, b. 8 Oct., 1826. 

4 Rebecca J. Richtmeyer, b. 14 July, 1829 ; m. Harvey Phelp. 

5 Angellda Richtmeyer, b. 18 Nov., 1881 ; d. 2 Mar., 1847. 

6 Elizabeth Richtmeyer, b. Aug., 1884 ; m. DuryeaBeckman. 

7 Nancy Richtmeyer, b. 20 Jan., 1837 ; m. Jno. Souse. 

8 Almon Richtmeyer, b. 24 July, 1840; m. Belle Gates. 

9 Almlra Richtmeyer, b. Nov., 1842; m. J. D. Van Dyke, 
y Peter, b. 8 Apr., 1808; d. 12 Nov., 1814. 

vi Polly, b. 26 Apr., 1806; m. a Mr. Posson; res. M. 

81 vll Lewis W., b. 28 Sept., 1808; d. 17 Mar., 1875. 

8S viii Adam S. Vroman, b. 28 Dec, 1811 ; res. Fnltonham, Schoha- 
rie Co., N. Y. 
88 Iz Daniel, b. 12 Oct., 1814; res. Eminence, Schoharie 

Co., N. Y. 
X Christina, b. 8 Apr., 1818; m. Jno. Peter Louks. 

12 John^ (DaniePf) bom in Lancaster Co., Pa. 
(says a grandson) ; married about 1791, Drusilla Glasgo, 


who was born in Scotland, and died in Porter Co., Ind., 
in 1856. 

Mr. Bartholomew moved in 1807 from Greene Co., Pa. 
to Hopewell, Licking Co., Ohio, and about 1825, to In- 
diana, settling near Lafayette. Children : 

84 i Jeremiah,' b. 26 Jan., 1794; d. 2 Sept., 1841. 

ii Cynthia, b. 8 Dec, 1795 , m., in the spring 1818, Geo. Krea- 
ger, and d. In Gratiot, O., 18 Jane, 1888, set. 87. He was 
b. 16 Aug., 1785, and d. 9 May, 1867, 8Bt. 81. Ch. 

1 John^ Kreager, b. 5 Feb., 1814; m., 80 Apr., 1887, 

Mary Dm men. 

2 Jacob Kreager, b. 10 Apr., 1815; m., 6 Apr., 1887, 

Sarah A. Wlntermnte. 
8 William Kreager, b. 26 Oct., 1816 ; ro., 2 Oct., 1888, Su- 
san Perry; d. 19 Jaly, 1889. 

4 Matilda Kreager, b. 1 May, 1818; d. 8 Aug., 1819. 

5 Jeremiah Kreager, b. 9 Feb., 1820; m., 1 Feb., 1840, 

Cordelia Coomes. 

6 Andrew Kreager, b. 1 Dec, 1821; d. 16 July, 1822. 

7 Priscilla Kreager, b. 5 Jane, 1828; d. 8 Ang., 1824. 

8 Stephen Kreager, b. 19 May, 1825; m., 18 Mar., 1847, 

Martha A. Vamer. 

9 George Kreager, b. 81 Mar., 1827; m., 28 Feb., 1850, 

Sarah Basom; d. Mar., 1878. 

10 Cynthia Ann Kreager, b. 12 Mar., 1829; d. 1 Aag., 1880. 

11 Elizabeth Kreager, b. 81 Dec, 1880; ra., 9 Dec, 1858, 

Sam'l Wallver; d. 18 Feb., 1862. 

12Samael M. Kreager, b. 1 Sept., 1882; m., 12 May, 1861, 

Susannah Lane. 

18 Drnsilla Kreager, b. 22 Oct., 1884; m., 9 Nov., 1858, 

Ephraim Brown. 

14 Loaisa C. Kreager, b. 24 Jan., 1886; d. 28 Apr., 1887. 

15 Albert Kreager, b. 21 Jane, 1889; d. 22 Sept., 1864. 

16 Washington Kreager, b. 24 Feb., 1841; m. In Jane, 1870, 

Martha HaU. 

iil Joseph, b. in 1797; d. in 1881, in TaAslnony, Ind., ast 84. 
Ch. 1 AlTin D., 2 Wm. F., 8 John, 4 Calvin, 5 Eli, 6 Mo- 
riah Bartholomew (m. Col. G. Pierce, 547 W. Van Baren 
St., Chicago; daughter m. Oram Blockly of Mo.). 

It Elizabeth, m. Robert Patton; son Geo. res. Valparaiso, Ind. 

y Albert, b. In Pa., 24 Apr., 1804 ; m., Ist, at Lafayette, Ind.. 
Mary Claspell, who d. 8 Apr., 1859; m., 2ud, Catherine 
Nash; res. Carbondale, 111. Ch. 


1 Angellia Bartholomew, b. 7 Sept., 1834 ; res. Texas. 

2 Stephanas Bartholomew, b. 19 Jaly, 1837 ; died. 

8 Mary Ann Bartholomew, b. 29 ^ept., 1840 ; m. — - Morri- 
son, res. Dallas, Tex. 

4 Drasilla Bartholomew, b. 25 Aug., 1848; m. Cole 

res. Dallas, Texas. 

5 Emma A. Bartholomew, b. 18 Dec, 1847; m. Alls 

res. Carbondale, 111. 

6 Elma L. Bartholomew, b. 9 Oct., 1851 ; m. Shillers 

res. Carbondale. 

7 Lula H. Bartholomew, b. 20 May, 1862 ; res. C. 

8 Glasgo E. Bartholomew, b. 19 Dec, 1864; d. 8 Aug., 1865. 
Tl John, b. 10 May, 1810; m., 28 Dec, 1832, Charlotte Da- 
vis, and d. 80 Nov., 1833. She was b. 7 Feb., 1813; d. 2 
July, 1846. Ch. 

1 Drusilla Bartholomew, b. 12 Jan., 1834 (posthumous) ; m. 

15 Sept., 1858, John Godfrey Sample, b. 24 Nov., 1828. 

Res. Lafdyette, Ind. Ch. (1) Sally Spencer* b. 4 Nov., 

1856; (2) Henry Taylor Sample, b. 14 Oct., 1857. 

vll Belinda, m. Louis Spencer; lived and d. in Perry Co., O. 

Son Albert, res. Porter Co., Ind. 
viil Drusilla, m. BenJ. Spencer; res. Rum River, Minn. 

13 Joseph^ {Daniel}^) born in New Jersey, 15 Mar., 
1766; married in Pa., in 1787, Christiana Pickenpaw, 
who died about 1810 at the birth of her daughter Chris- 
tiana. He married, second, in Feb., 1811, Elizabeth 
McKnaught, who was killed before 1831, in Charlestown 
by being thrown from her horse. He died in Owen Co., 
III., 4 Nov., 1840. 

General Bartholomew* was left fatherless before the age 
of two years and his mother moved shortly after to 
Laurel Hill, Penn., where his early boyhood was passed 
on a farm. Even when a boy, necessity required him to 
learn to use a rifle ; at ten years of age he joined a 
scouting party in a campaign against the marauding In- 
dians ; and often, during the Revolutionary War, served as 

*Much of this sketcti is taken ttova. an account of the General's life written by 
his friend Mi^- Gen. John S. Simonson, of Charlestown, Ind. 


a patrol. After that war be moved to Ohio, then the North 
Western Territory ; remaining but a short time, be went 
down the Ohio River and settled in Kentucky, a little 
above the present city of Louisville, which was then being 
laid out. Here his early Indian experience served him 
often, as the troubles with them were incessant. 

On one occasion, Bartholomew being sick, and the other 
men of the settlement all away, the Indians came in and 
took all their horses ; as soon as he could he followed them 
and, with only a boy of twelve to assist him, attacked the 
Indians and recaptured and brought the horses back. He 
served, about 1793, two years as a scout and guide under 
Gen. Wayne; being at Fort Jefferson, 23 Oct., 1793, 
and in the following very hazardous campaign against the 
Maumeos, serving in the very important but dangerous 
position of scout and guide, with two thousand warriors 
under the chief. Little Turtle, hovering close around them 
all the time. 

He participated in the battle of the 20th of Aug., 1794, 
at the Rapids of the Maumee and in various lesser en- 

In 1800 with a few during neighbors, he moved across 
the Ohio river and settled near the present site of Charles- 
town, Ind. 

The settlers kept up a military organization with him 
in command. On the 21 Sept., 1803, Joseph Bartholo- 
mew was commissioned by Gov. Harrison, a Major in the 
Clark County militia. He was promoted about three 
years later to Lieut. Colonel and about 1811 to Colonel. 

In the celebrated Battle of Tippecanoe, Col. Bartholo- 
mew was severely wounded by a rifle ball in the arm, 
breaking both bones, in the early part of the action ; not- 
withstanding which, and the pain and suffering therefrom, 
he remained with his command, directing and encouraging 


his men, until the close of the battle. Gov. Harrison, in 
his official raport to the Secretary of War, after mentioning 
that the whole infantry was formed into a small brigade 
under Col. Boyd, says, ^Col. Joseph Bartholomew, a 
very valuable officer, commanded under Col. Boyd, the 
militia infantry, he was wounded early in the action." 

For his distinguished services in this battle. Col. Bar- 
tholomew was promoted and commissioned Brigadier 
General of the Militia of Indiana Territory by the U. S. 
Government. The following resolution was adopted by 
the House of Representatives on the 4th day of Dec, 1811 ; 
** Resolved • . that the thanks of this house be pre- 
sented to Col. Luke Decker and Col. Joseph Bartholomew, 
the officers, non-commissioned officera and men composing 
the Militia Corps under their command . • . for the 
distinguished valor, heroism and bravery displayed by 
them in the brilliant battle fought with the Shawnee 
Prophet and his confederates on the morning of the 7th 
of November, 1811, by the Army under the command of 
His Excellency William Henry Harrison." About a year 
after the defeat of Tecumseh at Tippecanoe, a draft was 
made on the militia for active service, in which John Bar- 
tholomew, a son of the General, was drafted. The Gen- 
eral, believing his son unable to stand the fatigue and 
exposure of a campaign, took his place as a substitute. 

The army to which the dmfted men of Clark Co. were 
attached, was under the command of Gen. Russell, and 
marched to the relief of Fort Harrison then besieged by 
the Indians. Early in the march, the commanding officer 
was taken sick and sent for private Bartholomew (who, 
although acting as private in place of his son, held the 
commission of Brigadier Genenil in the Militia of Indiana 
Territory) and placed him in temporary command of the 
army. For his activity, perseverance and courage in this 


campaign and several expeditions, he was commissioned a 
Major General of volunteers by President Madison. 

Gen. Bartholomew filled a number of stations in the 
civil service with honor, serving as representative, senator 
and presidential elector. He was one of the commissioners 
^ho located, in 1821, the permanent capital of Indiana at 

He became security for the official conduct of a friend 
who proved a defaulter for a considerable sum, which 
caused General Bartholomew much trouble, compelling him 
to sell the rich and beautiful farm on which he had so long 
and happily resided and move from Clark County where 
he was beloved, esteemed and respected by every inhabi- 
tant; for all could bear testimony to his integrity and 
worth, and great regret was felt at his departure. He re- 
moved to McLean Co., III., in 1830, and at the age of 
sixty-four began the world anew, opening a farm which 
he cultivated with his old industry and skill ; and his hon- 
est face and amiable manners soon made his new neighbors 
warm friends. 

He was a skilful trapper and in the latter part of winter 
and early spring followed that business for many years ; 
setting his traps mostly on the Arkansas and White rivers. 

He was made senior warden of the Blazing Star Lfodge, 
No. 3 of Free and Accepted Masons of Charlestown, Ind., 
at the time of their charter in 1816. 

The County of Bartholomew in Indiana was so named 
in his honor by the State Legislature. 

G^n. Bartholomew was a self-taught, modest, truthful, 
brave and honest man who rose from obscurity and ob- 
tained distinction, solely by his merits. 

He took a deep interest in the presidential campaign 
of 1840, and addressed several mass meetings in the in- 
terest of his old friend and compatriot William Henry 




Harrison ; but was seized with his last illness a few days 
before and died the evening of the election. (See likeness 
on page 175.) Children : 



Sarah,' b. 26 Sept., 1788 ; m., 12 Dec., 1805, Hugh 

Espy, and d. 20 Jan., 1859, st. 70. He d. 21 Oct., 1882. 
Farmer. Ch. 

1 Josiah Bw.* Espy, b. 7 Jane, 1807; d. 7 Mar., 1881. 

2 Biarla Espy, b. 1 Dec, 1808 ; m., 1880, Chas. Morris. 

8 John Milton Espy, ) K a a»» iqia.^iDm 12 Jane, 1884, 

> ft\ta^" ' ? Eliza McCllntock. 

4 James Thos. Espy, ) '^*°*' ) d. 11 Sept., 1881. 

5 Catherine A. Espy, b. Jan., 1818; m., 1882, Jno. Gillmore. 

6 Mlnenra Espy, b. 1815 ; m., 1884, James B. McHolland. 

7 Eliza Espy, b. Feb., 1817; m., 1839, James Morris. 

8 George N. Espy, b. Not., 1819 ; m., 1842, Hannah Smith. 

b. Oct., 1822; m., 1847, Ann Sabine, 
b. Feb., 1824; m., 1848, Mary Shields, 
b. Sept., 1826 ; m., 1848, C. McCllntock. 

m. Thos. McKnaught; and d. 26 Feb., 
1864 ; res. Spencer, Ind. Ch. 

1 Robert M. McKnaaght, b. 27 Jaly, 1828; m., 9 Oct., 1852, 

Sally A. Puett; res. S. 

2 Thomas A. McKnaaght, res. Spencer, Ind. 

9 Isaac H. Espy, 

10 David E. Espy, 

11 Sarah J. Espy, 

8 Martha McKnaaght, 

4 Catherine McKnaaght, 

5 Christiana McKnaaght, 

6 Elizabeth McKnaaght, 

7 Nancy McKnaaght, 

Springs, Arkansas. 

8 Sarah McKnaaght, 


9 Mary E. McKnanght, 


m. • 

Jackson ; res. S. 
Wilson ; res. S. 
Evans ; res. Iowa. 
Plrtle ; res. Lexington, I. 
— Plrtle; resides Eareka 

McDonald; res. lola. 

m. James C. Bartholomew ;*" res. 

Lodl, Wis. 
86 ill John, b. aboat 1792; d. in 1827. 

iv Joseph, died yonng. 

y Mary, m. Patrick Hopkins, a farmer; now d. ; 

had seven children, 
vi Amelia, m. Robert Hopkins, afkrmer; now d. ; 

had seven children, 
vii Martha, m. Gamaliel Vail, who d. ab. 1848 ; res. 

Franklin, Idaho. Foar children. 
36 viilMarston Clark, b. 16 Mar., 1806; d. 8 Jan., 1881. 


ix Elizabeth, m. Isaac Eppler; onedaa. She dying, 

he m., Sod, her sister. 
X Christiana, b. 1810; m. Isaac Eppler. Eight ch. 

37 xl George McKnanght,b. 12 Mar., 1812; res. Lodi, Wis. 

xii Nancy, m. James Bradley, now d. ; res. Pontia«, 

111. Seven children. 
xlilLncinda, died yonng. 

xlT Angelia, b. 27 Jan., 1816 ; m., 16 Nov., 1840, Wm. 

Merriman ; res. L. Ch. 

1 Elizabeth Merriman, b. 24 Oct., 1841 ; m. D. GlUmore ; res. 

Jeffersonvllle, Ind. 

2 Joseph A. Merriman, b. 9 Oct., 1848; merchant at Fond da 

Lac, Wisconsin. 

8 Adella F. Merriman, b. 28 Nov., 1845; now dead. 

4 Elvira J. Merriman, b. 17 Sept., 1848 ; now dead. 

5 Lanra B. Merriman, b. 1 Dec, 1850; now dead. 

6 Chas. W. Merriman, b. 9 Apr., 1852; now dead. 

7 Ida Allls Merriman, b. 21 Oct., 1855 ; res. Lodi. 
XV Minerva, died young. 

88 xvl James Curry, m. In 1841, Mary E. McKnaught; res. 

39 xvll William Milton, m. In 1841, Frances M. Goddard ; res. 

xvlll Isaac, died aged 2i years. 

14 Jaoob^ (Jacob^y) born in Lancaster (one says Sus- 
quehanna) C!o., Pa., in Feb., 1758, married Christiana 
Tarr ; and died in July, 1832, aged 74 years. She sur- 
vived her husband some ten years, and died in Brown 
Co., O. 

Mr. Bartholomew removed early from Liancaster to 
the vicinity of Harper's Ferry, Va., where he was fore- 
man of some iron works. He moved from there to Ohio 
about 1806, settling in Egal Creek, Adams Co., Ohio. 
Was a miller, owning and conducting flour and saw mills, 
and two farms. Children : 

i Elizabeth', b. in Pa. ; m. Israel Crashon ; and d. in Ind. 

11 David, b. In Pa. In 1797 ; m. Mary Woods ; and d. 

In 1853. She d. in 1845 leaving one child. 


7 Alfred Bartholomew, b. 8 Not., 1841 ; m. 18 Sept., 

1866, Jane . Flye children. 

8 Amanda M. Bartholomew, b. 6 Nov., 1846; m. (6 July, 

1866) Addison Rogers ; d. 22 June, 1867. 

9 Paroella F. Bartholomew, b. 20 Aug., 1849; m. 24 Oct.. 

1869, Ruftas Edgecomb; res. B. 
10 Margaret J. Bartholomew, b. 8 Biay, 1862 ; m. 22 June, 

1867, Ezra Edgecomb ; res. B. 

Y Jacob, b. 4 Feb., 1806; m. twice; miller In Nobles- 

ville, Hamilton Co., Ind. Ch. 
1 Wm. H. H. Bartholomew, b. 29 Mar., 1886; res. Deming, 

Ind.; eight children; miller, 
▼i Snsan, b. in Ohio; m. Garrett Silkett; res. Indla- 

nola (Warren Co.), Iowa. 
Til Samnel (twin), b. 9 July, 1808; m. 1st, 7 April, 1881, 

Amelia Beard. Has resided in Phelps City, Mo., since 

1862. Ch. 

1 Lewis E. Bartholomew, b. 11 Feb., 1882; m. 16 Mar., 1882. 

2 Wm. G. Bartholomew, b. 80 Dec, 1882; m. l8t,28 Sept., 

1866, Mary S. Sparks; d. 16 Dec., 1866; m. 2nd, 14 May, 
1869, Mary Templeton. Ch. (1) Clara, b. 90 July, 1866 ; 
(2) Martha, b. 11 Sept., 1868; m. 29 Dec, 1880, Jno. E. 
Dayis; (8) Mary E., b. 8 Apr., 1862; m. 14 Dec, 1879, 
Alexander H. Bailey; (4) Geo. A., b. 18 Dec, 1864; (6) 
Lottie E., b. 7 April, 1870; (6) OUve T., b. 18 Feb., 1873; 
(7) Grace B., b. 1 June, 1878; (8) Bird Bartholomew, 
b. 26 Jan., 1882. 

8 Geo. B. Bartholomew, b. 26 Dec, 1884; m. Ist, 4 Oct., 

1867, Ann M. Martin; 2nd, 23 Dec, 1868, Frances M. 
Shelley ; farmer in Watson, Mo. Ch. (1) Imogene, m. 
R. H. Graves; res. Jermyn, Lackawanna Co., Pa.; (2) 
Lewis A., b. 16 Dec, 1861; d. same day; (3) Luada, b. 
26 Oct., 1864; (4) Gobryas, b. 18 Ang., 1866; (6) Lean- 
der, b. 15 Aug., 1867; (6) Stella, b. 1 Feb., 1869; (7) 
Felinda, b. 14 Sept., 1870; (8) Charles L., b. 12 Dec, 
1872; (9) LydiaO., b. 26 June, 1874; (10) Arthur E., b. 
20 Sept., 1876; d. 16 Jan., 1877; (11) Hattie M., b. 14 
Dec, 1877; (12) Infant, b. 10 Aug., 1879; d. same day; 
(13) Otis Bartholomew, b. 1 July, 1880; d. 19 July, 1881. 

viil William (twin), b. 9 July, 1808; m. in 1883, Mary Dailey, 

whod. in 1867; res. Victory, Vernon Co., Wis. Ch. 

1 Sam*l Bartholomew, b. 1884 ; m. 1867, Aurilia 

Petty, U. S. army; ins. agent in B. Ch. (I) Wm., (2) 

1^0, (8) MaryArmina and (4) A ra Amelia Bartholomew 

of B. 


2 Peter D. Bartholomew, b. 1836; U. 8. A. ; Itv. in B. 

8 Loalsa J. Bartholomew, b. 1840. 

4 Margaret A. Bartholomew, b. 1844. 

5 Ara E. Bartholomew, b. 1847; res. Boscobel. 

6 Robert W. Bartholomew, b. 1850. 

7 J. Calvin Bartholomew, b. 1858; m. 1 Jan., 1882, 

Lizzie P. Lawrence. 

8 A son, d. in infancy. 
Ix Mary (" Dolly") m. Abel Tnmbleson. 

X Henry Harrison, b. 1 Aug., 1812; m. 12 Dec, 1840, Sarah 
Haey. He is a miller in West Union, O. Ch. 

1 Samuel H. Bartholomew, b. 17 Jan., 1842; m. 5 Apr., 1866, 

Ruth A. Hardman, who d. 18 Jan., 1872. He is a miller 
and engineer in Concord, Ky. Ch. (1) Henry H., b. 5 
Jan., 1867; (2) Nettie M., b. 8 June, 1868; (8) Sarah M. 
Bartholomew, b. 20 Sept., 1871. 

2 Mary E. Bartholomew, b. 80 Dec, 1848; m. 11 Feb., 

1875, G. W. Schrlver. Ch. (1) Sarah M., b. 10 Apr., 
1876; (2) Effle W., b. 7 Aug., 1878; (8) Mary and (4) 
Marsh Schrlver, twins, b. 25 April, 1880. 
8 Sarah J. Bartholomew, b. 8 Oct., 1846; m. 28 Feb., 
1867, F. A. Hoop. Ch. (1) Samuel, b. 28 Dec, 1868; (2) 
John E., b. 18 Oct., 1870; (8) Sarah A., b. 16 May, 1876; 
(4) Anna J., b. 6 July, 1878 and (5) Clara E. Hoop, b. 7 
Mar., 1880. 
4 Hannah A. Bartholomew, b. 28 Sept., 1849. 

xi James, b. in Ohio ; m. ; d. . 

xii Baruett, '* scalded to death when a young man by 

the bursting of a boiler in a sawmill in West Union, 
Adams Co., O.*' 

15 Jacob^ (Tewalfif John}j) bom on the Charlotte in 
New York ; married, there, Betsey, daughter of John La- 
mont; and died in Harpersfield, Ohio, in 1825. 

Colonel Jacob Bartholomew moved to the Western 
Reserve in 1806, and was early made the Lieutenant of 
its company, and in 1811 promoted to Captain, and soon 
after to Major, commanding the Second Battalion under 
Col. Ezra Paine ; shortly after the war of 1812 he was 
made Colonel of the iSrst regiment formed by the troops of 


Geauga and Ashtabula counties. After commanding the 
regiment two or three years he resigned. 

He spent his life in Harpersfield, O., where all of his 
children grew to maturity. Children : 

i Belinda*, m. Ira Meeker; res. Laport, Ind. 

U Polly, m. George Thompson; res. Fox Biver, near 
Elgin, HI. 

ill Sally, m. Col. Luke Pike, who d. in Kinnekanlck Falls, 

Wis., where she resides. 

iv Sibils, m. Ist, Melancthon Patton; 2nd, her brother-in- 
law French; res. H., O. 

▼ Lamont, m. Elizabeth Leonard ; res. Spring VaUey, Wi- 
nona Co., Wis. He and his two sons served in the war 
of 1861. 

vi William, is a shoemaker in Whitewater, Wis. 

Til Charles, m. in Rock Co., Wis., Emily Bowers; d. in Ohio. 

viii Rosance, m. Daniel Clark. 

ix Rozanna, m. Capt. Cassias Cannon, commander of a Lake 
Enron Station Lightship. 

X Diana, m. a Mr. French, who after her death married 
her sister Sibila. 

16 Adam^ {Abraham^^ John}^) bom about 1760; mar- 
ried Dorcas Bishop. When a boy he was stolen by the 
Indians, but escaped, and after living on niw fish, etc., 
for a long time, finally reached home in safety. He was a 
farmer and horse farrier, and resided on Bates Creek, 
Broome Township, Schoharie Co., N. Y. Children : 

i Fannie,* b. 18 Feb., 1800. 

11 Betsy, m. John Scott, a farmer. 

ill Solomon, m. Lorena Reed ; a farmer. 

iv Jernsha, m. 19 Mar., 1884, Fitch Swan; res. 

Orange ville, Branch Co., Mich. Ch. 1 Geo. A.* (d.), 

2 Harriett M. (d.)* 8 Alonzo (m. and five ch.), 4 Orrina 

(d.), and 5 Orson J. Swan (d.) 
y Catharine Maria, m. Elias Disbrow, a farmer, 

yi Harriett Cena, b. 11 July, 1812; m. 2 Mar., 1880, 

John S. Bartholomew.*® 
yii George Washington, farmer; m. and had ten children, 
viii Adam A., farmer. 


17 Abraham^ {Abraharr?^ John^^) married Hannah 

, and resided in Glasco, Ulster Co., N. Y. Children : 

i Belinda*, m. aod had two ch., who died yoang. 

il Rachel. 

ill William, liyed and died at Bondout. No family. 

iv Erastas, died in the U. S. Army. 

y Delia, b. 11 Feb., 1824 ; n. Mr. Burhan of Glasco ; d. Ch. 

1 Mary Burhan,* m. Bobert Kerr of Glasco. 

2 Henry Burhan, b. about 1862; res. in Glasco. 

18 Andrew Elic^ (AbraJiam^, John\) married Gitty 
Schumaker m Schoharie Co. He resided on Mannerkill 
Creek in Broome Township, S. Co., N. Y. 

Was a shoemaker, a member of the Methodist Church 
and a soldier in the War of 1812. Children : 

i Sallle Maria,* m. John Hugboom, a farmer, 
ii Polly, m. Cornelius Ostrander, a farmer. 

40 ill John Schumaker, b. 19 Feb., 1810; res. Halls Corners, Ind. 
iv Hiram, m. Julia Biddle. Was a farmer. 

Y Nancy Eleanor, m. Jeremiah Mulford, a farmer, 
vl Eliza Ann, m. Thomas Face, a blacksmith, 

vil Jacob Patrie, was killed by a rolling; log in 1834. 
vUl Sylvester Andrew, m. Laura Dean, violinist. 

19 John^ (Jacob^^ Johnny) born in N. J., 7 Oct., 1765 ; 
married in N. J., Esther Coryell, and died in Lodi, Sen- 
eca Co., N. Y., 24 Jan., 1813. She was born 30 Apr., 

Mr. Bartholomew was a wheelwright and subscribed in 
Lancaster Co., Penn., in 1795, to Oliver Evans* work on 
^Millwrights" and is mentioned as John Bartholomew, 
millwright, of Somerset, N. J. As he had relatives in 
Lancaster Co., he had probably become acquainted with 
Mr. Evans through them. 

In 1806, he was made administi*ator of his mother's 
estate in New Brunswick, N. J., where he had made a 
deed of town property in 1787. Is said to have lost an 


arm or limb in the War of 1812. He built many mills, 
being an expert at that trade. He removed to New York 
State in 1795, remaining some seven years in Binghamptou 
and spending the balance of hia life in Lodi, ^^ueca Co., 
New York. Children : 

I Sarah* (*• SaHy "), b. 19 Aug., 1787; m. Wilson, and d. 

41 II Robert Taylor, b. 15 Feb., 1789; d. 18 May, 1881. 

ill Pboobe, b. 28 Oct., 1790; m. Cornelias CoryeU; 

both d. near Dundee, about 1852. Ch. I Covert,* 2 John, 
8 Mary, 4 Anson, 5 Andrew, 6 George, 7 Esther, 8 Joseph. 

Iv John, b. 24 Oct., 1792 ; m. ; was killed in the War 

of 1812. Ch. 

1 Emily Bartholomew. 

2 Andrew Irwin Bartholomew, b. in Seneca Co., N. T., 17 

Apr., 1812; m. three times and had three sets of ch. ; d. 

31 Mar., 1872, in Huron Co., O. Carpenter. Ch. by 1st 

wife, (1) Augustus,* b. 6 Apr., 1886; res. Grand Rapids, 

Mich. ; and another son and a daughter. 

V Elsie Bunlom, b. in Somerset (?), N. J., 14 Jan., 1795; 

m., 7 Jan., 1816, Jerry C. Lockwood, and d. 2 Apr., 1851, 

in Hi., where tiiey resided after 1818. Ch. 

1 Samuel D. Lockwood, b. 5 May, 1817. 

2 Mary M. Lockwood, b. 28 June, 1819 ; d. in 1822. 

3 Francis D. Lockwood, b. 18 Mar., 1821. 

4 Rebecca P. Lockwood, b. 5 Jan., 1828. 

5 Albert S. Lockwood, b. 4 Dec, 1824. 

6 John Lockwood, b. 8 Mar., 1826. 

7 Joseph Lockwood, b. 23 Nov., 1828. 

8 Elsie Lockwood, b. 19 Sept., 1830; m. Jos. M. Blay- 

des; res. McLeansport, 111. Ch. (1) John, (2) Francis, 

(3) Albert, (4) Laura, (5) Walter, (6) Flora, (7) Nora, 

(8) Em., (9) Sam'l, (10) Harry, (11) Carrie, (12) Chas. 

vl Hester, b. 26 May, 1797; m. Abra'm Wilson; both 

d. in Lyndoch, Can. 

42 Til David Bush, b. 9 June, 1799; d. 15 Jan., 1867. 

43 vUi Abraham Coryell, b. 13 Aug., 1801; d. In 1836. 

ix Fanny, b. 8 Sept., 1808; m. John Wilson, who d. 

10 Dec, 1854. She res. in Lyndoch, Can., set. 80, having 
living 10 children, 72 grandchildren and 39 great grand- 
cliildren. Ch. 1 Edgar O., 2 Melissa A., 3 Ann E., 4 Jno. 
B., 5 Susannali, 6 David, 7 Olivia, 8 Lewis B., 9 James, 
10 Ann, 11 Sarah A., 12 Samuel Wilson. 



X Sally, b. 6 May, 1806 ; m. Albert S. Wilson ; both 

d. In Watklns, N. Y., she in April, 1881. 
xi Jane, b. 9 Jan., 1808; m. Isaac Watson; d. 14 

Apr., 1874, in Horsehead, N. Y. 
xli Joseph, b. 24 Jan., 1811 ; m. ; d. 22 Sept., 1875, in 

Elmira, N. Y., where his family res. Millwright. Ch. 1 

John, 2 Lewis, 8 Uriah, 4 Charles and 5 a daughter. 

20 Benjamin^ {DanieP^ John}^) boru in Hunterdon 

Co., N, J., 15 July, 1765 ; married Amy , and died 

in Frencbtown, N. J., 1 Jan., 1843, set. 77. She was 
bom 18 Aug., 1769, and died 9 Oct., 1838, in her 70th yr. 

He resided in Frenchtown, Hunterdon Co., N. J. 

Children : 

i Elizabeth,* d. nnm., set. 86. 

11 Philip, m. Susannah Warman; d. set. 84; res. at Change- 
water, N. J. Ch. 

1 Mary Anna* Bartholomew. 

2 Hannah Ellz*h Bw., m. Fisher Burol ; res. SomerviUe, N. J. 
Hi Daniel, m. Elizabeth Swallow ; d. set. 82. Ch. 1 Sarah 

Anna (d.), 2 Wm. (d.), 3 Abraham and 4 Mary, 
iv Benjamin, b. 5 Sept., 1800 ; d. in F., 22 Mar., 1848. No issue. 
V Mary, d. unm. set. 80. 

vi Peter, m. Catherine Myers; d. in Apr., 1881, set. 78, In 

S. Ch. 1 Christiana A., 2 Elizabeth, 8 BenJ. (m.; three 

ch. ; d. in 1873), 4 Mary and 5 Sarah, 
vii Anna, d. unm., aet. 44. 

viii Sarah C, has res. num., on the old family farm in F., 71 yrs. 
ix Catherine, died unmarried. 
X Amy, b. in 1813 ; m. Heath ; res. at Stockton, N. J. 

21 John^ (DaniePf John^^) married Ann Tanner ; res. 
many years in Hunterdon Co., N. J., and later probably 
in Newark, N, J., and Albany, N. Y. Children : 

1 William.* 
ii John. 


iii Peter, b. in N. J., 24 Jan., 1808; m., 23 Dec, 1838, Mrs. Re- 
becca (Coons) Smith, and d. in Henderson, Ky., 10 Mar., 
1846. She was b. 5 Sept., 1818 ; m. 3rd, Silas Gray ; res. 
420 Madison St., Lonisvilie, Ky. He enlisted at Philadel- 
phia for the Florida War ; served six months ; company 
disbanded in New Orleans. He settled in LoaisviUe. Ch. 

1 William Henry* Bartholomew, b. in Louisville, 26 July, 

1840 ; m. in 1862, Susan A. Johnson. He is principal of 
the Female High School in L., having been connected 
with the Louisville schools for twenty-six years. Ch. (1) 
Mildred S.« (m., July, 1882, Wm. C. Ramsey) ; (2) Beoj. 
Gray (b. 1864, onL. andN. R. R.) ; (8) Susan M. (b. 1870) 
and (4) Wm. H. (b. 1872) Bartholomew. 

2 Annie Bartholomew, b. Jan., 1843 ; d. Nov., 1845. 

3 Alfred Thomas Bartholomew, b. 9 Sept.) 1845; m., Sept. 

17, 1867, Clara M. Hedwlck. Painter in Louisville. Ch. 
(1) Wm. David, b. 21 Mar., 1868 and (2) Alfred Henry 
Bartholomew, b. 23 Oct., 1869; d. 9 July, 1881. 
iv Lepath. 

V Isaac. 

vi Ann Elizabeth, 
vii Jonathan, 
viii Daniel. 

22 DanieP {DaniePj Johnny) born in Hunterdon Co., 
N. J. ; married and moved, probably with father, to New 
York. Children : 

i Thomas.* 

ii Daniel. 

iii Sarah. 

iv Peter, res. in Warren Co., N. J. One child. 

1 George Washington Birch* Bartholomew, b. 7 Dec, 1814; 

ro., 4 July, 1842, Rachel Harlemann; d. 27 Mar., 1874; 

res. Upper Mllford, Lehigh Co., Pa. Ch. (1) Margaret 

Derby* (m. Wra. Masler; dau. Mamie); (2) Nellie A. 

(m. C. C. Housenlck, furniture dealer, Wllkesbarre, Pa.) ; 

(3) George Harlemau (machinist in W.) and (4) Chas. 

Walter Bartholomew of W. 

V Benjamin Bartholomew. 

23 DanieP (Joseph^ , Johnny) born in Harpcrsfield, 

488 Ttt^ BABtH6L(»IE# FAMILY; 

N. Y., in 1771 ; married twice, both tiaugfaters of James 
Wright ; and died in Greneva, O., in 1814. 

Mr. Bartholomew in Feb., 1800, moved with his family 
and several neighbors by sleds drawn over the snow, from 
Charlotte Valley to Ohio ; after reaching the future site of 
Buffalo they made the ice on Lake Erie their highway, 
and on the 4th of Mar. , 1800, made a landing near the land 
purchased by his father in the present townships of Geneva 
andHarpersfield, where he settled and erected his loghouse. 
This piot^eer house was probably the first tavern in Ashta- 
bula Co. He was early a member of the Harpersfield, 
N. Y., Congregational Church. 

He had two children by his first wife and six by his second. 

i Patty,* b. In 1793; m. Ist, Flaville Williams (d.) ; 2d, 

Mind red Shears, res. Ply month, O., set. 90. Ch. 1 Cynthia^ 
(m. Ambrose Hart, res. Geneva, 0.) and 2 Daniel W. (res. 
Perry, O.). 
ii Betsy, m. Henry T. Moore ; d. in TrnmbuU, O. 

ill Milly, m. David Smith, a farmer, now d. Child : 

1 Anson Smith, cashier of Geneva, O., National Bank. 
44 iv Benjamin D., b. Jane, 1798; d. 7 Aug., 1S82. 

V Phllo, b. aboot 1800 ; died young. 

46 vl Cyras, b. 14 Mar., 1802; d. 13 Sept., 1872, set 70. 

46 vii Robert, b. 12 Apr., 1805 ; res. Monticello, Ind. 

viii Caroline, m. James Loclcwood ; res. Geneva, O. 
ix Daniel, b. 4 Jan., 1815 ; m., 11 Sept., 1834, Lydia Mann; 

res. Geneva. Ch. 

1 Adelbert Bartholomew, b. 17 Nov., 1835; m. in 1861, Ellen 

Waterman, res. G. €h. (1) Minnie* (m. £. Ellsworth, 
one daa.) and (2) Jnnias (b. 1866) Bw. 

2 Adelaide Bartholomew, b. 5 Joly, 1888; m. in 1868, San- 

ford Holden, res. G. 
8 Earl BarUidomew, b. 2 Apr., 1853; m. in 1872, Lillie 

Gale, res. Geneva. 

24 Abraham^ (Joseph^ y Johnny) born in Schoharie, 
N. Y., 3 Aug., 1779; married, first, Polly Wr^ht; sec- 


ond, Blue ; and died in 1849, in Geneva, O., where 

be resided. 

He enlisted with bis brothers Samuel and John in 1813 
and with them took pait under Gren. Harrison, in the bat- 
tle of Moraviantowu, Canada West, when Tecumseb, the 
famous Indian chief, fell. Children : 

1 Eleanor/ 

il David. 

ill Hannah. 

iv Calvin, TO. 18S6 ; rc&. Geneva, O. Ch. 1 Myron* (ro. ; res. O.) ; 
2 Fidelia (m. L. P. Spencer of Wash'n, D. C.) ; 8 Arthar 
(of Cleveland ; one ch. KeKoKa) ; 4 Herbert (d. 4 Aug., 
1881) ; 6 Emma (d. Jane, 1875) ; G Flora Bw. (res. 0.). 

V Abraham, of MIssonri. 

vi Mary, of Michigan. 

25 John Jay^ (JosepV^ John}^) born in Schoharie 
Co., N. Y., 3 Jan., 1797 ; married in Ashtabula Co., O., 
23 June, 1818, Mrs. Susan (Shears) Leonard, and died 
in Princeton, 111., 7 Apr., 1871. She was bom 7 Oct., 
1798, and died in Princeton in 1866 ; by her first marriage 
she had daughter Elizabeth L., born 2 June, 1816, who 
married Laniont Bartholomew. (See No. 15.) 

Mr. Bartholomew enlisted in Ashtabula Co. in June, 
1813, under Captsiins Harper and Sanderson in the 27th 
Cavalry and was discharged in Detroit, Mich. 

He resided in Princeton, 111. Children : 

I George Washington/ b. 19 Apr., 1810; m. MyraKnlffen; res. 
Oeneva. Ch. 

1 Wm. Scott^ Bartholomew., b. 15 Oct., 1842; m. Hattle £. 

Coombs. Ch. (1) Willie £.• (b. 29 March, 1867), (2) 
Maude £. (b. 25 June, 1872) and (8) Grace Bw. (b. 23 
Feb., 1874). 

2 Alvina Bartholomew, b. 15 May, 1844. 

3 Amelia Bartholomew, b. 23 July, 184G. 

4 Annette Bartholomew, b. 10 Sept., 1849. 

5 John J. Bartholomew, b. 20 Mar., 1851 ; d. Mar., 18C3. 


6 Frank Bartholomew, b. 25 Oct., 1858. 

7 Ouda Bartholomew, b. 20 Nov., 1861. 

8 George Bartholomew, b. 10 Feb., 1867. 

il Armena, b. 29 Jan., 1820; m. Kob*t Atkins ; res. 

Blae Earth, Minn. 

Ill Cornelia, b. 20 Jane, 1822; m. Lysander Stiles; 

res. Grant, Minn. 

Iv Barnard, b. 2 Oct., 1824; m., 15 Jan., 1858, Mar- 

garet Scheppe, who was b. 22 Feb., 1833, and d. 5 May, 
1880 ; res. Clarion, Iowa. Farmer. Ch. 

1 Eugene F. Bartholomew, b. 28 Oct., 1853; m., 27 Oct., 

1873, Kittle C. Hofftnan ; now dead. 

2 Josephine Bartholomew, b. 7 Nov., 1855 ; d. 10 Oct., 1865. 
8 Ida May Bartholomew, b. 5 May, 1857 ; m. Enoch C. 

Blackford ; daughter Maggie, res. Clarlnda, la. 

4 Clyde E. L. Bartholomew, b. 17 Feb., 1861. 

5 Alice S. Bartholomew, b. 17 Mar., 1868. 

V Matilda, b. 19 Aug., 1826 ; m. MerrlmanGee, and 

d. In Cal., 1872. 
vl Annlce, b. 10 Jan., 1830. 

vll Wallace, b. 22 Jan., 1832; m. In 1859. Soldier In 

last war ; never returned, 
vlll Elvira, b. 20 Nov., 1833 ; d. In Cal. 

Ix Mallnda, b. 19 May, 1836 ; m. Ist, 29 July, 1855, 

Jno. W. Thompson, who d. 3 Oct., 1862, Lieut. In U. S. A. 

She m. 2d, 26 July, 1867, Florence J. Sullivan ; res. Ev- 

ansville, Ind. Ch. three by 1st marriage and several by 2d. 

1 Florence May (b. 1 June, 1868) ; 2 Eugene W. (b. 21 

Apr., 1859) and 3 Frank E. Thompson (b. 16 Dec, 1861). 

26 Isaac^ {Benjamiv?^ John}^) born in Charlotte Val- 
ley, N. Y., 17 Jan., 1776; married on the Charlotte 
River, Otsego Co., Sally, daughter of Comfort Lewis of 
New Loudon, Ct. ; and died in 1852, aged 76. 

He resided after 1805 in Harpersfield, O., where he 
died. Was a soldier of the war of 1812. 

Children were all born in H., and are now all dead ex- 
cept Harriett. 

1 James B.,* m. about 1828, Julia Hull; and died six years 
after. Ch. 


1 Annette* Bartholomew, m. James Parigo ; res. near Bur- 

lington, Iowa. 

2 Anna Bartholomew, d. set. 2. 

8 James Bartholomew, d. In Infancy, 
ii George, d., unm., 9 May, 1825, in his 25th year, 

ill Hiram, m. Betsey Ann Andrews; d. at Erie, Fa., 4 

Sept., 1840. Ch. 
1 Ruby Bartholomew, d. in 1846. 
iv Augustus, m. 1st, Louisa Hanrey, who d. leaving three 
ch. ; 2nd, Mary Ann Stillman, who now res. in Eau Claire, 
Wis. He d. in Lacrosse, Minn., 1879. Ch. 

1 Lerry Bartholomew, m. Kate Adset; res. Genera, 0; 

one daughter. 

2 Sidney Bartholomew, m. Jane Brown; res. Bedford, O. 

3 Laversa Bartholomew, m. M. Leonard; res. Lacrosse. 
▼ Harriett, b. 4 Apr., 1809; m. 17 Dec, 1835, Capt. Ezra 

Brakeman, a successful and influential man ; residence, 
Greneva, Ohio. Ch. 

1 WinslowF. Brakeman, b. 22 May, 1889; m. Justina Sen- 

decker; d. 29 Aug., 1868; one son. 

2 Octavia Brakeman, m. Henry F. Thorp of Cleveland 

(0.) Type Foundry Co. ; daugliter Kate. 

3 Hiram Brakeman, b. 4 Oct., 1844 ; m. Alice Peck. 

Ch. (1) Carrie*, (2) Frank and (3) Roy. Has a flour 
mill In Harper City, Kan. 

4 Azau Brakeman, b. 14 Sept., 1847; res. Geneva, O. 

5 RoUIn K. Brakeman, b. 12 July, 1850; m. Marcia Hickox ; 

res. Madison, Ohio. 

6 Lowell C. Brakeman, b. 2 Aug., 1853; marble-cutter, 

Corinth, Miss. 

vi Lucretia, ro. Zenas Bliss ; d. 1862 ; res. Madison, Ohio ; 

son died young. 

vil Lorenzo, was accidentally shot by a gun in hands of 

his brother Geo., at 2 years of age, and d. nine days after. 

viii Isaac, m. Lydia Russell ; andd. 1868; no children. 

ix Lorenzo, ra. Ann Bliss; d. 1882, In Ashtabula Co., O. 

Ch. 1 Hiram, 2 Hurlburt of Harpcrsfield, O., and 8 Jo- 
sephine Bartholomew, who d. In 1875. 

27 John^ (Benjamin^ y John^^) born 7 Jan., 1784; 
married Nancy, daughter of Jacob and Deborah (Tiffany) 
Jennings of Mansfield, Ct. ; and died in Ilarlcm, Winne- 
bago Co., 111., in 1851. 


Captain Bartholomew was a soldier in the war of 1812 
from Hurpersfield, O., where he had moved with his 
people iu 1805. He was a farmer all his life, aud for 
many years justice of the peace in his town, and in com- 
mand of its militia company. Late in life he removed to 
Harlem. Children : 

i Samantha,* b.80 Jan., 1805; ro Williams; res. Ge- 
neva, 0. Ch. 1 ADtolnette* (m. Waelder, dow 

dead), 2 Thales, 3 Celia, and 4 General, all of G. 

ii Bandall, b. 9 Nov., 1806; m. SUvina ; res. In 1852, 

Harlem, 111. 

ili Sylvester, b. 81 Mar., 1808; m. 11 Jane, 1835, Celesta 
Johnson, who was b. In Harlem 5 Nov., 1815; res. Rock- 
ton, Illinois. Ch. 

1 O. T. Bartholomew, b. 2 Jane, 1836 ; m. 25 Dec., 

18C6, Mary At wood ; res. R. 

2 Arthur C. Bartholomew, b. 24 May, 1841 ; m. 18 Nov., 

1869, Charlotte Floskey; res. Lebanon, Neb. Ch. (1) 
May', (2) Sylvester, and (3) Orra Bartholomew. 
8 Saville V. Bartholomew, b. 14 Feb., 1845; m. Jane, 1865, 
Rufus Baker; res. R. Ch. (I) Sdwln, b. 30 Sept., 
1868, and (2) Mary, b. 1 Jan., 1870; d. 1875. 
4 Edwin S. Bartholomew, b. 24 March, 1850; d. 31 Jan- 
nary, 1856. 
iv Pamella, b. 31 Aag., 1810. 
▼ Charlotte, b. 6 Aug., 1815; m. Nelson B. Bartholomew.^ 

28 Benjamin^ (Benjamin^ ^ Johnny) born in Charlotte 
Valley, N. Y., 2 July, 1786 ; married in 1806, Susannah, 
daughter of Capt. John and Elizabeth (dau. of Comfort 
Davis) Lucas, who was born in New London, Ct., 6 Nov., 
1790. He died in Northfield, Minn., in 1862, aged 76. 

Mr. Bartholomew took part in the war of 1812. In 
1843 he removed from Harperafield, O., to Rock Co., 
Wis., and the following year to Northfield, Minn., where 
he remained. Was a prosperous farmer. Children : 

47 I Riley LucasS b. 30 May, 1807: res. Richfield, Minn. 
U Betsy Ann, b. 11 June, 1809; m. 1st, Peter Markell; 

2nd, Judson Landon ; res. Madison, Wis. 


iU Clinton, b. in Nov., 1811; d. 1818. 

48 iv Nelson Bishop, b. 28 Jane, 1814; res. Cresco, Iowa. 

V Franklin, b. 16 Nov., 1816 ; d. at Ft. Ridgeley, in 1868. 

vi Lydia Ursnla, b. 18 Jane, 1818 ; m. Cincinnatns Oregory 

(see No. 4) ; d. 9 Nov., 1881. 
vii Malinda, b. 16 Nov., 1820; d. in Aug., 1885. 

49 viii Alflred, b. in 1824 ; res. Placerville, Cal. 
ix FideUa, b. Mar., 1825; d. 20 April, 1840. 

X Fannie Aaga8ta,b. in Jaly, 1827; m. Mar., 1852, Robert H. 

xl George W., b. 8 Feb., 1829; m. twice, 
xli MariUa, b. Mar., 1881; m. Jan., 1854, Jas. Monntaln. 

29 Peter^ {Benjamiv?^ Johnny) born in Schoharie Co., 
N. Y., 23 Apr., 1793; married in Harpersfield, 0-, 9 
May, 1822, Catherine Brakeman ; and died there 14 Oct., 
1845. She was born in Schoharie Co., 24 Oct., 1800; 
and died in Harpersfield, 17 Feb., 1864. 

Mr. Bartholomew was an extensive farmer in H. He 
served in the war of 1812, and was an active member of 
the Congregational Church of Harpersfield. Children : 

i Olivia,^ b. 25 Mar., 1823; m., 1851, Rev. £. P. ClUble of 
Oberlin, O. Cli. 

1 Sarah K. Cllsbie,* m. A. H. Perry, jr. ; res. Berea, O. 

2 Clara Cllsbie, graduate of Oberlin College. 

8 Emma I. Cllsbie, student at the Conservatory of Music. 

4 Charles Clisble, d. 16 Apr., 18CG, st. 3. 

5 Edwin Cllsbie, d. 2 Sept., 1868, set. nearly 5. 

6 Grace Cllsbie. ) 
ii Flava, b. 25 Aug., 1827; d. 9 Dec, 1868. 

iii Flora, b. 17 Dec, 1832; m. Z. B. Carpenter of Prince- 

ton, 111. ; d. 9 Dec, 1863. 

iv Gratia, b. 17 Dec, 1834; m. H. B. Kenney of Wlnsor, 

O. ; d. 28 Feb., 1874. 

T Mark M., b. 29 July, 1837; m. 2 Feb., 1868, MIna Graves, 
who was b. 4 Aug., 1840; res. Bertrand, Mich. Ch. 

1 Earl Bartholomew, b. 24 June, 1869. 

2 Florence Bartholomew, b. 26 Sept., 1878. 

vi Martha B., b. 19 May, 1842; m. J. F. Cadmcss; res. Ge- 
neva, O. Ch. 1 Flora, 2 Homer, 3 WUlie, 4 Hose 
and 5 Pauline Cadmess. 




30 DanieP {John,^ John,^) born 24 Jan., 1788 ; mar- 
ried in Glen, N. Y., 28 Oct., 1813, Jeannctte Hugunon ; 
and died in Jan., 1866, aged 77. She was born 20 May, 
1790, and died in Sept., 1865, aged 75; her ancestors 
were from Holland, one of whom was Anneke Jans, once 
the owner of Trinity Church property of New York City. 

Mr. Bartholomew was a resident of Glen, and a war- 
den of the Episcopal Church of Amsterdam. Children : 

1 Ann Eliza/ b. 6 Oct., 1814; m. 1st, Jacob Wilson; 

2nd, Joseph Thompson. Ch. 1 James H.^ and 2 Maria 

Wilson, 8 John and 4 Sarah J. Thompson, 
il Catharine, h. 25 Apr., 1817 ; ra. Chas. R. Marshall ; 

res. Apisterdaro. Ch. 1 Catherine, 2 Charlotte, 8 

Amanda and 4 Daniel Marshall, 
ill Vincent, b. 12 Aug., 1819; m. 10 May, 1852, Mary 

A. Skelie of Florida, N. T. ; res. 8012 Olive St., St. 

Lonis, Mo. Ch. 

1 Henry Bartholomew, b. 7 May, 1853 ; res. Cohoes, 

New York. 

2 Josephine Bartholomew, b. 12 Mar., 1855; m. 6 Mar., 

1872, W. A. Spragae, who with only son d. in 1877. She 
resides with her father, 
iv John, b. 20 Sept., 1823; m. — Knights; 

three daughters ; res. Chicago, 111. 
V Lucretia, b. 23 April, 1826; m. Gilleland; 

res. Luzerne Co., Pa. 
vi Daniel Lambert, b. 1 Apr., 1830; m. 4 July, 1854, Mar- 

riette Cole, b. 1837; res. West Springfield, Erie Co., Pa. ; 

two daughters, 
vil Chas. Deffendorf, b. 10 Jan., 1833; res. Amsterdam, N. T. 

Ch. 1 Wm., 2 John, 3 Charles and 4 Nelly Bartholomew. 

31 Lewis W.3 (Philip\ John\) born 23 Sept., 1808 ; 
married 29 Sept., 1837, Jane Kniskem ; and died by his 
own hand 17 March, 1875. She was born in Blenheim, 
N. Y., 22 Jan., 1814, and resided in Gilboa, Schoharie 
Co.,N. Y. Children: 

i Ann Eliza,^ b. 9 Feb., 1839; m. 12 Oct., 1861, Freeman Dor- 
ham; res. G. Ch. 1 Charles, 2 Cora and 3 Albert. 


il Charles, b. 29 Jane, 1840 ; d. 10 Dec, 1869, In Breakabeen. 

ill William, b. 14 March, 1842. 

Iv Philip, b. 8 Dec, 1844 ; m. 10 Sept., 1874, Carrie Wood ; 

residence Gilboa. Ch. 
1 Bnrr* Bartholomew, b. 2 Feb., 1881. 
V Elmer, b. 22 March, 1847; m. 10 Oct., 1866, Albert 

Becker; res. Hantersland, S. Co., N. T. Cb. 1 May, 

2 Ward, 8 Charles, 4 Bertie and 5 Nellie Becker, 
vl Kate £., b. 9 Apr., 1849 ; m. 8 Apr., 1868, Hiram Baldwin ; 

d. 5 Nov., 1877. Ch. 1 Ella and 2 Jennie Baldwin; r«8. 

vli Jerome B., b. 23 April, 1851 ; res. Qilboa. 
vili Hamilton, b. 23 Oct., 1858; res. Oilboa. 
iz Addle, b. 15 Sept., 1856; m. Mr. Morse; res. G. 

32 Adam S. Vroman^ {Philip,^ Jb/mS) born S3 
Dec, 1811 ; married 28 Jan., 1834, Lucy Mattico; res- 
idence, Fultonham, N. Y. Children: 

i John Henry% b. 19 Ang., 1835; m. Morse; res* 

8t. Louis, Mo. 
li Charles Clinton, b. 17 Jnne, 1837; m. Sabrina Lament; 

res. Catslcill, N. Y. 
ill Elizabeth Maria, b. 23 Aag., 1841; m. George L. Haines; 

res. Fultonham, N. Y. 
iv Jane Ann, b. 25 March, 1843; m. Jacob Feeck; 

residence, Fultonham. 
y Helen Amelia, b. 2 March, 1845; m. Emmctt Haines; 

residence, Fultonham. 
vi Thomas Bouck, b. 28 June, 1846 ; m. Jennie O'Brien ; 

res. St. Lonis, Mo. 
vil George Albert, b. 19 Aug., 1848; d. 11 Sept., 1852. 

viii William Birdsall, b. 18 April, 1850; res. Troy, N. Y. 

33 DanieP {Philip^ JbAnS) born 12 Oct., 1814; 
married Lydia Styles. Residence, Eminence, Schoharie 
Co., N. Y. Children: 

1 Elizabeth/ h. 1842-3; m. William Gray; res. Summit, 
8. Co., N. Y. 

ii Catherine, b. 1844-5 ; m. Wm. Dancburgh ; res. Breaka- 
been, S. Co., N. Y. 


ill Jane, b. 1848-9; m. Andrew Gk>odfellow; res. Emi- 

nence, S. Co., N. Y. 
iv Stephen, b. 1851-2 ; res. Mineral Springs, S. Co., N. T. 
y Philip, b. 1854-5; res. Mlddleburg, S. Co.. N. T. 

vi George, res. MIddlebarg. 

34 Jeremiah^ {Johv?^ Daniel^,) born in Pennsyl- 
vania 26 Jan., 1794; married in Perry Co., O., 15 Jan., 
1817, Rebecca Skinner; and died in Centre Township, 
Ind., 2 Sept., 1841. 

She was born 5 Dec, 1798 ; died in Valparaiso, Ind., 
9 Oct., 1868, in her 70th year. 

Mr. Bartholomew was reared a farmer in Hopewell, 
Licking Co., O. In August, 1828, he removed to Lafa- 
yette, Ind., thence in 1833 to Michigan City, Ind., where 
he kept a store and hotel; but in 1835, having purchased 
400 acres in Centre Township, he removed there where 
he remained. He was a participant in the war of 1812. 
Children : 

60 i Artellus Valerias*, b. 26 Nov., 1818; res. Valparaiso. 

61 il George Wash'n, b. 80 Nov., 1820; d. 5 Jan., 1872. 

ill Elizabeth, b. 11 March, 1822; m. 1st, in V., 3 Apr., 

1844, Chas. 0. Finney, who d. 25 Feb., 1874; m. 2nd, in 
v., 21 Sept., 1875, Samuel A. Campbell. Ch. 

1 George W.* Finney, b. 31 Jan., 1845; m. 4 Nov., 1870, 

Sarah A. Maxwell. 

2 Ella I. Finney, b. 23 Aug., 1846; m. Albert Llsten- 

berger ; res. S. Bend, Ind. 

3 Charles G. Finney, b. 8 Aug., 1849; d. 23 Sept., 1864. 

4 Rebecca L. Finney, b. 11 April, 1855; m. 12 Sept., 1877, 

O. S. Campbell. 

5 Wm. Bw. Finney, b. 3 Jan., 1858. 

G Stephen L. Finney, b. 11 March, 1860. 
iv Stephen Leroy, b. 13 May, 1823; m. Easebia Fravel. 
Was engaged with his brother A. V. in the wool and 
commission business In Chicago, but is now in V. Ch. 
1 AUle Bartholomew, m. a Mr. Bryant ; res. V. ; two sons 
died young. 
V John, b. 26 Feb., 1825; d. 25 Sept., 1826. 


vi Lacinda Dnisilla, b. in Lafayette 10 April, I8S0 ; m. in V. 
4 Feb., 1851, Wm. Powell, who was b. in Charlotte, Vt., 
17 April, 1829. He is proprietor of the Valparaiso 
Woollen Mills and of a large wheat farm in Red River 
Valley, Minn ; res. Valparaiso. Ch. 

1 Frank L. Powell, >b. 9 Oct., 1851; ( d. 19 Nov., 1852. 

2 Fred*k O. Powell, > twins. i res. Atlantic, Iowa. 
8 George W. Powell, b. 9 May, 1853; res. V. 

4 Wilber F. Powell, b. 21 April, 1856 ; d. 24 March, 1857. 

5 Charles F. Powell, b. 7 Oct., 1861; d. 4 Jane, 1864. 

6 Myron H. Powell, b. 12 May, 1867 ; res. V. • 

7 Loaie M. Powell, b. 7 Mar., 1869. 

8 Grey Powell, b. 2 Oct., 1871 ; d. 81 July, 1872. 

35 John^ (Joseph^ ^ Daniel^ ^) bom in Pennsylvania 
about 1792 ; roarried in Indiana, in 1814, Nancy 
McEnaught; and died in Spencer, Ind., in 1827. She 
married, second, in 1829, James Weaver, and died in 
1830, leaving a son, Robert Weaver. 

Mr. Bartholomew was a farmer, settling soon after his 
marriage in Spencer, Owen Co., Ind. Children : 

i Pamelia,* b. 11 June, 181G; m. 8 June, 1837, Albert 

Dawson, hotel proprietor and a stock dealer in Sherman, 
Texas. Ch. 

1 James* Dawson, b. 23 Oct., 1838; d. 

2 John B. Dawson, b. 16 Sept., 1840; m. Jan., 1866, 

Mary B. Dishon. Druggist in Lexington, 111. Ch. 

(1) Lizzie' and (2) Walter Dawson. 

8 Mary Dawson, b.25 May, 1842; m. July, 1864, Rev. 

L. S. Cornell, State Superintendent of Schools in Colo. ; 

res. Denver. Ch. (1) Cora, (2) Laura, (3) William 

and (4) Clark Cornell. 
4 Martha Dawson, b. 16 Jan., 1844; d. 

C Nancy E. Dawson, b. 30 Nov., 1844; m. Feb., 1863, Dr. 

John McCoy; res. Kansas City, Mo. Ch. (1) Bertha, 

(2) Daisy and (3) Herbert McCoy. 

6 Cynthia A. Dawson, h. 22 April, 1849; d. 

7 Samuel M. Dawson, b. 25 Sept., 1853; m. 16 Dec, 1869, 

Belvedere Casey; stock raiser at liocky Point, Ind. 
Tcr. ; one child Edma. 


8 Albert W. Dawson, b. 11 Feb., 1855; engineer at 

Sherman, Texas. 

9 John M. Dawson, b. 22 May, I860; d. 
10 Pamelia Dawson, b. 14 Feb., 1862; d. 

ii Martha, b. 1818 ; m. Rev. S. S. Wright, a minister 

at Pleasant Hill, Neb. Ch. 1 Emma F., 2 Pamelia A., 
3 Mary £. and 4 Samoel A. Wright. 

62 III Joseph, b. 16 Jan., 1820; res. Fayette, Utah. 

63 It George Marston, b. 25 Jaly, 1825; res. Palmyra, Iowa. 

V Christiana, m. Daniel Curtlss, a carpenter and builder 
I of Lexington. Ch. 1 John, 2 Jay, 8 Martha, 4 Adeline, 

5 Charles and 6 Edward Curtiss. 
vl Elizabeth, d. in infancy. 

36 Marston Clark^ (Joseph^, Daniel\) bom in 
Charlestowii, Iiid., 16 March, 1806; married, 15 May, 
1828, Mary Hopkins; and died in Lodi, Wis., 8 Jan., 
1881, aged 74. She was born 20 Feb., 1805, and still 
resides in Lodi, aged 78. 

Mr. Bartholomew was many years a farmer and trap* 
per, and for some time a merchant in Clarksville, 111. 
He moved to Lexington, III., in 1831, and in 1845 settled 
in Lodi, Wis., where he raised, with the assistance of a 
strolling Indian, the first house in the town and where he 
spent the balance of his life, with the exception of two 
years spent after the age of fifty-five in defence of his 
country, where he was wounded, from which he never en- 
tirely recovered. Children : 

I A son,* d. 12 May, 1829. 

il Christiana, b. 22 June, 1880; m. Aug., 1851, Homer 

C. Maynard of L. Ch. 1 Emina*, 2 Amelia, 3 Adah, 4 
John, 5 Herbert, G Lilly and 7 Ernie Maynard. 

Ill Nancy Elizabeth, b. 25 Aug., 1832; m. 15 Jan., 185G, Philip 
Ringsdorff of L. Ch. 

1 Mary I. Ringsdorff, b. 6 May, 1858. 

2 Anna B. Ringsdorff, b. 3 Oct., 1862. 

3 Warren M. Ringsdorff, b. 26 Feb., 1867. 

4 Minnie E. Ringsdorff, b. 80 Sept., 18G9. 

64 Iv Robert Newton, b. 8 Oct., 1834; res. Lodi, Wis. 

V A son, d. 21 Dec, 1836. 


66 Yi Joseph Merriman, b. 26 Dec, 1887; res. Lodi, Wis. 

Yli Mary Catherine, b. 6 April, 1840; m. Jan., 1861, Anson 

Ackeman; res. Falrberg, Neb. Ch. 1 Eva, 2 Emery 

and 8 Elizabeth Ackeman. 
vlil John Marston, b. 6 Sept., 1842; killed In U. S. army 28 

Aug., 1861, at Bull Ran. 

37 George McEnaught^ (Joseph^ ^ Daniel},) born in 
CharlestowHy Ind., 12 March, 1812; married at Bloom- 
ington. 111., 4 Dec, 1833, Susan C. Hefner. 

Residence, Lodi, Wis. Surveyor and justice of the 
peace. Children : 

I Catherine E11z*h^, b. 7 Sept., 1834; m. 8 July, 1851, James 

McCload, merchant of Lodi ; four children. 

II Barbara Jennie, b. 20 June, 1886 ; m. 8 May, 1855, G. C. 

Cleghoni, merchant of Louisville, Nob; five children, 
ill George N., b. 17 July, 1838; d. 5 Oct., 1838. 

Iv Mary Adeline, b. 30 March, 1841 ; m. 18G0, £. B. Wall, 

merchant of Lodi. 
▼ Joseph M., b. 17 June, 1843; m. June, 1879, Mary 

Moorman in St. Louis ; res. Red Oak, la. He was a Ueot. 

In the lute war, now a successAil attorney-at-law. 
vl Josephine, b. 80 April, 1846; m. 29 Oct., 1866, W. 

H. Chapln of Tecumseh, Johnson Co., Neb. 
vll Minerva, b. 6 Jan., 1849; d. 6 Sept., 1852. 

vlli George A., b. 3 March, 1852; went to the Black 

Hills In 1877, and Is supposed to have been klUed, as he 
* was never heard Arom. 
ix Maria Ellen, b. 19 June, 1854 ; m. 31 Dec, 1877, L. K. 

Loose, a lawyer of Stoughton, Wis. 
z James Isaac, b. 24 Jan., 1857; m. 18 Nov., 1882, Ella 

Tabor. He is the pastor of the M. E. Church of New 

Lisbon, Wis. 

38 James Curry^ (Joseph?, Daniel},) married in 
1841, Mary McKnaught. (See No. 13.) 

Residence, Lodi, Wis. Has been in the stock and hotel 
business. Children : 

i Harriet,* m. 1865, T. D. Baton ; res. York, Pa. 
11 Sarah, res. Lodi, Wis. 


ill Joseph F., m. 1878, Anna Watson ; res. Mazomanie, Wis. 

iv Francis, m. 1878, C. H. Obreight; res. Lodi; one child, 

y Walter, b. about 1863 ; res. Lodi. 

39 William Milton^ {Joseph^ ^ Daniel} i) born ia 
CharlestowDy Ind., 9 May, 1821 ; married, at Lexington, 
III., 2 Jan., 1842, Frances Mary Goddard. 

He is a druggist in Lodi, Wis. Children : 

i Francis Elizabeth,^ b. 7 Oct., 1848; m. 13 July, 1864, L. F. 
Warner; res. Lodi. Ch. 1 Fred. M.,* 2 Wm. B., 8 Er- 
nest G., 4 Edith F., 5 Bonnie and 6 Theo L. Warner. 

ii Lydia Elvira, b. 11 Oct., 1845; d. 4 Oct., 1849. . 

Hi Sarah Juliette, b. 13 Feb., 1848; m. 17 Dec, 1874, H. W. 
Dunning; res. Oak Park, III. 

iv WilUatn A., b. 8 Nov., 1851; m. 26 Dec, 1876, Mary 

C. Buchanan ; res. L. Ch. 

1 Charles Howk Buchanan, b. 27 Oct., 1877. 

2 Carroll Shaw Buchanan, b. 10 Aug., 1879. 

v Ann Mary, b. 27 April, 1854 ; m. 28 Oct., 1875, T. C. 

Stone ; res. Augusta, Wis. Ch. 1 Milton and 2 Hattie F. 

vl EvaL., b. 17 July, 1856. 

vii Angela Dell, b. 5 March, 1860. 

40 John Schumaker^ {Andrew Flic?, Abrahaw?, 
John^^) born in Schoharie Co.,N. Y., 19 Feb., 1810 ; mar- 
ried 2 March, 1830, his cousin, Harriett Cena Bartholo- 
mew. (See No. 16.) 

Mr. Bartholomew has been a farmer in Greene C!o., 
N. Y., Huron Co., O., Dekalb Co., Ind., Paulding, O., 
and Allen Co., Ind. ; residing in the latter place for tho 
last thirty-four years. Children : 

i Jerusha Orllla,* b. 6 Aug., 1829; m. 14 July, 1847, Jno. 
McCreery ; res. Diamond Springs, Mich. He served one 
year in the last war. Ch. 

1 Harriett* C. McCreery, b. 23 June, 1848 ; d. 2 March, 1849. 

2 David E. McCreery, b. 4 Feb., 1850. 

3 Pauline A. McCreery, b. 15 July, 1862; m. 7 Nov., 1880, 

O. B. Wakeman of D. S. 


ii Louisa Catherine, b. 5 April, 1832; m. 8 Feb., 1850, Myron 

W. Brush, who d. 17 June, ; res. HicksvUle, Ohio. 

Farmer. Ch. 

1 Winfield S. Brush, b. 1 Oct, 1852; d. 24 April, 1877. 

2 Jno. Wesley Brush, b. 14 Aug., 1854; m. S. £. McCor- 

mick. Sod (1) Clarence^ 
8 Wm. Hollas Brush, b. 17 Sept., 1855; d. 6 March, 1879. 

4 Harriet M. Brush, b. 19 March, 1859; d. 1 Dec, 1865. 

5 LuellaP. Brush, b. 29 Nov., 1861; d. 27 Dec, 1861. 

6 BenonaGeo. Z. Brush, b. 8 Nov., 1862; res. Hlcksyille. 

7 Zach*y M. Brush, b. 11 March, 1864. 

8 Lettle A. Brush, b. 9 Oct., 1868. 

9 Cora E. Brush, b. 27 Feb., 1870. 
10 Chloe M. Brush, b. 12 Nov., 1872. 

iil Almena Satilla, b. 1 Mar., 1834; m. 8 April, 1854, 

Adam Driver; res. Hall's Comer, Ind. Ch. 

1 John 8. Driver, b. 18 Jan., 1855; m. 81 March, 1881, 

Martua M. Price. 

2 Harriett Driver, b. 6 March, 1858 ; m. 2 Oct., 1879, Jacob 

E. Killain. 
8 AdellaS. Driver, b. 13 Dec, 1865. 
iv Rachel Hoagland, b. 4 April, 1835; m. 18 Aug., 1858, 
Isaac Newton GorrcU, who was bom 31 March, 1838; 
res. Hall's Comer, Ind. Ch. 

1 AUie P. QorreU, b. 22 May, 1858. 

2 Alfarettal. Gorrell, b. 21 Aug., 1860; m. 16 June, 1879, 

Ira L. Driver. 

8 Ilattie S. Gorrell, b. 6 June, 1862. 

4 Mllo Riddle Gorrell, b. 28 Dec, 1868; teacher in Hall's 


6 Melandon L. GorreU, > ^^^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ 

6 Myron C. GorreU, 5 * ' 

7 Allen C. Gorrell, b. 13 June, 1869. 

8 Pauline E. Gorrell, b. 10 Mar., 1871; d. 26 Jan., 1872. 

9 Lena S. Gorrell, b. 20 Feb., 1878. 

10 Angelia W. Gorrell, b. 6 Aug., 1875. 

11 LiUie A. Gorrell, b. 7 April, 1877. 

12 Osie Una M. Gorrell, b. 81 May, 1880. 

V Pauline Harriett, b. 2 April, 1837 ; m. 21 Feb., 18G6, Peter 
Mettert, who was in the war of 1861. Is a farmer of 
Hicksvllle, Ohio. Ch. 

1 Pamelia L. Mettert, b. 12 Aug., 18G8. 

2 Toy Alzada Mettert, b. 8 Dec, 1870. 

3 Florence A. Mettert, b. 6 May, 1873; d. 8 June, 1876. 



4 William Hollas Mettert, b. 21 May, 1878. 
vi John Henry, b. 9 Nov., 1840; m. 2 March, 1859, Jane 

Eliza Maynard, who was b. 29 Aug., 1843; was in the 
U. S. army one year ; res. Antwerp, O. Ch. 

1 William H. Bartholomew, b. 9 Jan., 1861. 

2 Elmer E. Bartholomew, b. Mar., 1868; d.Mar., 1864. 
8 Henry U. S. G. Bartholomew, b. Aug., 1864; d. May, 1880. 

Yii Chloe Knapp, b. 15 Jan., 1842; res. Hall*s Corner. 

Tiii Sally Ma., b. 24 Aug., 1845; d. 8 March, 1847. 

ix Zachary Taylor, b. 10 May, 1848; m. 21 Oct., 1871, 

Angelia 8. Moore; res. H. C. Ch. 
1 Charles A. Bartholomew, b. in April, 1876. 
X Geo. Wash*nlnd'nce, b. 4 July, 1851 ; m. 8 Nov., 1872, Sarah 

Jane BriUhart, who d. 28 Jan., 1876; res. Hall's Comer. 

1 Alatia S. Bartholomew, b. 25 Sept., 1874. 

2 Myrtle M. Bartholomew, b. 26 July, 1875 ; d. May, 1876. 

41 Robert Taylor* {John^j Jacol?^ Johv},) born 15 
Feb., 1789; married, 2 Nov., 1806, Ann Dubois, and 
died 13 May, 1831. She was bom 31 Aug., 1785, and 
died 22 Apr., 1860, aged 74. 

Mr. Baitholomew was a farmer and lumberman in Union, 
N. Y. Children : 

i Archibald,^ b. 8 Feb., 1808; m., 25 Nov., 1826, May Loomis. 
Res. Union. Ch. 

1 Caroline* Bartholomew, b. 3 Oct., 1827. 

2 John Bartholomew, b. 16 Nov., 1829. 
8 Mary Ann Bartholomew, b. 8 Aug., 1832. 

4 Henry Bartholomew, b. 12 Jane, 1886. 

5 Charles Bartholomew, b. 1 Jan., 1888. 

6 George Bartholomew, b. 20 Oct., 1841. 

7 Irene Bartholomew, b. 20 Not., 1844. 

8 Dell Bartholomew, b. Jane, 1848. 

9 Cornelia Bartholomew, b. 21 Oct., 1854. 

ii Catherine, b. 12 Aug., 1809; m., 2 Nov., 1825, Henry Mer- 
cereau; d. 7 Jane 1880, in Union, where the family reside. 
1 Charles Mercereau, b. 27 Feb., 1827 ; m., 5 Feb., 1855, Julia 
A. Keeler. Merchant in Fulton, 111. Ch. (1) Grace^, (2) 
Catherine and (3) Charles, 
ill Caroline, b. 21 Sept., 1811 ; d. 30 Oct., 1826. 
iv John D., b. 8 Feb., 1813; d. between 1863-6. Ch. 

1 Robert Bw., res. Windsor, N. Y. 
V Charles, b. 18 Aug., 1815; d. in infancy. 


42 David Bush^ {Johvf, Jaccfj^, John\) borninBing- 
hampton, N, Y,, 9 June, 1799; married, 22 Apr., 1820, 
Kate McConnell, and died in Elgin, IIL, 15 Jan., 1867. 
She was born 3 July, 1800, and died in Elgin, 15 July, 

He was a millwright, moving from Yates Co., N. Y., to 
Elgin, 111., in 1855. Children : 

i Fannie,^ b. 19 Mar., 1821; m. Plummer; res. 

St. Charles, III. 

II Louis S., b. 30 June, 1823; d. S Nov., 1883. 

III Carolines., b. 25 Apr., 1826; m. Plummer; res. 

Grafton, Cal. 

iv Warren, b. 21 Feb., 1828; m., 1 May, 1858, Jane 

Lowe. Hotel proprietor, Elgin. Cli. 1 Hattle,* 2 Delphlne, 
8 Charles £. (d.), 4 D.B. (d.), 5 Jenny Bartholomew (d.). 

V Elizabeth, b. 12 Mar., 1880; m. Clark ; res. Black* 

berry. 111. 

vl Elsey Lockwood, b. July, 1832 ; m. Ellis ; d. Apr., 18d3. 

vil Ann Vaulleu, b. 14 Oct., 1884; m. Allen; res. Wall 

Lake, Iowa. Ch. 1 Lettle, b. 22 May, 1869, and 2 Fanny 
M. Allen, b. 17 Feb., 1872. 

vili Mary Jane, b. 13 Apr., 1837; m. Stringer; res. El- 

gin, Illinois. 

ix Robert Taylor, b. 8 June, 1839 ; res. Parkersburg, Iowa. 

43 Abraham Coryell^ {Johnny Jacob^, John^,) born 
in Binghampton, N. Y., 13 Aug., 1801 ; married ; and died 
in 1836, in Dundee, Yates Co., N. Y., where he resided. 

Was a millwright. Children : 

1 Albert G.,'^ b. G July, 1825. Is a mlllwriglit in Dundee. 

Ch. 1 Lorenzo" of D. ; 2 Velnette, m. ; res. Ottawa, Kan. 

and 3 Corah Bartholomew, set. about 12. 
ii George B., b. 13 July, 1827; m., 7 June, 1848, Margaret 

Austin ; formerly a merchant, now Justice of the Peace and 

collecting agent in Carson City, Mich, 
iii Esther Ann, b. 28 July, 1829; m., 14 Apr., 1849, Albert A. 

Ayrcs, engineer and millwright in liushville, N. Y. Ch. 

1 Wilson U. Ayrcs, b. 28 Jan., 1852. Druggist in Uushville. 

2 Frank C. Ayres, b. 28 July, 1855. Dentist, Naples, N. Y. 


8 Raymond Allen Bartholomew, b. 4 Jaly, 1874. 

Ill Lavesa M.,rM* Geneva, O. 

Iv Lavinia, m. Nelson Smith ; res. Geneva. No issue. 

V Adelde, m. 1st, Andros Dilceman; res. G. Cb. 

1 Edgar Dikeman, res. Moorhead, Minn. ; had a dan. d. SBt. 4. 

Yi Alzada, m. Ist, Homer Wheeler, 2nd, Mr. Luce; res. Ge- 
neva ; daughter Raphella. 

vii Lemnel, b. 26 Dec, 1886; m., 14 Dec, 1868, Mary L.Blan- 
chard. Mr. B. graduated at Springfield, Pa. and Oberlin, 
O., Colleges. Is a successftil land agent in Charlevoix, 
Mich., also "manager of its schools" and Judge of its 
court* Ch. 

1 Vlnnie Blanche Bartholomew, b. 9 July, 1871. 

2 Winnlflred Madge Bartholomew, b. 8 Feb., 1876. 
8 Forest Bartholomew, b. 7 Apr., 1879. 

45 CJyrus^ {DanieP, Joseph^, Johv},) born 14 Mar., 
1802 ; married, 16 Oct., 1824, Mercy Lockwood, and died 
13 Sept., 1872. She was born 1 Sept., 1806, and died 
23 Aug., 1869. 

He was a resident of Perry, Lake Co., O. Children : 

i Anna,^ b. Oct., 1825; m., 1851, Justin Simons; res. Mich. 

1 Ida* Simons, m. Alien Sampson ; res. Mich, 
ii Daniel, b. 1 Feb., 1826; m. ; two ch; res. Mich, 
iii Franklin, b. 13 Dec, 1827; m. Cynthia Rice ; d. 2 July, 18G4. 

Four children, 
iv Livona, b. 6 Apr., 1829; m. Geo. Tyler; res. Mich. Ch. 1 

Cynthia (m. Danbury), 2 Mary (in. Danbury), 

and 3 Mary Tyler (m. Foster). 

T Lodema, b. in 1880 ; m. Geo Russell ; res Mich. 
Yi Matilda, b. 5 June, 1832; m. in 1851, Harmon Pancoast; rea. 
Geneva, O. Ch. 1 OrvlUe (m. Amaranth Young; res. G.) 

and 2 Eklith Pancoast (ra. Jackson; d. In 1881). 

yU Luther, b. 4 Sept., 1835; m., 18 Nov., 18G0, Emily Quick; 

res. Geneva. 
vlU Martha, b. Aug. , 1837 ; m. Jesse Perry ; res. Perry. One dao. 
ix Lavem, b. 2 May, 1839 ; m. Geo. Guthrie ; res. Mich. Four 

X Lucy, b. 23 Dec, 1840; m. Benj. Perry; res. Perry. 
^i xVlbcrt, b. 6 Miiy, 1842; m. Elizabeth Holiday; res. Perry. 
Four children. 


xli Albion, b. 5 May, 1844; m. Fanny Kent; d. 21 Jaly, 1864, 

in U. S. A. 
xliiBenJamin, b. Mar., 1846; res'd in Perry; d. 1865, in U. S. A. 

46 Robert^ (DanieP^ Joseph^y Johv}^) born in Har- 
perafieldy O., 12 Apr., 1805; married, in 1831, Mary 
Clarke, who was born 13 Apr., 1813. 

Mr. Bartholomew removed from Geneva, O. , to Reynolds, 
Ind., in 1849, and recently to Monticello, Ind. Children : 

i Jalianna,^b. 12 Oct., 1834; m. in 1862, Geo. McEwen; res. 

Aledo, III. 
ii AUnina, b. 8 Aug., 1836; m. in (1855 ?), Noah Reddish; d. 

29 Aag., 1880. Ch. 

1 Ellen M.* Reddish, b. 26 Dec, 1857; m. Alex. L. Tapper. 

2 Frank E. Reddish, b. 13 July, 1860. 

3 Ida May Reddish, b. 10 July, 1862. 

4 Chas. B. Reddish, b. 2 Sept., 1868. 

5 Cora J. Reddish, b. 1 Aug., 1875. 

ill Ellen, b. 17 Dec, 1843; d. 22 Nov., 1844. 

47 Riley Lucas^ (Benjamin^ ^ Benjamivfy John}^) 
born in Harpersfield, Ohio, 30 May, 1807 ; married 9 
April, 1829, Fanny A. Watkins, who was born in H. 
13 May, 1811. 

General Bartholomew was for years high sheriif of 
Ashtabula Co., O., and held the rank of general in the 
Ohio militia. He has been state representative and sen- 
ator in Minn., where he still resides on his fine farm at 
Kichfield, Hennepin Co. 

Through his preservation of family lore much has been 
saved concerning his family that would otherwise have 
been lost. (See likeness on page 127.) Children : 

i America AImeda^ b. 17 July, 1832; m. 22 Aug., 1855, Geo 
N. Fropper; res. Kansas City, Mo. Ch. 1 Glddings*, 
2 Carl, 8 George, and 4 Nellie Propper. 


ii Virginia Vandalia, b. 19 Feb., 1836; m. 19 June, ld55, Ed- 
gar Nash. He is solicitor for the Masonic Life Insur- 
ance Company of the United States. Cb. 
1 Nellie Nash, m. 17 May, 1882, Reuben Wood of firm of 
Wood & Bosworth; 2 Fred, 8 Carrie and 4 Jennie 
Belle Nash, 
iii Wlnfleld Wallace, b. 18 March, 1889 ; m. 18 March, 1867, 

Mary E. McCabe; d. 18 July, 1882. 
iv Rollin Hopkins, b. 2 July, 1841; m. 6 March, 1863, Mary 
£. Springstead. Government inspector at Minneapolis, 
Minn. Ch. 1 Theron, 2 Birdsey, 3 R6y and 4 Mattie 

48 Nelson Bishop^ (Benjamin? y Benjamiv?^ Johv}^) 
born in Geneva, O., 28 June, 1814; married 20 Jan,, 
1841, Charlotte Bartholomew. (See No. 27.) Residence, 
Cresco, la. Children : 

1 Fidelia Loaisa^ b. 4 March, 1842; m. Geo. W. Pearce; 

res. Brooking, Dak. Ter. Ch. 1 Herbert Erwin* (d.)» 2 
Etta Belle, 8 Elma C. and 4 Arthur Roy Pearce. 

ii Benjamin Lafayette, b. 28 Feb., 1844; d. 

iii John Curtiss, b. 22 Sept., 1846; m. Mary Lucinda; 

res. Harlem, 111. Ch. 1 Sarah Charlotte, 2 Martha Fi- 
delia, 3 Nelson Harvey and 4 Etta May Bartholomew. 

\y Eugene Palmer, b. 6 Aug., 1840, in Harlem, 111. 

V Harry Lucas, b. 16 Dec, 1851; m. . Ch. 1 

Erwln B., 2 Roy L., and 3 Francis E. Bartholomew. 

Ti George Bishop, b. 12 June, 1854 ; d. 

49 Alfred^ {Benjamin? y Benjamiv?y John^^) born in 
Geneva, O., in 1824; married in Oct., 1843, Emily E. 
Pratt, who was born in 1823 in Say brook, Ct. Resi- 
dence, Placerville, California. Children : 

i Selden^ b. 14 June, 1844; m. 15 July, 1865, Ella M. 
Snow; and d. at F. 20 Feb., 1873; was a druggist. Ch. 
1 Clarence A.^, and 2 Seth S. Bartholomew. 

ii Francis E.,b. 15 May, 1846; m. Jno. Russ; druggist, Oak- 
land, Cal. Son Raymond. 

iii EllaN., b. 15 June, 1848; artist; has resided several 
years in Dresden, Germany. 


50 Artellus Valerius^ {Jeremiah^, Johr?, Daniel},) 
born ill Hopewell, Licking Co.,0.,26Nov.,1818 ; married 
in Valparaiso 4 April, 1844, Elizabeth Stevens, who was 
born in Oxfordshire, Eng., and died 26 Oct., 1862, He 
married second, in Valparaiso, Emma Binney Marshall, 
who was born in London, Eng., 26 Dec, 1830. 

Mr. Bartholomew was a farmer previous to 1850, when 
he engaged in merchandising in Valparaiso for a couple 
of years, after which he continued farming again, until 

That year he formed a partnership with M. L. McClel- 
lan in the dry goods business in the store previously built 
by him and still occupied by him in that business. 

In 1866 they sold to the Valparaiso Wool Manufactur- 
ing Company, he becoming a director and the president 
of the company. In 1873 he, in connection with his 
brother Stephen L. and S. R. Bryant, opened a wool and 
commission business in the city of Chicago. Two years 
after he closed out his mercantile interests and again de- 
voted himself to his farm for a few years. In 1877 he 
again opened a dry goods business in his storehouse in 
Valparaiso, where he has been ever since. He has served 
for many years as a commissioner of his county and as 
trustee of the Presbyterian church ; has also represented 
his district in the state legislature. 

He is a successful business man and a valued member 
of society. Children : 

57 i William MelancthoQ*, b. 7 April, 1845; res. Arlington 

Heights, Illinois. 
11 Mary Ann, b. 7 AprU, 1847; m. 23 June, 1869, 

J. B. MarshaU; d. 20 Nov., 1871. 
lii Flnetta Athalia, b. 1 July, 1849; m. 12 Sept., 1878, 

Emmett Simmons ; res. V. 
iv Angeline Rebecca, b. 27 Oct., 1851; res. V. 

V Martha Emery, b. 13 March, 1854 ; m. 9 June, 1881 ; 

res. 411 N. 4th St, St. Louis. 


vi Geo. Finney, b. 14 Feb., 1857; cashier Fanners' 

National Bank in Y. 
Tii Walter Scott, b. 8 May, 1860; d. 5 Aug., 1868. 

Till Ida Elizabeth, b. 16 Oct, 1862; d. 27 July, 1864. 

51 Gtoorge Washington^ (e7eremmA,'e7(>An',2>anter,) 
born in Hopewell, O., 30 Nov.^ 1820; married 22 Mar., 
1849, Caroline Stevens, who was born 19 Oct., 1827, in 
Liverpool, Eng. After her death he married 15 June, 
1860, Lomira Ketcham, and died 5 Jan., 1872. 

He was a farmer in Valparaiso, ^widely known and 
greatly beloved.** Children : 

i Elma», b. 14 Feb., 1850; m. 8 March, 1871, Daniel Dil- 
lingham ; merchant of V. Ch. 

1 Charles H. Dmingham^ b. 22 March, 1872. 

3 Minnie £. Dillingham, b. 15 Feb., 1881. 
ii Charles, b. 80 May, 1852; m. 2 July, 1874, Maggie Poor. 
Is a Chicago travelling grocery salesman. Ch. 

1 Roy Bartholomew, b. 15 Nov., 1877. 
ill Clara, d. et. 2. 
iv A dau., d. in infancy. 
y Dora, b. 20 May, 1861 ; res. Valparaiso, 
vl Artillus, b. 21 Sept., 1864; res. V. 
Tii Stillman, b. 17 Dec, 1866; d. 
▼ill Albert, b. 13 June, 1872; res. V. 

52 JoseTph^ ( Johnny Joseph^ y Daniel} j) born in Spencer, 
Ind., 16 Jan., 1820; married in Carthage, III., 10 Dec., 
1843, Polly Benson, who was bom in Bath, N. Y., 12 
Feb., 1816. 

Rev. Mr. Bartholomew moved early from Owen Co., 
Ind., to Nauvoo, 111., and thence in 1852 to Fayette, San- 
pete Co., Utah, where he still resides. Has been a teacher 
in the Mormon Church. Children : 

1 Jobn^ b. 11 Sept., 1845; m. 11 Oct., 1868, Eliza 

R. Metcalf of England. Ch. 



1 John E.' Bartholomew, b. 6 Nov., 1869. 

2 Roxy £. Bartholomew, b. 30 March, 1872. 

8 William Bartholomew, b. 26 Jan., 1874; d. Oct., 1878- 

4 Sarah Bartholomew, b. 8 Sept., 187G. 

5 Alma Bartholomew, b. 10 Oct., 1878. 

6 Joseph S. Bartholomew, b. 10 Sept., 1880. 

II Mary Keslah, b. 29 April, 1847; m. 19 April, 1865, John 

E. Metcalf ; res. F. 

III Joseph, b. 5 Jan., 1850; m. 27 Jan., 1871, Emma 

M. Millor of England. Ch. 

1 Joseph W. Bartholomew, b. 19 May, 1878. 

2 Amasa F. Bartholomew, b. 5 Sept., 1874. 

3 Elhi M. Bartholomew, b. 18 March, 1877; d. Aug., 1877. 

4 Emma F. Bartholomew, b. 19 Sept., 1878. 

5 Wm. F. Bartholomew, b. 22 May, 1881. 

iv George Mars ton, b. 5 Nov., 1851; is a minister in the 

Mormon Charch. 
V Elizabeth Almira, >b. 25 July, 1854; ^ ni. Wm. Bowen, jr. 
vi Eliza Elvira, 5 twins; ( m. James Mellor, Jr. 

vil Wm. Orange, b. 6 Sept., 1856; d. 24 Aprtl, 1873. 

vili James Orson, b. 29 Dec, 1858. 

53 George Marston^ {Johnny Jos^h^, Daniel},) born 
in Spencer, Ind., 25 Jnly, 1825; married in Lexington, 
111., 27 July, 1849, Mary Flesher, who was born in Ohio, 
3 March, 1833. 

Mr. Bartholomew moved in 1852 to Warren Co., Ind., 
where he has been a prominent merchant for many years. 
Residence, Palmyra. Children : 

i Wm. Newton*, b. 3 Sept., 1850; m. 20 June, 1873, Belle 
Payne. Cli. i Nora^ 2 lola and 3 Nellie Bartholomew. 

ii Laura, b. 14 Feb., 1853; m. 5 April, 1874, J. W. 

Morris. Ch. 1 Claude and 2 Joseph Morris. 




. 23 Dec. 

, 1855 ; 

res. Leadville, Colo. 




1 July, 



4 March, 

1880, Mary I. 

Igon ; 


Ida Grove, Iowa. 




16 Nov., 

, 1861. 




20 Feb., 


vii Minnie, 


12 April, 



54 Robert Newton^ {Marston Claris, Joseph^, Dan- 
tel\) born 8 Oct., 1834 ; married, 2 Dec, 1855, Priscilla 
Barker Ells, who was born 30 Sept., 1836. 

Residence, Lodi, Wis. Farmer. Children : 

1 Maraton Clark,* b. 7 Oct., 1856; m., 29 Feb., 1880, Edith J. 
Bisbee. Ch. 
1 Adeline P.* Bartholomew, b. 18 Apr., 1881. 
ii Martha Ellen, b. 11 Oct., 1858. 
ill Mary Dorens, b. 26 Oct., 1862. 
iv Ransom Gilbert, b. 25 Jane, 1864. 
V Albert Grant, b. 22 Mar., 1867. 
vi NeUie Maud, b. 30 Oct., 1868. 
vil John Barker, b. 20 Sept., 1870. 

55 Joseph Merriman^ (Marston Clark?, Jostph^^ 
Daniel^,) born 26 Dec, 1837; mamed, 20 July, 1858, 

Mr. Bartholomew has been the town clerk of Lodi, Wis. , 
for ten years. Is now express agent. Residence at Lodi. 

Children : 

i llarlon L.,* b. about 1862. 
ii Marston A., b. about 1804. 
iii Mollie M., b. about 18G8. 

57 William Melancthon^ (Artellus Valeritt^y Jere- 
miah\ Johnny) born 7 Apr., 1845; married in Leipzig, 
Germany, 3 July, 1877, M. E. Kori, who was born in 
Leipzig, 22 Feb., 1858. 

Rev. Mr. Bartholomew graduated at Princeton College, 
N. J., 28 June, 1^70; studied theology at Union Theo- 
logical Seminary, N. Y., graduating in May, 1873. 

He went abroad in the June following, studying at the 
University of Leipzig during the years 1S74 and 1875. 


lu Sept., 1875, he returned to America and settled at 
Arlington Heights, III., in the succeeding November. In 
June, 1877, he returned to Europe and, after bis marriage, 
made an extended tour. Returning to America, he was 
ordained and installed by the Presbytery of Chicago, at 
Arlington Heights, 7 May, 1878 ; where he still continues 
as pastor. (See likeness on page 127.) One child. 

1 Ada Elizabeth,^ b. 26 May, 1878. 









1 Benjamin^ may have been brother of John, Daniel 
and Jacob (see page 459) and Henry (see page 535). 
Tradition says he was born in Holland or Germany. He 
was a wheelwright and resided in Coventry, Chester Co., 
Pa., at the time of his death in 1760; where his widow, 
Catherine Bartholomew, petitions the conrt to grant ad- 
ministration "to John Paul, yeoman, of Vincent, Chester 
Co., Pa., principal creditor," on the estate of her "deceased 
husband, Benjamin Bartholomew, late of Coventry." "That 
he will do justice by mo and my children." Letters of 
administration were granted to John Paul, 5 Nov., 1760. 
The estate was divided as follows : one-third to the widow, 
two shares to the eldest son and a share each "to the five 
younger children." 

The following are supposed to have been his children. 
Daniel, Jacob and Jonathan are known to have been broth- 
ers ; their father was a wheelwright of Chester Co., named 
Benjamin, who came from the borders of France and Ger- 
many and died during their boyhood. John lived in the 
town of Coventry where Benjamin died, and every indi- 
cation points to his having l)een a son of Benjamin. 

Daniel,* b. about 1740; was killed in the Revolution. 

Jacob, b. about 1743; il. In 1813, ait. 70. 

John» b. about 1745; d. about 1782. 

Jonathan, m. Elizabeth Uothcrmcl ; res. in Berks Co. 











2 DanieP (Benjamin}^) born about 1740 ; married 
Anna Maria Singmaster. 

Mr. Bartholomew removed soon after his father's death 
from Chester to Bucks Co., Pa. ; residing at Strawntown 
in Haycock Township, one mile from Applebachsville. 

He, as well as all of the different branches of this family, 
was originally of the German Reformed Church. He was 
a soldier in the Continental Army and was killed in 1779 
by an army wagon he was driving, passing over him. 

His will made 5 Jan., 1777, proven 6 Mar., 1779, names 
his wife Hannah and John Ludwick as executors, and 
devises his property to his widow during her life, and at 
her decease to be divided among his children share and 
share alike. Children : 

6 i John Adam,^ b. 5 Au^., 1769; d. 17 May, 1855, set. 86. 

7 il Benjamin, b. 28 Dec, 1770; d. 21 Jane, 1863, set. 92. 

8 iii John, b. ab. 1771-2 ; d. In Northumberland Co., Pa. 
iv Elizabeth, b. 11 May, 1773; m. Moses Marstellar, and 

d. in Center Valley, Bucks Co., 7 Oct., 1874, set. 101 years, 
4 months and 26 days. She was the only centenarian 
bom a Bartholomew that Is known ; although many have 
nearly attained that great age. Her life was that of a 
quiet farmer's wife, enjoying excellent health until a short 
time previous to her death, when she was attacked by 
apoplexy. She was born before the nation, lived to see it 
pass all its struggles for existence and enter upon the last- 
ing peace now promised. Ch. 

1 John P.« Marstellar, b. 24 Oct., 1804; d. 22 Feb., 1854. 

2 Joseph Marstellar, d. in Eastern Pa., in 1879. 

3 Mary M. Marstellar, b. 26 Aug., 1808; res. Center Valley. 

4 Jesse Marstellar, b. in 1809; d. in C, 25 Dec, 1875. 

5 Tliomas Marstellar, b. 6 Jan., 1812; res. Leithsville, Pa. 

9 V Daniel, b. 21 Dec, 1774 ; d. in 1862, set. 88. 
vi Anna Catherine, b. 14 Jan., 1777; bap. 29 Mar., 1777. 

3 Jacob^ {Benjamin},) born in Chester Co., Pa., about 
1743; married a Miss Stein, and died in 1813, aged 70 
(gravestone). She survived her husband but a few years. 


Mr. Bartholomew was a wheelwright and moved early 
from Chester Co. to Milford Township, Bucks Co., Pa., 
where all of his children were born. Of the German Re- 
formed Church. His estate was admitted to probate, 21 
Oct. , 1813 ; his sons Henry and Andreas being made admin- 
istrators. Nearly all of his descendants live in or near 
Trumbaursville, Bucks Co., Fa. Children : 

10 i Henry,' b. 20 Sept., 1783; d. in Dec, 1873, CBt. 90. 

U Andreas, m. in 1816, Sarah Barringer, and died in Milford 
Township, in 1884, when his estate was administered by 
Joseph Hlllegoss. Ch. 

1 Henry* Bartholomew, died young. 

2 Andreas Bartholomew, died yonng. 

3 Daniel Bartholomew, m. ; res. Rlchlandtown, Pa. 

4 Eliza Bartholomew, deceased. 

5 Sarah Bartholomew, deceased. 

6 Mary Bartholomew, d. 

7 Hannah Bartholomew, m. ; children. 

iil Jacob, b. 1788 ; m. in 1816, Sarah Rodenbnsh, and died in 
1843, in Milford, where his estate was probated. Ch. 

1 Maria Bartholomew, b. 1820; m., 1843, Henry Boyer. 

2 Cordelia Bartholomew, b. 1825; m., 1843, A. Hlllegoss of 


3 Anne Bartholomew, b. in 1830; mj, 1853, Edw. Miller. 

4 Henry Bartholomew, b. 12 Dec, 1834; m. 16 Nov., 1868, 

Alvesta Deilty of Hanover, Pa. ; res. Bethlehem, Lehigh 
Co., Pa. Ch. (1) Alean,* b. 18 Feb., 1869; (2) Sally A., 
b. 7 Mar., 1862; m. George Kuhn; (3) a son, b. 16 Mar., 
1870; d. 19 Mar., 1870; (4) Henry W. I.,b. 14 Aug., 1871; 
(5) Jno. D., b. 26 Nov., 1873; (6) Emanuel, b. 20 June, 
1876; and (7) Robert G. Bartholomew, b. 23 Aug., 1878. 
iv George, m. ; and d. about 1834. Ch. 

1 George Bartholomew, d. in Lehigh Co., leaving a son Geo. 

2 Jacob Bartholomew ; and several daughters, 
v John, died young. 

vl Catherine, m. Henry Barringer; large family. 

vll Mary, m.Wm. Conner of Milford Sq. ; audd. in 1856. Ch. 

1 John, 2 Jacob, 3 Wm., 4 Catherine, 6 Eliza, 6 Lydia and 

7 Mary Conner, 
vlli Nancy, m. Jacob Masemer ; and d. leaving son Jacob, 
ix Daughter, m. John Heller. Ch. 1 John and 2 a daughter. 



4 John^ {Benjami'n}^) born about 1745 ; married about 
1769, Elizabeth Heatherlin, and died about 1782. She 
died in June, 1816, near Crownbach Church, Chester Co., 

Mr. Bartholomew after his marriage lived on his father- 
in-law's farm in Coventry, six or seven miles above Phoe- 
nixville. He served in the Revolutionary War as a wagon 
master; was taken prisoner, released, and, being sick, 
was sent home on a furlough. 

He returned to the army and died near the close of the 
war; just when or where, the family could never learn. 

Children : 

i Jacob,^ d. unmarried in Philadelphia. 
11 U William, b. 30 Mar., 1772; d. 11 Dec, 1853, set. 81. 

iii Mary, m. Jacob Heatherlin, res. in Bellefont, Chester Co. , 

Pa. Ch. 1 EUza,* 2 Maria and 3 Harry Heatherlin. 
iv Elizabeth, b. 26 Oct., 1776; m. in 1797, Valentine Saylor; d. 

7 May, 1858, »t. 81. He was b. 25 Jan., 1773 ; d. 25 Jan., 

1841. Ch. 

1 John Saylor, b. 8 Sept., 1797 ; m. in 1834, Mary Swine- 

heart. Ch. (1) Ellz'hS m. Wm. Fox; (2) Julia, m. John 
PoweU; (3) Mary, m. Dan*l Detwiter and (4) Harry 
Saylor, resides in Philadelphia. 

2 Mary Saylor, b. 24 Jan., 1799; m., 11 Apr., 1820, Jno. 

Munchower; and d. 24 Sept., 1839. Ch. (1) Jehu C, 
(2) Anne E., m. Jno. S. Morey; (3) John S., res. Phila. 
and (4) Harry Munchower, d. 

3 Elizabeth Saylor, b. 15 May, 1801; m. 1 Jan., 1823, Ab. 

Hubner ; and d. 

4 Hannah Saylor, b. 9 Aug., 1803; m., 17 Mar., 1822, Adam 

Schrach. Ch. (1) Mary A., m. Jno. McCoy of Phlla. ; 
(2) Eliz'h, m. Jno. Rowland of Media, Del. ; (3) Wm. of 
Norristown, Pa. ; (4) Edwin, res. W. Conshocton ; (5) 
Sarah, m. E. S. Priest, res, Phila. ; (6) Valentine, res. 
Heading; (7) Adam, res. Wilmington, Del. ; (8) Samuel, 
res. PhoBDixville ; and (9) Julia Kayen Schrach, res. 
Spring City, Pa. 

5 Ellen Saylor, b. 4 Apr., 1805; m., 31 Jau., 1828, Sam- 

uel Markiey. 


6 Ann Saylor, b. 14 Apr., 1807; m. Jacob Bartholomew. 

(See No. 12.) 

7 Sarah A. Baylor, b. 23 Mar., 1809; m. Ist, 12 Apr., 1831, 

Ferdinand Potts; 2Dd, 23 Apr., 1834, John Kirkpatrick. 
Ch. (1) Harriet E. Potts, b. 16 Jan., 1832; m. in 1864, 
Sam'l Markley; (2) Ferdinand P., d. ; (3) John H., d.; 
(4) Ruth A., m. F. Walker, and d. ; (6) Walter; (6) A- 
braham; (7) Ellen; (8) Watson ; (9) Harry Kirkpatrick. 

8 Harriett Saylor, b. 1 Apr., 1813; m. 8 Aug., 1880, Wm. H. 

Gantly. Ch. (1) Ferd. P., res. N. ; (2) Sam'l F., d. 1863 
and (3) Sarah A. Gantly, m. Martin Maloney. 

9 Julia Ann Saylor, m. 18 June, 1836, Frederick Ernest Naile 

of N. Ch. (1) Henry T., died young. (2) Wm. E., m. 
26 Mar., 1862, Ella L. Rorke; ch. [1] Julia,« [2] Fred'k 
I., d. young, [3] William, d. young, [4] Clara B. and [6] 
Charles E. Naile. (3) Frederick I., Lieut. Commander 
in U. S. Navy, commanded flag ship Black Hawk, Miss. 
Squadron in 1864-6; m. 1 Jan., 1867, Emma J. Patterson 
of N. ; ch. [1] Lydia P., d. young, [2] Eliz'h L., [3] 
Geo. P., d. young, [4] Fred. R. NaUe. (4) Harry P., 
died young. (6) Charles 11., died young, (6) Ernest M. 
Naile, res. Norrlstown. 
V Hannah, b. in 1778; m. in St. James Church, Perkiomen, 

13 May, 1806, Henry Fry; and d. 24 Nov., 1867; res. 

CliesterCo. Ch. 

1 Mary Fry, res. unm. in Chester Co. 

2 William Fry, res. unm. in Chester Co. 

3 Edward Fry, m. Cath. Goodland. Ch. (1) Wm. of Harris- 

burg; (2) Edward and (3) Horace Fry. 

4 Anna Fry, m. Joseph Fredritza; res. Phila. 

6 Rebecca Fry, m. Benj. Williams; res. Phila. Ch. (1) Cran- 

mer, (2) Henry, (3) Wellington P. and (4) Jos. Williams 
all of Philadelphia. 
G Joseph Fry, m. Eliza Friday ; res. Krimberton, Pa. Ch. 
(1) Mary A., m. Sam'l R. March; (2) Eliza J., m. Geo. 
Rlckstelm and (3) Beiij. Fry all res. in Pha;nlxvllle. 

7 John Fry, m. Mary A. King; res. Chester Co. Ch. (1) 

Hannah, (2) Cath., (3) Geo., res. Phojnlxvlllc ; (4) Sarah 
K., m. Nathan Woodward of Phila; (5) Luther J. Fry. 
12 vl John, b. 22 Feb., 1780; d. 28 Aug., 1846. 

5 Jonathan- (i?e;yamiV,) married Elizabeth Rother- 


mel and resided in Richmond Township, Berks Co., Fa. 
Children : 

18 1 Jonathan,' >b. 14 Nov., 1785; C d. U Dec, 1859. 

11 Joseph, 5 twins. c was deeded a tract of forty- 

eight acres in Richmond Township in Jan., 1817; and in 
1826 was residing in Kntztown, Berks Co., Pa. Ch. 

1 Davld^ Bartholomew, res. in Beading, Fa. 

2 Sarah Bartholomew, m. Leisure ; res. Reading, Pa. 

6 John Adam^ (DanieP, BenjamM)horn 5 Aug., 
1769 ; married Mrs. Elizabeth (Sterner) Gross; and died 
17 May, 1855, aged 85. She survived him. He was an 
extensive farmer near Quakei-town, Pa. 

His will, made 7 May, 1855, mentions his wife Eliza- 
beth and only child Lydia, wife of Henry Keammery, 
and grandchildren 1 William*, 2 Catherine, wife of Peter 
Troumbower, 3 Charles, 4 Mary, wife of Charles Head- 
man, 5 Henry, 6 Benjamin and 7 EUemina Keammery. 

7 Benjamin^ (DanieP^ Benjamin},) born 28 Dec, 
1770; married in 1796, Elizabeth Horn; and died in 
Kellersville, Pa., 21 June, 1863, aged 92. She was born 
10 May, 1777, and died before her husband. 

He was a farmer of Bedminster, Pa., near where his 
descendants still reside. Children : 

i Daniel^, m. Rebecca Delp; d. in B. In 1863. 

No children. 

ii John, b. 21 March, 1803; m. 10 Jan., 1836, 

Veronica Frankenfield; res. in ApplebachsviUe, Pa. Ch. 

1 Jacob B.* Bartholomew, b. 11 Feb., 1837; m. 2 Jan., 1868, 

Hannah Spivey, b. i Jan., 1845, in Barnlos, Eng. ; res. 

ApplebachsviUe. He was a first lieutenant in the U. S. 

army, serving five years. Ch. (1) Eugene E.,' b. 20 

Nov., 1868; (2) Charles A., b. 1 Jan., 1871, and (3) Ida J. 

Bartholomew, b. 15 Nov., 1872. 


2 Franklin Bartholomew, b. 27 May, 1886; m. 24 Dec, 
Lnoy A. Ott ; res. Richmond Centre, Pa. Ch. (1) Chaa. 
E., b. 18 May, 1864, and (2) James Bartholomew, b. 27 
Jnly, 1866; d. 8 March, 1870. 

8 Sarah Bartholomew, b. 10 Jan., 1841; res. A. 

4 Mary Bartholomew, m. Frank F. Allen ; res. Pleasant 

Valley, Bucks Co., Pa. Ch. (1) Jennie, (2) Edw'd and 
(8) Ida Allen. 

5 Charles Bartholomew, b. 81 July, 1846 ; d. 9 May, 1872. 
ill Samael, m., Ist, Mary M. Winmer; 2nd, — — — 

Winmer; and d. in 1853; res. Qnakertown. Ch. 

1 William Bartholomew, b. 29 Mar., 1886; m. 7 June, 1862, 

Cath. A. Singmaster; res. Richland Twp., Pa. Ch. (1) 
Marietta, b. 14 Nov., 1862; d. 17 Apr., 1868; (2) Emma 
M., b. 14 Jane, 1864; d. 15 Sept., 1877; (3) Samuel H.» 
b. 15 Nov., 1866; (4) Wilson W., b. 1 Feb., 1871; (5) 
Clara A., b. 28 Dec, 1874; and (6) Ida A. Bartholomew, 
b. 21 Nov., 1877. 

2 Mary Bartholomew, m. Samuel G. Shive ; res. Rich- 

land Twp., Pa. 
8 Lydia Bartholomew, res. Richland. 

4 Benjamin Bartholomew, b. 30 Sept., 1844; m. in 1869, El- 

manda Trumbower; res. Whitehall, Lehigh Co., Pa. 
Tinsmith. Ch. (1) Harvey M., b. 28 Feb., 1871 ; (2) Cora 
A., b. 19 Oct., 1873; (3) Chas. S., b. 3 Dec, 1877; and 
(4) Mary A., b. 22 Sept., 1880. 

5 Amanda Bartholomew, m. Monroe B. Delhi ; res. Penns- 

burg. Pa. 

6 Martha Bartholomew, m. Jno. Long. 

iv Elizabeth, m. George Walp ; res. R. Ch. 1 Abraham, 

2 David, 3 Isaac, 4 Sarah, 5 Cath., 6 Lucy, 7 Ann and 8 
Elizabeth Walp. 
V Mary, m. Reuben Delhi ; res. Neb. Ch. 1 Chas. 

E. Delhi, 
vi Susannah, m. Chas. Walp; and d. 9 Dec, 1841. Ch. 

1 Aaron B. Walp, m. 13 Nov., 1856, Mary A. Johnson, who 
d. 17 Sept., 1872. He is a boot and shoe manufacturer 
of Quakertown, Pa. Ch. (1) Chas. H., (2) Oliver J., (3) 
Tilghman J. and (4) Anna £. (d.) Walp. 
vli Matla, b. 8 June, 1811. 

viii Adam, b. 24 Dec, 1814; m. Hannah West; d. 4 

Apr., 1851. Ch. 
1 BenJ. A. Bartholomew, b. 10 Jan., 1846; m. 16 Nov., 
1872, Mary A. Fink ; res. Richland. Ch. (1) CoraE., b. 


28 Dec, 1873; (2) Wallace E.,b. 16 Jan., 1877; (3) Mau- 
rice A., b. 8 Jan., 1879; and (4) BenJ. F. Bartholomew, 
b. 16 Sept., 1880. 

2 Rcaben W. Bartholomew, b. in 1848; m. 2 Nov., 1875, 

Emma Rtdney ; res. R. 

3 Isaac Bartholomew, d. in 1869. 

ix Maria Magdelene, b. 22 Sept., 1816; m. JobnStever; res. 
Bedminster. Ch. 1 Reuben, 2 Joseph, 3 John and 4 Mary 

8 John^ (DaniePy Benjamin},) bom iu Bucks Co., 
about 1772 ; married, in Sunbury, Pa., about 1792, Cath- 
erine Rugh; and died in Milton, Northumberland Co., 
Pa. She died in the fall of 1833. 

He moved early from Haycock Township, Bucks Co., to 
Sunbury, Northumberland Co., Pa., removing after 1812 
to Milton Township, in the same county. Children : 

1 John,* b. in Bucks Co., U Oct., 1793; m., 1st, in 1817, 
Cath. Norroconk, who d. in 1832 ; 2nd, in 1833, Mary Norr- 
oconk, who d. in 1843; 3rd, 16 July, 1845, Mrs. Anna 
(Braugher) Seaman; and d. 26 Dec, 1881, set. 88. He was 
a mason and cooper of Milton, Pa. He served in the war 
of 1812, under Capt. McGrlgans, being drafted at Danville, 
Pa., in 1814. Ch. 

1 Charles^ Bartholomew, b. 2 Sept., 1818 ; m. Sarah Shearer ; 

d. in Ashland, Pa., in 1879. Ch. (1) James,« (2) Eliz'h, 
(3) Clinton, (4) Leonard (of Cleveland, O.), (6) Nettie, 
(6) Chas. (of Kalamazoo, Mich.) and (7) Sarah Bw. 

2 Wm. J. Bartholomew, b. 8 Mar., 1820; m. Susan SheU- 

heiraer; res. Milton. Ch. (1) John, (2) Alice (m. Rhaum 
of Mobcrly, Mo.), (3) Mary (d.), (4) Franklin, (5) Henry, 
(6) George and (7) Imogene Bartholomew (d.). 

3 Mary Bartholomew, b. 21 Nov., 1822; ra. Howe; 

d. in Philadelphia. 

4 John Bartholomew, b. 8 Jan., 1824; m. 11 Mar., 1847, 

Sarah Belle Varis; d. 3 Sept., 1855, in Danville. Ch. (1) 
Thos. W., b. 21 Jan., 1848 ; res. D. and (2) Annie C. Bw., 
b. 12 Dec, 1851; m. C. E. Yorks of D. 

5 Margaret Bartholomew, b. 11 Dec, 1827; d. in 1848. 

6 Daniel Bartholomew, b. 17 Aug., 1830 ; m. 30 Dec, 1852, 

Elleu Swartwood, b. 4 Apr., 1832. He is foreman in the 


R. R. machine shop in Cleveland, O. Ch. (1) Willard, 
b. 4 Sept., 1853; d. 26 Apr., 1857; (2) Minerva C, b. 28 
Mar., 1855; m. 19 Nov., 1874, C. R. Swift, now d. Ch. 
[1] DanieF and [2] Ella Swift. (8) Carrie, b. 7 Nov., 
1857; m. 20 July, 1875, R. Stewart; (4) Floyd C, b. 8 
Jan., 1864; (5) Dehla M., b. 7 May, 1867; (6) Lnla E. 
Bartholomew! b. 8 Sept., 1872. 

7 Reaben Bartholomew, b. 24 Jan., 1834; m. 3 May, 1855, 

Mary A. Seaman, daughter of his father's third wife, 
b. in Harrisburg, Fa., 10 Nov., 1834. He is a machinist 
in Dayton, O. Ch. (1) Margaretta A., b. 8 Oct., 1856; 
m. 5 Nov., 1878, Oliver P. U. Schrager. Ch. [1] Bessie 
H., b. 15 Sept., 1879; d. 29 June, 1880; [2] Ella A., b. 10 
Sept., 1880; and [3] Clark Bw. Schrager, b. 29 June, 1881. 
(2) Daniel K., b. 26 Oct., 1860; d. 26 Feb., 1861; and (8) 
U. S. G. Bartholomew, b. 80 Jan., 1867. 

8 Harrison Bartholomew, b. 20 Jan., 1836; d. 1858, in Phila. 

9 Rachel Bartholomew, b. 2 Dec, 1838 ; m. Geo. Schivers ; 

and d. in 1869, in M. Ch. (1) Anna, of Snowshive, Pa. 
and (2) Lessa Schivers, d. young. 

10 David M. Bartholomew, b. 1 Jan., 1840; m., Ist, 1 Jan., 

1861, Rosabell Price, who d. in 1875; 2Dd, 20 Apr., 1876, 
Sarah £. McMuUen; res. Oil City, Pa. Ch. (1) Jennie 
E., (2) Floyd Leon, b. 25 Jan., 1877; (3) Roy A., b. 25 
Aug., 1879; and (4) Bessie G. Bartholomew. 

1 1 An infant, died early. 

12 James D. Bartholomew, b. 10 Oct., 1845 (twin) ; m. 8 Apr., 

1869, Cath. Reb*a Jennings, b. 25 Aug., 1844; res. Potts- 
ville. Pa. Served through the last war as a U. S. soldier. 

13 Eliza Bartholomew, b. 10 Oct., 1845; d. set. 2. 

ii Jacob, m., 1st, Mary £. BuUlnger, who d. 9 July, 1828; 
2Dd, in 1832, Mrs. Eliza (Levan) Montgomery ; and d. in 
Columbia, Pa. She m., 3rd, Wayue. Ch. 

1 Benj. F. Bartholomew, b. 6 July, 1828; res. Mattawan, 


2 Mary Bartholomew, d. num. 

3 Caroline Bartholomew, m. James Bobist; d. leaving ch. 

(1) James and (2) Lizzie Bobist. 

4 John Bartholomew, d. young, 

5 Maggie Bartholomew, d. young. 

ill Leah, m. Daniel Levan; and d. about lvS5G, in Lockport, 

N. Y. Ch. 
1 Sarah J. Levan, m. Oscar Baker; and d. ; 1 ch. in Canton. 


2 Eliza A. Levan, m. Wm. Lord ; now dead. 

3 Edwin Levan, b. in 1836 ; m. Sasan E. Laroche ; is a man- 

ufacturer in Lockport, N. Y. 

iv Frank. 

y Sarah, b. ab. 1804; m., 1st, in Mar., 1828, James W. Mc- 
Cormick, wlio d. in Lockport, N. Y.,in 1840; she m., 2nd, 
9 Dec, 1842, Fhlletus Keyser, now d. ; and res. in Big 
Beaver, Oakland Co., Mich. Ch. 

1 Wm. H. McCormlck, b. 16 Mar., 1833; m. in 1855, Eliz*h 

D. Bradley; res. Mattawan, Van Bnren Co., Mich. Ten 

2 Sam*l Geo. McCormick, b. in 1837; enlisted in U. S. A., and 

d. in 1864. 

3 Mary J., m. ; died. 

4 Sarah C, married. 

5 Decatur Keyser, married. 

vi Peter, b. 3 Jan., 1806; m., 1st, Ellen McLanghlin; res. 
Ft. Wayne, Ind. Sons John and Chas., both killed in 
the U. S. A. 

vil Daniel, m. Margaret McNitt; was drowned In N. Y., in 
1847. Of his eight ch., all are dead but one dau. Names 
of six are : 1 Rosalia, 2 Cinderella, 3 James, 4 Margaret, 
5 Sarah and 6 Marvin ; the latter was a lleut. in late war. 

viii Benjamin, b. 12 Oct., 1812 ; m. 13 May, 1834, Harriett Myerly : 
res. Columbus Junction, Iowa. Of his twelve ch., five 
sons served in the U. S. A., in war of 1861, and returned. 

ix Charles, d. num., in Northumberland Co., Pa. 

X Elizabeth, m. Geo. Linn; res. Clarion Co., Pa. 

9 DanieP {DaniePy Benjamin},) born 21 Dec, 1774 ; 
baptized 14 Jan., 1775, in Pennsburg Church; married 
Lydia Ott, and died in 1862, set. 87. Resided in Bed- 
niinster. Children : 

i Thomas,^ m. Sarah Ruhl. Ch. 1 Mary, 2 Lorlna, 3 Sarah A. 

ii Nancy, b. 11 Nov., 1809; m. Isaac L. Cronthomal. 

iii John, m. 23 June, 1840, Theck ; res. Hagersville, Pa. 

Ch. 1 Leidy, 2 Emmellne, 3 Mary (d.), 4 Sarah Ann and 
5 Samuel Bartholomew (d.). 

iv Daniel, b. 22 July, 1816; m. 26 Aug., 1866, Mary Steven- 
bach; res. H. Ch. 1 Maggie, b. 28 Nov., 1866; 2 Annie, 
b. 26 Sept., 1868; 3 Ellen, b. 26 July, 1870; 4 LydIa, b. 21 
Feb., 1872; 6 Lizzie A., b. 14 July, 1878; and 6 Emma L. 
Bartholomew, b. 27 Feb., 1876. 


▼ Henry, m. Cath. Walp ; d. in BedmlnBter with his two ch. 

▼i Samael, m. Lizzie Rowland ; d. leaving ch. 1 Sam*!, 2 Maggie. 

vii William, m. 4 Apr., 1857, Mary Bnhl; res. Bedminster. Ch. 
1 Frank, 2 Pierson, 8 Wm. H., 4 Renben D., 5 Saml T., 6 
Chas., 7 MaryL. and 8 EmmaC. Bartholomew. 

viii Mary Ann. 

ix Mary Magdelene. 

X Lydla Ann, 

10 Henry^ (JacoV, Benjamin},) born in Bucks Com 
20 Sept. 9 1783 ; married, in 1815, Anne Bliem ; and died 
in Milford, Bucks Co., Fa., in Dec, 1873, sBt. 90. 

His descendants, with exception of his son Peter and 
family, live near Trumbersville, Bucks Co., Pa. Children : 

i Jacob,* b. in 1816 ; m. in 1845, Cath. Sherrer. Ch. 1 John, 
of Allentown, 2 Edward of A., 8 Mahlon of Milford 8q., 
4 Henry, d. yonng, 5 Jacob, d. yonng, and 6 Eliza Bw. 

ii Mary, b. in 1818; d. let. 12. 

ill Anna, b. in 1820; m. Ellas WUt; d. in 1878. Ch. 1 Ab- 
ner, 2 Wm., 8 Allen and 4 Catherine Wilt. 

iv Catherine, b. in 1822 ; d. in 1840. 

▼ Sasan, b. in 1824; m. Renben Shatz; res. Milford 8q. 
Ch. 1 Henry and 2 Joseph Shntz. 

Ti Peter, b. 5 Mar., 1827; m. 16 Jane, 1850, Cath. Bamett, 
who was b. 29 Dec, 1829. He was for years a cattle dealer, 
but for the last twenty-two years has been engaged in 
mannfactaring and merchandising in Phila. Ch. 

1 Charles Bartholomew, b. 10 Ang., 1851; d. 8 Oct., 1852. 

2 WUlis Bartholomew, b. 1 Feb., 1857; m. 1 Jan., 1880, 

Eliza Shatz. 
8 Emma Bartholomew, b. 11 Ang., 1858; m. 18 Feb,, 1875, 
Peter U. Hendricks of Perkiomensville, Pa. ; and d. 21 
Oct., 1878. He d. in Feb., 1882. Ch. (1) Elmer Bw.* 
Hendricks, b. 4 Apr., 1876. 
vii Eliza, b. in 1829 ; m. Jno. Bauer of Boyertown, Berks 

Co. Pa. Ch. 1 Howard Baner, res. B. 
viii Hannah, b. in 1831; m. Isaac Rosenberger ; d. in 1861. Ch. 

1 Henry and 2 Anna Rosenberger. 
ix Lydla, b. in 1833 ; m. BenJ. Edwards of Qnakertown, Pa. 

Ch. 1 Henry, 2 Ames, 3 Ella and 4 Sarah Edwards. 
X Nancy, m. Ellas White. 



xi Henry, b. in 1838; m. Sasan Bean; d. in 1871. Ch. 

Thomas and 2 Allen Bartholomew, 
zii Angelina. 

U William^ (Johnny Benjamin^,) born in Coventry, 
Chester Co., Pa., 30 March, 1772; married in Chester 
Co., in 1795, Elizabeth, daughter of Valentine Miller of 
that county ; and died in Shamokin Township, Northum- 
berland Co., Pa., 11 Dec, 1853, aged 81. 

She was bom 16 Nov., 1776, and died 20 Nov., 1870, 
aged 94. 

Mr. Bartholomew moved, about 1800, from Coventry 
to Shamokin, Northumberland Co., near where John Bar- 
tholomew® was then living. He also resided temporarily 
in Bucks Co., where his uncle Jacob lived. He, as well as 
his relatives, spoke what is vulgarly known as the ''Penn- 
sylvania Dutch." 

In 1811 he received a patent from the state of a tract 
of land in Augusta, Pa. Children : 

14 i WiUiam^ b. 22 Sept., 1796; d. 9 March, 1861. 
ii Mary, b. 1798 ; m. Daniel Bloom ; both dead, 

ill Hannah, b. 8 Nov,, 1800; m. John Keeger; and d. 29 

Dec, 1880. He died 8 May, 1879; res. Block Hoase, 

Tioga Co., Pa. Ch. 

1 Jonathan* Keeger, b. 9 Nov., 1820; res. Liberty, Pa. 

2 Catherine Keeger, b. 7 Jan., 1825; res. Liberty. 

3 Joseph Keeger, b. 4 Aug., 1827; res. Holmesville, O. 

4 Mary Keeger, b. 17 April, 1880 ; res. Liberty. 

6 William. Keeger, b. 11 July, 1832; res. 801 Guiveve St., 
San Francisco, Cal. 

6 Jacob Keeger, b. 14 June, 1835 ; d. 30 March, 1847. 

7 John Keeger, b. 5 Sept., 1837; res. La Sueur, Minn. 

8 Daniel Keeger, b. April, 1841 ; d. July, 1862, in U. S. A. 
iv Jacob, b. 1803 ; m. Catherine Bloom ; d. in N. Co. Ch. 

1 Mary Bartholomew, ro. S. H. Zimmerman ; res. Sun- 


2 Peter Bartholomew, res. Sunbury. 

3 Jacob Bartholomew, res. Sunbury. 


4 John Bartholomew, res. Sanbary. 

5 Lot Bartholomew, res. S. 

6 Elizabeth Bartholomew, m. Daniel Fasold ; res. S. 

V Elizabeth, b. 26 May, 1806; m. 29 May, 1826, Wm. Bloom; 
res. Angnstaville. Oh. 

1 Diana Bloom, b. 1826 ; m. Isaac Wolf; and died In 1881. 

2 Julian Bloom, b. 3 Jan., 1828; m. Martin Heine; res. Tre- 

vorton, Pa. 

3 Lydia Bloom, b. 1 Oct., 1830; m. Moses Reitz of Fisher 

Ferry, Pa. ; merchant. 

4 John Bloom, b. 20 Jane, 1835; res. Angustaville ; farmer. 
6 Peter Bloom, b. 1887; res. Bradford, Pa.; contractor. 

6 Maria Bloom, b. Aug., 1842; m. Lemnel Shipman; res. S. 
vi Catherine, b. 1808 ; m. Jonathan Fasold ; res. Sanbnry. 
vii Julia Ann, b. 23 May, 1810; m. 11 Aug., 1829, Jacob Bloom; 
res. A. Ch. 

1 Deborah Bloom, b. 1829 ; m. Davis B. Conrad of A. 

2 Hiram Bloom, b. 1831; m., 1852, Ma. Heleman; res. A. 

3 Sarah Bloom, b. 1833; m. Sam. Lober; res. Shamokin. 

4 Magdalene Bloom, b. 1838; m. Henry Wolf; d. in 1872. 
6 Martin L. Bloom, b. 22 Aug., 1840; d. 1864, in U. S. A. 

6 Wm. Bloom, b. 15 July, 1842; res. Augustaville. 

7 Peter Bw. Bloom, b. 8 July, 1844; m. Frances Folk; res. 

Peckham, Neb. 

8 Mary E. Bloom, b. 7 Nov., 1846; res. A. 

9 Julia Bloom, b. 1850; m. Simon P. Malion; res. S. 
vlii Sarah, b. 27 March, 1812; m. 1834, Dr. Jno. Raker; 

res. A. Ch. 

1 William Raker, b. 3 Feb., 1835; m. 1st, Cath. Weaver; 

2nd, Emma S. Heller; res. Pillow, Dauphin Co., Pa.; 
physician. Ch. (1) Alice A.' (m. J. Overholsen of 
Kutztown. Pa.), (2) Ella J., (3) Emma, (4) Clarence B., 
(5) Jno. W., (0) Frank L. and (7) Edward Raker. 

2 Catherine Raker, b. 6 Oct., 183G; m. Azarlah Keblger of 

Mlddlebury, Snyder Co., Pa. Ch. 1 Emma C. Kebl- 
ger, m. C. K. Fisher of WlUlamsport, Pa. 

3 Henry M. Raker, b. 25 April, 1840; m. 16 Aug., 1864, Jo- 

sephine Weaver; res. Augustaville; physician. Ch. 
(1) Abatha J., (2) Jno. W., (3) Sarah I., (4) Carrie E., 
(5) Charles H., (G) Sylvester, (7) Minnie M. and (8) 
Warren L. Raker. 

4 Elizabeth Raker, b. 4 May, 1843; res. A. 

Ix John, b. 16 .July, 1815; m. 25 May, 1843, Mary L., 

daughter of Joshua Pettibone, b. 14 Feb., 1825; and d. 
28 June, 1863; res. Millhollow, Kingston Township, Lu- 
zerne Co., Pa.; mechanic. Ch. 


1 LnciDda P. Bartholomew, b. 4 April, 1844 ; d. 26 Mar., 1856. 

2 William Bartholomew, b. 17 Aug., 1845 ; d. 3 Sept, 1871. 
8 Joshua Bartholomew, b. 24 Oct., 1848. 

4 Eleanor B. Bartholomew, b. 5 March, 1850 ; m. J. P. Luts 
of K. 

12 John^ {Johvfj Benjamin} j) born in Coventry, Pa., 
22 Feb., 1780 ; married at St. James Church, Perkiomen, 
22 Feb., 1803, Alice Custar ; and died 28 Aug., 1845. 

Mr. Bartholomew lived in Upper Providence Township, 
Pa. He received in 1811, a patent of a tract of land in 
Augusta, Northumberland Co. , Pa. Children : 

I Eliza^, b. 21 Nov., 1808; res. nnm. In Norristown, Pa. 

II Maria, b. 18 Oct., 1805; m. Dec, 1834, Jesse Miller. Ch. 
1 Elizabeth* Miller, m. John G. Evans. Ch. (1) Rebecca 

T.,« (2) Jacob M., (8) Alice B., (4) Eliza, (5) Mary, (6) 
Howard, and (7) Lemuel Evans ; res. Chester Co. 
ill Jacob, b. 2 March, 1807; m. Ist, 11 Jaly, 1838, Mary A. Wil- 
kinson, who d. 3 April, 1863; 2nd, 21 April, 1864, his 
cousin Ann Saylor (see No. 4) ; and was killed by a bright- 
ened horse 8 Sept., 1865. Ch. 

1 John Jacob Bartholomew, b. 11 May, 1834; m. 22 April, 

1858, Emma M. Engle; res. Philadelphia. Ch. (1) 
Harry, b. 24 May, 1869 ; (2) EUzaE., b. 21 Nov., 1860; 
(3) Katy, b. 10 Dec, 1862; (4) Robert M., b. 19 April, 
1865; (5) John J., b. 1 June, 1869; (6) Berthold, b. 5 
Oct., 1870; and (7) Mary A. Bartholomew, b. 5 April, 

2 Mary Alice Bartholomew, b. 13 July, 1842 ; m. 1st, 21 Mar. , 

1865, Robert C. McLoad, who d. 24 Oct., 1866; m. 2nd, 
8 Oct., 1870, John Gilpin; and d. 7 March, 1874. Ch. 
(1) Robertha McLoad, b. 9 Oct., 1866. 

3 Elizabeth Bartholomew, died young. 

4 Henry Bartholomew, died young. 

iv John, b. 6 Feb., 1814; m. 1840, Charlotta Wilberham ; res. 
Oaks, Montgomery Co., Pa. Ch. 

1 William Bartholomew, b. 6 Sept., 1840; m. 1 

Feb., 1862, Ellen Bilen; res. Wildbrier, Chester Co., Pa. 
Ch. (1) Mary E., (2) Anne B., (3) Jesse A., (4) Wm., 
(5) Ella and (6) Lydia Bartholomew. 

2 Elizabeth Bartholomew, b. 24 Oct., 1843; m. 24 

Oct, 1863, Jesse Davis. Ch. (1) Bertie, b. 25 May, 1865; 
res. Phcenixville. 


8 Mary Alice Bartholomew, b. 19 Jan., 1845; m. 

1868, Henry P. Evans, who d. 4 July, 1881. Ch. (1) 
Mary B., (2) Annie B., (3) Eliza and (4) Charlotte 
Evans; res. Westport, Pa. 

4 Oeorge Washington Bartholomew, b. 12 Not., 1847; m. 7 

Jan., 1869, Frances B. Cox, who d. 10 March, 1882. He 
has been a merchant at Montgomery Square, Pa., for 
several years. Ch. (1) Charlotte W., b. 5 Jan., 1870; 
(2) Jennie C, b. 22 Feb., 1871; (8; Lavinia C, b. 29 
Oct., 1878; (4) Charles F., b. 2 AprU, 1876; d. 27 Feb., 
1880; (5) Albert D., b. 9 Oct., 1876; (6) Margaretta, b. 
1 Jan., 1880; d. 8 Jaly, 1880. 

5 Annice S. Bartholomew, b. 9 March, 1858 ; m. 26 

March, 1879, Wm. H. Ruddach, who d. 2 Nov., 1881 ; res. 

6 Franklin T. Bartholomew, b. 8 May, 1861 ; m. 28 

July, 1882, Annie Keelor ; res. PhoanixvIUe. 

7 Harry Bartholomew, b. 8 March, 1864 ; res. 


8 Emma P. Charlotte Bartholomew, b. 18 Dec, 1869. 

13 Jonathan^ {JonatJiav? ^ Benjamin}^) born in Rich- 
moDd Township, Pa., 14 Nov., 1785; married in Rich- 
mond, 6 April, 1806, Elizabeth, daughter of Philip and 
Elizabeth (Gehrich) Schlechbach of Lancaster Co., Pa. ; 
and died in Circleville, O., 14 Dec, 1859, qpt. 74. She 
was born 25 Dec, 1785, and died 22 May, 1865, eet. 79. 

Mr. Bartholomew removed, in 1826, from Kutztown, 
Pa., to Niagara Co., N. Y., and in 1832 to Stark Co., O., 
thence to Lancaster, O., where his children were all mar- 
ried. Children : 

1 Joseph,^ b. 20 Jan., 1807; m. Mary Myers; and d. 24 Jan., 
1878. She was born 6 March, 1807; and d. 11 Feb., 1881. 

1 Jonathan^ Bartholomew, b. 25 Sept., 1825; d. 

2 Mary Bartholomew, b. 4 April, 1827 ; d. 

3 Catherine Bartholomew, b. 4 May, 1830 ; d. 

4 Elizabeth Bartholomew, b. 8 March, 1832. 

5 Joseph Bartholomew, b. 8 Dec, 1835. 

6 Hannah Bartholomew, b. 7 Feb., 1837. 

7 Sarah Bartholomew, b. 1 Jan., 1838. 

8 Esther Bartholomew, b. 25 Nov., 1840. 


9 John Bartholomew, b. 29 Jaly, 1842. 

10 Margaret Bartholomew, b. 29 Jaly, 1844. 

11 Isabel Bartholomew, b. 23 Dec, 1845. 

12 Emcline Bartholomew, b. 10 March, 1851. 

11 William, b. 6 March, 1810; had one son, James, of Colam- 

bas, Ohio, 
ill Jonathan, b. 1 Jaly, 1812; m. June, 1854, EUz'th Warner; 

and d. 28 Nov., 1854. Ch. 
1 Jonathan Bartholomew, b. 24 March, 1855 ; res. Lafayette, 
iv Sarah, b. 25 Apr., 1814 ; m. Philip Shook of Randolph, O. 
V Annie, b. 20 Feb., 1817; m. Dr. Joslah Roberts of Ind. 
vl Charles, b. 18 March, 1821; m. 23 Feb., 1843, Caroline, 

daughter of Adam and Caroline Schseffer, b. 9 Dec, 1819, 

in Lancaster, Pa. He Is a miller in Newark, O. Ch. 

1 Lewis D. Bartholomew, b. 27 Aug., 1844; m. 17 May, 

1870, Cornelia Smucker, b. 6 Oct., 1848. Has been 
ticket agent at Newark for the Baltimore & Ohio B. R. 
since 1864. Ch. (1) Frank C.,« b. 20 July, 1871; and 
(2) Clyde S. Bartholomew, b. 30 Oct., 1873. 

2 Franklin Bartholomew, b. 4 March, 1846; enlisted in U. S. 

A., and d. 13 April, 1866. 

3 Charles Bartholomew, b. 17 March, 1848; m. Mary Lott; 

one child. 

4 Elizabeth Bartholomew, b. 13 Jan., 1850; d. July, 1851. 

5 James Bartholomew, b. 15 May, 1853. 

6 Thos. S. Bartholomew, b. 23 Feb., 1855. 

7 Henry D. Bartholomew, b. 30 June, 1857 ; m. 29 July, 

1880, Ella Criswell ; res. Zanesville, O. ; one child. 

8 Cassius M. Bartholomew, b. 28 June, 1859. 

9 Anne A. Bartholomew, b. 1 Aug., 1863. 

Til Peter, b. 1 Jan., 1825; m. 16 March, 1850, Emmellne 
Welter; res. ClrclevUle, O. Ch. 
1 Welter Bartholomew, b. 30 Jan., 1872. 

14 William^ (William^, Johr?, Benjamin^,) born in 
Bucks Co., 22 Sept., 1796; married Susan Elizabeth 
Wolf; and died in Lower Augusta, Pa., 9 March, 1861. 
She was born in Whitehall, Lehigh Co., Pa., 10 July, 
1800, and still resides in Lower Augusta, aged 83. 

Mr. Bartholomew was a farmer and a member of the 
Evangelical Lutheran Church. He passed the most of his 
life in Shamokin Township. Children : 


I Mary*, b. 23 Oct., 1818; m. 16 July, 1857, Wm. 

Taylor; res. Seven Points, N. Co., Pa. Ch. 

1 Jno. F.« Taylor, m. 1877, Emma J. Gass; d. 3 Oct., 1878. 

2 Anne E. Taylor, b. 5 April, 1869; d. 30 Nov., 1860. 

3 An Infant, b. 7 April, 1861; d. same day. 

II JuUanne, m. Jno. Strawser; res. Sharookin, Pa. 

III Henry, b. 8 Nov., 1821; m. 8 May, 1849, Mary 

M. Shive; res. Sanbury. Ch. 

1 Elizabeth J. Bartholomew, m. 26 Aug., 1877, Galen Bower; 

res. Hemdon, Pa. Ch. (1) George W.' (d.), and (2) 
Mary C. Bower. 

2 Jeremiah Bartholomew, b. 17 Feb., 1861; m. Catherine 

Lehr; res. Sunbury. Ch. (1) Irwin A., b. 21 May, 1878; 
and (2) Mary E. Bartholomew, b. 22 Aug., 1874. 

3 John L. Bartholomew, b. 27 Aug., 1862 ; m. Lizzie Hun- 

newell; res. Mile Run, N, Co., Pa.; farmer. Ch. (1) 
Maggie F., b. 26 June, 1873; (2) Jennie E., b. 30 Nov., 
1874; (3) Jno. F., b. 24 Oct., 1876; (4) Edwin O., b. 1 
Jan., 1879; (5) Lucy A., b. 23 April, 1880 and (6) Mary 
E. Bartholomew, b. 9 April, 1882. 

4 Rachel Bartholomew, b. 16 Oct., 1864. 

6 HenrlettaB. Bartholomew, b. 28 Dec, 1866; d. 22 March, 

6 Davis E. Bartholomew, b. 17 Aug., 1869. 

7 Henry M. Bartholomew, b. 29 Aug., 1861. 

8 Lucinda R. Bartholomew, b. 8 Dec, 1864; d. 20 May, 1866. 

9 Dennis N. Bartholomew, b. 26 March, 1869. 
10 Norman E. Bartholomew, b. 1 May, 1874. 

iv Anne E., m. 1st, William Conrad ; 2nd, Michael 


V William, died young. 

vi Charles, b. 10 May, 1829; m. 6 Jan., 1862, Re- 

becca Shive; res. Sunbury. Has resided in Uuiontown, 
Mahatonga and Rockerfellow, Pa. Ch. 

1 Rachel J. Bartholomew, b. IS April, 1863; d. 11 Sept., 


2 Mary A. Bartholomew, m. David A. Zimmermann of 

of Borwick, Col. Co., Pa. Ch. (1) Emory K., (2) Ed- 
win J. and (3) Ellen I. Bartholomew. 

3 Oliver Bartholomew, b. 10 Sept., 1867; d. 15 Nov., 


4 William F. Bartholomew, b. 18 Oct., 1868, in Uniontown. 

5 John W. Bartholomew, b. 21 Nov., 18C0, in U. 

6 Martha R. Bartholomew, b. 14 Nov., 1862; d. 28 Sept., 



7 Henry A. Bartholomew, b. 7 March, 1864, in U. 

8 Charles C. Bartholomew, b. 17 Jnly, 1865, in U. 

9 Harriett M. Bartholomew, b. 20 Aag., 1867, in Roclcer- 


10 Margaret E. Bartholomew, b. 18 Oct., 1869; d. 27 April, 


11 Percival B. Bartholomew, b. 28 May, 1874. 

▼ii Amanda, b. 29 Aug., 1881 ; m. Nathan S. Bister 

of Sanbary. Ch. 

1 William B. Eister, b. 8 Ang., 1858; m. Louisa Beck; res. 

Excelsior, N. Co. Ch. (1) Elsie, (2) Allen and (8) 
William Eister. 

2 Angeline Eister, b. 26 Jan., 1855. 

8 Jeremiah Eister, b. 26 July, 1857; d. 17 May, 1858. 

4 Henry M. Eister, b. 26 March, 1859. 

5 Elias V. Eister, b. 9 Nov., 1861; d. 28 Aug., 1868. 

6 Mary £. Eister, b. 6 Feb., 1864; d. 22 Sept., 1871. 

7 Charles A. Eister, b. 26 Feb., 1866. 

8 Harry E. Eister, b. 9 June, 1868 ; d. 16 Sept., 1871. 

9 Maggie S. Eister, b. 20 Sept., 1871; d. 26 Sept., 1871. 

10 Flora J. Eister, b. 5 Nov., 1874. 

11 Clinton L. Eister, b. 1 Feb., 1877. 
▼Hi Joel, res. Sunbury. 

iz Valentine, b. 14 April, 1886; m. 19 March, 1862, 

Amelia C. Hanck ; res. Sunbury ; mason. Ch. 

1 Ann £. Bartholomew, b. 25 Dec, 1862; res. Sunbury. 

2 William E. Bartholomew, b. 25 May, 1864; res. S. 

8 David A. Bartholomew, b. 28 May, 1866; d. 29 Dec., 

4 Martin L. Bartholomew, b. 20 July, 1868; d. 6 Jan., 


5 Ella K. Bartholomew, b. 10 March, 1871. 

6 Cora J. Bartholomew, b. 7 March, 1878. 

7 Efflnger A. Bartholomew, b. 4 Sept., 1874. 

8 Daisy M. Bartholomew, b. 20 Aug., 1876. 

9 Clayton C. Bartholomew, b. 6 Oct., 1878. 

X Esther, m. Ambrose Taylor; res. Shamokin. 

xi Elizabeth, died et. 5. 

xii Harvey Heatherling, res. Kendall Creek, McKean Co., Pa. 

xiii Edward Fry, b. 24 March, 1846; m. 11 July, 1872, 

Kate Fasold; graduated, 1871, at Penn College, Gettys- 
burg, Pa. ; is a minister in the Lutheran Church, and pro- 
fessor at Carthage College, Carthage, 111. 






65 (688) 



1 Henry ^ was probably born in Holland. Ho early 
settled near Philadelphia, Pa., where he followed the 
trade of a blacksmith. Tradition says he was there while 
it was yet thickly settled with Indians ; that he also resided 
for a time near Bethlehem, Northampton Co., Pa. ; and 
that he was a very resolute man. He may have been a 
brother of John, Jacob and Daniel (see page 159), and 
of Benjamin (see page 515). 

His estate was admitted to probate 8 Oct., 1743, in 
Philadelphia, and administration granted ^to Thomas 
Moyer of Philad*, Potter, (?. on the Estate late of Henry 
Bottlemey Blacksmith deced (during the minority of Peter 
Henry & John* Nicholas Infant children of the deced." 

Children : 

2 1 Peter*, a Peter Bartholomew was a blacksmith in Bethel, 

Pa., also in Cocolico. 

8 il Henry, said to have, been bom in Easton, Pa. ; d. In Lan- 
caster County, 
iii John, may have been John of Lancaster Co. (see page 547). 

4 iv Nicholas, resided in Lancaster Co., Pa. 

2 Peter^ (fienry\) is probably the same as the Peter 
who was a blacksmith in Bethel, Pa., and in Cocolico, 
then in Lancaster Co., Pa., in 1767 and 1772, when he 
mortgaged and redeemed some land. 

* Although the A comes before John, the careless manner in which the paper 
waa written leaves it more than pi*obahlethat it should have been between John A 
Nicholas; and that but one name applied to a child, which was then the custom. 



Tradition says he was a German doctor. 

He was probably the father of the following children : 

6 i Daniel,' who was llvlDg Id Cocollco, in 1785. 
ii Matbew, who was liviDg in Bart., Pa., in 1790. 

3 Henry* (£fenry^) married Elizabeth Shofstall; is 
said to have been born in Easton, Northampton Co., Pa., 
where he appears to have passed a portion of his life. 'Tra- 
dition also says he resided many years near Philadelphia. 
He was at Bethel, Pa., in 1770, and called a blacksmith. 

The Lancaster County records mention him as of Stras- 
burgh, in 1764, 1777 and 1778, and in Bart, in 1779 and 
1787. Children: 

i Mary,' m. (?) Martin Miller (?) ; moved to O. (?) 
6 11 John, ^b.lnEa8ton,Pa.,ab.l770;S^-^*°3^^^°'^°^^^-'^- 

?b. in 

iil Henry, ) ^^^^®- ( moved to Ohio, and d. 

Iv Elizabeth, b. In 1771; m., 1st, Joseph Millon; 2nd, John 
Parker; and d. in Belmont Co., in 1864, set. 98. Ch. 
1 Susan^ Parker, res. Belmont Co., O. 
7 V Joseph, b. in 1780; d. in Lancaster, Pa., 22 Aug., 1834. 

4 Nicholas^ (Henry^,) was in Lancaster, Pa., as early 
as Mar. 5, 1761, when he mortgaged some land he owned 
there, redeeming it in 1767. The latest mention of him 
there is in 1782 when he repaired the town pump, and in 
the census of 1790. A Nicholas Bartholomew died in 
1790 at Roxbury, Pa., leaving a widow Catherine. A John 
Nicholas Bartholomew came to this country in the ship 
Peggy, James Abercrombie, commander, from Rotterdam, 
last from Plymouth, 24 Sept., 1752. Child : 

i Bernhard,' b. ab. 17G9 ; m. twice ; was probably son of above. 
He was a carpenter and inn-keeper and lived on Middle 
St., Lancaster, Pa., as early as 1813. Will, sealed 10 Doc, 
1834, proved 29 Dec, 1838, mentions only nephew Bernard 
Kcndig and two nieces Elizabeth, wife of David Kendig, 
and Catherine, wife of Samuel McDonald, children of his 


5 DanieP (Peter^^ Henry^^) is supposed to have been 
son of Peter as both lived in the small village of Cocolico 
at suitable times. And with as little reason he is supposed 
to be father of the following family, whose father was ^D." 
Bartholomew, a cousin of Bernhard Bartholomew (see 
No. 4). He was in Cocolico as late as 25 Feb., 1785, but 
in 1795, was a millwright in Lancaster. He afterwards 
resided one mile south of Stnisburgh, Pa., where he owned 
or rented what is now known as'^Musselman'smill." Was 
a Lutheran and probably lies buried in the old Methodist 
Church graveyard in Strasburgh. Children : 

8 i David,* b. 22 Mar., 1786; d. 7 Apr., 1846. 

11 Sara, b. 10 Oct., 1791; m. Rob*t Forgason, carpenter. 

m Katbcrlna, b. 28 July, 1794; d. 12 Aag., 1802. 

iv Bolly, b. 22 Oct., 1796; m. Hess; moved to Brie, 

Pa., about 1825. 
V GaliaDne, b. 1 Dec, 1799; m. Waddy; res. Strasbargh. 

Ch. 1 Levi, 
vl KatrienDe, b. 11 Oct., 1802; d. young, 
vii Mathew, b. 15 Feb., 1803; d. young, 
viii George, b. 6 Dec, 1805; m., Ist, Turner; 2nd, 

Fitzpatrick ; res. Erie, Pa. 

6 John^ {Henri^^ Henry^^) born in Easton, Pa., about 
1770 ; married Mary McCormick of Providence, Lancaster 
Co., Pa. ; and died in Belmont Co., O., in Oct., 1843, 
8Bt. 73. She died in Providence in Sept., 1837. 

Mr. Bartholomew resided in Lancaster from 1805 to 
1812, later, in Providence and late in life moved with his 
son-in-law, James Griffith, to Belmont Co., O. Children : 

9 i Henry,* b. 10 May, 1793; d. 20 Nov., 1865, aet. 72. 

ii John, b. in Quarryville, Pa.; m. Anna Tilsou; both d. 

Children : 

1 Elizabeth'^ Barlholomow. 

2 Ann Bartholomew, m. in 1856, Fhlllp Sauerbeer, now 

d. ; rc8. In Colninbln, Lancaster Co., Pa. Ch. (1) BeoJ. 


£./ d. Id 1858; (2) Philip, b. in Jan., 1859; (8) Jno. M., 
b. in June, 1860; (4) David L., b. in 1862; (5) Woodward 
C, b. in 1866; (6) Sue S. and (7) Geo. M. Sauerbeer (d.). 

3 Susan Bartholomew. 

iii Mary, m. James Griffith, and d. after moving to Belmont 

Co., Ohio. Ch. 
1 B. B. Griffith, res. Wheeling, W. Va. 
iv Hannah. 

V Fanny, m. Mordaica Griffith; moved to Belmont Co., O. 
vi Elizabeth. 

vii Benjamin, b. ab. 1809; res. Quarryvllle, L. Co., Pa. ; never m. 
viii Anna, d. unmarried, 
ix Jacob, m. in Baltimore, Md., in 1843, Mary Ebcrts; and 

d. in Marietta, Pa., in July, 1857. She m., 2nd, Saml B. 

Rushong, and res. in O. Ch. 

1 Sam*l Bartholomew, b. in 1844 ; d. in infancy. 

2 John Bartholomew, b. 1846; d. at Corinth, Miss., in 1863, 

in the U. S. A. 
8 Ann Bartholomew, b. 20 June, 1848; m. 21 Aug., 1867, I. 
Milton Mishler ; res. Columbia, Pa. Councilman, etc. Ch. 
(1) Isaac C, b. 25 Nov., 1868; (2) Gilbert A., b. 14 Sept., 
1870; (3) Rose M., b. 16 Feb., 1872; (4) John, b. 8 Jan., 
1875; d. 24 Feb., 1876; (5) Milton, b. 28 Oct., 1876; (6) 
Charles, b. 22 May, 1878; and (7) Nathaniel Mishler, b. 
10 May, 1881. 

4 Jacob Bartholomew, b. in 1850. 

5 Lizzie Bartholomew, b. in 1852; d. in Infancy. 

6 Angora Bartholomew, b. in 1854; d. in infancy. 

7 Joseph^ (flenry*, Henri/ ^) born in Lancaster Co., 
Pa., in 1780; married, in Anne Arundel Co., Md., 5 
Apr., 1807, Margaret Merchant; and died in Lancaster 
Co., 28 Aug., 1834. She was born in Baltimore Co., 
Md., 12 May, 1785, and was living in 1871, in Pleasant, 
Wapello Co., Iowa. 

Mr. Bartholomew was drafted in 1813, at Annapolis, 
Md., and rendered service about Annapolis under Capt. 
Barnes in Col. Hood's regiment. He also served in Aug., 
1814, and was present at the death of Gen. Ross. 


The family moved to Ohio, and thence to Iowa. 
Children : 

i Samuel Miller/ b. 6 Jan., 1808; m., Ist, 27 Dec, 1886, Mary 
Deau, who d. ab. 1840; he m., 2Qd, 9 Dec., 1841, Mary 
Porter; and d. at Smithfleld, C, 26 Apr., 1845. Ch. 

1 Margaret A.* Bartholomew, b. 8 Oct., 1837; m. 29 Apr., 

1859, Geo. Barrett of Jefferson Co., O. ; and d. 30 Apr., 
1866. Ch. (1) Jno. M.,< b. 30 Jan., 1860; d. 8 Sept., 1880; 
(2) Eva W., b. 18 Sept., 1862 ; and (3) Genevieve Barrett, 
b. 25 Nov., 1864. 

2 Sam*l Dean Bartholomew, m. 19 Feb., 1868, Ellen Shrlmp- 

lin, who d. 14 Feb., 1878 ; m., 2nd, 25 Aug., 1878, Melinda 
£. Hartey; res. Steubenville, O. Ch. (1) Mary E., b. 7 
Jan., 1871; (2) Lula E.,b. 19 Mar., 1874; (3) Minnie M., 
b. 5 Oct., 1875; and (4) Emma L. Bw., b. 25 Sept., 1877. 

3 Mary A. Bartholomew, b. 7 June, 1843; res. Cadwal- 

ladcr, Ohio. 

4 Wm. B. Bartholomew, b. 29 Dec, 1845; res. Cadwal- 

lader, Ohio, 
ii A. Jackson, b. in 1815; m. 29 Mar., 1838, Margaret Scott, 

who was b. in 1819, and d. 5 Jan., 1871. He res. in Ba> 
tavia, Iowa. Ch. 

1 James Bartholomew, b. 30 Aug., 1840; d. Aug., 1840. 

2 Jane E. Bartholomew, b. 14 Sept., 1842; d.. Mar., 1846. 

3 Wm. S. Bartholomew, b. 17 Mar., 1846; m. 16 June, 

1866; res. Stickler, Ark. Ch. (1) Chas. C, b. 26 Mar., 
1867; (2) Minnie, b. 24 Mar., 1869; (3) Mary A., b. 16 
May, 1874; (4) BenJ. J., b. 16 June, 1878; (5) Jas. G., 
Bartholomew, b. 16 Oct., 1880. 

4 Samantha Bartholomew, b. 27 Aug., 1847; m. 81 Jan., 

1869, Andrew Creamer ; res. Agency City, Iowa. Ch. (1) 
Leona, b. 2 Jan., 1870; d. 30 Sept., 1880; (2) Wirena, b. 
29 Jan., 1872; (3) Jesse, b. 29 June, 1874; and (4) Clar- 
ence Creamer, b. 8 July, 1878. 

5 Thomas C. Bartholomew, b. 15 Jan., 1850; m. 18 Aug., 

1871 ; res. Domus, Kan. Ch. (1) Lewis, b. 8 Aug., 1872 
and (2) Nora Bartholomew, b. 26 Nov., 1875. 

6 Jno. G. Bai*tholomew, b. 25 May, 1851 ; res. Agency 

City, Iowa. Ch. (1) Bertha M. Bw., b. 12 Oct., 1879. 

7 Delphine Bartholomew, b. 26 Sept., 1854; d. Sept., 1855. 

8 Isaac N. Bartholomew, > b. 24 July, 1856 ; C 

9 BenJ. F. Bartholomew, > twins. ( res. Coline, 

Jefferson Co., Iowa. Ch. (1) Maud Bw., b. 5 Nov., 1881. 


iii Thos. MartiD, b. 26 Nov., 1819; m. 80 July, 1840, Mary A. 
Linton; and d. 24 Nov., 1881. She was b. 30 Jan., 1819, 
and d. 28 Oct., 1880. Cb. 

1 Wm. C. Bartholomew, b. 28 Apr., 1841; m. 17 Oct., 

1867, Mary Isabelle Acton ; res. Stromesbnrg, Polk Co., 

2 Rebecca A. Bartholomew, b. 8 Apr., 1844; d. 30 July, 1850. 

3 Rob*t R. Bartholomew, b. 81 Jan., 1846; d. 5 Dec.» 1868. 

4 Levi L. Bartholomew, b. 8 Mar., 1850. 

5 Hannah M. Bartholomew, b. 12 Mar., 1852; m. 29 Oct., 

1871, Lewis C. Goble. Ch. (1) Melvln L. and (2) Rex 
V. Goble. 

6 Edw'd W. Bartholomew, b. 1 Jan., 1854. 

7 David F. Bartholomew, b. 23 May, 1856 ; res. New Ram- 

ley, Ohio. 

8 Lillle L. Bartholomew, b. 14 Jan., 1865. 
iv David. 

V Ann, res. Cincinnati, O. 

8 David^ {Daniel? , Peter^, Hennfy) bom in Eflforty, 
Lancaster Co., Pa., 22 Mar., 1786; married, 12 Nov., 
1809, Catherine Keizer ; and died 7 Apr., 1846. She was 
born in Churchtown, Pa., 23 Jan., 1784, and died 5 Oct., 
1849. He was a millwright. Children : 

i Mathew.^ b. 21 Sept., 1810; m. 28 Dec, 1837, Hester 

A. Uerr; and d. 17 Mar., 1864; always res. at Strasburgh; 
millwi-ight. Ch. 

1 Amanda S.' Bartholomew, b. 80 Jnly, 1839; m. Rob't £. 

Bruce ; manufacturer of paints. 

2 John Bartholomew, b. 17 Oct., 1840; d. young. 

3 Mary C. Bartholomew, b. 13 July, 1842 ; m. Jonathan 

Holt; res. Reading, Pa. Ch. (1) Rob't F.,' (2) Hons A. 
and (3) Sarah J. Holt. 

4 Benjamin F. Bartholomew, b. 27 June, 1845; m. 16 Sept., 

1869, Jeannette M. Wolf; sawyer in Lancaster, Pa. Ch. 
(1) Geo. D., b. 30 Nov., 1870; and (2) Mary A. Bar- 
tholomew, b. 28 May, 1874. 

5 David H. Bartholomew, b. 4 Jan., 1849; m. 26 June, 

1872, £liz*h Eckman ; lumber dealer in Lancaster, Pa. Ch. 
(1) Ann E., b. 20 Apr., 1873; d. 9 July, 1881; (2) David 
B., b. 9 Sept., 1874 ; (3) Henry M., b. 13 June, 1876; and 
(4) Mary A. Bartholomew, b. 3 Nov., 1877. 


ii George E., b. 23 Nov., 1814; m. 4 Sept., 1848, Fanny 

Bowman, and d. in Rockport, Kan., 3 Jan., 1881. She 
was b. 22 Apr., 1824, and lives at Rockport. He was a 
millwright and farmer ; moving to Licking Co., 0., in 1854, 
to Farmington, 111., in 1865, and to Rockport, Kan., in 
1879. Cii. 

1 Amos Bartholomew, b. 1 Jane, 1844; d. in the U. 8. A., 

12 May, 1864. 

2 David Bartholomew, b. Aug., 1846 ; d. in Oa., July, 1864- 

3 Ellas Bartholomew, b. 17 Feb., 1848; m. 28 Aug., 1881, 

Bessie Baiu ; miller in Louisville, Kan. 

4 Ann E. Bartholomew, b. 27 July, 1850; d. ffit. 7 months. 

5 Elam Bartholomew, b. 9 June, 1852 ; m. 14 June, 1876, 

Rachel I. Montgomery ; res. Rockport, Kau. Is school 
and town officer, an Elder in the Presbyterian Church, 
and has been clerk of the District Court of the county. 
Ch. (1) Geo. E., (2) Elbert F., (3) Elizabeth F. and (4) 
Jesse E. Bartholomew. 

6 John Bartholomew, b. 11 Dec, 1854; m. 21 Aug.,''1877, 

Mary E. Harden ; res. Rockport. Ch. (1) Alice, d. young; 
(2) Allen und (3) Gilbert Bartholomew. 

7 George Bartholomew, b. 20 Feb., 1857 ; res. Wichita, Kan. 

Travelling agent. 

8 Emma Bartholomew, b. 20 July, 1859 ; res. Rockport. 

9 Edmund Bartholomew, b. 30 Sept., 18G1; res. Rockport. 

10 Franklin Bartholomew, b. 9 An:;., 18C6; res. Rockport. 

ill David Baughman, b. 22 Nov., 1817; m. 15 Sept., 1842, Mary 
Ann Powers. Mr. Bartholomew has shown rare inventive 
ability. Among the valuable Improvements in use are his 
" patent feed " for saw mills and siding sawing and hand 
sawing machines. He is a lumber dealer in Lancaster, 
Pa., where he owns nnd operates two mills. No issue. 

iv Mary Ann, b. 6 Aug., 1821 ; m. 28 Feb., 1850, Charles 

Edwards, a merchant in L. ; and d. 4 July, 1881. Ch. 
1 George J. Edwards, b. 15 Aug., 1851; m. 25 May, 1875, 
Irene C Raymond. 

v John, b. 8 Oct , 1825 ; d. C July, 1826. 

9 Heniy^ {Johv?^ Henry^y Henry^^) born in Lancaster 
Co., Pa., 16 May, 1793 ; married, in Strasbiirg, Elizabeth, 
daughter of George Mouorer of Strabburg ; and died 20 



Nov., 1865, 8Bt. 72. She was born 8 Sept., 1793; and 
died 29 Nov., 1873, eet. 80. 

Mr. Bartholomew was a mason and spent his life in and 
near Strasburg. Children : 

1 Mary,^ b. 20 Apr., 1815; m. John Herr; res. near 

Strasbarg. Ch. 1 SusaD,* 2 £liz*h (m. H. Miller of S.) 
and 8 Martin Herr (d. yoon^r). 

ii Catherine, b. 19 Apr., 1817; m. 81 An;;., 1837, Jacob 

Heble, a coroner of Lancaster and quartermaster in the 
late war ; now dead. She res. in Lancaster, Pa. Ch. 

1 Barbary A. Heble, b. 21 Jan., 1888; m. Amos S. Urban of 

L. ; sash manufacturer. 

2 Christian Heble, b. 24 Feb., 1839; m. in 18G1, Annie M. 

Enos. Was conscripted in the last war by the C. S. A. ; 
but subsequently became a captain in the U. S. A. ; res. 
Gloucester Co., Va. 
8 Benjamin Heble, b. 8 July, 1840; killed in U. 8. A., 17 
June, 18G1. 

4 Susannah Heble, b. 6 Nov., 1841; m. Geo. W. Cormeury, 

a councilman in L. ; in the U. S. A., in 18G1. 

5 Abraham Heble, b. 6 Sept., 1848; ro. Annie Hoffhiau; 

res. Lancaster. 

6 Elizabeth Heble, b. 21 Nov., 1845; d. 12 Oct., 1849. 

7 Jacob H. Heble, b. 19 Mar., 1847; m. Emily J. Ditlow; 

lumber dealer in L. ; was in the U. S. A., and carried the 
flag of truce to meet Gen. Joseph JohuHon at the time of 
his surrender. 

8 Cassandia Heble, b. 1 Oct., 1848; m. Thos. Burr; res. L. 

9 Henry B. Heble, b. 29 Sept., 1850; d. 1 Oct., 1851. 
lOMarthaN. Heble, b. 8 Feb., 1853; m. Henry Mitzger; 

res. L. 

11 Mary A. Heble, b. 30 Sept., 1854; m. Christian Quade 

of Lancaster. 

12 John Heble, b. 28 Feb., 1858; d. 23 Apr., 1858. 

ill John, b. 1 Aug., 1818; m. Nancy Fissfrock; res. 

Cozaddale, Warren Co., O. 
iv Addison, b. 6 Aug., 1819; m. Lydia Lashly; res. 

Sulphur Hill, Ind. 
V George M., b. 11 Oct., 1821 ; m. 25 Oct., 1845. He 

moved to Belmont Co., O., in 1848; present res. Bridge- 
port, O. Ch. 
1 Mary A. Bartholomew, b. July, 184G; d. 6 Mar., 1852. 


2 Elizabeth V. Bartholomew, b. 28 Julj, 1848; m. 21 Not., 

1866, John A. McConnell, a contractor of Indianapolla, 

3 Marion A. Bartholomew, b. 4 Oct., 1852 ; m. 4 July, 1876, 

Anna L. Watterman ; res. Bridgeport, O. 

4 Ida A. Bartholomew, b. 26 Apr., 1855 ; m. 24 Ifar., 

1881, Thoa. H. Martin, a pilot; res. Droverabnrg, Pa. 

5 Martha O. B. Bartholomew, b. 1 Jnne, 1858 ; m. 8 Jolj, 1877, 

Emannel W. Bnllett; res. Conatitation, York Co., Fiu 

6 Anna V. Bartholomew, b. 17 Ang., 1866; d. Oct., 1874. 
Ti Snsan, m. John Heble ; d. 1858, leaving aeren ch. 
Til Anna, b. 22 Dec., 1825; m. Samuel Koble; res. 

Mason, O. 
▼iiiSamael Kendrick, b. 16 Mar., 1827; m. 18 Feb., 1851, Mary 
Mellor; res. Boffido, Minn. Ch. 

1 Marion Bartholomew, b. 6 Jan., 1852; d. 21 Apr., 1852. 

2 Bei^. H. Bartholomew, b. 81 Mar., 1858; m. 26 Feb., 

1879, BCary Nugent; res. Miami, Hamilton Co., O. 

3 Nancy O. Bartholomew, b. 22 Mar., 1855; m. 27 lfar.» 

1880, Joseph Haumant; res. Delano, Wright Co., Ifinii. 

4 Manaen C. Bartholomew, b. 16 Apr., 1858; m. 25 Not., 

1880; res. College Hill, Hamilton Co., O. 

5 Wm. 8. Bartholomew, b. 5 Sept., 1860 ; insurance agent, 

BufRdo, Minn. 

6 Henry A. Bartholomew, b. 27 Not., 1862; teacher. 

7 Saml K. Bartholomew, b. 25 Sept., 1865. 

8 John G. Bartholomew, b. 29 Dec., 1867. 

9 Wilbur I. Bartholomew, b. 2 Sept., 1868. 

10 Charles Bartholomew, b. 14 Jan., 1870; d. Nov., 1870. 

11 Francis A. Bartholomew, b. 4 June, 1874. 

12 Lily M. Bartholomew, b. 7 June, 1875. 

13 Dora £. Bartholomew, b. 17 Feb., 1877. 

14 Otis L. Bartholomew, b. 15 Jan., 1880. 

ix Elizabeth, b. SO Oct., 1828; m. BenJ. Price; res. Tip- 

pecanoe, O. 

X Barbara, b. 5 May, 1830; d. set. 2. 

xi Francis Naomi, b. 2 Nov., 1833; m. Jos. Bennett ; res. Co- 
lumbia, Pa. Ch. 

1 Harvey A. Bennett, b. in 1857 ; m. Mary Schcken ; R. R. 


2 Geo. T. Bennett, b. in 1864 ; res. Columbia. 








1 John^ may have been the same as John' (Henry^)^ 
of Philadelphia on page 535. He was born in Pennsyl- 
vania about 1740. One descendant says 11 May, 1746t 
and that his name was John Peter Bartholomew, also that 
he was an only son ; but the former date and name have 
the most rapporters. He certainly signed his name ^ John 
Bartholomew ;" and the tradition ** only son** is common 
when not true, although it may be in this case. He 
married, about 1765, Nancy Mordan ; and died in Jefferson 
Co., O., about 1823. She was born on the Atlantic Ocean, 
while her parents were emigrating from England to this 
country, and died about 1793. 

Mr. Bartholomew is said to have lived during his youth 
in Lancaster Co., Pa., but -moved to Maryland before the 
Bevolutionary war, and possibly before his marriage, set- 
tling on the bank of the Kishicoquillas Creek, near Han- 
cock, Washington Co., Md. ; ho also lived near Harper's 
Ferry, in Loudoun Co., Va. He was a shoemaker and 
farmer, and early a member of the German Reformed 
Church, but later of the Methodist Church, in which he 
occasionally ^exhorted.'' 

Physically, he is described as a tall, muscular man, 
with dark eyes and skin, and a round face, and of Hol- 
land or Oerman ancestry. 

He emigrated with his family to the vicinity of East 
Springfield, Jefferson Co., O. 



About 1805 his sister Mary, widow of Klein, died 

at his house in Ohio. Children : 

i John,* d. in Virginia, set. 16. 

ii Mary, b. about 1768 ; m. Brackenbaagh ; and d. 

in Harper's Ferry ; one son, Joseph' Brackenbaagh. 
ill Elizabeth, m. Nicholas Heckard; d. in Jefferson Co., O. 

Ch. 1 Maryt 2 John, 8 Catherine, 4 Peter, 5 Jacob and 

6 Elizabeth Heckard. 
iv Margaret, m. Martin Swickard; and d. in Richmond, O. 


1 SamneP Swickard, res. Richmond, O. 

2 Lydia A. Swickard; m. Minnesinger; res. Frank- 

fort Springs, Beaver Co., Pa. 
8 Jacob Swickard, res. Richmond. 
4 Mary Swickard, m. Mills; res. Linton, J. Co., O. 

2 V Moses, b. 2 April, 1774; d. 22 Aug., 1853, «t. 79. 

3 Ti Aaron, m. Elizabeth Reams of Lancaster Co., Pa. 

vii Kate, m. Rev. Jacob Battonbarch; and d. in Wells- 

vllle, O. Ch. 

1 Jacob Buttonbarch, res. Wellsville, Col. Co., O. 

2 Levi Battonbarch. 

viii Samuel, res. in Brook Co., Ya., and Western, Ind. Ch. 

1 Elizabeth Bartholomew. 

2 Gilead Bartholomew, lived at Quincy, 111 ; and in 1857, 

in Adams Co., 111., where he had a steam gristmill; dy- 
ing a few years later, his family moved to the vicinity of 
Carthage, Hancock Co., 111. Ch. Two daughters, one 
of whom married Joseph Hauks of Quincy, 111., and a 
son Isaac, who res. with his mother near Carthage. 

8 Samuel Bartholomew, had a son (1) Samuel Gilead Bar- 
tholomew, who m. 16 Oct., 1862, Mary Abigail Fordyce, 
who was b. 4 Feb., 1841. Ch. [1] Laura C.,* b. 11 Oct., 
1863; [2] Alva L., b. 26 Apr., 1865; [3] Ohemer Cyrus, 
b. 23 Nov., 1866; [4] Kate L., b. 18 April, 1869; [5] 
Henry Gilead, and [6] Helen A. Bartholomew, twins, b. 
25 Sept., 1873. 

4 Aaron Bartholomew, lived at Camp Point, 111. 
ix Rachel, died young. 

2 Moses^ {Johnny) born on the bunks of the Kishioo- 
quillas Creek, Frederick Co., Md., 2 April, 1774; mar- 


riod in Loudoun Co., Va., Elizabeth Segur ; and died near 
Roseville, O., 22 Aug., 1853, aged 79. 

She was born in Lancaster Co., Pa., 2 Feb., 1773, and 
died in Adamsville, O., in July, 1865, aged 92. 

Mr. Bartholomew was a farmer and blacksmith, and a 
member of the Lutheran Church. He was a pioneer set- 
tler in Jefferson Co., O., where he removed from Mary- 
land, in 1805, locating on a farm midway between the 
present towns of East Springfield and Salem. 

Children : 

4 i John', b. 1 jDly, 1797 ; d. 27 Aug., 1864. 

6 li George, b. 24 Nov., 1798; res. Cooper, O., »t. 85. 

iU Mary Ann, b. 29 Jan., 1800; m. 11 Sept., 1826, Peter No- 
lestine, who d. 11 Nov., 1870. She res. in RosevUle, O., 
«t. 83. Ch. 

1 Samuel* Nolestine, b. 11 Nov., 1827; ra. B. M. Sharp 

of Mineral City, O. Ch. (1) Abraham'^ and (2) David 

2 Moses Nolestine, b. 5 Sept., 1829; d. 81 May, 1877. 

8 David Nolestine, b. 14 July, 1881 ; enlisted in the U. 

S. A., and d. in 1868. 

4 Elizabeth Nolestine, b. 17 Oct., 1833; res. Roseville. 

5 Margaret Nolestine, b. 1834; d. 1868. 

6 Sarah J. Nolestine, b. 8 April, 1836 ; d. 15 June, 1874. 

7 Amos Nolestine, b. 30 April, 1838; enlisted in U. S. 

A., and d. in 1863. 

6 iv Henry, b. 29 Nov., 1801 ; d. 25 March, 1865. 

V Lydia, b. 1803; m. John Allensworth; and d. in 1849. 

7 vi Samuel, b. 25 March, 1805; d. 3 Jan., 1877. 

8 vii Amos, b. Aug., 1808; res. Sarasota, Fla. 

9 vlii Abraham N., b. 10 Dec, 1810; res. Chartiers, Pa. 

ix Rebecca, b. 8 Oct., 1813; m. 1 Dec, 1836, Adly Calhoun; 
res. Middle Point, Van Wert Co., 0. He d. 16 Feb., 
1870. Ch. 

1 William L. Calhoun, b. 21 Dec, 1837; enlisted in U. S. 

A. ; killed in battle 6 April, 1862. 

2 Abraham Calhoun, b. 8 Sept., 1839; res. Van Wert, O. 

3 Margaret Calhoun, b. 6 June, 1841 ; m. Albert Fife of 

Lama, Iowa. 

4 Steward Calhoun, b. 28 June, 1843; d. 29 Oct., 1843. 



V 6 Mary CalhoDD, b. 26 Sept., 1844; no. James Am- 


6 Jane Calhoun, b. 9 March, 1847 ; m. W. D. Taylor 

of M. 

7 George W. Calhoun, b. 8 June, 1849; d. 3 Jan., 1850. 

8 Mandane A. Calhoun, b. 29 April, 1857; m. Wm. H. Cor- 

bet of M. 

3 Aaron^ (John}y) born about 1783 ; married, in Lan- 
caster Co., Pa., Elizabeth Roams ; and died about 1845. 

He was a farmer for many years of Beaver Co., Pa. ; 
also resided in Richland Co., O., and Hancock Co., Va. 

Children : 

i Sarah', b. about 1803 ; m. Mills ; res. Linton, Jef- 
ferson Co., O. 

ii John, b. 5 Dec, 1806 ; m. 22 Dec, 1829, Harriett Redlck ; 
and d. in Table Grove, III., 16 Sept., 1879. She was born 
5 Sept., 1808; res. T. G. He removed about 1836, f^om 
Hancock Co., Va., to Fulton Co., Ill; farmers. Ch. 

1 Morgan* Bartholomew, b. 20 May, 1831 ; d. 9 Jan., 1841. 

2 BerriUa Bartholomew, b. 22 Sept., 1833; m. 24 March, 

1861, James Ross of Baltimore, Md. ; res. Peoria, 111. 
Ch. (1) Harold*, and (2) Wayland Ross. 
8 Sara A. Bartholomew, b. 8 May, 1835 ; m. 3 April, 1852, 
John C. Ross; andd. 23 Dec, 1871. He d. 6 Apr., 1883; 
farmers of T. G. Ch. (1) David, (2) Carrol, (3) Kate 
P. (of T. G.), (4) Jack, (5) Hattle and (6) Charles P. 

4 John R. Bartholomew, b. 27 March, 1837 ; m. Adelaide 

Walker; and d. In T. G. 16 March, 1875. Ch. (I) MU- 
ton, (2) Edward and (3) Arthur Bartholomew. 

5 Cyrus Bartholomew, m. 16 Feb., 1860, Mary Miller; 

and d. 20 Feb., 1866, In T. G. She m. 2nd, John C. Ross 
(see above). Ch. (1) Hattle (m. T. B. Johnson of Cald- 
well, Kan.), (2) Frank, (3) Horace and (4) Aaron 
Bartholomew all of T. G. 

6 Jasper N. Bartholomew, b. 26 Oct., 1840; m. 28 Oct., 

1868, Saloma Walker, who was born in McDonough Co., 
111., 14 Jan., 1846. Has been an extensive farmer and 
stock dealer; res. Table Grove. Ch. (1) Elmo, b. 


17 Oct., 1869; (2) Addle L., b. 23 June, 1871; (8) 
Walker, b. 21 March, 1878; (4) Ross, b. 29 Dec, 1874; 
(6) Sada, b. 9 June, 1877; (6) an infant, b. 6 Apr., 1880; 
d. 8 June, 1880; (7) Roy Bw., b. 16 March, 1882. 

7 Aaron Bartholomew, b. 26 Aug., 1842; enlisted U. 8. 

A., and killed 20 Sept., 1863. 

8 Levi Bartholomew, b. 18 Feb., 1844; m. 1 Nov,, 1866, 

Rachel Ellis ; res. Redwood City, Cal. ; daughter Anna. 

9 Harriett Bartholomew, > b. 2 Feb, 1847; C d. 3 Feb., 1847. 

10 Carl Bartholomew, 5 twins. ( d. 4 Feb., 1847. 

11 Linville Bartholomew, b. 8 June, 1849; m. Bechey Oaks ; 

res. St. Joseph, Mo. Ch. (1) Jessie, (2) Janie, (3) 
Georgiana, (4) Melloria, (6) Carl and (6) a baby. 

12 Naomi Bartholomew, b. 28 Sept., 1854 ; died same day. 
ill Cyrus, b. in 1814; m. in Sept., 1836, Elizabeth Allison, 

in Fairview, Va. He has lived in Pennsylvania and 

Welisville, O., but is now a resident of Creston, la. ; is a 
retired farmer and merchant. Ch. 

1 Aaron Bartholomew, res. Creston ; merchant. Ch. 

(1) Sallie, (2) Maggie, (3) Laura, (4) Carrie, (6) Annie, 
and (6) Edgar Bartholomew. 

2 John Bartholomew, b. 1841; m. 1866, Amanda ; 

res. Topeka, Kan. ; is secretary of the Wool-growers* As- 
sociation of Kansas, and proprietor of the '* Capital 
View Sheep Farm" in T. 

3 Sarah Bartholomew, lives with parents. 

4 Harriett Bartholomew, d. in Philadelphia, Dec, 1873. 
iv Moses. 

v LydiaAnn.m. Jacob Minnesinger, who d. 1847; res. Frank- 
fort Springs, Beaver Co., Pa. Ch. (1) Joseph (of Table 
Grove, 111.), (2) Aaron, (3) George, (4) Sarah and 
(5) Samuel Minnesinger of F. S. 

4 John^ (Mose^, John\) born in Loudoun Co., Va., 
1 July, 1797; married, 22 Oct., 1819, his cousin, Ro- 
sannah Segur, who was born 16 Mai-ch, 1804, and died 
6 March, 1848. He married, second, 22 May, 1851, 
Sarah Yates; and died 27 Aug., 1864. 

Mr. Bartholomew was a cooper in Union Co., O., until 
about 1845, when he moved to Kalamazoo Co., Mich. 


Children : 

i Christian*, b. 12 Oct., 1823; m. 29 June, 1857, Eliza- 

beth M. Tates ; is a cooper and farmer in Ooslien, Elk- 
hart Co., Ind. Ch. 

1 Andrew J.* Bartholomew, b. 1 Feb., 1860. 

2 Amelia J. Bartholomew, b. 4 July, 1861 ; m. 21 Nov., 1880, 

G. W. Payne. Ch. Willard E.« Payne, b. 14 Aug., 1881. 

3 Stephen Bartholomew, b. 4 Feb., 1863. 

4 Sarah R. Bartholomew, b. 25 Nov., 1864. 

5 Rosannah F. Bartholomew, b. ; d. June, 1868, mt, 1 year. 

6 Freddie A. Bartholomew, b. ; d. May, 1869, ait. 3 mos. 

7 John W. Bartholomew, b. 3 June, 1870. 

8 Grace W. Bartholomew, b. ; d. July, 1872, set. 3 mos. 

9 Clarence Bartholomew, b. 12 Jan., 1876. 

10 Charles C Bartholomew, b. 20 June, 1880; d. July, 1880. 
ii Moses, b. 22 Dec, 1824; m. Elizabeth Pfleffer; 

res. MIddlebury, Elkhart Co., lud. Ch. 

1 Henry S. Bartholomew, b. 8 Oct., 1862. 

2 Nevada E. Bartholomew, b. 5 Sept., 1867. 

3 Ella M. Bartholomew, b. 30 Dec, 1869. 

4 Clara V. Bartholomew, > b. April, 1873. 

5 Cora V. Bartholomew, 5 twins. 

iii Lydia Ann, b. 29 July, 1826; d. 80 Jan., 1848. 

iv Amos, b. 24 June, 1827; m. 29 Dec, 1851, Mehit- 

able Johnson, b. 29 Aug., 1834; res. Hastings, Mich. Ch. 

1 Josephine Bartholomew, b. 15 Feb., 1853; d. 8 May, 1854. 

2 Fannie Bartholomew, b. 1 Aug., 1854; d. 22 Dec, 1856. 

3 Calvin Bartholomew, b. 7 April, 1856; d. 6 Jan., 1857. 

4 J. J. Bartholomew, b. 6 March, 1858; R. R. engineer, 

Tyler, Texas. 

5 May Bartholomew, b. 24 Feb., 1860; m. 15 March, 

1878; d. 

6 Minnie Bartholomew, b. 27 Sept., 1864. 

7 Morris Bartholomew, b. 24 Sept., 1870; d. 1 Sept., 


8 Nancy Bartholomew, b. 10 Nov., 1875. 

V Samuel, b. 8 May, 1830; d. 16 Sept., 1838. 

vi liebecca Elizabeth, b. 2 March, 1833 ; m. Jehiel H. Haines of 
Stanton, Mich. 

vii Sarah Jane, b. 31 July, 1834; m. A. W. Haines of Ot- 
sego, Mich. 

vlli John S., b. 26 Nov., 1836; d. 14 July, 1838. 

ix Abraham S. b. 4 June, 1841 ; res. O. 

X Henry S., b. 24 Jan., 1847; res. Otsego, Mich. 


6 Gteorge^ {Mo8&?^ John^^) born in LoudounCo., Va., 
24 Nov., 1798 ; married, 4 Jan., 1818, Susannah Strayer, 
who was born 10 Dec, 1798, and died in Vinton Co., O., 
18 Oct., 1872, aged 73 years. 

Mr. Bartholomew has been a cooper in Vinton Co., O., 
for many years, and still resides there, at the advanced 
age of 85. Children : 

i Jacob\ b. 36 Dec, 1818; m. Emilj Ebersole; and. d. in 
Forbe8town, Cal., in 1849, fVom the effects of an acci* 
dental gun-shot wound. He was a graduate of Granville 
(O.) College; studied and practised medicine. Mrs. B. 
and family res. in Springfield, O. Ch. 

1 Frank Bartholomew^, graduate of Granville Coll. ; res. 8. 

2 Ralph Bartholomew, res. Springfield. 

ii Nancy, b. 26 Oct., 1820; m. 16 April, 1840, James 
McGillivray; res. McArthur, 0.; fanner. Ch. 

1 James McGillivray, b. 21 Jan., 1846; m. 2 Nov., 1869, 

Ada Pugh ; res. M. He is a prominent lawyer and poli-> 
tician. Ch. (1) Flora', (2) Ada and (8) Charlotte 

2 Martha J. McGillivray, b. 21 Jan., 1846 (twin of above) ; d. 

21 Dec, 1874. 

3 Mary E. McGillivray, b. 11 Nov., 1848. 

4 Joseph C. McGillivray, b. 8 Jan., 1861 ; m. 1 Sept., 1874, 

Alice Dillon. 

5 Alice McGillivrny, b. 26 March, 1853. 

G Wm. D. McGillivray, b. 13 Sept., 1855; d. 6 Apr., 1876. 

7 Jno. J. McGillivray, b. 24 June, 1858 ; m. June, 1880, 

Mary M. Nader, 
lii Elizabeth, b. 3 Feb., 1823; m. 7 March, 1844, Clark Mar- 
shall; res. Eckley, Carroll Co., O. Ch. 

1 George W. Marshall, b. 10 March, 1847; m. 1870, Annie 

Pugh ; res. Eckley ; one daughter Alice. 

2 Mahlou Marshall, b. 29 Aug., 1849; m. 2 Nov., 1869, 

Mary H. Rondebush; res. Topeka, Kan. Ch. (1) Mag- 
gie, (2) Vernon, (3) Walter and (4) Ada Marshall. 

8 Susan E. Marshall, b. 7 Feb., 1862; d. 27 Sept., 1854. 

4 John J. Marshall, b. 4 June, 1854; divinity student 

of E. 

5 Mary E. Marshall, b. 13 Feb., 1866; m. 19 Aug., 1879, 

Joseph R. Hill of Carrollton, O. ; son Jno. Hill. 


6 Nathaniel Marshall, b. 28 July, 1860; res. E. 
iv Moses, b. 21 Feb., 1825; d. 25 March, 1825. 

V Thomas, b. 8 Dec, 1825; d. near Ft. Laramie in 1868. 
vi Lydia, b. 8Jan., 1829; m. 12 Feb., 1852, Geo. Swingle, 

proprietor of a stoneware factory in Roseville, O. Ch. 

1 Susan M. Swingle, b. 11 Oct., 1852; m. 18 March, 1874, 

Peter Weaver. Ch. (1) George, and (2) Walter 

2 Jacob T. Swingle, b. 9 April, 1854 ; res. Caledonia, O. ; 

photographer; one child, Vernon O. Swingle. 

3 Nancy M. Swingle, b. 8 Jan., 1858; teacher in R. 

4 Martin L. Swingle, b. 7 March, 1861 ; artist in Caledonia. 

5 Phoebe £. Swingle, b. 16 Aug., 1865. 

6 Moses E. A. Swingle, b. 23 April, 1867. 

7 Sylvan A. Swingle, b. 21 Sept., 1869. 

vii Andrew, b. 10 Sept., 1831; m. 25 June, 1859, Amanda 
Viciiers; res. Fresno Co., Cal.; no children. 

vili David, b. 10 Dec, 1835; m. Susannah Bradford; farmer 

in Fresno City, Fresno Co., Cal. ; four children. 

6 Henry^ {Mose^y e7bAnS)born in Loudoun Co.,Va., 
29 Nov., 1801; married at Carrollton, O., Ann Sloan; 
and died in Goshen, Ind., 25 March, 1865. She was 
born in Dunganon, Ireland, in 1800 ; resides in Middle- 
burg, Ind. 

Mr. Bartholomew resided as a farmer, in Jefferson Co., 
O., until 1854, when he removed to Benton, Elkhart Co., 
Ind. Children : 

10 i Alexander Sloan^ b. 20 Sept., 1825; d. 23 Sept., 1882. 

ii Moses, b. 5 Dec, 1826; m. Maria Scott; is a 

Lutheran clergyman of Goshen, Ind. Ch. 1 Lather £.* 

(m. Kitty Lyman), 2 Aldus A., 3 Charles and 4 Jennie Bw. 
iU George, b. 26 March, 1828; m. 1862, Mary Cook ; 

res. Millersburg, Ind. ; Lutheran clergyman. Ch. 1 Ella 

£. (m. 9 Feb., 1882, Jacob Zollinger), 2 James £. (d. 

1875), 3 Edwin C.,4Norah, 5 Jean(son),6Geo. and 7 Irene 

Bartholomew (daughter), 
iv Wm. Marshall, b. 15 Dec, 1829; d. in Middlebargh, 12 

Nov., 1870. Ch. 1 Charles, 2 Mary and 3 Delora Bw. 


V Mary Ann, b. 25 Dec, 1881 ; m. 19 March, 1854, Mor- 

gan Batler ; rei. Goshen, Ind. Ch. 

1 Henry Bw. Butler, b. 18 Sept., 1855; ro. 8 Oct., 1879, 

Minnie J. Hawkes. 

2 Emma L. Batler, b. 17 April, 1857; teacher. 

3 Geo. S. Butler, b. 15 Oct., 1858; farmer. 

4 Anna E. Butler, b. 12 April, 1861. 

5 Jennie 8. Butler, b. 2 Oct., 1868. 

vl Eliza Jane, b. 21 July, 1838; m. 29 April, 1856, Rev. 

J. W. Torrence, who graduated A*om Central Ohio Col* 
lege in 1858, and received from It the degree of D.D. in 
1879; is now pastor of the Third Presbyterian Church of 
Toledo, O. Ch. 

1 Jesse Torrence, died in infancy. 

2 Ida May Torrence, b. 2 May, 1859. 

3 Ella L. Torrence, b. 9 Nov., I860. 

4 Mary E. Torrence, b. 20 Aug., 1862. 

5 Wm. E. Torrence, b. 7 Dec, 1864. 

6 Bessie I. Torrence, b. 13 Dec, 1867. 

7 Clifford M. Torrence, b. 30 May, 1874. 

8 Joseph E. Torrence, b. 30 May, 1881. 

vii Catherine, b. 4 March, 1835; m. 1856, David Darr; 

and d. 12 Aug., 1860, In Benton, Ind. Ch. 1 George J. 

(d. set. 7), and 2 Anna £. Darr, m. 
vlllLydla Ann, b. 16 Oct., 1836; m. 14 Oct., 1858, Clinton 

E. Foster, of New Haven Co., Conn.; res. Mlddleburg; 

farmer and stocicraiser. Ch. 

1 Anna May Foster, b. 9 Oct., 1859; d. 2 Sept., 1860. 

2 Henrietta Foster, b. 9 Dec, 1860. 

3 Emma Celia Foster, b. 4 April, 1868. 

4 Wllma June Foster, b. 17 June, 1874. 

5 George R. Foster, b. 16 March, 1876; d. 14 March, 1877. 

6 James C. Foster, b. 3 May, 1879; d. 2 Sept., 1881. 

7 AmosBw.E.Fo8ter,b. 30 May, 1881. 

Ix James Luther, b. 3 July, 1838 ; res. Colorado Springs, 

Col. Ch. 1 Clyde, 2 Heywood, 3 Lillian and 4 Edna Bw. 

X Jesse, died »t. 2 or 3 years. 

11 xi Amos, b. 21 Sept., 1841; res. Cleveland, O. 

xll Emma, b. 9 Feb., 1845; m. 10 Oct., 1872, Dr. J. 

A. Work, an eminent physician of Elkhart, Ind. Ch. 

1 Lydla Elizabeth Work, b. 21 Sept., 1873. 

2 Henry Everett Work, b. 15 Sept., 1874. 

3 Madge Marsh Work, b. 26 March, 1877. 

4 Ruth Emma Work, b. 11 April, 1879. 
xlli Henry, died in Infancy. 


7 SamueP {Alose^y John^j) born in Hancock Co., 
Va., 25 March, 1805; married, in Jefferson Co., C, 
about 1835, Sarah Shoemaker; and died in Siam, Taylor 
Co., Iowa, 3 Jan., 1877, aged 71. She resides in Annap- 
olis, Jefferson Co., O. 

Rev. Mr. Bartholomew spent much of his early life in 
Muskingum Co., O. ; but moved in 1855 to Union Co., 
Iowa, and in 1857 to Texas, returning to Iowa in 1869, 
where he subsequently resided. Was a Lutheran minis- 
ter. Children : 

1 Zeman Melancthon*, b. 29 March, 1837 ; ra. 1869, Barbary 

E. HeckathoFD ; res. Texas, 
ii Lucian Antoine, b. 17 Feb., 1439; no. 15 Au?., 1872, 

Aurena A. Dancan ; is a physician in Siam, la. Ch. 

1 Mary 0.* Bartholomew, b. 8 Aug., 1878. 

2 Mildred A. Bartholomew, b. 21 Aug., 1876. 

3 Alva E. Bartholomew, b. 27 July, 1878. 

4 Charles S. Bartholomew, b. 10 June, 1880. 

ill Cyrinthus Abraham, b. 16 Sept., 1841; m. Martha A. Dea- 

ton ; res. Decatur, Tex. 

iv Alcynes Hartwell, b. 21 Feb., 1844; d. Feb., 1881, in Led- 

better, Texas. 

V Salathlel Ziethan, b. 23 June, 1846. 

vi Wm. Worth, b. 11 Sept., 1849; d. Sept., 1853. 

vil Horton Howard, b. 2 March, 1851; d. Sept., 1858. 

viil Sarah Elzepha, b. 31 Jan., 1853; ro. Sept., 1871, Jno. 

A. Collins, 

ix Lewis Cass, b. 26 July, 1856; res. Redcllff, Col. 

8 Amos^ {Mose^y Johnny) born in Jefferson Co., O., 
in Aug., 1808; married, near Columbus, 0., 28 April, 
1835, Eliza A. Landis, who died in May, 1863. He 
married, second, 2 Oct., 1871, Belle C. Monce. 

Rev. Mr. Bartholomew graduated early at what is now 
called " Capitol University" in Columbus, O. 

Became a candidate for the ministry in 1834, and 
shortly afterwards the pastor of his first church. 


He continued in the ministry until 1876, since which 
time he has devoted himself exclusively to the practice of 
medicine, which he had studied in 1850 and afterwards 
followed in connection with his pastoral duties. He re- 
sides in Atlanta, 111., and winters with his son in Sara- 
sota, Fla. Children : 

i Mary L. E.,^ b. 27 Sept., 1836; in. 20 Nov., 1860, Leonard 

F. Andrews; graduate of Harvard College, 1857; res. 
Sarasota, Fla. Ch. 

1 Emma E.* Andrews, b. 29 Jan., 1864. 

2 John Bw. Andrews, b. 12 Nov., 1866. 

il Emma Ann, b. 13 March, 1841 ; m. Dec, 1866, R. B. 
Milroy; and d. 12 Sept., 1871. His residence Is Oak- 
land, Cal. Ch. 
1 David Bw. Milroy, b. 9 May, 1869. 

iii Wm. Albert, b. 14 Sept., 1842; m. 1872, Sasannah 
Stronce; res. Sarasota, Fla.; graduate of Wittenberg 
College ; served as captain in the last war ; is now an at- 
tomey-at-law and an orange cultivator. Ch. 

1 Allie B. Bartholomew, b. 12 April, 1874. 

2 Albert L. Bartholomew, b. 8 Dec, 1875. 

3 Geo. Amos Bartholomew, b. Aug., 1877. 

iv Almira Louisa, b. 12 April, 1844; m. 27 Nov., 1869, Lemuel 

K. Andrews of Lewis, la. 
V Amos Benjamin, b. 7 March, 1846; d. at Lewis, Iowa, 18 

Aug., 1880; was a physician. 

9 Abraham^ (Mose^y John},) born in Jefferson Co., 
O., 10 Dec, 1810; married, 20 Oct., 1841, Adeline E. 
Weistling, who was born 10 March, 1821. 

Rev. Mr. Bartholomew is pastor of the Lutheran 
Church at Chartiers, Alleghany Co., Pa. 

Children : 

i Abraham B.,^ b. 12 April, 1848; d. 20 Jan., 1863. 
ii Fraukiln W., b. 16 July, 1846. 
iii HenrietU Urania, b. 9 May, 1848. 



iv Homer Osgood, b. 12 Jnne, 1850; d. 28 Jan., 1855. 

V Mary Cornelia, b. 2 Oct., 1858; m. 20 Sept., 1878, Dr. J. 

H. McOnire. 

vi Herman A., b. 12 March, 1857; d. 4 Feb., 1858. 

vil Ira Passavant, b. 2 Sept., 1869; d. 22 April, 1862. 

10 Alexander Sloan"* (-Hen»y, Moses^y John},) bom 
in East Springfield, O., 20 Sept., 1825 ; married, 14 May, 
1851, Sarah Scott, who was born 29 Sept., 1821, and died 
4 April, 1877. He married, second, in Lima, O., 7 May, 
1878, Mary Askins; and died in Lima, O., 23 Sept., 

Rev. Mr. Bartholomew was a graduate of Muhlenburg 
College and Evangelical Lutheran Seminary of Columbus, 
O. The six following years, while serving the Ft. 
Wayne, Ind., congregation as pastor, he organized church 
societies in Roanoke, Wabash, Hartford and Waynesville, 
Ind., and in Loss Creek, O. In 1856, ho resigned his 
Fort Wayne pastorate, and went as a missionary to northern 
Indiana and southern Michigan ; there he organized, and 
for many years served as pastor, the church societies in 
Mottville, Three Rivers, White Pigeon, Mich., and Park 
and Middlebury, Ind. In Oct., 1865, he accepted a call 
to serve the congi'egations of Lima and Elida, O., where, 
after having erected two fine church edifices, his enthusiastic 
and faithful labors were brought to a close. Children : 

1 Henry Joseph George*, b. 9 April, 1862; m. 25 Dec, 1878, 
Effle Klein. Rev. Mr. Bartholomew is a graduate of Cap- 
itol University and Evan. Lath. Sem., and pastor of three 
congregations situated In Hartvlile and Uniontown, O. 

1 Walter Loy« Bartholomew, b. 12 Nov., 1879. 

2 Eric Klein Bartholomew, b. 10 May, 1881. 

il Mary Lizzie, b. 29 Dec, 1863; d. 29 Sept., 1869. 


111 Ann Sloan, b. 36 Sept, 1856. 

iv Sarah Scott, b. 6 Oct, 1857; medical stadent. 

V Alexander Sloan, b. 20 liar., 1859; grad. Capitol Uni- 

versity and Evan. Lath. Sem., and pastor of two congre- 
gations in Springdale, Wash. Co., Ark. 

vi James Kleclmer, b. 11 Jan., 1882. 

vii AramanU V. D., b. 23 Dec, 1864. 

11 Amos^ (Henr^f Mosei?^ John\) bom 21 Sept., 
1841 ; married, 25 April, 1876, Bachel Ann, daughter of 
Philip and Ellen Euhne. 

Rev. Mr. Bartholomew completed his theological stud- 
ies in Philadelphia, Pa. ; was ordained in 1869. His first 
charge was the English Evangelical Lutheran Church of 
Trenton, N. J., which he organized and served for nearly 
five years. His next was Zion's Ev. Church of Greens- 
buig. Pa. ; subsequently the Church of the Twelve Apostles 
of Saegerstown, Pa. 

In 1880, he removed to Cleveland, O., and organized 
the Church of the Holy Trinity, which he is still serving. 

Children : 

i £Ilen\ b. 29 March, 1877. 

11 Ph. Heury, b. 2 April, 1879. 
ill Irene, b. 8 Sept., 1880. 








1 Claudius Barteleme was the son of a merchant 
and was bom in Marseilles, France. In 1750, at the age 
of seventeen, he engaged in the regiment " Royal Rolison ** 
and shortly after came to America with Montcalm. 

The following copy of a letter which Claudius wrote to 
his brother in France, contains the only detailed account 
of his wanderings until he came to Derby, Conn. 

"Darby in the Colony of Connecticut America 

Sir and My Dear Brother 

This is to assure you of my very very humble 
respects and to enquire after the health of my friends. I 
am now enjoying good health, thanks be to God, 

I should inform you that after quitting you in order to 
make the tour of France, I engaged in the regiment ' Royal 
Rolison,' year 1756. Some of us embarked for Canada. 
I continued in good health until we arrived on the bars of 
Newfoundland ; there a malady broke out on board the 
vessel. Thanks be to God I recovered after having been 
dangerously ill. I then set my feet on the shores of Canada, 
but my knees were too feeble to sustain me ; yet not>vith- 
standing, five days after, sixty of us departed for a health 
house where we were cleansed. Some of us were ready 
to take advanced posts. 

In 1757 we went to besiege Fort Georgef which sur- 
rendered after a siege of nine days ; we made eighteen 

*The sketch of Claudius nnrtliolomcw and genealogical data were furnibhed by 
Richard Charles Ambler, Esq., of Bridgeport, Conn. 

t By this is undoubtedly meant the fort Icnown to us as Fort William Henry, on 
Lake («eorgc. 




scores of savages see the expediency of surrendering and 
being ready for capitulation. The savages had, in spite 
of all the officers and soldiers of the enemy, massacred the 
English prisoners and taken the infants at the breast by 
the feet and thrown them into the air, to fall to pieces on 
the rocks. 

In the year 1758, we gained a battle over the English, 
who were surrounded by ten thousand men strong ; we, 
having three thousand men, sustained for five hours by 
the clock, a strong fire and conquered. 

In the year 1759, in the month of May, we set out for 
Niagara, near which, one hundred and seventy of us found 
a health house where there was an abundance of water, 
and we were obliged to go into it in order to cleanse our- 
selves after filthy habits on board the vessel. When we 
came out our clothes were quite clean ; after having been 
three months at Niagara the English began the siege, and 
after sustaining it for twenty days, we were obliged to 

Afterward we were brought to New England, where I 
married a girl, by whom I have three children, two girls 
and one boy. I built me a house in which I dwelt and after- 
wards another in which I now live, thanks be to God. 

In the year 1762 I learned to read and write English, 
and in the year 1768 I learned to write French that you 
may hear from me after so long an absence. My Dear 
Brother, I have great pleasure in being able to give you 
my salutiition. I render thanks to my God, who has given 
to us his Holy Spirit, for the joys so pure in one who be- 
lieves in God and loves His Son, who is the door of Sal- 
vation to us poor sinners. I entreat you to pray for me 

Your very aflfectionate brother 

Claude Barteleme.** 


There are other letters and papers in possession of de- 
scendants which show that Claude continued his studies 
and became quite a scholar. His accounts show that he 
was very methodical. He wrote in clear round characters ; 
in fact was a beautiful penman seldom excelled in the 
present day. 

His mother, whoso name was Bey Barteleme, was a 
lady of high culture and education for those times. She 
writes of a son who was iu the French Government service. 
It was this brother to whom Claude's letter is written. In 
another letter she speaks of her property being confiscated, 
and that she was reduced to the necessity of ^ earning her 
bread by the sweat of her brow." 

Her old letters I the writing is now nearly obliterated 
by time. Eight generations have come on the stage of 
life since she made her d6but in this world. 

Claude Barteleme came to Derby iu 1760, and soon after 
married Susanna, daughter of Samuel and Mary (Lobdel) 
Plumb. Susanna was born 23 April, 1744; her father 
came from Milford and was one of the first settlers of 
Derby. He built a house on the opposite side of the street 
from the " Jewett house" at "up town." After settling in 
Derby he became a sea captain and eventually a large ship 
owner. In his religious views Claude was a devout Cath- 
olic, and his Catholic Bible containing the family record 
written by him is still preserved. 

He died in Derby, 10 Oct., 1824, set. 87. She died 
26 Jan., 1818. Children all born in Derby. 

i Anne,« b. 20 Oct., 1762; d. 6 Oct., 1776. 
ii Mary, b. 25 Oct., 1766; m. David Morris ; d. 9Mar., 1811. 
He was b. 6 Feb., 1761 ; d. 15 June, 1813. Ch. 

1 Eunice^ Morris, b. 17 June, 1787; m. Abrara Hawley. 

2 Zlzlah Morris, b. 8 Feb., 1790; d. 30 Dec, 1874. 

3 Bela Morris, b. 4 Mar., 1792; d. 10 Oct., 1818. 

4 Susan Morris, b. 25 Jan., 1795; m. Geo. Lines. 



6 Lonisa Morris, b. 28 Feb., 1797; d. 1 Feb., 1814. 

6 Sarah Morris, b. 28 July, 1799; d. 9 Sept., 1804. 

7 Sarah Morris, b. 2 Aug., 1800; m. Geo. Bronson. 

8 Mary Etta Morris, b. 6 June, 1801 ; m. Jeremiah Thomas. 

9 Kitty Ann Morris, b. 4 May, 1803; m. Richard Atwater. 
10 John Plumb Morris, b. 8 Oct., 1806; d. 20 Sept., 1807. 

2 ill Jerrod, b. 8 Jan., 1769; d. in 1821. 

iv Susannah, b. 26 Oct., 1773; m. Amos A. Oviatt. Ch. 

1 Claudius Ovlatt. 

2 Orna Ovlatt, m. a Mr. Post of Fly Creek, N. Y. 
8 Amos Oviatt, d. south ; unmarried. 

4 Julia Ovlatt. 

6 Noyes Oviatt, m. ; d. in Watertown, Ct. 

6 Abbie Ovlatt, m. a Mr. Tyler of Westville, Ct. 

7 Dotha Ovlatt, m. a Mr. Boughton ; several children. 

8 Louisa Ovlatt, m. C. C. Post of Mlddletown, Ct. 

9 Adelia Ovlatt, m. Shermah Cate of Bridgeport, Ct. 
y Joseph, b. 26 Oct., 1773; d. the same day. 

vi Sarah, b. 20 June, 1776 ; m. in D. 1798, Abijah Twitchell 
of D. ; and d. 10 Feb., 1852. He d. in July, 1811. Two ch. 
1 Adelia A. Twitchell, m. Hanford Falrchlld of Oxford, Ct. 

vii Anne, b. 26 Aug., 1778 ; m. Cyrus Perry of Oxford, Ct. 

vlli Henrietta, b. 15 Dec, 1780; m. Dan'l Curtiss of Southbary, 
Connecticut. Ch. 

1 Emmeline £. Curtiss, m. J. J. Blackman of Rlpton, Ct. 

2 Henrietta L. Curtiss, m. B. G. Brainbrldge of England, Ct. 
ix Claudius, b. 20 Aug., 1783; d. 1 Dec, 1799. 

2 Jerrod^ (Claudius^ ,) born in Derby, Ct., 8 Jan., 
1769; married, 17 Aug., 1793, Mary (Perry) Wooster; 
and died in 1821. She was born in D., 10 Dec., 1771, 
and died 23 Feb., 1813. 

Capt. Bartelem^ made Derby his home, but was a mar- 
iner, owning his own vessels and engaged nearly all his 
life in the merchant service. Numerous incidents are 
related by his descendants, showing his great decision and 
courage; how that upon one occasion, during war, his 
heavily laden vessel being captured by a man-of-war, he 
succeeded in confining his captors below and sailed his 
vessel into an American port and delivered his capturers 


as captives. His foroe of character and superior worth 
made him a valuable citizen ; and the history of his native 
town conmiemorates some of his exploits. As a result of 
Bonaparte's celebrated ^^ Milan Decree" in 1808, Captain 
Bartelem^ lost three merchantmen by confiscation to the 
French Government; the indemnity for this and other 
confiscations, although paid by the French to the United 
States Government, has never been paid to the impov- 
erished ship owners or their descendants. Children : 

i Annie,' b. 24 July, 1795 ; m. BenJ. Hodge of D. ; d. S 

Jan., 1856. He was b. 13 Sept., 1798; d. 26 Jaly, 1868. Ch. 

1 Mary A.* Hodge, m. Merritt Clark of Orange, Ct. 

2 Jared Hodge, b. 5 Sept., 1825; d. 26 Jan., 1847. 

3 Geo. Bw. Hodge, b. in 1826; d. in Sept., 1828. 

4 EUen L. Hodge, m. Jonathan C. Flatt of D. 

ii Hannah, b. 31 July, 1797; m. in D., 16 Feb., 1823, Abi- 

Jah Hawkins of D., who was b. 14 Sept., 1799; d. 8 Aug., 
1881, ffit. 82. She still lives in D., set. 86. Ch. 

1 Cornelia L. Hawkins, m. Qeo. H. Canfleld of D. 

2 Henry C. Hawkins, m. Henrietta M. Hawkins of D. 

iii Jerrod, b. 26 Sept., 1799; m. Miss Livingstone. He 

was with Gen. Hunter in his Texas expedition. No male 
descendants living ; female descendants reside at Mt. Car- 
mel, Illinois, 
iv Tabitha Eliza, b. 1 Aug., 1801; m. in D., 15 Mar., 1820, 
Franklin, son of Squire and Eliz'h (Pickett) Ambler of 
Danbury, Ct. ; and d. 20 Mar., 1853. He was b. 3 Jan., 
1797; and d. 1 Aug., 1873. Ch. 
1 Charles Ambler, b. 21 Mar., 1821 ; m. in Stratford, 22 
Oct., 1844, Mary £., dau. of Joseph and Hannah (Salmon) 
Curtiss. She was b. 12 May, 1820. Ch. (1) Georgiana* 
F., m. Rev. Frank B. Lewis, rector at Bazeman, Gallatin 
Co., Montana ; and (2) Richard Chas. Ambler, b. in Trum- 
bull, Ct., 31 Aug., 1853; m. in Huntington, 1 Oct., 1879, 
Jennie, dau. of Stephen and Jane (Shelton) Beardsley. 
He is a graduate of Yale College Law Department, and 
a counsellor-at-law in Bridgeport, Ct. He occupies po- 
sitions of public trust and is an officer of the Fairfield 
Co. Historical Society. This sketch of the family is fh>m 
materials mostly Airnished by him. Ch. [1] Edward Sey- 
mour* Ambler, b. 20 Nov., 1881 ; d. 5 Jan., 1882. 


2 Oeorge Bw. Ambler, m. Cathie Booth of Stratford. 

8 Mary E. Ambler, m. Ist, Chas. C. Nichols ; 2iid, David 

S. Nichols. 
4 Franklin F. Ambler, b. 17 Feb., 1825; d. 25 May, 1865. 
y Mary Louisa, b. 4 Aug., 1803 ; m. in D., Sam'l Edwards. Ch. 

1 Eli Edwards, m. Bela Clark of Milford, Ct. ; both d. 

2 Virginia Edwards, m. Chas. Merwin of Milford, Ct. 

8 vi George, b. 11 Aug., 1805; d. 28 Jan., 1879, st. 78. 

3 George^ (JerrocPy Clauditts^^) born in Derby, Ct., 
11 Aug., 1805 ; married, in D., 11 Oct., 1829, Ann Eliza, 
daughter of Samuel and Irene (Osborne) Sisson of New 
Haven; and died 28 Jan., 1879, set. 73. She was born 
25 June, 1809 ; is still living in Derby. 

Mr. Bartholomew resided in New Haven from 1857 
until 1873 ; but before and after those dates in Derby. 

Children : 

I Lyman Osborne,* b. in D., 2 July, 1830; m. 28 Nov., 1857, 
Mary BaU of D. ; and d. 19 Dec, 1864. She d. 16 Dec, 
1863. He enlisted in the U. S. Navy in the last war and 
exhibited much of the plack and spirit of his ancestors, 
serving as acting master and executive officer of various 
monitors, gunboats, etc. Ch. 
1 Mary Eliza^ Bartholomew, b. 19 Oct., 1868; m. 27 Jan., 
1879, Chas., son of John and Amanda Bunnell ; res. Bir- 
mingham, Ct. Ch. (1) Lula M.' Bunnell, b., Jan., 1880. 
ii Franklin, b. 24 Jan., 1837 ; m. 26 Nov., 1862, Buexby 

E. Hackings. Ch. 

1 Fannie A. Bartholomew, b. in D., 6 Jan., 1866. 

2 Edith H. Bartholomew, b. in D., 1 Nov., 1870. 

Ill George Sterling, b. inD., 1 Jan., 1846; m. 29 May, 1866, Ella 
White of Bridgeport, Ct. Ch. 
1 Grace Lillian Bartholomew, b. 16 Mar., 1866. 








1 Henrys born in "Zwei BrUcken/'* Germany, in 1728 ; 


married Hannah Zimmerman ; and died in Kreidersville, 
Allen Township, Northampton Co., Pa., 7 Sept., 1807, 

8Bt. 78. 

Mr. Bartholomew is first mentioned in the records of 
Northampton County, in 1798, when he purchased a farm 
on the road from Easton to Lehigh Gap, as ^ Henry Bar- 
tholomew the elder of the town of Allen, Yoeman." The 
following year he conveys a portion of the same as "Hein- 
rich Bartholomew," and is joined by his wife Hannah. He 
is said to have come from Germany when a young man. 

His will, made 7 Apr., 1804, proven 10 Sept., 1807, 
devises to his son Henry the plantation "upon which my 
said son now lives ;" to his son Ludwick the plantation 
" upon which he now lives and the house in which I now 
live ;" to his son Peter, and to his grandson Peter, son of 
Peter, sums of money ; and the balance of his estate to 
be divided equally between his three sons. 

* Zwei Brficken, Germnn (twti-brick-ken) ; French, Deux Fonts (duh-pong) ; Latfn 
Bipontiiim. A town of Rheninh Bavnria, formerly capital of an indepondent dacby, 
on the Erbach, near its confluence with the Serre, fifty miles by rail west of Speyer. 
It is well built and has remains of nn ancient ducal palace, a penitentiary, a gym- 
nasium, and manufactories of woollen clothn, leather, cotton, silk, plush and tobacco. 
In the vicinity are ruins of a flnc castle built by St^mislaus, king of Poland. The 
name, signifying*' two bridgen.'* in derived from the circumstance of its old castle 
being situated between two bridges, i'opubition in lt$76| 8349. 



Another Henry Bartholomew of Allen Township died 
20 Mar., 1801, set. 66} years ; and was buried with above 
at Kreidersville. They were probably related. Children : 

2 1 Henry ,• b. 28 Sept., 1768; d. 28 Feb., 1829, ©t. 70. 
11 Peter, d. ab. 1830, in Northampton Co. Ch. 

1 Ludwlck' Bartholomew. Ch. (1) Daniel,* b. 14 Nov., 1795 ; 

m. Cath'n Evans; and d. 2 Aug., 1862; res. Catasaaqua; 
ch. [1] Harrl8on,» b. 21 July, 1818; d. 19 Dec, 1850, [2] 
Wm., b. 22 July, 1823; d. 11 Oct., 1878, [3] Caroline, b. 

21 Sept., 1826; m. Danfleld of Stroudsburg, Pa., 

[4] Wilson S., b. 2 Jan., 1829; m. Marietta Kortz; d. 17 
June, 1882 ; ch. Ida,* Clara, Annie, Myrtar, Kate, Norah 
and Floyd Bartholomew of Slateford, Pa. ; [5] Etna, b. 

24 June, 1837 ; m. Fruchtay of Slateford, and [6] 

Cath*n Bartholomew, b. 11 May, 1839; d. 2 June, 1848. 
(2) KlUaln, b. 19 Jan., 1806; m. 19 Sept., 1882, Sophia 

; res. Easton, Pa. ; cabinet maker; ch. [1] Wm., 

b. 27 Jan., 1833; m. C. A. Stewart; res. £. ; ch. Ella, Al- 
vln, Wm., Edw'd, Thco., Harvey and Ida Bw. [2] 
Joslah, res. Bath; ch. Lewis, Sarah (m. H. P. Bw.), 
Amanda (m. E. J. Straub), Laura (m. D. B. Stmnk), 

Willis, James and Harry Bw. [3] Sarah Bw., m. 

Jacoby of Dellnger, Pa. (3) Adam Bartholomew, res. 
Bath, Pa. 

2 Peter Bartholomew, m. Cath'n Knapperberger ; res. Pe- 

tersvllle, N. Co., Pa. Ch. (1) Jeremiah of Laurys, Pa., 
b. ab. 1814 ; (2) Thomas, was a cordwalner of Weavers- 
vlUe, Pa. ; and (3) Chas. Bartholomew, res. Petersville. 
8 Michael Bartholomew, b. in 1790; m. in Bath, Pa., Cath*ii 
Greenswerg; enlisted at Easton, In 1813-4, under Capt. 
Blddle, 2nd Reg't Artillery, and was discharged as a ser- 
geant in Mich. Was In battle of Chippewa, near Niagara 
Falls, 25 July, 1814; res. in 1871, in Kriegsville, Monroe 
Co., Pa., 83t. 81. 

4 Jacob Bartholomew, b. in Allen Township, N. Co., Pa. 

5 Joseph Bartholomew, res. In Allen Township. 

6 Roslna Bartholomew, m. in Monroe Co., Lindemann. 

Daughter Eliza Lindemann m. Daniel Bartholomew. (See 

No. 8.) 
ill Ludwlg, was a farmer In Allen, Pa., where he died In Aug., 
1827. His wife Is mentioned In the records as Marginal 
and Mary. He was probably the person mentioned In the 
Revolutionary War rolls of Pa., as " Lewis Bartholomew 
captain of Fischers Company." Ch. 


1 Henry Bartholomew, a weaver of Allen ; m. Ellz*h . 

2 Lewis Bartholomew, was a blacksmith of Allen ; d. near 


3 Philip Bartholomew, m. 1st, Susannah Danner (?) ; 2nd, 

Lydla ; res. in Allen. 

4 John Bartholomew, was a farmer in Saco, in 1840 ; 

** went west." 
6 Adam Bartholomew, b. in 1797; res., set. 85, in Moore 
Township, N. Co., Pa. 

6 Catherine Bartholomew, b. In 1799; m. Jno. Fehnel; d. in 

1882, set. 83. 

7 Daniel Bartholomew, b. in 1801 ; m. Christina ; res. 

Catasaaqua, Pa. 

8 Simeon Bartholomew, was a smith of Allen. 

9 KiUion Bartholomew, b. in 1805 ; res. in Bath, set. 77. 

10 Hannah Bartholomew, m. Geo. Lindemann. 

2 Henrys {Henry^,) born in Peiin., 23 Sept., 1758; 
married Catherine Hicker, and died in Kreidersville, Allen 
Township, Pa., 23 Feb., 1829, 8Bt. 70. She was born 24 
June, 1761 ; and died 2 Apr., 1844, eet. 82. 

Mr. Bartholomew was a weaver of Allen Township, 
where he was granted, in 1806, by the Commonwealth of 
Penn., a tract of land known as "Bartholomew's Choice," 
which adjoined his father's farm. His will, dated 29 Aug., 
1827, proved 28 Feb., 1829, mentions wife Catherine, 
sons Henry, Jones and Philip, and daughters Susannah, 
wife of KiUion Reimer, Elizabeth, wife of Isaac Siegfried 
and Sally, wife of John Danner, and the eight children 
of his deceased son John. Children : 

3 1 Heinrich,^ m. Barbary ; d. ab. 18C8. 

4 ii John, b. ab. 1780; d. 1 Nov., 1822. 

iii Philip, ra. Eliz'h ; d. 1829, burled at ''Stone Church," 

N. Co. lie was a weaver in Allen Township. Ch. 1 Aaron,* 
of N. Co., 2 Philip, res. Lchighton, 3 Franklin, 4 Levina, 
m. Reuben Krocic, res. Stunton, and 5 Susan nuh Bar- 
tholomew, m. Wm. Miller; res. Bath. 



It Jones, m. Ellzli ; d. In 1829 ; bnrled at Lehighton, 

Pa. Ch. 1 Levi of L., 2 Sally A. of L., 8 Nancy of L., 4 
Robert, d., 6 Jeremiah of Allen and 6 Christiana Bartholo- 
mew of Manch Chunk, Pa. 

T Elizabeth, m. Isaac SiegfHed of Allen ; both dead. Ch. 

1 Joseph SiegfMed, res. Bethlehem, Pa. 

2 Reuben SiegfHed, res. near Bath, Pa. 

8 Sarah Siegfried, m. Dan'l SchreiTer, d. ; res. Copley, Pa. 
4 Caroline Siegfried, m. Joseph Wanderly; Allentown, Pa. 
6 Mary SiegfHed, m. BenJ. Selen; res. Lehigh Crap, Pa. 
vi Susan, m. Killion Reimer ; doth dead. Ch. 

1 George Reimer, res. near Bath, Pa. 

2 John Reimer, res. ChapmansviUe, Pa. 

8 Catherine Reimer, m. Reuben Kromer; res. Bath, Pa. 
vii Sarah, m. John Danner ; d. ; she res. in Bath. Ch. 

1 Rebecca Danner, m. Sam'l Schitz; res. Bath, Pa. 

2 Lydia Danner, m. Mr. Trach ; res. Pennsville, Pa. 

3 Heinrich^ {Henry^^ Henry^^) married, first, about 
1798, aud second, Barbary ? ; and died in 1845. 

He was early a weaver, but later a farmer of Allen 
Township, where he spent his life. Children : 

1 William,^ b. 1800; m., 2nd, Mrs. Cath'n (Reese) Bartholo- 
mew (see No. 5). He removed, about 1825, to Rimers- 
burg, Clarion Co., Pa., where he now resides. Ch. 

1 Drusilla^ Bartholomew, m., Ist, Abr'm Ayres; 2nd, Ezra 

Culberson; res. ClaHon, Pa. Ch. (1) Wm. F.* Ayres and 
(2) James, (3) Elean and (4) Ezra Culberson. 

2 Elizabeth Bartholomew, m. Adam Snure ; d. in 1880. Ch. 

(1) Jerry, (2) Jdo., (3) Reglna, (4) Isaac, (6) Anna, (6) 
Wm., (7) Mary and (8) Edward Snure; res. Bath. 
6 ii Paul, b. 31 Mar., 1808; d. 19 Dec. 1847. 

6 iii Geo. Henry, b. 29 Sept., 1807; d. 18 Jan., 1867. 

iv Elizabeth, m., Ist, Wm. Buckman; 2nd, John Kreidler; d. 

in Nazareth. 
V David, res. Catasauqua, Lehigh Co., Pa. 

vi Daniel, m. Eliza Lindemann (see No. 1); res. Kleck- 

nersville. Pa. Ch. 
1 Fyetta Bartholomew, b. 6 Nov., 1888; m. 19 Nov., 1862, 
Edward Biery ; res. Hokendauqua, Pa, Ch. (1) Eliza- 


beth, b. 14 Ang., 1858; (2) Bliza, m. WiUie Trigs; (8) 
Sarah, b. 12 June, 1856 ; m. Tiligman Stephens ; (4) Cath'n 
b. 28 Apr., 1858; m. Simon Morgang; and (5) Edward 
Biery, b. 8 Aug., 1870. 

2 Edwlnson Bartholomew, m. Sasan Steckel ; and d. 

8 Valentine Bartholomew, b. 20 Ang., 1887; m. 17 Jane, 1860, 
Amanda Knanss ; res. Hokendaaqaa, Lehigh Co., Fa. Ch. 
(1) Naomi, b. 17 Nov., 1860; m. Bernard Boyle; (2) A- 
qailla, b. 8 Jnly, 1862; m. Allen Weaver; (8) Milton, b. 
18 Apr., 1864, (4) Oscar, b. 15 Jane, 1866, (5) Robeson, 
b. 14 Feb., 1868; m. 28 Jaly, 1880; (6) Norman, b. 80 
Oct., 1869, (7) Edmand, b. 2 June, 1872, (8) Andrew, b. 
80 May, 1874, (9) Palmer Bartholomew, b. 2 Sept., 1877. 

4 Amodas Bartholomew, res. Klecknersville ; anm. 

5 Piercifer Bartholomew, m. Catherine Mlnnich ; res K. 

6 Ellen N. Bartholomew, m. Henry Hammel ; two children. 

7 Myra Bartholomew, m. W. B. Schaeffer ; three ch. 

8 Cornelias Bartholomew, physician of K. ; two children. 

9 Milton Bartholomew, died SBt. 7. 

vii Philip, d. in Petersville. Ch. 1 Gideon and 2 Jno. of P. 

viil Henry, res. Moore Township. 

ix Jefferson, res. near Siegfried's Bridge, Pa. 

X Joel, res. Bath, Pa. 

xi Amos, marble catter of Bath and Seamsville, Pa. 

xll Nancy, m. Aaron Halteman, now d. ; res. Nazareth, Pa. 

xlli Eliza, res. Bcrlinville, Northampton Co., Pa. 

xivBarbary, m. David Schleg; res. Allen Township. 

4 John^ {Hennfj Henry^j) born about 1780; married 
Susan Reimer ; and died 1 Nov., 1822. He was a shoe- 
maker and farmer ot Nazareth, Pa. Children : 

i Abraham,^ died yoang. 

ii Samuel, died in infancy. 

iil Catherine, b. 11 Feb., 1807; m., 23 Mar., 1823, John 

Laub, who d. 80 Sept., 1850; res. Lehighton, Pa. Ch. 

1 Mary Ann* Laub, b. 1 Apr., 1825; d. 21 Oct., 1826. 

2 Killion Laub, b. 5 Oct., 1827; m. Eliz'h Brein; res. E. 

Catasauqua, Pa. 

3 Georp:c Laub, b. 9 Mar., 1832; res. Millerstown, Pa. 

4 Catherine Laub, b. 27 Feb., 1834; died young. 

5 Susannah Laub, b. 5 Jan., 1835; m. Joshua Miller; res. 



6 Sally Ann Laob, b. 6 Apr., 1836; d. set. 12. 

7 SabiUa Laub, > b. 20 Apr., 1839 ; ( d. 8Bt. 6 months. 

8 Rebecca Laub, > twins. I 

9 Elizli Laab, b. 23 Jan., 1841 ; d. set. 13. 

10 Emma Laub, b. 22 Nov., 1843 ; died young. 

11 Aaron Lanb, b. 27 Apr., 1847 ; res. Lehlghton, Pa. 

12 Osbin Lanb, b. 7 Jan., 1850; res. Catasaaqoa. 

\v Sasan Margaret, b. 24 Jan., 1810 ; m. Jos. Danner ; d. 19 Mar., 
1852. Ch. 1 Killion of Ind. and 2 Wm. Danner of Scran- 
ton, Fa. 

V Mary, m. John Langenhagen, now dead ; res. Den- 

ver, Colo. Ch. 1 George of Neb. , 2 a dau., m. Philip King 
of Denver, 3 Frank of Catasauqua and 4 Susannah Lan- 
genhagen of Reading, Pa. 

vi Robert, res. Philadelphia, Pa. 

vii James, d. in 1876, in KreidersviUe, Pa. 

viil Owen, b. 10 Jan., 1817; m. 5 Aug., 1837, Laura Mill; 

res. Rittman, Ohio; farmer. Ch. 

1 John H. Bartholomew, b. 1 Dec, 1838; d. 14 July, 1840. 

2 Isaac Bartholomew, b. 24 Jan., 1841 ; d. 31 Dec, 1863, 

in the U. S. A. 

3 Raymond C. Bartholomew, b. 24 Feb., 1843; m. twice; d. 28 

Aug., 1881. 

4 Irwin Bartholomew, b. 8 Mar., 1845; d. 5 Sept., 1866. 

5 Nath'l R. Bartholomew, b. 10 Apr., 1847; res. Wads worth 

O. Ch. (1) Nellie,« (2) John, (3) Rebecca, (4) Chas. and 
(5) Andrew Bartholomew. 

6 Barnet M. Bartholomew, b. 2 Oct., 1849; m. Sarah John- 

son; res. Bourban, O. 

7 Jemima E. Bartholomew, b. in 1851; m. Elmore Fritz; 

res. Rittman, O. Ch. (1) Rob*t B., (2) Jos. 0., (3) Henry 
W., (4) Raymond F. and (5) Rcnora C. Fritz. 

8 Lenora S. Bartholomew, b. 2 Mar., 1853 ; d. 30 Jan., 1875. 

9 Ellen S. C. Bartholomew, b. 28 Sept., 1866. 

10 Mary A. Bartholomew, m. Thos. Crowfoot of River 

Styx, Ohio. 

11 Owen Bartholomew, b. Nov., 1867; res. Rittman, O. 

12 Ann A. Bartholomew, b. 2 Nov. , 1870 ; d. 18 Nov.. 1870. 
ix Sophia, m. Geo. Uitz; d. 7 May, 1854. Ch. 

1 Anna M. llltz, ra. Rob't Bartholomew, whod. 10 Jan., 1882; 

res. Lehighton, Pa. 

2 Isabella Ritz, ra. Londonberger; res. Easton, Pa. 

3 Chas. F. Ritz, d. in the U. S. A. 

4 Martha Ritz, m. Johnson ; res. S. Bethlehem, Pa. 

5 James Ritz, res. Lehighton, Pa. 

X Sabilla, m. Jos. Mill; res. Millmore, Seneca Co., O. 


5 Paul* {Heinrich^y Henry^y Henry^^) bom 31 Mar., 
1803; married, 18 June, 1823, Catherine Reese; and 
died 19 Dec, 1847. She was born 1 Nov., 1806; mar- 
ried, second, William Bartholomew, her first husband's 
brother, and resides in Rimersburg, Pa. 

He resided in Bath, Pa. Children : 

i Ephraim^ b. 28 April, 1824; m. 1st, 1850, Catherine Rader; 
2Dd, Mrs. Rebecca Schott Weldy ; is a minister of the 
gospel; res. Klecknersvillc. Ch. 

1 Wm. H. S.' Bartholomew, b. 11 Jan., 1851; m. 

Sllvies ; res. K. 

2 Ellorena Bartholomew, b. 28 Sept., 1853 ; m. Jacob 

Silvies; res. Petersville. 
8 Amanda E. Bartholomew, b. 3 May, 1855 ; res. K. 

4 Sylvester C. Bartholomew, b. 21 April, 1867; res. Ho- 

mer, Mich. 

5 Andrew J. Bartholomew, b. 16 Aug., 1859 ; res. Cata- 

sauqaa. Pa. 

6 George A. Bartholomew, b. 1 April, 1862 ; res. K. 

7 James M. Bartholomew, b. 12 Feb., 1864; res. K. 
ii Stephen, b. 19 April, 1826; d. 9 Dec, 1847. 

iil Daniel, b. 22 Feb., 1829; m., 1861, Mary Ann Zobest; is 
a minister in Klecknersville. Ch. 
1 John W. Bartholomew, b. 1862. 
iv Lafayette, b. 14 July, 1831; m., 1853, AnnaM. Irsermoyer; 
is a grain and flour dealer in Bath, Pa. Ch. 

1 Henry P. Bartholomew, is In company with his father; 

has son (1) Claude S.^ Bartholomew, b. 2 Oct., 1876. 

2 Martha J. Bartholomew, m. Steckel; daughter (1) 

Lottie, b. 1879. 
V John, b. 28 July, 1833; m. 3 Sept., 1857, Sarah C 

Miller; res. Homer, Calhoun Co., Mich.; farmer. Ch. 

1 Kliza C. Bartholomew, b. 17 May, 1859; res. H. 

2 Emma C. Bartholomew, b. 11 Sept., 1861 ; res. H. 

3 Wm. 1). Bartholomew, b. 15 Aug., 1863; d. in 1867. 

4 Mary ¥,. Bartholomew, b. 8 Jan., 1866; d. 5 Apr., 1877. 
6 Frank Bartholomew, b. 27 Sept., 1869; d. in 1869. 

6 George II. Bartholomew, b. 16 Dec, 1870. 

7 Vernie W. Bartholomew, b. 13 June, 1880; d. in 1880. 
vi Gideon, b. 17 Dec, 1h;)5; d. 29 Dec, 1836. 

vii William, b. 13 Oct., la37 ; d. U. S. A. during the last war. 


Till Radolph, b. Nov., 1838; farmer of Marshall, Mich. 
Ix George, b. 8 Sept., 1841; m. Amanda Hofflnan; res. 

Bath, Pa. 
X Edward, b. 81 July, 1848 ; d. In U. S. A. daring the war. 
xl Lorlna, b. 29 Dec, 1846 ; m. 4 Oct., 1866, Sam'l Krotzer ; 

res. Manhattan, BUey Co., Kan. 
xll Mary Ann, b. 10 Aug., 1848; m. Samnel Arner, merchant of 

Rimersbnrg, Pa. Ch. 1 Ida, 2 E. H. and 8 Qeo. W. Arner. 

6 Gteorge Hemy (Beinrtch*^ Bienrr^y Henry^,) bom 
29 Sept., 1807 ; married, 4 Nov., 1832, Hannah Donner; 
and died 18 Jan., 1867. 

He was a weaver of Moore Township, Pa. This family 
are mostly members of the German Reformed Church. 

Children : 

1 Abrahams b. 17 March, 1833 ; Is pastor of the 6. R. 

Church of Lehigh ton, Pa. 

il Mary Louisa, b. 18 Jan., 1835; m. 25 Dec, 1855, Jona- 

than Knaass; res. Bath, Pa. Ch. 1 Laura Knauss, b. 1867. 

iii Sarah, b. 12 Nov., 1836; m. 7 March, 1860, Jacob 

Hower; res. Petersville, Pa. Ch. 
1 James O. Hower*, b. 31 Jan., 1861 ; telegraph operator. 

iv Meliuda, b. 12 July, 1839; d. 7 March, 1851. 

V Sophia, b. 5 June, 1840; d. 14 June, 1840. 

vi Sabina, b. 25 Oct., 1842; m. Amandes Gkible; 

res. Cherryville, Pa. Ch. 1 Sylvanus E., 2 Calvin G., 3 
A r win A., 4 Meda A. and 5 Cora £. Gable. 

vii Amanda Elizabeth, b. 27 Sept., 1845; m. 27 Oct., 1864, Wm. 
J. Evans, slate quarry man of Slatington, Pa. Ch. 

1 Ellen Evans, b. 6 June, 1865. 

2 John Evans, b. 1 Dec, 1867. 

3 Wm. A. Evans, b. 21 June, 1870. 

4 Ulysses Evans, b. 6 Dec, 1872. 

6 George Evans, b. 29 Oct., 1875. 
G Walter A. Evans, b. 9 July, 1878. 

7 Eddie Evans, b. 25 May, 1881. 

viii Allen Revallen, b. IG Sept., 1855; m. 9 Sept., 1878, Sarah 
Karch. lie is pastor of the German Reformed Church of 
Jonestown, Pa. Ch. 

1 Kuth Amelia Bartholomew, b. 2 June, 1879. 

2 Joseph Karch Bartholomew, b. 2 April, 1881. 








1 Charles^ is said to have emigrated from Pennsyl- 
vania or Maryland, very early, to Warren Co., North 
Carolina ; married Tabby House, who is said to have been 
bom in Warren Co., N. C. 

He died at the residence of his son Louis in Warren 
Co., about 1814. Children : 

2 i John', b. about 1755; d. 11 Nov., 1840, SBt. about 85. 
li Tabby, d. uiini., SBt. 80. 

iil Winna, d. unm., aBt. about 70. 

iv Folly, d. unm., set. about 70. 

V Fatty, d. unm., set. about 70. 

3 vi Louis, b. 1768; d. 1849, set. 81. 

2 John^ (Charles^ f) born about 1755 ; mamed in Isle 
of Wight Co., Va., Nov., 1781, Elizabeth Person; and 
died 19 Nov., 1840, aged about 85. 

She wras born in 1761, and wras still living in Franklin, 
Warren Co., N. C, in 1842, aged 81. 

Mr. Bartholomew moved soon after his marriage from 
Isle of Wight Co., Va., to Warren Co., then a portion of 
Bute Co., N. C, where he was overseer for a Mr. Person, 
and where he enlisted in 1776, under Col. Sumner. Was 
in the battles of Sullivan's Island, S. C, Brandy wine, in 
Aug., 1877, Monmouth, June, 1878, and at General 
Gates' defeat in South Carolina, losing the use of his 
right hand. 

He was subsequently a planter in Franklin. Children : 

i Willis', m. and resides in Texas. 

il Jacob, m. in Halifax, N. C, Solby; res. Tenn. 

iil Martha, m. Laris Mary of T. ; and d. in 1867. 

71 (681) 


iv James, m. Nancy Polen of Nash Co. ; both died in Tenn. 

in 1845. Ch. 1 Mary/ 2 Martha, 8 Joel, 4 John, 5 James, 

6 Nancy and 7 Thomas Bartholomew. 
T John, m. Virginia Blani^inship, Franklin Co., N. C. Ch. 
1 Willis, b. 1829 ; m. Martha Perry ; and killed in last war. 
Ch. (1) Lucy J. and (2) Catherine Bartholomew, 
vi Nancy, b. 1799; m.; d. 1860. Ch. 1 George W. Ch. 

(1) Washington*, b. 29 Feb., 1840; (2) Nancy, d. set. 5; 

(3) George N., killed in last war; (4) W. J. B.,res. LooU- 

burg, N. C. ; 5 Samuel, res. L. ; (6) John J., res. L. 
vii Betsy, m. David Stallings ; res. F. Co. Ch. 1 Amanda. 

3 Louis^ (Charles^,) born 1768; married Ruth Ben- 
nett; and died in 1849, aged 81. 

She was born in 1773, and died in 1849, aged 76. 

He was a soldier in the war of 1812, and subsequently 
a farmer of Louisburg, Warren Co., N. C. 

Children : 

1 Pattle,' d. 

ii Mary, d. 

ill Charles, b. in W. Co. about 1812; m. Clark; is a 

farmer of Laurel, W. Co., N. C. ; Baptist; had six chil- 

1 Lavis E.* Bartholomew, b. 1845 ; m. ■ Yarborough ; 

served through civil virar in the C. S. A. ; res. Laurel. 
Ch. (I) Thomas E.,* (2) Samuel B. and (3) Ella L. Bw. 

2 Samuel Bartholomew, d. in C. S. Army at Ft. Delaware, 
iv Nancy, d. 

V Rebecca, d. 

vl Matilda, d. leaving children 1 Richard, 2 Mildred and 8 Ness 

4 vii Lewis, m. Aug., 1831 ; res. Louisburg, N. C. 
viiiSeth, m. in Wake Co., N. C. ; and died soon after; no 

ix Lucinda, d. 

4 Lewis^ (iowiV, Charles^ y) born in Warren Co., N. 
C. ; married Aug., 1831, Harty, daughter of William 


Mr. Bartholomew is a farmer in Louisburg, N. C. 
Baptist. Children : 

I Sidney W./ b. 6 April, 1882; m. Martha C, daughter of 

Samael B. Lancaster of Nash Co., N. C. He is the pro- 
prietor andmanufkctnrer of the Qin Seed Cotton Handler, 
Louisburg. Ch. 

1 Mary C* Bartholomew, b. 21 July, 1856; m. Wm. ICay, 

Ch. (1) Doctor S. May. 

2 Wiley L. Bartholomew, b. 20 Aug., 1858; res. L. 

3 Onisah *M. Bartholomew, b. 22 'Sept., 1860; m. 18 Jan., 

1881, T. A. May. 

4 Sidney S. J. Bartholomew, b. 6 June, 1868. 

5 Lema L. Bartholomew, b. 18 Dec, 1866. 

6 Thomas W. Bartholomew, b. 2 Aug., 1878. 

7 Patty D. Bartholomew, b. 7 Not., 1877. 

8 Harty J. Bartholomew, b. 7 July, 1881. 

II Midian I., b. 9 July, 1884; m. R. J. Bartholomew; res. 

Franklin Co., N. C. Ch. 

1 Lula A. Bartholomew, b. 23 Oct., 1858 ; m. E. W. Green 

of Fenshlll, Franklin Co., N. C. Ch. (1) Onnle I., d., 
(2) Early H. and (8) Valessa Green. 

2 Anna Bartholomew, b. 31 Oct., 1860; m. Theophilos 

Gupton; res. Laurel. Ch. 1 Velena, b. 17 Apr., 1880. 
ill Louisa, m. John Toyner ; five children. 

Iv PhoabeJone, m. Wm. Cooper; no children. 
Y Harty Caroline, m. Wade Harris ; one child ; d. 
vi Indiana, d. 8Bt. about 14. 

vii Martha Lewis, m. Sidney P. Green ; one child living. 
Till Whitney H., m. Martha Wilder; d. in the last war; one 
child; d. 









1 John Henry* was born iii the borough of Friede- 
wald, Neader Hesse, Germany, in July, 1750 ; his father 
dying during John's childhood, he was adopted by a man, 
possibly his uncle, named Simodon, with whom he learned 
the printer's trade in Marburg, from 1769 to 1775. 

He returned to Hesse Castle the following year, and is 
said to have been forced into that portion of the Hessian 
Army, which was that year hired by the English to sub- 
due her American colonies. He is said to have landed 
with that army in Philadelphia, 22 Oct., 1776, to have 
soon joined the American Army, and to have settled in 
1778 in Upper Mount Bethel, Northampton Co., Pa. 
There he married, 8 Dec, 1778, Catherine, daughter of 
Henry Wideman. She dying, he married, second, before 
1800, Mrs. Elizabeth Peck. 

He was a ftirmer. Was usually known as Henry, but 
sometimes called John Henry Bartholomew. In the settle- 
ment of the estate of his father-in-law, Henry Wideman, 
in Jan., 1798, he is called "Henry Bartholomew." 

His son George said his father had no relations in this 
country, but some of his descendants say he had a brother 
and two sisters, but cannot give any information through 
which they can be traced. He died in Upper Mount 
Bethel in the spring of 1822 ; and his estate was admitted 
to probate 15 May, 1822, his son Philip being the ad- 
ministrator. Children : 

2 I IlenryS b. 26 March, 1779; d. in 1815. 

3 il Philip, b. 4 Jan., 1781 ; d. 27 March, 1849. 

4 ill Ludwick, b. 16 Aug., 1783; d. in Upper Mount DutheL 



iv Elizabeth, m. JohnLohr; resided in N. Co., Pa. Ch. 1 
Jesse' Manasseh, 2 Jacob, 8 George, 4 Tliomas, 5 Henri- 
etta, 6 Snsannah and 7 Elizabeth Lohr. 

V Charlotte, m. Jos. Hendrlck of Red Bank, near Plttsbm^, 
Pa. Cb. 1 Elizabeth and 2 Katherine Hendrlck of West- 
moreland Co., Pa. 

vi Margaret, was living In N. Co., Pa. ; nnm. in 1880. 

vll Catherine, m. John Stroudlnger; res. in Blossbnrg, Fa.; 
eldest daughter burned to death yonng; yonngest, Eliza- 
beth, res. in Blossbnrg. 

vlli Magdellne, m. Wm. Rose ; and d. in Easton, Pa. ; one dan. 

ix Sally, d. »t. 10. 

X John, b. 7 Oct., 1803; m. 30 Oct., 1882, Jemsha Ever- 

ett; and d. 12 Dec, 1875. He resided in Genoa, IlL Ch. 

1 Mary B. Bartholomew, b. 6 Aug., 1838; m. 28 Aug., 

1856, Geo. Olmstead, farmer of Genoa, 111. Ch. (1) Wm.\ 
b. 16 Aug., 1859; d. 17 Sept., 1859; (2) Eugene H., b. II 
Nov., 1862; res. G. ; (3) Epenetus J., b. 25 Feb., 1866; 
(4) Lucy, twin, b. 18 Aug., 1868; (6) Catherine, twin, b. 
18 Aug., 1868; d. 4 Sept., 1868. 

2 Epenetus Bartholomew, died young. 
8 Lucy Ann E. Bartholomew, died young. 
4 Catlierlne L. Bartholomew, died young. 

xi George, m. 1st, Cath. Emmery ; res. Bangor, Pa. Ch. 

1 Uenry £. Bartholomew, b. 23 Nov., 1848; m. 2 Sept., 

1869, Martha J. Carter; res. Whltesville, Mo. Ch. 
(1) Hattle, b. 16 May, 1871; d, 27 Oct., 1876; (2) Olive 
Bartholomew, b. 4 Feb., 1875. 

2 Eliza J. Bartliolomew, m. Leed ; res. Gardiner 

City, Oregon. 

3 Lizzie Bartholomew, m. Spencer; res. Tacoma, 

Washington Territory, 
xii Christiana, m. Simon Knesehof Nazareth, Pa. 
xiilFred., b. 1813; m. Sally Erd man ; res. Sclota, Pa. Ch. 

1 Amanda Bartholomew, m. Wm. Hufsmith of S. Cli. 

(1) Edwin and (2) Alice Hufsmith. 

2 Edwin A. Bartholomew, res. S. 

8 John F. Bartholomew, res. Stroudsburg, Pa. Ch. (1) 
Laura, (2) May and (3) Fred. 

4 Josephine Bartholomew, m. E. L. Drehlcr; Stroudsbnrg. 
6 Wm. E. Bartholomew, hardware, Easton, Pa. 

6 Ella Bartholomew, res. Sclota. 

xiv Maria> m. 1st, Warrick Keyser; 2nd, Warkheiser; 

had two children. 


2 Henry® {John Henry^y) born in Upper Mount 
Bethel, 26 March, 1779; married in 1800, Catherine 
Labeer; and died in 1815. She was bom 12 March, 
1780 ; married, second, Stephen Whitney ; and died 15 
Jan., 1864. 

Mr. Bartholomew was a farmer in Hamilton, Canada 
West ; being called out as a soldier in 1815, he died re- 
turning home. Children : 

i Mary', b. 81 Aug., 1803 ; m. 22 Nov., 1882, Samael Boyer, 
who d. 19 Aug., 1878; farmer, bat operating several flour 
and saw mills. ; res. StouflVllle, Markham, Canada West. 

1 Catherine Boyer,^ m. AlAred F. Lapham ; res. Bavenswood, 

Ont., Can. 

2 Abraham Boyer, b. 28 Oct., 1886; res. Greenwood, Ont. 
8 Elizabeth Boyer, m. John Miller ; res. Brougham, Ont. 

4 Christiana Boyer, b. 81 Jan., 1840; m. John TalLe; res. 8. 

5 Jonas Boyer, b. 25 Sept., 1841; res. 8. 

6 Mary Boyer, b. 9 Ang., 1848; res. 8. 

7 Susannah Boyer, m. George Proctor ; res. Duncan, Out. 
6ii Philip, b. 25 Nov., 1806; res. Rlngwood, Ont. 

iU Abraham, b. 9 March, 1808; m. 18 Feb., 1886, Matilda 
Smith; and d. 18 Sept., 1876; was a former of Va- 
nessa, Out., Can. Ch. 

1 Louis Bartholomew, b. 80 Nov., 1888; m. 4 July, 1871, 

Mary E. McPhee; res. Upter Grove, Ont., Can. ; builder. 
Ch. (1) Wm. A., b. 22 June. 1872; d. 19 July, 1872; 
(2) Maude £. 8., b. 11 July, 1878; d. 28 Nov., 1878; 
(8) Laura £., b. 9 Sept., 1875; (4) Albert B. W., b. 80 
Oct., 1876; (5) Herbert M. F., b. 14 Sept., 1879. 

2 Philip Bartholomew, b. 6 Sept., 1848; res. Gravenhurst, 

Ont., Can. 

8 Albert Bartholomew, b. 28 Sept., 1847; res. Vanessa. 

4 Henry Bartholomew, b. 8 June, 1851 ; d. 80 Nov., 1851. 

5 Stephen Bartholomew, b. 19 April, 1858; d. 10 Nov., 1858. 
6 iv John, b. 6 Sept., 1810; res. Vanessa. 

V Barbara, b. 1812; d. 1829. 

8 Philip^ {John Henry^^) born in Upper Mount 



Bethel, 4 Jan., 1781 ; mamed there, 10 Jan., 1807, Eliz- 
abeth Hess ; and died in Southport, N. Y., 27 Mar., 1849. 
He was a farmer, moving in 1827 from Bichmond, 
Northampton Co., Pa., to Southport. Children all bom 
in Upper Mount Bethel. 

i Henry', b. S8 Dec, 1807; d. 23 Jaly, 1816. 

ii Annie, b. 5 Feb., 1809; m. Francis B. Petrick; and d. 

1871. Ch. 1 Joel« W., 2 mram, S Mary £. and 4 Hannah 

(Jenkins) Petrick ; all reside In Garfield, Kan. 
ill Christian, m. Deborah A. Van Cise ; and saicided 22 Mar., 

1851. Ch. (1) Henry and (2) Anrelia Bartholomew. 
Iv George, b. 24 Ang., 1811; m. 81 Jan., 1840, Penina Mary 

Fuller of Tioga Co., Pa.; res. Genoa, 111., and Bagley, 

Iowa. Ch. 

1 Sarah C. Bartholomew, b. 80 July, 1848 ; ro. 1st, 27 Sept., 

1860, Ephralm Tyler; m. 2nd, 1868, George Anderson; 
res. Clyde, Dakota. Ch. (1) George T., b. 24 Jane, 1861; 
d. March, 1862; (2) Ephraim A. T., b. 24Jaly, 1862; (8) 
Sarah P. T., b. 27 April, 1864; (4) Gordon F. A., b. 17 
Oct., 1869; (5) Josie A., b. 9 Sept., 1872; (6) Stewart 
A., b. 29 Jan., 1874; (7) Bertha P. A., b. 2 Sept., 1881. 

2 Philip Bartholomew, b. 81 June, 1845; res. Bagley. 

8 Elizabeth Bartholomew, b. 10 March, 1848 ; m. 1st, Church 
Janris; 2nd, Wm. I. Wilson; res. Boulder City, Colo. 

4 Henry D. Bartholomew, b. 1 May, 1850 ; res. Scott, Kan. 

Ch. (1) Daniel Bartholomew. 

5 Hannah Bartholomew, b. 24 May, 1852; m. 1 Jan., 1876, 

Jno. Wood; res. Bagley, Guthrie Ca, Iowa. Ch. (1) 
Ruth L. Wood. 

6 Daniel Bartholomew, b. 25 Jane, 1854; res. Boolder 

City, Col. 

7 George Bartholomew, b. 11 Sept., 1856; res. DeKalb, HI, 

8 Andrew Bartholomew, b. 24 March, 1858 ; res. Elgin, JJl. 

9 Dora Bartholomew, b. 1 March, 1862; m. Wm. Mee- 

han ; res. Genoa. 
▼ Catherine, b. 28 Sept., 1812; m. lit, 1 AprU, 1844, FredlL 
Wager; 2nd, 22 Nov., 1855, John B. MitcheU, Jr.; tea. 
Plainfleld, York Co., Neb. Ch. 

1 Francis Wager, m. Richard McCormick of Genoa, IlL 

2 George Wager, b. 11 March, 1848; res. Howard, Neb. 

8 Mary Wager, m. Solomon Ayres; res. Bradshaw, Neb. 
4 Elizabeth Wager, b. 8 Sept., 1852; d. 5 Feb., 1807. 


5 Rath A. WtLgett b. 30 Aug., 1864; d. 18 Feb., 1855. 

6 John MitcheU, b. 11 Nov., 1857. 

vi Mary Ann, b. 5 Dec., 1814; m. 1st, Charles W. Moon; 2nd, 
12 Feb., 1846, Lncins Copley; res. Guilford, Chemung 
Co., Neb. Ch. 

1 Wellington Copley, b. about 1862 ; res. Silver Cliff, Custer 

Co., Colo. 

2 Betsy Copley, m. Dudley Khodes ; res. O. Ch. (1) 

Leon Rhodes, 
vii Daniel, b. 10 April, 1817; m. 20 Aug., 1856, Elmlra Stir- 
ton ; and d. 19 Dec, 1867 ; res. Seely Creek, Chemung 
Co., N. Y. Ch. 

1 Elizabeth £. Bartholomew, b. 18 July, 1857; ro. 23 Oct., 

1878, Elba Tobey; res. S. C. Ch. (1) Burt and (2) 
Ella Tobey 

2 Lucy Bartholomew, b. 18 April, 1859 ; d. 25 June, 

8 Abraham L. Bartholomew, b. 28 Nov., 1860; res. S. C. 
4 Marion Bartholomew, b. 4 Dec., 1862; d. 16 Jan., 

6 Andrew J. Bartholomew, b. 21 July, 1864; res. S. C. 
6 Rhoda Bartholomew, b. 17 Dec, 1865; res. S. C. 

vlli Peter, b. 4 Dec, 1819; m. 6 Dec, 1843, Mary Knapp, 

who was b. 23 Sept., 1824; res. Van Ettenville, N. Y. 

1 Frances Bartholomew, b. 8 Nov., 1844; m. 17 Dec, 1868, 

Charles H. Buck ; res. Orange, Schuyler Co., N. Y. Ch. 
(1) Lena E., b. 18 June, 1870; (2) Wm. P., b. 19 Nov., 
1875 ; (3) Harry Buck, b. 5 March, 1878. 

2 Alice G. Bartholomew, b. 12 April, 1847; m. 6 Dec, 1871, 

Miles F. Van Auken; res. V. E. Ch. (1) Frank M. 

8 Wm. K. Bartholomew, b. 25 Dec, 1849; m. 13 Oct, 
1876, Emma L. Clark; res. V. E. Ch. (1) Burt, b. 8 
Oct., 1876; (2) Claude, b. 10 Jan., 1881; and d. in 1881. 

4 Amy Bartholomew, b. 17 Sept., 1854. 

6 Daniel Bartholomew, b. 5 Aug., 1856; d. 7 Sept., 1862. 

6 Jesse F. Bartholomew, b. 11 Aug., 1861. 

4 Ludwick^ {John Henry^,) born 16 Aug., 1783; 
married, Mrs. Elizabeth (Butts) Emmery, widow of Jacob 
Emmery, by whom she had one sou, Heury. 


Mr. Bartholomew resided in Upper Mount Bethel. 
Children : 

i Philip', b 12 JaD., 1806; m. Nov., 1838, Clarissa Taylor; 
res. U. M. B., on the old family homestead. Ch. 

1 Sarah £.^ Bartholomew, b. tf Jan., 1840 ; m. Edwin 


2 Mary Bartholomew, b. 15 Nov., 1841 ; m. Davis 


8 Lewis Bartholomew, b. 28 Sept., 1848 ; res. Roches- 
ter, Mich. 

4 Snsan Bartholomew, b. 18 March, 1845 ; m. Chris- 

tian Schoch. 

5 Amanda J. Bartholomew, b. 8 May, 1847 ; d. 1848. 

6 Emma Bartholomew, b. 28 Feb., 1849; m. Alfred 


7 Jeremiah Bartholomew, b. 81 Jan., 1851 ; res. Roch- 


8 John Bartholomew, b. 7 Ang., 1853 ; res. U. M. B. 

9 Stuart Bartholomew, b. 7 Mar., 1855; res. U. M. B. 

10 Viola Bartholomew, b. 16 Jan., 1857; m. Jas. Sill. 

11 Philip A. Bartholomew, b. 22 Jan., 1859; res. U. M. B. 

12 Theodore E., b. 2 May, 1861 ; res. U. M. B. 
11 John, died young. 

ill Jacob, died young. 

Iv Jeremiah, died after 1884, In Michigan. 

5 Philip^ (fic7iry*, John Henry^y) bom in Markham, 
Can., 25 Nov., 1806; married, 21 Feb., 1833, Maiy 
Boyer, who was born 4 June, 1815, and died 26 Aug., 
1862. He married, second, 25 Nov., 1867, Mrs. Mary 
A. Curts. 

Mr. Bartholomew lives on his father's only Canadian 
farm, in Ringwood, Markham, Ont. 

Is a member of the Reformed Mennonite Church. 

Children : 


1 Elizabeth^, b. 11 Nov., 1833; m. Ist, 8 Sept., 1858, Jonathan 
B. Cook, who d. 19 Nov., 1857; and 2nd, 22 Jane, 1859, 
George Dixon { res. Unlonville, Can. Ch. 
1 Mary E.* Cook, m. Charles S. Armitage of U. Ch. (1) 
Edith^ and (2) llerbert Armitage. 


3 John B. Cook, b. 6 May, 1856; res. Toronto, Cod. Ch. 

1 May Cook. 
8 Bei\]. Dixon, b. 27 Jane, 1860. 

4 Wm. A. Dixon, b. 19 Jan., 1862. 

Sarah J. Dixon, b. 25 Jaly, 1865. 

6 PhlUp J. Dixon, b. 9 Nov., 1867. 

7 Emma A. Dixon, b. 27 Nov., 1869. 

8 Fannie D. Dixon, b. 27 Jan., 1872. 

9 Edwin Dixon, b. 7 Aug., 1876. 

li Catherine, b. 27 May, 1886; m. 26 Jan., 1860, Newbury 
Button of R. Ch. 

1 Wm. B. Button, b. 14 March, 1862 ; res. Rlngwood. 

2 Philip 0. B. Batton, b. 80 March, 1864; res. R. 

8 Bertha J. Batton, b. 29 July, 1866; d. 6 Jane, 1868. 
4 AbertaM. Button, b. 2 Nov., 1868; d. 16 Feb., 1874. 
ill Mary Ann, b. 1 May, 1840; m. 22 Dec, 1864, Anthony Ham- 
ilton of 8. Ch. 

1 Alice Hamilton, b. 5 May, 1867; res. StoafTville. 

2 Chester Hamilton, b. 19 March, 1871. 

8 Nanette J. Hamilton, b. 5 July, 1878 ; d. 21 Jane, 1874. 

iv John, b. 2 Sept., 1842; m. 15 Feb., 1865, Elizabeth J. 

Richards ; res. StouflVlUe ; farmer and miller. Ch. 

1 Louisa O. Bartholomew, b. 20 Sept., 1865. 

2 Lewis £. Bartholomew, b. 26 April, 1867. 

3 Almanette B. Bartholomew, b. 18 June, 1872. 

4 Stella W. Bartholomew, b. 17 Dec, 1875; d. 24 

Aug., 1876. 

5 Philip R. Bartholomew, b. 27 Sept., 1877; d. 81 

Jan., 1878. 

6 Mary V. Bartholomew, b. 8 Aug., 1879. 
V Mahala, > b 6 May, 1846 ; C m. Pike ; res. R. 

Yi Benj., 5 twins; C res. Unionvllle and Casbel, Can. 

vli Sarah, b. 14 Sept., 1849; m. Munro; res. Weh- 

ridge. Out., Can. 
Yill Matilda, b. 17 Oct., 1853; m. 31 March, 1879, Ludwlg C. 
Wideman; res. S. Cb. 
1 Cora M. Wideman, b. 3 Aug., 1880. 

6 John^ {Henry^j John Senry^,) born in Markham, 
Ont., Can., 6 Sept., 1810 ; married, at Lancaster, 8 Jan., 
1835, Anna Smith. 


Mr. Bartholomew resides in Vanessa, Ont., Can. ; is a 
fSEumery miller and merchant. Children : 

i William*, b. 6 Sept., 1885; m. 19 Jane, 1S61, Aurinda 
Charch ; U a Ikrmer and merchant in V. Ch. 

1 John H.* Bartholomew, b. 90 Jan., 1864; res. V. 

2 Wm. U. Bartholomew, b. 6 Aug., 1868; res. V. 

II Catherine, b. 7 Sept., 1837 ; m. 1 Jan., 1871, Geo. W. BeU ; 

res. St. George, Brant Co., Ont., Can. Ch. 1 Maggie*, b. 
28 Feb., 1877. 

III Mary, b. 81 May, 1889; m. 27 Deo., 1865, Oscar 

Charch of V. Ch. 

1 Minnie E. Charch, b. 9 Sept., 1866. 

2 Alma L. Charch, b. 28 Jan., 1868. 
8 John E. Charch, b. 12 Nov., 1872. 
4 Emma J. Charch, b. 28 Sept., 1875. 

Iv Henry, b. 19 March, 1842; is a fknner, miller and 

merchant in V. 
▼ John Allen, b. 29 Dec, 1847; m. 5 Jan., 1869, Martha Ellia 

Tiffany, b. 17 Aag., 1847; is a manafactorer and merchant 

InV. Ch. 

1 Ethel May Bartholomew, b. 18 Jaly, 1878; d. 21 Aag., 


2 Nina E. G. Bartholomew, b. 18 April, 1878. 
8 Clarence A. T. Bartholomew, b. 18 Dec, 1880. 

▼I Margaret M.,b. 15 Jane, 1850; res. V. 








1 Danier son of Hugh (and Nancy) , ^ chief gardiner 
of Lord Lowert,** was born in the parish of Kittality^ 
Castletown, Scotland; married, in Lancaster, Pa., 30 
Aug., 1786, Catherine, daughter of Jacob and Nancy 
(Hishelberger) Huber; and died in Bradford, Steuben 
Co., N. T., in 1832, aged 84. 

She was born in Madegreen, L. Co., 20 Dec, 1754. 

Mr. Bartholomew arrived in America, 6 Oct., 1775. 
Was a Revolutionary war soldier. Enlisted at Leams- 
town, Lancaster Co., Pa. (where he resided), 1 Nov., 

1777, in a company of artillery in Col. Lamb's regiment. 
Was with the army at Valley Forge in the winter of 
1777-8, and in the buttle of Monmouth, N. J., June, 

1778. Was discharged at Pluckerman, N. J., in 1779, 
while in the hospital with camp-fever. Was at that time 
in Colonel Du Plcssey's ai-tillery regiment. Was a shoe- 
maker. In 1803, moved with his family from Chanaford, 
York Co., Pa., to Bradford, Steuben Co., N. T., then a 
wilderness of pines and oaks ; there he opened and culti- 
vated a farm which is still owned by his descendants. 

Children : 

i Nancy*, b. 8 March, 1791 ; m. 2 May, 1820, Leonard Can- 
field ; and d. 15 Jane, 1868, »t. 77. He was b. 17 Oct., 
1793; d. 20 Nov., 1862. Ch. 

1 John' Canfleld, b. 6 Feb., 1821 ; d. 24 Jnly, 1864. 

2 George I. Canfleld, b. 7 Feb., 1826; res. Ward, N. Y. 
8 Lewis L. Canfleld, b. 2 Feb., 1828; res. Scyo, N. Y. 

4 Nancy C. Canfleld, b. 10 Sept., 1831. 

5 Catherine H. Canfleld, b. 21 Feb., 1884. 

78 (697) 


11 Catherine, b. 28 July, 1793; m. 28 July, 1811, Seth Tol- 
bert; and d. 27 Jane, 1870. He d. Id B. 22 June, 1851 ; no 

2 ill Daniel, b. 9 Feb., 1796 ; d. 27 Jane, 1870, set. 74. 

8 Iv Jacob, b. 18 Ang., 1798; res. Sonora, N. T., set. 85. 

2 DanieP {Daniel},) born in Chanaford, York Co., 
Pa., 9 Feb., 1796; married in Bradford, Feb., 1822, 
Marilla Tobias; and died in B., 27 June, 1870. She 
was born 27 April, 1800, died 15 May, 1849. 

He was drafted in 1814. Was deacon of the Free Will 
Baptist Church thirty years. Resides in Sonora, Steuben 
Co.,N. Y. Chadren: 

I John^ b. 20 Oct., 1823; m. 10 Sept., 1848, Susan 

Barker; res. Sonora. Ch. 

1 Daniel D.* Bartholomew, b. 16 May, 1849; m. Nov., 1870, 

Florence Covert; physician in Mich. Ch. (1) May*. 

2 Alice Bartholomew, b. 29 May, 1852 ; m. 31 Aug., 

1872, Henry Conley of B. Ch. (1) John, (2) Ora and 
(3) WiUard Conley. 

II James T., b. 5 June, 1825 ; m. 1 Oct., 1848, Maria £. Bryan ; 

and d. in B., 1 Sept., 1877. She was b. 1 April, 1829. Ch. 

1 Jacob £. Bartholomew, b. 7 July, 1849; m. 24 Oct., 1877, 

Annetta Clark. Ch. (1) Estella, b. 11 Aug., 1878; and 
(2) Delia, b. 18 Aug., 1882. 

2 Lydia H. Bartholomew, b. 26 Feb., 1858; res. B. 

3 Wyllis E. Bartholomew, b. 19 Oct., 1861. 

4 James F. Bartholomew, b. 2 March, 1868. 

ill Catherine, b. May, 1827; m. 30 Sept., 1863, George H. 
Mnrtly of Hornby, S. Co., N. Y. Ch. 

1 IdaMurtly, b. 28 Dec, 1864. 

2 Martha Murtly, b. 25 May, 1867. 
8 Mary Murtly, b. 12 Aug., 1869. 

Iv Jacob S., b. May, 1880; painter. 

V Hiram S., b. 29 Oct., 1832; m. 14 Feb., 1864, Kate A. 
McGonegel; res. B. Ch. 

1 Orrin D. Bartholomew, b. 11 Nov., 1869. 

2 S. De Estl Bartholomew, b. 17 Dec, 1871. 

3 Deforest Bartholomew, b. 9 March, 1873. 

4 Jennie L. Bartholomew, b. 14 Feb., 1876. 


vi JnllaA., b. 28 Oct., 1835; m. 10 Jan., 1870, Harrison 

Degraw ; and d. 2 Jane, 1878. 
vli Nancy W., b. 7 Dec, 1888. 

8 Jacob^ (2>anteZS) born in Chanaford, Pa., 13 Aug., 
1798; married, in Bath, N. Y., 6 Jan., 1822, Catherine 
Tolbert, who was born 29 Dec, 1803, at Muncy Creek, 
Lycoming Co., Pa. 

He resided in Bradford. Farmer. Children : 

i William', b. 28 Jan., 1823; d. 9 Sept., 1828. 

ii Charles, b. 11 April, 1824; d. July, 1828. 

Hi Susannah, b. 24 Dec, 1825; m. 6 Oct., 1845, Harrison Van 

Ambcrg; and d. 27 Dec, 1845, in Bath, 
iv MaryH., b. 81 Oct., 1827; m. Ist, 20 Sept., 1847, John 

Sanford ; 2nd, 2 Jane, 1878, Norman French in Urbana, 

N. Y. Ch. 

1 Mary A.* Sanford, b. 2 Sept., 1848. 

2 Alonzo Sanford, b. 1 May, 1854 ; m. Emma Ciark ; res. 


3 Goulda Sanford, b. 27 Oct., 1869. 

4 Clarence French, b. 6 July, 1874. 

5 Alouzo French, b. 18 March, 1880. 

y Daniel A., b. 11 Aug., 1829; m. 8 May, 1858, Rachel Da- 

vi David L., b. 19 Aug., 1881; m. 2 Dec, 1857, Nancy San- 
ford, who was b. 16 Jan., 1835; res. Bradford. Ch. 

1 Flora Bartholomew, b. 5 May, 1860 ; m. Henry AxteL Ch. 

(1) Grace', b. 15 June, 1878; (2) Cyrus, b. 27 Aug., 1879; 
and (3) Maud Axtel, b. 11 June, 1881. 

2 Albert Bartholomew, > b. 15 Sept., 1865 ; C d. 8 Jan., 1866. 

3 Delbert Bartholomew, > twins. I 

4 Viola Bartholomew, b. 12 June, 1871. 

vli Nancy E., b. 9 May, 1833; m. 29 Dec, 1850, Andrew Miller 
of B. Ch. 

1 Catherine J. Miller, b. 15 Dec, 1851 ; m. A. Barkley of 

Starkey, N. Y. 

2 James A. Miller, b. 21 May, 1854 ; m. Marian Warren, 
viii Joshua F., b. 8 April, 1835; m. Dec, 1861, Mary Scott of B. 

1 Orson Bartholomew, b. Sept., 1862. 


2 Thomas Bartholomew, b. 15 Dec., ^864. 

8 Kate Bartholomew, b. March, 1869 ; d. in 1872, In Jor- 

dan, Mich. 
4 Frank Bartholomew, 
ix Jacob I., b. 9 Feb., 1887; d. 26 March, 1860. 
X Jesse T., b. 18 Feb., 1888; m. 4 Nov., 1866, Catherine 
Brewer. Ch. 

1 Eva Bartholomew, b. 21 Dec, 1867. 

2 Tmman Bartholomew, b. 7 Jnly, 1872. 

9 Walter Bartholomew, b. 24 Jnne, 1876. 

xi Joseph H:., b. 24 July, 1840; m. 4 May, 1868, Marilla Tobias. 

1 Lewellyn Bartholomew, b. 17 June, 1869, in Bradford, 
xii Martin V., b. 14 Nov., 1848 ; m. Feb., 1867, Lacretia Barclay ; 
res. B. Ch. 

1 Clarence Bartholomew, b. 1870 ; d. 

2 Frank Bartholomew, b. 8 Jane, 1872, in Jordan, Mich. 
8 Lily Bartholomew, b. Sept., 1876, In B. 

xiU James B., b. 2\ Oct., 1845; m. 29 Dea, 1876, Dora Axtel; 
res. B. Cl^. 

1 Boy Bartholomew, b. Sept., 1877. 

2 Boyd Bartholomew, b. Aug., 1880, in Gaylord, Mich. 









landed in Philadelphia, 20 June, 1764, from Amsterdam, 
Holland, with a wife and one son. He subsequently set- 
tled at Lockport, Pa., which is now the upper part of Lock 
Haven ; and died leaving five sons and three daughters ; 
only the members mentioned below are known to the 
writer. Children : 

1 A son', had a son b. 4 Jan., 1800, who was father of 
Enoch H. Bartholomel of MUlhall, Pa., who was b. 6 
Nov., 1822. 

11 Catherine, m. David Walmer. Ch. 

1 Elizabeth' Walmer, b. 12 Dec, 1792; in. May, 1812, John 

Schaffer; and died 20 Oct., 1872, let. 80. Ch. (1) MargV, 
(2) Catherine, (8) Mary, (4) Michael, (5) Eliza, (6) Su- 
sanna, (7) Bartholomew, (8) Sorlth, (9) Rachel, (10) 
Eva, (11) Fred, and (12) Geo. Schaffer. 

2 Catherine Walmer, b. 1800; m. 1820, Philip Schaffer; and 

d. 8 Feb., 1858; twelve children: (1) Elizabeth, (2) 
Frederick, etc. 
Ill A son. Ch. 

1 Wendel Bartholomel, b. 22 Dec, 1819; m. 27 Nov., 1836, 
his cousin above, Catherine Schaffer; and d. in Concord, 
Minn., 27 March, 1877. Ch. (1) Julian, b. 5 Dec, 1886; 
(2) Elizabeth, b. 21 April, 1889; (8) John S., b. 6 Aug., 
1841; (4) George, b. 4 Sept., 1848; (5) Sarah, b. 26 
Dec, 1846; (6) Emily, b. 29 July, 1848; (7) Daniel, b. 
18 March, 1851; (8) Ada, b. 12 Dec, 1852; (9) Henry 
Bartholomel, b. 26 Sept., 1857. 

This family held a meeting at Lock Haven, Pa., in Dec, 
1881, and appointed two of their number to go to Germany 
and collect a large amount of money supposed to be due 
them there. Repeated requests for information as to the 
result of the mission to Germany and for further family 
data have been unanswered. Among those mentioned in 



connection with notices of their meetings were Bartholo- 
mews of Bellefonte, Pa., Smith brothers of Sterling Bun, 
Pa. 9 Samuel, Philip, John, William, Adam and Frederick 
Schaffer, and two sisters of Sterling Run ; two brothers of 
the Smiths, Michael and George in Wisconsin ; a sister of 
Frederick Schaffer and Samuel Smith of Iowa ; also Alleii 
Bartholomew of Altoona, Pa. ; Rer. Mr. Bartholoniew of 
Renore, Clinton Co., Pa. ; Rev. Joseph R. King of Trer^ 
orton. Pa., and Samuel Smith of Erie, Pa. 



1 Adam^ said to have been a Hessian soldier under 
Burgoyne until after his defeat at Saratoga, N. Y., in 
1777, when he is said to huve settled in Rensselaer Co., 
N. Y. ; but it is thought that the following record from 
the Reformed Dutch Church at Saugerties, Ulster Co., 
N. Y., refers to this family. 

Adam Bartholomew and Catharina Leeman (husband and 
wife) had children Johannes baptized 28 Nov., 1781, and 
Abraham baptized 28 June, 1784. 

Elizabeth Bartholomew and Frederick Eygenor were 
married 27 ITov., 1783. 

Jacobus Bartholomew and Ange Schwart had Petrus 
baptized 22 July, 1792. 

An Adam Bartholomew came in ship John and Eliza- 
beth from Amsterdam 7 Nov., 1754. 

And in April, 1775, an Adam Bartholomew in New 
York, refused to join the New York Association, agi*ee- 
ing to carry on the war. 


Many Ulster County Dutch settlers were opposed to 
the Bevolutionary war and some joined the British army. 
Children : 

i John* in. Susan Hanver ; res. in Medina, Mich. Ch. 

1 Frederick' Bartholomew, res. HomellsTille, N. T. 

2 David Bartholomew, res. Medina, Lenawee Co., Mich. 
8 Emma Bartholomew, res. Gratiot Co., Mich. 

4 Mary Bartholomew, res. Gratiot Co., Mich. 

5 Francis Bartholomew, res. Medina, Mich. 

ii Abram, m. Jane Hanver ; res. Adrian, Mich. Ch. 

1 Charles £. Bartholomew, b. 9 Nov., 1889; m. 81 Dec, 

1859, Christina Colehamer ; enlisted in 1SS2, and served 
to the end of the war. Ch. (1) George £.,^ (2) Oscar 
L., (8) Charles W., (4) Otis and (6) Frank Bartholo- 

2 Catherine Bartholomew, b. 1846; m. Oscar Abbott; res. 

Dover, Mich, 
ill David, res. Brunswick, Rensselaer Co., N. Y. 

iv Eliza. 

V Mary, res. Brunswick. 

vi Catherine, 
vii Ann. 



came to this country in ship Sally, John Osmond, master, 
from Eotterdam, 31 Oct., 1774 ; last from Cowes. 

Carl (Charles)^ married Catherine . Was 

a tobacconist in Philadelphia, but moved after 1800 to 
Perry Co., Pa., and died there. 

Miohaer married Mary Catherine. Was a tobacco 
dealer in Philadelphia, in 1785. In 1790 he received two 
patents, from the state, of land in Tyrone Township, Cum- 
berland Co., Pa. In 1793 he resided in Reading, Berks 



Co., Pa. He was a member of the Lutheran Church, 
Fourth and Cherry streets, Philadelphia. Children : 

i Joseph', died. 

ii Frederick, b. 1792; m. 25 July, 1816, Sasannah Lyons; and 

d. 28 July, 1842, set. 50. She d. 80 April, 1864, set. 72. 

He was a tobacconist in P. Ch. 

1 Charles' H. Bartholomew, b. 10 April, 1817; m. ; and 

served in the U. S. A. Ch. (1) Susannah^, b. Oct., 
1889; (2) Elizabeth A., b. 11 Oct., 1848; d. 20 May, 1844; 
(8) Charles, b. 11 April, 1845; died young; (4) Mary C. 
Bartholomew, b. 12 Jan., 1849. 

2 Elizabeth A. Bartholomew, b. 19 Sept., 1818 ; m. Wm. 

Ferguson; d. 10 Oct., 1880. 
8 Wro. M. Bartholomew, b. 10 Oct., 1820; m. 1 Nov., 

1849, Mary M. Gonkler; and d. 25 April, 1864. Ch. (1) 
Edwin F., b. 24 Sept., 1851; d. 17 July, 1856; (2) Etta 
A., b. 22 Feb., 1858; ra. Fred. R. Treas; (8) Wm. H. 
Bartholomew, b. 22 June, 1857 ; m. Ida V. Stone. 

4 Peter Bartholomew, b. 12 Sept., 1822; d. 22 Nov., 


5 Henry L. Bartholomew, b. 4 Feb., 1824; d. set, 67. Ch. 

(1) Mary, b. 24 Sept., 1845; (2) Henry Bartholomew, b. 
12 Dec, 1847. 

6 Peter S. Bartholomew, b. 25 Sept., 1825; d. 30 June, 

1862, U. S. A. 

7 John A. Bartholomew, b. 15 Aug., 1827; m. 17 May, 


8 Mary C. Bartholomew, b. 8 Sept., 1829; m. William 

Martin; and d. 3 April, 1877. Ch. (1) Jacob, b. 1 Oct, 
1849; d. 17 Jan., 1850; (2) Wm., b. 8 May, 1851; d. 2 
Jan., 1858; (8) Fernando, b. 2 May, 1858; d. 1866; (4) 
George Martin, b. 1858. 

9 Caroline Bai-tholomew, b. 7 July, 1832 ; d. 9 May, 


10 Frederick T. Bartholomew, b. 5 April, 1834 ; d. 15 May, 


11 Susannah Bartholomew, b. 20 July, 1886; m. 26 Oct., 

1864, George S. Jones. Ch. (1) Mary, twin, b. 28 Oct., 

1865; (2) Harry, twin, b. 28 Oct., 1865; (3) George, b. 

21 Nov., 1869; (4) Wm. M., b. 17 May, 1872; (5) Frank 

Jones, b. 9 Nov., 1879. 
iii Peter, d. 

iv John, d. 


y Charles, b. 22 Sept., 1802; m. 16 April, 1888, Margaret 
Schmidt, b. 1 Oct., 1802; chandelier-maker; res. 18th 
and Broome Sts., Philadelphia; no children. 

vi Christina. 

vii Catherine, d. 

viii Bertha, d. let. 76. 

[Families of the name who have emigi*ated from other 
countries more recently than the preceding ones, giving 
the name as they spell it.] 


BARTHOLOMEW, 1 Frederick H.^ son of Freder- 
ick, a teacher of Nahwinden, FUrstenthum, Schwartz- 
burg-RudoIstadt, Germany ; he was born there, 20 Oct., 
1832 ; and emigrated to Rochester, N. Y., in Sept., 1849, 
where he has since resided. In 1856 he married Mary 

His uncle Heinrich and two aunts remained in Germany. 

His brother and sister were : 

1 Theodore^ (brother) born 1822 ; married in G. ; 
emigrated to America in 1842 ; and died 25 July, 1871, 
leaving five children. 

i Edward C.,' b. 1856; res. Titusville, Pa. 

ii Emilia, m. ; res. Parker City, Pa. 

iii Catherine, res. Titusville. 

iT Mary, m. ; res. TltusTille. 

V Emma, m. ; res. Baltimore, Md. 

1 Caroline^ (sister) married in Germany, Ferdinand 
Schultze; emigrated to Rochester, N. Y., in 1845, where 
they still reside. 


BARTHOLEMEW, 1 Andrew^ wa8> as well as his 
father, professor in a high school in Haulthausen, Hom- 
berg, Hesse-Cassel, Germany. 

He emigrated to Baltimore, Md., in 1849, and shortly 
after moved to Marysville, Union Co., O., where he died 
in 1878. 

His grandfather was the trumpeter "am feurstlichen 
hof '* at Kurfuerst, by Kassel, Hessia. Children : 

1 John*, res. Clay City, 111. ; three children. 

it Tobias, res. MarysvUle, 0. ; four children. 

iii Valentine, res. California, O. ; seven children. 

iv Henry, res. California, O. ; five children. 

V Katherlne, res. Michigan ; seven children. 

vi Elizabeth, res. Germany ; two other daughters died. 

BARTHOLOMEY, 1 Alexander^ came to this country 
from Germany about 1861 ; residence, Rahway, N. J. ; 
has a family. 

BARTHOLOMEY, 1 John^ son of Christian Bartholo- 
mey of "Gurhagen, Kreis, Melsingen, Hesse Castle." 
He was born in Germany, 12 Feb., 1841. Married Mary 

who was born 2 Feb., 1845. His father dying 

in 1860, he emigrated the following year to Chicago, 
111. He was accompanied by his mother and brothers, 
viz. : Conrad of Stewardson, Shelby Co., 111. (sons 
Henry and John) ; George of Franklin Square, Colum- 
biana Co., O. (sons George, John and Henry), and 
Daniel of 67 Fisk street, Chicago, 111. (children Sophie, 
Fred, and Lena). 

His residence is 2524 Hanover street, Chicago. 

Children : 

i Lena,' b. 16 Jan., 1867. 

ii Fred., b. 8 Oct., 1868. 

iil Henry, b. 31 July, 1870. 

iv Charles, b. 9 Sept., 1879. 


BARTHOLOME, John son of Ludwig, born in Frank- 
ershausen, Eschwig Co., Kurkcssen, Germany, 1 March, 
1837 ; emigrated to America in 1860 ; and died in 1877, 
in San Francisco, Cal. Ciiildren : 

1 MiDa. 
ii Anua. 

BARTHOLOMAY, H. emigrated fi'om Germany where 
his ancestors early settled from Havre, France. 

He is president of the Bartholomew Brewing Company 
of Rochester, N. Y., where he resides. 

BARTHOLOME, Andreas married Catherine 

and emigrated from Maidach, Rheinplatz, to Lawrence- 
burgh, lud. Children: 

i Anthony, 
ii Rudolph, 
iii Lewis. 

BARTHOLOMJE, Andreas bom about 1824 in Ger- 
many ; married Catherine ; and emigrated from 

Germany to Sequin, Texas, where he died and where the 
family still reside. Children : 

i Charles, b. 1846; m. 1879, Mina Gold; fanner In S. 

il WiUiam, b. 1848; m. 1875, EdaDeltz; carpenter in S. 

iii Louis, b. 1852; m. 1875, Ada Boemer; farmer in S. 

iv Julia, b. 1856; m. 1875, Fallen Bashout, in S. 

V Julius, b. 1860; farmer iu S. 

vli Henry, b. 26 Dec, 18G2; res. Austin, Texas, 

vlli Albert, b. 16 Nov., 1864; res. Austin. 

BARTHOLOMiE, Hartman^ brother of John, George, 
Sophia, Gonoanda, Margaret, Dorothy and Melcher, all of 
Folbnarz, Umtgar, Hufstadt, Germany ; children of 
George and grandchildren of Nicholas Bartholomse of F. 


He was bom, 5 July, 1799 ; married, 1830, Dorotha 
Zinkham ; and emigrated from Follmarz to this couDtry 
in 1833, settling in Rochester Mills, Indiana Co., Pa. 

Children : 

i Dorothy,* b. 1881 ; m. John Ealer ; res. R. ; six children. 
11 George, b. 80 Oct., 1835; m. Ist, 1857, Dorothy Haflich; 

2d(1, 1880, Angela Sayres. Ch. 1 Jacob', 2 Samuel and 

3 Mary Bartholomew, 
ill John, b. 14 Nov., 1836 ; m. 1 Jan., 1857, Christian Stever. 

Ch. 1 Eliza, 2 Nancy A., 8 Jno. C, 4 Wm. H., 5 Phebe 

J., 6 Abra*m, 7 David, 8 Maggie, 9 George B., 10 Ida M. 

and U Sarah B. Bartholomew. 
Iv Jacob, b. 18 Oct., 1841; m. Margaret Beam; seven ch. 

BARTHOLOMJS, J, Wm. born in Weingarteii, Tur- 
lach, Baden, Germany, in 1844; emigrated to Philadel- 
phia, Pa., in 1865 ; residence, 143 West Norris St. 

BARTHOLOMJS, 1 Jolm Philip^ born near Mersen- 
heim, Germany, in 1790; married in 1816, Margaret 
Pratt. He was in the army of Napoleon Bonaparte in his 
march to Moscow, serving three and a half years. He 
started for America, 1 May, 1836, settling, the 7 July 
following, in N. Collins, Erie Co., N. Y., where he died 
24 July, 1863, set. 73. 

She died 25 Nov., 1877, ©t. 87. Children : 

i Peter J.,* b. 1817; d. In Buffalo, N. Y., in 1856. Ch. 

1 Peter Bartholomew', b. about 1842 ; res. Buffalo. 

2 Charles Bartholomew, b. about 1844 ; res. B. ; five ch. 
8 Caroline Bartholomew, died young. 

4 Johannah Bartholomew, b. about 1849 ; res. B. 

5 Edward Bartholomew, b. about 1855. 

ii Philip, b. 22 Nov., 1818; m. 1st, 1843, Barbary Hauck; 

2nd, 29 June, 1848, Pamelia Mills ; res. Summit, Pa. Ch. 

1 Rudolph Bartholomew, b. 7 Sept., 1848; In U. S. A. 

2 Lorenzo Bartholomew, b. 22 Aug., 1845; m. Phebe A. 

Morehouse { ros. S. 


8 Josephine M. Bartholomew, m. Irwin C. ElUthorp of Sum- 
ner Hill, C. Co., Pa. 
4 Anna E. Bartholomew, b. 26 March, 1861; res. Norris- 
ville, C. Ck>., Pa. 
Ill Maiy, b. about 1821; m. about 1841, Charles Winner; 

res. N. Collins, N. Y. Ch. 

1 Sarah A. Winner, m. H. Rosin of Langford, N. Y. 

2 Mary Winner, m. L. Unger of Ebenezer, N. Y. 

3 Joshua Winner, m. ; res. N. Collins ; three children. 

4 Margaret Winner, m. George Unger. 

5 Charles Winner, m. ; res. N. Collins. 

6 William Winner, unmarried. 

7 Abraham L. Winner, res. North Collins. 
S^George Winner, res. N. C. 

iv Elizabeth, b. about 1828; m. about 1845, Christian Bur- 
chard ; res. N. C. Ch. 1 Caroline, res. N. C. ; 2 Henry ; 
8 Jacob, 4 Louisa, m. Michael Menchino ; and 5 George 
Purchard ; all res. of North Collins. 

V Catherine, b. about 1826 ; m. Jos. Hlmelsbach ; res. Buf- 
falo. Ch. 

1 Sophia Hlmelsbach, m. Thomas Owen of Pittsburg, Pa. 

2 Benjamin Hlmelsbach, m. ; res. Buffalo. 

8 Charles Hlmelsbach, res. Buffalo. 

4 Philip Hlmelsbach, m. ; d. Nov., 1880, st. 26. 

6 Emma Hlmelsbach, res. Buffalo. 

6 Julia Hlmelsbach, cashier in a wholesale house in B. 

7 George Hlmelsbach, res. Buffalo. 

8 Ada Hlmelsbach, teacher in Buffalo, 
vi John Adam, b. 1829 ; m. ; and d. 1878. Ch. 

1 Clara Bartholomew, m. ; res. Pittsburg, Pa. 

2 Frank Bartholomew, res. N. Collins. 

3 Charles Bartholomew, res. Barnes Co., Dakota Ter'y. 

4 Oakland Bartholomew, res. N. Collins. 

vil Charles, b. 1881 ; m. ; res. N. C. ; farmer. Ch. 1 Marem 

and 2 Emma Bartholomew. 


ix Abram, b. Feb., 1837; m. 29 Dec, 1864, Florence Cut- 

ter; is an attorney and counsellor-at-law in Buffalo. Ch. 
1 Alice, 2 Miles C, 3 Edward W. and 4 Gleuie A. Bw. 

BARTHOLOMiE, 1 Joseph^ soil of John and Eva 
who died in Berklinger, Amt, Sickengen, Baden. Jo- 
seph married Anna M. Sholley, and emigrated in 1837, 


from Baden to Lawrenceburg, Ind., where they still re- 
side. Children : 

1 Simon,' b. 7 Sept., 1844; m. 23 Jau., 1866, Mary M. Al- 

brecht; rea. EvanByiUe, Ind. 
ii Beinhold, of Cincinnati, O. 
iii Albert. 

!v Margaret, m. Know. 

V Josephine, m. F. Weigel. 
vi Joseph, of Rockport, Ind. 
vii William, of Indianapolis, Ind. 
viii Edward, 
ix Frank. 
X Augusta, 
xi Maria, 
xil Ida. 

BARTHOLOM^, Joseph. Grandfather canie from Ger- 
many to America. Joseph married and resides in Sher- 
rodsville, O. ; also a brother and sister. His brother 
Alexander resides at New Philadelphia, O. 

BARTHOLOALffi, John born in Wittenberg, Germany, 
1839 ; emigrated to Liancaster, Pa., in 1851. He had a 
brother Michael born 1825, who emigrated to Philadel- 
phia about 1845. 

BARTHOLOM-ffi, W. born in Hanover, Germany, 29 
Feb., 1824; married, July, 1856, Emma Goebel. He 
emigrated in 1854 ; is a wholesale merchant in Washing- 
ton, D. C. A brother Charles died in New York City 
in 1871 ; was a manufacturer of paper hangings. Two 
other brothers live in New York City and Newark. 

BARTHOLOMAEI, Christian Gotlieb, born in Brem- 
en, Holland ; mamed there, Nanny Shone. 


Emigrated to Baltimore, Md., about 1830. Cabinet 
maker. Children : 

1 A daughter, d. in InAincy. 
il Adolph, d. flBt. twelve. 

ill JohaoDa, m. Geo. Reiser of Baltimore. Six children, 
iv George, b. 11 May, 1847; m. in Bait., 16 Jan., 1878, Au- 

gusta Stuflfiregen. In the tobacco trade in Baltimore. Ch. 

1 Chas. Bartholomaei, d. in infancy. 

2 Charles Bartholomaei, b. in 1875. 

3 Albert Bartholomaei, b. about 1875. 

4 Augusta Bartholomaei, b. about 1879. 

5 Minnie Bartholomaei, d. 5 Sept., 1888, set. 11 mos. 

6 Aline T. Bartholomaei, b. Oct., 1883. 

V Henrietta, m. Adolph Faulbush, merchant tailor in Bait, 
vi Albert S., m. 29 Nov., 1883, Mary E. Rawllngs; carpenter 
in Baltimore. 

BORDELMAY, Jacob of Jonestown, David of East 
Hanover and William of Lebanon , Lebanon Co., Pa. 

BARTHOLMESS, Hermann born in Germany ; resi- 
dence, Bridgeport, Ct. ; has a brother in New York 

Several of the Barthelmesses reside in Boston and other 
eastern cities. 

BEDDOME, Joseph and his wife Anna sold land with 
J. Jones in Philadelphia in 1745. 

He was possibly a member of the Holland family. (See 
page 459.) 


BARTHOLOMEW, 1 Peter Dominiek> bom in the 

province of Lorraine, France ; married, in Vergaville, 
France, Antoinette Chavel, who died in France in 1848. 



He emigrated, soon after his wife's death, with his 
family to New Orleans, where he died of yellow fever in 
1853, leaving two sons and two daughters. 

He left a brother named Joseph P., who died unmar- 
ried in Vergaville, and a sister, wife of Victor Cloud, in 
Vie, France. His parents were first cousins and his 
mother's maiden surname was also Bartholomew. 

Children : 

I Adolph,* Qaebestroff, Fr., 27 Sept., 1837; m. in MU- 

neburg, La., in 1862, Marguerite B. Leiaeiger of M. ; 
seven children. He is of the firm of Bartholomew & Co., 
office, 5 Ursalines street, New Orleans. 

II Charles P., b. 1889; m. Catherine Clement; res. New 

Orleans, La. ; two children. 

BARTHOLOMEW, Thomas, born in Grenoble, France, 
about 1780. Emigrated with his brother Andrew to New 
York City, about 1800. He was employed many years 
by Stephen Girard of Philadelphia, as captain of his trading 
ship Champlain, making trips to China and other foreign 
countries. He was a very fleshy man, weighing over three 
hundred pounds. Catholic. 

He married in Philadelphia, Elizabeth Roth, who was 
born in Baden Baden, Germany, and died in April, 1880, 
aged 102 years. Children, all bom in P., were : 

1 Thomas, glove maker in P. ; d. unm., ab. 1874. 

ii Louisa, m. in P., Theodore H. Knight, and died 

in P., before 1874. Ch. 1 Theodore, drowned, 2 Mary, rea. 

unm., in Newton Centre, Mass. and 8 James Knight, res. 

Cincinnati, Ohio, 
iii Lafayette, d. young. 

iv Maria, d. young. 

V Anna Maria, b. 7 July, 1817-8 ; m. Peter Stetzel ; res. 

P. Ch. 1 Henry Clay (of N. Y. City), 2 Geo. Wash'n (of 

Phila., Pa.), 8 Celia (m. Isaac Wolf of P.), 4 Clara, died 

young, and 6 Ellen Stetzel, d. young. 


vi George Washington, b. 22 Feb., 1820; m. 7 June, 1860, Da- 
cella Dnbamel ; res. P. Ch. 1 Aagustine L., b. 5 Nov., 
1862, of P., 2 Ducie Bartholomew, d. 11 Nov., 1880, let. 16. 

vU William Henry, m. in Boston, Mass., Mary Ross; res. 

Newton, Mass. No children. 

BARTHOLOMEW, Andrew, born in France ; married 

Elizabeth of Portsmouth, N. H. He kept a glove 

store in Boston, Mass., but returning to France died 
there. Child : 

i Maria, b. in Boston ; lived in Charlestown, dying in 1876. 

BARTHOLOMEW, Charles Joseph, youngest brother 
of Lambert, John, Catherine, Mary and Theresa of Vil- 
liers Bouillet, Liege, Belgium (from France) ; name 
there spelled " Barthelmy ;" emigrated to Pennsylvania 
in 1860 with wife and son Joseph. He subsequently 
moved to Lasalle, III., and died in Clinton, Tenn., in 
1881. Children: 

i Joseph*, res. Vulcan street, Carondelet, St. Louis, Mo. 

ii Leopold, d. 

ill Jule8, d. 

iv Mary. 

V John. 

BARTHOLOMEW, John, born in Bordeaux, France ; 
ran away and came to Baltimore, Md., at the age of ten, 
where he married and had two daughters born. Subse- 
quently is said to have had an active marine experience of 
many years, both in peace and war ; married, last, Mary 
Hastings in Charlestown, Mass., where he died 20 Nov., 
1880 ; said to be aged 97 years. 

BARTHELEMY, Jean, born in Castelet, near Avignon, 
France; came to New Orleans, La., during the French 


Bevolution of 1793 ; where he married, about 1805, Fran- 
^oise Ferrand, a native of Cape Frangais, St. Domiuique. 
He died in 1817, she in 1818, leaving only four of their 
thirteen children, three of whom, viz. ; 1 Catherine, 2 Ju- 
lien and 3 Bienaim^ died at the ages of 16 and 17 years, 
leaving only 

i Jean Francois,' b. in New Orleans, 8 May, 1808 ; m. ; no ch. ; 
res. 110 Desire St., N. O., La. 

BARTHELEMY H., born in Paris, in 1832 ; res. New 
Orleans, La. 

BARTHELEMY, John, emigrated from France to U. S. 
in 1847 ; res. Dayton, O. Children and grandchildren. 

BARTHELEMY, John Smith, son of John of France, 
born in New Orleans, 26 Nov., 1836; married, 4 Apr., 
1867, Hannah Moorehead Alter. 

Children : 

i John Fred'k, res. ZanesvlUe, O. 
ii Flora Lavinia, res. Zanesville, O. 

BARTHOLEMY, Jacquos, born in 1789 ; enlisted in 
Capt. Fomeret's Louisiana militia, about Jan., 1815; re- 
sided in 1871, in Point Michael, Plaquemine Parish, La., 
aged 82. 

BARTHELEMY, Francois, born about 1792 ; enlisted 
in La., Jan., 1815, in Capt. Forncret's company of La. 
militia. Was living in 1871, at Port of Point a la Hache, 
parish of Plaquemine, La., aet. 79. 

BARTUOLOME, Adam, of French parentage ; resides 
in Baltimore, Md., 154 S. Eager St. 


BARTHOLOMEE, T. M., ancestry French ; grandfather 
a planter and ofiScer under the French, in San Domingo, 
but was driven out by the rebellion of the slaves and came 
to the U. S. He is a wholesale merchant at 119 W. 
Lombard St., Baltimore, Md. 


Josiah Bartholomew purchased land